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2017, volume 197, issue C

Dealing with multiple decades of hourly wind and PV time series in energy models: A comparison of methods to reduce time resolution and the planning implications of inter-annual variability pp. 1-13 Downloads
Stefan Pfenninger
Modular energy cost optimization for buildings with integrated microgrid pp. 14-28 Downloads
Vinko Lešić, Anita Martinčević and Mario Vašak
Forecasting the diffusion of renewable electricity considering the impact of policy and oil prices: The case of South Korea pp. 29-39 Downloads
Chul-Yong Lee and Sung-Yoon Huh
Activation of ilmenite as an oxygen carrier for solid-fueled chemical looping combustion pp. 40-51 Downloads
Liangyong Chen, Jinhua Bao, Liang Kong, Megan Combs, Heather S. Nikolic, Zhen Fan and Kunlei Liu
Signal synchronization for massive data storage in modular battery management system with controller area network pp. 52-62 Downloads
Xiangdong Kong, Yuejiu Zheng, Minggao Ouyang, Xiangjun Li, Languang Lu, Jianqiu Li and Zhendong Zhang
Global optimization of microalgae-to-biodiesel chains with integrated cogasification combined cycle systems based on greenhouse gas emissions reductions pp. 63-82 Downloads
Wei Wu, Po-Han Wang, Duu-Jong Lee and Jo-Shu Chang
Recuperators for micro gas turbines: A review pp. 83-99 Downloads
Gang Xiao, Tianfeng Yang, Huanlei Liu, Dong Ni, Mario Luigi Ferrari, Mingchun Li, Zhongyang Luo, Kefa Cen and Mingjiang Ni
Cost and carbon reductions from industrial demand-side management: Study of potential savings at a cement plant pp. 100-113 Downloads
Daniel L. Summerbell, Diana Khripko, Claire Barlow and Jens Hesselbach
Microscopic level study on the spray impingement process and characteristics pp. 114-123 Downloads
Ziman Wang, Hengjie Guo, Chongming Wang, Hongming Xu and Yanfei Li
Comparison of three fermentation strategies for alleviating the negative effect of the ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate on lignocellulosic ethanol production pp. 124-131 Downloads
Shengdong Zhu, Fang Luo, Wenjing Huang, Wangxiang Huang and Yuanxin Wu
Effect of pitch angle on power performance and aerodynamics of a vertical axis wind turbine pp. 132-150 Downloads
Abdolrahim Rezaeiha, Ivo Kalkman and Bert Blocken
A new dynamic integrated approach for wind speed forecasting pp. 151-162 Downloads
Shaolong Sun, Han Qiao, Yunjie Wei and Shouyang Wang
Design of 3-electrode system for in situ monitoring direct methanol fuel cells during long-time running test at high temperature pp. 163-168 Downloads
Guicheng Liu, Xinyang Li, Hui Wang, Xiuying Liu, Ming Chen, Jae Young Woo, Ji Young Kim, Xindong Wang and Joong Kee Lee
Concentrated solar light splitting using cold mirrors for photovoltaics and photonic hydrogen production applications pp. 169-182 Downloads
Yusuf Bicer, André Felipe Vitorio Sprotte and Ibrahim Dincer
Multi-step wind speed and power forecasts based on a WRF simulation and an optimized association method pp. 183-202 Downloads
Jing Zhao, Yanling Guo, Xia Xiao, Jianzhou Wang, Dezhong Chi and Zhenhai Guo
Coal combustion emission and ash formation characteristics at high oxygen concentration in a 1MWth pilot-scale oxy-fuel circulating fluidized bed pp. 203-211 Downloads
Shiyuan Li, Haoyu Li, Wei Li, Mingxin Xu, Eric G. Eddings, Qiangqiang Ren and Qinggang Lu
How much does increasing non-fossil fuels in electricity generation reduce carbon dioxide emissions? pp. 212-221 Downloads
Brantley Liddle and Perry Sadorsky
Flexible piezoelectric polymer-based energy harvesting system for roadway applications pp. 222-229 Downloads
Inki Jung, Youn-Hwan Shin, Sangtae Kim, Ji-young Choi and Chong-Yun Kang
Impact of thermal plant cycling on the cost-optimal composition of a regional electricity generation system pp. 230-240 Downloads
Lisa Göransson, Joel Goop, Mikael Odenberger and Filip Johnsson
A generic GIS-based method for small Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES) potential evaluation at large scale pp. 241-253 Downloads
A. Rogeau, R. Girard and G. Kariniotakis
Targeting of heat integrated water allocation networks by one-step MILP formulation pp. 254-269 Downloads
Xiaodong Hong, Zuwei Liao, Binbo Jiang, Jingdai Wang and Yongrong Yang
The effects of carbon reduction on sectoral competitiveness in China: A case of Shanghai pp. 270-278 Downloads
Xu Tian, Hancheng Dai, Yong Geng, Zhen Huang, Toshihiko Masui and Tsuyoshi Fujita
Gradient-based multidisciplinary design of wind farms with continuous-variable formulations pp. 279-291 Downloads
David Guirguis, David A. Romero and Cristina H. Amon
Multi-stable mechanisms for high-efficiency and broadband ocean wave energy harvesting pp. 292-302 Downloads
Davood Younesian and Mohammad-Reza Alam
A data-driven predictive model of city-scale energy use in buildings pp. 303-317 Downloads
Constantine E. Kontokosta and Christopher Tull
Cyclohexanedione as the negative electrode reaction for aqueous organic redox flow batteries pp. 318-326 Downloads
P. Leung, T. Martin, M. Liras, A.M. Berenguer, R. Marcilla, A. Shah, L. An, M.A. Anderson and J. Palma
An adsorbed gas estimation model for shale gas reservoirs via statistical learning pp. 327-341 Downloads
Yuntian Chen, Su Jiang, Dongxiao Zhang and Chaoyang Liu
Propagation characteristic and intraseasonal oscillation of the swell energy of the Indian Ocean pp. 342-353 Downloads
C.W. Zheng and C.Y. Li
Graphene oxide-modified microencapsulated phase change materials with high encapsulation capacity and enhanced leakage-prevention performance pp. 354-363 Downloads
Li Zhang, Wenbin Yang, Zhuoni Jiang, Fangfang He, Kai Zhang, Jinghui Fan and Juying Wu
An electromagnetic wearable 3-DoF resonance human body motion energy harvester using ferrofluid as a lubricant pp. 364-374 Downloads
Shuai Wu, P.C.K. Luk, Chunfang Li, Xiangyu Zhao, Zongxia Jiao and Yaoxing Shang
Effects of blade rotation direction in the wake region of two in-line turbines using Large Eddy Simulation pp. 375-392 Downloads
Amin Allah Veisi and Mohammad Hossein Shafiei Mayam
Synergistic improvements in stability and performance of the double perovskite-type oxides La2−xSrxFeCoO6 for chemical looping steam methane reforming pp. 393-404 Downloads
Kun Zhao, Luwei Li, Anqing Zheng, Zhen Huang, Fang He, Yang Shen, Guoqiang Wei, Haibin Li and Zengli Zhao
A Monte Carlo and PSO based virtual sample generation method for enhancing the energy prediction and energy optimization on small data problem: An empirical study of petrochemical industries pp. 405-415 Downloads
Hong-Fei Gong, Zhong-Sheng Chen, Qun-Xiong Zhu and Yan-Lin He

2017, volume 196, issue C

The Oxy-CaL process: A novel CO2 capture system by integrating partial oxy-combustion with the Calcium-Looping process pp. 1-17 Downloads
C. Ortiz, J.M. Valverde, R. Chacartegui, Benítez-Guerrero, M., A. Perejón and L.M. Romeo
Optimisation of stand-alone hybrid energy systems supplemented by combustion-based prime movers pp. 18-33 Downloads
Barun K. Das, Al-Abdeli, Yasir M. and Ganesh Kothapalli
Life cycle assessment of seaweed biomethane, generated from seaweed sourced from integrated multi-trophic aquaculture in temperate oceanic climates pp. 34-50 Downloads
Czyrnek-Delêtre, Magdalena M., Stefania Rocca, Alessandro Agostini, Jacopo Giuntoli and Jerry D. Murphy
Upgrading sensible-heat storage with a thermochemical storage section operated at variable pressure: An effective way toward active control of the heat-transfer fluid outflow temperature pp. 51-61 Downloads
S. Ströhle, A. Haselbacher, Z.R. Jovanovic and A. Steinfeld
Critical temperature of traveling- and standing-wave thermoacoustic engines using a wet regenerator pp. 62-67 Downloads
Kenichiro Tsuda and Yuki Ueda
Performance simulation on NG/O2 combustion gas and steam mixture cycle with energy storage and CO2 capture pp. 68-81 Downloads
Jiafeng Wu, Yaping Chen, Zilong Zhu, Xianzhi Mei, Shaobo Zhang and Baohuai Zhang
Experimental study of wake structure behind a horizontal axis tidal stream turbine pp. 82-96 Downloads
Yaling Chen, Binliang Lin, Jie Lin and Shujie Wang
The stability of the international heat pump trade pattern based on complex networks analysis pp. 100-117 Downloads
Nairong Liu, Haizhong An, Xiaoqing Hao and Sida Feng
Energy implications of China's regional development: New insights from multi-regional input-output analysis pp. 118-131 Downloads
Xudong Sun, Jiashuo Li, Han Qiao and Bo Zhang
Exploring the direct rebound effect of residential electricity consumption: An empirical study in China pp. 132-141 Downloads
Yue-Jun Zhang and Hua-Rong Peng
A complex network perspective on interrelations and evolution features of international oil trade, 2002–2013 pp. 142-151 Downloads
Ruijin Du, Ya Wang, Gaogao Dong, Lixin Tian, Yixiao Liu, Minggang Wang and Guochang Fang
Investigating the risk-return trade-off for crude oil futures using high-frequency data pp. 152-161 Downloads
Xu Gong, Fenghua Wen, Xiao-Hua Xia, Jianbai Huang and Bin Pan
Determinants of GHG emissions for a municipal economy: Structural decomposition analysis of Chongqing pp. 162-169 Downloads
Yi Hu, Zhifeng Yin, Jian Ma, Wencui Du, Danhe Liu and Luxi Sun
Dynamics of green productivity growth for major Chinese urban agglomerations pp. 170-179 Downloads
Feng Tao, Huiqin Zhang, Jun Hu and Xiao-Hua Xia
The effect of energy construction adjustment on the dynamical evolution of energy-saving and emission-reduction system in China pp. 180-189 Downloads
Guochang Fang, Lixin Tian, Min Fu, Mei Sun, Ruijin Du, Longxi Lu and Yu He
New method for enhancement of bioenergy production from municipal organic wastes via regulation of anaerobic fermentation process pp. 190-198 Downloads
Yinguang Chen, Hui Liu, Xiong Zheng, Xin Wang and Jiang Wu
The effects of transportation infrastructure on urban carbon emissions pp. 199-207 Downloads
Rui Xie, Jiayu Fang and Cenjie Liu
Urban energy–water nexus based on modified input–output analysis pp. 208-217 Downloads
Saige Wang, Tao Cao and Bin Chen
Operating reserve evaluation of aggregated air conditioners pp. 218-228 Downloads
Hongxun Hui, Yi Ding, Weidong Liu, You Lin and Yonghua Song
Near-term analysis of a roll-out strategy to introduce fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen stations in Shenzhen China pp. 229-237 Downloads
Xinhai Xu, Ben Xu, Jun Dong and Xiaotong Liu
Study on crowdfunding’s promoting effect on the expansion of electric vehicle charging piles based on game theory analysis pp. 238-248 Downloads
Lijing Zhu, Qi Zhang, Huihui Lu, Hailong Li, Yan Li, Benjamin McLellan and Xunzhang Pan
Clay-like mechanical properties for the jellyroll of cylindrical Lithium-ion cells pp. 249-258 Downloads
WenWei Wang, Sheng Yang and Cheng Lin
High net power output analysis with changes in exhaust temperature in a thermoelectric generator system pp. 259-267 Downloads
Wei He, Shixue Wang and Like Yue
A comparative study on the applicability of ultracapacitor models for electric vehicles under different temperatures pp. 268-278 Downloads
Chun Wang, Hongwen He, Yongzhi Zhang and Hao Mu
An energy management strategy based on stochastic model predictive control for plug-in hybrid electric buses pp. 279-288 Downloads
Shanshan Xie, Hongwen He and Jiankun Peng
Voltage fault diagnosis and prognosis of battery systems based on entropy and Z-score for electric vehicles pp. 289-302 Downloads
Zhenpo Wang, Jichao Hong, Peng Liu and Lei Zhang
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