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2016, volume 174, issue C

The impact of emission trading scheme and the ratio of free quota: A dynamic recursive CGE model in China pp. 1-14 Downloads
Wei Li and Zhijie Jia
Design, realization and testing of an adsorption refrigerator based on activated carbon/ethanol working pair pp. 15-24 Downloads
A. Frazzica, V. Palomba, B. Dawoud, G. Gullì, V. Brancato, A. Sapienza, S. Vasta, A. Freni, F. Costa and G. Restuccia
Multi-objective optimization of geometrical parameters of corrugated-undulated heat transfer surfaces pp. 25-36 Downloads
Limin Wang, Lei Deng, Chenglong Ji, Erkai Liang, Changxia Wang and Defu Che
Multi-stage and multi-objective optimization for energy retrofitting a developed hospital reference building: A new approach to assess cost-optimality pp. 37-68 Downloads
Fabrizio Ascione, Nicola Bianco, Claudio De Stasio, Gerardo Maria Mauro and Giuseppe Peter Vanoli
Smart grid adaptive energy conservation and optimization engine utilizing Particle Swarm Optimization and Fuzzification pp. 69-79 Downloads
Moein Manbachi, Hassan Farhangi, Ali Palizban and Siamak Arzanpour
CaMn1−xBxO3−δ (B=Al, V, Fe, Co, and Ni) perovskite based oxygen carriers for chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling (CLOU) pp. 80-87 Downloads
Nathan Galinsky, Marwan Sendi, Lindsay Bowers and Fanxing Li
Energy-Performance as a driver for optimal production planning pp. 88-100 Downloads
Niloofar Salahi and Mohsen A. Jafari
Piezoelectric energy harvester for public roadway: On-site installation and evaluation pp. 101-107 Downloads
Haocheng Xiong and Linbing Wang
A comparative study between a Rankine cycle and a novel intra-cycle based waste heat recovery concepts applied to an internal combustion engine pp. 108-117 Downloads
Robert Morgan, Guangyu Dong, Angad Panesar and Morgan Heikal
Weighted average of inlet and outlet temperatures in borehole heat exchangers pp. 118-129 Downloads
Richard A. Beier and Jeffrey D. Spitler
Optimum community energy storage system for demand load shifting pp. 130-143 Downloads
David Parra, Stuart A. Norman, Gavin S. Walker and Mark Gillott
Solar photovoltaic projects in China: High investment risks and the need for institutional response pp. 144-152 Downloads
Dirk Kayser
Numerical simulations of combustion process in a gas turbine with a single and multi-point fuel injection system pp. 153-165 Downloads
Artur Tyliszczak, Andrzej Boguslawski and Dariusz Nowak
Meta-modeling of occupancy variables and analysis of their impact on energy outcomes of office buildings pp. 166-180 Downloads
Qinpeng Wang, Godfried Augenbroe, Ji-Hyun Kim and Li Gu
Hydrate dissociation induced by depressurization in conjunction with warm brine stimulation in cubic hydrate simulator with silica sand pp. 181-191 Downloads
Jing-Chun Feng, Yi Wang and Xiao-Sen Li
Optimization of wind turbine layout position in a wind farm using a newly-developed two-dimensional wake model pp. 192-200 Downloads
Xiaoxia Gao, Hongxing Yang and Lin Lu
Potential for exhaust gas energy recovery in a diesel passenger car under European driving cycle pp. 201-212 Downloads
Andrés F. Agudelo, García-Contreras, Reyes, John R. Agudelo and Octavio Armas
The CO2 emission efficiency, reduction potential and spatial clustering in China’s industry: Evidence from the regional level pp. 213-223 Downloads
Yue-Jun Zhang, Jun-Fang Hao and Juan Song
Experimental performance study of sorption refrigerators driven by waste gases from fishing vessels diesel engine pp. 224-231 Downloads
Zisheng Lu and Ruzhu Wang
Theoretical analysis and experimental confirmation of exhaust temperature control for diesel vehicle NOx emissions reduction pp. 232-244 Downloads
Jibing Jiang and Dinggen Li
Decomposition analysis from demand services to material production: The case of CO2 emissions from steel produced for automobiles in Mexico pp. 245-255 Downloads
Sheinbaum-Pardo, Claudia
Naturally comfortable and sustainable: Informed design guidance and performance labeling for passive commercial buildings in hot climates pp. 256-274 Downloads
Adams Rackes, Ana Paula Melo and Roberto Lamberts
Cost-optimal thermal energy storage system for a residential building with heat pump heating and demand response control pp. 275-287 Downloads
Behrang Alimohammadisagvand, Juha Jokisalo, Simo Kilpeläinen, Mubbashir Ali and Kai Sirén

2016, volume 173, issue C

BIPV-temp: A demonstrative Building Integrated Photovoltaic installation pp. 1-12 Downloads
Anatoli Chatzipanagi, Francesco Frontini and Alessandro Virtuani
Fuel cell electric vehicle as a power plant and SOFC as a natural gas reformer: An exergy analysis of different system designs pp. 13-28 Downloads
A. Fernandes, T. Woudstra, A. van Wijk, L. Verhoef and P.V. Aravind
Simulation and experimental study on lithium ion battery short circuit pp. 29-39 Downloads
Rui Zhao, Jie Liu and Junjie Gu
Energy performance of ETFE cushion roof integrated photovoltaic/thermal system on hot and cold days pp. 40-51 Downloads
Jianhui Hu, Wujun Chen, Deqing Yang, Bing Zhao, Hao Song and Binbin Ge
Efficient syngas generation for electricity storage through carbon gasification assisted solid oxide co-electrolysis pp. 52-58 Downloads
Libin Lei, Yao Wang, Shumin Fang, Cong Ren, Tong Liu and Fanglin Chen
Highly active platinum electrocatalyst towards oxygen reduction reaction in renewable energy generations of proton exchange membrane fuel cells pp. 59-66 Downloads
Yang Wang, Hui Luo, Guang Li and Jianming Jiang
Token based scheduling for energy management in building HVAC systems pp. 67-79 Downloads
Nikitha Radhakrishnan, Yang Su, Rong Su and Kameshwar Poolla
Combined steam and carbon dioxide reforming of methane and side reactions: Thermodynamic equilibrium analysis and experimental application pp. 80-91 Downloads
Won-Jun Jang, Dae-Woon Jeong, Jae-Oh Shim, Hak-Min Kim, Hyun-Seog Roh, In Hyuk Son and Seung Jae Lee
Modelling electricity futures prices using seasonal path-dependent volatility pp. 92-102 Downloads
Viviana Fanelli, Lucia Maddalena and Silvana Musti
A novel energy conversion method based on hydrogel material for self-powered sensor system applications pp. 103-110 Downloads
Xuan Wu, Guangyong Li and Dong-Weon Lee
A methodology to generate power profiles of electric vehicle parking lots under different operational strategies pp. 111-123 Downloads
Nikolaos G. Paterakis and Madeleine Gibescu
Cost–benefit analysis method for building solutions pp. 124-133 Downloads
Catarina Araújo, Manuela Almeida, Luís Bragança and José Amarilio Barbosa
An online method for lithium-ion battery remaining useful life estimation using importance sampling and neural networks pp. 134-140 Downloads
Ji Wu, Chenbin Zhang and Zonghai Chen
Effect of nano vacuum insulation panel and nanogel glazing on the energy performance of office building pp. 141-151 Downloads
Muhammad Abdul Mujeebu, Noman Ashraf and Abdulkarim H. Alsuwayigh
Discharge, rest and charge simulation of lead-acid batteries using an efficient reduced order model based on proper orthogonal decomposition pp. 152-167 Downloads
Amir Babak Ansari, Vahid Esfahanian and Farschad Torabi
Ultrafine lauric–myristic acid eutectic/poly (meta-phenylene isophthalamide) form-stable phase change fibers for thermal energy storage by electrospinning pp. 168-176 Downloads
Weiwang Chen and Wenguo Weng
Simulating hydrothermal treatment of sludge within a pulp and paper mill pp. 177-183 Downloads
Mikko Mäkelä and Kunio Yoshikawa
Optimal control of integrated energy management/mode switch timing in a three-power-source hybrid powertrain pp. 184-196 Downloads
Yi-Hsuan Hung, Yu-Ming Tung and Chun-Hsin Chang
Influence of operating parameters on N2O emission in O2/CO2 combustion with high oxygen concentration in circulating fluidized bed pp. 197-209 Downloads
Shiyuan Li, Mingxin Xu, Lufei Jia, Li Tan and Qinggang Lu
Hydrogen and syngas production by superadiabatic combustion – A review pp. 210-224 Downloads
Muhammad Abdul Mujeebu
Development of a new energy benchmark for improving the operational rating system of office buildings using various data-mining techniques pp. 225-237 Downloads
Hyo Seon Park, Minhyun Lee, Hyuna Kang, Taehoon Hong and Jaewook Jeong
Investigating the techno-economic perspectives of high wind energy production in remote vs interconnected island networks pp. 238-254 Downloads
M. Kapsali, J.K. Kaldellis and J.S. Anagnostopoulos
Thermal energy storage and retrieval characteristics of a molten-salt latent heat thermal energy storage system pp. 255-271 Downloads
P. Zhang, F. Ma and X. Xiao
An empirically grounded model for simulating normative energy use feedback interventions pp. 272-282 Downloads
Kyle Anderson and SangHyun Lee
Stochastic modeling to represent wind power generation and demand in electric power system based on real data pp. 283-295 Downloads
Humberto Verdejo, Almendra Awerkin, Eugenio Saavedra, Wolfgang Kliemann and Luis Vargas
Accuracy of automated measurement and verification (M&V) techniques for energy savings in commercial buildings pp. 296-308 Downloads
Jessica Granderson, Samir Touzani, Claudine Custodio, Michael D. Sohn, David Jump and Samuel Fernandes
Environmental, economic, and social impacts of feed-in tariffs: A Portuguese perspective 2000–2010 pp. 309-319 Downloads
Paul Behrens, João F.D. Rodrigues, Tiago Brás and Carlos Silva
Optimal autonomous microgrid operation: A holistic view pp. 320-330 Downloads
Ketan P. Detroja
Assessing the influence of the temporal resolution of electrical load and PV generation profiles on self-consumption and sizing of PV-battery systems pp. 331-342 Downloads
T. Beck, H. Kondziella, G. Huard and T. Bruckner
Development of concepts for cost-optimal nearly zero-energy buildings for the industrial steel building sector pp. 343-354 Downloads
Pascal Brinks, Oliver Kornadt and René Oly
Enhanced turbine monitoring using emissions measurements and data reconciliation pp. 355-365 Downloads
Mohammed S. Syed, Kerry M. Dooley, Frantisek Madron and F. Carl Knopf
A review on water fault diagnosis of PEMFC associated with the pressure drop pp. 366-385 Downloads
Pucheng Pei, Yuehua Li, Huachi Xu and Ziyao Wu
Energy efficiency analysis of steam ejector and electric vacuum pump for a turbine condenser air extraction system based on supervised machine learning modelling pp. 386-405 Downloads
Dušan Strušnik, Milan Marčič, Marjan Golob, Aleš Hribernik, Marija Živić and Jurij Avsec
An energy management model to study energy and peak power savings from PV and storage in demand responsive buildings pp. 406-417 Downloads
Fakeha Sehar, Manisa Pipattanasomporn and Saifur Rahman
Enhancement of jet fuel range alkanes from co-feeding of lignocellulosic biomass with plastics via tandem catalytic conversions pp. 418-430 Downloads
Xuesong Zhang, Hanwu Lei, Lei Zhu, Moriko Qian, Xiaolu Zhu, Joan Wu and Shulin Chen
Regeneration of the power performance of cathodes affected by biofouling pp. 431-437 Downloads
Grzegorz Pasternak, John Greenman and Ioannis Ieropoulos
Two-stage hydrogasification of different rank coals with a focus on relationships between yields of products and coal properties or structures pp. 438-447 Downloads
Jie Zhang, Nan Zheng and Jie Wang
Novel high accurate sensorless dual-axis solar tracking system controlled by maximum power point tracking unit of photovoltaic systems pp. 448-459 Downloads
Hassan Fathabadi
Modeling and simulation of HI and H2SO4 thermal decomposers for a 50NL/h sulfur-iodine hydrogen production test facility pp. 460-469 Downloads
Youngjoon Shin, Taehoon Lee, Kiyoung Lee and Minhwan Kim
Provision of secondary frequency control via demand response activation on thermostatically controlled loads: Solutions and experiences from Denmark pp. 470-480 Downloads
Venkatachalam Lakshmanan, Mattia Marinelli, Junjie Hu and Henrik W. Bindner
Effect of air temperature non-uniformity on water–air heat exchanger thermal performance – Toward innovative control approach for energy consumption reduction pp. 481-493 Downloads
M. Ramadan, M. Khaled, H. El Hage, F. Harambat and H. Peerhossaini
Supply chain optimization of sugarcane first generation and eucalyptus second generation ethanol production in Brazil pp. 494-510 Downloads
J.G.G. Jonker, H.M. Junginger, J.A. Verstegen, T. Lin, L.F. Rodríguez, K.C. Ting, A.P.C. Faaij and F. van der Hilst
Distributionally robust hydro-thermal-wind economic dispatch pp. 511-519 Downloads
Yue Chen, Wei Wei, Feng Liu and Shengwei Mei
Solar–terrestrial radiant-energy regimes and temperature anomalies of natural and artificial turfs pp. 520-534 Downloads
C.Y. Jim
Electric vehicle charging in China’s power system: Energy, economic and environmental trade-offs and policy implications pp. 535-554 Downloads
Ying Li, Chris Davis, Zofia Lukszo and Margot Weijnen
Development of a first-principles hybrid model for large-scale reheating furnaces pp. 555-566 Downloads
Yukun Hu, Ck Tan, Jonathan Broughton and Paul Alun Roach
The impact of verified emissions announcements on the European Union emissions trading scheme: A bilaterally modified dummy variable modelling analysis pp. 567-577 Downloads
Jun-Jun Jia, Jin-Hua Xu and Ying Fan
Storage capacity assessment of liquid fuels production by solar gasification in a packed bed reactor using a dynamic process model pp. 578-588 Downloads
Ashok A. Kaniyal, Philip J. van Eyk and Graham J. Nathan
Thermochemical energy storage of concentrated solar power by integration of the calcium looping process and a CO2 power cycle pp. 589-605 Downloads
R. Chacartegui, A. Alovisio, C. Ortiz, J.M. Valverde, V. Verda and J.A. Becerra
Analysis of system improvements in solar thermal and air source heat pump combisystems pp. 606-623 Downloads
Stefano Poppi, Chris Bales, Andreas Heinz, Franz Hengel, David Chèze, Igor Mojic and Catia Cialani
Net energy benefits of carbon nanotube applications pp. 624-634 Downloads
Pei Zhai, Jacqueline A. Isaacs and Matthew J. Eckelman
Carbon capability of urban residents and its structure: Evidence from a survey of Jiangsu Province in China pp. 635-649 Downloads
Jia Wei, Hong Chen, Xiaotong Cui and Ruyin Long
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