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2013, volume 107, issue C

An optimization model for natural gas supply portfolios of a power generation company pp. 1-9 Downloads
Panida Jirutitijaroen, Sujin Kim, Oran Kittithreerapronchai and José Prina
Evaluation of Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) for commercial buildings constructed with green roof pp. 10-24 Downloads
A.L.S. Chan and T.T. Chow
Configuration effects of natural gas fired multi-pair regenerative burners in a flameless oxidation furnace on efficiency and emissions pp. 25-32 Downloads
E.-S. Cho, D. Shin, J. Lu, W. de Jong and D.J.E.M. Roekaerts
Fulfilling the electricity demand of electric vehicles in the long term future: An evaluation of centralized and decentralized power supply systems pp. 33-51 Downloads
Anne Sjoerd Brouwer, Takeshi Kuramochi, Machteld van den Broek and André Faaij
Soot temperature and KL factor for biodiesel and diesel spray combustion in a constant volume combustion chamber pp. 52-65 Downloads
Ji Zhang, Wei Jing, William L. Roberts and Tiegang Fang
Technological drivers in data centers and telecom systems: Multiscale thermal, electrical, and energy management pp. 66-80 Downloads
Suresh V. Garimella, Tim Persoons, Justin Weibel and Lian-Tuu Yeh
HC and CO emissions reduction by early injection strategy in a bioethanol blended diesel-fueled engine with a narrow angle injection system pp. 81-88 Downloads
Su Han Park, Seung Hyun Yoon and Chang Sik Lee
Theoretical and experimental investigation on a thermoelectric cooling and heating system driven by solar pp. 89-97 Downloads
Wei He, Jinzhi Zhou, Jingxin Hou, Chi Chen and Jie Ji
Optimization of process integration in a Kraft pulp and paper mill – Evaporation train and CHP system pp. 98-110 Downloads
Sennai Mesfun and Andrea Toffolo
Interaction of iron–copper mixed metal oxide oxygen carriers with simulated synthesis gas derived from steam gasification of coal pp. 111-123 Downloads
Ranjani V. Siriwardane, Ewelina Ksepko, Hanjing Tian, James Poston, Thomas Simonyi and Marek Sciazko
Energetic and environmental performance of three biomass upgrading processes integrated with a CHP plant pp. 124-134 Downloads
Thomas Kohl, Timo Laukkanen, Mika Järvinen and Carl-Johan Fogelholm
The application of soft computing methods for MPPT of PV system: A technological and status review pp. 135-148 Downloads
Zainal Salam, Jubaer Ahmed and Benny S. Merugu
Towards biofuel combustion with an easily extruded clay as a natural catalyst pp. 149-156 Downloads
Zhen-Yu Tian, Tarik Chafik, Mhamed Assebban, Sanae Harti, Naoufal Bahlawane, Patrick Mountapmbeme Kouotou and Kohse-Höinghaus, Katharina
Economic and environmental analysis of a trigeneration system for food-industry: A case study pp. 157-172 Downloads
F. Freschi, L. Giaccone, P. Lazzeroni and M. Repetto
A study of the pyrolysis behaviors of pelletized recovered municipal solid waste fuels pp. 173-182 Downloads
Chunguang Zhou, Qinglin Zhang, Leonie Arnold, Weihong Yang and Wlodzimierz Blasiak
Impact of alternative fuels on performance and pollutant emissions of a light duty engine tested under the new European driving cycle pp. 183-190 Downloads
Octavio Armas, García-Contreras, Reyes and Ángel Ramos
Forecasting models for wind speed using wavelet, wavelet packet, time series and Artificial Neural Networks pp. 191-208 Downloads
Hui Liu, Hong-qi Tian, Di-fu Pan and Yan-fei Li
Prospects for arable farm uptake of Short Rotation Coppice willow and miscanthus in England pp. 209-218 Downloads
Neryssa J. Glithero, Paul Wilson and Stephen J. Ramsden
Numerical analysis of an organic Rankine cycle under steady and variable heat input pp. 219-228 Downloads
Musbaudeen O. Bamgbopa and Eray Uzgoren
A building thermal bridges sensitivity analysis pp. 229-243 Downloads
Alfonso Capozzoli, Alice Gorrino and Vincenzo Corrado
Multiple process integrations for broad perspective analysis of fermentative H2 production from wastewater treatment: Technical and environmental considerations pp. 244-254 Downloads
G. Mohanakrishna and S. Venkata Mohan
Development of an effective acidogenically digested swine manure-based algal system for improved wastewater treatment and biofuel and feed production pp. 255-263 Downloads
Bing Hu, Wenguang Zhou, Min Min, Zhenyi Du, Paul Chen, Xiaochen Ma, Yuhuan Liu, Hanwu Lei, Jian Shi and Roger Ruan
Vacuum-assisted drying of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell pp. 264-270 Downloads
Hong-Yue Tang, Anthony D. Santamaria, John Bachman and Jae Wan Park
A comparison between the ECMWF and COSMO Ensemble Prediction Systems applied to short-term wind power forecasting on real data pp. 271-280 Downloads
S. Alessandrini, S. Sperati and P. Pinson
Practical process design for in situ gasification of bitumen pp. 281-296 Downloads
Punitkumar R. Kapadia, Wang, Jingyi (Jacky), Michael S. Kallos and Ian D. Gates
SiC foam monolith catalyst for pressurized adiabatic methane reforming pp. 297-303 Downloads
Chunlin Li, Hengyong Xu, Shoufu Hou, Jian Sun, Fanqiong Meng, Junguo Ma and Noritatsu Tsubaki
Influence of EGR and oxygen-enriched air on diesel engine NO–Smoke emission and combustion characteristic pp. 304-314 Downloads
Wei Zhang, Zhaohui Chen, Weidong Li, Gequn Shu, Biao Xu and Yinggang Shen
Exergy and economic analyses of advanced IGCC–CCS and IGFC–CCS power plants pp. 315-328 Downloads
Nicholas S. Siefert and Shawn Litster
Life cycle modeling of energy matrix scenarios, Belgian power and partial heat mixes as case study pp. 329-337 Downloads
M.A. Rubio Rodríguez, M. Feitó Cespón, J. De Ruyck, V.S. Ocaña Guevara and V.K. Verma
Considering start-ups and shutdowns using an optimisation tool – Including a dairy production planning case study pp. 338-349 Downloads
Magnus Karlsson and Nawzad Mardan
Investigations on the influence of aquifers on the ground temperature in ground-source heat pump operation pp. 350-363 Downloads
Antonio Capozza, Michele De Carli and Angelo Zarrella
The effect of diurnal profile and seasonal wind regime on sizing grid-connected and off-grid wind power plants pp. 364-376 Downloads
Roberto Carapellucci and Lorena Giordano
Low CO2 selective iron based Fischer–Tropsch catalysts for coal based polygeneration pp. 377-383 Downloads
Olusola O. James, Biswajit Chowdhury, Aline Auroux and Sudip Maity
Estimating the daily global solar radiation spatial distribution from diurnal temperature ranges over the Tibetan Plateau in China pp. 384-393 Downloads
Tao Pan, Shaohong Wu, Erfu Dai and Yujie Liu
Speculative trading and WTI crude oil futures price movement: An empirical analysis pp. 394-402 Downloads
Yue-Jun Zhang
An experimental investigation into the influence of unsteady wind on the performance of a vertical axis wind turbine pp. 403-411 Downloads
Louis Angelo Danao, Okeoghene Eboibi and Robert Howell
A hybrid tool to combine multi-objective optimization and multi-criterion decision making in designing standalone hybrid energy systems pp. 412-425 Downloads
A.T.D. Perera, R.A. Attalage, K.K.C.K. Perera and V.P.C. Dassanayake
Numerical simulation of wind flow around a parabolic trough solar collector pp. 426-437 Downloads
A.A. Hachicha, I. Rodríguez, J. Castro and A. Oliva
Co-digestion of used oils and urban landfill leachates with sewage sludge and the effect on the biogas production pp. 438-445 Downloads
L. Pastor, L. Ruiz, A. Pascual and B. Ruiz
Simulation on the effect of the combustion parameters on the piston dynamics and engine performance using the Wiebe function in a free piston engine pp. 446-455 Downloads
Jaeheun Kim, Choongsik Bae and Gangchul Kim
Geodemographic analysis and estimation of early plug-in hybrid electric vehicle adoption pp. 456-464 Downloads
Jukka Saarenpää, Mikko Kolehmainen and Harri Niska
A highly resolved modeling technique to simulate residential power demand pp. 465-473 Downloads
Matteo Muratori, Matthew C. Roberts, Ramteen Sioshansi, Vincenzo Marano and Giorgio Rizzoni

2013, volume 106, issue C

Thermo-acoustic behavior of a swirl stabilized diffusion flame with heterogeneous sensors pp. 1-16 Downloads
A.V. Singh, M. Yu, A.K. Gupta and K.M. Bryden
Temporal and spatial trends of residential energy consumption and air pollutant emissions in China pp. 17-24 Downloads
Dan Zhu, Shu Tao, Rong Wang, Huizhong Shen, Ye Huang, Guofeng Shen, Bin Wang, Wei Li, Yanyan Zhang, Han Chen, Yuanchen Chen, Junfeng Liu, Bengang Li, Xilong Wang and Wenxin Liu
A nano-graphite/paraffin phase change material with high thermal conductivity pp. 25-30 Downloads
Min Li
Wave power variability over the northwest European shelf seas pp. 31-46 Downloads
Simon P. Neill and M. Reza Hashemi
Daily heat load variations in Swedish district heating systems pp. 47-55 Downloads
Henrik Gadd and Sven Werner
A resorption cycle for the cogeneration of electricity and refrigeration pp. 56-64 Downloads
Liwei Wang, Felix Ziegler, Anthony Paul Roskilly, Ruzhu Wang and Yaodong Wang
Examining the impact factors of energy-related CO2 emissions using the STIRPAT model in Guangdong Province, China pp. 65-71 Downloads
Ping Wang, Wanshui Wu, Bangzhu Zhu and Yi-Ming Wei
On the importance of the location of PCMs in building walls for enhanced thermal performance pp. 72-78 Downloads
Xing Jin, Mario A. Medina and Xiaosong Zhang
Optimal design of thermoelectric devices with dimensional analysis pp. 79-88 Downloads
HoSung Lee
Multi-step-ahead prediction of NOx emissions for a coal-based boiler pp. 89-99 Downloads
J. Smrekar, P. Potočnik and A. Senegačnik
Economic appraisal of shale gas plays in Continental Europe pp. 100-115 Downloads
Ruud Weijermars
Performance assessment of producing Mg(OH)2 for CO2 mineral sequestration pp. 116-126 Downloads
Experience Nduagu, Inês Romão, Johan Fagerlund and Ron Zevenhoven
Analysis and sizing of thermal energy storage in combined heating, cooling and power plants for buildings pp. 127-142 Downloads
Martínez-Lera, S., J. Ballester and Martínez-Lera, J.
A review on carbon dioxide capture and storage technology using coal fly ash pp. 143-151 Downloads
Jung-Ho Wee
Study liquid length penetration results obtained with a direct acting piezo electric injector pp. 152-162 Downloads
Raul Payri, Jaime Gimeno, Michele Bardi and Alejandro H. Plazas
Breakthrough fuel cell technology using ceria-based multi-functional nanocomposites pp. 163-175 Downloads
Bin Zhu, Liangdong Fan and Peter Lund
A One-compartment direct glucose alkaline fuel cell with methyl viologen as electron mediator pp. 176-183 Downloads
Xianhua Liu, Miaoqing Hao, Mengnan Feng, Lin Zhang, Yong Zhao, Xiwen Du and Guangyi Wang
Numerical study on the combustion and emission characteristics of a methanol/diesel reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) engine pp. 184-197 Downloads
Yaopeng Li, Ming Jia, Yaodong Liu and Maozhao Xie
Biodiesel production and comparison of emissions of a DI diesel engine fueled by biodiesel–diesel and canola oil–diesel blends at high idling operations pp. 198-208 Downloads
Murari Mohon Roy, Wilson Wang and Justin Bujold
Occupancy-based zone-climate control for energy-efficient buildings: Complexity vs. performance pp. 209-221 Downloads
Siddharth Goyal, Herbert A. Ingley and Prabir Barooah
An experimental study of a floating breakwater with asymmetric pneumatic chambers for wave energy extraction pp. 222-231 Downloads
Fang He, Zhenhua Huang and Adrian Wing-Keung Law
Mathematical modeling and experimental verification of an absorption chiller including three dimensional temperature and concentration distributions pp. 232-242 Downloads
Saliya Jayasekara and Saman K. Halgamuge
Mixtures of SF6–CO2 as working fluids for geothermal power plants pp. 243-253 Downloads
Hebi Yin, Adrian S. Sabau, James C. Conklin, Joanna McFarlane and A. Lou Qualls
Experimental study on combustion and NOx emissions for a down-fired supercritical boiler with multiple-injection multiple-staging technology without overfire air pp. 254-261 Downloads
Min Kuang, Zhengqi Li, Chunlong Liu and Qunyi Zhu
Techno-economic assessment of carbon-negative algal biodiesel for transport solutions pp. 262-274 Downloads
Benjamin Taylor, Ning Xiao, Janusz Sikorski, Minloon Yong, Tom Harris, Tim Helme, Andrew Smallbone, Amit Bhave and Markus Kraft
Frequency based approach for simulating pressure waves at the inlet of internal combustion engines using a parameterized model pp. 275-286 Downloads
Haitham Mezher, David Chalet, Jérôme Migaud and Pascal Chesse
Modeling and co-simulation of a parabolic trough solar plant for industrial process heat pp. 287-300 Downloads
R. Silva, M. Pérez and Fernández-Garcia, A.
A sandwich structured membrane for direct methanol fuel cells operating with neat methanol pp. 301-306 Downloads
Q.X. Wu, T.S. Zhao, R. Chen and L. An
Energy efficiency and capacity retention of Ni–MH batteries for storage applications pp. 307-313 Downloads
Wenhua H. Zhu, Ying Zhu, Zenda Davis and Bruce J. Tatarchuk
Energy consumption feedback devices’ impact evaluation on domestic energy use pp. 314-320 Downloads
Iana Vassileva, Erik Dahlquist, Fredrik Wallin and Javier Campillo
Preparation of a novel PEG composite with halogen-free flame retardant supporting matrix for thermal energy storage application pp. 321-327 Downloads
Yong Qian, Ping Wei, Pingkai Jiang, Zhi Li, Yonggang Yan and Jiping Liu
Investigation of selective catalytic reduction for control of nitrogen oxides in full-scale dairy energy production pp. 328-336 Downloads
Mary Kay Camarillo, William T. Stringfellow, Jeremy S. Hanlon and Kyle A. Watson
Modelling of a two-phase thermofluidic oscillator for low-grade heat utilisation: Accounting for irreversible thermal losses pp. 337-354 Downloads
Roochi Solanki, Richard Mathie, Amparo Galindo and Christos N. Markides
Bottoming organic Rankine cycle for a small scale gas turbine: A comparison of different solutions pp. 355-364 Downloads
Stefano Clemente, Diego Micheli, Mauro Reini and Rodolfo Taccani
Experimental evaluation of a real time energy management system for stand-alone microgrids in day-ahead markets pp. 365-376 Downloads
Mousa Marzband, Andreas Sumper, Ruiz-Álvarez, Albert, Domínguez-García, José Luis and Bogdan Tomoiaga
A traveling-wave thermoacoustic electric generator with a variable electric R-C load pp. 377-382 Downloads
D.M. Sun, Kuan Min Wang, X.J. Zhang, Y.N. Guo, Y. Xu and L.M. Qiu
New hybrid absorption–compression refrigeration system based on cascade use of mid-temperature waste heat pp. 383-390 Downloads
Wei Han, Liuli Sun, Danxing Zheng, Hongguang Jin, Sijun Ma and Xuye Jing
Spatial planning framework for biomass resources for power production at regional level: A case study for Fujian Province, China pp. 391-406 Downloads
Yanwei Sun, Run Wang, Jian Liu, Lishan Xiao, Yanjie Lin and William Kao
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