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2017, volume 206, issue C

Proposal and assessment of a novel integrated CCHP system with biogas steam reforming using solar energy pp. 1-11 Downloads
Bosheng Su, Wei Han and Hongguang Jin
Techno-economic analysis of the viability of residential photovoltaic systems using lithium-ion batteries for energy storage in the United Kingdom pp. 12-21 Downloads
Kotub Uddin, Rebecca Gough, Jonathan Radcliffe, James Marco and Paul Jennings
An assessment framework to quantify the interaction between the built environment and the electricity grid pp. 22-31 Downloads
Eduard Cubi, Oguz Akbilgic and Joule Bergerson
Operational flexibility of future generation portfolios with high renewables pp. 32-41 Downloads
Peerapat Vithayasrichareon, Jenny Riesz and Iain MacGill
A Nash-Cournot approach to assessing flexible ramping products pp. 42-50 Downloads
Qixin Chen, Peng Zou, Chenye Wu, Junliu Zhang, Ming Li, Qing Xia and Chongqing Kang
Production of hydrogen-rich syngas using Zr modified Ca-Co bifunctional catalyst-sorbent in chemical looping steam methane reforming pp. 51-62 Downloads
Akbari-Emadabadi, S., M.R. Rahimpour, A. Hafizi and P. Keshavarz
Recycled waste black polyurethane sponges for solar vapor generation and distillation pp. 63-69 Downloads
Sainan Ma, Chun Pang Chiu, Yujiao Zhu, Chun Yin Tang, Hui Long, Wayesh Qarony, Xinhua Zhao, Xuming Zhang, Wai Hung Lo and Yuen Hong Tsang
Experimental and numerical performance analysis of a TC-Trombe wall pp. 70-82 Downloads
Bendong Yu, Wei He, Niansi Li, Liping Wang, Jingyong Cai, Hongbing Chen, Jie Ji and Gang Xu
An integrated engineering system for maximizing bioenergy production from food waste pp. 83-89 Downloads
Yingqun Ma, Weiwei Cai and Yu Liu
Real-time state of charge estimation in thermal storage vessels applied to a smart polygeneration grid pp. 90-100 Downloads
M.L. Ferrari, A. Cuneo, M. Pascenti and A. Traverso
Transient thermal analysis of a lithium-ion battery pack comparing different cooling solutions for automotive applications pp. 101-112 Downloads
Armando De Vita, Arpit Maheshwari, Matteo Destro, Massimo Santarelli and Massimiliana Carello
Coupled wind farm parameterization with a mesoscale model for simulations of an onshore wind farm pp. 113-125 Downloads
Renyu Yuan, Wenju Ji, Kun Luo, Jianwen Wang, Sanxia Zhang, Qiang Wang, Jianren Fan, MingJiang Ni and Kefa Cen
Hydrogen production from ethanol decomposition by pulsed discharge with needle-net configurations pp. 126-133 Downloads
Yanbin Xin, Bing Sun, Xiaomei Zhu, Zhiyu Yan, Xiaotong Zhao and Xiaohang Sun
A novel stochastic modeling method to simulate cooling loads in residential districts pp. 134-149 Downloads
Jingjing An, Da Yan, Tianzhen Hong and Kaiyu Sun
A sandpaper assisted micro-structured polydimethylsiloxane fabrication for human skin based triboelectric energy harvesting application pp. 150-158 Downloads
Mohammad Sala Uddin Rasel and Jae-Yeong Park
Strategic allocation of community energy storage in a residential system with rooftop PV units pp. 159-171 Downloads
Junainah Sardi, N. Mithulananthan and Duong Quoc Hung
Influence of SO2 on CO2 storage for CCS technology: Evaluation of CO2/SO2 co-capture pp. 172-180 Downloads
Beatriz Gimeno, Manuela Artal, Inmaculada Velasco, Sofía T. Blanco and Javier Fernández
Three typical operating states of an R744 two-phase thermosyphon loop pp. 181-192 Downloads
Zhen Tong, Xiao-Hua Liu and Yi Jiang
An energy performance evaluation methodology for individual office building with dynamic energy benchmarks using limited information pp. 193-205 Downloads
Jiangyan Liu, Huanxin Chen, Jiahui Liu, Zhengfei Li, Ronggeng Huang, Lu Xing, Jiangyu Wang and Guannan Li
Two-stage discrete-continuous multi-objective load optimization: An industrial consumer utility approach to demand response pp. 206-221 Downloads
Ahmed Abdulaal, Ramin Moghaddass and Shihab Asfour
A support approach for the conceptual design of energy-efficient cooker hoods pp. 222-239 Downloads
Paolo Cicconi, Daniele Landi, Michele Germani and Anna Costanza Russo
Vertical bifacial solar farms: Physics, design, and global optimization pp. 240-248 Downloads
M. Ryyan Khan, Amir Hanna, Xingshu Sun and Muhammad A. Alam
Assessing the potential of PV hybrid systems to cover HVAC loads in a grid-connected residential building through intelligent control pp. 249-266 Downloads
J.C. Solano, L. Olivieri and Caamaño-Martín, E.
Electricity demand planning forecasts should consider climate non-stationarity to maintain reserve margins during heat waves pp. 267-277 Downloads
Daniel Burillo, Mikhail V. Chester, Benjamin Ruddell and Nathan Johnson
Hydrothermal liquefaction of high- and low-lipid algae: Bio-crude oil chemistry pp. 278-292 Downloads
Feng Cheng, Zheng Cui, Lin Chen, Jacqueline Jarvis, Neil Paz, Tanner Schaub, Nagamany Nirmalakhandan and Catherine E. Brewer
Experimental study on thermal performance of phase change material passive and active combined using for building application in winter pp. 293-302 Downloads
Xiangfei Kong, Pengfei Jie, Chengqiang Yao and Yun Liu
Pressure retarded osmosis process for power generation: Feasibility, energy balance and controlling parameters pp. 303-311 Downloads
Ali Altaee, John Zhou, Adnan Alhathal Alanezi and Guillermo Zaragoza
Effect of a diffuser on performance enhancement of a cylindrical methanol steam reformer by computational fluid dynamic analysis pp. 312-328 Downloads
Shiang-Wuu Perng, Rong-Fang Horng and Horng-Wen Wu
Modeling and optimal steady-state operating points of an ORC waste heat recovery system for diesel engines pp. 329-345 Downloads
H. Koppauer, W. Kemmetmüller and A. Kugi
Development of master-slave energy management strategy based on fuzzy logic hysteresis state machine and differential power processing compensation for a PEMFC-LIB-SC hybrid tramway pp. 346-363 Downloads
Fei Peng, Yuanzhe Zhao, Xiaopeng Li, Zhixiang Liu, Weirong Chen, Yang Liu and Donghua Zhou
Carbon capture and utilization of fermentation CO2: Integrated ethanol fermentation and succinic acid production as an efficient platform pp. 364-371 Downloads
Quanguo Zhang, Nurhayati,, Chieh-Lun Cheng, Dillirani Nagarajan, Jo-Shu Chang, Jianjun Hu and Duu-Jong Lee
Analysis of standard and innovative methods for allocating upstream and refinery GHG emissions to oil products pp. 372-381 Downloads
Christian Moretti, Alberto Moro, Robert Edwards, Matteo Vincenzo Rocco and Emanuela Colombo
Design optimization of a multi-temperature solar thermal heating system for an industrial process pp. 382-392 Downloads
A. Allouhi, Y. Agrouaz, Mohammed Benzakour Amine, S. Rehman, M.S. Buker, T. Kousksou, A. Jamil and A. Benbassou
Volumetric solar heating and steam generation via gold nanofluids pp. 393-400 Downloads
Muhammad Amjad, Ghulam Raza, Yan Xin, Shahid Pervaiz, Jinliang Xu, Xiaoze Du and Dongsheng Wen
The behavior of catalysts in hydrogasification of sub-bituminous coal in pressured fluidized bed pp. 401-412 Downloads
Shuai Yan, Jicheng Bi and Xuan Qu
Optimal design of current collectors for microfluidic fuel cell with flow-through porous electrodes: Model and experiment pp. 413-424 Downloads
Li Li, Wenguang Fan, Jin Xuan, Michael K.H. Leung, Keqing Zheng and Yiyi She
Combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine fueled with biodiesel/PODE blends pp. 425-431 Downloads
Bowen Li, Yanfei Li, Haoye Liu, Fang Liu, Zhi Wang and Jianxin Wang
Energy harvesting using air bubbles on hydrophobic surfaces containing embedded charges pp. 432-438 Downloads
K. Rohana Wijewardhana, Tian-Zi Shen and Jang-Kun Song
Comparing the impact of uncertainties on technical and meteorological parameters in wind power time series modelling in the European Union pp. 439-450 Downloads
Fabio Monforti and Gonzalez-Aparicio, Iratxe
Experimental analysis of discharge characteristics in vanadium redox flow battery pp. 451-457 Downloads
Jungmyung Kim and Heesung Park
Energy optimization of fuel cell system by using global extremum seeking algorithm pp. 458-474 Downloads
Nicu Bizon
An innovative kinetic model dedicated to mild degradation (torrefaction) of biomasses pp. 475-486 Downloads
M. Brighenti, M. Grigiante, D. Antolini and R. Di Maggio
Tall towers, long blades and manifest destiny: The migration of land-based wind from the Great Plains to the thirteen colonies pp. 487-497 Downloads
Michelle Burt, Jeremy Firestone, John A. Madsen, Dana E. Veron and Richard Bowers
Dynamics of phase change in a vertical PCM capsule in the presence of radiation at high temperatures pp. 498-506 Downloads
Tolga Pirasaci, Chatura Wickramaratne, Francesca Moloney, D. Yogi Goswami and Elias Stefanakos
Performance evaluation and determination of minimum desorption temperature of a two-stage air cooled silica gel/water adsorption system pp. 507-518 Downloads
Sourav Mitra, Kyaw Thu, Bidyut Baran Saha and Pradip Dutta
An optimal production planning model of coal-fired power industry in China: Considering the process of closing down inefficient units and developing CCS technologies pp. 519-530 Downloads
Bao-Jun Tang, Ru Li, Xiao-Yi Li and Hao Chen
Electrifying Australian transport: Hybrid life cycle analysis of a transition to electric light-duty vehicles and renewable electricity pp. 531-540 Downloads
Paul Wolfram and Thomas Wiedmann
A multi-stage optimization of passively designed high-rise residential buildings in multiple building operation scenarios pp. 541-557 Downloads
Xi Chen and Hongxing Yang
Mechanism analysis on controllable methanol quick combustion pp. 558-567 Downloads
Guopeng Han, Anren Yao, Chunde Yao, Taoyang Wu, Bin Wang and Hongyuan Wei
Temperature, charging current and state of charge effects on iron-vanadium flow batteries operation pp. 568-576 Downloads
Stamatios Souentie, Issam Amr, Abdulrahman Alsuhaibani, Essa Almazroei and Ahmad D. Hammad
Power and fuel economy optimizations of gasoline engines using hydraulic variable valve actuation system pp. 577-593 Downloads
Yangtao Li, Amir Khajepour, Cécile Devaud and Kaimin Liu
The influence of microchannel heat sink configurations on the performance of low concentrator photovoltaic systems pp. 594-611 Downloads
Ali Radwan and Mahmoud Ahmed
Preferences for micro-cogeneration in Germany: Policy implications for grid expansion from a discrete choice experiment pp. 612-622 Downloads
Kai Rommel and Julian Sagebiel
Electricity adjustment for capacity market auction by a district heating and cooling system pp. 623-633 Downloads
Masakazu Ito, Akihisa Takano, Takao Shinji, Takahiro Yagi and Yasuhiro Hayashi
Energy consumption and activity patterns: An analysis extended to total time and energy use for French households pp. 634-648 Downloads
Simona De Lauretis, Frédéric Ghersi and Jean-Michel Cayla
Flexible thermoelectric power generation system based on rigid inorganic bulk materials pp. 649-656 Downloads
Yoomin Eom, Dimuthu Wijethunge, Hwanjoo Park, Sang Hyun Park and Woochul Kim
A simultaneous calibration and parameter ranking method for building energy models pp. 657-666 Downloads
Jun Yuan, Victor Nian, Bin Su and Qun Meng
Multiperiod model for the optimal production planning in the industrial gases sector pp. 667-682 Downloads
David Fernández, Carlos Pozo, Rubén Folgado, Guillén-Gosálbez, Gonzalo and Laureano Jiménez
Day-ahead forecasting of photovoltaic output power with similar cloud space fusion based on incomplete historical data mining pp. 683-696 Downloads
Xiuyuan Yang, Minglu Xu, Shouchen Xu and Xiaojuan Han
Syngas feed of micro gas turbines with steam injection: Effects on performance, combustion and pollutants formation pp. 697-707 Downloads
Massimiliano Renzi, Francesco Patuzzi and Marco Baratieri
A numerical and experimental study of micro-channel heat pipe solar photovoltaics thermal system pp. 708-722 Downloads
Mawufemo Modjinou, Jie Ji, Jing Li, Weiqi Yuan and Fan Zhou
Fuel economy of hybrid electric flight pp. 723-738 Downloads
Teresa Donateo and Luigi Spedicato
Greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency of in-use high horsepower diesel, dual fuel, and natural gas engines for unconventional well development pp. 739-750 Downloads
Derek R. Johnson, Robert Heltzel, Andrew C. Nix, Nigel Clark and Mahdi Darzi
Performance evaluation of a PEM fuel cell stack with variable inlet flows under simulated driving cycle conditions pp. 751-764 Downloads
Jundika C. Kurnia, Agus P. Sasmito and Tariq Shamim
Applicability of enhancement factor models for CO2 absorption into aqueous MEA solutions pp. 765-783 Downloads
Koteswara Rao Putta, Finn Andrew Tobiesen, Hallvard F. Svendsen and Hanna K. Knuutila
Experimental research of an air-source heat pump water heater using water-PCM for heat storage pp. 784-792 Downloads
Deqiu Zou, Xianfeng Ma, Xiaoshi Liu, Pengjun Zheng, Baiming Cai, Jianfeng Huang, Jiangrong Guo and Mo Liu
Reactive power management in an offshore AC network having multiple voltage source converters pp. 793-803 Downloads
Muhammad Raza, Carlos Collados and Gomis-Bellmunt, Oriol
Driving forces of Iran's CO2 emissions from energy consumption: An LMDI decomposition approach pp. 804-814 Downloads
Babak Mousavi, Neil Stephen A. Lopez, Jose Bienvenido Manuel Biona, Anthony S.F. Chiu and Markus Blesl
Valuing energy futures; a comparative analysis of value pools across UK energy system scenarios pp. 815-828 Downloads
Marie-Sophie Wegner, Stephen Hall, Jeffrey Hardy and Mark Workman
Analysis of thermal energy performance in continuous annealing furnace pp. 829-842 Downloads
Nasrollah Hajaliakbari and Saied Hassanpour
Explore the performance limit of a solar PV – thermochemical power generation system pp. 843-850 Downloads
Wenjia Li and Yong Hao
The evolving metabolism of a developing economy: India’s exergy flows over four decades pp. 851-857 Downloads
Sachin B. Jadhao, Aniruddha B. Pandit and Bhavik R. Bakshi
Denitration by oxidation-absorption with polypropylene hollow fiber membrane contactor pp. 858-868 Downloads
Zhongqiu Fang, Xiaochen Yu, Weiqiang Tang, Xinhai Yu, Shuangliang Zhao and Shan-Tung Tu
CO2 capture by carbide slag calcined under high-concentration steam and energy requirement in calcium looping conditions pp. 869-878 Downloads
Wan Zhang, Yingjie Li, Zirui He, Xiaotong Ma and Haiping Song
Effective control of biohythane composition through operational strategies in an innovative microbial electrolysis cell pp. 879-886 Downloads
Shuai Luo, Akshay Jain, Anibal Aguilera and Zhen He
Multi-criteria evaluation of several million working fluids for waste heat recovery by means of Organic Rankine Cycle in passenger cars and heavy-duty trucks pp. 887-899 Downloads
Markus Preißinger, Johannes A.H. Schwöbel, Andreas Klamt and Dieter Brüggemann
Thermal transient prediction of district heating pipeline: Optimal selection of the time and spatial steps for fast and accurate calculation pp. 900-910 Downloads
Yaran Wang, Shijun You, Huan Zhang, Xuejing Zheng, Wandong Zheng, Qingwei Miao and Gang Lu
Reliability and economic assessment of a microgrid power system with the integration of renewable energy resources pp. 911-933 Downloads
T. Adefarati and R.C. Bansal
Influence of operational condition on lithium plating for commercial lithium-ion batteries – Electrochemical experiments and post-mortem-analysis pp. 934-946 Downloads
Madeleine Ecker, Pouyan Shafiei Sabet and Dirk Uwe Sauer
Effect of O2 enrichment on acid gas oxidation and formation of COS and CS2 in a rich diffusion flame pp. 947-958 Downloads
Yang Li, Qinghua Guo, Xinlei Yu, Zhenghua Dai, Yifei Wang, Guangsuo Yu and Fuchen Wang
Nox conversion efficiency optimization based on NSGA-II and state-feedback nonlinear model predictive control of selective catalytic reduction system in diesel engine pp. 959-971 Downloads
Li Wei, Fuwu Yan, Jie Hu, Guangwei Xi, Bo Liu and Jiawei Zeng
Liquid-migration based model for predicting the thermal performance of spiral wound heat exchanger for floating LNG pp. 972-982 Downloads
Zhongdi Duan, Tao Ren, Guoliang Ding, Jie Chen and Xiaoguang Mi
Thin film surface modifications of thin/tunable liquid/gas diffusion layers for high-efficiency proton exchange membrane electrolyzer cells pp. 983-990 Downloads
Zhenye Kang, Jingke Mo, Gaoqiang Yang, Yifan Li, Derrick A. Talley, Scott T. Retterer, David A. Cullen, Todd J. Toops, Michael P. Brady, Guido Bender, Bryan S. Pivovar, Johney B. Green and Feng-Yuan Zhang
Distributed demand-side energy management scheme in residential smart grids: An ordinal state-based potential game approach pp. 991-1008 Downloads
Yile Liang, Feng Liu, Cheng Wang and Shengwei Mei
Understanding water-energy-food and ecosystem interactions using the nexus simulation tool NexSym pp. 1009-1021 Downloads
Martinez-Hernandez, Elias, Matthew Leach and Aidong Yang
Energy prediction using spatiotemporal pattern networks pp. 1022-1039 Downloads
Zhanhong Jiang, Chao Liu, Adedotun Akintayo, Gregor P. Henze and Soumik Sarkar
Concrete solar collectors for façade integration: An experimental and numerical investigation pp. 1040-1061 Downloads
Richard O'Hegarty, Oliver Kinnane and Sarah J. McCormack
Building energy retrofit index for policy making and decision support at regional and national scales pp. 1062-1075 Downloads
Fazel Khayatian, Luca Sarto and Giuliano Dall'O'
What is the most energy efficient route for biogas utilization: Heat, electricity or transport? pp. 1076-1087 Downloads
Rawan Hakawati, Beatrice M. Smyth, Geoffrey McCullough, Fabio De Rosa and David Rooney
A mixed biomass-based energy supply chain for enhancing economic and environmental sustainability benefits: A multi-criteria decision making framework pp. 1088-1101 Downloads
Amin Mirkouei, Karl R. Haapala, John Sessions and Ganti S. Murthy
Back-feed power restoration using distributed constraint optimization in smart distribution grids clustered into microgrids pp. 1102-1117 Downloads
El-Sharafy, M. Zaki and Hany E.Z. Farag
Thermodynamic study of supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle using an isothermal compressor pp. 1118-1130 Downloads
Jin Young Heo, Min Seok Kim, Seungjoon Baik, Seong Jun Bae and Jeong Ik Lee
An MILP formulation for the optimal management of microgrids with task interruptions pp. 1131-1146 Downloads
Javier Silvente and Lazaros G. Papageorgiou
Preparation of novel copper-powder-sintered frame/paraffin form-stable phase change materials with extremely high thermal conductivity pp. 1147-1157 Downloads
Zongtao Li, Yuxuan Wu, Baoshan Zhuang, Xuezhi Zhao, Yong Tang, Xinrui Ding and Kaihang Chen
Experimental investigations of charging/melting cycles of paraffin in a novel shell and tube with longitudinal fins based heat storage design solution for domestic and industrial applications pp. 1158-1168 Downloads
Zakir Khan and Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan
Measurements of crosswind influence on a natural draft dry cooling tower for a solar thermal power plant pp. 1169-1183 Downloads
Xiaoxiao Li, Hal Gurgenci, Zhiqiang Guan, Xurong Wang and Sam Duniam
Vision-based investigation on the ash/slag particle deposition characteristics in an impinging entrained-flow gasifier pp. 1184-1193 Downloads
Yan Gong, Qing Zhang, Qinghua Guo, Zhicun Xue, Fuchen Wang and Guangsuo Yu
A novel thermoelectric harvester based on high-performance phase change material for space application pp. 1194-1202 Downloads
Yubin Tu, Wei Zhu, Tianqi Lu and Yuan Deng
Investigations on air-fuel mixing and flame characteristics of biodiesel fuels for diesel engine application pp. 1203-1213 Downloads
Joonsik Hwang, Choongsik Bae, Chetankumar Patel, Rashmi A. Agarwal, Tarun Gupta and Avinash Kumar Agarwal
Energy recovery evaluation in an up flow microbial electrolysis coupled anaerobic digestion (ME-AD) reactor: Role of electrode positions and hydraulic retention times pp. 1214-1224 Downloads
Thangavel Sangeetha, Zechong Guo, Wenzong Liu, Lei Gao, Ling Wang, Minhua Cui, Chuan Chen and Aijie Wang
Solar PV power plant site selection using a GIS-AHP based approach with application in Saudi Arabia pp. 1225-1240 Downloads
Hassan Z. Al Garni and Anjali Awasthi
The key for sodium-rich coal utilization in entrained flow gasifier: The role of sodium on slag viscosity-temperature behavior at high temperatures pp. 1241-1249 Downloads
Xiaodong Chen, Lingxue Kong, Jin Bai, Xin Dai, Huaizhu Li, Zongqing Bai and Wen Li
Organic and inorganic fouling in heat exchangers – Industrial case study: Analysis of fouling state pp. 1250-1266 Downloads
Diaz-Bejarano, E., E. Behranvand, F. Coletti, M.R. Mozdianfard and S. Macchietto
Regional variations of environmental co-benefits of wind power generation in China pp. 1267-1281 Downloads
Jin Yang, Dan Song and Feng Wu
Transient behavior under a normalized driving cycle of an automotive thermoelectric generator pp. 1282-1296 Downloads
A. Massaguer, E. Massaguer, M. Comamala, T. Pujol, L. Montoro, M.D. Cardenas, D. Carbonell and A.J. Bueno
Mathematical model and numerical solutions for the coupled gas–solid heat transfer process in moving packed beds pp. 1297-1308 Downloads
Zheng Cui, Wei Shao, Zhaoyou Chen and Lin Cheng
Experimental validation of an analytical model of hydraulic motor operating under variable electrical loads and pressure heads pp. 1309-1320 Downloads
Hamza Semmari, Sylvain Mauran and Driss Stitou
Development and verification of a slat control method for a bi-directional PV blind pp. 1321-1333 Downloads
Seongkwan Hong, An-Seop Choi and Minki Sung
Reverse electrodialysis heat engine for sustainable power production pp. 1334-1353 Downloads
A. Tamburini, M. Tedesco, A. Cipollina, G. Micale, M. Ciofalo, M. Papapetrou, W. Van Baak and A. Piacentino
Synergy mechanism analysis of petroleum coke and municipal solid waste (MSW)-derived hydrochar co-gasification pp. 1354-1363 Downloads
Juntao Wei, Qinghua Guo, Lu Ding, Kunio Yoshikawa and Guangsuo Yu
A robust aggregate model and the two-stage solution method to incorporate energy intensive enterprises in power system unit commitment pp. 1364-1378 Downloads
Hongyang Jin, Zhengshuo Li, Hongbin Sun, Qinglai Guo, Runze Chen and Bin Wang
A method for the identification of low frequency oscillation modes in power systems subjected to noise pp. 1379-1392 Downloads
Tao Jin, Siyi Liu, Rodolfo C.C. Flesch and Wencong Su
Effect of burner location on flow-field deflection and asymmetric combustion in a 600MWe supercritical down-fired boiler pp. 1393-1405 Downloads
Min Kuang, Guohua Yang, Qunyi Zhu, Shuguang Ti and Zhenfeng Wang
Correlations to determine the mean fluid temperature of double U-tube borehole heat exchangers with a typical geometry pp. 1406-1415 Downloads
Enzo Zanchini and Aminhossein Jahanbin
Predicting production and estimated ultimate recoveries for shale gas wells: A new methodology approach pp. 1416-1431 Downloads
Ke Wang, Haitao Li, Junchao Wang, Beibei Jiang, Chengzhong Bu, Qing Zhang and Wei Luo
A new tool for modelling the decompression behaviour of CO2 with impurities using the Peng-Robinson equation of state pp. 1432-1445 Downloads
Dall’Acqua, D., A. Terenzi, M. Leporini, D’Alessandro, V., G. Giacchetta and B. Marchetti
Investigation of the use of nano-refrigerants to enhance the performance of an ejector refrigeration system pp. 1446-1463 Downloads
Bourhan M. Tashtoush, Al-Nimr, Moh'd A. and Mohammad A. Khasawneh
Short-term peer-to-peer solar forecasting in a network of photovoltaic systems pp. 1464-1483 Downloads
Boudewijn Elsinga and Wilfried G.J.H.M. van Sark
Utilizing distributed energy resources to support frequency regulation services pp. 1484-1494 Downloads
S. Zhang, Y. Mishra and M. Shahidehpour
Increasing the total productivity of a land by combining mobile photovoltaic panels and food crops pp. 1495-1507 Downloads
B. Valle, T. Simonneau, F. Sourd, P. Pechier, P. Hamard, T. Frisson, M. Ryckewaert and A. Christophe
Coordinated dispatch of electric power and district heating networks: A decentralized solution using optimality condition decomposition pp. 1508-1522 Downloads
Jinbo Huang, Zhigang Li and Q.H. Wu
Efficient and low-carbon heat and power cogeneration with photovoltaics and thermochemical storage pp. 1523-1531 Downloads
Wenjia Li, Yong Hao, Hongsheng Wang, Hao Liu and Jun Sui
Experimental study and rate-based modeling on combined CO2 and SO2 absorption using aqueous NH3 in packed column pp. 1532-1543 Downloads
Guojie Qi and Shujuan Wang
Controlling embedded carbon emissions of sectors along the supply chains: A perspective of the power-of-pull approach pp. 1544-1551 Downloads
Zhen Wang, Liyuan Wei, Beibei Niu, Yong Liu and Guoshu Bin
Sensitivity analysis for the energy performance assessment of hybrid compressed air energy storage systems pp. 1552-1563 Downloads
Stefano Briola, Paolo Di Marco, Roberto Gabbrielli and Juri Riccardi
A new hybrid method for the prediction of the remaining useful life of a lithium-ion battery pp. 1564-1578 Downloads
Yang Chang, Huajing Fang and Yong Zhang
A method for analysis of maritime transportation systems in the life cycle approach – The oil tanker example pp. 1579-1589 Downloads
Victor Nian and Jun Yuan
Value chains for integrated production of liquefied bio-SNG at sawmill sites – Techno-economic and carbon footprint evaluation pp. 1590-1608 Downloads
Johan M. Ahlström, Karin Pettersson, Elisabeth Wetterlund and Simon Harvey
Pitch control for ships with diesel mechanical and hybrid propulsion: Modelling, validation and performance quantification pp. 1609-1631 Downloads
R.D. Geertsma, R.R. Negenborn, K. Visser, M.A. Loonstijn and J.J. Hopman
Enhancement of round trip efficiency of liquid air energy storage through effective utilization of heat of compression pp. 1632-1642 Downloads
Xiaohui She, Xiaodong Peng, Binjian Nie, Guanghui Leng, Xiaosong Zhang, Likui Weng, Lige Tong, Lifang Zheng, Li Wang and Yulong Ding
Assessment of pilot-scale water purification module with electrodialysis technology and solar energy pp. 1643-1652 Downloads
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