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2016, volume 178, issue C

Novel methods for estimating lithium-ion battery state of energy and maximum available energy pp. 1-8 Downloads
Linfeng Zheng, Jianguo Zhu, Guoxiu Wang, Tingting He and Yiying Wei
Photosynthetic CO2 uptake by microalgae for biogas upgrading and simultaneously biogas slurry decontamination by using of microalgae photobioreactor under various light wavelengths, light intensities, and photoperiods pp. 9-18 Downloads
Cheng Yan, Liandong Zhu and Yanxin Wang
Effects of oxidizer flexibility and bluff-body blockage ratio on flammability limits of diffusion flames pp. 19-28 Downloads
Islam A. Ramadan, Abdelmaged H. Ibrahim, Abou-Arab, Tharwat W., Sherif S. Rashwan, Medhat A. Nemitallah and Mohamed A. Habib
Smart electric vehicle charging scheduler for overloading prevention of an industry client power distribution transformer pp. 29-42 Downloads
Radu Godina, Eduardo M.G. Rodrigues, João C.O. Matias and João P.S. Catalão
Investigation of thermal control for different SOFC flow geometries pp. 43-55 Downloads
Mahshid Fardadi, Dustin F. McLarty and Faryar Jabbari
Modelling the impact of social network on energy savings pp. 56-65 Downloads
Feng Du, Jiangfeng Zhang, Hailong Li, Jinyue Yan, Stuart Galloway and Kwok L. Lo
Transient simulation modelling and energy performance of a standalone solar-hydrogen combined heat and power system integrated with solar-thermal collectors pp. 66-77 Downloads
Jihane Assaf and Bahman Shabani
A review of free-piston linear engines pp. 78-97 Downloads
Nguyen Ba Hung and Ocktaeck Lim
An operation optimization and decision framework for a building cluster with distributed energy systems pp. 98-109 Downloads
Xiwang Li, Jin Wen and Ali Malkawi
Energy efficient methane tri-reforming for synthesis gas production over highly coke resistant nanocrystalline Ni–ZrO2 catalyst pp. 110-125 Downloads
Rajib Kumar Singha, Astha Shukla, Aditya Yadav, Shubhadeep Adak, Zafar Iqbal, Nazia Siddiqui and Rajaram Bal
Improved gas heaters for supercritical CO2 Rankine cycles: Considerations on forced and mixed convection heat transfer enhancement pp. 126-141 Downloads
Zhouhang Li, Guoli Tang, Yuxin Wu, Yuling Zhai, Jianxin Xu, Hua Wang and Junfu Lu
The effects of high frequency current ripple on electric vehicle battery performance pp. 142-154 Downloads
Kotub Uddin, Andrew D. Moore, Anup Barai and James Marco
Pricing mechanisms design for guiding electric vehicle charging to fill load valley pp. 155-163 Downloads
Zechun Hu, Kaiqiao Zhan, Hongcai Zhang and Yonghua Song
Combined CO2 absorption/regeneration performance enhancement by using nanoabsorbents pp. 164-176 Downloads
Jae Won Lee, Israel Torres Pineda, Jung Hun Lee and Yong Tae Kang
A high-efficiency energy regenerative shock absorber using supercapacitors for renewable energy applications in range extended electric vehicle pp. 177-188 Downloads
Zutao Zhang, Xingtian Zhang, Weiwu Chen, Yagubov Rasim, Waleed Salman, Hongye Pan, Yanping Yuan and Chunbai Wang
Pressure response and phase transition in supercritical CO2 releases from a large-scale pipeline pp. 189-197 Downloads
Xiaolu Guo, Xingqing Yan, Jianliang Yu, Yongchun Zhang, Shaoyun Chen, Haroun Mahgerefteh, Sergey Martynov, Alexander Collard and Christophe Proust
A wolf pack hunting strategy based virtual tribes control for automatic generation control of smart grid pp. 198-211 Downloads
Lei Xi, Tao Yu, Bo Yang, Xiaoshun Zhang and Xuanyu Qiu
Energy Internet: The business perspective pp. 212-222 Downloads
Kaile Zhou, Shanlin Yang and Zhen Shao
A general modeling framework to evaluate energy, economy, land-use and GHG emissions nexus for bioenergy exploitation pp. 223-249 Downloads
Gonzalez-Salazar, Miguel Angel, Mauro Venturini, Witold-Roger Poganietz, Matthias Finkenrath, Trevor Kirsten, Helmer Acevedo and Pier Ruggero Spina
Optimization and GIS-based combined approach for the determination of the most cost-effective investments in biomass sector pp. 250-259 Downloads
Vladimir Vukašinović and Dušan Gordić
Synthesis of hierarchically porous MnO2/rice husks derived carbon composite as high-performance electrode material for supercapacitors pp. 260-268 Downloads
Chuanjun Yuan, Haibo Lin, Haiyan Lu, Endong Xing, Yusi Zhang and Bingyao Xie
Significance of parameters affecting the performance of a passive down-draft evaporative cooling (PDEC) tower with a spray system pp. 269-280 Downloads
Daeho Kang and Richard K. Strand
Dynamic simulation and experimental validation of an open air receiver and a thermal energy storage system for solar thermal power plant pp. 281-293 Downloads
Qing Li, Fengwu Bai, Bei Yang, Zhifeng Wang, Baligh El Hefni, Sijie Liu, Syuichi Kubo, Hiroaki Kiriki and Mingxu Han
Lattice Boltzmann modeling of carbon deposition in porous anode of a solid oxide fuel cell with internal reforming pp. 294-307 Downloads
Han Xu and Zheng Dang
Update of energy performance certificates in the residential sector and scenarios that consider the impact of automation, control and management systems: A case study of La Rioja pp. 308-322 Downloads
López-González, Luis M., López-Ochoa, Luis M., Las-Heras-Casas, Jesús and García-Lozano, César
Multi-physical continuum models of thermochemical heat storage and transformation in porous media and powder beds—A review pp. 323-345 Downloads
Thomas Nagel, Steffen Beckert, Christoph Lehmann, Roger Gläser and Olaf Kolditz
The effect of sodium chloride on the pyrolysis of rice husk pp. 346-352 Downloads
Na Zhao and Bao-Xia Li
Modeling of direct carbon solid oxide fuel cell for CO and electricity cogeneration pp. 353-362 Downloads
Haoran Xu, Bin Chen, Jiang Liu and Meng Ni
FEM thermal performance analysis of multi-layer external walls during typical summer conditions considering high intensity passive cooling pp. 363-375 Downloads
Blaž Hudobivnik, Luka Pajek, Roman Kunič and Mitja Košir
Experimental study on a novel battery thermal management technology based on low density polyethylene-enhanced composite phase change materials coupled with low fins pp. 376-382 Downloads
Youfu Lv, Xiaoqing Yang, Xinxi Li, Guoqing Zhang, Ziyuan Wang and Chengzhao Yang
Thermal performance of a steady state physical pipe model for simulating district heating grids with variable flow pp. 383-393 Downloads
Jean Duquette, Andrew Rowe and Peter Wild
Experimental analysis of charging and discharging processes, with parallel and counter flow arrangements, in a molten salts high temperature pilot plant scale setup pp. 394-403 Downloads
Gerard Peiró, Jaume Gasia, Laia Miró, Cristina Prieto and Luisa F. Cabeza
Wind farm layout optimization on complex terrains – Integrating a CFD wake model with mixed-integer programming pp. 404-414 Downloads
Jim Y.J. Kuo, David A. Romero, J. Christopher Beck and Cristina H. Amon
Start-up and operation characteristics of a flame fuel cell unit pp. 415-421 Downloads
Yuqing Wang, Hongyu Zeng, Tianyu Cao, Yixiang Shi, Ningsheng Cai, Xiaofeng Ye and Shaorong Wang
Supply risks associated with CdTe and CIGS thin-film photovoltaics pp. 422-433 Downloads
Christoph Helbig, Alex M. Bradshaw, Christoph Kolotzek, Andrea Thorenz and Axel Tuma
A mixed integer linear programming model for integrating thermodynamic cycles for waste heat exploitation in process sites pp. 434-453 Downloads
Gbemi Oluleye and Robin Smith
Modeling, control, and performance of a novel architecture of hybrid electric powertrain system pp. 454-467 Downloads
Chenyu Yi, Bogdan I. Epureanu, Sung-Kwon Hong, Tony Ge and Xiao Guang Yang
Predicting energy performance of a net-zero energy building: A statistical approach pp. 468-483 Downloads
Joshua Kneifel and David Webb
Experimental investigation of a solar driven direct-expansion heat pump system employing the novel PV/micro-channels-evaporator modules pp. 484-495 Downloads
Jinzhi Zhou, Xudong Zhao, Xiaoli Ma, Zhongzhu Qiu, Jie Ji, Zhenyu Du and Min Yu
Impact of fuel price fluctuations on airline stock returns pp. 496-504 Downloads
Werner D. Kristjanpoller and Diego Concha
Thermodynamic analysis and numerical optimization of the NET Power oxy-combustion cycle pp. 505-526 Downloads
Roberto Scaccabarozzi, Manuele Gatti and Emanuele Martelli
Genetic optimization and experimental verification of complex parallel pumping station with centrifugal pumps pp. 527-539 Downloads
Pawel Olszewski
A spatially and temporally resolved model of the electricity grid – Economic vs environmental dispatch pp. 540-556 Downloads
Ghazal Razeghi, Jack Brouwer and Scott Samuelsen
Ocean thermal energy harvesting with phase change material for underwater glider pp. 557-566 Downloads
Zhesong Ma, Yanhui Wang, Shuxin Wang and Yanan Yang
Life-cycle private-cost-based competitiveness analysis of electric vehicles in China considering the intangible cost of traffic policies pp. 567-578 Downloads
Qinghua Diao, Wei Sun, Xinmei Yuan, Lili Li and Zhi Zheng
Isostructural and cage-specific replacement occurring in sII hydrate with external CO2/N2 gas and its implications for natural gas production and CO2 storage pp. 579-586 Downloads
Young-ju Seo, Seongmin Park, Hyery Kang, Yun-Ho Ahn, Dongwook Lim, Se-Joon Kim, Jaehyoung Lee, Joo Yong Lee, Taewoong Ahn, Yongwon Seo and Huen Lee
On the optimization of energy systems: Results utilization in the design process pp. 587-599 Downloads
A. Ganjehkaviri, M.N. Mohd Jaafar, S.E. Hosseini and H. Barzegaravval
Thermodynamic analysis on the part-load performance of a microturbine system for micro/mini-CHP applications pp. 600-608 Downloads
Kyaw Thu, Bidyut Baran Saha, Kian Jon Chua and Thuan Duc Bui
Hydrogen sulfide reformation in the presence of methane pp. 609-615 Downloads
El-Melih, A.M., A. Al Shoaibi and A.K. Gupta
Preparation and characterization of capric-myristic-stearic acid eutectic mixture/modified expanded vermiculite composite as a form-stable phase change material pp. 616-623 Downloads
Haiting Wei, Xiuzhen Xie, Xiangqi Li and Xingshui Lin
Comparison of multi-mode hybrid powertrains with multiple planetary gears pp. 624-632 Downloads
Weichao Zhuang, Xiaowu Zhang, Yang Ding, Liangmo Wang and Xiaosong Hu
Characterization and modeling of the thermal mechanics of lithium-ion battery cells pp. 633-646 Downloads
Ki-Yong Oh and Bogdan I. Epureanu
Economic planning of electric vehicle charging stations considering traffic constraints and load profile templates pp. 647-659 Downloads
Yue Xiang, Junyong Liu, Ran Li, Furong Li, Chenghong Gu and Shuoya Tang
Nanofluids to improve the performance of PEM fuel cell cooling systems: A theoretical approach pp. 660-671 Downloads
Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, Bahman Shabani and Gary Rosengarten
Performance evaluation of 3D printed miniature electromagnetic energy harvesters driven by air flow pp. 672-680 Downloads
Nuomin Han, Dan Zhao, Jorg U. Schluter, Ernest Seach Goh, He Zhao and Xiao Jin
Off-design point modelling of a 420MW CCGT power plant integrated with an amine-based post-combustion CO2 capture and compression process pp. 681-702 Downloads
T. Adams and N. Mac Dowell
Tightness and suitability evaluation of abandoned salt caverns served as hydrocarbon energies storage under adverse geological conditions (AGC) pp. 703-720 Downloads
Liu Wei, Chen Jie, Jiang Deyi, Shi Xilin, Li Yinping, J.J.K. Daemen and Yang Chunhe
Incorporating social benefits in multi-objective optimization of forest-based bioenergy and biofuel supply chains pp. 721-735 Downloads
Claudia Cambero and Taraneh Sowlati
Sulphuric acid production via Chemical Looping Combustion of elemental sulphur pp. 736-745 Downloads
García-Labiano, Francisco, Luis F. de Diego, Arturo Cabello, Pilar Gayán, Alberto Abad, Juan Adánez and Gerald Sprachmann
Emulsification analysis of bio-oil and diesel under various combinations of emulsifiers pp. 746-757 Downloads
Bo-Jhih Lin, Wei-Hsin Chen, Wojciech M. Budzianowski, Cheng-Ting Hsieh and Pei-Hsun Lin
A novel mathematical model for the performance assessment of diabatic compressed air energy storage systems including the turbomachinery characteristic curves pp. 758-772 Downloads
Stefano Briola, Paolo Di Marco, Roberto Gabbrielli and Juri Riccardi
Energy–water nexus of urban agglomeration based on multiregional input–output tables and ecological network analysis: A case study of the Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei region pp. 773-783 Downloads
Saige Wang and Bin Chen
Thermal performance and cost analysis of a multi-layered solid-PCM thermocline thermal energy storage for CSP tower plants pp. 784-799 Downloads
Bing-chen Zhao, Mao-song Cheng, Chang Liu and Zhi-min Dai
A comprehensive review on advances and applications of industrial heat pumps based on the practices in China pp. 800-825 Downloads
Jing Zhang, Hong-Hu Zhang, Ya-Ling He and Wen-Quan Tao
A new predictive multi-zone model for HCCI engine combustion pp. 826-843 Downloads
M. Bissoli, A. Frassoldati, A. Cuoci, E. Ranzi, M. Mehl and T. Faravelli
Kinetics and reactor modeling for CaO sorption-enhanced high-temperature water–gas shift (SE–WGS) reaction for hydrogen production pp. 844-855 Downloads
Luka A. Živković, Andrej Pohar, Blaž Likozar and Nikola M. Nikačević
Lead–acid batteries coupled with photovoltaics for increased electricity self-sufficiency in households pp. 856-867 Downloads
Guilherme de Oliveira e Silva and Patrick Hendrick
Energy consumption for water use cycles in different countries: A review pp. 868-885 Downloads
Muhammad Wakeel, Bin Chen, Tasawar Hayat, Ahmed Alsaedi and Bashir Ahmad
One day ahead wind speed forecasting: A resampling-based approach pp. 886-901 Downloads
Weigang Zhao, Yi-Ming Wei and Zhongyue Su
Research on China’s cap-and-trade carbon emission trading scheme: Overview and outlook pp. 902-917 Downloads
Jingjing Jiang, Dejun Xie, Bin Ye, Bo Shen and Zhan-Ming Chen
Grid frequency control with electric vehicles by using of an optimized fuzzy controller pp. 918-928 Downloads
Saber Falahati, Seyed Abbas Taher and Mohammad Shahidehpour
Robust day-ahead scheduling of smart distribution networks considering demand response programs pp. 929-942 Downloads
Mohammadreza Mazidi, Hassan Monsef and Pierluigi Siano
Optimal control and performance of photovoltachromic switchable glazing for building integration in temperate climates pp. 943-961 Downloads
Fabio Favoino, Francesco Fiorito, Alessandro Cannavale, Gianluca Ranzi and Mauro Overend
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