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2015, volume 150, issue C

Concept of the multidimensional diagnostic tool based on exhaust gas composition for marine engines pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jerzy Kowalski
Amount of energy recoverable from an existing sludge digester with the co-digestion with fruit and vegetable waste at reduced retention time pp. 9-14 Downloads
Francesco Di Maria, Alessio Sordi, Giuseppe Cirulli and Caterina Micale
The evolving policy regime for pumped storage hydroelectricity in China: A key support for low-carbon energy pp. 15-24 Downloads
Sufang Zhang, Andrews-Speed, Philip and Pradeep Perera
Changes in CO2 emissions over business cycle recessions and expansions in the United States: A decomposition analysis pp. 25-35 Downloads
Md. Shahiduzzaman and Allan Layton
Conventional, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles? State-based comparative carbon and energy footprint analysis in the United States pp. 36-49 Downloads
Nuri Cihat Onat, Murat Kucukvar and Omer Tatari
Generalised water flow rate control strategy for optimal part load operation of ground source heat pump systems pp. 50-60 Downloads
K.C. Edwards and D.P. Finn
Numerical simulation study on discharging process of the direct-contact phase change energy storage system pp. 61-68 Downloads
Weilong Wang, Hailong Li, Shaopeng Guo, Shiquan He, Jing Ding, Jinyue Yan and Jianping Yang
Optimal design of microalgae-based biorefinery: Economics, opportunities and challenges pp. 69-79 Downloads
Muhammad Rizwan, Jay H. Lee and Rafiqul Gani
Optimal energy mix for transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources – The case of the Mexican electricity system pp. 80-96 Downloads
Vidal-Amaro, Juan José, Poul Alberg Østergaard and Sheinbaum-Pardo, Claudia
An improved perturb and observe (P&O) maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm for higher efficiency pp. 97-108 Downloads
Jubaer Ahmed and Zainal Salam
Electrification of roads: Opportunities and challenges pp. 109-119 Downloads
Feng Chen, Nathaniel Taylor and Nicole Kringos
CH4 recovery and CO2 sequestration using flue gas in natural gas hydrates as revealed by a micro-differential scanning calorimeter pp. 120-127 Downloads
Yohan Lee, Yunju Kim, Jaehyoung Lee, Huen Lee and Yongwon Seo
Production of jet and diesel biofuels from renewable lignocellulosic biomass pp. 128-137 Downloads
Yajing Zhang, Peiyan Bi, Jicong Wang, Peiwen Jiang, Xiaoping Wu, He Xue, Junxu Liu, Xiaoguo Zhou and Quanxin Li
Effect of pulsed heat power on the thermal and electrical performances of a thermoelectric generator pp. 138-149 Downloads
Leisheng Chen and Jaeyoung Lee
Temporally and spatially distributed combustion in low-octane gasoline multiple premixed compression ignition mode pp. 150-160 Downloads
Hongqiang Yang, Zhi Wang, Shijin Shuai, Jianxin Wang, Hongming Xu and Buyu Wang
Comparative life cycle analyses of bulk-scale coal-fueled solid oxide fuel cell power plants pp. 161-175 Downloads
Jake Nease and Thomas A. Adams
A novel reactor type for autothermal reforming of diesel fuel and kerosene pp. 176-184 Downloads
Joachim Pasel, Remzi Can Samsun, Andreas Tschauder, Ralf Peters and Detlef Stolten
Life cycle environmental impact of firewood production – A case study in Italy pp. 185-195 Downloads
Francesca Pierobon, Michela Zanetti, Stefano Grigolato, Andrea Sgarbossa, Tommaso Anfodillo and Raffaele Cavalli
A robust approach for optimal design of plate fin heat exchangers using biogeography based optimization (BBO) algorithm pp. 196-210 Downloads
Amin Hadidi
Energy efficiency policies for space heating in EU countries: A panel data analysis for the period 1990–2010 pp. 211-223 Downloads
Eoin Ó Broin, Jonas Nässén and Filip Johnsson
A comparison of several organosolv pretreatments for improving the enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat straw: Substrate digestibility, fermentability and structural features pp. 224-232 Downloads
Hongmei Chen, Jia Zhao, Tianhang Hu, Xuebing Zhao and Dehua Liu
Development of Energy Efficiency Design Map based on acoustic resonance frequency of suction muffler in compressor pp. 233-244 Downloads
Seungjae Oh, Semyung Wang and Sungman Cho
Development of structural–functional integrated concrete with macro-encapsulated PCM for thermal energy storage pp. 245-257 Downloads
Shazim Ali Memon, Hongzhi Cui, Tommy Y. Lo and Qiusheng Li
A multi-scale adaptive model of residential energy demand pp. 258-273 Downloads
Farbod Farzan, Mohsen A. Jafari, Jie Gong, Farnaz Farzan and Andrew Stryker
Effects of suction port arrangements on a scroll expander for a small scale ORC system based on CFD approach pp. 274-285 Downloads
Panpan Song, Mingshan Wei, Zhen Liu and Ben Zhao
Province-level convergence of China’s carbon dioxide emissions pp. 286-295 Downloads
Xueting Zhao, James Burnett and Donald J. Lacombe
Assessing the impact of foreign content in China’s exports on the carbon outsourcing hypothesis pp. 296-307 Downloads
Yan Xia, Ying Fan and Cuihong Yang
An estimation methodology for the dynamic operational rating of a new residential building using the advanced case-based reasoning and stochastic approaches pp. 308-322 Downloads
Taehoon Hong, Choongwan Koo, Daeho Kim, Minhyun Lee and Jimin Kim
Two-stage evaporation strategy to improve system performance for organic Rankine cycle pp. 323-334 Downloads
Tailu Li, Zhigang Zhang, Jian Lu, Junlan Yang and Yujie Hu
Nanoencapsulation of n-alkanes with poly(styrene-co-ethylacrylate) shells for thermal energy storage pp. 335-340 Downloads
Yeliz Konuklu, Halime O. Paksoy and Murat Unal

2015, volume 149, issue C

Thermodynamic and economic performances optimization of an organic Rankine cycle system utilizing exhaust gas of a large marine diesel engine pp. 1-12 Downloads
Min-Hsiung Yang and Rong-Hua Yeh
Optimal design of a standalone direct pumping photovoltaic system for deficit irrigation of olive orchards pp. 13-23 Downloads
López-Luque, R., J. Reca and J. Martínez
Effect of heat integration method and torrefaction temperature on the performance of an integrated CHP-torrefaction plant pp. 24-34 Downloads
Ekaterina Sermyagina, Jussi Saari, Behnam Zakeri, Juha Kaikko and Esa Vakkilainen
Contribution to the PV-to-inverter sizing ratio determination using a custom flexible experimental setup pp. 35-45 Downloads
Xavier Camps, Guillermo Velasco, Jordi de la Hoz and Helena Martín
Energy management in production: A novel method to develop key performance indicators for improving energy efficiency pp. 46-61 Downloads
Gökan May, Ilaria Barletta, Bojan Stahl and Marco Taisch
Role of toluene to acid gas (H2S and CO2) combustion in H2/O2–N2 flame under Claus condition pp. 62-68 Downloads
S. Ibrahim, A. Al Shoaibi and A.K. Gupta
Adsorbed methane storage for vehicular applications pp. 69-74 Downloads
Matthew Beckner and Anne Dailly
Application of Carbon Footprint to an agro-biogas supply chain in Southern Italy pp. 75-88 Downloads
Carlo Ingrao, Roberto Rana, Caterina Tricase and Mariarosaria Lombardi
Time-of-use electricity pricing for industrial customers: A survey of U.S. utilities pp. 89-103 Downloads
Yong Wang and Lin Li
Thermal battery for portable climate control pp. 104-116 Downloads
Shankar Narayanan, Xiansen Li, Sungwoo Yang, Hyunho Kim, Ari Umans, Ian S. McKay and Evelyn N. Wang
Comparing organic and conventional olive groves relative to energy use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the cultivation of two varieties pp. 117-124 Downloads
Efstratios T. Taxidis, George C. Menexes, Andreas P. Mamolos, Constantinos A. Tsatsarelis, Christos D. Anagnostopoulos and Kyriaki L. Kalburtji
Development and performance of a dual tank solar-assisted heat pump system pp. 125-132 Downloads
Carsen J. Banister and Michael R. Collins
Systems optimization model for energy management of a parallel HPGR crushing process pp. 133-147 Downloads
B.P. Numbi and X. Xia
Heterogeneity in rebound effects: Estimated results and impact of China’s fossil-fuel subsidies pp. 148-160 Downloads
Ke Li and Boqiang Lin
Numerical analysis of mass and heat transport in proton-conducting SOFCs with direct internal reforming pp. 161-175 Downloads
Vikram Menon, Aayan Banerjee, Julian Dailly and Olaf Deutschmann
Energy feasibility study of sludge pretreatments: A review pp. 176-185 Downloads
R. Cano, Pérez-Elvira, S.I. and Fdz-Polanco, F.
Effects of pore size gradient in the substrate of a gas diffusion layer on the performance of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 186-193 Downloads
Hwanyeong Oh, Jaeman Park, Kyoungdoug Min, Eunsook Lee and Jy-Young Jyoung
Intelligent energy and thermal comfort management in grid-connected microgrids with heterogeneous occupancy schedule pp. 194-203 Downloads
Christos D. Korkas, Simone Baldi, Iakovos Michailidis and Elias B. Kosmatopoulos
Experimental and numerical study on NOx and CO emission characteristics of dimethyl ether/air jet diffusion flame pp. 204-224 Downloads
Yinhu Kang, Quanhai Wang, Xiaofeng Lu, Hu Wan, Xuanyu Ji, Hu Wang, Qiang Guo, Jin Yan and Jinliang Zhou
Numerical study on the cooling performance of natural draft dry cooling tower with vertical delta radiators under constant heat load pp. 225-237 Downloads
Yuanbin Zhao, Fengzhong Sun, Yan Li, Guoqing Long and Zhi Yang
Impact of environmental regulations on the efficiency and CO2 emissions of power plants in China pp. 238-247 Downloads
Xiaoli Zhao, Haitao Yin and Yue Zhao
Constant heat characterisation and geometrical optimisation of thermoelectric generators pp. 248-258 Downloads
Andrea Montecucco, Jonathan Siviter and Andrew R. Knox
Evaluation of different heat extraction strategies for shallow vertical ground-source heat pump systems pp. 259-271 Downloads
Waldemar Retkowski, Gesa Ziefle and Jorg Thöming
Surfactant-enhanced biohydrogen production from organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) via dry anaerobic digestion pp. 272-282 Downloads
M. Elsamadony, A. Tawfik and M. Suzuki
Effect of split fuel injection on heat release and pollutant emissions in partially premixed combustion of PRF70/air/EGR mixtures pp. 283-296 Downloads
F. Zhang, R. Yu and X.S. Bai
A highly accurate predictive-adaptive method for lithium-ion battery remaining discharge energy prediction in electric vehicle applications pp. 297-314 Downloads
Guangming Liu, Minggao Ouyang, Languang Lu, Jianqiu Li and Jianfeng Hua
Discrete-event simulation of an information-based raw material allocation process for increasing the efficiency of an energy wood supply chain pp. 315-325 Downloads
Johannes Windisch, Kari Väätäinen, Perttu Anttila, Mikko Nivala, Juha Laitila, Antti Asikainen and Lauri Sikanen
Analyzing the optimal coordination of a residential micro-CHP system with a power sink pp. 326-337 Downloads
Antti Alahäivälä, Tobias Heß, Sunliang Cao and Matti Lehtonen
Analysis of Maisotsenko open gas turbine power cycle with a detailed air saturator model pp. 338-353 Downloads
Mohammad Saghafifar and Mohamed Gadalla
Plant-level dynamic optimization of Cryogenic Carbon Capture with conventional and renewable power sources pp. 354-366 Downloads
Seyed Mostafa Safdarnejad, John D. Hedengren and Larry L. Baxter
Impacts of Acetone–Butanol–Ethanol (ABE) ratio on spray and combustion characteristics of ABE–diesel blends pp. 367-378 Downloads
Han Wu, Karthik Nithyanandan, Jiaxiang Zhang, Yilu Lin, Timothy H. Lee, Chia-fon F. Lee and Chunhua Zhang
Identifying locations for large-scale microalgae cultivation in Western Australia: A GIS approach pp. 379-391 Downloads
Bryan J. Boruff, Navid R. Moheimani and Michael A. Borowitzka
Comparison of control systems for the optimisation of ice storage in a dynamic real time electricity pricing environment pp. 392-403 Downloads
M.D. Murphy, O’Mahony, M.J. and J. Upton
Decarbonisation of olefin processes using biomass pyrolysis oil pp. 404-414 Downloads
M. Sharifzadeh, L. Wang and N. Shah
A model calibration framework for simultaneous multi-level building energy simulation pp. 415-431 Downloads
Zheng Yang and Becerik-Gerber, Burcin
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