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2017, volume 203, issue C

Co-conversion of waste activated sludge and sawdust through hydrothermal liquefaction: Optimization of reaction parameters using response surface methodology pp. 1-10 Downloads
Laleh Nazari, Zhongshun Yuan, Madhumita B. Ray and Xu, Chunbao (Charles)
Modelling, simulation and analysis of intensified regenerator for solvent based carbon capture using rotating packed bed technology pp. 11-25 Downloads
Atuman S. Joel, Meihong Wang, Colin Ramshaw and Eni Oko
A cyberGIS approach to uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in biomass supply chain optimization pp. 26-40 Downloads
Hao Hu, Tao Lin, Shaowen Wang and Luis F. Rodriguez
A multi-agent based energy management solution for integrated buildings and microgrid system pp. 41-56 Downloads
Anvari-Moghaddam, Amjad, Rahimi-Kian, Ashkan, Maryam S. Mirian and Josep M. Guerrero
Modelling of AQI related to building space heating energy demand based on big data analytics pp. 57-71 Downloads
Han Li, Shijun You, Huan Zhang, Wandong Zheng, Xuejing Zheng, Jie Jia, Tianzhen Ye and Lanjun Zou
Western Iberian offshore wind resources: More or less in a global warming climate? pp. 72-90 Downloads
Pedro M.M. Soares, Daniela C.A. Lima, Rita M. Cardoso, Manuel L. Nascimento and Alvaro Semedo
Comparative study of combustion and emissions of kerosene (RP-3), kerosene-pentanol blends and diesel in a compression ignition engine pp. 91-100 Downloads
Longfei Chen, Shirun Ding, Haoye Liu, Yiji Lu, Yanfei Li and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Experimental investigation on PEM fuel cell cold start behavior containing porous metal foam as cathode flow distributor pp. 101-114 Downloads
Sen Huo, Nathanial James Cooper, Travis Lee Smith, Jae Wan Park and Kui Jiao
Frequency response services designed for energy storage pp. 115-127 Downloads
D.M. Greenwood, K.Y. Lim, C. Patsios, P.F. Lyons, Y.S. Lim and P.C. Taylor
Building-to-grid predictive power flow control for demand response and demand flexibility programs pp. 128-141 Downloads
M. Razmara, G.R. Bharati, Drew Hanover, M. Shahbakhti, S. Paudyal and R.D. Robinett
Piezomagnetoelastic energy harvesting from vortex-induced vibrations using monostable characteristics pp. 142-153 Downloads
R. Naseer, H.L. Dai, A. Abdelkefi and L. Wang
The exploration on the trade preferences of cooperation partners in four energy commodities’ international trade: Crude oil, coal, natural gas and photovoltaic pp. 154-163 Downloads
Qing Guan and Haizhong An
Dual-fuel RCCI engine combustion modeling with detailed chemistry considering flame propagation in partially premixed combustion pp. 164-176 Downloads
Dezhi Zhou, Wenming Yang, Feiyang Zhao and Jing Li
Torrefaction of a solid recovered fuel (SRF) to improve the fuel properties for gasification processes pp. 177-188 Downloads
J. Recari, C. Berrueco, N. Puy, S. Alier, J. Bartrolí and X. Farriol
Numerical analysis of heat propagation in a battery pack using a novel technology for triggering thermal runaway pp. 189-200 Downloads
Paul T. Coman, Eric C. Darcy, Christian T. Veje and Ralph E. White
Technical and economic assessment of geothermal soil heating systems in row covered protected crops: A case study from Greece pp. 201-218 Downloads
Paschalis Dalampakis, John Gelegenis, Andreas Ilias, Angelos Ladas and Petros Kolios
Advances in thermal energy storage materials and their applications towards zero energy buildings: A critical review pp. 219-239 Downloads
Jesús Lizana, Ricardo Chacartegui, Barrios-Padura, Angela and José Manuel Valverde
Quantifying the water-power linkage on hydrothermal power systems: A Greek case study pp. 240-253 Downloads
Fernández-Blanco, R., K. Kavvadias and I. Hidalgo González
Numerical investigation of a non-aqueous lithium-oxygen battery based on lithium superoxide as the discharge product pp. 254-266 Downloads
Peng Tan, Meng Ni, Zongping Shao, Bin Chen and Wei Kong
Incentive-based demand response considering hierarchical electricity market: A Stackelberg game approach pp. 267-279 Downloads
Mengmeng Yu and Seung Ho Hong
Hourly yield prediction of a double-slope solar still hybrid with rubber scrapers in low-latitude areas based on the particle swarm optimization technique pp. 280-303 Downloads
Al-Sulttani, Ali O., Amimul Ahsan, Ammar N. Hanoon, A. Rahman, N.N.N. Daud and S. Idrus
Costs and environmental impacts multi-objective heat exchanger networks synthesis using a meta-heuristic approach pp. 304-320 Downloads
L.V. Pavão, C.B.B. Costa, M.A.S.S. Ravagnani and L. Jiménez
Assessing the impact of tidal stream energy extraction on the Lagrangian circulation pp. 321-332 Downloads
Nicolas Guillou and Georges Chapalain
How energy price changes can affect production- and supply chain planning – A case study at a pulp company pp. 333-347 Downloads
Martin Waldemarsson, Helene Lidestam and Magnus Karlsson
Assessing the value of information in residential building simulation: Comparing simulated and actual building loads at the circuit level pp. 348-363 Downloads
Brock Glasgo, Chris Hendrickson and Inês Lima Azevedo
Stability improvement of DC grids involving a large number of parallel solar power optimizers: An active damping approach pp. 364-372 Downloads
Mohammad Mahdavyfakhr, Nasim Rashidirad, Mohsen Hamzeh, Keyhan Sheshyekani and Ebrahim Afjei
Experimental investigation of the thermal and mechanical stability of rocks for high-temperature thermal-energy storage pp. 373-389 Downloads
Viola Becattini, Thomas Motmans, Alba Zappone, Claudio Madonna, Andreas Haselbacher and Aldo Steinfeld
Effect of fuel injector deposit on spray characteristics, gaseous emissions and particulate matter in a gasoline direct injection engine pp. 390-402 Downloads
Changzhao Jiang, Hongming Xu, Dhananjay Srivastava, Xiao Ma, Karl Dearn, Roger Cracknell and Krueger-Venus, Jens
Reformation of hydrogen sulfide to hydrogen in the presence of xylene pp. 403-411 Downloads
El-Melih, A.M., A. Al Shoaibi and A.K. Gupta
CO2 capture performance of a novel synthetic CaO/sepiolite sorbent at calcium looping conditions pp. 412-421 Downloads
Jiewen Shi, Yingjie Li, Qing Zhang, Xiaotong Ma, Lunbo Duan and Xingang Zhou
Optimal battery storage operation for PV systems with tariff incentives pp. 422-441 Downloads
Abubakar Sani Hassan, Liana Cipcigan and Nick Jenkins
Integrated working fluid-thermodynamic cycle design of organic Rankine cycle power systems for waste heat recovery pp. 442-453 Downloads
Stefano Cignitti, Jesper G. Andreasen, Fredrik Haglind, John M. Woodley and Jens Abildskov
Benchmarking by convex non-parametric least squares with application on the energy performance of office buildings pp. 454-462 Downloads
William Chung and Iris M.H. Yeung
A genetic algorithm approach for modelling low voltage network demands pp. 463-473 Downloads
Georgios Giasemidis, Stephen Haben, Tamsin Lee, Colin Singleton and Peter Grindrod
1D+3D two-phase flow numerical model of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 474-495 Downloads
Rui B. Ferreira, D.S. Falcão, V.B. Oliveira and A.M.F.R. Pinto
Analysis of feed-in tariff policies for solar photovoltaic in China 2011–2016 pp. 496-505 Downloads
Liang-Cheng Ye, João F.D. Rodrigues and Hai Xiang Lin
Investigation of energy transformation and damage effect under severe knock of engines pp. 506-521 Downloads
Han Xu, Anren Yao, Chunde Yao and Jian Gao
Unique phase identification of trimetallic copper iron manganese oxygen carrier using simultaneous differential scanning calorimetry/thermogravimetric analysis during chemical looping combustion reactions with methane pp. 522-534 Downloads
William Benincosa, Ranjani Siriwardane, Hanjing Tian and Jarrett Riley
Numerical and experimental comparative study of microfluidic fuel cells with different flow configurations: Co-flow vs. counter-flow cell pp. 535-548 Downloads
Yifei Wang, Dennis Y.C. Leung, Hao Zhang, Jin Xuan and Huizhi Wang
Design and experimental validation of an adaptive control law to maximize the power generation of a small-scale waste heat recovery system pp. 549-559 Downloads
Andres Hernandez, Adriano Desideri, Sergei Gusev, Clara M. Ionescu, Martijn Van Den Broek, Sylvain Quoilin, Vincent Lemort and Robin De Keyser
Experimental investigation of transparent parabolic trough collector based on gas-phase nanofluid pp. 560-570 Downloads
Marco Potenza, Marco Milanese, Gianpiero Colangelo and Arturo de Risi
Low-energy-penalty principles of CO2 capture in polygeneration systems pp. 571-581 Downloads
Handong Wu, Lin Gao, Hongguang Jin and Sheng Li
Experimental Investigation on a Diesel Engine Fueled by Diesel-Biodiesel Blends and their Emulsions at Various Engine Operating Conditions pp. 582-593 Downloads
Osama Ahmed Elsanusi, Murari Mohon Roy and Manpreet Singh Sidhu
Power generation based on the Ca(OH)2/ CaO thermochemical storage system – Experimental investigation of discharge operation modes in lab scale and corresponding conceptual process design pp. 594-607 Downloads
Matthias Schmidt and Marc Linder
Effects of electric vehicle charging strategies on the German power system pp. 608-622 Downloads
Philipp Hanemann, Marika Behnert and Thomas Bruckner
Are building users prepared for energy flexible buildings?—A large-scale survey in the Netherlands pp. 623-634 Downloads
Rongling Li, Gamze Dane, Christian Finck and Wim Zeiler
Combustion characteristics of premixed propane/hydrogen/air in the micro-planar combustor with different channel-heights pp. 635-642 Downloads
Aikun Tang, Jiang Deng, Tao Cai, Yiming Xu and Jianfeng Pan
Design, construction and performance testing of a PV blind-integrated Trombe wall module pp. 643-656 Downloads
Zhongting Hu, Wei He, Dengyun Hu, Song Lv, Liping Wang, Jie Ji, Hongbing Chen and Jinwei Ma
A review of fishing vessel refrigeration systems driven by exhaust heat from engines pp. 657-676 Downloads
Xiangguo Xu, Yishu Li, ShenYin Yang and Guangming Chen
Synthesis and characterization of microencapsulated myristic acid–palmitic acid eutectic mixture as phase change material for thermal energy storage pp. 677-685 Downloads
Guruprasad Alva, Xiang Huang, Lingkun Liu and Guiyin Fang
The reliability and availability evaluation of repairable district heating networks under changeable external conditions pp. 686-695 Downloads
Xiaofang Shan, Peng Wang and Weizhen Lu
A multi-objective CFD optimization of liquid fuel spray injection in dry-low-emission gas-turbine combustors pp. 696-710 Downloads
Behrad Asgari and Ehsan Amani
System-level cost evaluation for economic viability of cellulosic biofuel manufacturing pp. 711-722 Downloads
Lin Li and Yuntian Ge
Development of an energy atlas for renovation of the multifamily building stock in Sweden pp. 723-736 Downloads
Tim Johansson, Thomas Olofsson and Mikael Mangold
Improved system control logic for an MCHP system incorporating electric storage pp. 737-751 Downloads
C.D. Ummenhofer, G. Heyer, T. Roediger, J. Olsen and J. Page
A novel method for decomposing electricity feeder load into elementary profiles from customer information pp. 752-760 Downloads
Alexis Gerossier, Thibaut Barbier and Robin Girard
Experimental investigation of a super performance dew point air cooler pp. 761-777 Downloads
Peng Xu, Xiaoli Ma, Xudong Zhao and Kevin Fancey
Optimization of the octane response of gasoline/ethanol blends pp. 778-793 Downloads
Jihad Badra, Abdullah S. AlRamadan and S. Mani Sarathy
Sensitivity analysis of acquisition granularity of photovoltaic output power to capacity configuration of energy storage systems pp. 794-807 Downloads
Xiaojuan Han, Dahe Liu, Jian Liu and Lingda Kong
Dynamic performance analysis of a cascaded thermoelectric generator pp. 808-815 Downloads
Rong Shen, Xiaolong Gou, Haoyu Xu and Kuanrong Qiu
Chronological operation simulation framework for regional power system under high penetration of renewable energy using meteorological data pp. 816-828 Downloads
Shiwu Liao, Wei Yao, Xingning Han, Jinyu Wen and Shijie Cheng
SAInt – A novel quasi-dynamic model for assessing security of supply in coupled gas and electricity transmission networks pp. 829-857 Downloads
Kwabena Addo Pambour, Burcin Cakir Erdener, Bolado-Lavin, Ricardo and Gerard P.J. Dijkema
Decomposing core energy factor structure of U.S. residential buildings through principal component analysis with variable clustering on high-dimensional mixed data pp. 858-873 Downloads
Endong Wang
Will China make a difference in its carbon intensity reduction targets by 2020 and 2030? pp. 874-882 Downloads
Lei Xu, Nengcheng Chen and Zeqiang Chen
Adaptive real-time optimal energy management strategy based on equivalent factors optimization for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle pp. 883-896 Downloads
Chao Yang, Siyu Du, Liang Li, Sixong You, Yiyong Yang and Yue Zhao
Exploring the potential of tree-based ensemble methods in solar radiation modeling pp. 897-916 Downloads
Muhammed A. Hassan, A. Khalil, S. Kaseb and M.A. Kassem
Load shifting using the heating and cooling system of an office building: Quantitative potential evaluation for different flexibility and storage options pp. 917-937 Downloads
Konstantin Klein, Sebastian Herkel, Hans-Martin Henning and Clemens Felsmann
Thermal performance analysis of a metal corrugated packing solar air collector in cold regions pp. 938-947 Downloads
Wandong Zheng, Huan Zhang, Shijun You, Yindan Fu and Xuejing Zheng
Numerical investigation of a joint approach to thermal energy storage and compressed air energy storage in aquifers pp. 948-958 Downloads
Chaobin Guo, Keni Zhang, Lehua Pan, Zuansi Cai, Cai Li and Yi Li
Optimized dispatch in a first-principles concentrating solar power production model pp. 959-971 Downloads
Michael J. Wagner, Alexandra M. Newman, William T. Hamilton and Robert J. Braun
Cooperation in microgrids through power exchange: An optimal sizing and operation approach pp. 972-981 Downloads
Ioannis Zenginis, John S. Vardakas, Cynthia Echave, Moisés Morató, Jordi Abadal and Christos V. Verikoukis
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