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2017, volume 204, issue C

What drives the profitability of household PV investments, self-consumption and self-sufficiency? pp. 1-15 Downloads
Valentin Bertsch, Jutta Geldermann and Tobias Lühn
Impact of electricity price fluctuations on the operation of district heating systems: A case study of district heating in Göteborg, Sweden pp. 16-30 Downloads
Dmytro Romanchenko, Mikael Odenberger, Lisa Göransson and Filip Johnsson
Exergy analysis of a hybrid ground-source heat pump system pp. 31-46 Downloads
Kathrin Menberg, Yeonsook Heo, Wonjun Choi, Ryozo Ooka, Ruchi Choudhary and Masanori Shukuya
Overview of wind power intermittency: Impacts, measurements, and mitigation solutions pp. 47-65 Downloads
Guorui Ren, Jinfu Liu, Jie Wan, Yufeng Guo and Daren Yu
Integrated design and sustainable assessment of innovative biomass supply chains: A case-study on miscanthus in France pp. 66-77 Downloads
Aurelie Perrin, Julie Wohlfahrt, Fabiana Morandi, Hanne Østergård, Truls Flatberg, Cristina De La Rua, Thor Bjørkvoll and Benoit Gabrielle
Experimental and simulation-based investigations of marine diesel engine performance against static back pressure pp. 78-92 Downloads
Harsh Sapra, Milinko Godjevac, Klaas Visser, Douwe Stapersma and Chris Dijkstra
Comparison of control approaches for variable speed air source heat pumps considering time variable electricity prices and PV pp. 93-105 Downloads
David Fischer, Josef Bernhardt, Hatef Madani and Christof Wittwer
Modeling and control of water booster pressure systems as flexible loads for demand response pp. 106-116 Downloads
Cesar Diaz, Fredy Ruiz and Diego Patino
Anti-logic or common sense that can hinder machine’s energy performance: Energy and comfort control models based on artificial intelligence responding to abnormal indoor environments pp. 117-130 Downloads
Jonghoon Ahn and Soolyeon Cho
Demand-driven air pollutant emissions for a fast-developing region in China pp. 131-142 Downloads
Jiamin Ou, Jing Meng, Junyu Zheng, Zhifu Mi, Yahui Bian, Xiang Yu, Jingru Liu and Dabo Guan
Study on day-ahead optimal economic operation of active distribution networks based on Kriging model assisted particle swarm optimization with constraint handling techniques pp. 143-162 Downloads
Jia Tang, Dan Wang, Xuyang Wang, Hongjie Jia, Chengshan Wang, Renle Huang, Zhanyong Yang and Menghua Fan
Plant-wide modeling and analysis of the shale gas to dimethyl ether (DME) process via direct and indirect synthesis routes pp. 163-180 Downloads
Chirag Mevawala, Yuan Jiang and Debangsu Bhattacharyya
Modeling of district load forecasting for distributed energy system pp. 181-205 Downloads
Weiwu Ma, Song Fang, Gang Liu and Ruoyu Zhou
Ducted fuel injection: A new approach for lowering soot emissions from direct-injection engines pp. 206-220 Downloads
Charles J. Mueller, Christopher W. Nilsen, Daniel J. Ruth, Ryan K. Gehmlich, Lyle M. Pickett and Scott A. Skeen
Design and off-design models of single and two-stage ORC systems on board a LNG carrier for the search of the optimal performance and control strategy pp. 221-241 Downloads
Sergio Rech, Simone Zandarin, Andrea Lazzaretto and Christos A. Frangopoulos
Cement bonded fine hematite and copper ore particles as oxygen carrier in chemical looping combustion pp. 242-253 Downloads
Xin Tian, Haibo Zhao and Jinchen Ma
Geochemical implications of production and storage control by coupling a direct-use geothermal system with heat networks pp. 254-270 Downloads
Alexandros Daniilidis, Tjardo Scholten, Joram Hooghiem, Claudio De Persis and Rien Herber
Optimization of a Dish Stirling system working with DIR-type receiver using multi-objective techniques pp. 271-286 Downloads
Gaylord Enrique Carrillo Caballero, Luis Sebastian Mendoza, Arnaldo Martin Martinez, Electo Eduardo Silva, Vladimir Rafael Melian, Osvaldo José Venturini and Oscar Almazán del Olmo
Model-based design validation for advanced energy management strategies for electrified hybrid power trains using innovative vehicle hardware in the loop (VHIL) approach pp. 287-302 Downloads
Abdel Ra'ouf Mayyas, Sushil Kumar, Pierluigi Pisu, Jacqueline Rios and Puneet Jethani
Flame fluctuations in Oxy-CO2-methane mixtures in swirl assisted distributed combustion pp. 303-317 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
Modeling marginal CO2 emissions in hydrothermal systems: Efficient carbon signals for renewables pp. 318-331 Downloads
Iván Chaparro, David Watts and Esteban Gil
The addition of heat pump electricity load profiles to GB electricity demand: Evidence from a heat pump field trial pp. 332-342 Downloads
Jenny Love, Andrew Z.P. Smith, Stephen Watson, Eleni Oikonomou, Alex Summerfield, Colin Gleeson, Phillip Biddulph, Lai Fong Chiu, Jez Wingfield, Chris Martin, Andy Stone and Robert Lowe
Life cycle assessment of thermal energy production from short-rotation willow biomass in Southern Ontario, Canada pp. 343-352 Downloads
Goretty M. Dias, Nathan W. Ayer, Kumudinie Kariyapperuma, Naresh Thevathasan, Andrew Gordon, Derek Sidders and Gudmundur H. Johannesson
Natural gas purification by heat pump assisted MEA absorption process pp. 353-361 Downloads
Chunfeng Song, Qingling Liu, Na Ji, Shuai Deng, Jun Zhao and Yutaka Kitamura
Estimation of PV output power in moving and rocking hybrid energy marine ships pp. 362-372 Downloads
Hongda Liu, Qing Zhang, Xiaoxia Qi, Yang Han and Fang Lu
The benefits and limitations of electrolyte mixing in vanadium flow batteries pp. 373-381 Downloads
Yunong Zhang, Le Liu, Jingyu Xi, Zenghua Wu and Xinping Qiu
Enhancement of methyl orange degradation and power generation in a photoelectrocatalytic microbial fuel cell pp. 382-389 Downloads
He-Xing Han, Chen Shi, Li Yuan and Guo-Ping Sheng
Designs and CFD analyses of H2SO4 and HI thermal decomposers for a semi-pilot scale SI hydrogen production test facility pp. 390-402 Downloads
Youngjoon Shin, Jihong Lim, Taehoon Lee, Kiyoung Lee, Changkeun Jo and Minhwan Kim
Molten sodium-fluoride-promoted high-performance Li4SiO4-based CO2 sorbents at low CO2 concentrations pp. 403-412 Downloads
Ke Wang, Zhongyun Zhou, Pengfei Zhao, Zeguang Yin, Zhen Su and Ji Sun
Low-frequency Zigzag energy harvesters operating in torsion-dominant mode pp. 413-419 Downloads
H. Abdelmoula, N. Sharpes, A. Abdelkefi, H. Lee and S. Priya
Optimization of room air temperature in stratum-ventilated rooms for both thermal comfort and energy saving pp. 420-431 Downloads
Sheng Zhang, Yong Cheng, Zhaosong Fang, Chao Huan and Zhang Lin
Optimizing utility-scale photovoltaic power generation for integration into a hydropower reservoir by incorporating long- and short-term operational decisions pp. 432-445 Downloads
Bo Ming, Pan Liu, Shenglian Guo, Xiaoqi Zhang, Maoyuan Feng and Xianxun Wang
Energy- and exergy-based working fluid selection and performance analysis of a high-temperature PEMFC-based micro combined cooling heating and power system pp. 446-458 Downloads
Huawei Chang, Zhongmin Wan, Yao Zheng, Xi Chen, Shuiming Shu, Zhengkai Tu, Siew Hwa Chan, Rui Chen and Xiaodong Wang
Data analytics and optimization of an ice-based energy storage system for commercial buildings pp. 459-475 Downloads
Na Luo, Tianzhen Hong, Hui Li, Ruoxi Jia and Wenguo Weng
Mode shift map design and integrated energy management control of a multi-mode hybrid electric vehicle pp. 476-488 Downloads
Weichao Zhuang, Xiaowu Zhang, Daofei Li, Liangmo Wang and Guodong Yin
The nexus of renewable energy-agriculture-environment in BRICS pp. 489-496 Downloads
Xuyi Liu, Shun Zhang and Junghan Bae
On-line scheme for parameter estimation of nonlinear lithium ion battery equivalent circuit models using the simplified refined instrumental variable method for a modified Wiener continuous-time model pp. 497-508 Downloads
Walid Allafi, Kotub Uddin, Cheng Zhang, Raja Mazuir Raja Ahsan Sha and James Marco
The impacts of policy mix for resolving overcapacity in heavy chemical industry and operating national carbon emission trading market in China pp. 509-524 Downloads
Wei Li, Can Lu, Yi Ding and Yan-Wu Zhang
Enhanced thermal conductivity of ternary carbonate salt phase change material with Mg particles for solar thermal energy storage pp. 525-530 Downloads
Heqing Tian, Lichan Du, Xiaolan Wei, Suyan Deng, Weilong Wang and Jing Ding
Electricity price behavior and carbon trading: New evidence from California pp. 531-543 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo, Yan Chen, A. Olson, J. Moore, N. Schlag, A. Ong and T. Ho
Heuristic method for automakers' technological strategy making towards fuel economy regulations based on genetic algorithm: A China's case under corporate average fuel consumption regulation pp. 544-559 Downloads
Sinan Wang, Fuquan Zhao, Zongwei Liu and Han Hao
Accurate approach to the temperature effect on state of charge estimation in the LiFePO4 battery under dynamic load operation pp. 560-571 Downloads
Van-Huan Duong, Hany Ayad Bastawrous and Khay Wai See
Multimode power processing interface for fuel cell range extender in battery powered vehicle pp. 572-581 Downloads
Ilan Aharon, Doron Shmilovitz and Alon Kuperman
Energy efficient design and control of cleanroom environment control systems in subtropical regions – A comparative analysis and on-site validation pp. 582-595 Downloads
Kui Shan and Shengwei Wang
A novel mechanism for exhaust steam waste heat recovery in combined heat and power unit pp. 596-606 Downloads
Shifei Zhao, Zhihua Ge, Jie He, Chunlan Wang, Yongping Yang and Peifeng Li
Allocation of emission permits for China’s power plants: A systemic Pareto optimal method pp. 607-619 Downloads
Xiang Ji, Guo Li and Zhao-Hua Wang
Exposing effect of comb-type cathode electrode on the performance of sediment microbial fuel cells pp. 620-625 Downloads
Chin-Tsan Wang, Yao-Cheng Lee, Yun-Ting Ou, Yung-Chin Yang, Wen-Tong Chong, Thangavel Sangeetha and Wei-Mon Yan
Thermo-economic analysis of integrated membrane-SMR ITM-oxy-combustion hydrogen and power production plant pp. 626-640 Downloads
Yinka S. Sanusi, Esmail M.A. Mokheimer and Mohamed A. Habib
Impact of pressure on the dynamic behavior of CO2 hydrate slurry in a stirred tank reactor applied to cold thermal energy storage pp. 641-652 Downloads
Thomas Dufour, Hong Minh Hoang, Jérémy Oignet, Véronique Osswald, Pascal Clain, Laurence Fournaison and Anthony Delahaye
Assessing the effectiveness of a global optimum strategy within a tidal farm for power maximization pp. 653-666 Downloads
Ottavio A. Lo Brutto, Sylvain S. Guillou, Jérôme Thiébot and Hamid Gualous
The regulated coal sector and CO2 emissions in Indian growth process: Empirical evidence over half a century and policy suggestions pp. 667-678 Downloads
Mita Bhattacharya, Shuddhasattwa Rafiq, Hooi Hooi Lean and Sankar Bhattacharya
Energy transfer procession in an air source heat pump unit during defrosting pp. 679-689 Downloads
Mengjie Song, Xiangguo Xu, Ning Mao, Shiming Deng and Yingjie Xu
Operational analysis of the coupling between a multi-effect distillation unit with thermal vapor compression and a Rankine cycle power block using variable nozzle thermocompressors pp. 690-701 Downloads
Ortega-Delgado, Bartolomé, Matteo Cornali, Patricia Palenzuela and Alarcón-Padilla, Diego C.
Biodiesel production from high acid value oils with a highly active and stable bifunctional magnetic acid pp. 702-714 Downloads
Yi-Tong Wang, Zhen Fang and Xing-Xia Yang
Electric load shape benchmarking for small- and medium-sized commercial buildings pp. 715-725 Downloads
Xuan Luo, Tianzhen Hong, Yixing Chen and Mary Ann Piette
Effects on performances, emissions and particle size distributions of a dual fuel (methane-diesel) light-duty engine varying the compression ratio pp. 726-740 Downloads
G. Di Blasio, G. Belgiorno and C. Beatrice
Mechanochemical synthesis of COx-free hydrogen and methane fuel mixtures at room temperature from light metal hydrides and carbon dioxide pp. 741-748 Downloads
Bao-Xia Dong, Juan Zhao, Long-Zheng Wang, Yun-Lei Teng, Wen-Long Liu and Lu Wang
The potential and usefulness of demand response to provide electricity system services pp. 749-766 Downloads
Arsam Aryandoust and Johan Lilliestam
Analysis on innovative modular sorption and resorption thermal cell for cold and heat cogeneration pp. 767-779 Downloads
L. Jiang, A.P. Roskilly, R.Z. Wang, L.W. Wang and Y.J. Lu
Advances and challenges in lithium-air batteries pp. 780-806 Downloads
P. Tan, H.R. Jiang, X.B. Zhu, L. An, C.Y. Jung, M.C. Wu, L. Shi, W. Shyy and T.S. Zhao
Ultrasonically enhanced anaerobic digestion of thickened waste activated sludge using fluidized bed reactors pp. 807-818 Downloads
M.M.I. Chowdhury, G. Nakhla and J. Zhu
Absorption heat pump cycles with NH3 – ionic liquid working pairs pp. 819-830 Downloads
Meng Wang and Carlos A. Infante Ferreira
Power capacity expansion planning considering endogenous technology cost learning pp. 831-845 Downloads
Clara F. Heuberger, Edward S. Rubin, Iain Staffell, Nilay Shah and Niall Mac Dowell
Reconciling strategy towards construction site selection-layout for coal-fired power plants pp. 846-865 Downloads
Xiaoling Song, Jiuping Xu, Zhe Zhang, Charles Shen, Heping Xie, Peña-Mora, Feniosky and Yimin Wu
The Lock-On Mechanism MPPT algorithm as applied to the hybrid photovoltaic cell and thermoelectric generator system pp. 873-886 Downloads
Trevor Hocksun Kwan and Xiaofeng Wu
Dynamical simulation of building integrated photovoltaic thermoelectric wall system: Balancing calculation speed and accuracy pp. 887-897 Downloads
Yongqiang Luo, Ling Zhang, Jing Wu, Zhongbing Liu, Zhenghong Wu and Xihua He
Dense-array concentrator photovoltaic prototype using non-imaging dish concentrator and an array of cross compound parabolic concentrators pp. 898-911 Downloads
Kok-Keong Chong, Tiong-Keat Yew, Chee-Woon Wong, Ming-Hui Tan, Woei-Chong Tan and Boon-Han Lim
Intelligent fault diagnosis of photovoltaic arrays based on optimized kernel extreme learning machine and I-V characteristics pp. 912-931 Downloads
Zhicong Chen, Lijun Wu, Shuying Cheng, Peijie Lin, Yue Wu and Wencheng Lin
TiO2/silane coupling agent composed of two layers structure: A super-hydrophilic self-cleaning coating applied in PV panels pp. 932-938 Downloads
Hong Zhong, Yan Hu, Yuanhao Wang and Hongxing Yang
Performance analysis of a photovoltaic-thermochemical hybrid system prototype pp. 939-947 Downloads
Wenjia Li, Yunyi Ling, Xiangxin Liu and Yong Hao
Numerical modelling and comparison of the performance of diffuser-type solar chimneys for power generation pp. 948-957 Downloads
Siyang Hu, Dennis Y.C. Leung and John C.Y. Chan
Similarity analysis of parabolic-trough solar collectors pp. 958-965 Downloads
Jian Jin, Yunyi Ling and Yong Hao
Numerical investigation on the thermal performance of molten salt cavity receivers with different structures pp. 966-978 Downloads
Li Zhang, Jiabin Fang, Jinjia Wei and Guidong Yang
Investigation and performance study of a dual-source chemisorption power generation cycle using scroll expander pp. 979-993 Downloads
Yiji Lu, Anthony Paul Roskilly, Ke Tang, Yaodong Wang, Long Jiang, Ye Yuan and Liwei Wang
Novel hybrid CSP-biomass CHP for flexible generation: Thermo-economic analysis and profitability assessment pp. 994-1006 Downloads
Antonio M. Pantaleo, Sergio M. Camporeale, Adio Miliozzi, Valeria Russo, Nilay Shah and Christos N. Markides
Preliminary assessment of sCO2 cycles for power generation in CSP solar tower plants pp. 1007-1017 Downloads
Marco Binotti, Marco Astolfi, Stefano Campanari, Giampaolo Manzolini and Paolo Silva
Leucaena biochar produced by microwave torrefaction: Fuel properties and energy efficiency pp. 1018-1025 Downloads
Yu-Fong Huang, Pei-Hsin Cheng, Pei-Te Chiueh and Shang-Lien Lo
Non-catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction of pine sawdust using experimental design: Material balances and products analysis pp. 1026-1034 Downloads
Flabianus Hardi, Mikko Mäkelä and Kunio Yoshikawa
Enhanced process integration of black liquor evaporation, gasification, and combined cycle pp. 1035-1042 Downloads
Arif Darmawan, Flabianus Hardi, Kunio Yoshikawa, Muhammad Aziz and Koji Tokimatsu
Comparative study on the thermal behavior of untreated and various torrefied bark, stem wood, and stump of Norway spruce pp. 1043-1054 Downloads
Barta-Rajnai, E., L. Wang, Z. Sebestyén, Z. Barta, R. Khalil, Ø. Skreiberg, M. Grønli, E. Jakab and Z. Czégény
Experimental and numerical investigation of pellet and black liquor gasification for polygeneration plant pp. 1055-1064 Downloads
Erik Dahlquist, Muhammad Naqvi, Eva Thorin, Jinyue Yan, Konstantinos Kyprianidis and Philip Hartwell
Experimental investigation of the influence of reaction atmosphere on the pyrolysis of printed circuit boards pp. 1065-1073 Downloads
Panagiotis Evangelopoulos, Efthymios Kantarelis and Weihong Yang
Enhancing biomethane production by integrating pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion processes pp. 1074-1083 Downloads
Chaudhary Awais Salman, Sebastian Schwede, Eva Thorin and Jinyue Yan
A stochastic kinetic study of preparing fatty acid from rapeseed oil via subcritical hydrolysis pp. 1084-1093 Downloads
Hanjie Xiao, Yizhe Li and Hua Wang
Intensified levulinic acid/ester production from cassava by one-pot cascade prehydrolysis and delignification pp. 1094-1100 Downloads
Weijie Zhao, Yingwen Li, Changhua Song, Sijie Liu, Xuehui Li and Jinxing Long
Effects of aerodynamic damping on the tower load of offshore horizontal axis wind turbines pp. 1101-1114 Downloads
Xiong Liu, Cheng Lu, Gangqiang Li, Ajit Godbole and Yan Chen
Study on correlations of coal chemical properties based on database of real-time data pp. 1115-1123 Downloads
Chang'an Wang, Song Wu, Qiang Lv, Xuan Liu, Wufeng Chen and Defu Che
Development of high-temperature corrosion risk monitoring system in pulverized coal boilers based on reducing conditions identification and CFD simulations pp. 1124-1137 Downloads
Norbert Modlinski and Tomasz Hardy
Retrofitting existing coal power plants through cofiring with hydrothermally treated empty fruit bunch and a novel integrated system pp. 1138-1147 Downloads
Arif Darmawan, Dwika Budianto, Muhammad Aziz and Koji Tokimatsu
Thermoeconomic and environmental assessments of a combined cycle for the small scale LNG cold utilization pp. 1148-1162 Downloads
Baris Burak Kanbur, Liming Xiang, Swapnil Dubey, Fook Hoong Choo and Fei Duan
Does humidification improve the micro Gas Turbine cycle? Thermodynamic assessment based on Sankey and Grassmann diagrams pp. 1163-1171 Downloads
Marina Montero Carrero, Ward De Paepe, Svend Bram, Alessandro Parente and Francesco Contino
Organic Rankine cycle design and performance comparison based on experimental database pp. 1172-1187 Downloads
Arnaud Landelle, Nicolas Tauveron, Philippe Haberschill, Rémi Revellin and Stéphane Colasson
Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) for mobile applications – Economic feasibility in different transportation sectors pp. 1188-1197 Downloads
Roberto Pili, Alessandro Romagnoli, Kai Kamossa, Andreas Schuster, Hartmut Spliethoff and Christoph Wieland
A model-based diagnostic technique to enhance faults isolability in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell systems pp. 1198-1214 Downloads
Pierpaolo Polverino, Marco Sorrentino and Cesare Pianese
Numerical analysis of deposit effect on nozzle flow and spray characteristics of GDI injectors pp. 1215-1224 Downloads
Bo Wang, Yizhou Jiang, Peter Hutchins, Tawfik Badawy, Hongming Xu, Xinyu Zhang, Alexander Rack and Paul Tafforeau
Thermal properties and thermal stability of the ternary eutectic salt NaCl-CaCl2-MgCl2 used in high-temperature thermal energy storage process pp. 1225-1230 Downloads
Lichan Du, Jing Ding, Heqing Tian, Weilong Wang, Xiaolan Wei and Ming Song
Heat transfer and thermal performance of two-stage molten salt steam generation system pp. 1231-1239 Downloads
Canming He, Jianfeng Lu, Jing Ding, Weilong Wang and Yibo Yuan
Non-destructive fast charging algorithm of lithium-ion batteries based on the control-oriented electrochemical model pp. 1240-1250 Downloads
Zhengyu Chu, Xuning Feng, Languang Lu, Jianqiu Li, Xuebing Han and Minggao Ouyang
Distributed generation with energy storage systems: A case study pp. 1251-1263 Downloads
Xinjing Zhang, Haisheng Chen, Yujie Xu, Wen Li, Fengjuan He, Huan Guo and Ye Huang
A multi-timescale estimator for battery state of charge and capacity dual estimation based on an online identified model pp. 1264-1274 Downloads
Zhongbao Wei, Jiyun Zhao, Dongxu Ji and King Jet Tseng
Observer based battery SOC estimation: Using multi-gain-switching approach pp. 1275-1283 Downloads
Xiaopeng Tang, Boyang Liu, Zhou Lv and Furong Gao
Towards an ontological infrastructure for chemical process simulation and optimization in the context of eco-industrial parks pp. 1284-1298 Downloads
Li Zhou, Ming Pan, Janusz J. Sikorski, Sushant Garud, Leonardus K. Aditya, Martin J. Kleinelanghorst, Iftekhar A. Karimi and Markus Kraft
Multi-objective design optimization of distributed energy systems through cost and exergy assessments pp. 1299-1316 Downloads
M. Di Somma, B. Yan, N. Bianco, G. Graditi, P.B. Luh, L. Mongibello and V. Naso
Design and implementation of a loss optimization control for electric vehicle in-wheel permanent-magnet synchronous motor direct drive system pp. 1317-1332 Downloads
Qingbo Guo, Chengming Zhang, Liyi Li, David Gerada, Jiangpeng Zhang and Mingyi Wang
Model predictive control of heat pump water heater-instantaneous shower powered with integrated renewable-grid energy systems pp. 1333-1346 Downloads
Evan M. Wanjiru, Sam M. Sichilalu and Xiaohua Xia
A study of the effects of input parameters on the dynamics and required power of an electric bicycle pp. 1347-1362 Downloads
Nguyen Ba Hung, Sung Jaewon and Ocktaeck Lim
Short-term prediction of electric demand in building sector via hybrid support vector regression pp. 1363-1374 Downloads
Yibo Chen and Hongwei Tan
Data-driven models for short-term thermal behaviour prediction in real buildings pp. 1375-1387 Downloads
Francesco Ferracuti, Alessandro Fonti, Lucio Ciabattoni, Stefano Pizzuti, Alessia Arteconi, Lieve Helsen and Gabriele Comodi
Experimental investigation on an air source heat pump unit with a three-circuit outdoor coil for its reverse cycle defrosting termination temperature pp. 1388-1398 Downloads
Mengjie Song, Guangcai Gong, Ning Mao, Shiming Deng and Zhihua Wang
Cradle-to-gate greenhouse gas emissions of battery electric and internal combustion engine vehicles in China pp. 1399-1411 Downloads
Qinyu Qiao, Fuquan Zhao, Zongwei Liu, Shuhua Jiang and Han Hao
Knowledge management of eco-industrial park for efficient energy utilization through ontology-based approach pp. 1412-1421 Downloads
Chuan Zhang, Alessandro Romagnoli, Li Zhou and Markus Kraft
Method to estimate the visual impact of an offshore wind farm pp. 1422-1430 Downloads
Nicolas Maslov, Christophe Claramunt, Tianzhen Wang and Tianhao Tang
Establishment of an optimal occupant behavior considering the energy consumption and indoor environmental quality by region pp. 1431-1443 Downloads
Jimin Kim, Taehoon Hong, Jaemin Jeong, Myeonghwi Lee, Minhyun Lee, Kwangbok Jeong, Choongwan Koo and Jaewook Jeong
Scenario analysis of lightweight and electric-drive vehicle market penetration in the long-term and impact on the light-duty vehicle fleet pp. 1444-1462 Downloads
Juan C. González Palencia, Yuki Otsuka, Mikiya Araki and Seiichi Shiga
The feasibility and challenges of energy self-sufficient wastewater treatment plants pp. 1463-1475 Downloads
Yifan Gu, Yue Li, Xuyao Li, Pengzhou Luo, Hongtao Wang, Zoe P. Robinson, Xin Wang, Jiang Wu and Fengting Li
Numerical investigation on the combustion and emissions of a kerosene-diesel fueled compression ignition engine assisted by ammonia fumigation pp. 1476-1488 Downloads
Kun Lin Tay, Wenming Yang, Jing Li, Dezhi Zhou, Wenbin Yu, Feiyang Zhao, Siaw Kiang Chou and Balaji Mohan
Computational fluid dynamics simulation on open cell aluminium foams for Li-ion battery cooling system pp. 1489-1499 Downloads
Lip Huat Saw, Yonghuang Ye, Ming Chian Yew, Wen Tong Chong, Ming Kun Yew and Tan Ching Ng
Energy performance evaluation and application of an air treatment system for conditioning building spaces in tropics pp. 1500-1512 Downloads
X. Cui, B. Mohan, M.R. Islam, S.K. Chou and K.J. Chua
Experimental investigations on energy recovery from water-saturated hydrate bearing sediments via depressurization approach pp. 1513-1525 Downloads
Zheng Rong Chong, Zhenyuan Yin, Jun Hao Clifton Tan and Praveen Linga
Hydrate-based methane separation from coal mine methane gas mixture by bubbling using the scale-up equipment pp. 1526-1534 Downloads
Jing Cai, Chun-Gang Xu, Zhi-Ming Xia, Zhao-Yang Chen and Xiao-Sen Li
A renewable energy harvesting system using a mechanical vibration rectifier (MVR) for railroads pp. 1535-1543 Downloads
Xingtian Zhang, Hongye Pan, Lingfei Qi, Zutao Zhang, Yanping Yuan and Yujie Liu
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