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Volume 115, issue C, 2014

Toluene destruction in thermal stage of Claus reactor with oxygen enriched air pp. 1-8 Downloads
S. Ibrahim, A. Al Shoaibi and A.K. Gupta
Pilot verification of a low-tar two-stage coal gasification process with a fluidized bed pyrolyzer and fixed bed gasifier pp. 9-16 Downloads
Xi Zeng, Fang Wang, Hongling Li, Yin Wang, Li Dong, Jian Yu and Guangwen Xu
A novel process for small-scale pipeline natural gas liquefaction pp. 17-24 Downloads
T.B. He and Y.L. Ju
Targeting utility customers to improve energy savings from conservation and efficiency programs pp. 25-36 Downloads
Nicholas W. Taylor, Pierce H. Jones and M. Jennison Kipp
Use of model predictive control for experimental microgrid optimization pp. 37-46 Downloads
Alessandra Parisio, Evangelos Rikos, George Tzamalis and Luigi Glielmo
Experimental investigation into scaling models of methane hydrate reservoir pp. 47-56 Downloads
Yi Wang, Xiao-Sen Li, Gang Li, Yu Zhang and Jing-Chun Feng
Catalytic hydroliquefaction of charcoal CCB (copper, chromium and boron)-treated wood for bio-oil production: Influence of CCB salts, residence time and catalysts pp. 57-64 Downloads
Silao Espérance Kinata, Khaled Loubar, Maria Paraschiv, Mohand Tazerout and Christophe Belloncle
Performance prediction and optimization of a waste-to-energy cogeneration plant with combined wet and dry cooling system pp. 65-74 Downloads
G. Barigozzi, A. Perdichizzi and S. Ravelli
Effect of induced cross flow on flow pattern and performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 75-82 Downloads
Kui Jiao, John Bachman, Yibo Zhou and Jae Wan Park
Numerical modeling for stratified gas–liquid flow and heat transfer in pipeline pp. 83-94 Downloads
Jimiao Duan, Jing Gong, Haiyuan Yao, Tao Deng and Jun Zhou
Improvement on performance and efficiency of direct methanol fuel cells using hydrocarbon-based membrane electrode assembly pp. 95-102 Downloads
Joon-Hee Kim, Min-Jee Yang and Jun-Young Park
Cost-potential curves for onshore wind energy: A high-resolution analysis for Germany pp. 103-115 Downloads
R. McKenna, S. Hollnaicher and W. Fichtner
Simultaneous time-resolved fluctuating temperature and acoustic pressure field measurements in a premixed swirl flame pp. 116-127 Downloads
A.V. Singh, A. Eshaghi, M. Yu, A.K. Gupta and K.M. Bryden
Research on the compensation of the end loss effect for parabolic trough solar collectors pp. 128-139 Downloads
Chengmu Xu, Zhiping Chen, Ming Li, Peng Zhang, Xu Ji, Xi Luo and Jiangtao Liu
Photovoltaic optimizer boost converters: Temperature influence and electro-thermal design pp. 140-150 Downloads
G. Graditi, G. Adinolfi and G.M. Tina
Energy efficiency and sustainability of complex biogas systems: A 3-level emergetic evaluation pp. 151-163 Downloads
Shaoqing Chen and Bin Chen
Thermal comfort and building energy consumption implications – A review pp. 164-173 Downloads
Liu Yang, Haiyan Yan and Joseph C. Lam
Approximate Pontryagin’s minimum principle applied to the energy management of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles pp. 174-189 Downloads
Cong Hou, Minggao Ouyang, Liangfei Xu and Hewu Wang
Estimating the potential of controlled plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging to reduce operational and capacity expansion costs for electric power systems with high wind penetration pp. 190-204 Downloads
Allison Weis, Paulina Jaramillo and Jeremy Michalek
An estimation model for the heating and cooling demand of a residential building with a different envelope design using the finite element method pp. 205-215 Downloads
Choongwan Koo, Sungki Park, Taehoon Hong and Hyo Seon Park
Biophotovoltaics: Natural pigments in dye-sensitized solar cells pp. 216-225 Downloads
Hubert Hug, Michael Bader, Peter Mair and Thilo Glatzel
Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for production of fatty acid ethyl esters, an advanced biofuel, by eliminating non-essential fatty acid utilization pathways pp. 226-232 Downloads
Juan Octavio Valle-Rodríguez, Shuobo Shi, Verena Siewers and Jens Nielsen
Loss reduction and loadability enhancement with DG: A dual-index analytical approach pp. 233-241 Downloads
Duong Quoc Hung and N. Mithulananthan
Comparison of different lead–acid battery lifetime prediction models for use in simulation of stand-alone photovoltaic systems pp. 242-253 Downloads
Rodolfo Dufo-López, Juan M. Lujano-Rojas and José L. Bernal-Agustín
Multi-objective optimization of coal-fired power plants using differential evolution pp. 254-264 Downloads
Ligang Wang, Yongping Yang, Changqing Dong, Tatiana Morosuk and George Tsatsaronis
Thermal property measurement and heat storage analysis of LiNO3/KCl – expanded graphite composite phase change material pp. 265-271 Downloads
Zhaowen Huang, Xuenong Gao, Tao Xu, Yutang Fang and Zhengguo Zhang
From heat exchanger to heat adaptor: Concept, analysis and application pp. 272-279 Downloads
Yin Zhang, Wenxing Shi and Yinping Zhang
Willingness to pay for residential electricity supply quality and reliability pp. 280-292 Downloads
David Hensher, Nina Shore and Kenneth Train
On the effects of windbreaks on the aerodynamic loads over parabolic solar troughs pp. 293-300 Downloads
E. Torres García, M. Ogueta-Gutiérrez, S. Ávila, S. Franchini, E. Herrera and J. Meseguer
Ignition behavior of single coal particle in a fluidized bed under O2/CO2 and O2/N2 atmospheres: A combination of visual image and particle temperature pp. 301-308 Downloads
Changsheng Bu, Daoyin Liu, Xiaoping Chen, David Pallarès and Alberto Gómez-Barea
Pilot-scale investigation on slurrying, combustion, and slagging characteristics of coal slurry fuel prepared using industrial wasteliquid pp. 309-319 Downloads
Liu Jianzhong, Wang Ruikun, Xi Jianfei, Zhou Junhu and Cen Kefa
Preparation, thermal and rheological properties of hybrid nanocomposite phase change material for thermal energy storage pp. 320-330 Downloads
R. Parameshwaran, K. Deepak, R. Saravanan and S. Kalaiselvam
A cost-effective integrated process to convert solid-state fermented sweet sorghum bagasse into cellulosic ethanol pp. 331-336 Downloads
Menghui Yu, Jihong Li, Shizhong Li, Ran Du, Yan Jiang, Guifang Fan, Gang Zhao and Sandra Chang
Effects of load-following operational methods on combined heat and power system efficiency pp. 337-351 Downloads
Amanda D. Smith and Pedro J. Mago
The effect of overpotentials on the transient response of the 300W SOFC cell stack voltage pp. 352-359 Downloads
Y. Komatsu, G. Brus, S. Kimijima and J.S. Szmyd
Influencing factors on NOX emission level during grate conversion of three pelletized energy crops pp. 360-373 Downloads
Maryori Díaz-Ramírez, Fernando Sebastián, Javier Royo and Adeline Rezeau
Studies on the redox reaction kinetics of Fe2O3–CuO/Al2O3 and Fe2O3/TiO2 oxygen carriers pp. 374-383 Downloads
Ewelina Ksepko, Marek Sciazko and Piotr Babinski
Using fuzzy logic to model the behavior of residential electrical utility customers pp. 384-393 Downloads
K.V. Zúñiga, I. Castilla and R.M. Aguilar
Effect of condensation temperature glide on the performance of organic Rankine cycles with zeotropic mixture working fluids pp. 394-404 Downloads
Qiang Liu, Yuanyuan Duan and Zhen Yang
A high-performance alkaline exchange membrane direct formate fuel cell pp. 405-410 Downloads
L. Zeng, Z.K. Tang and T.S. Zhao
State-of-the-art analysis of the environmental benefits of green roofs pp. 411-428 Downloads
Umberto Berardi, AmirHosein GhaffarianHoseini and Ali GhaffarianHoseini
Strategic policy to select suitable intermediaries for innovation to promote PV solar energy industry in China pp. 429-437 Downloads
Hsing Hung Chen, Amy H.I. Lee and Silu Chen
Biodiesel production from Camptotheca acuminata seed oil catalyzed by novel Brönsted–Lewis acidic ionic liquid pp. 438-444 Downloads
Ji Li, Xiao Peng, Meng Luo, Chun-Jian Zhao, Cheng-Bo Gu, Yuan-Gang Zu and Yu-Jie Fu
Role of technologies in energy-related CO2 mitigation in China within a climate-protection world: A scenarios analysis using REMIND pp. 445-455 Downloads
Shuwei Zhang, Nico Bauer, Gunnar Luderer and Elmar Kriegler
A spatial multi-period long-term energy planning model: A case study of the Greek power system pp. 456-482 Downloads
Nikolaos E. Koltsaklis, Athanasios S. Dagoumas, Georgios M. Kopanos, Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos and Michael C. Georgiadis
Study on phase diagram of fatty acids mixtures to determine eutectic temperatures and the corresponding mixing proportions pp. 483-490 Downloads
Pin Zhao, Qinyan Yue, Hongtao He, Baoyu Gao, Yan Wang and Qian Li
Sources of the potential CO2 emission reduction in China: A nonparametric metafrontier approach pp. 491-501 Downloads
Kerui Du, Huang Lu and Kun Yu
DEA radial measurement for environmental assessment: A comparative study between Japanese chemical and pharmaceutical firms pp. 502-513 Downloads
Toshiyuki Sueyoshi and Mika Goto
Investigation of evaporation and engine characteristics of pine oil biofuel fumigated in the inlet manifold of a diesel engine pp. 514-524 Downloads
R. Vallinayagam, S. Vedharaj, W.M. Yang, V. Raghavan, C.G. Saravanan, P.S. Lee, K.J.E. Chua and S.K. Chou
CFD validation of scaling rules for reduced-scale field releases of carbon dioxide pp. 525-530 Downloads
Ji Xing, Zhenyi Liu, Ping Huang, Changgen Feng, Yi Zhou, Ruiyan Sun and Shigang Wang
Kinetics and modeling of hydrogen iodide decomposition for a bench-scale sulfur–iodine cycle pp. 531-539 Downloads
Thanh D.B. Nguyen, Yun-Ki Gho, Won Chul Cho, Kyoung Soo Kang, Seong Uk Jeong, Chang Hee Kim, Chu-Sik Park and Ki-Kwang Bae
Analysis of energy economic renovation for historic wooden apartment buildings in cold climates pp. 540-548 Downloads
Endrik Arumägi and Targo Kalamees
Interaction between iron-based oxygen carrier and four coal ashes during chemical looping combustion pp. 549-558 Downloads
Jinhua Bao, Zhenshan Li and Ningsheng Cai
Comparative and sensitive analysis for parabolic trough solar collectors with a detailed Monte Carlo ray-tracing optical model pp. 559-572 Downloads
Z.D. Cheng, Y.L. He, F.Q. Cui, B.C. Du, Z.J. Zheng and Y. Xu
CO2 capture by membrane absorption coupling process: Application of ionic liquids pp. 573-581 Downloads
Jian-Gang Lu, Chun-Ting Lu, Yue Chen, Liu Gao, Xin Zhao, Hui Zhang and Zheng-Wen Xu
Electrical consumption of two-, three- and four-wheel light-duty electric vehicles in India pp. 582-590 Downloads
Samveg Saxena, Anand Gopal and Amol Phadke
Design of a lithium-ion battery pack for PHEV using a hybrid optimization method pp. 591-602 Downloads
Nansi Xue, Wenbo Du, Thomas A. Greszler, Wei Shyy and Joaquim R.R.A. Martins
Preparation and thermal properties of palmitic acid/polyaniline/exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets form-stable phase change materials pp. 603-609 Downloads
Ju-Lan Zeng, Shuang-Hao Zheng, Sai-Bo Yu, Fu-Rong Zhu, Juan Gan, Ling Zhu, Zhong-Liang Xiao, Xin-Yu Zhu, Zhen Zhu, Li-Xian Sun and Zhong Cao
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