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2018, volume 231, issue C

Cross-influence of toluene as tar model compound and HCl on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell anodes in Integrated Biomass Gasifier SOFC Systems pp. 1-11 Downloads
A. Cavalli, M. Kunze and P.V. Aravind
Investigation on the thermal performance of a novel spray tower with upward spraying and downward gas flow pp. 12-21 Downloads
Haijiao Cui, Nianping Li, Jinqing Peng, Rongxin Yin, Jingming Li and Zhibin Wu
Degradations of the electrochemical performance of solid oxide fuel cell induced by material microstructure evolutions pp. 22-28 Downloads
Jiang Zhu and Zijing Lin
Real-time prediction model for indoor temperature in a commercial building pp. 29-53 Downloads
Zakia Afroz, Tania Urmee, G.M. Shafiullah and Gary Higgins
Estimating sectoral demands for electricity using the pooled mean group method pp. 54-67 Downloads
Tej K. Gautam and Krishna P. Paudel
Prediction of the fuel economy potential for a skutterudite thermoelectric generator in light-duty vehicle applications pp. 68-79 Downloads
Song Lan, Zhijia Yang, Richard Stobart and Rui Chen
Integration of concentrating PVs in anaerobic digestion for biomethane production pp. 80-88 Downloads
Yong Hao, Wenjia Li, Zhenyu Tian, Pietro Elia Campana, Hailong Li, Hongguang Jin and Jinyue Yan
Development, design and applications of structural capacitors pp. 89-101 Downloads
D.D.L. Chung
Data-driven proton exchange membrane fuel cell degradation predication through deep learning method pp. 102-115 Downloads
Rui Ma, Tao Yang, Elena Breaz, Zhongliang Li, Pascal Briois and Fei Gao
Fast and experimentally validated model of a latent thermal energy storage device for system level simulations pp. 116-126 Downloads
R. Waser, F. Ghani, S. Maranda, T.S. O'Donovan, P. Schuetz, M. Zaglio and J. Worlitschek
Electrical resistance and microstructure of typical gas diffusion layers for proton exchange membrane fuel cell under compression pp. 127-137 Downloads
Diankai Qiu, Holger Janßen, Linfa Peng, Philipp Irmscher, Xinmin Lai and Werner Lehnert
Waste heat recovery from diesel engines based on Organic Rankine Cycle pp. 138-166 Downloads
Anh Tuan Hoang
Application of density functional theory in studying CO2 capture with TiO2-supported K2CO3 being an example pp. 167-178 Downloads
Qiaoyun Qin, Hongyan Liu, Riguang Zhang, Lixia Ling, Maohong Fan and Baojun Wang
A multizone model of the combustion chamber dynamics in a controlled trajectory rapid compression and expansion machine (CT-RCEM) pp. 179-193 Downloads
Abhinav Tripathi, Chen Zhang and Zongxuan Sun
An optimization model for carbon capture utilization and storage supply chain: A case study in Northeastern China pp. 194-206 Downloads
Shuai Zhang, Linlin Liu, Lei Zhang, Yu Zhuang and Jian Du
A framework to technically evaluate integration of utility-scale photovoltaic plants to weak power distribution systems pp. 207-221 Downloads
Julius Susanto, Farhad Shahnia and David Ludwig
An Adsorption Reverse Electrodialysis system for the generation of electricity from low-grade heat pp. 222-234 Downloads
C. Olkis, G. Santori and S. Brandani
Incorporating unit commitment aspects to the European electricity markets algorithm: An optimization model for the joint clearing of energy and reserve markets pp. 235-258 Downloads
Nikolaos E. Koltsaklis and Athanasios S. Dagoumas
Role of the galloping force and moment of inertia of inclined square cylinders on the performance of hybrid galloping energy harvesters pp. 259-276 Downloads
U. Javed and A. Abdelkefi
Data center holistic demand response algorithm to smooth microgrid tie-line power fluctuation pp. 277-287 Downloads
Ting Yang, Yingjie Zhao, Haibo Pen and Zhaoxia Wang
Field investigation of a hybrid photovoltaic-photothermic-radiative cooling system pp. 288-300 Downloads
Mingke Hu, Bin Zhao, Xianze Ao, Pinghui Zhao, Yuehong Su and Gang Pei
A novel wind speed forecasting system based on hybrid data preprocessing and multi-objective optimization pp. 301-319 Downloads
Chengshi Tian, Yan Hao and Jianming Hu
Simple equations to evaluate the mean fluid temperature of double-U-tube borehole heat exchangers pp. 320-330 Downloads
Enzo Zanchini and Aminhossein Jahanbin
Identification of typical building daily electricity usage profiles using Gaussian mixture model-based clustering and hierarchical clustering pp. 331-342 Downloads
Kehua Li, Zhenjun Ma, Duane Robinson and Jun Ma
Development of a physics-based model to predict the performance of pumps as turbines pp. 343-354 Downloads
Mauro Venturini, Lucrezia Manservigi, Stefano Alvisi and Silvio Simani
Economic-environmental equilibrium based optimal scheduling strategy towards wind-solar-thermal power generation system under limited resources pp. 355-371 Downloads
Jiuping Xu, Fengjuan Wang, Chengwei Lv, Qian Huang and Heping Xie
Low-temperature energy conversion using a phase-change acoustic heat engine pp. 372-379 Downloads
Avishai Meir, Avshalom Offner and Guy Z. Ramon
A review of key environmental and energy performance indicators for the case of renewable energy systems when integrated with storage solutions pp. 380-398 Downloads
Dimitrios-Sotirios Kourkoumpas, Georgios Benekos, Nikolaos Nikolopoulos, Sotirios Karellas, Panagiotis Grammelis and Emmanouel Kakaras
Energy management for a grid-connected wave energy park through a hybrid energy storage system pp. 399-411 Downloads
Arvind Parwal, Martin Fregelius, Irinia Temiz, Malin Göteman, Janaina G. de Oliveira, Cecilia Boström and Mats Leijon
Strongly coupled calcium carbonate/antioxidative graphite nanosheets composites with high cycling stability for thermochemical energy storage pp. 412-422 Downloads
Rui Han, Jihui Gao, Siyu Wei, Yanlin Su, Fei Sun, Guangbo Zhao and Yukun Qin
Integrating an oxygen enriched waste to energy plant with cryogenic engines and Air Separation Unit: Technical, economic and environmental analysis pp. 423-432 Downloads
Alessio Tafone, Fabio Dal Magro and Alessandro Romagnoli
Energy modeling of urban informal settlement redevelopment: Exploring design parameters for optimal thermal comfort in Dharavi, Mumbai, India pp. 433-445 Downloads
Alex Nutkiewicz, Rishee K. Jain and Ronita Bardhan
Identifying degradation mechanisms in lithium-ion batteries with coating defects at the cathode pp. 446-455 Downloads
Lamuel David, Rose E. Ruther, Debasish Mohanty, Harry M. Meyer, Yangping Sheng, Sergiy Kalnaus, Claus Daniel and David L. Wood
Coordination optimization of multiple thermostatically controlled load groups in distribution network with renewable energy pp. 456-467 Downloads
Congying Wei, Jian Xu, Siyang Liao, Yuanzhang Sun, Yibo Jiang and Zhen Zhang
Analysis of pressure drop in T-junction and its effect on thermodynamic cycle efficiency pp. 468-480 Downloads
Pei Lu, Shuai Deng, Li Zhao, Yawei Shao, Dongpeng Zhao, Weicong Xu, Ying Zhang and Zhi Wang
Vehicle grid integration for demand response with mixture user model and decentralized optimization pp. 481-493 Downloads
Yingqi Xiong, Bin Wang, Chi-cheng Chu and Rajit Gadh
Microencapsulation and thermal properties of myristic acid with ethyl cellulose shell for thermal energy storage pp. 494-501 Downloads
Yaxue Lin, Chuqiao Zhu, Guruprasad Alva and Guiyin Fang
A comprehensive review of carbon and hydrocarbon assisted water electrolysis for hydrogen production pp. 502-533 Downloads
HyungKuk Ju, Sukhvinder Badwal and Sarbjit Giddey
Multi-objective optimization of a neighborhood-level urban energy network: Considering Game-theory inspired multi-benefit allocation constraints pp. 534-548 Downloads
Rui Jing, Meng Wang, Hao Liang, Xiaonan Wang, Ning Li, Nilay Shah and Yingru Zhao
Optimization of performance and operational cost for a dual mode diesel-natural gas RCCI and diesel combustion engine pp. 549-561 Downloads
Ehsan Ansari, Mahdi Shahbakhti and Jeffrey Naber
A system operator’s utility function for the frequency response market pp. 562-569 Downloads
Thomas Greve, Fei Teng, Michael Pollitt and Goran Strbac
Community energy storage: A responsible innovation towards a sustainable energy system? pp. 570-585 Downloads
Binod Prasad Koirala, Ellen van Oost and Henny van der Windt
Impact of road grade on real driving emissions from two Euro 5 diesel vehicles pp. 586-593 Downloads
Maria Antonietta Costagliola, Marianeve Costabile and Maria Vittoria Prati
Alkali-catalyzed hydrothermal treatment of sawdust for production of a potential feedstock for catalytic gasification pp. 594-599 Downloads
Akihisa Imai, Flabianus Hardi, Petter Lundqvist, Erik Furusjö, Kawnish Kirtania, Selhan Karagöz, Kubilay Tekin and Kunio Yoshikawa
A piezoelectric spring pendulum oscillator used for multi-directional and ultra-low frequency vibration energy harvesting pp. 600-614 Downloads
Yipeng Wu, Jinhao Qiu, Shengpeng Zhou, Hongli Ji, Yang Chen and Sen Li
Robust optimal design of distributed energy systems based on life-cycle performance analysis using a probabilistic approach considering uncertainties of design inputs and equipment degradations pp. 615-627 Downloads
Jing Kang and Shengwei Wang
Fuel quality of stored wood chips – Influence of semi-permeable covering material pp. 628-634 Downloads
Erik Anerud, Raida Jirjis, Gunnar Larsson and Lars Eliasson
Computational performance analysis of overheating mitigation measures in parked vehicles pp. 635-644 Downloads
V. Soulios, R.C.G.M. Loonen, V. Metavitsiadis and J.L.M. Hensen
Islanding detection technique using Slantlet Transform and Ridgelet Probabilistic Neural Network in grid-connected photovoltaic system pp. 645-659 Downloads
Masoud Ahmadipour, Hashim Hizam, Mohammad Lutfi Othman, Mohd Amran Mohd Radzi and Avinash Srikanta Murthy
Optimum design and performance of a solar dish microturbine using tailored component characteristics pp. 660-676 Downloads
Giacomo Gavagnin, Sergio Rech, David Sánchez and Andrea Lazzaretto
Probabilistic power flow computation considering correlated wind speeds pp. 677-685 Downloads
Qing Xiao and Shaowu Zhou
Influences of energy data on Bayesian calibration of building energy model pp. 686-698 Downloads
Hyunwoo Lim and Zhai, Zhiqiang (John)
Future perspectives of run-of-the-river hydropower and the impact of glaciers’ shrinkage: The case of Italian Alps pp. 699-713 Downloads
Epari Ritesh Patro, Carlo De Michele and Francesco Avanzi
Impacts of urban morphology on reducing cooling load and increasing ventilation potential in hot-arid climate pp. 714-746 Downloads
Kavan Javanroodi, Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad and Vahid M. Nik
Alternating current and direct current-based electrical systems for marine vessels with electric propulsion drives pp. 747-756 Downloads
Merlin Chai, Dastagiri Reddy Bonthapalle, Lingeshwaren Sobrayen, Sanjib K. Panda, Die Wu and XiaoQing Chen
Comparison of light-duty transportation fuels produced from renewable hydrogen and green carbon dioxide pp. 757-767 Downloads
Dominik Bongartz, Larissa Doré, Katharina Eichler, Thomas Grube, Benedikt Heuser, Laura E. Hombach, Martin Robinius, Stefan Pischinger, Detlef Stolten, Grit Walther and Alexander Mitsos
Hygroscopic transformation of woody biomass torrefaction for carbon storage pp. 768-776 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Bo-Jhih Lin, Baptiste Colin, Jo-Shu Chang, Anélie Pétrissans, Xiaotao Bi and Mathieu Pétrissans
Contribution of upcycling surplus hydrogen to design a sustainable supply chain: The case study of Northern Spain pp. 777-787 Downloads
María Yáñez, Alfredo Ortiz, Braulio Brunaud, Ignacio E. Grossmann and Inmaculada Ortiz
Assessing energy storage technology options using a multi-criteria decision analysis-based framework pp. 788-802 Downloads
Daniel Murrant and Jonathan Radcliffe
Cost-efficient multi-energy management with flexible complementarity strategy for energy internet pp. 803-815 Downloads
Fangyuan Si, Jinkuan Wang, Yinghua Han, Qiang Zhao, Peng Han and Yan Li
Closed-loop combustion phase control for multiple combustion modes by multiple injections in a compression ignition engine fueled by gasoline-diesel mixture pp. 816-825 Downloads
Cheng Fang, Minggao Ouyang, Per Tunestal, Fuyuan Yang and Xiaofan Yang
Vapour absorption enhancement using passive techniques for absorption cooling/heating technologies: A review pp. 826-853 Downloads
Carlos Amaris, Manel Vallès and Mahmoud Bourouis
A comparison of price-taker and production cost models for determining system value, revenue, and scheduling of concentrating solar power plants pp. 854-865 Downloads
Janna Martinek, Jennie Jorgenson, Mark Mehos and Paul Denholm
Data-driven oxygen excess ratio control for proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 866-875 Downloads
Li Sun, Jiong Shen, Qingsong Hua and Kwang Y. Lee
Impact of structure on unified efficiency for Chinese service sector—A two-stage analysis pp. 876-886 Downloads
Guanglu Zhang and Boqiang Lin
Energy management strategy of thermoelectric generation for localized air conditioners in commercial vehicles based on 48 V electrical system pp. 887-900 Downloads
Xiaolong Li, Changjun Xie, Shuhai Quan, Liang Huang and Wei Fang
Simulation of operational reliability of thermal power plants during a power crisis: Are we underestimating power shortage risk? pp. 901-913 Downloads
Ayumi Yuyama, Yoshio Kajitani and Gaku Shoji
Temporal change in India’s imbalance of carbon emissions embodied in international trade pp. 914-925 Downloads
Zhenyu Wang, Jing Meng, Heran Zheng, Shuai Shao, Daoping Wang, Zhifu Mi and Dabo Guan
A control strategy for improved efficiency in direct-coupled photovoltaic systems through load management pp. 926-936 Downloads
Joseph A. Azzolini and Meng Tao
Decomposition and decoupling analysis of CO2 emissions in OECD pp. 937-950 Downloads
Jiandong Chen, Ping Wang, Lianbiao Cui, Shuo Huang and Malin Song
Assessing life cycle water use and pollution of coal-fired power generation in China using input-output analysis pp. 951-958 Downloads
Li Chai, Xiawei Liao, Liu Yang and Xianglin Yan
Model predictive control strategy applied to different types of building for space heating pp. 959-971 Downloads
Gohar Gholamibozanjani, Joan Tarragona, Alvaro de Gracia, Cèsar Fernández, Luisa F. Cabeza and Mohammed M. Farid
Integrated semi-transparent cadmium telluride photovoltaic glazing into windows: Energy and daylight performance for different architecture designs pp. 972-984 Downloads
Yanyi Sun, Katie Shanks, Hasan Baig, Wei Zhang, Xia Hao, Yongxue Li, Bo He, Robin Wilson, Hao Liu, Senthilarasu Sundaram, Jingquan Zhang, Lingzhi Xie, Tapas Mallick and Yupeng Wu
Stochastic multi-objective optimization of photovoltaics integrated three-phase distribution network based on dynamic scenarios pp. 985-996 Downloads
Jian Xu, Jing Wang, Siyang Liao, Yuanzhang Sun, Deping Ke, Xiong Li, Ji Liu, Yibo Jiang, Congying Wei and Bowen Tang
Techno-economic assessment of a renewable bio-jet-fuel production using power-to-gas pp. 997-1006 Downloads
Konstantin M. Zech, Sebastian Dietrich, Matthias Reichmuth, Werner Weindorf and Müller-Langer, Franziska
How to implement real-time pricing in China? A solution based on power credit mechanism pp. 1007-1018 Downloads
Mei Sun, Jian Ji and Benjamin Chris Ampimah
Design and dynamic modeling of printed circuit heat exchangers for supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton power cycles pp. 1019-1032 Downloads
Yuan Jiang, Eric Liese, Stephen E. Zitney and Debangsu Bhattacharyya
Investigating the flue-wall deformation effects on performance characteristics of an open-top aluminum anode baking furnace pp. 1033-1049 Downloads
Mouna Zaidani, Abdul Raouf Tajik, Zahid Ahmed Qureshi, Tariq Shamim and Abu Al-Rub, Rashid K.
A method to study the intake consistency of the dual-stack polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell system under dynamic operating conditions pp. 1050-1058 Downloads
Huicui Chen, Yuxiang He, Xinfeng Zhang, Xin Zhao, Tong Zhang and Pucheng Pei
Battery aging in multi-energy microgrid design using mixed integer linear programming pp. 1059-1069 Downloads
Gonçalo Cardoso, Thomas Brouhard, Nicholas DeForest, Dai Wang, Miguel Heleno and Leander Kotzur
Spatio-temporal simulation of energy consumption in China's provinces based on satellite night-time light data pp. 1070-1078 Downloads
Hongwei Xiao, Zhongyu Ma, Zhifu Mi, John Kelsey, Jiali Zheng, Weihua Yin and Min Yan
Membrane distillation hybridized with a thermoelectric heat pump for energy-efficient water treatment and space cooling pp. 1079-1088 Downloads
Yong Zen Tan, Le Han, Nick Guan Pin Chew, Wai Hoong Chow, Rong Wang and Jia Wei Chew
Spatial Markov chain model for electric vehicle charging in cities using geographical information system (GIS) data pp. 1089-1099 Downloads
Mahmoud Shepero and Joakim Munkhammar
Modelling urban energy requirements using open source data and models pp. 1100-1108 Downloads
Alaa Alhamwi, Wided Medjroubi, Thomas Vogt and Carsten Agert
An optical performance comparison of three concentrating solar power collector designs in linear Fresnel, parabolic trough, and central receiver pp. 1109-1121 Downloads
Nicholas Kincaid, Greg Mungas, Nicholas Kramer, Michael Wagner and Guangdong Zhu
Coordinated allocation of distributed generation, capacitor banks and soft open points in active distribution networks considering dispatching results pp. 1122-1131 Downloads
Lu Zhang, Chen Shen, Ying Chen, Shaowei Huang and Wei Tang
Direct absorption solar collector (DASC) modeling and simulation using a novel Eulerian-Lagrangian hybrid approach: Optical, thermal, and hydrodynamic interactions pp. 1132-1145 Downloads
Omar Z. Sharaf, Al-Khateeb, Ashraf N., Dimitrios C. Kyritsis and Abu-Nada, Eiyad
Parametric analysis of pumping station with parallel-configured centrifugal pumps towards self-learning applications pp. 1146-1158 Downloads
Pawel Olszewski and Jamal Arafeh
Hydro-pneumatic storage for wind-diesel electricity generation in remote sites pp. 1159-1178 Downloads
Y. Saad, R. Younes, S. Abboudi and A. Ilinca
Design and techno-economic optimization of a rotary chemical looping combustion power plant with CO2 capture pp. 1179-1190 Downloads
Chukwunwike O. Iloeje, Zhenlong Zhao and Ahmed F. Ghoniem
Quantifying drivers of CO2 emissions from electricity generation – Current practices and future extensions pp. 1191-1204 Downloads
Tian Goh, B.W. Ang and X.Y. Xu
An empirical model as a supporting tool to optimize the main design parameters of a stationary oscillating water column wave energy converter pp. 1205-1215 Downloads
I. Simonetti, L. Cappietti and H. Oumeraci
Design and performance assessment of a combined heat, hydrogen and power (CHHP) system based on ammonia-fueled SOFC pp. 1216-1229 Downloads
A. Perna, M. Minutillo, E. Jannelli, V. Cigolotti, S.W. Nam and J. Han
Confidentiality preservation in user-side integrated energy system management for cloud computing pp. 1230-1245 Downloads
Nianfeng Tian, Tao Ding, Yongheng Yang, Qinglai Guo, Hongbin Sun and Frede Blaabjerg
Automating occupant-building interaction via smart zoning of thermostatic loads: A switched self-tuning approach pp. 1246-1258 Downloads
Simone Baldi, Christos D. Korkas, Maolong Lv and Elias B. Kosmatopoulos
A novel dataset of emission abatement sector extended input-output table for environmental policy analysis pp. 1259-1267 Downloads
Ke Wang, Jiayu Wang, Yi-Ming Wei and Chi Zhang
Economics of renewable energy expansion and security of supply: A dynamic simulation of the German electricity market pp. 1268-1284 Downloads
Andreas Coester, Marjan W. Hofkes and Elissaios Papyrakis
A comparison of storage systems in neighbourhood decentralized energy system applications from 2015 to 2050 pp. 1285-1306 Downloads
Portia Murray, Kristina Orehounig, David Grosspietsch and Jan Carmeliet
Parameter identification of lithium-ion battery pack for different applications based on Cramer-Rao bound analysis and experimental study pp. 1307-1318 Downloads
Ziyou Song, Heath Hofmann, Xinfan Lin, Xuebing Han and Jun Hou
An improved supercritical coal-fired power generation system incorporating a supplementary supercritical CO2 cycle pp. 1319-1329 Downloads
Cheng Xu, Qiang Zhang, Zhiping Yang, Xiaosa Li, Gang Xu and Yongping Yang
Biofuel-water-land nexus in the last agricultural frontier region of the Brazilian Cerrado pp. 1330-1345 Downloads
Renata del G. Rodriguez, Bridget R. Scanlon, Carey W. King, Fabio V. Scarpare, Alexandre C. Xavier and Fernando F. Pruski
An electrostatic discharge based needle-to-needle booster for dramatic performance enhancement of triboelectric nanogenerators pp. 1346-1353 Downloads
Cong Zhai, Xiujian Chou, Jian He, Linlin Song, Zengxing Zhang, Tao Wen, Zhumei Tian, Xi Chen, Wendong Zhang, Zhichuan Niu and Chenyang Xue
Analysis and forecasting of the carbon price using multi—resolution singular value decomposition and extreme learning machine optimized by adaptive whale optimization algorithm pp. 1354-1371 Downloads
Wei Sun and Chongchong Zhang
A Geodesign method for managing a closed-loop urban system through algae cultivation pp. 1372-1382 Downloads
Perry Pei-Ju Yang, Steven Jige Quan, Castro-Lacouture, Daniel and Ben J. Stuart
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