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2007, volume 84, issue 12

Manually-powered continuous-flow maize-sheller pp. 1175-1186 Downloads
S.O. Nkakini, M.J. Ayotamuno, G.P.D. Maeba, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
A novel model for photovoltaic array performance prediction pp. 1187-1198 Downloads
Wei Zhou, Hongxing Yang and Zhaohong Fang
Daylighting and energy implications due to shading effects from nearby buildings pp. 1199-1209 Downloads
Danny H.W. Li and S.L. Wong
Modelling the transition from cost-based to bid-based pricing in a deregulated electricity-market pp. 1210-1225 Downloads
Donald J. Druce
Design and multi-objective optimization of heat exchangers for refrigerators pp. 1226-1239 Downloads
A.K. Gholap and J.A. Khan
Future use of heat pumps in Swedish district heating systems: Short- and long-term impact of policy instruments and planned investments pp. 1240-1257 Downloads
Marcus Eriksson and Lennart Vamling
Vapor-liquid equilibria of ammonia + ionic liquid mixtures pp. 1258-1273 Downloads
A. Yokozeki and Mark B. Shiflett
Comprehensive analysis and design of multi-leg fuel cell boost converter pp. 1274-1288 Downloads
Jonq-Chin Hwang, Li-Hsiu Chen and Sheng-Nian Yeh
Analysis and evaluation of hybrid scooter transmission systems pp. 1289-1304 Downloads
Kuen-Bao Sheu
Fuzzy logic controller implementation for a solar air-conditioning system pp. 1305-1318 Downloads
J.N. Lygouras, P.N. Botsaris, J. Vourvoulakis and V. Kodogiannis
European perspective on absorption cooling in a combined heat and power system - A case study of energy utility and industries in Sweden pp. 1319-1337 Downloads
Louise Trygg and Shahnaz Amiri
Effect of inlet design on the performance of storage-type domestic electrical water heaters pp. 1338-1355 Downloads
Adel A. Hegazy
Development of an experimental prototype of an integrated thermal management controller for internal-combustion-engine-based cogeneration systems pp. 1356-1373 Downloads
Y. Huangfu, J.Y. Wu, R.Z. Wang, Z.Z. Xia and S. Li

2007, volume 84, issue 11

Optimization of a dual cycle cogeneration system based on a new exergetic performance criterion pp. 1079-1091 Downloads
Yasin Ust, Bahri Sahin and Ali Kodal
Maximum useful energy-rate analysis of an endoreversible Joule-Brayton cogeneration cycle pp. 1092-1101 Downloads
Xiaoli Hao and Guoqiang Zhang
Design, manufacturing and operation of a small turbojet-engine for research purposes pp. 1102-1116 Downloads
Ernesto Benini and Stefano Giacometti
Modelling of a condenser-fan control for an air-cooled centrifugal chiller pp. 1117-1135 Downloads
F.W. Yu and K.T. Chan
Future forecast for life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of LNG and city gas 13A pp. 1136-1149 Downloads
Tomohito Okamura, Michinobu Furukawa and Hisashi Ishitani
Total-productivity analysis of a Nigerian petroleum-product marketing company pp. 1150-1173 Downloads
M.T. Lilly, U.E. Obiajulu, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert

2007, volume 84, issue 10

Performance of alternative refrigerants for residential air-conditioning applications pp. 985-991 Downloads
Ki-Jung Park, Taebeom Seo and Dongsoo Jung
Fuzzy approach for optimal energy-management of a domestic photovoltaic panel pp. 992-1001 Downloads
Maher Chaabene, Mohsen Ben Ammar and Ahmed Elhajjaji
Chromium removal from flocculation effluent of liquid-phase oil-based drill-cuttings using powdered activated carbon pp. 1002-1011 Downloads
M.J. Ayotamuno, R.N. Okparanma, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Aerodynamics of swept and leaned transonic compressor-rotors pp. 1012-1027 Downloads
Ernesto Benini and Roberto Biollo
Evaporatively-cooled compression using a high-pressure refrigerant pp. 1028-1043 Downloads
Perez-Blanco, H., Kyoung-Hoon Kim and Stephen Ream
Four-day service-staff work-week in order to complete maintenance operations more effectively in a Nigerian power-generating station pp. 1044-1055 Downloads
M.T. Lilly, I. Emovon, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Energy and exergy analyses of energy consumptions in the industrial sector in South Africa pp. 1056-1067 Downloads
M.T. Oladiran and J.P. Meyer
Performance of a hybrid heating system with thermal storage using shape-stabilized phase-change material plates pp. 1068-1077 Downloads
Guobing Zhou, Yinping Zhang, Qunli Zhang, Kunping Lin and Hongfa Di

2007, volume 84, issue 9

IR-spectroscopic studies of hydrogen-bonding solutions: Lineshape analysis of ethanol + hexane system pp. 863-873 Downloads
A. Yokozeki, Daniel J. Kasprzak and Mark B. Shiflett
Reuse of condensed water to improve the performance of an air-cycle refrigeration system for transport applications pp. 874-881 Downloads
Xiaoxin Wang and Xiugan Yuan
Performance analysis and parametric optimal design of an irreversible multi-couple thermoelectric refrigerator under various operating conditions pp. 882-892 Downloads
Yuzhuo Pan, Bihong Lin and Jincan Chen
Performance optimization of a diabatic distillation-column by allocating a sequential heat-exchanger inventory pp. 893-903 Downloads
Liwei Shu, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
Influence of heat loss on the performance of an air-standard Atkinson cycle pp. 904-920 Downloads
Jiann-Chang Lin and Shuhn-Shyurng Hou
A model for detailed evaluation of fossil-energy saving by utilizing unused but possible energy-sources on a city scale pp. 921-935 Downloads
Yasuhumi Mori, Yukihiro Kikegawa and Hiroyuki Uchida
Bio-remediation of a sludge containing hydrocarbons pp. 936-943 Downloads
M.J. Ayotamuno, R.N. Okparanma, E.K. Nweneka, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Optimal configuration of a class of endoreversible heat-engines for maximum power-output with linear phenomenological heat-transfer law pp. 944-957 Downloads
Jun Li, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
Prolonging the lives of buried crude-oil and natural-gas pipelines by cathodic protection pp. 958-970 Downloads
M.T. Lilly, S.C. Ihekwoaba, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Performance of a solar ejector cooling-system in the southern region of Turkey pp. 971-983 Downloads
H. Kursad Ersoy, Sakir Yalcin, Rafet Yapici and Muammer Ozgoren

2007, volume 84, issue 6

Renewable-energy clusters for remote communities pp. 579-598 Downloads
C.P. Underwood, J. Ramachandran, R.D. Giddings and Z. Alwan
Quasi-isotropic laminated phase-change material system pp. 599-607 Downloads
K. Darkwa
An approach for estimating the carbon emissions associated with office lighting with a daylight contribution pp. 608-622 Downloads
David Jenkins and Marcus Newborough
Clear-sky classification procedures and models using a world-wide data-base pp. 623-645 Downloads
S. Younes and T. Muneer
Optimization of biogas production from olive-oil mill wastewater, by codigesting with diluted poultry-manure pp. 646-663 Downloads
John Gelegenis, Dimitris Georgakakis, Irini Angelidaki, Nicholetta Christopoulou and Maria Goumenaki
Municipal solid-waste in Port Harcourt, Nigeria pp. 664-670 Downloads
A.H. Igoni, M.J. Ayotamuno, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert

2007, volume 84, issue 5

Simple model for the generation of daily global solar-radiation data in Turkey pp. 477-491 Downloads
Hüsamettin Bulut and Orhan Büyükalaca
Future demand for electricity in Nigeria pp. 492-504 Downloads
F.I. Ibitoye and A. Adenikinju
Optimization of constructal economics for volume-to-point transport pp. 505-511 Downloads
Shengbing Zhou, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
Power, efficiency, entropy-generation rate and ecological optimization for a class of generalized irreversible universal heat-engine cycles pp. 512-525 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Wanli Zhang and Fengrui Sun
Conceptual design of hybrid scooter transmissions with planetary gear-trains pp. 526-541 Downloads
Kuen-Bao Sheu
Seasonal autoregressive modelling of water and fuel consumptions in buildings pp. 542-552 Downloads
Gordon Lowry, Felix U. Bianeyin and Nirav Shah
Application of closed-loop oscillating heat-pipe with check valves (CLOHP/CV) air-preheater for reduced relative-humidity in drying systems pp. 553-564 Downloads
P. Meena, S. Rittidech and Poomsa-ad, N.
Heat-transfer characteristics of a closed-loop oscillating heat-pipe with check valves pp. 565-577 Downloads
S. Rittidech, N. Pipatpaiboon and P. Terdtoon

2007, volume 84, issue 4

Closed-loop oscillating heat-pipe with check valves (CLOHP/CVs) air-preheater for reducing relative humidity in drying systems pp. 363-373 Downloads
P. Meena, S. Rittidech and Poomsa-ad, N.
Endoreversible heat-engines for maximum power-output with fixed duration and radiative heat-transfer law pp. 374-388 Downloads
Hanjiang Song, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
The nature of domestic electricity-loads and effects of time averaging on statistics and on-site generation calculations pp. 389-403 Downloads
Andrew Wright and Steven Firth
Droplet evaporation with reference to the effectiveness of water-mist cooling pp. 404-412 Downloads
H. Barrow and C.W. Pope
The effect of a meteorological tower on its top-mounted anemometer pp. 413-424 Downloads
Dimitri Perrin, Niall McMahon, Martin Crane, Heather J. Ruskin, Lawrence Crane and Brian Hurley
Analytical and experimental studies on the thermal performance of cross-corrugated and flat-plate solar air heaters pp. 425-441 Downloads
Wenfeng Gao, Wenxian Lin, Tao Liu and Chaofeng Xia
Economic feasibility of waste heat to power conversion pp. 442-454 Downloads
F.J. Wang, J.S. Chiou and P.C. Wu
Statistical approach to the proposition and validation of daily diffuse irradiation models pp. 455-475 Downloads
Saima Munawwar and Tariq Muneer

2007, volume 84, issue 3

Exergy-based control of electricity demand and microgeneration pp. 239-253 Downloads
P.J. Boait, R.M. Rylatt and A. Wright
Optimum operating conditions for a combined power and cooling thermodynamic cycle pp. 254-265 Downloads
S.M. Sadrameli and D.Y. Goswami
Economic evaluation for adoption of cogeneration system pp. 266-278 Downloads
Si-Doek Oh, Hoo-Suk Oh and Ho-Young Kwak
Second-law analysis of laminar fluid flow in a heated channel with hydromagnetic and viscous dissipation effects pp. 279-289 Downloads
Aïboud-Saouli, S., N. Settou, S. Saouli and N. Meza
Developing a simplified model for evaluating chiller-system configurations pp. 290-306 Downloads
W.L. Lee and S.H. Lee
An effective heuristic for combined heat-and-power production planning with power ramp constraints pp. 307-325 Downloads
Aiying Rong and Risto Lahdelma
A Scandinavian chemical wood pulp mill. Part 1. Energy audit aiming at efficiency measures pp. 326-339 Downloads
Sofia Klugman, Magnus Karlsson and Bahram Moshfegh
A Scandinavian chemical wood-pulp mill. Part 2. International and model mills comparison pp. 340-350 Downloads
Sofia Klugman, Magnus Karlsson and Bahram Moshfegh
Hydrogen purification using room-temperature ionic liquids pp. 351-361 Downloads
A. Yokozeki and Mark B. Shiflett

2007, volume 84, issue 2

Field measurements and analyses for a hybrid system for snow storage/melting and air conditioning by using renewable energy pp. 117-134 Downloads
Yasuhiro Hamada, Makoto Nakamura and Hideki Kubota
Solar chimney and building ventilation pp. 135-146 Downloads
D.J. Harris and N. Helwig
Living in cold homes after heating improvements: Evidence from Warm-Front, England's Home Energy Efficiency Scheme pp. 147-158 Downloads
Roger Critchley, Jan Gilbertson, Michael Grimsley and Geoff Green
Solubility correlation and phase behaviors of carbon dioxide and lubricant oil mixtures pp. 159-175 Downloads
A. Yokozeki
Performance optimization of quantum Brayton refrigeration cycle working with spin systems pp. 176-186 Downloads
Jizhou He, Yong Xin and Xian He
Climatic potential for passive cooling of buildings by night-time ventilation in Europe pp. 187-201 Downloads
N. Artmann, H. Manz and P. Heiselberg
Integrating reliability, availability, maintainability and supportability with risk analysis for improved operation of the Afam thermal power-station pp. 202-221 Downloads
M.C. Eti, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
A sensitivity study of a hybrid photovoltaic/thermal water-heating system with natural circulation pp. 222-237 Downloads
Jie Ji, Jian-Ping Lu, Tin-Tai Chow, Wei He and Gang Pei

2007, volume 84, issue 1

Modelling and experimental verification of the operating current of mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules using four- and five-parameter models pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ali Naci Celik and NasIr Acikgoz
Potential of regenerative gas-turbine systems with high fogging compression pp. 16-28 Downloads
Kyoung Hoon Kim and Perez-Blanco, Horacio
Environmental advantages of superconducting devices in distributed electricity-generation pp. 29-38 Downloads
Teemu Hartikainen, Risto Mikkonen and Jorma Lehtonen
Heat-conduction optimization based on constructal theory pp. 39-47 Downloads
Wenjun Wu, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
Neural-network based analysis and prediction of a compressor's characteristic performance map pp. 48-55 Downloads
Youhong Yu, Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Endoreversible four-reservoir chemical pump pp. 56-65 Downloads
Dan Xia, Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Flash-type barometric desalination plant powered by waste heat from electricity power stations in Cyprus pp. 66-77 Downloads
G.G. Maidment, I.W. Eames, M. Psaltas, A. Lalzad and K. Yiakoumetti
Exergy-based ecological optimization for a generalized irreversible Carnot heat-pump pp. 78-88 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Zhu Xiaoqin, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
An energy benchmarking model for ventilation systems of air-conditioned offices in subtropical climates pp. 89-98 Downloads
K.W. Mui, L.T. Wong and L.Y. Law
Design and testing of a separate-type lighting system using solar energy and cold-cathode fluorescent lamps pp. 99-115 Downloads
Jui-Piao Yang and Horng-Ching Hsiao
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