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2017, volume 191, issue C

GIS-based urban energy systems models and tools: Introducing a model for the optimisation of flexibilisation technologies in urban areas pp. 1-9 Downloads
Alaa Alhamwi, Wided Medjroubi, Thomas Vogt and Carsten Agert
Low light illumination study on commercially available homojunction photovoltaic cells pp. 10-21 Downloads
Johnny Russo, William Ray and Marc S. Litz
Melting enhancement in triplex-tube latent heat energy storage system using nanoparticles-metal foam combination pp. 22-34 Downloads
Jasim Mahdi and Emmanuel C. Nsofor
Impact of high soot-loaded and regenerated diesel particulate filters on the emissions of persistent organic pollutants from a diesel engine fueled with waste cooking oil-based biodiesel pp. 35-43 Downloads
Chia-Yang Chen, Wen-Jhy Lee, Lin-Chi Wang, Yu-Cheng Chang, Hsi-Hsien Yang, Li-Hao Young, Jau-Huai Lu, Ying I. Tsai, Man-Ting Cheng and John Kennedy Mwangi
Towards non-intrusive thermal load Monitoring of buildings: BES calibration pp. 44-54 Downloads
R. Enríquez, M.J. Jiménez and M.R. Heras
An investigation on energy performance assessment of a photovoltaic solar wall under buoyancy-induced and fan-assisted ventilation system pp. 55-74 Downloads
Himanshu Dehra
Spatial modeling framework for bioethanol plant siting and biofuel production potential in the U.S pp. 75-86 Downloads
B. Sharma, S. Birrell and F.E. Miguez
Using 13X, LiX, and LiPdAgX zeolites for CO2 capture from post-combustion flue gas pp. 87-98 Downloads
S.J. Chen, M. Zhu, Y. Fu, Y.X. Huang, Z.C. Tao and W.L. Li
Development of a range-extended electric vehicle powertrain for an integrated energy systems research printed utility vehicle pp. 99-110 Downloads
Paul Chambon, Scott Curran, Shean Huff, Lonnie Love, Brian Post, Robert Wagner, Roderick Jackson and Johney Green
Hot char-catalytic reforming of volatiles from MSW pyrolysis pp. 111-124 Downloads
Na Wang, Dezhen Chen, Umberto Arena and Pinjing He
Decarbonizing the electricity grid: The impact on urban energy systems, distribution grids and district heating potential pp. 125-140 Downloads
Boran Morvaj, Ralph Evins and Jan Carmeliet
Environmental benefits from ridesharing: A case of Beijing pp. 141-152 Downloads
Biying Yu, Ye Ma, Meimei Xue, Bao-Jun Tang, Bin Wang, Jinyue Yan and Yi-Ming Wei
Pure oxygen fixed-bed gasification of wood under high temperature (>1000°C) freeboard conditions pp. 153-162 Downloads
Henrik Wiinikka, Jonas Wennebro, Marcus Gullberg, Esbjörn Pettersson and Fredrik Weiland
Can the US keep the PACE? A natural experiment in accelerating the growth of solar electricity pp. 163-169 Downloads
Nadia Ameli, Mauro Pisu and Daniel M. Kammen
Minimizing unbalances in low-voltage microgrids: Optimal scheduling of distributed resources pp. 170-182 Downloads
G. Carpinelli, F. Mottola, D. Proto and P. Varilone
LES analysis for auto-ignition induced abnormal combustion based on a downsized SI engine pp. 183-192 Downloads
Jiaying Pan, Haiqiao Wei, Gequn Shu, Mingzhang Pan, Dengquan Feng and Nan Li
Techno-economic analysis of oxy-combustion coal-fired power plant with cryogenic oxygen storage pp. 193-203 Downloads
Dawid P. Hanak, Dante Powell and Vasilije Manovic
Exergo economic analysis of solar-assisted hybrid power generation systems integrated with thermochemical fuel conversion pp. 204-222 Downloads
Ting Yue and Noam Lior
Hidden power system inflexibilities imposed by traditional unit commitment formulations pp. 223-238 Downloads
Morales-España, Germán, Ramírez-Elizondo, Laura and Benjamin F. Hobbs
A quick-fix design of phase change material by particle blending and spherical agglomeration pp. 239-250 Downloads
Chih Lin Wang, Kuan Lin Yeh, Chih Wei Chen, Yun Lee, Hung Lin Lee and Tu Lee
A RANS knock model to predict the statistical occurrence of engine knock pp. 251-263 Downloads
Alessandro d'Adamo, Sebastiano Breda, Stefano Fontanesi, Adrian Irimescu, Simona Silvia Merola and Cinzia Tornatore
Comparison of two residential Smart Grid pilots in the Netherlands and in the USA, focusing on energy performance and user experiences pp. 264-275 Downloads
Uchechi Obinna, Peter Joore, Linda Wauben and Angele Reinders
Impact of periodic flow reversal of heat transfer fluid on the melting and solidification processes in a latent heat shell and tube storage system pp. 276-286 Downloads
Soheila Riahi, Wasim Y. Saman, Frank Bruno, Martin Belusko and N.H.S. Tay
Advanced nanomaterials in oil and gas industry: Design, application and challenges pp. 287-310 Downloads
Munawar Khalil, Badrul Mohamed Jan, Chong Wen Tong and Mohammed Ali Berawi
Impact of spark plug gap on flame kernel propagation and engine performance pp. 311-327 Downloads
Tawfik Badawy, XiuChao Bao and Hongming Xu
Single and dual stage closed-loop pressure retarded osmosis for power generation: Feasibility and performance pp. 328-345 Downloads
Ali Altaee, Patricia Palenzuela, Guillermo Zaragoza and Adnan Alhathal AlAnezi
Experience curve development and cost reduction disaggregation for fuel cell markets in Japan and the US pp. 346-357 Downloads
Max Wei, Sarah J. Smith and Michael D. Sohn
The effects of flake graphite nanoparticles, phase change material, and film cooling on the solar still performance pp. 358-366 Downloads
S.W. Sharshir, Guilong Peng, Lirong Wu, F.A. Essa, A.E. Kabeel and Nuo Yang
Electricity costs for a Level 3 electric vehicle fueling station integrated with a building pp. 367-384 Downloads
Robert J. Flores, Brendan P. Shaffer and Jacob Brouwer
Complement or substitute: Ethanol’s uncertain relationship with gasoline under alternative petroleum price and policy scenarios pp. 385-397 Downloads
Deepayan Debnath, Jarrett Whistance, Wyatt Thompson and Julian Binfield
Understanding the deterministic and probabilistic business cases for occupant based plug load management strategies in commercial office buildings pp. 398-413 Downloads
S. Wang, A.A. Kim and E.M. Johnson
Combined effects of torrefaction and pelletization parameters on the quality of pellets produced from torrefied biomass pp. 414-424 Downloads
Magnus Rudolfsson, Eleonora Borén, Linda Pommer, Anders Nordin and Torbjörn A. Lestander
Identifying primary energy requirements in structural path analysis: A case study of China 2012 pp. 425-435 Downloads
Bo Zhang, Xue Qu, Jing Meng and Xudong Sun
Thermodynamic analysis and preliminary design of closed Brayton cycle using nitrogen as working fluid and coupled to small modular Sodium-cooled fast reactor (SM-SFR) pp. 436-453 Downloads
Olumide Olumayegun, Meihong Wang and Greg Kelsall
On the benefit of integration of a district heating system with industrial excess heat: An economic and environmental analysis pp. 454-468 Downloads
Gottfried Weinberger, Shahnaz Amiri and Bahram Moshfegh
Thermo-economic analysis of an integrated solar power generation system using nanofluids pp. 469-491 Downloads
Adnan Alashkar and Mohamed Gadalla
Power capacity profile estimation for building heating and cooling in demand-side management pp. 492-501 Downloads
Juan A. Gomez and Miguel F. Anjos
Waste energy recovery and energy efficiency improvement in China’s iron and steel industry pp. 502-520 Downloads
Qi Zhang, Xiaoyu Zhao, Hongyou Lu, Tuanjie Ni and Yu Li
Forecasting carbon price using empirical mode decomposition and evolutionary least squares support vector regression pp. 521-530 Downloads
Bangzhu Zhu, Dong Han, Ping Wang, Zhanchi Wu, Tao Zhang and Yi-Ming Wei
Enabling electricity access in developing countries: A probabilistic weather driven house based approach pp. 531-548 Downloads
Al-Sumaiti, Ameena Saad, Magdy M.A. Salama and El-Moursi, Mohamed
Thermodynamic modeling of NH3-CO2-SO2-K2SO4-H2O system for combined CO2 and SO2 capture using aqueous NH3 pp. 549-558 Downloads
Guojie Qi and Shujuan Wang
Experimental and thermodynamic study on the performance of water electrolysis by solid oxide electrolyzer cells with Nb-doped Co-based perovskite anode pp. 559-567 Downloads
Zehua Pan, Qinglin Liu, Lan Zhang, Juan Zhou, Caizhi Zhang and Siew Hwa Chan
The effect of cylinder liner operating temperature on frictional loss and engine emissions in piston ring conjunction pp. 568-581 Downloads
R. Rahmani, H. Rahnejat, B. Fitzsimons and D. Dowson
Probabilistic power flow analysis considering the dependence between power and heat pp. 582-592 Downloads
Xueqian Fu, Hongbin Sun, Qinglai Guo, Zhaoguang Pan, Xiurong Zhang and Shunqi Zeng
Benefits of PCM underfloor heating with PCM wallboards for space heating in winter pp. 593-602 Downloads
Paul Devaux and Mohammed Mehdi Farid
Ethanol blends in spark ignition engines: RON, octane-added value, cooling effect, compression ratio, and potential engine efficiency gain pp. 603-619 Downloads
Chongming Wang, Zeraati-Rezaei, Soheil, Liming Xiang and Hongming Xu
Solar-assisted integrated biogas solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) installation in wastewater treatment plant: Energy and economic analysis pp. 620-638 Downloads
A.S. Mehr, M. Gandiglio, M. MosayebNezhad, A. Lanzini, S.M.S. Mahmoudi, M. Yari and M. Santarelli
Combined heat and power from the intermediate pyrolysis of biomass materials: performance, economics and environmental impact pp. 639-652 Downloads
Yong Yang, J.G. Brammer, D.G. Wright, J.A. Scott, C. Serrano and A.V. Bridgwater
Short-term wind speed forecasting by spectral analysis from long-term observations with missing values pp. 653-662 Downloads
Hüseyin Akçay and Tansu Filik
Spatial matching of large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic power generation with utility demand in Peninsular Malaysia pp. 663-688 Downloads
Mahmoud Lurwan Sabo, Norman Mariun, Hashim Hizam, Mohd Amran Mohd Radzi and Azmi Zakaria
Understanding the role of low reactivity fuel stratification in a dual fuel RCCI engine – A simulation study pp. 689-708 Downloads
Maciej Mikulski and Cemil Bekdemir
A probabilistic portfolio-based model for financial valuation of community solar pp. 709-726 Downloads
Mahmoud Shakouri, Hyun Woo Lee and Yong-Woo Kim
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