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2013, volume 108, issue C

A novel thermochemical cycle for the dissociation of CO2 and H2O using sustainable energy sources pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yanwei Zhang, Qiaoqiao Zhu, Xiangdong Lin, Zemin Xu, Jianbo Liu, Zhihua Wang, Junhu Zhou and Kefa Cen
Computer-aided conversion of an engine from diesel to methane pp. 8-23 Downloads
Teresa Donateo, Federica Tornese and Domenico Laforgia
Understanding and detecting misfire in an HCCI engine fuelled with ethanol pp. 24-33 Downloads
Bahram Bahri, Azhar Abdul Aziz, Mahdi Shahbakhti and Mohd Farid Muhamad Said
Analysis of a novel gravity driven organic Rankine cycle for small-scale cogeneration applications pp. 34-44 Downloads
Jing Li, Gang Pei, Yunzhu Li and Jie Ji
Harvesting of marine microalgae by electroflocculation: The energetics, plant design, and economics pp. 45-53 Downloads
Andrew K. Lee, David M. Lewis and Peter J. Ashman
Bio-syngas to gasoline and olefins via DME – A comprehensive techno-economic assessment pp. 54-65 Downloads
Pedro Haro, Frederik Trippe, Ralph Stahl and Edmund Henrich
The complex future of CO2 capture and storage: Variable electricity generation and fossil fuel power pp. 66-73 Downloads
Richard S. Middleton and Jordan K. Eccles
A study of nitrogen conversion and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) emissions during hydrochar–lignite co-pyrolysis pp. 74-81 Downloads
Zhengang Liu, Augustine Quek, Ganesh Parshetti, Akshay Jain, M.P. Srinivasan, S. Kent Hoekman and Rajasekhar Balasubramanian
Analyzing microcogeneration systems based on LT-PEMFC and HT-PEMFC by energy balances pp. 82-91 Downloads
Elio Jannelli, Mariagiovanna Minutillo and Alessandra Perna
Control-oriented multi-phase combustion model for biodiesel fueled engines pp. 92-99 Downloads
Junfeng Zhao and Junmin Wang
Screening microalgae strains for their productivity in methane following anaerobic digestion pp. 100-107 Downloads
Jean-Claude Frigon, Matteau-Lebrun, Frédérique, Rekia Hamani Abdou, Patrick J. McGinn, O’Leary, Stephen J.B. and Serge R. Guiot
Constant rate thermal analysis for enhancing the long-term CO2 capture of CaO at Ca-looping conditions pp. 108-120 Downloads
Jose M. Valverde, Sanchez-Jimenez, Pedro E., Antonio Perejon and Perez-Maqueda, Luis A.
Investigation on water vapor effect on direct sulfation during wet-recycle oxy-coal combustion pp. 121-127 Downloads
Lunbo Duan, Zhongxiao Jiang, Xiaoping Chen and Changsui Zhao
Assessment of GHG emissions of biomethane from energy cereal crops in Umbria, Italy pp. 128-136 Downloads
C. Buratti, M. Barbanera and F. Fantozzi
Development of an optimized artificial neural network model for combined heat and power micro gas turbines pp. 137-148 Downloads
H. Nikpey, M. Assadi and P. Breuhaus
An experimental study of the interaction between tar and SOFCs with Ni/GDC anodes pp. 149-157 Downloads
Ming Liu, A. van der Kleij, A.H.M. Verkooijen and P.V. Aravind
What is the realistic potential for biomethane produced through gasification of indigenous Willow or imported wood chip to meet renewable energy heat targets? pp. 158-167 Downloads
Cathal Gallagher and Jerry D. Murphy
Biogas production from microalgae grown in wastewater: Effect of microwave pretreatment pp. 168-175 Downloads
Fabiana Passos, Maria Solé, Joan García and Ivet Ferrer
Heat load patterns in district heating substations pp. 176-183 Downloads
Henrik Gadd and Sven Werner
Thermal control and performance assessment of a proton exchanger membrane fuel cell generator pp. 184-193 Downloads
Jenn-Jiang Hwang
An evaluation of different bioreactor configurations for continuous bio-ethanol production pp. 194-201 Downloads
Jean Nepomuscene Ntihuga, Thomas Senn, Peter Gschwind and Reinhard Kohlus
Small-scale reforming of diesel and jet fuels to make hydrogen and syngas for fuel cells: A review pp. 202-217 Downloads
Xinhai Xu, Peiwen Li and Yuesong Shen
Monte Carlo analysis of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles and Distributed Energy Resource growth with residential energy storage in Michigan pp. 218-235 Downloads
Jaesung Jung, Yongju Cho, Danling Cheng, Ahmet Onen, Reza Arghandeh, Murat Dilek and Robert P. Broadwater
Impact of vehicle propulsion electrification on Well-to-Wheel CO2 emissions of a medium duty truck pp. 236-247 Downloads
Tomaž Katrašnik
The challenges and strategies of butanol application in conventional engines: The sensitivity study of ignition and valve timing pp. 248-260 Downloads
Banglin Deng, Jing Yang, Daming Zhang, Renhua Feng, Jianqin Fu, Jingping Liu, Ke Li and Xiaoqiang Liu
Mixed integer non-linear programming and Artificial Neural Network based approach to ancillary services dispatch in competitive electricity markets pp. 261-270 Downloads
Bruno Canizes, João Soares, Pedro Faria and Zita Vale
Modeling of the energy demand of the residential sector in the United States using regression models and artificial neural networks pp. 271-280 Downloads
Arash Kialashaki and John R. Reisel
High-density fed-batch culture of a thermotolerant microalga Chlorella sorokiniana for biofuel production pp. 281-287 Downloads
Yubin Zheng, Tingting Li, Xiaochen Yu, Philip D. Bates, Tao Dong and Shulin Chen
Residential winter kWh responsiveness under optional time-varying pricing in British Columbia pp. 288-297 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo, Raymond Li, A. Shiu and I. Horowitz
An experimental study of combustion and emissions of biomass pellets in a prototype pellet furnace pp. 298-307 Downloads
Murari Mohon Roy, Animesh Dutta and Kenny Corscadden
Threshold herd size for commercial viability of biomass waste to energy conversion systems on rural farms pp. 308-322 Downloads
R. Namuli, P. Pillay, B. Jaumard and C.B. Laflamme
Economic and environmental impacts of a PV powered workplace parking garage charging station pp. 323-332 Downloads
Pinak J. Tulpule, Vincenzo Marano, Stephen Yurkovich and Giorgio Rizzoni
Biodiesel production by transesterification catalyzed by an efficient choline ionic liquid catalyst pp. 333-339 Downloads
Mingming Fan, Jianglei Huang, Jing Yang and Pingbo Zhang
Transient modeling and dynamic characteristics of thermoelectric cooler pp. 340-348 Downloads
Jing-Hui Meng, Xiao-Dong Wang and Xin-Xin Zhang
Automatic tuning of Kalman filters by maximum likelihood methods for wind energy forecasting pp. 349-362 Downloads
Marta Poncela, Pilar Poncela and José Ramón Perán
Determining appliance energy usage with a high-resolution metering system for residential natural gas meters pp. 363-372 Downloads
M. Tewolde, J.P. Longtin, S.R. Das and S. Sharma
A comparative characterization study of Ca-looping natural sorbents pp. 373-382 Downloads
Grigorios Itskos, Panagiotis Grammelis, Fabrizio Scala, Pawlak-Kruczek, Halina, Antonio Coppola, Piero Salatino and Emmanuel Kakaras
Designing learning curves for carbon capture based on chemical absorption according to the minimum work of separation pp. 383-391 Downloads
Pedro R.R. Rochedo and Alexandre Szklo
A comparison between BNN and regression polynomial methods for the evaluation of the effect of soiling in large scale photovoltaic plants pp. 392-401 Downloads
A. Massi Pavan, A. Mellit, D. De Pieri and S.A. Kalogirou
A comparative study of different carbon fuels in an electrolyte-supported hybrid direct carbon fuel cell pp. 402-409 Downloads
Xiaoyong Xu, Wei Zhou, Fengli Liang and Zhonghua Zhu
Sparse online warped Gaussian process for wind power probabilistic forecasting pp. 410-428 Downloads
Peng Kou, Feng Gao and Xiaohong Guan
Dynamical optimal positioning of a photovoltaic panel in all weather conditions pp. 429-438 Downloads
Marko Gulin, Mario Vašak and Nedjeljko Perić
Multi-objective optimization of VOC recovery and reuse in crude oil loading pp. 439-447 Downloads
Sangick Lee, Inhwan Choi and Daejun Chang
Creating an in-home display: Experimental evidence and guidelines for design pp. 448-458 Downloads
Tamar Krishnamurti, Alexander L. Davis, Wong-Parodi, Gabrielle, Jack Wang and Casey Canfield
Experimental and simulated thermal stratification evaluation of an oil storage tank subjected to heat losses during charging pp. 459-465 Downloads
Ashmore Mawire
Dynamic simulation of thermal-lag Stirling engines pp. 466-476 Downloads
Chin-Hsiang Cheng, Hang-Suin Yang, Bing-Yi Jhou, Yi-Cheng Chen and Yu-Jen Wang
Bubble dissolution in horizontal turbulent bubbly flow in domestic central heating system pp. 477-485 Downloads
Y.T. Ge, A.M. Fsadni and H.S. Wang
Cultivation of Nannochloropsis salina using anaerobic digestion effluent as a nutrient source for biofuel production pp. 486-492 Downloads
Ting Cai, Stephen Y. Park, Ratanachat Racharaks and Yebo Li
Wind resource modelling in complex terrain using different mesoscale–microscale coupling techniques pp. 493-504 Downloads
D. Carvalho, A. Rocha, C. Silva Santos and R. Pereira
Novel three-phase steam–air plasma torch for gasification of high-caloric waste pp. 505-514 Downloads
Philip G. Rutberg, Vadim A. Kuznetsov, Evgeny O. Serba, Sergey D. Popov, Alexander V. Surov, Ghennady V. Nakonechny and Alexey V. Nikonov
Optimizing the configuration of a façade module for office buildings by means of integrated thermal and lighting simulations in a total energy perspective pp. 515-527 Downloads
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