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2016, volume 179, issue C

High thermal conductivity phase change composite with a metal-stabilized carbon-fiber network pp. 1-6 Downloads
Takahiro Nomura, Chunyu Zhu, Sheng Nan, Kazuki Tabuchi, Shuangfeng Wang and Tomohiro Akiyama
End-of-injection fuel dribble of multi-hole diesel injector: Comprehensive investigation of phenomenon and discussion on control strategy pp. 7-16 Downloads
Seoksu Moon, Weidi Huang, Zhilong Li and Jin Wang
A mid-term, market-based power systems planning model pp. 17-35 Downloads
Nikolaos E. Koltsaklis, Athanasios S. Dagoumas, Michael C. Georgiadis, George Papaioannou and Christos Dikaiakos
Comparison of fuel consumption and emission characteristics of various marine heavy fuel additives pp. 36-44 Downloads
S.H. Jang and J.H. Choi
Emission analysis of a modern Tier 4 DI diesel engine fueled by biodiesel-diesel blends with a cold flow improver (Wintron Synergy) at multiple idling conditions pp. 45-54 Downloads
Murari Mohon Roy, Jorge Calder, Wilson Wang, Arvind Mangad and Fernando Cezar Mariano Diniz
BECCS potential in Brazil: Achieving negative emissions in ethanol and electricity production based on sugar cane bagasse and other residues pp. 55-63 Downloads
José Roberto Moreira, Viviane Romeiro, Sabine Fuss, Florian Kraxner and Sérgio A. Pacca
Thermal performance of a window shutter containing PCM: Numerical validation and experimental analysis pp. 64-84 Downloads
Tiago Silva, Romeu Vicente, Cláudia Amaral and António Figueiredo
Visualization of two-phase flow and temperature characteristics of an active liquid-feed direct methanol fuel cell with diverse flow fields pp. 85-98 Downloads
Wei Yuan, Aoyu Wang, Zhiguo Yan, Zhenhao Tan, Yong Tang and Hongrong Xia
A novel design of a desiccant rotary wheel for passive ventilation applications pp. 99-109 Downloads
O’Connor, Dominic, John Kaiser Calautit and Ben Richard Hughes
Toward efficient optimization of wind farm layouts: Utilizing exact gradient information pp. 110-123 Downloads
David Guirguis, David A. Romero and Cristina H. Amon
Biogas production through syntrophic acetate oxidation and deliberate operating strategies for improved digester performance pp. 124-135 Downloads
Maria Westerholm, Jan Moestedt and Anna Schnürer
Solar biofuels production with microalgae pp. 136-145 Downloads
P.C. Hallenbeck, M. Grogger, M. Mraz and D. Veverka
Long-term implications of sustained wind power growth in the United States: Potential benefits and secondary impacts pp. 146-158 Downloads
Ryan Wiser, Mark Bolinger, Garvin Heath, David Keyser, Eric Lantz, Jordan Macknick, Trieu Mai and Dev Millstein
Exergoeconomic analysis and optimization of a flash-binary geothermal power system pp. 159-170 Downloads
Yajing Zhao and Jiangfeng Wang
An energy analysis comparing biomass torrefaction in depots to wind with natural gas combustion for electricity generation pp. 171-181 Downloads
Kristen M. Parkhurst, Christopher M. Saffron and Raymond O. Miller
Effect of ethanol–gasoline blends on CO and HC emissions in last generation SI engines within the cold-start transient: An experimental investigation pp. 182-190 Downloads
Paolo Iodice, Adolfo Senatore, Giuseppe Langella and Amedeo Amoresano
Application of experimental design techniques in the optimization of the ultrasonic pretreatment time and enhancement of methane production in anaerobic co-digestion pp. 191-202 Downloads
Shuzhen Zou, Hui Wang, Xiaojiao Wang, Sha Zhou, Xue Li and Yongzhong Feng
Effects of PCM thermophysical properties on thermal storage performance of a shell-and-tube latent heat storage unit pp. 203-210 Downloads
Y.B. Tao and V.P. Carey
A finite element model for estimating the techno-economic performance of the building-integrated photovoltaic blind pp. 211-227 Downloads
Hyo Seon Park, Choongwan Koo, Taehoon Hong, Jeongyoon Oh and Kwangbok Jeong
Design and development of a porous heterogeneous combustor for efficient heat production by combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels pp. 228-236 Downloads
Anthony Carmine Terracciano, Subith S. Vasu and Nina Orlovskaya
Experimental characterization and simulation of a fin-tube latent heat storage using high density polyethylene as PCM pp. 237-246 Downloads
Christoph Zauner, Florian Hengstberger, Mark Etzel, Daniel Lager, Rene Hofmann and Heimo Walter
Improving the accuracy of energy baseline models for commercial buildings with occupancy data pp. 247-260 Downloads
Xin Liang, Tianzhen Hong and Geoffrey Qiping Shen
Thermodynamic analysis of a directly heated oxyfuel supercritical power system pp. 261-271 Downloads
A.S.M. Arifur Chowdhury, Luz Bugarin, Antara Badhan, Ahsan Choudhuri and Norman Love
Oil price and exchange rate in India: Fresh evidence from continuous wavelet approach and asymmetric, multi-horizon Granger-causality tests pp. 272-283 Downloads
Aviral Tiwari and Claudiu Albulescu
Thermal energy storage (TES) for industrial waste heat (IWH) recovery: A review pp. 284-301 Downloads
Laia Miró, Jaume Gasia and Luisa F. Cabeza
A systematic method to customize an efficient organic Rankine cycle (ORC) to recover waste heat in refineries pp. 302-315 Downloads
Haoshui Yu, Xiao Feng, Yufei Wang, Lorenz T. Biegler and John Eason
Battery durability and longevity based power management for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with hybrid energy storage system pp. 316-328 Downloads
Shuo Zhang, Rui Xiong and Jiayi Cao
Experimental investigation of CO2 separation by adsorption methods in natural gas purification pp. 329-337 Downloads
S.J. Chen, Y. Fu, Y.X. Huang, Z.C. Tao and M. Zhu
Flexible interaction of plug-in electric vehicle parking lots for efficient wind integration pp. 338-349 Downloads
Heydarian-Forushani, E., M.E.H. Golshan and Shafie-khah, M.
Energy storage technologies and real life applications – A state of the art review pp. 350-377 Downloads
Mathew Aneke and Meihong Wang
Modelling and simulation of phase change material latent heat storages applied to a solar-powered Organic Rankine Cycle pp. 378-388 Downloads
Giampaolo Manfrida, Riccardo Secchi and Kamil Stańczyk
Study of the auto-ignition phenomenon of PRFs under HCCI conditions in a RCEM by means of spectroscopy pp. 389-400 Downloads
J.M. Desantes, García-Oliver, J.M., Vera-Tudela, W., López-Pintor, D., B. Schneider and K. Boulouchos
0D modeling aspects of flame stretch in spark ignition engines and comparison with experimental results pp. 401-412 Downloads
Sokratis Demesoukas, Pierre Brequigny, Christian Caillol, Fabien Halter and Mounaïm-Rousselle, Christine
A review of wireless power transfer for electric vehicles: Prospects to enhance sustainable mobility pp. 413-425 Downloads
Zicheng Bi, Tianze Kan, Chunting Chris Mi, Yiming Zhang, Zhengming Zhao and Gregory A. Keoleian
Accurate Lithium-ion battery parameter estimation with continuous-time system identification methods pp. 426-436 Downloads
Bing Xia, Xin Zhao, Raymond de Callafon, Hugues Garnier, Truong Nguyen and Chris Mi
New Temperature-based Models for Predicting Global Solar Radiation pp. 437-450 Downloads
Gasser E. Hassan, M. Elsayed Youssef, Zahraa E. Mohamed, Mohamed A. Ali and Ahmed A. Hanafy
Exhaust gas recirculation effects on flame structure and laminar burning speeds of H2/CO/air flames at high pressures and temperatures pp. 451-462 Downloads
Omid Askari, Kevin Vien, Ziyu Wang, Matteo Sirio and Hameed Metghalchi
Effect of reformer gas blending on homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion of primary reference fuels using multi zone model and semi detailed chemical-kinetic mechanism pp. 463-478 Downloads
Elaheh Neshat, Rahim Khoshbakhti Saray and Vahid Hosseini
Measuring energy economic efficiency: A mathematical programming approach pp. 479-487 Downloads
Hua Liao, Yun-Fei Du, Zhimin Huang and Yi-Ming Wei
Development of a statistical analysis model to benchmark the energy use intensity of subway stations pp. 488-496 Downloads
Jonghoon Ahn, Soolyeon Cho and Dae Hun Chung
Review of implantable and external abiotically catalysed glucose fuel cells and the differences between their membranes and catalysts pp. 497-522 Downloads
Óscar Santiago, Emilio Navarro, Miguel A. Raso and Teresa J. Leo
Photovoltaic maximum power point tracking under fast varying of solar radiation pp. 523-530 Downloads
A. Belkaid, I. Colak and O. Isik
Post-combustion CO2 capture using solid K2CO3: Discovering the carbonation reaction mechanism pp. 531-543 Downloads
Abhimanyu Jayakumar, Arturo Gomez and Nader Mahinpey
Evaluation of a multiple linear regression model and SARIMA model in forecasting heat demand for district heating system pp. 544-552 Downloads
Tingting Fang and Risto Lahdelma
Simulating low-carbon electricity supply for Australia pp. 553-564 Downloads
Manfred Lenzen, Bonnie McBain, Ted Trainer, Silke Jütte, Rey-Lescure, Olivier and Jing Huang
Flexible and stable heat energy recovery from municipal wastewater treatment plants using a fixed-inverter hybrid heat pump system pp. 565-574 Downloads
Kyu-Jung Chae and Xianghao Ren
A model-based climatology analysis of wind power resources at 100-m height over the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea pp. 575-589 Downloads
Delei Li, Beate Geyer and Peter Bisling
Operating conditions of lead-acid batteries in the optimization of hybrid energy systems and microgrids pp. 590-600 Downloads
Lujano-Rojas, Juan M., Dufo-López, Rodolfo, Atencio-Guerra, José L., Eduardo M.G. Rodrigues, Bernal-Agustín, José L. and João P.S. Catalão
Enhancement on thermal properties of paraffin/calcium carbonate phase change microcapsules with carbon network pp. 601-608 Downloads
Tingyu Wang, Shuangfeng Wang, Lixia Geng and Yutang Fang
Cultivation in wastewaters for energy: A microalgae platform pp. 609-625 Downloads
Wai Yan Cheah, Tau Chuan Ling, Pau Loke Show, Joon Ching Juan, Jo-Shu Chang and Duu-Jong Lee
A hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Monte Carlo simulation approach to predict hourly energy consumption and generation by a cluster of Net Zero Energy Buildings pp. 626-637 Downloads
Samira Garshasbi, Jarek Kurnitski and Yousef Mohammadi
A novel LNG cryogenic energy utilization method for inlet air cooling to improve the performance of combined cycle pp. 638-649 Downloads
Guoqiang Zhang, Jiongzhi Zheng, Yongping Yang and Wenyi Liu
Variation of the coal chemical structure and determination of the char molecular size at the early stage of rapid pyrolysis pp. 650-659 Downloads
Tongmin Cui, Wenke Fan, Zhenghua Dai, Qinghua Guo, Guangsuo Yu and Fuchen Wang
Energy saving potential of natural ventilation in China: The impact of ambient air pollution pp. 660-668 Downloads
Zheming Tong, Yujiao Chen, Ali Malkawi, Zhu Liu and Richard Freeman
Agricultural anaerobic digestion plants: What LCA studies pointed out and what can be done to make them more environmentally sustainable pp. 669-686 Downloads
Jacopo Bacenetti, Cesare Sala, Alessandra Fusi and Marco Fiala
The competing chemical and physical effects of transient fuel enrichment on heavy knock in an optical spark ignition engine pp. 687-697 Downloads
Hassan Vafamehr, Alasdair Cairns, Ojon Sampson and Mohammadmohsen Moslemin Koupaie
Off-design simulation and performance of molten salt cavity receivers in solar tower plants under realistic operational modes and control strategies pp. 698-715 Downloads
S. Saeed Mostafavi Tehrani and Robert A. Taylor
The effect of charging time on the comparative environmental performance of different vehicle types pp. 716-726 Downloads
Enda Crossin and Peter J.B. Doherty
Performance study of a heat pump driven and hollow fiber membrane-based two-stage liquid desiccant air dehumidification system pp. 727-737 Downloads
Ning Zhang, Shao-You Yin and Li-Zhi Zhang
Optimization and analysis of Building Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (BCHP) plants with chilled ice thermal storage system pp. 738-754 Downloads
Yingjun Ruan, Qingrong Liu, Zhengwei Li and Jiazheng Wu
High-yield production of fuel- and oleochemical-precursors from triacylglycerols in a novel continuous-flow pyrolysis reactor pp. 755-764 Downloads
Yaser Shirazi, Sridhar Viamajala and Sasidhar Varanasi
H2S poisoning effect and ways to improve sulfur tolerance of nickel cermet anodes operating on carbonaceous fuels pp. 765-777 Downloads
Huili Chen, Fen Wang, Wei Wang, Daifen Chen, Si-Dian Li and Zongping Shao
Improvements in the characterization of the efficiency degradation of water-to-water heat pumps under cyclic conditions pp. 778-789 Downloads
E. Fuentes, D.A. Waddicor and J. Salom
Modeling and analysis of residential flexibility: Timing of white good usage pp. 790-805 Downloads
N. Sadeghianpourhamami, T. Demeester, D.F. Benoit, M. Strobbe and C. Develder
Thermodynamic and economic analysis of a supercritical and an ultracritical oxy-type power plant without and with waste heat recovery pp. 806-820 Downloads
Janusz Kotowicz and Sebastian Michalski
Model predictive control strategy of energy-water management in urban households pp. 821-831 Downloads
Evan M. Wanjiru, Lijun Zhang and Xiaohua Xia
Long-term implications of sustained wind power growth in the United States: Direct electric system impacts and costs pp. 832-846 Downloads
Eric Lantz, Trieu Mai, Ryan H. Wiser and Venkat Krishnan
Improving bioenergy sustainability evaluations by using soil nitrogen balance coupled with life cycle assessment: A case study for electricity generated from rye biomass pp. 847-863 Downloads
Carlos M. Sastre, Juan Carrasco, Ruth Barro, González-Arechavala, Yolanda, Emiliano Maletta, Ana M. Santos and Pilar Ciria
Multi-objective demand side scheduling considering the operational safety of appliances pp. 864-874 Downloads
Y.F. Du, L. Jiang, Y.Z. Li, J. Counsell and J.S. Smith
Performance investigation of an innovative vertical axis turbine consisting of deflectable blades pp. 875-887 Downloads
Min-Hsiung Yang, Guan-Ming Huang and Rong-Hua Yeh
Experimental study of hydraulic electronic unit injector in a hydraulic free piston engine pp. 888-898 Downloads
Shuanlu Zhang, Zhenfeng Zhao, Changlu Zhao, Fujun Zhang and Shan Wang
Field test and preliminary analysis of a combined diurnal solar heating and nocturnal radiative cooling system pp. 899-908 Downloads
Mingke Hu, Gang Pei, Qiliang Wang, Jing Li, Yunyun Wang and Jie Ji
Analytical investigation of high temperature 1kW solid oxide fuel cell system feasibility in methane hydrate recovery and deep ocean power generation pp. 909-928 Downloads
Mohammad Ali Azizi, Jacob Brouwer and Dunn-Rankin, Derek
An innovative adsorptive chiller prototype based on 3 hybrid coated/granular adsorbers pp. 929-938 Downloads
Alessio Sapienza, Giuseppe Gullì, Luigi Calabrese, Valeria Palomba, Andrea Frazzica, Vincenza Brancato, Davide La Rosa, Salvatore Vasta, Angelo Freni, Lucio Bonaccorsi and Gaetano Cacciola
Pervaporation membrane bioreactor with permeate fractional condensation and mechanical vapor compression for energy efficient ethanol production pp. 939-947 Downloads
Senqing Fan, Zeyi Xiao, Minghai Li and Sizhong Li
Thermal analysis of near-isothermal compressed gas energy storage system pp. 948-960 Downloads
Adewale Odukomaiya, Abu-Heiba, Ahmad, Kyle R. Gluesenkamp, Omar Abdelaziz, Roderick K. Jackson, Claus Daniel, Samuel Graham and Ayyoub M. Momen
The effect of H2 enrichment on in-cylinder flow behavior, engine performances and exhaust emissions: Case of LPG-hydrogen engine pp. 961-971 Downloads
Sahar Hadj Kacem, Mohamed Ali Jemni, Zied Driss and Mohamed Salah Abid
Conceptual design and experimental investigation involving a modular desalination system composed of arrayed tubular solar stills pp. 972-984 Downloads
Guo Xie, Licheng Sun, Zhengyu Mo, Hongtao Liu and Min Du
A nascent market for contingency reserve services using demand response pp. 985-995 Downloads
Mahdi Motalleb, Matsu Thornton, Ehsan Reihani and Reza Ghorbani
A regression-based approach to estimating retrofit savings using the Building Performance Database pp. 996-1005 Downloads
Travis Walter and Michael D. Sohn
Analysis and design of a drain water heat recovery storage unit based on PCM plates pp. 1006-1019 Downloads
Morales-Ruiz, S., J. Rigola, C. Oliet and A. Oliva
Effects of design conditions and irreversibilities on the dimensions of ejectors in refrigeration systems pp. 1020-1031 Downloads
Mohammed Khennich, Nicolas Galanis and Mikhail Sorin
Characterization of the effects of borehole configuration and interference with long term ground temperature modelling of ground source heat pumps pp. 1032-1047 Downloads
Ying Lam E. Law and Seth B. Dworkin
Development of an integrated energy benchmark for a multi-family housing complex using district heating pp. 1048-1061 Downloads
Jaewook Jeong, Taehoon Hong, Changyoon Ji, Jimin Kim, Minhyun Lee and Kwangbok Jeong
Co-production of clean syngas and ash adsorbent during sewage sludge gasification: Synergistic effect of Fenton peroxidation and CaO conditioning pp. 1062-1068 Downloads
Huan Liu, Linlin Yi, Qiang Zhang, Hongyun Hu, Geng Lu, Aijun Li and Hong Yao
The carbon neutrality of electricity generation from woody biomass and coal, a critical comparative evaluation pp. 1069-1080 Downloads
Victor Nian
The optical efficiency of three different geometries of a small scale cavity receiver for concentrated solar applications pp. 1081-1096 Downloads
Ahmed M. Daabo, Saad Mahmoud and Al-Dadah, Raya K.
Pricing and capacity allocation in renewable energy pp. 1097-1105 Downloads
Xin Li, Hsing Hung Chen and Xiangnan Tao
Thermo-mechanical parametric analysis of packed-bed thermocline energy storage tanks pp. 1106-1122 Downloads
Ignacio González, Pérez-Segarra, Carlos David, Oriol Lehmkuhl, Santiago Torras and Assensi Oliva
Durability comparison of four different types of high-power batteries in HEV and their degradation mechanism analysis pp. 1123-1130 Downloads
Dongxiang Yan, Languang Lu, Zhe Li, Xuning Feng, Minggao Ouyang and Fachao Jiang
Enzymatic pretreatment of activated sludge, food waste and their mixture for enhanced bioenergy recovery and waste volume reduction via anaerobic digestion pp. 1131-1137 Downloads
Yao Yin, Ya-Juan Liu, Shu-Juan Meng, Esra Uçkun Kiran and Yu Liu
Optical modelling and performance analysis of a solar LFR receiver system with parabolic and involute secondary reflectors pp. 1138-1151 Downloads
Shanmugapriya Balaji, K.S. Reddy and T. Sundararajan
Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of passenger cars over the New Worldwide Harmonized Test Protocol pp. 1152-1165 Downloads
D. Tsokolis, S. Tsiakmakis, A. Dimaratos, G. Fontaras, P. Pistikopoulos, B. Ciuffo and Z. Samaras
Piston motion control of a free-piston engine generator: A new approach using cascade control pp. 1166-1175 Downloads
Boru Jia, Rikard Mikalsen, Andrew Smallbone, Zhengxing Zuo, Huihua Feng and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Optimal siting and sizing of distribution system operator owned EV parking lots pp. 1176-1184 Downloads
Mohammad Amin Kazemi, Mostafa Sedighizadeh, Mohammad Javad Mirzaei and Omid Homaee
Pre-injection strategy for pilot diesel compression ignition natural gas engine pp. 1185-1193 Downloads
Min Xu, Wei Cheng, Zhi Li, Hongfei Zhang, Tao An and Zhaokang Meng
Comparative study of effects of pilot injection and fuel properties on low temperature combustion in diesel engine under a medium EGR rate pp. 1194-1208 Downloads
Haozhong Huang, Qingxin Wang, Cheng Shi, Qingsheng Liu and Chengzhong Zhou
Assessment of advanced solvent-based post-combustion CO2 capture processes using a bi-objective optimization technique pp. 1209-1219 Downloads
Charles A. Kang, Adam R. Brandt, Louis J. Durlofsky and Indira Jayaweera
An automated optimization method for calibrating building energy simulation models with measured data: Orientation and a case study pp. 1220-1231 Downloads
Tao Yang, Yiqun Pan, Jiachen Mao, Yonglong Wang and Zhizhong Huang
A direct carbon solid oxide fuel cell operated on a plant derived biofuel with natural catalyst pp. 1232-1241 Downloads
Weizi Cai, Qian Zhou, Yongmin Xie, Jiang Liu, Guohui Long, Shuang Cheng and Meilin Liu
Pumped hydro energy storage in buildings pp. 1242-1250 Downloads
Guilherme de Oliveira e Silva and Patrick Hendrick
Monitoring and diagnosis of energy consumption in wastewater treatment plants. A state of the art and proposals for improvement pp. 1251-1268 Downloads
Stefano Longo, d’Antoni, Benedetto Mirko, Michael Bongards, Antonio Chaparro, Andreas Cronrath, Francesco Fatone, Juan M. Lema, Mauricio-Iglesias, Miguel, Ana Soares and Almudena Hospido
Opportunities and criticisms of voluntary emission reduction projects developed by Public Administrations: Analysis of 143 case studies implemented in Italy pp. 1269-1282 Downloads
Michela Gallo, Adriana Del Borghi, Carlo Strazza, Lara Parodi, Livia Arcioni and Stefania Proietti
Towards a green economy in Germany? The role of energy efficiency policies pp. 1293-1303 Downloads
Marc Ringel, Barbara Schlomann, Michael Krail and Clemens Rohde
Contributing to a green energy economy? A macroeconomic analysis of an energy efficiency program operated by a Swiss utility pp. 1304-1320 Downloads
Alisa Yushchenko and Martin Kumar Patel
Towards a green energy economy? The EU Energy Union’s transition to a low-carbon zero subsidy electricity system – Lessons from the UK’s Electricity Market Reform pp. 1321-1330 Downloads
David M Newbery
Can the Green Economy deliver it all? Experiences of renewable energy policies with socio-economic objectives pp. 1331-1341 Downloads
Michael Pahle, Shonali Pachauri and Karoline Steinbacher
Towards a green energy economy? Tracking the employment effects of low-carbon technologies in the European Union pp. 1342-1350 Downloads
Anil Markandya, Iñaki Arto, Mikel González-Eguino and María Román
Wind energy and green economy in Europe: Measuring policy-induced innovation using patent data pp. 1351-1359 Downloads
Åsa Lindman and Patrik Söderholm
Governing the electric vehicle transition – Near term interventions to support a green energy economy pp. 1360-1371 Downloads
Måns Nilsson and Björn Nykvist
Assessing regional progress towards a ‘Green Energy Economy’ pp. 1372-1394 Downloads
Luis Mundaca and Anil Markandya
The ‘2°C capital stock’ for electricity generation: Committed cumulative carbon emissions from the electricity generation sector and the transition to a green economy pp. 1395-1408 Downloads
Alexander Pfeiffer, Richard Millar, Cameron Hepburn and Eric Beinhocker
Measuring multiple impacts of low-carbon energy options in a green economy context pp. 1409-1426 Downloads
Ürge-Vorsatz, Diana, Agnes Kelemen, Tirado-Herrero, Sergio, Stefan Thomas, Johannes Thema, Nora Mzavanadze, Dorothea Hauptstock, Felix Suerkemper, Jens Teubler, Mukesh Gupta and Souran Chatterjee
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