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2015, volume 137, issue C

Assessing the impact of changes in the electricity price structure on dairy farm energy costs pp. 1-8 Downloads
J. Upton, M. Murphy, L. Shalloo, P.W.G. Groot Koerkamp and I.J.M. De Boer
A two-stage traveling-wave thermoacoustic electric generator with loudspeakers as alternators pp. 9-17 Downloads
Huifang Kang, Peng Cheng, Zhibin Yu and Hongfei Zheng
On-line measurement of proximates and lignocellulose components of corn stover using NIRS pp. 18-25 Downloads
Junjie Xue, Zengling Yang, Lujia Han, Yuchen Liu, Yao Liu and Chengcheng Zhou
CO2 capture and sorbent regeneration performances of some wood ash materials pp. 26-36 Downloads
Yafei Guo, Chuanwen Zhao, Xiaoping Chen and Changhai Li
Methodology to establish the permitted maximum losses due to shading and orientation in photovoltaic applications in buildings pp. 37-45 Downloads
Mulcué-Nieto, Luis Fernando and Mora-López, Llanos
Experimental investigation of a multi-effect active solar still: The effect of the number of stages pp. 46-55 Downloads
M.R. Karimi Estahbanati, Mehrzad Feilizadeh, Khosrow Jafarpur, Mansoor Feilizadeh and Mohammad Reza Rahimpour
Optimal operation of cascade hydropower stations using hydrogen as storage medium pp. 56-63 Downloads
Di Lu, Bende Wang, Yaodong Wang, Huicheng Zhou, Qiuhua Liang, Yong Peng and Tony Roskilly
A model-based approach to battery selection for truck onboard fuel cell-based APU in an anti-idling application pp. 64-76 Downloads
Boštjan Pregelj, Darko Vrečko, Janko Petrovčič, Vladimir Jovan and Gregor Dolanc
A fast chiller power demand response control strategy for buildings connected to smart grid pp. 77-87 Downloads
Xue Xue, Shengwei Wang, Chengchu Yan and Borui Cui
Impact of electric vehicles on distribution substations: A Swiss case study pp. 88-96 Downloads
Florian Salah, Jens P. Ilg, Christoph M. Flath, Hauke Basse and Clemens van Dinther
Minimal heating and cooling in a modern rose greenhouse pp. 97-109 Downloads
P.J.M. Van Beveren, J. Bontsema, G. Van Straten and E.J. Van Henten
Economic growth and biomass consumption nexus: Dynamic panel analysis for Sub-Sahara African countries pp. 110-116 Downloads
Ilhan Ozturk and Faik Bilgili
Wind tunnel experiments of a newly developed two-bladed Savonius-style wind turbine pp. 117-125 Downloads
Sukanta Roy and Ujjwal K. Saha
A new model to estimate CO2 coal gasification kinetics based only on parent coal characterization properties pp. 126-133 Downloads
Arturo Gomez and Nader Mahinpey
Gray-box modeling and validation of residential HVAC system for control system design pp. 134-150 Downloads
Abdul Afram and Janabi-Sharifi, Farrokh
Electricity generation by a plant microbial fuel cell with an integrated oxygen reducing biocathode pp. 151-157 Downloads
Koen Wetser, Emilius Sudirjo, Cees J.N. Buisman and David P.B.T.B. Strik
Generalization of exergy analysis pp. 158-172 Downloads
Michal Pavelka, Václav Klika, Petr Vágner and František Maršík
Optimal allocation and adaptive VAR control of PV-DG in distribution networks pp. 173-182 Downloads
Xueqian Fu, Haoyong Chen, Runqing Cai and Ping Yang
Hydrothermal liquefaction of barley straw to bio-crude oil: Effects of reaction temperature and aqueous phase recirculation pp. 183-192 Downloads
Zhe Zhu, Lasse Rosendahl, Saqib Sohail Toor, Donghong Yu and Guanyi Chen
High resolution modelling of multi-energy domestic demand profiles pp. 193-210 Downloads
Nicholas Good, Lingxi Zhang, Navarro-Espinosa, Alejandro and Pierluigi Mancarella
Heat and mass transfer performance analysis and cooling capacity prediction of earth to air heat exchanger pp. 211-221 Downloads
Fuxin Niu, Yuebin Yu, Daihong Yu and Haorong Li
Preliminary experimental analysis of a small-scale prototype SWRO desalination plant, designed for continuous adjustment of its energy consumption to the widely varying power generated by a stand-alone wind turbine pp. 222-239 Downloads
José A. Carta, Jaime González, Pedro Cabrera and Vicente J. Subiela
New and improved methods to estimate day-ahead quantity and quality of solar irradiance pp. 240-249 Downloads
Byung O Kang and Kwa-Sur Tam
Co-digestion of food waste in municipal wastewater treatment plants: Effect of different mixtures on methane yield and hydrolysis rate constant pp. 250-255 Downloads
Konrad Koch, Brigitte Helmreich and Jörg E. Drewes
Oil price volatility and oil-related events: An Internet concern study perspective pp. 256-264 Downloads
Qiang Ji and Jian-Feng Guo
New kinetic model of coal tar hydrogenation process via carbon number component approach pp. 265-272 Downloads
Fei Dai, Maoming Gong, Chunshan Li, Zengxi Li and Suojiang Zhang
Electricity consumption of telecommunication equipment to achieve a telemeeting pp. 273-281 Downloads
X. Chavanne, S. Schinella, D. Marquet, J.P. Frangi and S. Le Masson
Enhancing the productivity of microalgae cultivated in wastewater toward biofuel production: A critical review pp. 282-291 Downloads
Guanyi Chen, Liu Zhao and Yun Qi
New steam generation system for lead-cooled fast reactors, based on steam re-circulation through ejector pp. 292-300 Downloads
Lorenzo Damiani and Roberto Revetria
Korean public’s perceptions on supply security of fossil fuels: A contingent valuation analysis pp. 301-309 Downloads
Jinsoo Kim and Jihyo Kim
Performance assessment of partially sulfonated PVdF-co-HFP as polymer electrolyte membranes in single chambered microbial fuel cells pp. 310-321 Downloads
Vikash Kumar, Arpita Nandy, Suparna Das, M. Salahuddin and Patit P. Kundu
Optimization and spatial pattern of large-scale aquifer thermal energy storage pp. 322-337 Downloads
Wijbrand Sommer, Johan Valstar, Ingo Leusbrock, Tim Grotenhuis and Huub Rijnaarts
Controlling moisture content and truck configurations to model and optimise biomass supply chain logistics in Ireland pp. 338-351 Downloads
Amanda Sosa, Mauricio Acuna, Kevin McDonnell and Ger Devlin
An efficient optimization of well placement and control for a geothermal prospect under geological uncertainty pp. 352-363 Downloads
Mingjie Chen, Andrew F.B. Tompson, Robert J. Mellors and Osman Abdalla
Exploring energy efficiency in several European countries. An attribution analysis of the Divisia structural change index pp. 364-374 Downloads
P. Fernández González
Wave energy potential assessment in the Caribbean Low Level Jet using wave hindcast information pp. 375-384 Downloads
Christian M. Appendini, Urbano-Latorre, Claudia P., Bernardo Figueroa, Dagua-Paz, Claudia J., Torres-Freyermuth, Alec and Paulo Salles
The effects of key parameters on the transition from SI combustion to HCCI combustion in a two-stroke free piston linear engine pp. 385-401 Downloads
Nguyen Ba Hung, Ocktaeck Lim and Norimasa Iida
Performance characterization of a vanadium redox flow battery at different operating parameters under a standardized test-bed system pp. 402-412 Downloads
M.R. Mohamed, P.K. Leung and M.H. Sulaiman
A multi-region optimization planning model for China’s power sector pp. 413-426 Downloads
Rui Cheng, Zhaofeng Xu, Pei Liu, Zhe Wang, Zheng Li and Ian Jones
A method for state-of-charge estimation of Li-ion batteries based on multi-model switching strategy pp. 427-434 Downloads
Yujie Wang, Chenbin Zhang and Zonghai Chen
Seasonal climate forecasts for medium-term electricity demand forecasting pp. 435-444 Downloads
Matteo De Felice, Andrea Alessandri and Franco Catalano
Correlation analysis on wind and hydro resources with electricity demand and prices in New Zealand pp. 445-462 Downloads
Kiti Suomalainen, Geoffrey Pritchard, Basil Sharp, Ziqi Yuan and Golbon Zakeri
Feasibility analysis of using abandoned salt caverns for large-scale underground energy storage in China pp. 467-481 Downloads
Chunhe Yang, Tongtao Wang, Yinping Li, Haijun Yang, Jianjun Li, Qu, Dan’an, Baocai Xu, Yun Yang and J.J.K. Daemen
Combining a dynamic battery model with high-resolution smart grid data to assess microgrid islanding lifetime pp. 482-489 Downloads
Robert L. Fares and Michael E. Webber
Regenerative air energy storage for remote wind–diesel micro-grid communities pp. 490-500 Downloads
Sebastian C. Manchester, Lukas G. Swan and Dominic Groulx
Technoeconomic feasibility of grid storage: Mapping electrical services and energy storage technologies pp. 501-510 Downloads
Nathaniel S. Pearre and Lukas G. Swan
Overview of current development in electrical energy storage technologies and the application potential in power system operation pp. 511-536 Downloads
Xing Luo, Jihong Wang, Mark Dooner and Jonathan Clarke
Monitoring innovation in electrochemical energy storage technologies: A patent-based approach pp. 537-544 Downloads
Simon C. Mueller, Philipp G. Sandner and Isabell M. Welpe
Review of energy storage system for wind power integration support pp. 545-553 Downloads
Haoran Zhao, Qiuwei Wu, Shuju Hu, Honghua Xu and Claus Nygaard Rasmussen
A MILP model for optimising multi-service portfolios of distributed energy storage pp. 554-566 Downloads
Rodrigo Moreno, Roberto Moreira and Goran Strbac
Analysis of the maximal possible grid relief from PV-peak-power impacts by using storage systems for increased self-consumption pp. 567-575 Downloads
Janina Moshövel, Kai-Philipp Kairies, Dirk Magnor, Matthias Leuthold, Mark Bost, Swantje Gährs, Eva Szczechowicz, Moritz Cramer and Dirk Uwe Sauer
Optimum community energy storage system for PV energy time-shift pp. 576-587 Downloads
David Parra, Mark Gillott, Stuart A. Norman and Gavin S. Walker
A load predictive energy management system for supercapacitor-battery hybrid energy storage system in solar application using the Support Vector Machine pp. 588-602 Downloads
Yen Yee Chia, Lam Hong Lee, Niusha Shafiabady and Dino Isa
Modeling and control of an open accumulator Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) system for wind turbines pp. 603-616 Downloads
Mohsen Saadat, Farzad A. Shirazi and Perry Y. Li
Feasibility study of a hybrid wind turbine system – Integration with compressed air energy storage pp. 617-628 Downloads
Hao Sun, Xing Luo and Jihong Wang
Pumped hydro storage plants with improved operational flexibility using constant speed Francis runners pp. 629-637 Downloads
D. Beevers, L. Branchini, V. Orlandini, A. De Pascale and Perez-Blanco, H.
A long-term analysis of pumped hydro storage to firm wind power pp. 638-648 Downloads
A.M. Foley, P.G. Leahy, K. Li, E.J. McKeogh and A.P. Morrison
Pumped storage-based standalone photovoltaic power generation system: Modeling and techno-economic optimization pp. 649-659 Downloads
Tao Ma, Hongxing Yang, Lin Lu and Jinqing Peng
Methodology for the economic optimisation of energy storage systems for frequency support in wind power plants pp. 660-669 Downloads
Lewis Johnston, Díaz-González, Francisco, Gomis-Bellmunt, Oriol, Corchero-García, Cristina and Cruz-Zambrano, Miguel
An ultra-capacitor for frequency stability enhancement in small-isolated power systems: Models, simulation and field tests pp. 670-676 Downloads
I. Egido, L. Sigrist, E. Lobato, L. Rouco and A. Barrado
Design and analysis of electrical energy storage demonstration projects on UK distribution networks pp. 677-691 Downloads
P.F. Lyons, N.S. Wade, T. Jiang, P.C. Taylor, F. Hashiesh, M. Michel and D. Miller
Experimental demonstration and application planning of high temperature superconducting energy storage system for renewable power grids pp. 692-698 Downloads
Jiahui Zhu, Weijia Yuan, Ming Qiu, Bin Wei, Hongjie Zhang, Panpan Chen, Yanfang Yang, Min Zhang, Xiaohua Huang and Zhenming Li
Assessing the integration of a thin phase change material (PCM) layer in a residential building wall for heat transfer reduction and management pp. 699-706 Downloads
Kyoung Ok Lee, Mario A. Medina, Erik Raith and Xiaoqin Sun
Maximization of performance of a PCM latent heat storage system with innovative fins pp. 707-715 Downloads
A. Sciacovelli, F. Gagliardi and V. Verda
Temperature-dependent thermal properties of a paraffin phase change material embedded with herringbone style graphite nanofibers pp. 716-725 Downloads
Ronald J. Warzoha, Rebecca M. Weigand and Amy S. Fleischer
Thermophysical characterization and thermal cycling stability of two TCM: CaCl2 and zeolite pp. 726-730 Downloads
Camila Barreneche, Ana Inés Fernández, Luisa F. Cabeza and Ruud Cuypers
Synthesis, characterization and thermal properties of paraffin microcapsules modified with nano-Al2O3 pp. 731-737 Downloads
Xiang Jiang, Ruilian Luo, Feifei Peng, Yutang Fang, Tomohiro Akiyama and Shuangfeng Wang
Investigation of the effect of dynamic melting in a tube-in-tank PCM system using a CFD model pp. 738-747 Downloads
N.H.S. Tay, M. Belusko, M. Liu and F. Bruno
Effectiveness of direct contact PCM thermal storage with a gas as the heat transfer fluid pp. 748-757 Downloads
M. Belusko, S. Sheoran and F. Bruno
Heat transfer characteristics of a molten-salt thermal energy storage unit with and without heat transfer enhancement pp. 758-772 Downloads
P. Zhang, X. Xiao, Z.N. Meng and M. Li
Potential of residential buildings as thermal energy storage in district heating systems – Results from a pilot test pp. 773-781 Downloads
Johan Kensby, Anders Trüschel and Jan-Olof Dalenbäck
Modeling of thermal storage systems in MILP distributed energy resource models pp. 782-792 Downloads
David Steen, Michael Stadler, Gonçalo Cardoso, Markus Groissböck, Nicholas DeForest and Chris Marnay
Embodied energy in thermal energy storage (TES) systems for high temperature applications pp. 793-799 Downloads
Laia Miró, Eduard Oró, Dieter Boer and Luisa F. Cabeza
Parametric studies and optimisation of pumped thermal electricity storage pp. 800-811 Downloads
Joshua D. McTigue, Alexander J. White and Christos N. Markides
Design of packed bed thermal energy storage systems for high-temperature industrial process heat pp. 812-822 Downloads
G. Zanganeh, A. Pedretti, A. Haselbacher and A. Steinfeld
Stochastic control and real options valuation of thermal storage-enabled demand response from flexible district energy systems pp. 823-831 Downloads
Yerkin Kitapbayev, John Moriarty and Pierluigi Mancarella
Phase change material thermal storage for biofuel preheating in micro trigeneration application: A numerical study pp. 832-844 Downloads
Dawei Wu, Junlong Chen and Anthony P. Roskilly
Liquid air energy storage – Analysis and first results from a pilot scale demonstration plant pp. 845-853 Downloads
Robert Morgan, Stuart Nelmes, Emma Gibson and Gareth Brett
Multi-apartment residential microgrid with electrical and thermal storage devices: Experimental analysis and simulation of energy management strategies pp. 854-866 Downloads
Gabriele Comodi, Andrea Giantomassi, Marco Severini, Stefano Squartini, Francesco Ferracuti, Alessandro Fonti, Davide Nardi Cesarini, Matteo Morodo and Fabio Polonara
Computational fluid dynamics approach for performance evaluation of a solid oxide electrolysis cell for hydrogen production pp. 867-876 Downloads
Maria Navasa, Jinliang Yuan and Bengt Sundén
Energy storage for desalination processes powered by renewable energy and waste heat sources pp. 877-898 Downloads
Veera Gnaneswar Gude
Influence of the vehicle-to-grid strategy on the aging behavior of lithium battery electric vehicles pp. 899-912 Downloads
Andrea Marongiu, Marco Roscher and Dirk Uwe Sauer
Longevity-conscious dimensioning and power management of the hybrid energy storage system in a fuel cell hybrid electric bus pp. 913-924 Downloads
Xiaosong Hu, Lars Johannesson, Nikolce Murgovski and Bo Egardt
Environmental performance of advanced hybrid energy storage systems for electric vehicle applications pp. 925-930 Downloads
Javier Sanfélix, Maarten Messagie, Noshin Omar, Joeri Van Mierlo and Volker Hennige
Modular battery design for reliable, flexible and multi-technology energy storage systems pp. 931-937 Downloads
Susanne Rothgang, Thorsten Baumhöfer, Hauke van Hoek, Tobias Lange, Rik W. De Doncker and Dirk Uwe Sauer
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