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2015, volume 148, issue C

Ethylene glycol as a new sustainable fuel for solid oxide fuel cells with conventional nickel-based anodes pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jifa Qu, Wei Wang, Yubo Chen, Feng Wang, Ran Ran and Zongping Shao
A comparative review between amines and ammonia as sorptive media for post-combustion CO2 capture pp. 10-22 Downloads
Farid Shakerian, Ki-Hyun Kim, Jan E. Szulejko and Jae-Woo Park
Systematic approach to determination of optimum gas-phase mass transfer rate for high-gravity carbonation process of steelmaking slags in a rotating packed bed pp. 23-31 Downloads
Shu-Yuan Pan, Elisa G. Eleazar, E-E Chang, Yi-Pin Lin, Hyunook Kim and Pen-Chi Chiang
A new concept for enhancing energy recovery from agricultural residues by coupling anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis process pp. 32-38 Downloads
F. Monlau, C. Sambusiti, N. Antoniou, A. Barakat and A. Zabaniotou
Application of PCM underfloor heating in combination with PCM wallboards for space heating using price based control system pp. 39-48 Downloads
Reza Barzin, John J.J. Chen, Brent R. Young and Mohammed M. Farid
A review of the technical and economic evaluation techniques for shale gas development pp. 49-65 Downloads
Jiehui Yuan, Dongkun Luo and Lianyong Feng
Rate-based modelling of combined SO2 removal and NH3 recycling integrated with an aqueous NH3-based CO2 capture process pp. 66-77 Downloads
Kangkang Li, Hai Yu, Guojie Qi, Paul Feron, Moses Tade, Jingwen Yu and Shujuan Wang
Mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion of waste activated sludge and Egeria densa: Performance assessment and kinetic analysis pp. 78-86 Downloads
Guangyin Zhen, Xueqin Lu, Takuro Kobayashi, Yu-You Li, Kaiqin Xu and Youcai Zhao
Thermal conductivities and characteristics of ternary eutectic chloride/expanded graphite thermal energy storage composites pp. 87-92 Downloads
Heqing Tian, Weilong Wang, Jing Ding, Xiaolan Wei, Ming Song and Jianping Yang
Modelling of roof geometries from low-resolution LiDAR data for city-scale solar energy applications using a neighbouring buildings method pp. 93-104 Downloads
James Gooding, Rolf Crook and Alison S. Tomlin
Comparison of different heat transfer models for parabolic trough solar collectors pp. 105-114 Downloads
Hongbo Liang, Shijun You and Huan Zhang
The deleterious effect of inorganic salts on hydrocarbon yields from catalytic pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass and its mitigation pp. 115-120 Downloads
Kaige Wang, Jing Zhang, Brent H. Shanks and Robert C. Brown
Performance characterization and placement of a marine hydrokinetic turbine in a tidal channel under boundary proximity and blockage effects pp. 121-133 Downloads
Nitin Kolekar and Arindam Banerjee
Optimization of annealing cycles for electric output in outdoor conditions for amorphous silicon photovoltaic–thermal systems pp. 134-141 Downloads
Joseph Rozario and Joshua Pearce
A MILP model concerning the optimisation of penalty factors for the short-term distribution of byproduct gases produced in the iron and steel making process pp. 142-158 Downloads
Xiancong Zhao, Hao Bai, Xin Lu, Qi Shi and Jiehai Han
Conversion of methane by CO2+H2O+CH4 plasma pp. 159-168 Downloads
Philip G. Rutberg, Vadim A. Kuznetsov, Victor E. Popov, Sergey D. Popov, Alexander V. Surov, Dmitry I. Subbotin and Alexander N. Bratsev
Reduced-order modeling and simulated annealing optimization for efficient residential building utility bill calibration pp. 169-177 Downloads
Joseph J. Robertson, Ben J. Polly and Jon M. Collis
Dispatch of fuel cells as Transmission Integrated Grid Energy Resources to support renewables and reduce emissions pp. 178-186 Downloads
Brendan Shaffer, Brian Tarroja and Scott Samuelsen
Toward ultra-low emission distributed combustion with fuel air dilution pp. 187-195 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
Towards a Green Energy Economy? A macroeconomic-climate evaluation of Sweden’s CO2 emissions pp. 196-209 Downloads
Luis Mundaca, Rocio Román and José M. Cansino
Direct supercritical methanolysis of wet and dry unwashed marine microalgae (Nannochloropsis gaditana) to biodiesel pp. 210-219 Downloads
Souhir Jazzar, Olivares-Carrillo, Pilar, Antonia Pérez de los Ríos, Mohamed Néjib Marzouki, Acién-Fernández, Francisco Gabriel, Fernández-Sevilla, José María, Molina-Grima, Emilio, Issam Smaali and Quesada-Medina, Joaquín
Data mining techniques for performance analysis of onshore wind farms pp. 220-233 Downloads
Davide Astolfi, Francesco Castellani, Alberto Garinei and Ludovico Terzi
Design optimization model for the integration of renewable and nuclear energy in the United Arab Emirates’ power system pp. 234-251 Downloads
Ali Almansoori and Betancourt-Torcat, Alberto
Biogas production from low-organic-content sludge using a high-solids anaerobic digester with improved agitation pp. 252-259 Downloads
Xiaocong Liao and Huan Li
Fault detection and isolation for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell systems by analyzing cell voltage generated space pp. 260-272 Downloads
Zhongliang Li, Rachid Outbib, Stefan Giurgea, Daniel Hissel and Yongdong Li
An experimental investigation on MEDAD hybrid desalination cycle pp. 273-281 Downloads
Muhammad Wakil Shahzad, Kyaw Thu, Yong-deuk Kim and Kim Choon Ng
Geometric optimization on optical performance of parabolic trough solar collector systems using particle swarm optimization algorithm pp. 282-293 Downloads
Ze-Dong Cheng, Ya-Ling He, Bao-Cun Du, Kun Wang and Qi Liang
Demand side management of photovoltaic-battery hybrid system pp. 294-304 Downloads
Zhou Wu, Henerica Tazvinga and Xiaohua Xia
Performance comparison of jet pumps with rectangular and circular tapered channels for a loop-structured traveling-wave thermoacoustic engine pp. 305-313 Downloads
K. Tang, Y. Feng, S.H. Jin, T. Jin and M. Li
A framework for evaluating Singapore’s energy security pp. 314-325 Downloads
B.W. Ang, W.L. Choong and T.S. Ng
Simultaneous production of acetate and methane from glycerol by selective enrichment of hydrogenotrophic methanogens in extreme-thermophilic (70°C) mixed culture fermentation pp. 326-333 Downloads
Fang Zhang, Yan Zhang, Yun Chen, Kun Dai, Mark C.M. van Loosdrecht and Raymond J. Zeng
Modeling of non-linear CHP efficiency curves in distributed energy systems pp. 334-347 Downloads
Christian Milan, Michael Stadler, Gonçalo Cardoso and Salman Mashayekh
Exergetic analysis of supercritical CO2 Brayton cycles integrated with solar central receivers pp. 348-365 Downloads
Ricardo Vasquez Padilla, Yen Chean Soo Too, Regano Benito and Wes Stein
A global wave power resource and its seasonal, interannual and long-term variability pp. 366-380 Downloads
B.G. Reguero, I.J. Losada and F.J. Méndez
A hybrid energy-economy model for global integrated assessment of climate change, carbon mitigation and energy transformation pp. 381-395 Downloads
Yiyong Cai, David Newth, John Finnigan and Don Gunasekera
A perspective on gaseous biofuel production from micro-algae generated from CO2 from a coal-fired power plant pp. 396-402 Downloads
Amita Jacob, Ao Xia and Jerry D. Murphy
A hybrid thermal management system for lithium ion batteries combining phase change materials with forced-air cooling pp. 403-409 Downloads
Ziye Ling, Fangxian Wang, Xiaoming Fang, Xuenong Gao and Zhengguo Zhang
Parametric optimization and performance analyses of geothermal organic Rankine cycles using R600a/R601a mixtures as working fluids pp. 410-420 Downloads
Qiang Liu, Aijing Shen and Yuanyuan Duan
Comparative analysis of SOFC–GT freight locomotive fueled by natural gas and diesel with onboard reformation pp. 421-438 Downloads
Andrew S. Martinez, Jacob Brouwer and G. Scott Samuelsen
The cost-effectiveness of household photovoltaic systems in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Australia: Linking subsidies with emission reductions pp. 439-448 Downloads
D. Burtt and P. Dargusch
Effect of DMDF on the PM emission from a turbo-charged diesel engine with DDOC and DPOC pp. 449-455 Downloads
Peng Geng, Chunde Yao, Quangang Wang, Lijiang Wei, Junheng Liu, Wang Pan and Guopeng Han
Experimental and numerical study of MILD combustion for gas turbine applications pp. 456-465 Downloads
Stephan Kruse, Bruno Kerschgens, Lukas Berger, Emilien Varea and Heinz Pitsch
Integrated economic and life cycle assessment of thermochemical production of bioethanol to reduce production cost by exploiting excess of greenhouse gas savings pp. 466-475 Downloads
C. Reyes Valle, A.L. Villanueva Perales, Vidal-Barrero, F. and P. Ollero
Interpretation of disturbed data in thermal response tests using the infinite line source model and numerical parameter estimation method pp. 476-488 Downloads
Wonjun Choi and Ryozo Ooka
Comment on ‘Life cycle environmental impacts of UK shale gas’ by L. Stamford and A. Azapagic. Applied Energy, 134, 506–518, 2014 pp. 489-495 Downloads
Rob Westaway, Paul L. Younger and Chris Cornelius
Impacts of electricity mix, charging profile, and driving behavior on the emissions performance of battery electric vehicles: A Belgian case study pp. 496-505 Downloads
Surendraprabu Rangaraju, Laurent De Vroey, Maarten Messagie, Jan Mertens and Joeri Van Mierlo

2015, volume 147, issue C

High-rate fermentative hydrogen production from beverage wastewater pp. 1-9 Downloads
Periyasamy Sivagurunathan, Biswarup Sen and Chiu-Yue Lin
Short-term smart learning electrical load prediction algorithm for home energy management systems pp. 10-19 Downloads
El-Baz, Wessam and Peter Tzscheutschler
A novel spiral reactor for biodiesel production in supercritical ethanol pp. 20-29 Downloads
Obie Farobie, Kazuma Sasanami and Yukihiko Matsumura
Field demonstration of a first thermal response test with a low power source pp. 30-39 Downloads
Jasmin Raymond, Louis Lamarche and Michel Malo
Enhancing micro gas turbine performance in hot climates through inlet air cooling vapour compression technique pp. 40-48 Downloads
G. Comodi, M. Renzi, F. Caresana and L. Pelagalli
Optimal scheduling of buildings with energy generation and thermal energy storage under dynamic electricity pricing using mixed-integer nonlinear programming pp. 49-58 Downloads
Yuehong Lu, Shengwei Wang, Yongjun Sun and Chengchu Yan
A new skeletal chemical kinetic model of gasoline surrogate fuel with nitric oxide in HCCI combustion pp. 59-66 Downloads
Zhaolei Zheng and Zhumei Lv
Combination of dry dark fermentation and mechanical pretreatment for lignocellulosic deconstruction: An innovative strategy for biofuels and volatile fatty acids recovery pp. 67-73 Downloads
Jean-Charles Motte, Cecilia Sambusiti, Claire Dumas and Abdellatif Barakat
Electrochemical investigation of thermically treated graphene oxides as electrode materials for vanadium redox flow battery pp. 74-81 Downloads
O. Di Blasi, N. Briguglio, C. Busacca, M. Ferraro, V. Antonucci and A. Di Blasi
Optimal combinable and dedicated energy crop scenarios for marginal land pp. 82-91 Downloads
N.J. Glithero, P. Wilson and S.J. Ramsden
Can propulsion and fuel diversity for the bus fleet achieve the win–win strategy of energy conservation and environmental protection? pp. 92-103 Downloads
Renjie Wang, Ye Wu, Wenwei Ke, Shaojun Zhang, Boya Zhou and Jiming Hao
Progress in reliability of fast reactor operation and new trends to increased inherent safety pp. 104-116 Downloads
Bruno Merk, Alexander Stanculescu, Perumal Chellapandi and Robert Hill
Power-to-gas plants and gas turbines for improved wind energy dispatchability: Energy and economic assessment pp. 117-130 Downloads
Giulio Guandalini, Stefano Campanari and Matteo C. Romano
BVCM: A comprehensive and flexible toolkit for whole system biomass value chain analysis and optimisation – Mathematical formulation pp. 131-160 Downloads
Sheila Samsatli, Nouri J. Samsatli and Nilay Shah
Characterization of viscous biofuel sprays using digital imaging in the near field region pp. 161-175 Downloads
J.L.H.P. Sallevelt, A.K. Pozarlik and G. Brem
Energy storage systems in energy and ancillary markets: A backwards induction approach pp. 176-183 Downloads
Joohyun Cho and Andrew N. Kleit
Performance analysis of a thermoelectric cooler with a corrugated architecture pp. 184-191 Downloads
Opeoluwa Owoyele, Scott Ferguson and O’Connor, Brendan T.
Evaluating co-benefits of energy efficiency and air pollution abatement in China’s cement industry pp. 192-213 Downloads
Shaohui Zhang, Ernst Worrell and Crijns-Graus, Wina
A new mesoporous amine-TiO2 based pre-combustion CO2 capture technology pp. 214-223 Downloads
Guodong Jiang, Qinglin Huang, Saeed Danaei Kenarsari, Xin Hu, Armistead G. Russell, Maohong Fan and Xiaodong Shen
Adaptive Pontryagin’s Minimum Principle supervisory controller design for the plug-in hybrid GM Chevrolet Volt pp. 224-234 Downloads
Simona Onori and Laura Tribioli
Influence of agricultural residues interpretation and allocation procedures on the environmental performance of bioelectricity production – A case study on woodchips from apple orchards pp. 235-245 Downloads
Martina Boschiero, Markus Kelderer, Armin O. Schmitt, Carlo Andreotti and Stefan Zerbe
Smart households: Dispatch strategies and economic analysis of distributed energy storage for residential peak shaving pp. 246-257 Downloads
Menglian Zheng, Christoph J. Meinrenken and Klaus S. Lackner
Multi-functional heat pumps integration in power plants for CO2 capture and sequestration pp. 258-268 Downloads
Abdullah Alabdulkarem, Yunho Hwang and Reinhard Radermacher
Strategies to mitigate declines in the economic value of wind and solar at high penetration in California pp. 269-278 Downloads
Andrew D. Mills and Ryan H. Wiser
Performance enhancement of leaf vegetable waste in two-stage anaerobic systems under high organic loading rate: Role of recirculation and hydraulic retention time pp. 279-286 Downloads
Zhuang Zuo, Shubiao Wu, Xiangyang Qi and Renjie Dong
Public participation in energy saving retrofitting of residential buildings in China pp. 287-296 Downloads
Wenling Liu, Jinyun Zhang, Bettina Bluemling, Arthur P.J. Mol and Can Wang
Solar heating by radiant floor: Experimental results and emission reduction obtained with a micro photovoltaic–heat pump system pp. 297-307 Downloads
M. Izquierdo and P. de Agustín-Camacho,
Development of monolithic adsorbent via polymeric sol–gel process for low-concentration CO2 capture pp. 308-317 Downloads
Yong Kong, Xiaodong Shen, Sheng Cui and Maohong Fan
Photo-enhanced hydrogenation of CO2 to mimic photosynthesis by CO co-feed in a novel twin reactor pp. 318-324 Downloads
Ya-Hsin Cheng, Van-Huy Nguyen, Hsiang-Yu Chan, Jeffrey C.S. Wu and Wei-Hon Wang
Performance of a free-air cooling system for telecommunications base stations using phase change materials (PCMs): In-situ tests pp. 325-334 Downloads
Xiaoqin Sun, Quan Zhang, Mario A. Medina and Shuguang Liao
A real-life assessment on the effect of smart appliances for shifting households’ electricity demand pp. 335-343 Downloads
Charlotte B.A. Kobus, Elke A.M. Klaassen, Ruth Mugge and Jan P.L. Schoormans
A combined Dual Hot-Gas Bypass Defrosting method with accumulator heater for an air-to-air heat pump in cold region pp. 344-352 Downloads
Jaehong Kim, Hwan-Jong Choi and Kyung Chun Kim
Influence of connecting plate resistance upon LiFePO4 battery performance pp. 353-360 Downloads
Limei Wang, Yong Cheng and Xiuliang Zhao
Extremum seeking control of COP optimization for air-source transcritical CO2 heat pump water heater system pp. 361-372 Downloads
Bin Hu, Yaoyu Li, Feng Cao and Ziwen Xing
Zero carbon infinite COP heat from fuel cell CHP pp. 373-385 Downloads
Iain Staffell
Transient simulation of a two-door frost-free refrigerator subjected to periodic door opening and evaporator frosting pp. 386-395 Downloads
Bruno N. Borges, Cláudio Melo and Christian J.L. Hermes
Structure optimization of cathode microporous layer for direct methanol fuel cells pp. 396-401 Downloads
Guicheng Liu, Xianan Ding, Hongwei Zhou, Ming Chen, Manxiang Wang, Zhenxuan Zhao, Zhuang Yin and Xindong Wang
Long-term energy planning with uncertain environmental performance metrics pp. 402-412 Downloads
Simon C. Parkinson and Ned Djilali
Energy production for dwellings by using hybrid systems based on heat pump variable input power pp. 413-429 Downloads
P. Poulet and R. Outbib
Energy upgrades as financial or strategic investment? Energy Star property owners and managers improving building energy performance pp. 430-443 Downloads
Travis Gliedt and Christina E. Hoicka
Balance and saving of GHG emissions in thermochemical biorefineries pp. 444-455 Downloads
Pedro Haro, Cristina Aracil, Vidal-Barrero, Fernando and Pedro Ollero
A vapor feed methanol microfluidic fuel cell with high fuel and energy efficiency pp. 456-465 Downloads
Yifei Wang, Dennis Y.C. Leung, Jin Xuan and Huizhi Wang
Building-level power demand forecasting framework using building specific inputs: Development and applications pp. 466-477 Downloads
Cara R. Touretzky and Rakesh Patil
Double-layer orthogonal-offset photovoltaic platforms pp. 478-485 Downloads
Ross Edgar, Steve Cochard and Zbigniew Stachurski
Conceptual design of light integrated gasification fuel cell based on thermodynamic process simulation pp. 486-499 Downloads
Bin Nur Taufiq, Yasunori Kikuchi, Takayoshi Ishimoto, Kuniaki Honda and Michihisa Koyama
Shale gas and non-aqueous fracturing fluids: Opportunities and challenges for supercritical CO2 pp. 500-509 Downloads
Richard S. Middleton, J. William Carey, Robert P. Currier, Jeffrey D. Hyman, Qinjun Kang, Satish Karra, Jiménez-Martínez, Joaquín, Mark L. Porter and Hari S. Viswanathan
Characterising the spatial and temporal variability of the tidal-stream energy resource over the northwest European shelf seas pp. 510-522 Downloads
Peter E. Robins, Simon P. Neill, Matt J. Lewis and Sophie L. Ward
Effectiveness and life-cycle cost-benefit analysis of active cold storages for building demand management for smart grid applications pp. 523-535 Downloads
Borui Cui, Dian-ce Gao, Shengwei Wang and Xue Xue
Optimization problems in natural gas transportation systems: A state-of-the-art review pp. 536-555 Downloads
Ríos-Mercado, Roger Z. and Borraz-Sánchez, Conrado
Life cycle assessment of hydrogen production from underground coal gasification pp. 556-568 Downloads
Aman Verma and Amit Kumar
Modeling and optimization of a heat-pump-assisted high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell micro-combined-heat-and-power system for residential applications pp. 569-581 Downloads
Alexandros Arsalis, Søren K. Kær and Mads P. Nielsen
Long-term performance analysis of an HT-PEM fuel cell based micro-CHP system: Operational strategies pp. 582-592 Downloads
Behzad Najafi, Alireza Haghighat Mamaghani, Fabio Rinaldi and Andrea Casalegno
Outlook for ethanol production costs in Brazil up to 2030, for different biomass crops and industrial technologies pp. 593-610 Downloads
J.G.G. Jonker, F. van der Hilst, H.M. Junginger, O. Cavalett, M.F. Chagas and A.P.C. Faaij
Net energy analysis of a solar combi system with Seasonal Thermal Energy Store pp. 611-616 Downloads
Shane Colclough and Teresa McGrath
A performance evaluation of the energy, environmental, and economic efficiency and productivity in China: An application of global data envelopment analysis pp. 617-626 Downloads
Zhao-Hua Wang and Chao Feng
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