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2015, volume 142, issue C

Economic and environmental analysis of a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) facility for oil recovery from Canadian oil sands pp. 1-9 Downloads
Giancarlo Giacchetta, Mariella Leporini and Barbara Marchetti
Experimental investigations of thermal and flow characteristics of a novel microjet air solar heater pp. 10-20 Downloads
M. Zukowski
Numerical investigation of a dual-loop EGR split strategy using a split index and multi-objective Pareto optimization pp. 21-32 Downloads
Jungsoo Park, Soonho Song and Kyo Seung Lee
Optimal subsidy estimation method using system dynamics and the real option model: Photovoltaic technology case pp. 33-43 Downloads
Chanwoong Jeon, Jeongjin Lee and Juneseuk Shin
Revisiting energy consumption and GDP causality: Importance of a priori hypothesis testing, disaggregated data, and heterogeneous panels pp. 44-55 Downloads
Brantley Liddle and Sidney Lung
Transient analysis of the cooling process of molten salt thermal storage tanks due to standby heat loss pp. 56-65 Downloads
Christian Suárez, Alfredo Iranzo, F.J. Pino and J. Guerra
A Lagrangian finite element model for estimating the heating and cooling demand of a residential building with a different envelope design pp. 66-79 Downloads
Dong-yeon Seo, Choongwan Koo and Taehoon Hong
Photovoltaic self-consumption in buildings: A review pp. 80-94 Downloads
Rasmus Luthander, Joakim Widén, Daniel Nilsson and Jenny Palm
Theoretical modeling and experimental investigations for the improvement of the mechanical efficiency in sliding vane rotary compressors pp. 95-107 Downloads
Giuseppe Bianchi and Roberto Cipollone
Dynamic cell performance of kW-grade proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack with dead-ended anode pp. 108-114 Downloads
Jer-Huan Jang, Wei-Mon Yan, Han-Chieh Chiu and Jun-Yi Lui
Transient behavior of a cylindrical adsorbent bed during the adsorption process pp. 115-124 Downloads
İsmail Solmuş, Cemil Yamalı, Cihan Yıldırım and Kadir Bilen
Analyzing the process of gas production for natural gas hydrate using depressurization pp. 125-134 Downloads
Jiafei Zhao, Zihao Zhu, Yongchen Song, Weiguo Liu, Yi Zhang and Dayong Wang
On a probability distribution model combining household power consumption, electric vehicle home-charging and photovoltaic power production pp. 135-143 Downloads
Joakim Munkhammar, Joakim Widén and Jesper Rydén
Minimizing the levelized cost of electricity production from low-temperature geothermal heat sources with ORCs: Water or air cooled? pp. 144-153 Downloads
Daniël Walraven, Ben Laenen and D’haeseleer, William
Lifetime prediction and the economic lifetime of Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells pp. 154-163 Downloads
Huicui Chen, Pucheng Pei and Mancun Song
Performance evaluation of power demand scheduling scenarios in a smart grid environment pp. 164-178 Downloads
John S. Vardakas, Nizar Zorba and Christos V. Verikoukis
Aerogel granulate glazing facades and their application potential from an energy saving perspective pp. 179-191 Downloads
Takeshi Ihara, Tao Gao, Steinar Grynning, Bjørn Petter Jelle and Arild Gustavsen
Experimental study of the heat transfer through a vertical stack of rectangular cavities filled with phase change materials pp. 192-205 Downloads
N. Soares, A.R. Gaspar, P. Santos and J.J. Costa
Benchmarking sustainability of Indian electricity system: An indicator approach pp. 206-220 Downloads
Tarun Sharma and P. Balachandra
Carbon dioxide adsorption thermodynamics and mechanisms on MCM-41 supported polyethylenimine prepared by wet impregnation method pp. 221-228 Downloads
Weilong Wang, Jiang Li, Xiaolan Wei, Jing Ding, Haijun Feng, Jinyue Yan and Jianping Yang
Is China’s carbon reduction target allocation reasonable? An analysis based on carbon intensity convergence pp. 229-239 Downloads
Yu Hao, Hua Liao and Yi-Ming Wei
Mechanical dissociation and fragmentation of lignocellulosic biomass: Effect of initial moisture, biochemical and structural proprieties on energy requirement pp. 240-246 Downloads
Abdellatif Barakat, Florian Monlau, Abderrahim Solhy and Hélène Carrere
Integrated model for characterization of spatiotemporal building energy consumption patterns in neighborhoods and city districts pp. 247-265 Downloads
Jimeno A. Fonseca and Arno Schlueter
Evolutionary Neural Network model for West Texas Intermediate crude oil price prediction pp. 266-273 Downloads
Haruna Chiroma, Sameem Abdulkareem and Tutut Herawan
Leaching and indirect mineral carbonation performance of coal fly ash-water solution system pp. 274-282 Downloads
Sang-Jun Han, Hye Jin Im and Jung-Ho Wee
Influence of flow distribution on the thermal performance of dual-media thermocline energy storage systems pp. 283-292 Downloads
Letian Wang, Zhen Yang and Yuanyuan Duan
A LiFePO4 battery pack capacity estimation approach considering in-parallel cell safety in electric vehicles pp. 293-302 Downloads
Limei Wang, Yong Cheng and Xiuliang Zhao
Energy, cost, and emission end-use profiles of homes: An Ontario (Canada) case study pp. 303-316 Downloads
Merih Aydinalp Koksal, Ian H. Rowlands and Paul Parker
Energy and exergy analyses of an integrated CCHP system with biomass air gasification pp. 317-327 Downloads
Jiang-Jiang Wang, Kun Yang, Zi-Long Xu and Chao Fu
Thermal energy charging behaviour of a heat exchange device with a zigzag plate configuration containing multi-phase-change-materials (m-PCMs) pp. 328-336 Downloads
Peilun Wang, Xiang Wang, Yun Huang, Chuan Li, Zhijian Peng and Yulong Ding
Multi-layered solid-PCM thermocline thermal storage concept for CSP plants. Numerical analysis and perspectives pp. 337-351 Downloads
P.A. Galione, Pérez-Segarra, C.D., I. Rodríguez, A. Oliva and J. Rigola
Parameter estimation and long-term process simulation of a biogas reactor operated under trace elements limitation pp. 352-360 Downloads
Manfred Lübken, Konrad Koch, Tito Gehring, Harald Horn and Marc Wichern
Review of performance optimization techniques applied to wind turbines pp. 361-388 Downloads
Adam Chehouri, Rafic Younes, Adrian Ilinca and Jean Perron
Large combined heat and power plants in sustainable energy systems pp. 389-395 Downloads
Rasmus Lund and Brian Vad Mathiesen
Measurements of power transfer efficiency in CPV cell-array models using individual DC–DC converters pp. 396-406 Downloads
M. Eccher, A. Salemi, S. Turrini and R.S. Brusa
Temperature effects on firms’ electricity demand: An analysis of sectorial differences in Spain pp. 407-425 Downloads
Moral-Carcedo, Julián and Pérez-García, Julián
CO2 sequestration by methanogens in activated sludge for methane production pp. 426-434 Downloads
Nazlina Haiza Mohd Yasin, Toshinari Maeda, Anyi Hu, Chang-Ping Yu and Thomas K. Wood
Energy justice: Conceptual insights and practical applications pp. 435-444 Downloads
Benjamin K. Sovacool and Michael H. Dworkin

2015, volume 141, issue C

Performance characteristics of cross-flow membrane contactors for liquid desiccant systems pp. 1-11 Downloads
Rajat Subhra Das and Sanjeev Jain
Assessing regional differences in lighting heat replacement effects in residential buildings across the United States pp. 12-18 Downloads
Jihoon Min, Inês Lima Azevedo and Pekka Hakkarainen
Dynamic-characteristics analysis of an independent microgrid consisting of a SOFC triple combined cycle power generation system and large-scale photovoltaics pp. 19-31 Downloads
Obara, Shin’ya
Control strategies and cycling demands for Li-ion storage batteries in residential micro-cogeneration systems pp. 32-41 Downloads
K. Darcovich, B. Kenney, D.D. MacNeil and M.M. Armstrong
Short-term combined economic and emission hydrothermal optimization by surrogate differential evolution pp. 42-56 Downloads
Arnel Glotić and Aleš Zamuda
Development and validation of a Slinky™ ground heat exchanger model pp. 57-69 Downloads
Zeyu Xiong, Daniel E. Fisher and Jeffrey D. Spitler
Efficient base-catalyzed decomposition and in situ hydrogenolysis process for lignin depolymerization and char elimination pp. 70-79 Downloads
Jinxing Long, Ying Xu, Tiejun Wang, Zhengqiu Yuan, Riyang Shu, Qi Zhang and Longlong Ma
A proposed compressed air drying method using pressurized liquid desiccant and experimental verification pp. 80-89 Downloads
Yonggao Yin, Baojun Zheng, Can Yang and Xiaosong Zhang
Comparative evaluation of wet and dry processes for recovering hydrocarbon from Botryococcus Braunii pp. 90-95 Downloads
Kiyotaka Saga, Fumio Hasegawa, Syoko Miyagi, Sueko Atobe, Shigeru Okada, Kenji Imou, Noriko Osaka and Tetsu Yamagishi
The Economic impact of different carbon tax revenue recycling schemes in China: A model-based scenario analysis pp. 96-105 Downloads
Yu Liu and Yingying Lu
A control method for agricultural greenhouses heating based on computational fluid dynamics and energy prediction model pp. 106-118 Downloads
Jiaoliao Chen, Fang Xu, Dapeng Tan, Zheng Shen, Libin Zhang and Qinglin Ai
Improving benefit-cost analysis to overcome financing difficulties in promoting energy-efficient renovation of existing residential buildings in China pp. 119-130 Downloads
Xiaotong Wang, Meijun Lu, Wei Mao, Jinlong Ouyang, Bo Zhou and Yunkai Yang
Development and assessment of integrating parabolic trough collectors with steam generation side of gas turbine cogeneration systems in Saudi Arabia pp. 131-142 Downloads
Esmail M.A. Mokheimer, Yousef N. Dabwan, Mohamed A. Habib, Syed A.M. Said and Al-Sulaiman, Fahad A.
A new thermal model based on polytropic numerical simulation of Stirling engines pp. 143-159 Downloads
Mojtaba Babaelahi and Hoseyn Sayyaadi
Steam explosion of oil palm residues for the production of durable pellets pp. 160-166 Downloads
Pak Sui Lam, Pak Yiu Lam, Shahab Sokhansanj, C. Jim Lim, Xiaotao T. Bi, James D. Stephen, Amadeus Pribowo and Warren E. Mabee
Energy return on investment for alternative jet fuels pp. 167-174 Downloads
Parthsarathi Trivedi, Hakan Olcay, Mark D. Staples, Mitch R. Withers, Robert Malina and Steven R.H. Barrett
Fresnel-based modular solar fields for performance/cost optimization in solar thermal power plants: A comparison with parabolic trough collectors pp. 175-189 Downloads
Hani H. Sait, Martinez-Val, Jose M., Ruben Abbas and Munoz-Anton, Javier
A clustering approach to domestic electricity load profile characterisation using smart metering data pp. 190-199 Downloads
Fintan McLoughlin, Aidan Duffy and Michael Conlon
In situ catalyzed Boudouard reaction of coal char for solid oxide-based carbon fuel cells with improved performance pp. 200-208 Downloads
Yong Jiao, Wenjuan Tian, Huili Chen, Huangang Shi, Binbin Yang, Chao Li, Zongping Shao, Zhenping Zhu and Si-Dian Li
An empirical study on the influencing factors of transportation carbon efficiency: Evidences from fifteen countries pp. 209-217 Downloads
Qiang Cui and Ye Li
A comprehensive experimental approach for the validation of quantitative infrared thermography in the evaluation of building thermal transmittance pp. 218-228 Downloads
Rossano Albatici, Arnaldo M. Tonelli and Michela Chiogna
A data-driven feed-forward decision framework for building clusters operation under uncertainty pp. 229-237 Downloads
Mengqi Hu
Spectral splitting strategy and optical model for the development of a concentrating hybrid PV/T collector pp. 238-246 Downloads
Felipe Crisostomo, Robert A. Taylor, Desiree Surjadi, Ahmad Mojiri, Gary Rosengarten and Evatt R. Hawkes
Influence of biomass properties on technical and environmental performance of a multi-fuel boiler during on-farm combustion of energy crops pp. 247-259 Downloads
S. Fournel, J.H. Palacios, R. Morissette, J. Villeneuve, S. Godbout, M. Heitz and P. Savoie
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