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2012, volume 100, issue C

Biobutanol production from agricultural waste by an acclimated mixed bacterial microflora pp. 3-9 Downloads
Chieh-Lun Cheng, Pei-Yi Che, Bor-Yann Chen, Wen-Jhy Lee, Chiu-Yue Lin and Jo-Shu Chang
Direct fermentation of sweet potato to produce maximal hydrogen and ethanol pp. 10-18 Downloads
Chen-Yeon Chu, Biswarup Sen, Chyi-How Lay, Yi-Chun Lin and Chiu-Yue Lin
Cellulosic ethanol production performance with SSF and SHF processes using immobilized Zymomonas mobilis pp. 19-26 Downloads
Ferdian Wirawan, Chieh-Lun Cheng, Wei-Chen Kao, Duu-Jong Lee and Jo-Shu Chang
Development of cellulosic ethanol production process via co-culturing of artificial cellulosomal Bacillus and kefir yeast pp. 27-32 Downloads
Cheng-Yu Ho, Jui-Jen Chang, Shih-Chi Lee, Tsu-Yuan Chin, Ming-Che Shih, Wen-Hsiung Li and Chieh-Chen Huang
Engineering industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain with the FLO1-derivative gene isolated from the flocculating yeast SPSC01 for constitutive flocculation and fuel ethanol production pp. 33-40 Downloads
Lei-Yu He, Xin-Qing Zhao and Feng-Wu Bai
Biodiesel production by enzymatic transesterification catalyzed by Burkholderia lipase immobilized on hydrophobic magnetic particles pp. 41-46 Downloads
Chien-Hung Liu, Chien-Chang Huang, Yao-Wen Wang, Duu-Jong Lee and Jo-Shu Chang
The production of biofuels from carbonated beverages pp. 47-51 Downloads
Mohammed Dwidar, Siseon Lee and Robert J. Mitchell
The characteristics of torrefied microalgae pp. 52-57 Downloads
Keng-Tung Wu, Chia-Ju Tsai, Chih-Shen Chen and Hsiao-Wei Chen
Hydrogenic and methanogenic fermentation of birch and conifer pulps pp. 58-65 Downloads
Marika E. Nissilä, Ya-Chieh Li, Shu-Yii Wu, Chiu-Yue Lin and Jaakko A. Puhakka
Syntheses of carbon porous materials with varied pore sizes and their performances as catalyst supports during methanol oxidation reaction pp. 66-74 Downloads
An-Ya Lo, Chin-Te Hung, Ningya Yu, Cheng-Tzu Kuo and Shang-Bin Liu
Synthesis of mesoporous titania thin films (MTTFs) with two different structures as photocatalysts for generating hydrogen from water splitting pp. 75-80 Downloads
Yu-Te Liao, Chao-Wei Huang, Chi-Hung Liao, Jeffery C.-S. Wu and Kevin C.-W. Wu
Study of high voltage applied to the membrane electrode assemblies of proton exchange membrane fuel cells as an accelerated degradation technique pp. 81-86 Downloads
Guo-Bin Jung, Kai-Yuan Chuang, Ting-Chu Jao, Chia-Chen Yeh and Chih-Yuan Lin
An investigation of coated aluminium bipolar plates for PEMFC pp. 87-92 Downloads
Chien-Hung Lin and Sung-Ying Tsai
Assessment of hydrogen fuel cell applications using fuzzy multiple-criteria decision making method pp. 93-99 Downloads
Pao-Long Chang, Chiung-Wen Hsu and Chiu-Yue Lin
Performance and kinetic study of photo microbial fuel cells (PMFCs) with different electrode distances pp. 100-105 Downloads
Kumaran Raman and John Chi-Wei Lan
Mixing effect of biometric flow channel in microbial fuel cells pp. 106-111 Downloads
Zhao-qin Qi, Shi-jie Fan, Chin-tsan Wang and Zi-yang Hu
Multivariable direct-drive linear generators for wave energy pp. 112-117 Downloads
Sy-Ruen Huang, Hong-Tai Chen, Chih-Hung Chung, Chen-Yeon Chu, Gung-Ching Li and Chueh-Cheng Wu
Efficiency analysis and controller design of a continuous variable planetary transmission for a CAES wind energy system pp. 118-126 Downloads
Dein Shaw, Jyun-Yu Cai and Chien-Ting Liu
Thermal runaway potential of LiCoO2 and Li(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)O2 batteries determined with adiabatic calorimetry methodology pp. 127-131 Downloads
Can-Yong Jhu, Yih-Wen Wang, Chia-Yuan Wen and Chi-Min Shu
High efficient Pt counter electrode prepared by homogeneous deposition method for dye-sensitized solar cell pp. 132-137 Downloads
Min Young Song, Kiran N. Chaudhari, Jinsol Park, Dae-Soo Yang, Jung Ho Kim, Min-Sik Kim, Kimin Lim, Jeajung Ko and Jong-Sung Yu
Rapid dye-sensitized solar cell working electrode preparation using far infrared rapid thermal annealing pp. 138-143 Downloads
Chun-Te Wu, Hsiu-Po Kuo, Hung-An Tsai and Wen-Chueh Pan
Cu@C dispersed TiO2 for dye-sensitized solar cell photoanodes pp. 144-147 Downloads
He-Yau Kang and H. Paul Wang
One-step fabrication of N-doped mesoporous TiO2 nanoparticles by self-assembly for photocatalytic water splitting under visible light pp. 148-154 Downloads
Shou-Heng Liu and Han-Ren Syu
Performance improvement of a double-pass solar air heater with fins and baffles under recycling operation pp. 155-163 Downloads
Chii-Dong Ho, Hsuan Chang, Rei-Chi Wang and Chun-Sheng Lin
Characterization and comparison of biomass produced from various sources: Suggestions for selection of pretreatment technologies in biomass-to-energy pp. 164-171 Downloads
Kung-Yuh Chiang, Kuang-Li Chien and Cheng-Han Lu
Towards sustainable production of clean energy carriers from biomass resources pp. 172-186 Downloads
Kajan Srirangan, Lamees Akawi, Moo-Young, Murray and C. Perry Chou
Silver recovery and chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal from waste fixer solutions pp. 187-192 Downloads
Wei-Ting Chen, Chin-Chi Ma, Ming-Hsun Lee, Yung-Chuan Chu, Lung-Chang Tsai and Chi-Min Shu
Optimal design and control of solar driven air gap membrane distillation desalination systems pp. 193-204 Downloads
Yih-Hang Chen, Yu-Wei Li and Hsuan Chang
Using a system dynamics model to assess the effects of capital subsidies and feed-in tariffs on solar PV installations pp. 205-217 Downloads
Chiung-Wen Hsu
Numerical investigation on performance of coal gasification under various injection patterns in an entrained flow gasifier pp. 218-228 Downloads
Chih-Jung Chen, Chen-I. Hung and Wei-Hsin Chen
Quantitative feasibility study of magnetocaloric energy conversion utilizing industrial waste heat pp. 229-237 Downloads
D. Vuarnoz, A. Kitanovski, C. Gonin, Y. Borgeaud, M. Delessert, M. Meinen and P.W. Egolf
Performance analysis of a chilled water system with various pumping schemes pp. 238-248 Downloads
Syed A. Tirmizi, P. Gandhidasan and Syed M. Zubair
Assessment of liquid fuel (bio-oil) production from waste fish fat and utilization in diesel engine pp. 249-257 Downloads
Edwin Geo Varuvel, Nadia Mrad, Mohand Tazerout and Fethi Aloui
The radiation factor computation of energy systems by means of vibration and noise measurements: The case study of a cogenerative internal combustion engine pp. 258-266 Downloads
L. Barelli, G. Bidini, F. Bonucci and E. Moretti
Shallow geothermal energy applied to a solar-assisted air-conditioning system in southern Spain: Two-year experience pp. 267-276 Downloads
S. Rosiek and F.J. Batlles
An empirical research on the influencing factors of regional CO2 emissions: Evidence from Beijing city, China pp. 277-284 Downloads
Zhao-Hua Wang, Fangchao Yin, Yixiang Zhang and Xian Zhang
Investigation of a two stage Rankine cycle for electric power plants pp. 285-294 Downloads
Bo Liu, Philippe Rivière, Christophe Coquelet, Renaud Gicquel and Franck David
Experimental study of combustion in a double-layer burner packed with alumina pellets of different diameters pp. 295-302 Downloads
Huai-Bin Gao, Zhi-Guo Qu, Ya-ling He and Wen-Quan Tao
Self diffusion of the nano-encapsulated phase change materials: A molecular dynamics study pp. 303-308 Downloads
Zhonghao Rao, Shuangfeng Wang and Feifei Peng
Analysis of a solar assisted heat pump system for indoor swimming pool water and space heating pp. 309-317 Downloads
T.T. Chow, Y. Bai, K.F. Fong and Z. Lin
An experimental analysis on property and structure variations of agricultural wastes undergoing torrefaction pp. 318-325 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Ke-Miao Lu and Chi-Ming Tsai
Development of a non-uniform-current model for predicting transient thermal behavior of thermoelectric coolers pp. 326-335 Downloads
Chin-Hsiang Cheng and Shu-Yu Huang

2012, volume 99, issue C

Techno-economic and environmental risk analysis for advanced marine propulsion systems pp. 1-12 Downloads
G. Doulgeris, T. Korakianitis, P. Pilidis and E. Tsoudis
Agent-based modeling for trading wind power with uncertainty in the day-ahead wholesale electricity markets of single-sided auctions pp. 13-22 Downloads
Gong Li and Jing Shi
High-solids loading enzymatic hydrolysis of waste papers for biofuel production pp. 23-31 Downloads
Lei Wang, Richard Templer and Richard J. Murphy
Techno-economic comparison between different technologies for a CCS power generation plant integrated with a sub-bituminous coal mine in Italy pp. 32-39 Downloads
Alberto Pettinau, Francesca Ferrara and Carlo Amorino
Wood, liquefied in polyhydroxy alcohols as a fuel for gas turbines pp. 40-49 Downloads
Tine Seljak, Samuel Rodman Oprešnik, Matjaž Kunaver and Tomaž Katrašnik
Prototyping a series of bi-directional horizontal axis tidal turbines for optimum energy conversion pp. 50-66 Downloads
Pengfei Liu and Neil Bose
Experimental and numerical study of proton exchange membrane fuel cell with spiral flow channels pp. 67-79 Downloads
Jiin-Yuh Jang, Chin-Hsiang Cheng, Wang-Ting Liao, Yu-Xian Huang and Ying-Chi Tsai
Heteropolyacid catalyzed conversion of fructose, sucrose, and inulin to 5-ethoxymethylfurfural, a liquid biofuel candidate pp. 80-84 Downloads
Yu Yang, Abu-Omar, Mahdi M. and Changwei Hu
Estimates of the global indirect energy-use emission impacts of USA biofuel policy pp. 85-96 Downloads
Gbadebo Oladosu
Estimating risk for the carbon market via extreme value theory: An empirical analysis of the EU ETS pp. 97-108 Downloads
Zhen-Hua Feng, Yi-Ming Wei and Kai Wang
Moisture content and storage time influence the binding mechanisms in biofuel wood pellets pp. 109-115 Downloads
Robert Samuelsson, Sylvia H. Larsson, Mikael Thyrel and Torbjörn A. Lestander
Combustion characteristics of diesel HCCI engine: An experimental investigation using external mixture formation technique pp. 116-125 Downloads
Akhilendra Pratap Singh and Avinash Kumar Agarwal
Biogas residues as fertilisers – Effects on wheat growth and soil microbial activities pp. 126-134 Downloads
J. Abubaker, K. Risberg and M. Pell
Travelling-wave thermoacoustic electricity generator using an ultra-compliant alternator for utilization of low-grade thermal energy pp. 135-145 Downloads
Zhibin Yu, Artur J. Jaworski and Scott Backhaus
Enhanced methanol recovery and glycerol separation in biodiesel production – DWC makes it happen pp. 146-153 Downloads
Anton A. Kiss and Radu M. Ignat
Wind speed and wind energy forecast through Kalman filtering of Numerical Weather Prediction model output pp. 154-166 Downloads
Federico Cassola and Massimiliano Burlando
Investigation on a novel reactor for gas hydrate production pp. 167-172 Downloads
Federico Rossi, Mirko Filipponi and Beatrice Castellani
PDF models and synthetic model for the wind speed fluctuations based on the resolution of Langevin equation pp. 173-182 Downloads
Rudy Calif
A thermodynamic analysis of high temperature gas-cooled reactors for optimal waste heat recovery and hydrogen production pp. 183-191 Downloads
Po-Jui Li, Tzu-Chen Hung, Bau-Shei Pei, Jaw-Ren Lin, Ching-Chang Chieng and Ge-Ping Yu
Kinetic modelling of batch ethanol production from sugar beet raw juice pp. 192-197 Downloads
Jelena M. Dodić, Damjan G. Vučurović, Siniša N. Dodić, Jovana A. Grahovac, Stevan D. Popov and Nataša M. Nedeljković
Hydrothermal synthesis of well-aligned hierarchical TiO2 tubular macrochannel arrays with large surface area for high performance dye-sensitized solar cells pp. 198-205 Downloads
Xiaoyue Wang, Haibo Li, Yong Liu, Wenxia Zhao, Chaolun Liang, Hong Huang, Delin Mo, Zhong Liu, Xiao Yu, Youjun Deng and Hui Shen
An experimental study of combustion and emissions of biomass briquettes in a domestic wood stove pp. 206-212 Downloads
Murari Mohon Roy and Kenny W. Corscadden
Power management based on sliding control applied to fuel cell systems: A further step towards the hybrid control concept pp. 213-225 Downloads
Francisca Segura and José Manuel Andújar
An experimental study of the hydraulic free piston engine pp. 226-233 Downloads
Zhenfeng Zhao, Fujun Zhang, Ying Huang, Changlu Zhao and Feng Guo
LCA of biomass-based energy systems: A case study for Denmark pp. 234-246 Downloads
Davide Tonini and Thomas Astrup
Multi-agent control system with information fusion based comfort model for smart buildings pp. 247-254 Downloads
Zhu Wang, Lingfeng Wang, Anastasios I. Dounis and Rui Yang
Optimal sensor placement in integrated gasification combined cycle power systems pp. 255-264 Downloads
Adrian J. Lee and Urmila M. Diwekar
Optimized preparation conditions of yttria doped zirconia coatings on potassium ferrate (VI) electrode for alkaline super-iron battery pp. 265-271 Downloads
Yuqing Zhang, Xuehua Zhao, Simeng Zhang, Guodong Zhang and Shaomin Liu
Valorisation of spent coffee grounds as CO2 adsorbents for postcombustion capture applications pp. 272-279 Downloads
M.G. Plaza, A.S. González, C. Pevida, J.J. Pis and F. Rubiera
An EU initiative for future generation of IGCC power plants using hydrogen-rich syngas: Simulation results for the baseline configuration pp. 280-290 Downloads
Mohammad Mansouri Majoumerd, Sudipta De, Mohsen Assadi and Peter Breuhaus
A study of the Ce3+/Ce4+ redox couple in sulfamic acid for redox battery application pp. 291-296 Downloads
Fengjiao Xiong, Debi Zhou, Zhipeng Xie and Yunyang Chen
Parameter extraction of solar photovoltaic modules using penalty-based differential evolution pp. 297-308 Downloads
Kashif Ishaque, Zainal Salam, Saad Mekhilef and Amir Shamsudin
Design of distributed energy system through Electric System Cascade Analysis (ESCA) pp. 309-315 Downloads
W.S. Ho, H. Hashim, M.H. Hassim, Z.A. Muis and N.L.M. Shamsuddin
A trigeneration system based on compressed air and thermal energy storage pp. 316-323 Downloads
Yongliang Li, Xiang Wang, Dacheng Li and Yulong Ding
Performance analysis of four modified approaches for wind speed forecasting pp. 324-333 Downloads
Wenyu Zhang, Jie Wu, Jianzhou Wang, Weigang Zhao and Lin Shen
Impact of biodiesel in bioethanol blended diesel on the engine performance and emissions characteristics in compression ignition engine pp. 334-343 Downloads
Su Han Park, Junepyo Cha and Chang Sik Lee
Co-firing based on biomass torrefaction in a pulverized coal boiler with aim of 100% fuel switching pp. 344-354 Downloads
Jun Li, Artur Brzdekiewicz, Weihong Yang and Wlodzimierz Blasiak
Robust control strategy for PV system integration in distribution systems pp. 355-362 Downloads
M.J. Hossain, T.K. Saha, N. Mithulananthan and H.R. Pota
Combustion and emissions characteristics of diesel engine fueled by biodiesel at partial load conditions pp. 363-371 Downloads
H. An, W.M. Yang, S.K. Chou and K.J. Chua
Bioethanol production from carob pods by solid-state fermentation with Zymomonas mobilis pp. 372-378 Downloads
Davood Mazaheri, Seyed Abbas Shojaosadati, Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi, Parisa Hejazi and Saeed Saharkhiz
A 1kWe thermoelectric stack for geothermal power generation – Modeling and geometrical optimization pp. 379-385 Downloads
C. Suter, Z.R. Jovanovic and A. Steinfeld
Biomass temperature profile development and its implications under the microwave-assisted pyrolysis condition pp. 386-392 Downloads
Xiaoquan Wang, William Morrison, Zhenyi Du, Yiqin Wan, Xiangyang Lin, Paul Chen and Roger Ruan
Study on heat transfer and pressure drop performances of ribbed channel in the high temperature heat exchanger pp. 393-401 Downloads
Ting Ma, Qiu-wang Wang, Min Zeng, Yi-tung Chen, Yang Liu and Vijaisri Nagarajan
Trapezoidal array of air-cooled condensers to restrain the adverse impacts of ambient winds in a power plant pp. 402-413 Downloads
L.J. Yang, M.H. Wang, X.Z. Du and Y.P. Yang
A direct control based maximum power point tracking method for photovoltaic system under partial shading conditions using particle swarm optimization algorithm pp. 414-422 Downloads
Kashif Ishaque, Zainal Salam, Amir Shamsudin and Muhammad Amjad
Prognostics-based risk mitigation for telecom equipment under free air cooling conditions pp. 423-429 Downloads
Jun Dai, Diganta Das and Michael Pecht
Wind powered pumped-hydro storage systems for remote islands: A complete sensitivity analysis based on economic perspectives pp. 430-444 Downloads
M. Kapsali, J.S. Anagnostopoulos and J.K. Kaldellis
Energy consumption and income in Chinese provinces: Heterogeneous panel causality analysis pp. 445-454 Downloads
K. Ali Akkemik, Koray Göksal and Jia Li
An efficient scenario-based stochastic programming framework for multi-objective optimal micro-grid operation pp. 455-470 Downloads
Taher Niknam, Azizipanah-Abarghooee, Rasoul and Mohammad Rasoul Narimani
FEM modeling of the piezoelectric driving system in the design of direct-acting diesel injectors pp. 471-483 Downloads
A. Ferrari and A. Mittica
An optimal design methodology for large-scale gas liquefaction pp. 484-490 Downloads
Yongliang Li, Xiang Wang and Yulong Ding
Enabling inter-cooker thermal performance comparison based on cooker opto-thermal ratio (COR) pp. 491-495 Downloads
Pranab J. Lahkar, Rajesh K. Bhamu and S.K. Samdarshi
Assessment and comparison of different catalytic coupling exothermic and endothermic reactions: A review pp. 496-512 Downloads
M.R. Rahimpour, M.R. Dehnavi, F. Allahgholipour, D. Iranshahi and S.M. Jokar
Review on phase change materials (PCMs) for cold thermal energy storage applications pp. 513-533 Downloads
E. Oró, A. de Gracia, A. Castell, M.M. Farid and L.F. Cabeza
Gasoline engine exhaust gas recirculation – A review pp. 534-544 Downloads
Haiqiao Wei, Tianyu Zhu, Gequn Shu, Linlin Tan and Yuesen Wang
Waste materials for carbon capture and storage by mineralisation (CCSM) – A UK perspective pp. 545-554 Downloads
Aimaro Sanna, Marco Dri, Matthew R. Hall and Maroto-Valer, Mercedes
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