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2016, volume 183, issue C

Measuring China’s regional energy and carbon emission efficiency with DEA models: A survey pp. 1-21 Downloads
Fanyi Meng, Bin Su, Elspeth Thomson, Dequn Zhou and P. Zhou
Thermal history and adaptation: Does a long-term indoor thermal exposure impact human thermal adaptability? pp. 22-30 Downloads
Haoran Ning, Zhaojun Wang and Yuchen Ji
Optimization of methane production from bituminous coal through biogasification pp. 31-42 Downloads
Ji Zhang, Yanna Liang and Satya Harpalani
Assessment of thermodynamic models for the design, analysis and optimisation of gas liquefaction systems pp. 43-60 Downloads
Tuong-Van Nguyen and Brian Elmegaard
Electric power generation via plate type power generation unit from solar pond using thermoelectric cells pp. 61-76 Downloads
L.C. Ding, A. Akbarzadeh and Abhijit Date
Energy-water nexus: Balancing the tradeoffs between two-level decision makers pp. 77-87 Downloads
Xiaodong Zhang and Velimir V. Vesselinov
Integration of torrefaction and CHP plant: Operational and economic analysis pp. 88-99 Downloads
Ekaterina Sermyagina, Jussi Saari, Juha Kaikko and Esa Vakkilainen
Obtaining energy from tidal microturbines: A practical example in the Nalón River pp. 100-112 Downloads
Eduardo Alvarez Alvarez, Rico-Secades, Manuel, Daniel Fernández Suárez, Gutiérrez-Trashorras, Antonio J. and Fernández-Francos, Joaquín
Systematic search algorithm for potential thermochemical energy storage systems pp. 113-120 Downloads
Markus Deutsch, Danny Müller, Christian Aumeyr, Christian Jordan, Gierl-Mayer, Christian, Peter Weinberger, Franz Winter and Andreas Werner
On the assessment of renewable industrial processes: Case study for solar co-production of methanol and power pp. 121-132 Downloads
Henrik von Storch, Martin Roeb, Hannes Stadler, Christian Sattler, André Bardow and Bernhard Hoffschmidt
Evaluating solar irradiance over facades in high building cities, based on LiDAR technology pp. 133-147 Downloads
Martínez-Rubio, A., Sanz-Adan, F., Santamaría-Peña, J. and Araceli Martínez
Solar photovoltaic-battery systems in Swedish households – Self-consumption and self-sufficiency pp. 148-159 Downloads
Emil Nyholm, Joel Goop, Mikael Odenberger and Filip Johnsson
Determining the size of PHEV charging stations powered by commercial grid-integrated PV systems considering reactive power support pp. 160-169 Downloads
Duong Quoc Hung, Zhao Yang Dong and Hieu Trinh
Life cycle assessment of energy consumption and environmental emissions for cornstalk-based ethyl levulinate pp. 170-181 Downloads
Zhiwei Wang, Zaifeng Li, Tingzhou Lei, Miao Yang, Tian Qi, Lu Lin, Xiaofei Xin, Atta Ajayebi, Yantao Yang, Xiaofeng He and Xiaoyu Yan
Estimation of the building energy use intensity in the urban scale by integrating GIS and big data technology pp. 182-192 Downloads
Jun Ma and Jack C.P. Cheng
Identifying the influential features on the regional energy use intensity of residential buildings based on Random Forests pp. 193-201 Downloads
Jun Ma and Jack C.P. Cheng
Engine maps of fuel use and emissions from transient driving cycles pp. 202-217 Downloads
Justin D.K. Bishop, Marc E.J. Stettler, N. Molden and Adam M. Boies
Power generation modeling for a wearable thermoelectric energy harvester with practical limitations pp. 218-228 Downloads
Kyle Pietrzyk, Joseph Soares, Brandon Ohara and Hohyun Lee
Automatic detection of solar photovoltaic arrays in high resolution aerial imagery pp. 229-240 Downloads
Jordan M. Malof, Kyle Bradbury, Leslie M. Collins and Richard Newell
Finite-volume ray tracing using Computational Fluid Dynamics in linear focus CSP applications pp. 241-256 Downloads
K.J. Craig, M.A. Moghimi, A.E. Rungasamy, J. Marsberg and J.P. Meyer
Socio-economic impacts of low-carbon power generation portfolios: Strategies with and without CCS for the Netherlands pp. 257-277 Downloads
Barbara S. Koelbl, Machteld A. van den Broek, Harry C. Wilting, Mark Sanders, Tatyana Bulavskaya, Richard Wood, André P.C. Faaij and Detlef P. van Vuuren
Integrated computation model of lithium-ion battery subject to nail penetration pp. 278-289 Downloads
Binghe Liu, Sha Yin and Jun Xu
Phase adjustment analysis and performance of a looped thermoacoustic prime mover with compliance/resistance tube pp. 290-298 Downloads
Tao Jin, Rui Yang, Yi Wang, Yuanliang Liu and Ye Feng
Modeling wind power curtailment with increased capacity in a regional electricity grid supplying a dense urban demand pp. 299-317 Downloads
Michael Waite and Vijay Modi
Quantifying breakeven price distributions in stochastic techno-economic analysis pp. 318-326 Downloads
Xin Zhao, Guolin Yao and Wallace Tyner
Electric vehicle charging demand forecasting model based on big data technologies pp. 327-339 Downloads
Mariz B. Arias and Sungwoo Bae
Operation management of residential energy-supplying networks based on optimization approaches pp. 340-357 Downloads
Tetsuya Wakui, Hiroki Kawayoshi, Ryohei Yokoyama and Hirohisa Aki
Electrochemical performance of a short tubular solid oxide fuel cell stack at intermediate temperatures pp. 358-368 Downloads
Navjot Kaur Sandhu, Amir Reza Hanifi, Andrew Woldnik, Taghi Amiri, Thomas H. Etsell, Jingli Luo and Partha Sarkar
Environmental impacts and benefits of organic Rankine cycle power generation technology and wood pellet fuel exemplified by electric arc furnace steel industry pp. 369-379 Downloads
Yi-Pin Lin, Wen-Hsian Wang, Shu-Yuan Pan, Chang-Ching Ho, Chin-Jen Hou and Pen-Chi Chiang
Recording frequency optimization for massive battery data storage in battery management systems pp. 380-389 Downloads
Yuejiu Zheng, Minggao Ouyang, Xiangjun Li, Languang Lu, Jianqiu Li, Long Zhou and Zhendong Zhang
Novel state-of-health diagnostic method for Li-ion battery in service pp. 390-398 Downloads
R. Mingant, J. Bernard and Sauvant-Moynot, V.
Performance assessment and productivity of a simple-type solar still integrated with nanocomposite energy storage system pp. 399-407 Downloads
Ashraf Elfasakhany
On the auxiliary boiler sizing assessment for solar driven supercritical CO2 double recompression Brayton cycles pp. 408-418 Downloads
Al-Sulaiman, F.A.
Roles of local and national energy systems in the integration of renewable energy pp. 419-429 Downloads
Jakob Zinck Thellufsen and Henrik Lund
Integrated assessment of exergy, energy and carbon dioxide emissions in an iron and steel industrial network pp. 430-444 Downloads
Junnian Wu, Ruiqi Wang, Guangying Pu and Hang Qi
A novel approach using flexible scheduling and aggregation to optimize demand response in the developing interactive grid market architecture pp. 445-455 Downloads
Ehsan Reihani, Mahdi Motalleb, Matsu Thornton and Reza Ghorbani
Factor analysis based optimal storage planning in active distribution network considering different battery technologies pp. 456-469 Downloads
Majid Daghi, Mahdi Sedghi, Ali Ahmadian and Aliakbar-Golkar, Masoud
Relevance of carbon structure to formation of tar and liquid alkane during coal pyrolysis pp. 470-477 Downloads
Peng Liu, Jiawei Le, Lanlan Wang, Tieying Pan, Xilan Lu and Dexiang Zhang
Innovative CHP concept for ORC and its benefit compared to conventional concepts pp. 478-490 Downloads
Christoph Wieland, Dominik Meinel, Sebastian Eyerer and Hartmut Spliethoff
Industrial waste heat recovery using an enhanced conductivity latent heat thermal energy storage pp. 491-503 Downloads
Kevin Merlin, Jérôme Soto, Didier Delaunay and Luc Traonvouez
Quantifying impacts of heat waves on power grid operation pp. 504-512 Downloads
Xinda Ke, Di Wu, Jennie Rice, Kintner-Meyer, Michael and Ning Lu
Influence of different open circuit voltage tests on state of charge online estimation for lithium-ion batteries pp. 513-525 Downloads
Fangdan Zheng, Yinjiao Xing, Jiuchun Jiang, Bingxiang Sun, Jonghoon Kim and Michael Pecht
Applying perturbation technique to analysis of a free piston Stirling engine possessing nonlinear springs pp. 526-541 Downloads
Tavakolpour-Saleh, A.R., Sh. Zare and A. Omidvar
Formation of aromatic ring structures during the thermal treatment of mallee wood cylinders at low temperature pp. 542-551 Downloads
Shengjuan Jiang, Xun Hu, Daohong Xia and Chun-Zhu Li
Reliability constrained decision model for energy service provider incorporating demand response programs pp. 552-565 Downloads
Mahboubi-Moghaddam, Esmaeil, Majid Nayeripour and Jamshid Aghaei
Catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae using nanocatalyst pp. 566-576 Downloads
Mohammad Saber, Abooali Golzary, Morteza Hosseinpour, Fumitake Takahashi and Kunio Yoshikawa
Planning of production and utility systems under unit performance degradation and alternative resource-constrained cleaning policies pp. 577-602 Downloads
Nur I. Zulkafli and Georgios M. Kopanos
Molten salts as engineering fluids – A review pp. 603-611 Downloads
V.M.B. Nunes, C.S. Queirós, M.J.V. Lourenço, F.J.V. Santos and C.A. Nieto de Castro
Efficiency analysis of a bidirectional DC/DC converter in a hybrid energy storage system for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles pp. 612-622 Downloads
Chun Wang, Rui Xiong, Hongwen He, Xiaofeng Ding and Weixiang Shen
Performance characteristics of a 200-kW organic Rankine cycle system in a steel processing plant pp. 623-635 Downloads
Taehong Sung, Eunkoo Yun, Hyun Dong Kim, Sang Youl Yoon, Bum Seog Choi, Kuisoon Kim, Jangmok Kim, Yang Beom Jung and Kyung Chun Kim
Scheduling of price-sensitive residential storage devices and loads with thermal inertia in distribution grid pp. 636-644 Downloads
Ehsan Reihani, Saeed Sepasi and Reza Ghorbani
Sizing for fuel cell/supercapacitor hybrid vehicles based on stochastic driving cycles pp. 645-658 Downloads
Diego Feroldi and Mauro Carignano
Experimental and modeling analysis of thermal runaway propagation over the large format energy storage battery module with Li4Ti5O12 anode pp. 659-673 Downloads
Peifeng Huang, Ping Ping, Ke Li, Haodong Chen, Qingsong Wang, Jennifer Wen and Jinhua Sun
Robust environmental-economic dispatch incorporating wind power generation and carbon capture plants pp. 674-684 Downloads
Wei Wei, Feng Liu, Jianhui Wang, Laijun Chen, Shengwei Mei and Tiejiang Yuan
A new insight into opaque envelopes in a passive solar house: Properties and roles pp. 685-699 Downloads
Linshuang Long, Hong Ye and Minghou Liu
A dual-benchmark based energy analysis method to evaluate control strategies for building HVAC systems pp. 700-714 Downloads
Zhimin Du, Xinqiao Jin, Xing Fang and Bo Fan
Wide range temperature dependence of analytical photovoltaic cell parameters for silicon solar cells under high illumination conditions pp. 715-724 Downloads
Firoz Khan, Seong-Ho Baek and Jae Hyun Kim
Comparative study of the cooling energy performance of variable refrigerant flow systems and variable air volume systems in office buildings pp. 725-736 Downloads
Xinqiao Yu, Da Yan, Kaiyu Sun, Tianzhen Hong and Dandan Zhu
Multi-year stochastic generation capacity expansion planning under environmental energy policy pp. 737-745 Downloads
Heejung Park and Ross Baldick
Analysis of the dynamic characteristics of combustion instabilities in a pre-mixed lean-burn natural gas engine pp. 746-759 Downloads
Li-Ping Yang, En-Zhe Song, Shun-Liang Ding, Richard J. Brown, Norbert Marwan and Xiu-Zhen Ma
H2 pressure swing adsorption for high pressure syngas from an integrated gasification combined cycle with a carbon capture process pp. 760-774 Downloads
Dong-Kyu Moon, Dong-Geun Lee and Chang-Ha Lee
A transient one-dimensional numerical model for kinetic Stirling engine pp. 775-790 Downloads
Kai Wang, Swapnil Dubey, Fook Hoong Choo and Fei Duan
A hybrid harmony search algorithm with differential evolution for day-ahead scheduling problem of a microgrid with consideration of power flow constraints pp. 791-804 Downloads
Jingrui Zhang, Yihong Wu, Yiran Guo, Bo Wang, Hengyue Wang and Houde Liu
A system-of-systems framework for the reliability analysis of distributed generation systems accounting for the impact of degraded communication networks pp. 805-822 Downloads
Hua-Dong Mo, Yan-Fu Li and Enrico Zio
On the performance of a micro-scale Bach-type turbine as predicted by discrete-vortex simulations pp. 823-836 Downloads
Lu Wang and Ronald W. Yeung
Geothermal exploitation from depleted high temperature gas reservoirs via recycling supercritical CO2: Heat mining rate and salt precipitation effects pp. 837-852 Downloads
Guodong Cui, Liang Zhang, Bo Ren, Chioma Enechukwu, Yanmin Liu and Shaoran Ren
The impact of inter-regional transmission grid expansion on China’s power sector decarbonization pp. 853-873 Downloads
Ying Li, Zofia Lukszo and Margot Weijnen
Energy, environmental and economic evaluation of the CCHP systems for a remote island in south of China pp. 874-883 Downloads
Lang Wang, Jianfeng Lu, Weilong Wang and Jing Ding
Analysis of design options for the electricity market: The German case pp. 884-901 Downloads
Dogan Keles, Andreas Bublitz, Florian Zimmermann, Massimo Genoese and Wolf Fichtner
Assessing the economic value of co-optimized grid-scale energy storage investments in supporting high renewable portfolio standards pp. 902-913 Downloads
Roderick S. Go, Francisco D. Munoz and Jean-Paul Watson
AMT downshifting strategy design of HEV during regenerative braking process for energy conservation pp. 914-925 Downloads
Liang Li, Xiangyu Wang, Rui Xiong, Kai He and Xujian Li
Integrating and optimizing metrics of sustainable building performance using human-focused agent-based modeling pp. 926-937 Downloads
Elie Azar, Christina Nikolopoulou and Sokratis Papadopoulos
Optimization of building envelope design for nZEBs in Mediterranean climate: Performance analysis of residential case study pp. 938-957 Downloads
Fabrizio Ascione, Rosa Francesca De Masi, Filippo de Rossi, Silvia Ruggiero and Giuseppe Peter Vanoli
Model calibration for the carbon dioxide-amine absorption system pp. 958-968 Downloads
Massimiliano Errico, Claudio Madeddu, Daniele Pinna and Roberto Baratti
An inexact bi-level simulation–optimization model for conjunctive regional renewable energy planning and air pollution control for electric power generation systems pp. 969-983 Downloads
Yizhong Chen, Li He, Jing Li, Xi Cheng and Hongwei Lu
Exploring the impacts of the EU ETS emission limits on airline performance via the Dynamic Environmental DEA approach pp. 984-994 Downloads
Qiang Cui, Yi-Ming Wei and Ye Li
Ex situ thermo-catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis vapors using a traveling wave microwave reactor pp. 995-1004 Downloads
P.D. Muley, C.E. Henkel, G. Aguilar, K.T. Klasson and D. Boldor
Cost-optimal energy performance renovation measures of educational buildings in cold climate pp. 1005-1020 Downloads
Tuomo Niemelä, Risto Kosonen and Juha Jokisalo
Modelling relationship among energy demand, climate and office building features: A cluster analysis at European level pp. 1021-1034 Downloads
Giuseppina Ciulla, Valerio Lo Brano and D’Amico, Antonino
Equilibrium strategy based coal blending method for combined carbon and PM10 emissions reductions pp. 1035-1052 Downloads
Chengwei Lv, Jiuping Xu, Heping Xie, Ziqiang Zeng and Yimin Wu
Effects of supply chain structure and biomass prices on bioenergy feedstock supply pp. 1053-1064 Downloads
Aaron V. De Laporte, Alfons Weersink and Daniel W. McKenney
Responsiveness of residential electricity demand to dynamic tariffs: Experiences from a large field test in the Netherlands pp. 1065-1074 Downloads
E.A.M. Klaassen, C.B.A. Kobus, J. Frunt and J.G. Slootweg
The economic viability of a feed-in tariff scheme that solely rewards self-consumption to promote the use of integrated photovoltaic battery systems pp. 1075-1085 Downloads
Giovanni Brusco, Alessandro Burgio, Daniele Menniti, Anna Pinnarelli and Nicola Sorrentino
Large eddy simulation of a semi-industrial scale coal furnace using non-adiabatic three-stream flamelet/progress variable model pp. 1086-1097 Downloads
Xu Wen, Kun Luo, Yujuan Luo, Hassan I. Kassem, Hanhui Jin and Jianren Fan
Maximizing fuel production rates in isothermal solar thermochemical fuel production pp. 1098-1111 Downloads
Timothy C. Davenport, Chih-Kai Yang, Christopher J. Kucharczyk, Michael J. Ignatowich and Sossina M. Haile
Impacts of industrial transition on water use intensity and energy-related carbon intensity in China: A spatio-temporal analysis during 2003–2012 pp. 1112-1122 Downloads
Jialiang Cai, He Yin and Olli Varis
Synergistic pretreatment of waste activated sludge using CaO2 in combination with microwave irradiation to enhance methane production during anaerobic digestion pp. 1123-1132 Downloads
Jie Wang and Yongmei Li
Quorum sensing alters the microbial community of electrode-respiring bacteria and hydrogen scavengers toward improving hydrogen yield in microbial electrolysis cells pp. 1133-1141 Downloads
Weiwei Cai, Zhaojing Zhang, Ge Ren, Qiuxuan Shen, Yanan Hou, Anzhou Ma, Ye Deng, Aijie Wang and Wenzong Liu
Impacts of plug-in electric vehicles in a balancing area pp. 1142-1156 Downloads
Ghazal Razeghi and Scott Samuelsen
Experimental testing of a hybrid sensible-latent heat storage system for domestic hot water applications pp. 1157-1167 Downloads
Andrea Frazzica, Marco Manzan, Alessio Sapienza, Angelo Freni, Giuseppe Toniato and Giovanni Restuccia
A semi-analytic method to optimize tidal farm layouts – Application to the Alderney Race (Raz Blanchard), France pp. 1168-1180 Downloads
Ottavio A. Lo Brutto, Jérôme Thiébot, Sylvain S. Guillou and Hamid Gualous
Energy technology R&D portfolio management: Modeling uncertain returns and market diffusion pp. 1181-1196 Downloads
John Bistline
Physical and chemical effects of low octane gasoline fuels on compression ignition combustion pp. 1197-1208 Downloads
Jihad Badra, Yoann Viollet, Ahmed Elwardany, Hong G. Im and Junseok Chang
Byproduct metal requirements for U.S. wind and solar photovoltaic electricity generation up to the year 2040 under various Clean Power Plan scenarios pp. 1209-1226 Downloads
Nedal T. Nassar, David R. Wilburn and Thomas G. Goonan
Improving the economy-of-scale of small organic rankine cycle systems through appropriate working fluid selection pp. 1227-1239 Downloads
Martin White and Abdulnaser I. Sayma
The dynamic performance and economic benefit of a blended braking system in a multi-speed battery electric vehicle pp. 1240-1258 Downloads
Jiageng Ruan, Paul D. Walker, Peter A. Watterson and Nong Zhang
A plant-level analysis of the spill-over effects of the German Energiewende pp. 1259-1271 Downloads
Machiel Mulder and Bert Scholtens
Effect of electrode design and operating condition on performance of hydrogen alkaline membrane fuel cell pp. 1272-1278 Downloads
Hao Deng, Dawei Wang, Renfang Wang, Xu Xie, Yan Yin, Qing Du and Kui Jiao
Under-expanded jets and dispersion in supercritical CO2 releases from a large-scale pipeline pp. 1279-1291 Downloads
Xiaolu Guo, Xingqing Yan, Jianliang Yu, Yongchun Zhang, Shaoyun Chen, Haroun Mahgerefteh, Sergey Martynov, Alexander Collard and Christophe Proust
A three-dimensional mathematical model for the anode of a direct ethanol fuel cell pp. 1292-1301 Downloads
R.S. Gomes and A.L. De Bortoli
Low grade heat driven adsorption system for cooling and power generation with small-scale radial inflow turbine pp. 1302-1316 Downloads
Al-Mousawi, Fadhel Noraldeen, Al-Dadah, Raya and Saad Mahmoud
Thermal enhancement by using grooves and ribs combined with delta-winglet vortex generator in a solar receiver heat exchanger pp. 1317-1332 Downloads
Lei Luo, Fengbo Wen, Lei Wang, Bengt Sundén and Songtao Wang
A multi-period power generation planning model incorporating the non-carbon external costs: A case study of China pp. 1333-1345 Downloads
Hao Chen, Bao-Jun Tang, Hua Liao and Yi-Ming Wei
An integrated device to convert carbon dioxide to energy pp. 1346-1350 Downloads
Steven Saric, Brenna Biggs, Mika Janbahan, Ryan Hamilton, Huy K. Do, Salvador Mayoral and John L. Haan
Modelling the multilevel structure and mixed effects of the factors influencing the energy consumption of electric vehicles pp. 1351-1360 Downloads
Kai Liu, Jiangbo Wang, Toshiyuki Yamamoto and Takayuki Morikawa
Thermodynamic analysis of an improved adiabatic compressed air energy storage system pp. 1361-1373 Downloads
Hao Peng, Yu Yang, Rui Li and Xiang Ling
Data-driven framework for boiler performance monitoring pp. 1374-1388 Downloads
Riku-Pekka Nikula, Mika Ruusunen and Kauko Leiviskä
Optimal exergy-based control of internal combustion engines pp. 1389-1403 Downloads
M. Razmara, M. Bidarvatan, M. Shahbakhti and R.D. Robinett
Optimal design and operation of Archimedes screw turbines using Bayesian optimization pp. 1404-1417 Downloads
Michal Lisicki, William Lubitz and Graham W. Taylor
Synthesis of a highly efficient Li4SiO4 ceramic modified with a gluconic acid-based carbon coating for high-temperature CO2 capture pp. 1418-1427 Downloads
Ke Wang, Zhongyun Zhou, Pengfei Zhao, Zeguang Yin, Zhen Su and Ji Sun
Energy saving potential of fragmented green spaces due to their temperature regulating ecosystem services in the summer pp. 1428-1440 Downloads
Fanhua Kong, Changfeng Sun, Fengfeng Liu, Haiwei Yin, Fei Jiang, Yingxia Pu, Gina Cavan, Cynthia Skelhorn, Ariane Middel and Iryna Dronova
Exploration of dispatch model integrating wind generators and electric vehicles pp. 1441-1451 Downloads
A.N.M.M. Haque, A.U.N. Ibn Saif, P.H. Nguyen and S.S. Torbaghan
Assessment of MDEA absorption process for sequential H2S removal and CO2 capture in air-blown IGCC plants pp. 1452-1470 Downloads
Stefania Moioli, Antonio Giuffrida, Matteo C. Romano, Laura A. Pellegrini and Giovanni Lozza
Impacts of changing design considerations on the life cycle carbon emissions of solar photovoltaic systems pp. 1471-1487 Downloads
Victor Nian
A real-time decision model for industrial load management in a smart grid pp. 1488-1497 Downloads
Mengmeng Yu, Renzhi Lu and Seung Ho Hong
Novel high-efficient unified maximum power point tracking controller for hybrid fuel cell/wind systems pp. 1498-1510 Downloads
Hassan Fathabadi
Climate change impacts and greenhouse gas mitigation effects on U.S. hydropower generation pp. 1511-1519 Downloads
Brent Boehlert, Kenneth M. Strzepek, Yohannes Gebretsadik, Richard Swanson, Alyssa McCluskey, James E. Neumann, James McFarland and Jeremy Martinich
Advantage of nanoporous styrene-based monolithic structure over beads when applied for methane storage pp. 1520-1527 Downloads
Wen Tong, Yongqin Lv and Frantisek Svec
Energy, environmental and economical saving potential of data centers with various economizers across Australia pp. 1528-1549 Downloads
Ali Habibi Khalaj, Thomas Scherer and Saman K. Halgamuge
Investigation of reactions in a fluidized bed reactor during chemical looping combustion of coal/steam with copper oxide-iron oxide-alumina oxygen carrier pp. 1550-1564 Downloads
Ranjani Siriwardane, William Benincosa, Jarrett Riley, Hanjing Tian and George Richards
Measuring the energy intensity of domestic activities from smart meter data pp. 1565-1580 Downloads
L. Stankovic, V. Stankovic, J. Liao and C. Wilson
Land use structure and emission intensity at regional scale: A case study at the middle reach of the Heihe River basin pp. 1581-1593 Downloads
Zhan Wang, Xiangzheng Deng, Yuping Bai, Jiancheng Chen and Wentang Zheng
Comparison of electricity storage options using levelized cost of storage (LCOS) method pp. 1594-1606 Downloads
Verena Jülch
Effects of carbon tax on social welfare: A case study of China pp. 1607-1615 Downloads
Zi-yue Chen and Pu-yan Nie
Process modeling of direct coal-biomass to liquids (CBTL) plants with shale gas utilization and CO2 capture and storage (CCS) pp. 1616-1632 Downloads
Yuan Jiang and Debangsu Bhattacharyya
Review of pre-combustion capture and ionic liquid in carbon capture and storage pp. 1633-1663 Downloads
Wai Lip Theo, Jeng Shiun Lim, Haslenda Hashim, Azizul Azri Mustaffa and Wai Shin Ho
A simplified model for heat extraction by circulating fluid through a closed-loop multiple-fracture enhanced geothermal system pp. 1664-1681 Downloads
Bisheng Wu, Xi Zhang, Robert G. Jeffrey, Andrew P. Bunger and Shanpo Jia
Ion transport in microbial fuel cells: Key roles, theory and critical review pp. 1682-1704 Downloads
Manon Oliot, Sylvain Galier, Hélène Roux de Balmann and Alain Bergel
Wet impregnation of a commercial low cost silica using DETA for a fast post-combustion CO2 capture process pp. 1705-1721 Downloads
C.F. Martín, M.B. Sweatman, S. Brandani and X. Fan
Low-carbon “drop-in replacement” transportation fuels from non-food biomass and natural gas pp. 1722-1730 Downloads
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