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2014, volume 135, issue C

Dynamic electro-thermal modeling of all-vanadium redox flow battery with forced cooling strategies pp. 1-10 Downloads
Zhongbao Wei, Jiyun Zhao and Binyu Xiong
A tool for combined WEC-site selection throughout a coastal region: Rias Baixas, NW Spain pp. 11-19 Downloads
R. Carballo, M. Sánchez, V. Ramos and A. Castro
Socio-economic performance of a novel solar photovoltaic/loop-heat-pipe heat pump water heating system in three different climatic regions pp. 20-34 Downloads
Xingxing Zhang, Jingchun Shen, Peng Xu, Xudong Zhao and Ying Xu
A new methodology to determine the pre-setting of the control valve in a heating installation. A general model pp. 35-42 Downloads
Damian Piotr Muniak
Sensitivity of the CO2 storage capacity of underground geological structures to the presence of SO2 and other impurities pp. 43-52 Downloads
Ziabakhsh-Ganji, Zaman and Henk Kooi
Towards the real-life implementation of MPC for an office building: Identification issues pp. 53-62 Downloads
Eva Žáčeková, Zdeněk Váňa and Jiří Cigler
Implementation of a prototypal optical sorter as core of the new pre-treatment configuration of a mechanical–biological treatment plant treating OFMSW through anaerobic digestion pp. 63-70 Downloads
Romero-Güiza, M.S., M. Peces, S. Astals, J. Benavent, J. Valls and Mata-Alvarez, J.
Economic optimal operation of Community Energy Storage systems in competitive energy markets pp. 71-80 Downloads
Reza Arghandeh, Jeremy Woyak, Ahmet Onen, Jaesung Jung and Robert P. Broadwater
A method for joint estimation of state-of-charge and available energy of LiFePO4 batteries pp. 81-87 Downloads
Yujie Wang, Chenbin Zhang and Zonghai Chen
Experimental study of cooling BIPV modules by forced convection in the air channel pp. 88-97 Downloads
A.S. Kaiser, B. Zamora, R. Mazón, J.R. García and F. Vera
Investigation of defrosting water retention on the surface of evaporator impacting the performance of air source heat pump during periodic frosting–defrosting cycles pp. 98-107 Downloads
L.T. Li, W. Wang, Y.Y. Sun, Y.C. Feng, W.P. Lu, J.H. Zhu and Y.J. Ge
Design of an optimal process for enhanced production of bioethanol and biodiesel from algae oil via glycerol fermentation pp. 108-114 Downloads
Mariano Martín and Ignacio E. Grossmann
Current and future economic performance of first and second generation biofuels in developing countries pp. 115-141 Downloads
Janske van Eijck, Bothwell Batidzirai and André Faaij
Quantitative engineering systems modeling and analysis of the energy–water nexus pp. 142-157 Downloads
William N. Lubega and Amro M. Farid
Enhancement in electrical performance of thin-film silicon solar cells based on a micro- and nano-textured zinc oxide electrodes pp. 158-164 Downloads
Ze Chen, Xiao-dan Zhang, Jia Fang, Jun-hui Liang, Xue-jiao Liang, Jian Sun, De-kun Zhang, Ning Wang, Hui-xu Zhao, Xin-liang Chen, Qian Huang, Chang-chun Wei and Ying Zhao
Enhancing micro gas turbine performance through fogging technique: Experimental analysis pp. 165-173 Downloads
M. Renzi, F. Caresana, L. Pelagalli and G. Comodi
Achieving high performance in intermediate temperature direct carbon fuel cells with renewable carbon as a fuel source pp. 174-181 Downloads
Wenbin Hao, Xiaojin He and Yongli Mi
Strength, storage, and combustion characteristics of densified lignocellulosic biomass produced via torrefaction and hydrothermal carbonization pp. 182-191 Downloads
Harpreet Singh Kambo and Animesh Dutta
Wastewater sludge as raw material for microbial oils production pp. 192-201 Downloads
Xiaolei Zhang, Song Yan, Rajeshwar D. Tyagi, RaoY. Surampalli and Jose R. Valéro
Three-dimensional off-design numerical analysis of an organic Rankine cycle radial-inflow turbine pp. 202-211 Downloads
Emilie Sauret and Yuantong Gu
Multi-objective optimization of a semi-active battery/supercapacitor energy storage system for electric vehicles pp. 212-224 Downloads
Ziyou Song, Jianqiu Li, Xuebing Han, Liangfei Xu, Languang Lu, Minggao Ouyang and Heath Hofmann
Development of thermal energy storage composites and prevention of PCM leakage pp. 225-233 Downloads
Huiqiang Li, Huisu Chen, Xiangyu Li and Jay G. Sanjayan
Sensitivity of the WRF model wind simulation and wind energy production estimates to planetary boundary layer parameterizations for onshore and offshore areas in the Iberian Peninsula pp. 234-246 Downloads
D. Carvalho, A. Rocha, Gómez-Gesteira, M. and C. Silva Santos
A generic model-free approach for lithium-ion battery health management pp. 247-260 Downloads
Guangxing Bai, Pingfeng Wang, Chao Hu and Michael Pecht
Lighting performance and electrical energy consumption of a virtual window prototype pp. 261-273 Downloads
R.A. Mangkuto, S. Wang, B.W. Meerbeek, M.B.C. Aries and E.J. van Loenen
Experimental analysis of R744 parallel compression cycle pp. 274-285 Downloads
Andrea Chesi, Fabio Esposito, Giovanni Ferrara and Lorenzo Ferrari
Bioethanol and gasoline premixing effect on combustion and emission characteristics in biodiesel dual-fuel combustion engine pp. 286-298 Downloads
Su Han Park, Seung Hyun Yoon and Chang Sik Lee
Rice straw supply chain for electricity generation in Malaysia: Economical and environmental assessment pp. 299-308 Downloads
S.M. Shafie, H.H. Masjuki and T.M.I. Mahlia
Conceptual design of a Ni-based chemical looping combustion process using fixed-beds pp. 309-319 Downloads
J.R. Fernández and J.C. Abanades
Bootstrap techniques for sensitivity analysis and model selection in building thermal performance analysis pp. 320-328 Downloads
Wei Tian, Jitian Song, Zhanyong Li and Pieter de Wilde
Effect of load-sharing operation strategy on the aggregate performance of existed multiple-chiller systems pp. 329-338 Downloads
Abou-Ziyan, Hosny Z. and Ali F. Alajmi
Preparation of nitrogen-doped graphene/palmitic acid shape stabilized composite phase change material with remarkable thermal properties for thermal energy storage pp. 339-349 Downloads
Mohammad Mehrali, Sara Tahan Latibari, Mehdi Mehrali, Teuku Meurah Indra Mahlia, Emad Sadeghinezhad and Hendrik Simon Cornelis Metselaar
Local sharing of cogeneration energy through individually prioritized controls for increased on-site energy utilization pp. 350-363 Downloads
Janne Hirvonen, Genku Kayo, Ala Hasan and Kai Sirén
Investigation of MEA degradation in a passive direct methanol fuel cell under different modes of operation pp. 364-372 Downloads
A.M. Zainoodin, S.K. Kamarudin, M.S. Masdar, W.R.W. Daud, A.B. Mohamad and J. Sahari
Theoretical basis and experimental facility for parabolic trough collectors at high temperature using gas as heat transfer fluid pp. 373-381 Downloads
Muñoz-Anton, J., M. Biencinto, E. Zarza and L.E. Díez
Characterizing probability density distributions for household electricity load profiles from high-resolution electricity use data pp. 382-390 Downloads
Joakim Munkhammar, Jesper Rydén and Joakim Widén
HCl removal using cycled carbide slag from calcium looping cycles pp. 391-401 Downloads
Xin Xie, Yingjie Li, Wenjing Wang and Lei Shi
P-graph approach to optimal operational adjustment in polygeneration plants under conditions of process inoperability pp. 402-406 Downloads
Raymond R. Tan, Christina D. Cayamanda and Kathleen B. Aviso
The fluctuations of China’s energy intensity: Biased technical change pp. 407-414 Downloads
Ce Wang, Hua Liao, Su-Yan Pan, Lu-Tao Zhao and Yi-Ming Wei
Performance study of a pilot-scale low-temperature multi-effect desalination plant pp. 415-422 Downloads
Chun-hua Qi, Hou-jun Feng, Qing-chun Lv, Yu-lei Xing and Nan Li
An analysis on investment policy effect of China’s photovoltaic industry based on feedback model pp. 423-428 Downloads
Chaoqing Yuan, Sifeng Liu, Yingjie Yang, Ding Chen, Zhigeng Fang and Lulu Shui
Incorporating travel behaviour and travel time into TIMES energy system models pp. 429-439 Downloads
Hannah E. Daly, Kalai Ramea, Alessandro Chiodi, Sonia Yeh, Maurizio Gargiulo and Brian Ó Gallachóir
Dynamic simulation and modelling of stand-alone PV systems by using state equations and numerical integration methods pp. 440-449 Downloads
Rafael Illanes, Adolfo De Francisco, Francisco Núñez, Marian De Blas, Almudena García and José Luis Torres
Hybrid biofuels from non-edible oils: A comparative standpoint with corresponding biodiesel pp. 450-460 Downloads
Plaban Bora, Lakhya Jyoti Konwar, Jutika Boro, Mayur Mausoom Phukan, Dhanapati Deka and Bolin Kumar Konwar
Clustering analysis of residential electricity demand profiles pp. 461-471 Downloads
Joshua D. Rhodes, Wesley J. Cole, Charles R. Upshaw, Thomas F. Edgar and Michael E. Webber
The effects of urban driving conditions on the operating characteristics of conventional and hybrid electric city buses pp. 472-482 Downloads
Seref Soylu
Optimizing the efficiency of anhydrous ethanol purification via regenerable molecular sieve pp. 483-489 Downloads
Wei-Cheng Chen, Chung-Teh Sheng, Yu-Cheng Liu, Wei-Jen Chen, Wen-Luh Huang, Shih-Hsien Chang and Wei-Che Chang
An efficient mathematical model for air-breathing PEM fuel cells pp. 490-503 Downloads
M.S. Ismail, D.B. Ingham, K.J. Hughes, L. Ma and M. Pourkashanian
Effects of operating mode and pressure on hydrate-based desalination and CO2 capture in porous media pp. 504-511 Downloads
Mingjun Yang, Yongchen Song, Lanlan Jiang, Weiguo Liu, Binlin Dou and Wen Jing
Real-time control strategy to maximize hybrid electric vehicle powertrain efficiency pp. 512-522 Downloads
Wassif Shabbir and Simos A. Evangelou
Differentiated long term projections of the hourly electricity consumption in local areas. The case of Denmark West pp. 523-538 Downloads
F.M. Andersen, H.V. Larsen, N. Juul and R.B. Gaardestrup
A 3D CFD model for predicting the temperature distribution in a full scale APU SOFC short stack under transient operating conditions pp. 539-547 Downloads
Al-Masri, A., M. Peksen, L. Blum and D. Stolten
Heat transfer performance and transport properties of ZnO–ethylene glycol and ZnO–ethylene glycol–water nanofluid coolants pp. 548-559 Downloads
K.S. Suganthi, V. Leela Vinodhan and K.S. Rajan
Process efficiency in polymer extrusion: Correlation between the energy demand and melt thermal stability pp. 560-571 Downloads
Chamil Abeykoon, Adrian L. Kelly, Vera-Sorroche, Javier, Elaine C. Brown, Phil D. Coates, Jing Deng, Kang Li, Harkin-Jones, Eileen and Mark Price
A component map tuning method for performance prediction and diagnostics of gas turbine compressors pp. 572-585 Downloads
Elias Tsoutsanis, Nader Meskin, Mohieddine Benammar and Khashayar Khorasani
Thermal numerical model of a high temperature heat pipe heat exchanger under radiation pp. 586-596 Downloads
Eui Guk Jung and Joon Hong Boo
Incorporating flexibility requirements into long-term energy system models – A case study on high levels of renewable electricity penetration in Ireland pp. 600-615 Downloads
Manuel Welsch, Paul Deane, Mark Howells, Brian Ó Gallachóir, Fionn Rogan, Morgan Bazilian and Hans-Holger Rogner
Carbon footprint of a thermal energy storage system using phase change materials for industrial energy recovery to reduce the fossil fuel consumption pp. 616-624 Downloads
López-Sabirón, Ana M., Patricia Royo, Victor J. Ferreira, Aranda-Usón, Alfonso and Germán Ferreira
A hybrid approach for the efficient synthesis of renewable energy systems pp. 625-633 Downloads
Philipp Petruschke, Goran Gasparovic, Philip Voll, Goran Krajačić, Neven Duić and André Bardow
Potential for increased wind-generated electricity utilization using heat pumps in urban areas pp. 634-642 Downloads
Michael Waite and Vijay Modi
Wind energy integration into future energy systems based on conventional plants – The case study of Croatia pp. 643-655 Downloads
Tin Cerovac, Boris Ćosić, Tomislav Pukšec and Neven Duić
Minimising carbon emissions and energy expended for electricity generation in New Zealand through to 2050 pp. 656-665 Downloads
Michael R.W. Walmsley, Timothy G. Walmsley, Martin J. Atkins, Peter J.J. Kamp and James R. Neale
Environmental and economic analysis of SolComBio concept for sustainable energy supply in remote regions pp. 666-674 Downloads
Maryegli Borges da Fonseca, Witold-Roger Poganietz and Hans-Joachim Gehrmann
A novel renewable polygeneration system for a small Mediterranean volcanic island for the combined production of energy and water: Dynamic simulation and economic assessment pp. 675-693 Downloads
Francesco Calise, Andrea Cipollina, Dentice d’Accadia, Massimo and Antonio Piacentino
Power utility generation portfolio optimization as function of specific RES and decarbonisation targets – EPBiH case study pp. 694-703 Downloads
Anes Kazagic, Ajla Merzic, Elma Redzic and Mustafa Music
Using the sun to decarbonize the power sector: The economic potential of photovoltaics and concentrating solar power pp. 704-720 Downloads
Robert Carl Pietzcker, Daniel Stetter, Susanne Manger and Gunnar Luderer
Do feed-in tariffs drive PV cost or viceversa? pp. 721-729 Downloads
Marco Antonelli and Umberto Desideri
On the future prospects and limits of biofuels in Brazil, the US and EU pp. 730-737 Downloads
Amela Ajanovic and Reinhard Haas
An approach to wave energy converter applications in Eregli on the western Black Sea coast of Turkey pp. 738-747 Downloads
H. Keskin Citiroglu and A. Okur
Recent development and application of several high-efficiency surface heat exchangers for energy conversion and utilization pp. 748-777 Downloads
Qiuwang Wang, Min Zeng, Ting Ma, Xueping Du and Jianfeng Yang
A retrofit framework for Total Site heat recovery systems pp. 778-790 Downloads
Peng Yen Liew, Jeng Shiun Lim, Sharifah Rafidah Wan Alwi, Zainuddin Abdul Manan, Petar Sabev Varbanov and Jiří Jaromír Klemeš
Optimal design for heat-integrated water-using and wastewater treatment networks pp. 791-808 Downloads
Elvis Ahmetović, Nidret Ibrić and Zdravko Kravanja
How effective are small-scale energy interventions in developing countries? Results from a post-evaluation on project-level pp. 809-814 Downloads
Terrapon-Pfaff, Julia, Carmen Dienst, Julian König and Willington Ortiz
A General Maximum Entropy Econometric approach to model industrial electricity prices in Spain: A challenge for the competitiveness pp. 815-824 Downloads
Blanca Moreno, García-Álvarez, María Teresa, Carmen Ramos and Fernández-Vázquez, Esteban
On the classification of large residential buildings stocks by sample typologies for energy planning purposes pp. 825-835 Downloads
Luana Filogamo, Giorgia Peri, Gianfranco Rizzo and Antonino Giaccone
Understanding the development trends of low-carbon energy technologies: A patent analysis pp. 836-854 Downloads
Vito Albino, Lorenzo Ardito, Rosa Maria Dangelico and Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli
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