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2006, volume 83, issue 12

Cooling load and coefficient of performance optimizations for real air-refrigerators pp. 1289-1306 Downloads
Youming Tu, Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Temperature-field measurements of a premixed butane/air circular impinging-flame using reference-beam interferometry pp. 1307-1316 Downloads
J.A. Qi, C.W. Leung, W.O. Wong and S.D. Probert
Farm mechanization leading to more effective energy-utilizations for cassava and yam cultivations in Rivers State, Nigeria pp. 1317-1325 Downloads
S.O. Nkakini, M.J. Ayotamuno, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Thermal performances and CO emissions of gas-fired cooker-top burners pp. 1326-1338 Downloads
H.B. Li, T.T. Wong, C.W. Leung and S.D. Probert
Efficiency and degradation of a copper indium diselenide photovoltaic module and yearly output at a sunny site in Jordan pp. 1339-1350 Downloads
Wilhelm Durisch, King-Hang Lam and Josie Close
Role of a district-heating network as a user of waste-heat supply from various sources - the case of Göteborg pp. 1351-1367 Downloads
Kristina Holmgren
Short-term impact of green certificates and CO2 emissions trading in the Swedish district heating sector pp. 1368-1383 Downloads
David Knutsson, Sven Werner and Erik O. Ahlgren
Sizing a hybrid wind-diesel stand-alone system on the basis of minimum long-term electricity production cost pp. 1384-1403 Downloads
J.K. Kaldellis, E. Kondili and A. Filios

2006, volume 83, issue 11

Causal relationship between coal consumption and economic growth in Korea pp. 1181-1189 Downloads
Seung-Hoon Yoo
Optimization of a central-heating radiator pp. 1190-1197 Downloads
Cihat Arslanturk and A. Feridun Ozguc
Can we improve the identification of cold homes for targeted home energy-efficiency improvements? pp. 1198-1209 Downloads
Emma J. Hutchinson, Paul Wilkinson, Sung H. Hong and Tadj Oreszczyn
Performance of an Atkinson cycle with heat transfer, friction and variable specific-heats of the working fluid pp. 1210-1221 Downloads
Yanlin Ge, Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Modelling and simulation of the dynamic performance of a natural-gas turbine flowmeter pp. 1222-1234 Downloads
López-González, L.M., J.M. Sala, González-Bustamante, J.A. and J.L. Míguez
Reducing the cost of preventive maintenance (PM) through adopting a proactive reliability-focused culture pp. 1235-1248 Downloads
M.C. Eti, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Bioremediation of a crude-oil polluted agricultural-soil at Port Harcourt, Nigeria pp. 1249-1257 Downloads
M.J. Ayotamuno, R.B. Kogbara, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Petroleum contaminated ground-water: Remediation using activated carbon pp. 1258-1264 Downloads
M.J. Ayotamuno, R.B. Kogbara, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Magnetogravitational stability of a bounded gas-core fluid jet pp. 1265-1273 Downloads
Ahmed E. Radwan, Mourad F. Dimian and Mohamed Kh. Hadhoda
Local involvement in harnessing crude oil and natural gas in Nigeria pp. 1274-1287 Downloads
H.U. Nwosu, I.N. Nwachukwu, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert

2006, volume 83, issue 10

Analysis of the vehicle mix in the passenger-car sector in Japan for CO2 emissions reduction by a MARKAL model pp. 1047-1061 Downloads
Masayuki Ichinohe and Eiichi Endo
Narrative scenario development based on cross-impact analysis for the evaluation of global-warming mitigation options pp. 1062-1075 Downloads
Ayami Hayashi, Koji Tokimatsu, Hiromi Yamamoto and Shunsuke Mori
Analysis of energy service systems in urban areas and their CO2 mitigations and economic impacts pp. 1076-1088 Downloads
Hirohisa Aki, Tsutomu Oyama and Kiichiro Tsuji
Potential application of a flash-type barometric desalination plant powered by waste heat from electric-power stations in Cyprus pp. 1089-1100 Downloads
G.G. Maidment, I.W. Eames, M. Psaltas and A. Lalzad
Sliding mode controller for the single-phase grid-connected photovoltaic system pp. 1101-1115 Downloads
Il-Song Kim
Energy-saving methodology for material handling applications pp. 1116-1124 Downloads
P.A. Makris, A.P. Makri and C.G. Provatidis
Optimising ventilation-system design for a container-housed engine pp. 1125-1138 Downloads
J.M. Sala, López-González, L.M., M. Ruiz de Adana, J. Eguía, I. Flores and J.L. Míguez
Electricity consumption in Morocco: Stochastic Gompertz diffusion analysis with exogenous factors pp. 1139-1151 Downloads
R. Gutiérrez, Gutiérrez-Sánchez, R. and A. Nafidi
Modelling low-energy cooling strategies for underground railways pp. 1152-1162 Downloads
J.A. Thompson, G.G. Maidment and J.F. Missenden
Development and implementation of preventive-maintenance practices in Nigerian industries pp. 1163-1179 Downloads
M.C. Eti, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert

2006, volume 83, issue 9

Japanese potential of CO2 sequestration in coal seams pp. 911-920 Downloads
Toyohiko Yamazaki, Kazuo Aso and Jiro Chinju
Optimization of insulation thickness for external walls using different energy-sources pp. 921-928 Downloads
Ö. Altan DombaycI, Mustafa Gölcü and Yasar Pancar
Development of efficiency-enhanced cogeneration system utilizing high-temperature exhaust-gas from a regenerative thermal oxidizer for waste volatile-organic-compound gases pp. 929-942 Downloads
Masaaki Bannai, Akira Houkabe, Masahiko Furukawa, Takao Kashiwagi, Atsushi Akisawa, Takuya Yoshida and Hiroyuki Yamada
Can Markov regime-switching models improve power-price forecasts? Evidence from German daily power prices pp. 943-958 Downloads
Peter Kosater and Karl Mosler
Design and implementation of a novel hybrid-electric-motorcycle transmission pp. 959-974 Downloads
Kuen-Bao Sheu and Tsung-Hua Hsu
Boundary-element simulation of hydrodynamic interaction of two smooth spheres suspended in an unbounded Couette flow pp. 975-988 Downloads
Tao Liu, Wenxian Lin, Jidong Yi, Chaofeng Xia, A.L. Graham, M.S. Ingber, J.R. Abbott and J.W. Leggoe
Influence of a building's integrated-photovoltaics on heating and cooling loads pp. 989-1003 Downloads
Yiping Wang, Wei Tian, Jianbo Ren, Li Zhu and Qingzhao Wang
Computation of combined natural-convection and radiation heat-transfer in a cavity having a square body at its center pp. 1004-1023 Downloads
A. Mezrhab, H. Bouali, H. Amaoui and M. Bouzidi
CO2 reforming of methane combined with steam reforming or partial oxidation of methane to syngas over NdCoO3 perovskite-type mixed metal-oxide catalyst pp. 1024-1032 Downloads
Vasant R. Choudhary and Kartick C. Mondal
Cooling-load prediction by the combination of rough set theory and an artificial neural-network based on data-fusion technique pp. 1033-1046 Downloads
Zhijian Hou, Zhiwei Lian, Ye Yao and Xinjian Yuan

2006, volume 83, issue 8

Performance analysis and parametric optimum criteria of an irreversible Atkinson heat-engine pp. 789-800 Downloads
Yingru Zhao and Jincan Chen
Resource-effective systems achieved through changes in energy supply and industrial use: The Volvo-Skövde case pp. 801-818 Downloads
Louise Trygg, Alemayehu Gebremedhin and Björn G. Karlsson
Multi-objective optimization of cassava-based fuel ethanol used as an alternative automotive fuel in Guangxi, China pp. 819-840 Downloads
Zhiyuan Hu, Piqiang Tan and Gengqiang Pu
Experimental and numerical investigation of the thermal performance of a protected vacuum-insulation system applied to a concrete wall pp. 841-855 Downloads
T. Nussbaumer, K. Ghazi Wakili and Ch. Tanner
Laminar forced convection with viscous dissipation in a Couette-Poiseuille flow between parallel plates pp. 856-867 Downloads
Orhan AydIn and Mete AvcI
Effectiveness of an energy-consumption information system for residential buildings pp. 868-883 Downloads
Tsuyoshi Ueno, Ryo Inada, Osamu Saeki and Kiichiro Tsuji
Relation between generator geometry and resistance in armature winding pp. 884-892 Downloads
Erik Segergren and Mats Leijon
Performances of modern domestic hot-water stores pp. 893-910 Downloads
Roman Spur, Dusan Fiala, Dusan Nevrala and Doug Probert

2006, volume 83, issue 7

Boundary-element method simulation of the impact of bounding walls on the dynamics of a particle group freely moving in a wide-gap Couette flow pp. 669-680 Downloads
Wenxian Lin, Jidong Yi, A.L. Graham, Tao Liu, Chaofeng Xia, M.S. Ingber, J.W. Leggoe and J.R. Abbott
The parametric optimum design of a new combined system of semiconductor thermoelectric devices pp. 681-686 Downloads
Xiaohang Chen, Bihong Lin and Jincan Chen
Development of a thermoelectric battery-charger with microcontroller-based maximum power point tracking technique pp. 687-704 Downloads
Jensak Eakburanawat and Itsda Boonyaroonate
An adaptive wavelet-network model for forecasting daily total solar-radiation pp. 705-722 Downloads
A. Mellit, M. Benghanem and S.A. Kalogirou
Opportunities for integration of biofuel gasifiers in natural-gas combined heat-and-power plants in district-heating systems pp. 723-748 Downloads
Asa Marbe and Simon Harvey
Influence of the domestic hot-water daily draw-off profile on the performance of a hot-water store pp. 749-773 Downloads
Roman Spur, Dusan Fiala, Dusan Nevrala and Doug Probert
Tubular guidance systems for daylight: Achieved and predicted installation performances pp. 774-788 Downloads
Al-Marwaee, Mohammed and David Carter

2006, volume 83, issue 6

Effect of mixed heat-resistances on the optimal configuration and performance of a heat-engine cycle pp. 537-544 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Xiaoqin Zhu, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Air-conditioning system of an intelligent vehicle-cabin pp. 545-557 Downloads
K. David Huang, Sheng-Chung Tzeng, Tzer-Ming Jeng and Wing-Ding Chiang
Ecological coefficient of performance analysis and optimization of an irreversible regenerative-Brayton heat engine pp. 558-572 Downloads
Yasin Ust, Bahri Sahin, Ali Kodal and Ismail Hakki Akcay
Exergy-based ecological optimization of linear phenomenological heat-transfer law irreversible Carnot-engines pp. 573-582 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Xiaoqin Zhu, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Comparison of basic gas cycles under the restriction of constant heat addition pp. 583-593 Downloads
K. Kamiuto
Performance and exhaust emissions of a biodiesel engine pp. 594-605 Downloads
Mustafa Canakci, Ahmet Erdil and Erol Arcaklioglu
Life-cycle cost analysis for constant-air-volume and variable-air-volume air-conditioning systems pp. 606-627 Downloads
Mehmet Azmi Aktacir, Orhan Büyükalaca and Tuncay YIlmaz
Improved condenser design and condenser-fan operation for air-cooled chillers pp. 628-648 Downloads
F.W. Yu and K.T. Chan
Impacts of city-block-scale countermeasures against urban heat-island phenomena upon a building's energy-consumption for air-conditioning pp. 649-668 Downloads
Yukihiro Kikegawa, Yutaka Genchi, Hiroaki Kondo and Keisuke Hanaki

2006, volume 83, issue 5

Peak-load management in steel plants pp. 413-424 Downloads
S. Ashok
Phase-change drywalls in a passive-solar building pp. 425-435 Downloads
K. Darkwa, P.W. O'Callaghan and D. Tetlow
The all-sky meteorological radiation model: proposed improvements pp. 436-450 Downloads
T. Muneer and S. Younes
Ancillary services and the integration of substantial quantities of wind power pp. 451-463 Downloads
Poul Alberg Østergaard
Theoretical analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer in stoichiometric combustion in a naturally-ventilated control-volume pp. 464-476 Downloads
C.W. Pope and H. Barrow
Changing wind-power landscapes: regional assessment of visual impact on land use and population in Northern Jutland, Denmark pp. 477-494 Downloads
Bernd Möller
Viscous-dissipation effects on the heat transfer in a Poiseuille flow pp. 495-512 Downloads
Orhan AydIn and Mete AvcI
Influence of quantum degeneracy and regeneration on the performance of Bose-Stirling refrigeration-cycles operated in different temperature regions pp. 513-535 Downloads
Bihong Lin, Yue Zhang and Jincan Chen

2006, volume 83, issue 4

Impact of corporate culture on plant maintenance in the Nigerian electric-power industry pp. 299-310 Downloads
M.C. Eti, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Thermodynamic analysis of a novel absorption power/cooling combined-cycle pp. 311-323 Downloads
Danxing Zheng, Bin Chen, Yun Qi and Hongguang Jin
Experimental and numerical analysis of sodium-carbonate salt gradient solar-pond performance under simulated solar-radiation pp. 324-342 Downloads
Hüseyin Kurt, Mehmet Ozkaymak and A. Korhan Binark
Efficiency of a Miller engine pp. 343-351 Downloads
Al-Sarkhi, A., J.O. Jaber and S.D. Probert
Bahrain's Formula-1 racing circuit: energy and environmental considerations pp. 352-370 Downloads
W.E. Alnaser, S.D. Probert, El-Masri, S., Al-Khalifa, S.E., R. Flanagan and N.W. Alnaser
Time stepping finite element analysis of a variable speed synchronous generator with rectifier pp. 371-386 Downloads
Karin Thorburn, Karl-Erik Karlsson, Arne Wolfbrandt, Mikael Eriksson and Mats Leijon
Wok design: thermal-performance influencing parameters pp. 387-400 Downloads
Z. Zhao, T.T. Wong, C.W. Leung and S.D. Probert
Thermal characteristics of a premixed impinging circular laminar-flame jet with induced swirl pp. 401-411 Downloads
X.Q. Huang, C.W. Leung, C.K. Chan and S.D. Probert

2006, volume 83, issue 3

Decomposition analysis and the mean-rate-of-change index pp. 185-198 Downloads
Manfred Lenzen
Hybrid photovoltaic and thermal solar-collector designed for natural circulation of water pp. 199-210 Downloads
Wei He, Tin-Tai Chow, Jie Ji, Jianping Lu, Gang Pei and Lok-shun Chan
Strategic maintenance-management in Nigerian industries pp. 211-227 Downloads
Mark C. Eti, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Optimization criteria for the important parameters of an irreversible Otto heat-engine pp. 228-238 Downloads
Jincan Chen, Yingru Zhao and Jizhou He
Boiling heat-transfer coefficient variation for R407C inside horizontal tubes of a refrigerating vapour-compression plant's shell-and-tube evaporator pp. 239-252 Downloads
Enrique Torrella, Navarro-Esbrí, Joaquín and Ramón Cabello
Application of neural dynamic optimization to combustion-instability control pp. 253-264 Downloads
A. Fichera and A. Pagano
Thermodynamic-behaviour model for air-cooled screw chillers with a variable set-point condensing temperature pp. 265-279 Downloads
K.T. Chan and F.W. Yu
Heat transfers and pressure drops for porous-ring turbulators in a circular pipe pp. 280-298 Downloads
Selahaddin Orhan Akansu

2006, volume 83, issue 2

Optimal configuration of a two-heat-reservoir heat-engine with heat-leak and finite thermal-capacity pp. 71-81 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Optimum design-parameters of a heat exchanger having hexagonal fins pp. 82-98 Downloads
Kenan Yakut, Nihal Alemdaroglu, Bayram Sahin and Cafer Celik
Influence of regeneration on the performance of a Brayton refrigeration-cycle working with an ideal Bose-gas pp. 99-112 Downloads
Yulin Yang, Bihong Lin and Jincan Chen
Optimum sizing of an autonomous wind-diesel hybrid system for various representative wind-potential cases pp. 113-132 Downloads
J.K. Kaldellis and G.Th. Vlachos
Experimental evaluation of prototype thermoelectric domestic-refrigerators pp. 133-152 Downloads
Gao Min and D.M. Rowe
Effects of friction and temperature-dependent specific-heat of the working fluid on the performance of a Diesel-engine pp. 153-165 Downloads
Al-Sarkhi, A., J.O. Jaber, Abu-Qudais, M. and S.D. Probert
Effectiveness of an energy-consumption information system on energy savings in residential houses based on monitored data pp. 166-183 Downloads
Tsuyoshi Ueno, Fuminori Sano, Osamu Saeki and Kiichiro Tsuji

2006, volume 83, issue 1

Benchmarking the energy efficiency of commercial buildings pp. 1-14 Downloads
William Chung, Y.V. Hui and Y. Miu Lam
Osmotic pressures studied using a simple equation-of-state and its applications pp. 15-41 Downloads
A. Yokozeki
Potential application of a centralized solar water-heating system for a high-rise residential building in Hong Kong pp. 42-54 Downloads
T.T. Chow, K.F. Fong, A.L.S. Chan and Z. Lin
Optimal design of thermal-energy stores for boiler plants pp. 55-68 Downloads
Muwen Cao and Jiacong Cao
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