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Volume 225, issue C, 2018

Purge strategy optimization of proton exchange membrane fuel cell with anode recirculation pp. 1-13 Downloads
Bowen Wang, Hao Deng and Kui Jiao
A compact nanogrid for home applications with a behaviour-tree-based central controller pp. 14-26 Downloads
Alessandro Burgio, Daniele Menniti, Nicola Sorrentino, Anna Pinnarelli and Michele Motta
Estimating ramping requirements with solar-friendly flexible ramping product in multi-timescale power system operations pp. 27-41 Downloads
Mingjian Cui and Jie Zhang
Transient current similarity based protection for wind farm transmission lines pp. 42-51 Downloads
Ke Jia, Yanbin Li, Yu Fang, Liming Zheng, Tianshu Bi and Qixun Yang
Driving force of the better performance of metal-doped carbonaceous anodes in microbial fuel cells pp. 52-59 Downloads
Sara Mateo, Pablo Cañizares, Manuel Andrés Rodrigo and Fernandez-Morales, Francisco Jesus
Design and analysis of a parallel hydraulic – pneumatic regenerative braking system for heavy-duty hybrid vehicles pp. 60-77 Downloads
Rafael Rivelino Silva Bravo, Victor Juliano De Negri and Amir Antonio Martins Oliveira
Continuous separation of CO2 from a H2 + CO2 gas mixture using clathrate hydrate pp. 78-84 Downloads
Shunsuke Horii and Ryo Ohmura
A modelling study for the integration of a PEMFC micro-CHP in domestic building services design pp. 85-97 Downloads
Alexandros Adam, Eric S. Fraga and Dan J.L. Brett
Impacts of urbanization and air pollution on building energy demands — Beijing case study pp. 98-109 Downloads
Xiaoyu Xu, Jorge E. González, Shuanghe Shen, Shiguang Miao and Junxia Dou
Just transition management: Balancing just outcomes with just processes in Australian renewable energy transitions pp. 110-123 Downloads
George Goddard and Megan A. Farrelly
Effect of corn ethanol production on Conservation Reserve Program acres in the US pp. 124-134 Downloads
Xiaoguang Chen and Madhu Khanna
Modeling, simulation and performance analysis of parabolic trough solar collectors: A comprehensive review pp. 135-174 Downloads
İbrahim Halil Yılmaz and Aggrey Mwesigye
Characterizing the energy flexibility of buildings and districts pp. 175-182 Downloads
Rune Grønborg Junker, Armin Ghasem Azar, Rui Amaral Lopes, Karen Byskov Lindberg, Glenn Reynders, Rishi Relan and Henrik Madsen
Energy and carbon intensity: A study on the cross-country industrial shift from China to India and SE Asia pp. 183-194 Downloads
Dimitrios Pappas, Konstantinos J. Chalvatzis, Dabo Guan and Alexis Ioannidis
System design and policy suggestion for reducing electricity curtailment in renewable power systems for remote islands pp. 195-208 Downloads
Jeonghun Song, Si-Doek Oh, Yungpil Yoo, Seok-Ho Seo, Insu Paek, Yuan Song and Seung Jin Song
Comparison of long-term wind and photovoltaic power capacity factor datasets with open-license pp. 209-220 Downloads
L. Moraes, C. Bussar, P. Stoecker, Kevin Jacqué, Mokhi Chang and D.U. Sauer
Solar energy justice: A case-study analysis of Saskatchewan, Canada pp. 221-232 Downloads
Brett D. Dolter and Martin Boucher
Comparative study of on-off control and novel high-low control of regenerative indirect evaporative cooler (RIEC) pp. 233-243 Downloads
Yi Chen, Huaxia Yan and Hongxing Yang
An economic feasibility assessment of decoupled energy storage in the UK: With liquid air energy storage as a case study pp. 244-257 Downloads
Chunping Xie, Yan Hong, Yulong Ding, Yongliang Li and Jonathan Radcliffe
Life cycle energy-economic-CO2 emissions evaluation of biomass/coal, with and without CO2 capture and storage, in a pulverized fuel combustion power plant in the United Kingdom pp. 258-272 Downloads
Qun Yi, Yingjie Zhao, Yi Huang, Guoqiang Wei, Yanhong Hao, Jie Feng, Usama Mohamed, Mohamed Pourkashanian, William Nimmo and Wenying Li
Optimal design and financial feasibility of a university campus microgrid considering renewable energy incentives pp. 273-289 Downloads
Munir Husein and Il-Yop Chung
Progress and prospects in reverse electrodialysis for salinity gradient energy conversion and storage pp. 290-331 Downloads
Ramato Ashu Tufa, Sylwin Pawlowski, Joost Veerman, Karel Bouzek, Enrica Fontananova, Gianluca di Profio, Svetlozar Velizarov, João Goulão Crespo, Kitty Nijmeijer and Efrem Curcio
Geologic CO2 sequestration monitoring design: A machine learning and uncertainty quantification based approach pp. 332-345 Downloads
Bailian Chen, Dylan R. Harp, Youzuo Lin, Elizabeth H. Keating and Rajesh J. Pawar
Assessment of energy flows and energy efficiencies in integrated catalytic adsorption steam gasification for hydrogen production pp. 346-355 Downloads
Zakir Khan, Suzana Yusup, Prashant Kamble, Muhammad Naqvi and Ian Watson
Integrated absorption-mineralisation for low-energy CO2 capture and sequestration pp. 356-366 Downloads
Long Ji, Hai Yu, Kangkang Li, Bing Yu, Mihaela Grigore, Qi Yang, Xiaolong Wang, Zuliang Chen, Ming Zeng and Shuaifei Zhao
Experimental and numerical study on CO2 absorption mass transfer enhancement for a diameter-varying spray tower pp. 367-379 Downloads
Xiao M. Wu, Zhen Qin, Yun S. Yu and Zao X. Zhang
Solar-clean fuel distributed energy system with solar thermochemistry and chemical recuperation pp. 380-391 Downloads
Taixiu Liu, Qibin Liu, Jing Lei, Jun Sui and Hongguang Jin
Pilot testing of enhanced sorbents for calcium looping with cement production pp. 392-401 Downloads
María Erans, Michal Jeremias, Liya Zheng, Joseph G. Yao, John Blamey, Vasilije Manovic, Paul S. Fennell and Edward J. Anthony
CO2 capture performance of calcium-based synthetic sorbent with hollow core-shell structure under calcium looping conditions pp. 402-412 Downloads
Xiaotong Ma, Yingjie Li, Lunbo Duan, Edward Anthony and Hantao Liu
Wind barriers optimization for minimizing collector mirror soiling in a parabolic trough collector plant pp. 413-423 Downloads
M.A. Moghimi and G. Ahmadi
Managing the distributional effects of energy taxes and subsidy removal in Latin America and the Caribbean pp. 424-436 Downloads
Kuishuang Feng, Klaus Hubacek, Yu Liu, Estefanía Marchán and Adrien Vogt-Schilb
Techno-economic analysis and performance comparison of aqueous deep eutectic solvent and other physical absorbents for biogas upgrading pp. 437-447 Downloads
Chunyan Ma, Chang Liu, Xiaohua Lu and Xiaoyan Ji
A method for assessing support schemes promoting flexibility at district energy plants pp. 448-459 Downloads
Anders N. Andersen and Poul Alberg Østergaard
Mild degradation of Powder River Basin sub-bituminous coal in environmentally benign supercritical CO2-ethanol system to produce valuable high-yield liquid tar pp. 460-470 Downloads
Fang-Jing Liu, Khaled A.M. Gasem, Mingchen Tang, Alexander Goroncy, Xin He, Zaixing Huang, Kaidi Sun and Maohong Fan
Modeling and performance optimization of a solid oxide electrolysis system for hydrogen production pp. 471-485 Downloads
Abdullah A. AlZahrani and Ibrahim Dincer
Reservoir volume of gas hydrate stability zones in permafrost regions of China pp. 486-500 Downloads
Xiao Wang, Lin Pan, Hon Chung Lau, Ming Zhang, Longlong Li and Qiao Zhou
Performance assessment of hybrid chiller systems for combined cooling, heating and power production pp. 501-512 Downloads
Hyeunguk Ahn, Donghyun Rim and James D. Freihaut
Nitrogen-doped graphene derived from ionic liquid as metal-free catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction and its mechanisms pp. 513-521 Downloads
Yiyi She, Jinfan Chen, Chengxu Zhang, Zhouguang Lu, Meng Ni, Patrick H.-L. Sit and Michael K.H. Leung
Translating climate change and heating system electrification impacts on building energy use to future greenhouse gas emissions and electric grid capacity requirements in California pp. 522-534 Downloads
Brian Tarroja, Felicia Chiang, Amir AghaKouchak, Scott Samuelsen, Shuba V. Raghavan, Max Wei, Kaiyu Sun and Tianzhen Hong
Solar photocatalytic asphalt for removal of vehicular NOx: A feasibility study pp. 535-541 Downloads
Wenguang Fan, Ka Yan Chan, Chengxu Zhang, Kai Zhang, Zhi Ning and Michael K.H. Leung
Integrating process optimization with energy-efficiency scheduling to save energy for paper mills pp. 542-558 Downloads
Zhiqiang Zeng, Mengna Hong, Jigeng Li, Yi Man, Huanbin Liu, Zeeman Li and Huanhuan Zhang
Fractal characteristics and reactivity evolution of lignite during the upgrading process by supercritical CO2 extraction pp. 559-569 Downloads
Hongjun Li, Qinghua Chang, Rui Gao, Zhenghua Dai, Xueli Chen, Guangsuo Yu and Fuchen Wang
Methanol production via black liquor co-gasification with expanded raw material base – Techno-economic assessment pp. 570-584 Downloads
Lara Carvalho, Joakim Lundgren, Elisabeth Wetterlund, Jens Wolf and Erik Furusjö
Thermal and economic analysis of charging and discharging characteristics of composite phase change materials for cold storage pp. 585-599 Downloads
Xiaohu Yang, Qingsong Bai, Qunli Zhang, Wenju Hu, Liwen Jin and Jinyue Yan
Micro-thermoelectric generators based on through glass pillars with high output voltage enabled by large temperature difference pp. 600-610 Downloads
Shuang Liu, Bingkun Hu, Dawei Liu, Fu Li, Jing-Feng Li, Bo Li, Liangliang Li, Yuan-Hua Lin and Ce-Wen Nan
Optimal sizing of energy storage systems under uncertain demand and generation pp. 611-621 Downloads
Martina Bucciarelli, Simone Paoletti and Antonio Vicino
Demand-side management via optimal production scheduling in power-intensive industries: The case of metal casting process pp. 622-636 Downloads
D. Ramin, S. Spinelli and A. Brusaferri
Finite-rate chemistry modelling of non-conventional combustion regimes using a Partially-Stirred Reactor closure: Combustion model formulation and implementation details pp. 637-655 Downloads
Zhiyi Li, Marco Ferrarotti, Alberto Cuoci and Alessandro Parente
Synergistic capture of fine particles in wet flue gas through cooling and condensation pp. 656-667 Downloads
Lin Cui, Xiangda Song, Yuzhong Li, Yang Wang, Yupeng Feng, Lifan Yan and Yong Dong
Limiting gaming opportunities on incentive-based demand response programs pp. 668-681 Downloads
José Vuelvas, Fredy Ruiz and Giambattista Gruosso
Linkage analysis for water-carbon nexus in China pp. 682-695 Downloads
Delin Fang and Bin Chen
Investigation on designed fins-enhanced phase change materials system for thermal management of a novel building integrated concentrating PV pp. 696-709 Downloads
Wei Lu, Zhishan Liu, Jan-Frederik Flor, Yupeng Wu and Mo Yang
Disclosing water-energy-economics nexus in shale gas development pp. 710-731 Downloads
Andrés J. Calderón, Omar J. Guerra, Lazaros G. Papageorgiou and Gintaras V. Reklaitis
Deep learning-based fault diagnosis of variable refrigerant flow air-conditioning system for building energy saving pp. 732-745 Downloads
Yabin Guo, Zehan Tan, Huanxin Chen, Guannan Li, Jiangyu Wang, Ronggeng Huang, Jiangyan Liu and Tanveer Ahmad
Screen-printed radial structure micro radioisotope thermoelectric generator pp. 746-754 Downloads
Zicheng Yuan, Xiaobin Tang, Zhiheng Xu, Junqin Li, Wang Chen, Kai Liu, Yunpeng Liu and Zhengrong Zhang
Energy recovery from simulated clayey gas hydrate reservoir using depressurization by constant rate gas release, thermal stimulation and their combinations pp. 755-768 Downloads
Vishnu Chandrasekharan Nair, Siddhant Kumar Prasad, Rajnish Kumar and Jitendra S. Sangwai
An optimized Monte Carlo ray tracing optical simulation model and its applications to line-focus concentrating solar collectors pp. 769-781 Downloads
Man Fan, Shijun You, Junbao Xia, Wandong Zheng, Huan Zhang, Hongbo Liang, Xianli Li and Bojia Li
Integrating cogeneration and intermittent waste-heat recovery in food processing: Microturbines vs. ORC systems in the coffee roasting industry pp. 782-796 Downloads
Antonio M. Pantaleo, Julia Fordham, Oyeniyi A. Oyewunmi, Pietro De Palma and Christos N. Markides
A maximum entropy approach to the estimation of spatially and sectorally disaggregated electricity load curves pp. 797-813 Downloads
Johannes Többen and Thomas Schröder
On the performance of meta-models in building design optimization pp. 814-826 Downloads
A. Prada, A. Gasparella and P. Baggio
Experimental and modeling study on controlling factor of methane hydrate formation in silica gels pp. 827-834 Downloads
Yu Zhang, Xiao-Sen Li, Zhao-Yang Chen, Zhi-Ming Xia, Yi Wang and Gang Li
Development of a diesel/biodiesel/alcohol (up to n-pentanol) combined mechanism based on reaction pathways analysis methodology pp. 835-847 Downloads
Yinjie Ma, Ronghua Huang, Jianqin Fu, Sheng Huang and Jingping Liu
Advanced rechargeable zinc-air battery with parameter optimization pp. 848-856 Downloads
Keliang Wang, Pucheng Pei, Yichun Wang, Cheng Liao, Wei Wang and Shangwei Huang
A charging pricing strategy of electric vehicle fast charging stations for the voltage control of electricity distribution networks pp. 857-868 Downloads
Xiaohong Dong, Yunfei Mu, Xiandong Xu, Hongjie Jia, Jianzhong Wu, Xiaodan Yu and Yan Qi
Quantification and scenario analysis of CO2 emissions from the central heating supply system in China from 2006 to 2025 pp. 869-875 Downloads
Mingxi Du, Xiaoge Wang, Changhui Peng, Yuli Shan, Huai Chen, Meng Wang and Qiuan Zhu
Heterogeneity-assisted carbon dioxide storage in marine sediments pp. 876-883 Downloads
Zhenxue Dai, Ye Zhang, Jeffrey Bielicki, Mohammad Amin Amooie, Mingkan Zhang, Changbing Yang, Youqin Zou, William Ampomah, Ting Xiao, Wei Jia, Richard Middleton, Wen Zhang, Youhong Sun, Joachim Moortgat, Mohamad Reza Soltanian and Philip Stauffer
Pathways toward zero-carbon electricity required for climate stabilization pp. 884-901 Downloads
Richard Audoly, Vogt-Schilb, Adrien, Céline Guivarch and Alexander Pfeiffer
An intelligent framework for short-term multi-step wind speed forecasting based on Functional Networks pp. 902-911 Downloads
Adil Ahmed and Muhammad Khalid
Effects of supports on reduction activity and carbon deposition of iron oxide for methane chemical looping hydrogen generation pp. 912-921 Downloads
Min Zhu, Shiyi Chen, Ahsanullah Soomro, Jun Hu, Zhao Sun, Shiwei Ma and Wenguo Xiang
An experimental study on the operational characteristics of a direct expansion based enhanced dehumidification air conditioning system pp. 922-933 Downloads
Wenjing Chen, Ming-yin Chan, Wenbing Weng, Huaxia Yan and Shiming Deng
Auto-feeding microbial fuel cell inspired by transpiration of plants pp. 934-939 Downloads
Shiqiang Wu, Sunil A. Patil and Shuiliang Chen
Combustion and stability characteristics of ultra-compact combustor using cavity for gas turbines pp. 940-954 Downloads
R.C. Zhang, F. Hao and W.J. Fan
A near-isothermal expander for isothermal compressed air energy storage system pp. 955-964 Downloads
Xinjing Zhang, Yujie Xu, Xuezhi Zhou, Yi Zhang, Wen Li, Zhitao Zuo, Huan Guo, Ye Huang and Haisheng Chen
Is it really the end of internal combustion engines and petroleum in transport? pp. 965-974 Downloads
Gautam Kalghatgi
Energy savings due to building integration of innovative solid-state electrochromic devices pp. 975-985 Downloads
Alessandro Cannavale, Francesco Martellotta, Pierluigi Cossari, Giuseppe Gigli and Ubaldo Ayr
Water energy nexus in city and hinterlands: Multi-regional physical input-output analysis for Hong Kong and South China pp. 986-997 Downloads
Pi-Cheng Chen, Valeria Alvarado and Shu-Chien Hsu
Missing value imputation for short to mid-term horizontal solar irradiance data pp. 998-1012 Downloads
Haydar Demirhan and Zoe Renwick
Power performance analysis of a transparent DSSC BIPV window based on 2 year measurement data in a full-scale mock-up pp. 1013-1021 Downloads
Hyo Mun Lee and Jong Ho Yoon
Impact of manufacturing processes on proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance pp. 1022-1032 Downloads
Samaneh Shahgaldi, Ibrahim Alaefour and Xianguo Li
Heat pump systems for multifamily buildings: Potential and constraints of several heat sources for diverse building demands pp. 1033-1053 Downloads
Carolina Fraga, Pierre Hollmuller, Stefan Schneider and Bernard Lachal
The ENTSO-E Transparency Platform – A review of Europe’s most ambitious electricity data platform pp. 1054-1067 Downloads
Lion Hirth, Jonathan Mühlenpfordt and Marisa Bulkeley
Intake air strategy for low HC and CO emissions in dual-fuel (CNG-diesel) premixed charge compression ignition engine pp. 1068-1077 Downloads
Euijoon Shim, Hyunwook Park and Choongsik Bae
Passive thermal behaviour of buildings: Performance of external multi-layered walls and influence of internal walls pp. 1078-1089 Downloads
Francesco Leccese, Giacomo Salvadori, Francesco Asdrubali and Paola Gori
Wireless charger deployment for an electric bus network: A multi-objective life cycle optimization pp. 1090-1101 Downloads
Zicheng Bi, Gregory A. Keoleian and Tulga Ersal
Comparative study of reduced order equivalent circuit models for on-board state-of-available-power prediction of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles pp. 1102-1122 Downloads
Alexander Farmann and Dirk Uwe Sauer
Hector, a new methodology for continuous and pattern-free heliostat field optimization pp. 1123-1131 Downloads
N.C. Cruz, S. Salhi, J.L. Redondo, J.D. Álvarez, M. Berenguel and P.M. Ortigosa
Broadband dual phase energy harvester: Vibration and magnetic field pp. 1132-1142 Downloads
Hyun-Cheol Song, Prashant Kumar, Rammohan Sriramdas, Hyeon Lee, Nathan Sharpes, Min-Gyu Kang, Deepam Maurya, Mohan Sanghadasa, Hyung-Won Kang, Jungho Ryu, William T. Reynolds and Shashank Priya
A comparative life cycle assessment on four waste-to-energy scenarios for food waste generated in eateries pp. 1143-1157 Downloads
Huanhuan Tong, Ye Shen, Jingxin Zhang, Chi-Hwa Wang, Tian Shu Ge and Yen Wah Tong
Energy modeling approach to the global energy-mineral nexus: Exploring metal requirements and the well-below 2 °C target with 100 percent renewable energy pp. 1158-1175 Downloads
Koji Tokimatsu, Mikael Höök, Benjamin McLellan, Henrik Wachtmeister, Shinsuke Murakami, Rieko Yasuoka and Masahiro Nishio
Data-driven Urban Energy Simulation (DUE-S): A framework for integrating engineering simulation and machine learning methods in a multi-scale urban energy modeling workflow pp. 1176-1189 Downloads
Alex Nutkiewicz, Zheng Yang and Rishee K. Jain
Investigation of wake characteristic of a 30 kW rated power Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine with wake model and field measurement pp. 1190-1204 Downloads
Li, Qing'an, Takao Maeda, Yasunari Kamada and Yuto Hiromori
Stochastic operation of home energy management systems including battery cycling pp. 1205-1218 Downloads
Carlos Adrian Correa-Florez, Alexis Gerossier, Andrea Michiorri and Georges Kariniotakis
Energy justice, unequal access to affordable warmth, and capability deprivation: A quantitative analysis for Belgium pp. 1219-1233 Downloads
Françoise Bartiaux, Christophe Vandeschrick, Mithra Moezzi and Nathalie Frogneux
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