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2013, volume 102, issue C

Environmental benefits of the integrated production of ethanol and biodiesel pp. 5-12 Downloads
Simone Pereira Souza and Joaquim E.A. Seabra
Application of bioethanol/RME/diesel blend in a Euro5 automotive diesel engine: Potentiality of closed loop combustion control technology pp. 13-23 Downloads
Chiara Guido, Carlo Beatrice and Pierpaolo Napolitano
Characterization of microalga Chlorella as a fuel and its thermogravimetric behavior pp. 24-31 Downloads
Andrea Maria Rizzo, Matteo Prussi, Lorenzo Bettucci, Ilaria Marsili Libelli and David Chiaramonti
Heat integration of biochemical ethanol production from straw – A case study pp. 32-43 Downloads
Philipp Kravanja, Ala Modarresi and Anton Friedl
Effects of low temperature on the cold start gaseous emissions from light duty vehicles fuelled by ethanol-blended gasoline pp. 44-54 Downloads
M. Clairotte, T.W. Adam, A.A. Zardini, U. Manfredi, G. Martini, A. Krasenbrink, A. Vicet, E. Tournié and C. Astorga
Biofuel greenhouse gas calculations under the European Renewable Energy Directive – A comparison of the BioGrace tool vs. the tool of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels pp. 55-62 Downloads
Anna M. Hennecke, Mireille Faist, Jürgen Reinhardt, Victoria Junquera, John Neeft and Horst Fehrenbach
Technologies for energetic exploitation of biodiesel chain derived glycerol: Oxy-fuels production by catalytic conversion pp. 63-71 Downloads
Carlo Beatrice, Gabriele Di Blasio, Maurizio Lazzaro, Catia Cannilla, Giuseppe Bonura, Francesco Frusteri, Francesco Asdrubali, Giorgio Baldinelli, Andrea Presciutti, Francesco Fantozzi, Gianni Bidini and Pietro Bartocci
Extending the role of alcohols as transport fuels using iso-stoichiometric ternary blends of gasoline, ethanol and methanol pp. 72-86 Downloads
J.W.G. Turner, R.J. Pearson, E. Dekker, B. Iosefa, K. Johansson and K. ac Bergström
Selection and testing of Populus alba and Salix spp. as bioenergy feedstock: Preliminary results pp. 87-92 Downloads
Laura Rosso, Gianni Facciotto, Sara Bergante, Lorenzo Vietto and Giuseppe Nervo
Emissions of gaseous pollutant from motorcycle powered by ethanol–gasoline blend pp. 93-100 Downloads
Yung-Chen Yao, Jiun-Horng Tsai and I-Ting Wang
Review of energy balance in raceway ponds for microalgae cultivation: Re-thinking a traditional system is possible pp. 101-111 Downloads
David Chiaramonti, Matteo Prussi, David Casini, Mario R. Tredici, Liliana Rodolfi, Niccolò Bassi, Graziella Chini Zittelli and Paolo Bondioli
Potential of greenhouse gas emission reduction in Thai road transport by ethanol bus technology pp. 112-123 Downloads
Nuwong Chollacoop, Peerawat Saisirirat, Sittha Sukkasi, Manida Tongroon, Tuenjai Fukuda, Atsushi Fukuda and Siriluck Nivitchanyong
Adaptation of a flocculent Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain to lignocellulosic inhibitors by cell recycle batch fermentation pp. 124-130 Downloads
Roberto Landaeta, Germán Aroca, Fernando Acevedo, José A. Teixeira and Solange I. Mussatto
Greenhouse gas emissions from first generation ethanol derived from wheat and sugar beet in Germany – Analysis and comparison of advanced by-product utilization pathways pp. 131-139 Downloads
Jana Weinberg and Martin Kaltschmitt
The potential of methanol as a fuel for flex-fuel and dedicated spark-ignition engines pp. 140-149 Downloads
J. Vancoillie, J. Demuynck, L. Sileghem, M. Van De Ginste, S. Verhelst, L. Brabant and L. Van Hoorebeke
Overexpression of native PSE1 and SOD1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae improved heterologous cellulase secretion pp. 150-156 Downloads
Heinrich Kroukamp, Riaan den Haan, Niël van Wyk and Willem H. van Zyl
From giant reed to levulinic acid and gamma-valerolactone: A high yield catalytic route to valeric biofuels pp. 157-162 Downloads
Anna Maria Raspolli Galletti, Claudia Antonetti, Erika Ribechini, Maria Perla Colombini, Nicoletta Nassi o Di Nasso and Enrico Bonari
Enhancement of ethanol production from spruce wood chips by ionic liquid pretreatment pp. 163-169 Downloads
Marzieh Shafiei, Hamid Zilouei, Akram Zamani, Mohammad J. Taherzadeh and Keikhosro Karimi
Using an efficient fermenting yeast enhances ethanol production from unfiltered wheat bran hydrolysates pp. 170-178 Downloads
Lorenzo Favaro, Marina Basaglia, Willem H. van Zyl and Sergio Casella
Hydrolysis of concentrated suspensions of steam pretreated Arundo donax pp. 179-189 Downloads
Isabella De Bari, Federico Liuzzi, Antonio Villone and Giacobbe Braccio
The use of pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis oil derived fuels in diesel engines for CHP applications pp. 190-197 Downloads
Bert Van de Beld, Elmar Holle and Jan Florijn
Use of a two-chamber reactor to improve enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation of lignocellulosic materials pp. 198-203 Downloads
E. Viola, F. Zimbardi, V. Valerio, F. Nanna and A. Battafarano
Bioethanol production from mandarin (Citrus unshiu) peel waste using popping pretreatment pp. 204-210 Downloads
In Seong Choi, Jae-Hoon Kim, Seung Gon Wi, Kyoung Hyoun Kim and Hyeun-Jong Bae
Feasibility of simultaneous saccharification and juice co-fermentation on hydrothermal pretreated sweet sorghum bagasse for ethanol production pp. 211-219 Downloads
Bernd Rohowsky, Thomas Häßler, Arne Gladis, Edgar Remmele, Doris Schieder and Martin Faulstich
Impact of mechanization and previous burning reduction on GHG emissions of sugarcane harvesting operations in Brazil pp. 220-228 Downloads
Rafael Silva Capaz, Vanessa Silveira Barreto Carvalho and Luiz Augusto Horta Nogueira
Ethanol from Nordic wood raw material by simplified alkaline soda cooking pre-treatment pp. 229-240 Downloads
A. von Schenck, N. Berglin and J. Uusitalo
How sustainable is bioenergy production in the Philippines? A conjoint analysis of knowledge and opinions of people with different typologies pp. 241-253 Downloads
Lilibeth A. Acosta, Nelson H. Enano, Magcale-Macandog, Damasa B., Kathreena G. Engay, Maria Noriza Q. Herrera, Ozzy Boy S. Nicopior, Mic Ivan V. Sumilang, Jemimah Mae A. Eugenio and Wolfgang Lucht
Characterization of acid hydrolysis of sisal pp. 254-259 Downloads
Clebson S.S. Lima, Marta M. Conceição, Flávio L.H. Silva, Ezenildo E. Lima, Líbia S. Conrado and Douglas A.S. Leão
A demonstration study of ethanol production from sweet sorghum stems with advanced solid state fermentation technology pp. 260-265 Downloads
Shizhong Li, Guangming Li, Lei Zhang, Zhixing Zhou, Bing Han, Wenhui Hou, Jingbing Wang and Tiancheng Li
Land demand for ethanol production pp. 266-271 Downloads
Manoel Regis L.V. Leal, Luiz A. Horta Nogueira and Luis A.B. Cortez
Hydrogenation of rapeseed oil for production of liquid bio-chemicals pp. 272-282 Downloads
F. Pinto, S. Martins, M. Gonçalves, P. Costa, I. Gulyurtlu, A. Alves and B. Mendes
Transesterification of waste cooking oil by heteropoly acid (HPA) catalyst: Optimization and kinetic model pp. 283-292 Downloads
Talebian-Kiakalaieh, Amin, Nor Aishah Saidina Amin, Alireza Zarei and Iman Noshadi
CFD simulation of a TG–DSC furnace during the indium phase change process pp. 293-298 Downloads
R. Comesaña, M.A. Gómez, M.A. Álvarez Feijoo and P. Eguía
Possibilities for sustainable biorefineries based on agricultural residues – A case study of potential straw-based ethanol production in Sweden pp. 299-308 Downloads
Anna Ekman, Ola Wallberg, Elisabeth Joelsson and Pål Börjesson
Development and performance measurement of micro-power pack using micro-gas turbine driven automotive alternators pp. 309-319 Downloads
Kyuho Sim, Bonjin Koo, Chang Ho Kim and Tae Ho Kim
Generalized predictive control applied in waste heat recovery power plants pp. 320-326 Downloads
Jianhua Zhang, Yeli Zhou, Ying Li, Guolian Hou and Fang Fang
Modeling of reciprocating internal combustion engines for power generation and heat recovery pp. 327-335 Downloads
Kyung Tae Yun, Heejin Cho, Rogelio Luck and Pedro J. Mago
Dynamic modeling of a SI/HCCI free-piston engine generator with electric mechanical valves pp. 336-346 Downloads
Chia-Jui Chiang, Jing-Long Yang, Shao-Ya Lan, Tsung-Wei Shei, Wen-Shu Chiang and Bo-Liang Chen
Energy efficient piston configuration for effective air motion – A CFD study pp. 347-354 Downloads
Antony Raj Gnana Sagaya Raj, Jawali Maharudrappa Mallikarjuna and Venkitachalam Ganesan
Experiments and stochastic simulations of lignite coal during pyrolysis and gasification pp. 355-363 Downloads
I.I. Ahmed and A.K. Gupta
Single and double U-tube ground heat exchangers in multiple-layer substrates pp. 364-373 Downloads
Georgios A. Florides, Paul Christodoulides and Panayiotis Pouloupatis
Small scale electricity generation from a portable biomass cookstove: Prototype design and preliminary results pp. 374-385 Downloads
O’Shaughnessy, S.M., M.J. Deasy, C.E. Kinsella, J.V. Doyle and A.J. Robinson
Evaluating shortfalls in mixed-integer programming approaches for the optimal design and dispatch of distributed generation systems pp. 386-398 Downloads
Kristopher A. Pruitt, Robert J. Braun and Alexandra M. Newman
Enhancement of cellulose hydrolysis in sugarcane bagasse by the selective removal of lignin with sodium chlorite pp. 399-402 Downloads
Germano Siqueira, Anikó Várnai, André Ferraz and Adriane M.F. Milagres
Sustainable agricultural residue removal for bioenergy: A spatially comprehensive US national assessment pp. 403-417 Downloads
D.J. Muth, K.M. Bryden and R.G. Nelson
‘Derating Factor’ new concept for evaluating thermal performance of earth air tunnel heat exchanger: A transient CFD analysis pp. 418-426 Downloads
Vikas Bansal, Rohit Misra, Ghanshyam Das Agarwal and Jyotirmay Mathur
Cultivation of Spirulina platensis for biomass production and nutrient removal from synthetic human urine pp. 427-431 Downloads
Yuanyuan Chang, Zucheng Wu, Lei Bian, Daolun Feng and Dennis Y.C. Leung
Impact of climate change on Taiwanese power market determined using linear complementarity model pp. 432-439 Downloads
Ching-Pin Tung, Tze-Chi Tseng, An-Lei Huang, Tzu-Ming Liu and Ming-Che Hu
GHG emission performance of various liquid transportation biofuels in Finland in accordance with the EU sustainability criteria pp. 440-448 Downloads
Kati Koponen, Sampo Soimakallio, Eemeli Tsupari, Rabbe Thun and Riina Antikainen
Numerical study of heat transfer enhancement in the receiver tube of direct steam generation with parabolic trough by inserting metal foams pp. 449-460 Downloads
Pusci Wang, D.Y. Liu and C. Xu
Techno-economic assessment of micro-algae as feedstock for renewable bio-energy production pp. 461-475 Downloads
J.G.G. Jonker and A.P.C. Faaij
Quantitative analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in solid residues from supercritical water gasification of wet sewage sludge pp. 476-483 Downloads
Z.R. Xu, W. Zhu, M. Li, H.W. Zhang and M. Gong
Potential energy savings made by using a specific control strategy when tumble drying small loads pp. 484-491 Downloads
Lena Stawreberg and Lars Nilsson
Optimal operational adjustment in multi-functional energy systems in response to process inoperability pp. 492-500 Downloads
Harresh Kasivisvanathan, Ivan Dale U. Barilea, Denny K.S. Ng and Raymond R. Tan
Viability and application of ethanol production coupled with solar cooling pp. 501-509 Downloads
Marcus V. Americano da Costa, Manuel Pasamontes, Normey-Rico, Julio E., José L. Guzmán and Manuel Berenguel
Tidal stream energy site assessment via three-dimensional model and measurements pp. 510-519 Downloads
Paul A. Work, Kevin A. Haas, Zafer Defne and Thomas Gay
Energy efficiency improvement and fuel savings in water heaters using baffles pp. 520-533 Downloads
Mahmoud Moeini Sedeh and J.M. Khodadadi
Method for size optimisation of large wind–hydrogen systems with high penetration on power grids pp. 534-544 Downloads
M. Beccali, S. Brunone, P. Finocchiaro and J.M. Galletto
Identification of the environmental impact from the use of different materials in domestic solar hot water systems pp. 545-555 Downloads
G. Martinopoulos, G. Tsilingiridis and N. Kyriakis
The effect of a homogeneous combustion catalyst on exhaust emissions from a single cylinder diesel engine pp. 556-562 Downloads
Yu Ma, Mingming Zhu and Dongke Zhang
Effects of blending hydrothermally treated municipal solid waste with coal on co-combustion characteristics in a lab-scale fluidized bed reactor pp. 563-570 Downloads
Yuqi Jin, Liang Lu, Xiaojun Ma, Hongmei Liu, Yong Chi and Kunio Yoshikawa
Research on frost formation in air source heat pump at cold-moist conditions in central-south China pp. 571-581 Downloads
Guangcai Gong, Jinchen Tang, Dongyan Lv and Hongjin Wang
Experimental investigation on the optimal performance of Zeolite–water adsorption chiller pp. 582-590 Downloads
Aung Myat, Ng Kim Choon, Kyaw Thu and Young-Deuk Kim
Power requirements of ground source heat pumps in a residential area pp. 591-600 Downloads
Audrius Bagdanavicius and Nick Jenkins
Predicting the diversity of internal temperatures from the English residential sector using panel methods pp. 601-621 Downloads
Scott Kelly, Michelle Shipworth, David Shipworth, Michael Gentry, Andrew Wright, Michael Pollitt, Crawford-Brown, Doug and Kevin Lomas
Energy and exergy analysis on gasoline engine based on mapping characteristics experiment pp. 622-630 Downloads
Jianqin Fu, Jingping Liu, Renhua Feng, Yanping Yang, Linjun Wang and Yong Wang
Design and modelling of a new patented thermal solar collector with high building integration pp. 631-639 Downloads
Fabrice Motte, Gilles Notton, Christian Cristofari and Jean-Louis Canaletti
Improved enzyme efficiency of rapeseed straw through the two-stage fractionation process using sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid pp. 640-646 Downloads
Chang Ho Choi, Byung Hwan Um, Young Soo Kim and Kyeong Keun Oh
Detailed physical properties prediction of pure methyl esters for biodiesel combustion modeling pp. 647-656 Downloads
H. An, W.M. Yang, A. Maghbouli, S.K. Chou and K.J. Chua
Life cycle assessment of a small-scale anaerobic digestion plant from cattle waste pp. 657-664 Downloads
William G. Mezzullo, Marcelle C. McManus and Geoff P. Hammond
Borehole resistance and vertical temperature profiles in coaxial borehole heat exchangers pp. 665-675 Downloads
Richard A. Beier, José Acuña, Palne Mogensen and Björn Palm
A regional model for sustainable biogas electricity production: A case study from a Finnish province pp. 676-686 Downloads
Tuomas Huopana, Han Song, Mikko Kolehmainen and Harri Niska
Performance assessment of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell–Humid Air Turbine hybrid systems pp. 687-699 Downloads
R. Chacartegui, M.J. Blanco, J.M. Muñoz de Escalona, D. Sánchez and T. Sánchez
Case study: The effects of a variable flow energy saving strategy on a deep-mine cooling system pp. 700-709 Downloads
Gideon Edgar du Plessis, Leon Liebenberg and Edward Henry Mathews
Potential reduction of carbon emissions from Crude Palm Oil production based on energy and carbon balances pp. 710-717 Downloads
Withida Patthanaissaranukool, Chongchin Polprasert and Andrew J. Englande
A process-based model for estimating the well-to-tank cost of gasoline and diesel in China pp. 718-725 Downloads
Weiqi Li, Feng Fu, Linwei Ma, Pei Liu, Zheng Li and Yaping Dai
Energy efficiency for the multiport power converters architectures of series and parallel hybrid power source type used in plug-in/V2G fuel cell vehicles pp. 726-734 Downloads
Nicu Bizon
Proposed combined-cycle power system based on oxygen-blown coal partial gasification pp. 735-745 Downloads
Guoqiang Zhang, Yongping Yang, Hongguang Jin, Gang Xu and Kai Zhang
Method for customizing an organic Rankine cycle to a complex heat source for efficient energy conversion, demonstrated on a Fischer Tropsch plant pp. 746-754 Downloads
Kevin J. DiGenova, Barbara B. Botros and J.G. Brisson
Identification of the influence of fouling on the heat recovery in a network of shell and tube heat exchangers pp. 755-764 Downloads
Mariusz Markowski, Marian Trafczynski and Krzysztof Urbaniec
Comparative analysis of concentrating solar power and photovoltaic technologies: Technical and environmental evaluations pp. 765-784 Downloads
U. Desideri, F. Zepparelli, V. Morettini and E. Garroni
Cost Analysis of straw-based power generation in Jiangsu Province, China pp. 785-793 Downloads
Qin Zhang, Dequn Zhou, Peng Zhou and Hao Ding
Optimal power flow and PGU capacity of CCHP systems using a matrix modeling approach pp. 794-802 Downloads
Mingxi Liu, Yang Shi and Fang Fang
Rating of roofs’ surfaces regarding their solar potential and suitability for PV systems, based on LiDAR data pp. 803-812 Downloads
Niko Lukač, Danijel Žlaus, Sebastijan Seme, Borut Žalik and Gorazd Štumberger
Optimization of HVAC systems for distributed generation as a function of different types of heat sources and climatic conditions pp. 813-826 Downloads
Dashamir Marini
Effects of moisture content, torrefaction temperature, and die temperature in pilot scale pelletizing of torrefied Norway spruce pp. 827-832 Downloads
Sylvia H. Larsson, Magnus Rudolfsson, Martin Nordwaeger, Ingemar Olofsson and Robert Samuelsson
Pursuing the pre-combustion CCS route in oil refineries – The impact on fired heaters pp. 833-839 Downloads
Torleif Weydahl, Jamal Jamaluddin, Morten Seljeskog and Rahul Anantharaman
Modeling and analysing storage systems in agricultural biomass supply chain for cellulosic ethanol production pp. 840-849 Downloads
Mahmood Ebadian, Taraneh Sowlati, Shahab Sokhansanj, Townley-Smith, Lawrence and Mark Stumborg
Metabolic phenotyping of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis 6803 engineered for production of alkanes and free fatty acids pp. 850-859 Downloads
Ping Hu, Sharon Borglin, Nina A. Kamennaya, Liang Chen, Hanwool Park, Laura Mahoney, Aleksandra Kijac, George Shan, Krystle L. Chavarría, Chunmin Zhang, Nigel W.T. Quinn, David Wemmer, Hoi-Ying Holman and Christer Jansson
Pollutant emissions in a bubbling fluidized bed combustor working in oxy-fuel operating conditions: Effect of flue gas recirculation pp. 860-867 Downloads
L.F. de Diego, M. de las Obras-Loscertales,, A. Rufas, García-Labiano, F., P. Gayán, A. Abad and J. Adánez
Optical efficiency study of PV Crossed Compound Parabolic Concentrator pp. 868-876 Downloads
Nazmi Sellami and Tapas K. Mallick
The cooling seasonal performance factor of a hybrid ground-source heat pump with parallel and serial configurations pp. 877-884 Downloads
Honghee Park, Joo Seoung Lee, Wonuk Kim and Yongchan Kim
Experimental investigation of the lithium-ion battery impedance characteristic at various conditions and aging states and its influence on the application pp. 885-897 Downloads
Wladislaw Waag, Stefan Käbitz and Dirk Uwe Sauer
Computational study of crevice soot entrainment in a diesel engine pp. 898-907 Downloads
Shin Mei Tan, Hoon Kiat Ng and Suyin Gan
Viability analysis of solar parabolic dish stand-alone power plant for Indian conditions pp. 908-922 Downloads
K.S. Reddy and G. Veershetty
Oxy-oil combustion characteristics of an existing furnace pp. 923-930 Downloads
Chung-Cheng Chi and Ta-Hui Lin
Theoretical studies of a hybrid ejector CO2 compression cooling system for vehicles and preliminary experimental investigations of an ejector cycle pp. 931-942 Downloads
Xiangjie Chen, Mark Worall, Siddig Omer, Yuehong Su and Saffa Riffat
Artificial bee swarm optimization algorithm for parameters identification of solar cell models pp. 943-949 Downloads
Alireza Askarzadeh and Alireza Rezazadeh
Thermochemical biorefinery based on dimethyl ether as intermediate: Technoeconomic assessment pp. 950-961 Downloads
P. Haro, P. Ollero, A.L. Villanueva Perales and Gómez-Barea, A.
Asphalt solar collectors: A literature review pp. 962-970 Downloads
Bobes-Jesus, Vanesa, Pascual-Muñoz, Pablo, Castro-Fresno, Daniel and Rodriguez-Hernandez, Jorge
Algal oil extraction from wet biomass of Botryococcus braunii by 1,2-dimethoxyethane pp. 971-974 Downloads
Chun-Zhao Liu, Sen Zheng, Ling Xu, Feng Wang and Chen Guo
A comprehensive approach to design and improve a solar chimney power plant: A special case – Kerman project pp. 975-982 Downloads
E. Gholamalizadeh and S.H. Mansouri
Reference buildings for cost optimal analysis: Method of definition and application pp. 983-993 Downloads
Stefano Paolo Corgnati, Enrico Fabrizio, Marco Filippi and Valentina Monetti
European natural gas infrastructure: The impact of market developments on gas flows and physical market integration pp. 994-1003 Downloads
Caroline Dieckhöner, Stefan Lochner and Dietmar Lindenberger
Congestion management in hybrid power markets using modified Benders decomposition pp. 1004-1012 Downloads
Masoud Esmaili, Fatemeh Ebadi, Heidar Ali Shayanfar and Shahram Jadid
Optimisation of biomass waste to energy conversion systems for rural grid-connected applications pp. 1013-1021 Downloads
R. Namuli, B. Jaumard, A. Awasthi and P. Pillay
Numerical study of methanol–steam reforming and methanol–air catalytic combustion in annulus reactors for hydrogen production pp. 1022-1034 Downloads
Reiyu Chein, Yen-Cho Chen and J.N. Chung
Experimental energetic analysis of a vapor compression refrigeration system with dedicated mechanical sub-cooling pp. 1035-1041 Downloads
Bilal A. Qureshi, Muhammad Inam, Mohamed A. Antar and Syed M. Zubair
Experimental investigation of the performance and emission characteristics of direct injection diesel engine by water emulsion diesel under varying engine load condition pp. 1042-1049 Downloads
M. Ebna Alam Fahd, Yang Wenming, P.S. Lee, S.K. Chou and Christopher R. Yap
Carbon nanotube as an alternative cathode support and catalyst for microbial fuel cells pp. 1050-1056 Downloads
Mostafa Ghasemi, Manal Ismail, Siti Kartom Kamarudin, Kasra Saeedfar, Wan Ramli Wan Daud, Sedky H.A. Hassan, Lee Yook Heng, Javed Alam and Sang-Eun Oh
Modeling of a microfluidic electrochemical cell for CO2 utilization and fuel production pp. 1057-1062 Downloads
Huizhi Wang, Dennis Y.C. Leung and Jin Xuan
Effect of masonry material and surface absorptivity on critical thermal mass in insulated building walls pp. 1063-1070 Downloads
Al-Sanea, Sami A., M.F. Zedan and Al-Hussain, S.N.
Reverse osmosis desalination driven by low temperature supercritical organic rankine cycle pp. 1071-1080 Downloads
Chennan Li, Saeb Besarati, Yogi Goswami, Elias Stefanakos and Huijuan Chen
Performance limits of zero and single extraction humidification-dehumidification desalination systems pp. 1081-1090 Downloads
Ronan K. McGovern, Gregory P. Thiel, G. Prakash Narayan, Syed M. Zubair and John H. Lienhard
Effect of hydraulic fracturing on long-term storage of CO2 in stimulated saline aquifers pp. 1091-1104 Downloads
S. Raziperchikolaee, V. Alvarado and S. Yin
Enhancement of methane production from sunflower oil cakes by dilute acid pretreatment pp. 1105-1113 Downloads
Florian Monlau, Eric Latrille, Aline Carvalho Da Costa, Jean-Philippe Steyer and Hélène Carrère
Performance of a low-head pico-hydro Turgo turbine pp. 1114-1126 Downloads
S.J. Williamson, B.H. Stark and J.D. Booker
The correlation between mixed refrigerant composition and ambient conditions in the PRICO LNG process pp. 1127-1136 Downloads
Xiongwen Xu, Jinping Liu, Chuanshuo Jiang and Le Cao
Multi-objective design of reverse osmosis plants integrated with solar Rankine cycles and thermal energy storage pp. 1137-1147 Downloads
Ekaterina Antipova, Dieter Boer, Luisa F. Cabeza, Guillén-Gosálbez, Gonzalo and Laureano Jiménez
Prediction of photovoltaic and solar water heater diffusion and evaluation of promotion policies on the basis of consumers’ choices pp. 1148-1159 Downloads
Yohei Yamaguchi, Kenju Akai, Junyi Shen, Naoki Fujimura, Yoshiyuki Shimoda and Tatsuyoshi Saijo
A procedure to calculate the five-parameter model of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules on the basis of the tabular performance data pp. 1160-1177 Downloads
Aldo Orioli and Alessandra Di Gangi
An evaluation of advanced combined cycles pp. 1178-1186 Downloads
Ashok D. Rao and David J. Francuz
Rural public acceptance of renewable energy deployment: The case of Shandong in China pp. 1187-1196 Downloads
Wenling Liu, Can Wang and Arthur P.J. Mol
Enhanced production of short-chain fatty acid by co-fermentation of waste activated sludge and kitchen waste under alkaline conditions and its application to microbial fuel cells pp. 1197-1204 Downloads
Yinguang Chen, Jingyang Luo, Yuanyuan Yan and Leiyu Feng
An integrated optimization model for switchgrass-based bioethanol supply chain pp. 1205-1217 Downloads
Jun Zhang, Atif Osmani, Iddrisu Awudu and Vinay Gonela
An experimental investigation on the integration of two-stage dehumidification and regenerative evaporative cooling pp. 1218-1228 Downloads
D. La, Y.J. Dai, Y. Li, Z.Y. Tang, T.S. Ge and R.Z. Wang
Characterization of a solar photovoltaic/loop-heat-pipe heat pump water heating system pp. 1229-1245 Downloads
Xingxing Zhang, Xudong Zhao, Jihuan Xu and Xiaotong Yu
Prediction of coal fouling using an alternative index under the gasification condition pp. 1246-1255 Downloads
Hueon Namkung, Li-Hua Xu, Tae-Jin Kang, Dae Sung Kim, Hyok-Bo Kwon and Hyung-Taek Kim
Energy analysis and thermoeconomic assessment of the closed greenhouse – The largest commercial solar building pp. 1256-1266 Downloads
Amir Vadiee and Viktoria Martin
Measuring the energy consumption of China’s domestic investment from 1992 to 2007 pp. 1267-1274 Downloads
Feng Fu, Hongtao Liu, Karen R. Polenske and Zheng Li
Simulation of biodiesel combustion in a light-duty diesel engine using integrated compact biodiesel–diesel reaction mechanism pp. 1275-1287 Downloads
Hoon Kiat Ng, Suyin Gan, Jo-Han Ng and Kar Mun Pang
Critical ash elements in biorefinery feedstock determined by X-ray spectroscopy pp. 1288-1294 Downloads
M. Thyrel, R. Samuelsson, M. Finell and T.A. Lestander
Characterization of photovoltaic modules for low-power indoor application pp. 1295-1302 Downloads
Adriano Sacco, Lidia Rolle, Luciano Scaltrito, Elena Tresso and Candido Fabrizio Pirri
Assessment of CCHP systems based on biomass combustion for small-scale applications through a review of the technology and analysis of energy efficiency parameters pp. 1303-1313 Downloads
Daniel Maraver, Ana Sin, Javier Royo and Fernando Sebastián
Numerical investigation of the influence of vertical permeability heterogeneity in stratified formation and of injection/production well perforation placement on CO2 geological storage with enhanced CH4 recovery pp. 1314-1323 Downloads
Feng Luo, Rui-Na Xu and Pei-Xue Jiang
Evaluation of the potential use of a combined micro-turbine organic Rankine cycle for different geographic locations pp. 1324-1333 Downloads
Pedro J. Mago and Rogelio Luck
Potential for reducing paper mill energy use and carbon dioxide emissions through plant-wide energy audits: A case study in China pp. 1334-1342 Downloads
Lingbo Kong, Lynn Price, Ali Hasanbeigi, Huanbin Liu and Jigeng Li
Operational planning of an independent microgrid containing tidal power generators, SOFCs, and photovoltaics pp. 1343-1357 Downloads
Obara, Shin’ya, Masahito Kawai, Osamu Kawae and Yuta Morizane
Reducing energy consumption in low income public housing: Interviewing residents about energy behaviors pp. 1358-1370 Downloads
Jared Langevin, Patrick L. Gurian and Jin Wen
Recent advances in liquid biofuel production from algal feedstocks pp. 1371-1381 Downloads
Maurycy Daroch, Shu Geng and Guangyi Wang
Monitoring-based HVAC commissioning of an existing office building for energy efficiency pp. 1382-1390 Downloads
Liping Wang, Steve Greenberg, John Fiegel, Alma Rubalcava, Shankar Earni, Xiufeng Pang, Rongxin Yin, Spencer Woodworth and Hernandez-Maldonado, Jorge
The permeability of geopolymer at down-hole stress conditions: Application for carbon dioxide sequestration wells pp. 1391-1398 Downloads
M.C.M. Nasvi, P.G. Ranjith and J. Sanjayan
A comprehensive review on solar cookers pp. 1399-1421 Downloads
Erdem Cuce and Pinar Mert Cuce
Novel low melting point quaternary eutectic system for solar thermal energy storage pp. 1422-1429 Downloads
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