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2014, volume 136, issue C

Predicting methane production in simple and unheated biogas digesters at low temperatures pp. 1-6 Downloads
Cuong H. Pham, Jin M. Triolo and Sven G. Sommer
Investigation of pinacone hexahydrate as phase change material for thermal energy storage around 45°C pp. 7-13 Downloads
Christoph Rathgeber, Henri Schmit, Peter Hennemann and Stefan Hiebler
Castor plant for biodiesel, biogas, and ethanol production with a biorefinery processing perspective pp. 14-22 Downloads
Hamed Bateni, Keikhosro Karimi, Akram Zamani and Fatemeh Benakashani
Analysis of the potential to recover energy and nutrient resources from cattle slaughterhouses in Australia by employing anaerobic digestion pp. 23-31 Downloads
P.D. Jensen, T. Sullivan, C. Carney and D.J. Batstone
Climate responsive behaviour of heat pipe technology for enhanced passive airside cooling pp. 32-42 Downloads
Hassam Nasarullah Chaudhry and Ben Richard Hughes
Lean burn performance of a hydrogen-blended gasoline engine at the wide open throttle condition pp. 43-50 Downloads
Shuofeng Wang, Changwei Ji, Bo Zhang and Xiaolong Liu
Continuous thermophilic biohydrogen production in packed bed reactor pp. 51-58 Downloads
Shantonu Roy, M. Vishnuvardhan and Debabrata Das
Achieving low return temperatures from district heating substations pp. 59-67 Downloads
Henrik Gadd and Sven Werner
Enhancing mass transfer and ethanol production in syngas fermentation of Clostridium carboxidivorans P7 through a monolithic biofilm reactor pp. 68-76 Downloads
Yanwen Shen, Robert Brown and Zhiyou Wen
In-cycle diesel low temperature combustion control based on SOC detection pp. 77-88 Downloads
Fuyuan Yang, Jinli Wang, Guojing Gao and Minggao Ouyang
Performance demonstration and evaluation of the synergetic application of vanadium dioxide glazing and phase change material in passive buildings pp. 89-97 Downloads
Linshuang Long, Hong Ye, Yanfeng Gao and Ruqiang Zou
Coal to SNG: Technical progress, modeling and system optimization through exergy analysis pp. 98-109 Downloads
Sheng Li, Xiaozhou Ji, Xiaosong Zhang, Lin Gao and Hongguang Jin
Experimental comparison of two PV direct-coupled solar water heating systems with the traditional system pp. 110-118 Downloads
Jie Ji, Yanqiu Wang, Weiqi Yuan, Wei Sun, Wei He and Chao Guo
Analysis of load match and grid interaction indicators in net zero energy buildings with simulated and monitored data pp. 119-131 Downloads
Jaume Salom, Anna Joanna Marszal, Joakim Widén, José Candanedo and Karen Byskov Lindberg
Mass transfer performance of CO2 capture in rotating packed bed: Dimensionless modeling and intelligent prediction pp. 132-142 Downloads
Bingtao Zhao, Yaxin Su and Wenwen Tao
Passive vapor-feed direct methanol fuel cell using sintered porous metals to realize high-concentration operation pp. 143-149 Downloads
Wei Yuan, Zhaochun Zhang, Jinyi Hu, Bo Zhou and Yong Tang
Carbon and air pollutants constrained energy planning for clean power generation with a robust optimization model—A case study of Jining City, China pp. 150-167 Downloads
Y.L. Xie, G.H. Huang, W. Li and L. Ji
Combined cooling, heating and power: A review of performance improvement and optimization pp. 168-185 Downloads
Heejin Cho, Amanda D. Smith and Pedro Mago
Modeling and forecasting of cooling and electricity load demand pp. 186-196 Downloads
A. Vaghefi, M.A. Jafari, Emmanuel Bisse, Y. Lu and J. Brouwer
Full-scale temperature response function (G-function) for heat transfer by borehole ground heat exchangers (GHEs) from sub-hour to decades pp. 197-205 Downloads
Min Li, Ping Li, Vincent Chan and Alvin C.K. Lai
Optimization and analysis of CCHP system based on energy loads coupling of residential and office buildings pp. 206-216 Downloads
Longxi Li, Hailin Mu, Weijun Gao and Miao Li
Micro/nano encapsulation of some paraffin eutectic mixtures with poly(methyl methacrylate) shell: Preparation, characterization and latent heat thermal energy storage properties pp. 217-227 Downloads
Ahmet Sarı, Cemil Alkan and Cahit Bilgin
Waste heat recovery technologies for offshore platforms pp. 228-241 Downloads
L. Pierobon, A. Benato, E. Scolari, F. Haglind and A. Stoppato
Energy exploitation of acid gas with high H2S content by means of a chemical looping combustion system pp. 242-249 Downloads
García-Labiano, F., L.F. de Diego, P. Gayán, A. Abad, A. Cabello, J. Adánez and G. Sprachmann
Windows thermal resistance: Infrared thermography aided comparative analysis among finite volumes simulations and experimental methods pp. 250-258 Downloads
G. Baldinelli and F. Bianchi
GARCH-based put option valuation to maximize benefit of wind investors pp. 259-268 Downloads
Javier Contreras and Yeny E. Rodríguez
China’s oil security from the supply chain perspective: A review pp. 269-279 Downloads
Chunfu Zhao and Bin Chen
Effect of support material on the performance of K2CO3-based pellets for cyclic CO2 capture pp. 280-288 Downloads
Changlei Qin, Junjun Yin, Jingyu Ran, Li Zhang and Bo Feng
The influence of gas–solid reaction kinetics in models of thermochemical heat storage under monotonic and cyclic loading pp. 289-302 Downloads
T. Nagel, H. Shao, C. Roßkopf, M. Linder, A. Wörner and O. Kolditz
Decision framework of solar thermal power plant site selection based on linguistic Choquet operator pp. 303-311 Downloads
Yunna Wu, Shuai Geng, Haobo Zhang and Min Gao
No more gas from Egypt? Modeling offshore discoveries and import uncertainty of natural gas in Israel pp. 312-324 Downloads
Khalid Siddig and Harald Grethe
Energy consumption analysis for CO2 separation using imidazolium-based ionic liquids pp. 325-335 Downloads
Yujiao Xie, Yingying Zhang, Xiaohua Lu and Xiaoyan Ji
An assessment of unforeseen losses resulting from inappropriate use of solar home systems in South Africa pp. 336-346 Downloads
Chukwuma Leonard Azimoh, Fredrik Wallin, Patrik Klintenberg and Björn Karlsson
Role of precalcination and regeneration conditions on postcombustion CO2 capture in the Ca-looping technology pp. 347-356 Downloads
J.M. Valverde, Sanchez-Jimenez, P.E. and Perez-Maqueda, L.A.
Graphene and carbon black nano-composite polymer absorbers for a pyro-electric solar energy harvesting device based on LiNbO3 crystals pp. 357-362 Downloads
Luigi Battista, Laura Mecozzi, Sara Coppola, Veronica Vespini, Simonetta Grilli and Pietro Ferraro
Rotationally asymmetrical compound parabolic concentrator for concentrating photovoltaic applications pp. 363-372 Downloads
Abu-Bakar, Siti Hawa, Muhammad-Sukki, Firdaus, Ramirez-Iniguez, Roberto, Tapas Kumar Mallick, Abu Bakar Munir, Siti Hajar Mohd Yasin and Ruzairi Abdul Rahim
Large eddy simulation of n-Dodecane spray combustion in a high pressure combustion vessel pp. 373-381 Downloads
Cheng Gong, Mehdi Jangi and Xue-Song Bai
Panel estimation for income inequality and CO2 emissions: A regional analysis in China pp. 382-392 Downloads
Chuanguo Zhang and Wei Zhao
Stochastic risk-constrained short-term scheduling of industrial cogeneration systems in the presence of demand response programs pp. 393-404 Downloads
Manijeh Alipour, Mohammadi-Ivatloo, Behnam and Kazem Zare
Performance analysis of open and ducted wind turbines pp. 405-416 Downloads
R. Bontempo and M. Manna
Analysis and improvement of solar flux distribution inside a cavity receiver based on multi-focal points of heliostat field pp. 417-430 Downloads
Qiang Yu, Zhifeng Wang and Ershu Xu
Effect of guide vane height on the performance and emissions of a compression ignition (CI) engine run with biodiesel through simulation and experiment pp. 431-444 Downloads
S. Bari and Idris Saad
Strategic optimization of borehole heat exchanger field for seasonal geothermal heating and cooling pp. 445-453 Downloads
Peter Bayer, Michael de Paly and Markus Beck
Rural households’ knowledge and perceptions of renewables with special attention on bioenergy resources development – Results from a field study in Bangladesh pp. 454-464 Downloads
Md. Kamrul Hassan, Paavo Pelkonen and Ari Pappinen
Enhanced heat release analysis for advanced multi-mode combustion engine experiments pp. 465-479 Downloads
Ortiz-Soto, Elliott A., George A. Lavoie, Jason B. Martz, Margaret S. Wooldridge and Dennis N. Assanis
The institutional power shortage in China: Capacity shortage or capacity under-utilisation? pp. 480-494 Downloads
Liang Zhang, Jian Ruan and Jianhua Ding
Realistic wave conditions and their influence on quantifying the tidal stream energy resource pp. 495-508 Downloads
M.J. Lewis, S.P. Neill, M.R. Hashemi and M. Reza
Experimental study of two-phase flow in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell in short-term microgravity condition pp. 509-518 Downloads
Hang Guo, Xuan Liu, Jian Fu Zhao, Fang Ye and Chong Fang Ma
Enhanced enzymatic digestibility of bamboo by a combined system of multiple steam explosion and alkaline treatments pp. 519-526 Downloads
Shao-Long Sun, Jia-Long Wen, Ming-Guo Ma and Run-Cang Sun
Experimental and numerical study on non-concentrating and symmetric unglazed compound parabolic photovoltaic concentration systems pp. 527-536 Downloads
Haitham M. Bahaidarah, Bilal Tanweer, P. Gandhidasan, Nasiru Ibrahim and Shafiqur Rehman
A semi-empirical modeling study on the defrosting performance for an air source heat pump unit with local drainage of melted frost from its three-circuit outdoor coil pp. 537-547 Downloads
Mengjie Song, Shiming Deng and Liang Xia
Dysprosium, the balance problem, and wind power technology pp. 548-559 Downloads
Ayman Elshkaki and T.E. Graedel
Correlating variability of modeling parameters with non-isothermal stack performance: Monte Carlo simulation of a portable 3D planar solid oxide fuel cell stack pp. 560-575 Downloads
Zhongjie He, Hua Li and E. Birgersson
A novel high-energy-density positive electrolyte with multiple redox couples for redox flow batteries pp. 576-581 Downloads
Maochun Wu, Mingyao Liu, Guifa Long, Kai Wan, Zhenxing Liang and Tim S. Zhao
Coordination of PEVs charging across multiple aggregators pp. 582-589 Downloads
Zhiwei Xu, Zechun Hu, Yonghua Song, Wei Zhao and Yongwang Zhang
Feasibility of producing butanol from industrial starchy food wastes pp. 590-598 Downloads
Victor Ujor, Ashok Kumar Bharathidasan, Katrina Cornish and Thaddeus Chukwuemeka Ezeji
Thermodynamic performance assessment of CCHP system driven by different composition gas pp. 599-610 Downloads
Penghui Gao, Wangliang Li, Yongpan Cheng, YenWah Tong, Yanjun Dai and Ruzhu Wang
A first approach study on the desalination of sea water using heat transformers powered by solar ponds pp. 611-618 Downloads
F. Salata and M. Coppi
An efficient Bayesian inversion of a geothermal prospect using a multivariate adaptive regression spline method pp. 619-627 Downloads
Mingjie Chen, Andrew F.B. Tompson, Robert J. Mellors, Abelardo L. Ramirez, Kathleen M. Dyer, Xianjin Yang and Jeffrey L. Wagoner
Intermittent experimental study of a vertical ground source heat pump system pp. 628-635 Downloads
Yan Shang, Ming Dong and Sufen Li
Carbon footprinting of electronic products pp. 636-648 Downloads
Arvind Vasan, Bhanu Sood and Michael Pecht
On the cost of electrodialysis for the desalination of high salinity feeds pp. 649-661 Downloads
Ronan K. McGovern, Adam M. Weiner, Lige Sun, Chester G. Chambers, Syed M. Zubair and John H. Lienhard V
Power system operation risk analysis considering charging load self-management of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles pp. 662-670 Downloads
Zhe Liu, Dan Wang, Hongjie Jia and Ned Djilali
Experimental quantification of lateral mixing of fuels in fluid-dynamically down-scaled bubbling fluidized beds pp. 671-681 Downloads
Erik Sette, David Pallarès and Filip Johnsson
Effect of lubricating oil additive package on the characterization of diesel particles pp. 682-691 Downloads
Yuesen Wang, Xingyu Liang, Gequn Shu, Xu Wang, Jingkuan Bao and Changwen Liu
Household fuel use for cooking and heating in China: Results from the first Chinese Environmental Exposure-Related Human Activity Patterns Survey (CEERHAPS) pp. 692-703 Downloads
Xiaoli Duan, Yong Jiang, Beibei Wang, Xiuge Zhao, Guofeng Shen, Suzhen Cao, Nan Huang, Yan Qian, Yiting Chen and Limin Wang
Dynamics of an oscillating Stirling heat pump pp. 704-711 Downloads
I. Barreno, S.C. Costa, M. Cordon, I. Urrutibeascoa, X. Gomez and M. Mateos
Nuclear power can reduce emissions and maintain a strong economy: Rating Australia’s optimal future electricity-generation mix by technologies and policies pp. 712-725 Downloads
Sanghyun Hong, Corey J.A. Bradshaw and Barry W. Brook
Investigation of the process energy demand in polymer extrusion: A brief review and an experimental study pp. 726-737 Downloads
Chamil Abeykoon, Adrian L. Kelly, Elaine C. Brown, Vera-Sorroche, Javier, Phil D. Coates, Harkin-Jones, Eileen, Ken B. Howell, Jing Deng, Kang Li and Mark Price
Urbanisation, energy consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions in China: A panel data analysis of China’s provinces pp. 738-749 Downloads
Shaojian Wang, Chuanglin Fang, Xingliang Guan, Bo Pang and Haitao Ma
The influence of polyethyleneimine type and molecular weight on the CO2 capture performance of PEI-nano silica adsorbents pp. 750-755 Downloads
Kaimin Li, Jianguo Jiang, Feng Yan, Sicong Tian and Xuejing Chen
Non-isothermal pyrolysis of torrefied stump – A comparative kinetic evaluation pp. 759-766 Downloads
Khanh-Quang Tran, Quang-Vu Bach, Thuat T. Trinh and Gulaim Seisenbaeva
Sustainable bio kerosene: Process routes and industrial demonstration activities in aviation biofuels pp. 767-774 Downloads
David Chiaramonti, Matteo Prussi, Marco Buffi and Daniela Tacconi
Aviation fuel synthesis by catalytic conversion of biomass hydrolysate in aqueous phase pp. 775-780 Downloads
Tiejun Wang, Kai Li, Qiying Liu, Qing Zhang, Songbai Qiu, Jinxing Long, Lungang Chen, Longlong Ma and Qi Zhang
Methodology for estimating biomass energy potential and its application to Colombia pp. 781-796 Downloads
Gonzalez-Salazar, Miguel Angel, Mirko Morini, Michele Pinelli, Pier Ruggero Spina, Mauro Venturini, Matthias Finkenrath and Witold-Roger Poganietz
Energy and emissions benefits of renewable energy derived from municipal solid waste: Analysis of a low carbon scenario in Malaysia pp. 797-804 Downloads
Sie Ting Tan, Haslenda Hashim, Jeng Shiun Lim, Wai Shin Ho, Chew Tin Lee and Jinyue Yan
Optimal sizing of grid-independent hybrid photovoltaic–battery power systems for household sector pp. 805-816 Downloads
M. Bianchi, L. Branchini, C. Ferrari and F. Melino
Magnetically geared wind generator technologies: Opportunities and challenges pp. 817-826 Downloads
Rong-Jie Wang and Stiaan Gerber
Assessment of the wake effect on the energy production of onshore wind farms using GIS pp. 827-837 Downloads
Stefano Grassi, Sven Junghans and Martin Raubal
The state of nuclear power two years after Fukushima – The ASEAN perspective pp. 838-848 Downloads
Victor Nian and S.K. Chou
Future prospects for nuclear power in France pp. 849-859 Downloads
Nadia Maïzi and Edi Assoumou
Waste heat recovery through plate heat exchanger based thermoelectric generator system pp. 860-865 Downloads
Tongcai Wang, Weiling Luan, Wei Wang and Shan-Tung Tu
Development of a 3kW double-acting thermoacoustic Stirling electric generator pp. 866-872 Downloads
Zhanghua Wu, Guoyao Yu, Limin Zhang, Wei Dai and Ercang Luo
A telescopic divergent chimney for power generation based on forced air movement: Principle and theoretical formulation pp. 873-880 Downloads
Chuen-yu Chan, Si-yang Hu, Marc Raynal, Dennis Y.C. Leung, Alfred P.S. Chang and Jin-biao Yao
Minimum-cost district heat production systems of different sizes under different environmental and social cost scenarios pp. 881-893 Downloads
Nguyen Le Truong and Leif Gustavsson
FDI oriented modeling of an experimental SOFC system, model validation and simulation of faulty states pp. 894-908 Downloads
A. Sorce, A. Greco, L. Magistri and P. Costamagna
Sustainability index approach as a selection criteria for energy storage system of an intermittent renewable energy source pp. 909-920 Downloads
Syed Shabbar Raza, Isam Janajreh and Chaouki Ghenai
Experimental analysis on the performance of lithium based batteries for road full electric and hybrid vehicles pp. 921-930 Downloads
Clemente Capasso and Ottorino Veneri
Hydrogen storage for wind parks: A real options evaluation for an optimal investment in more flexibility pp. 931-946 Downloads
Daniel Kroniger and Reinhard Madlener
PCM-based energy recovery from electric arc furnaces pp. 947-955 Downloads
Gioacchino Nardin, Antonella Meneghetti, Fabio Dal Magro and Nicole Benedetti
Experimental and numerical studies on the performance evaluation of a bed-based task/ambient air conditioning (TAC) system pp. 956-967 Downloads
Mao Ning, Pan Dongmei, Chan Mingyin and Deng Shiming
In-tube performance evaluation of an air-cooled condenser with liquid–vapor separator pp. 968-978 Downloads
Tianming Zhong, Ying Chen, Nan Hua, Wenxian Zheng, Xianglong Luo and Songping Mo
Numerical simulation of a novel energy-efficient dew-point evaporative air cooler pp. 979-988 Downloads
X. Cui, K.J. Chua and W.M. Yang
Heat transfer and thermodynamic performance of a parabolic trough receiver with centrally placed perforated plate inserts pp. 989-1003 Downloads
Aggrey Mwesigye, Bello-Ochende, Tunde and Josua P. Meyer
Cycle performance study of ethyl fluoride in the refrigeration system of HFC-134a pp. 1004-1009 Downloads
M. Wu, X.R. Yuan, Y.J. Xu, X.G. Qiao, X.H. Han and G.M. Chen
Experimental investigation on adsorption and electro-osmosis regeneration of macroporous silica gel desiccant pp. 1010-1017 Downloads
Guiying Zhang, Changqing Tian and Shuangquan Shao
Dynamic and microscopic simulation of the counter-current flow in a liquid desiccant dehumidifier pp. 1018-1025 Downloads
Yimo Luo, Hongxing Yang and Lin Lu
Laminar flame speed and markstein length characterisation of steelworks gas blends pp. 1026-1034 Downloads
D. Pugh, A.P. Crayford, P.J. Bowen, O’Doherty, T., R. Marsh and J. Steer
Sankey diagram framework for energy and exergy flows pp. 1035-1042 Downloads
Kamal Soundararajan, Hiang Kwee Ho and Bin Su
How will the emissions trading scheme save cost for achieving China’s 2020 carbon intensity reduction target? pp. 1043-1052 Downloads
Lianbiao Cui, Ying Fan, Lei Zhu and Qing-Hua Bi
Macroeconomic effects of oil price shocks in China: An empirical study based on Hilbert–Huang transform and event study pp. 1053-1066 Downloads
Keyi Ju, Dequn Zhou, P. Zhou and Junmin Wu
Research on patterns in the fluctuation of the co-movement between crude oil futures and spot prices: A complex network approach pp. 1067-1075 Downloads
Haizhong An, Xiangyun Gao, Wei Fang, Yinghui Ding and Weiqiong Zhong
BizWatts: A modular socio-technical energy management system for empowering commercial building occupants to conserve energy pp. 1076-1084 Downloads
R. Gulbinas, R.K. Jain and J.E. Taylor
Comparison of multi-objective optimization techniques applied to off-gas management within an integrated steelwork pp. 1085-1097 Downloads
Giacomo Filippo Porzio, Gianluca Nastasi, Valentina Colla, Marco Vannucci and Teresa Annunziata Branca
Simultaneous optimization of integrated heat, mass and pressure exchange network using exergoeconomic method pp. 1098-1109 Downloads
Ruifeng Dong, Yunsong Yu and Zaoxiao Zhang
Multi-objective optimization for the design and synthesis of utility systems with emission abatement technology concerns pp. 1110-1131 Downloads
Xianglong Luo, Jiahao Hu, Jun Zhao, Bingjian Zhang, Ying Chen and Songping Mo
Model of evapotranspiration and groundwater level based on photovoltaic water pumping system pp. 1132-1137 Downloads
Jun Zhang, Jiahong Liu, Pietro Elia Campana, Ruiqiang Zhang, Jinyue Yan and Xuerui Gao
Performance analysis of hybrid ground source heat pump systems based on ANN predictive control pp. 1138-1144 Downloads
Wenjie Gang, Jinbo Wang and Shengwei Wang
Potential for carbon sequestration and mitigation of climate change by irrigation of grasslands pp. 1145-1154 Downloads
Alexander Olsson, Pietro Elia Campana, Mårten Lind and Jinyue Yan
Renewable energy-driven innovative energy-efficient desalination technologies pp. 1155-1165 Downloads
Noreddine Ghaffour, Sabine Lattemann, Thomas Missimer, Kim Choon Ng, Shahnawaz Sinha and Gary Amy
Effect of adding 1,4-Dioxane with kapok biodiesel on the characteristics of a diesel engine pp. 1166-1173 Downloads
S. Vedharaj, R. Vallinayagam, W.M. Yang, S.K. Chou and P.S. Lee
A bottom-up analysis of China’s iron and steel industrial energy consumption and CO2 emissions pp. 1174-1183 Downloads
Wenying Chen, Xiang Yin and Ding Ma
Optimal sampling plan for clean development mechanism lighting projects with lamp population decay pp. 1184-1192 Downloads
Xianming Ye, Xiaohua Xia and Jiangfeng Zhang
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