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2012, volume 94, issue C

Development of a novel common-rail type Dimethyl ether (DME) injector pp. 1-12 Downloads
Shuaiqing Xu, Yang Wang, Xiao Zhang, Xudong Zhen and Chengjun Tao
Design of image-based control loops for industrial combustion processes pp. 13-21 Downloads
Junghui Chen, Yu-Hsiang Chang, Yi-Cheng Cheng and Chen-Kai Hsu
Development of approach for reliability assessment of pipeline network systems pp. 22-33 Downloads
Sigitas Rimkevicius, Algirdas Kaliatka, Mindaugas Valincius, Gintautas Dundulis, Remigijus Janulionis, Albertas Grybenas and Inga Zutautaite
An experimental study on the recuperative low temperature solar Rankine cycle using R245fa pp. 34-40 Downloads
J.L. Wang, L. Zhao and X.D. Wang
Cooling dominated Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump System application pp. 41-47 Downloads
Z. Sagia, C. Rakopoulos and E. Kakaras
Experimental investigation into methane hydrate production during three-dimensional thermal huff and puff pp. 48-57 Downloads
Xiao-Sen Li, Yi Wang, Li-Ping Duan, Gang Li, Yu Zhang, Ning-Sheng Huang and Duo-Fu Chen
Parametric analysis of a new combined cooling, heating and power system with transcritical CO2 driven by solar energy pp. 58-64 Downloads
Jiangfeng Wang, Pan Zhao, Xiaoqiang Niu and Yiping Dai
An annual load forecasting model based on support vector regression with differential evolution algorithm pp. 65-70 Downloads
Jianjun Wang, Li Li, Dongxiao Niu and Zhongfu Tan
Experimental investigation of a Kaplan draft tube – Part II: Off-design conditions pp. 71-83 Downloads
P.P. Jonsson, B.G. Mulu and M.J. Cervantes
Ethanolysis of camelina oil under supercritical condition with hexane as a co-solvent pp. 84-88 Downloads
Tapaswy Muppaneni, Harvind K. Reddy, Prafulla D. Patil, Peter Dailey, Curtis Aday and Shuguang Deng
Atmospheric fluidized bed gasification of untreated and leached olive residue, and co-gasification of olive residue, reed, pine pellets and Douglas fir wood chips pp. 89-97 Downloads
Siim Link, Stelios Arvelakis, Aadu Paist, Andrew Martin, Truls Liliedahl and Krister Sjöström
Modeling the transition towards a sustainable energy production in developing nations pp. 98-108 Downloads
Djiby-Racine Thiam, René M.J. Benders and Henri C. Moll
Assessment of oxy-fuel, pre- and post-combustion-based carbon capture for future IGCC plants pp. 109-116 Downloads
Christian Kunze and Hartmut Spliethoff
Experimental study on the effects of HP and LP EGR in an automotive turbocharged diesel engine pp. 117-128 Downloads
Giorgio Zamboni and Massimo Capobianco
Hydrothermal pretreatment of rice straw biomass: A potential and promising method for enhanced methane production pp. 129-140 Downloads
R. Chandra, H. Takeuchi and T. Hasegawa
Damköhler number as a descriptive parameter in methanol steam reforming and its integration with absorption heat pump system pp. 141-147 Downloads
Willy Yanto Wijaya, Shunsuke Kawasaki, Hirotatsu Watanabe and Ken Okazaki
Lurching towards markets for power: China’s electricity policy 1985–2007 pp. 148-155 Downloads
Xiaoli Zhao, Thomas Lyon and Cui Song
The assessment of the contribution of short-term wind power predictions to the efficiency of stand-alone hybrid systems pp. 156-165 Downloads
A. Tascikaraoglu, M. Uzunoglu and B. Vural
Numerical study of a butanol/heptane fuelled Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engine utilizing negative valve overlap pp. 166-173 Downloads
Sona Visakhamoorthy, John Z. Wen, Siva Sivoththaman and Charles Robert Koch
Corrosion effects between molten salts and thermal storage material for concentrated solar power plants pp. 174-181 Downloads
Stéphanie Guillot, Abdessamad Faik, Aydar Rakhmatullin, Julien Lambert, Emmanuel Veron, Patrick Echegut, Catherine Bessada, Nicolas Calvet and Xavier Py
Improving fuel quality by whole crude oil hydrotreating: A kinetic model for hydrodeasphaltenization in a trickle bed reactor pp. 182-191 Downloads
A.T. Jarullah, I.M. Mujtaba and A.S. Wood
Optimal siting and size of bioenergy facilities using geographic information system pp. 192-201 Downloads
Arifa Sultana and Amit Kumar
What drives the change in UK household energy expenditure and associated CO2 emissions? Implication and forecast to 2020 pp. 202-214 Downloads
Mona Chitnis and Lester Hunt
The role of external heat exchangers in oxy-fuel circulating fluidized bed pp. 215-223 Downloads
Irene Bolea, Luis M. Romeo and David Pallarés
Experimental analysis of biofuel as an alternative fuel for diesel engines pp. 224-231 Downloads
Edwin Geo Varuvel, Nadia Mrad, Mohand Tazerout and Fethi Aloui
Experimental investigation and thermodynamic performance analysis of a solar dryer using an evacuated-tube air collector pp. 232-243 Downloads
Chr. Lamnatou, E. Papanicolaou, V. Belessiotis and N. Kyriakis
A dynamic model based on the piston flow concept for the thermal characterization of solar collectors pp. 244-250 Downloads
N. Amrizal, D. Chemisana, J.I. Rosell and J. Barrau
Forecasting nonlinear time series of energy consumption using a hybrid dynamic model pp. 251-256 Downloads
Yi-Shian Lee and Lee-Ing Tong
Effects of various operating conditions on the hydrogen absorption processes in a metal hydride tank pp. 257-269 Downloads
Kui Jiao, Xianguo Li, Yan Yin, Yibo Zhou, Shuhai Yu and Qing Du
Development of benchmark models for the Egyptian residential buildings sector pp. 270-284 Downloads
Shady Attia, Arnaud Evrard and Elisabeth Gratia
Minimizing specific energy consumption of oxygen enrichment in polymeric hollow fiber membrane modules pp. 285-294 Downloads
Arttu Meriläinen, Ari Seppälä and Pertti Kauranen
Combined heat transfer in multi-layered radiation shields for vacuum insulation panels: Theoretical/numerical analyses and experiment pp. 295-302 Downloads
Jongmin Kim, Choonghyo Jang and Tae-Ho Song
Potential of using organic fertilizer to cultivate Chlorella vulgaris for biodiesel production pp. 303-308 Downloads
Man Kee Lam and Keat Teong Lee
Porous metal materials for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells – A review pp. 309-329 Downloads
Wei Yuan, Yong Tang, Xiaojun Yang and Zhenping Wan
Energy optimization of building design for different housing units in apartment buildings pp. 330-337 Downloads
Jian Yao
The potential of increasing cooling set-points in air-conditioned offices in the UK pp. 338-348 Downloads
Michelle Lakeridou, Marcella Ucci, Alexi Marmot and Ian Ridley
Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius) larvae: A new biodiesel resource pp. 349-354 Downloads
Zhuoxue Li, Depo Yang, Miaoling Huang, Xinjun Hu, Jiangang Shen, Zhimin Zhao and Jianping Chen
Linking occupants’ thermal perception and building thermal performance in naturally ventilated school buildings pp. 355-363 Downloads
Han-Hsi Liang, Tzu-Ping Lin and Ruey-Lung Hwang
Comparison of numerical simulation results and experimental data during cold-start of polymer electrolyte fuel cells pp. 364-374 Downloads
Johan Ko and Hyunchul Ju
Coal flame characterization by means of digital image processing in a semi-industrial scale PF swirl burner pp. 375-384 Downloads
González-Cencerrado, A., B. Peña and A. Gil
Effect of K and CeO2 promoters on the activity of Co/SiO2 catalyst for liquid fuel production from syngas pp. 385-394 Downloads
Murnal Khobragade, Sachchit Majhi and K.K. Pant
Time-dependent plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging based on national driving patterns and demographics pp. 395-405 Downloads
Jarod C. Kelly, Jason S. MacDonald and Gregory A. Keoleian
Underground coal-air gasification based solid oxide fuel cell system pp. 406-414 Downloads
V. Prabu and S. Jayanti

2012, volume 93, issue C

District heating and cooling: Review of technology and potential enhancements pp. 2-10 Downloads
Behnaz Rezaie and Marc A. Rosen
Feasibility analysis of an indirect heat pump assisted solar domestic hot water system pp. 11-17 Downloads
S.J. Sterling and M.R. Collins
Assessment of a closed thermochemical energy storage using energy and exergy methods pp. 18-23 Downloads
Ali Haji Abedin and Marc A. Rosen
Measuring buildings for sustainability: Comparing the initial and retrofit ecological footprint of a century home – The REEP House pp. 24-32 Downloads
Guoshu Bin and Paul Parker
Thermal design and management for performance optimization of solar thermoelectric generator pp. 33-38 Downloads
Jinsheng Xiao, Tianqi Yang, Peng Li, Pengcheng Zhai and Qingjie Zhang
Numerical estimation of the effective electrical conductivity in carbon paper diffusion media pp. 39-44 Downloads
Nada Zamel, Xianguo Li and Jun Shen
Numerical modeling of an S809 airfoil under dynamic stall, erosion and high reduced frequencies pp. 45-52 Downloads
Kobra Gharali and David A. Johnson
Absorption of nitric oxide from simulated flue gas using different absorbents at room temperature and atmospheric pressure pp. 53-58 Downloads
Hesheng Yu, Qunyi Zhu and Zhongchao Tan
Development of direct resistive heating method for SO3 decomposition in the S–I cycle for hydrogen production pp. 59-64 Downloads
Hongqiang Li, Geng Tan, Wenyu Zhang and Sam Suppiah
Investigation on crystallization of TiO2–water nanofluids and deionized water pp. 65-70 Downloads
Songping Mo, Ying Chen, Lisi Jia and Xianglong Luo
Multicomponent evaporation model for pure and blended biodiesel droplets in high temperature convective environment pp. 71-79 Downloads
Kaushik Saha, Abu-Ramadan, Ehab and Xianguo Li
Measurement of current distribution in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with various flow arrangements – A parametric study pp. 80-89 Downloads
Ibrahim Alaefour, G. Karimi, Kui Jiao and X. Li
Accelerated durability testing via reactants relative humidity cycling on PEM fuel cells pp. 90-97 Downloads
Karachakorn Panha, Michael Fowler, Xiao-Zi Yuan and Haijiang Wang
Dynamic modeling, optimization and control of power density in a PEM fuel cell pp. 98-105 Downloads
Vida Meidanshahi and Gholamreza Karimi
Numerical analysis of an internal methane reforming solid oxide fuel cell with fuel recycling pp. 107-115 Downloads
Valérie Eveloy
Novel error propagation approach for reducing H2S/O2 reaction mechanism pp. 116-124 Downloads
H. Selim, A.K. Gupta and M. Sassi
Performance enhancement of propane pre-cooled mixed refrigerant LNG plant pp. 125-131 Downloads
A. Mortazavi, C. Somers, Y. Hwang, R. Radermacher, P. Rodgers and Al-Hashimi, S.
A study towards “greener” construction pp. 132-137 Downloads
G. Bassioni
A high efficiency solar air conditioner using concentrating photovoltaic/thermal collectors pp. 138-147 Downloads
Al-Alili, A., Y. Hwang, R. Radermacher and I. Kubo
Production of methane from anaerobic digestion of jatropha and pongamia oil cakes pp. 148-159 Downloads
R. Chandra, V.K. Vijay, P.M.V. Subbarao and T.K. Khura
Modeling of a solar powered absorption cycle for Abu Dhabi pp. 160-167 Downloads
Al-Alili, A., M.D. Islam, I. Kubo, Y. Hwang and R. Radermacher
Integrating sugar beet pulp storage, hydrolysis and fermentation for fuel ethanol production pp. 168-175 Downloads
Yi Zheng, Chaowei Yu, Yu-Shen Cheng, Christopher Lee, Christopher W. Simmons, Todd M. Dooley, Ruihong Zhang, Bryan M. Jenkins and Jean S. VanderGheynst
Ability of a mutant strain of the microalga Chlorella sp. to capture carbon dioxide for biogas upgrading pp. 176-183 Downloads
Chien-Ya Kao, Sheng-Yi Chiu, Tzu-Ting Huang, Le Dai, Ling-Kang Hsu and Chih-Sheng Lin
Evaluation, comparison and validation of deposition criteria for numerical simulation of slagging pp. 184-192 Downloads
Christoph Wieland, Benjamin Kreutzkam, Gundula Balan and Hartmut Spliethoff
Comparative economic assessment of ABE fermentation based on cellulosic and non-cellulosic feedstocks pp. 193-204 Downloads
Manish Kumar, Yogesh Goyal, Abhijit Sarkar and Kalyan Gayen
Estimation of the potential of rice straw for ethanol production and the optimum facility size for different regions in Vietnam pp. 205-211 Downloads
Nhu Quynh Diep, Shinji Fujimoto, Tomoaki Minowa, Kinya Sakanishi and Nobukazu Nakagoshi
The effect of firing biogas on the performance and operating characteristics of simple and recuperative cycle gas turbine combined heat and power systems pp. 215-228 Downloads
Do Won Kang, Tong Seop Kim, Kwang Beom Hur and Jung Keuk Park
Mechanisms of microwave irradiation pretreatment for enhancing anaerobic digestion of cattail by rumen microorganisms pp. 229-236 Downloads
Zhen-Hu Hu, Zhen-Bo Yue, Han-Qing Yu, Shao-Yang Liu, Hideki Harada and Yu-You Li
Hydrolysis characteristics of sugarcane bagasse pretreated by dilute acid solution in a microwave irradiation environment pp. 237-244 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Song-Ching Ye and Herng-Kuang Sheen
Experimental assessment of toxic phorbol ester in oil, biodiesel and seed cake of Jatropha curcas and use of biodiesel in diesel engine pp. 245-250 Downloads
Lalit Prasad, Subhalaxmi Pradhan, L.M. Das and S.N. Naik
Technical assessment of bioenergy recovery from cotton stalks through anaerobic digestion process and the effects of inexpensive pre-treatments pp. 251-260 Downloads
Mehrdad Adl, Kuichuan Sheng and Arash Gharibi
Performance analysis of Isopropanol–Acetone–Hydrogen chemical heat pump pp. 261-267 Downloads
Jiangfeng Guo, Xiulan Huai, Xunfeng Li and Mingtian Xu
Simulation model of a greenhouse with a heat-pipe heating system pp. 268-276 Downloads
Jun Du, Pradeep Bansal and Bo Huang
A comprehensive investigation on the emissions of ethanol HCCI engines pp. 277-287 Downloads
Annarita Viggiano and Vinicio Magi
Environmental consequences of the use of batteries in low carbon systems: The impact of battery production pp. 288-295 Downloads
M.C. McManus
Experimental investigation of bio-butanol laminar non-premixed flamelets pp. 296-304 Downloads
Maria S. Agathou and Dimitrios C. Kyritsis
Quantitative assessment of bioenergy from crop stalk resources in Inner Mongolia, China pp. 305-318 Downloads
Jin Liu, Jianguo Wu, Fengqiao Liu and Xingguo Han
Real-time prediction models for output power and efficiency of grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems pp. 319-326 Downloads
Yan Su, Lai-Cheong Chan, Lianjie Shu and Kwok-Leung Tsui
Estimation of annual energy output from a tidal barrage using two different methods pp. 327-336 Downloads
Junqiang Xia, Roger A. Falconer, Binliang Lin and Guangming Tan
An approach for developing sensitive design parameter guidelines to reduce the energy requirements of low-rise apartment buildings pp. 337-347 Downloads
Yusuf Yildiz, Koray Korkmaz, Türkan Göksal Özbalta and Zeynep Durmus Arsan
Learning rates and future cost curves for fossil fuel energy systems with CO2 capture: Methodology and case studies pp. 348-356 Downloads
Sheng Li, Xiaosong Zhang, Lin Gao and Hongguang Jin
Innovative design of non-convective zone of salt gradient solar pond for optimum thermal performance and stability pp. 357-363 Downloads
M. Husain, G. Sharma and S.K. Samdarshi
Probabilistic forecasting of the wave energy flux pp. 364-370 Downloads
P. Pinson, G. Reikard and J.-R. Bidlot
State of the art of thermal storage for demand-side management pp. 371-389 Downloads
A. Arteconi, N.J. Hewitt and F. Polonara
Human powered MEMS-based energy harvest devices pp. 390-403 Downloads
Chung-Yang Sue and Nan-Chyuan Tsai
Optimal sizing of small wind/battery systems considering the DC bus voltage stability effect on energy capture, wind speed variability, and load uncertainty pp. 404-412 Downloads
Lujano-Rojas, Juan M., Dufo-López, Rodolfo and Bernal-Agustín, José L.
Large scale integration of photovoltaics in cities pp. 413-421 Downloads
Aneta Strzalka, Nazmul Alam, Eric Duminil, Volker Coors and Ursula Eicker
Voltage regulation capability of a prototype Static VAr Compensator for wind applications pp. 422-431 Downloads
A.R. Boynuegri, B. Vural, A. Tascikaraoglu, M. Uzunoglu and R. Yumurtacı
A novel hybrid ensemble learning paradigm for nuclear energy consumption forecasting pp. 432-443 Downloads
Ling Tang, Lean Yu, Shuai Wang, Jianping Li and Shouyang Wang
Experimental wind load model for heliostats pp. 444-448 Downloads
Chuncheng Zang, Zhifeng Wang, Hong Liu and Yi Ruan
Gasification of high viscous slurry R&D on atomization and numerical simulation pp. 449-456 Downloads
T. Jakobs, N. Djordjevic, S. Fleck, M. Mancini, R. Weber and T. Kolb
Condensed Rotational Separation of CO2 pp. 457-465 Downloads
R.J. van Benthum, H.P. van Kemenade, J.J.H. Brouwers and M. Golombok
In-cylinder diesel spray combustion simulations using parallel computation: A performance benchmarking study pp. 466-478 Downloads
Kar Mun Pang, Hoon Kiat Ng and Suyin Gan
Resorption system for cold storage and long-distance refrigeration pp. 479-487 Downloads
H.S. Bao, R.Z. Wang, R.G. Oliveira and T.X. Li
Energy information integration based on EMS in paper mill pp. 488-495 Downloads
Bo Wu, Jigeng Li, Huanbin Liu, Zhanbo Zhang, Yanming Zhou and Ning Zhao
Multi criteria sustainability assessment of biogas production in Kenya pp. 496-506 Downloads
Charles Nzila, Jo Dewulf, Henri Spanjers, David Tuigong, Henry Kiriamiti and Herman van Langenhove
Submerged finned heat exchanger latent heat storage design and its experimental verification pp. 507-516 Downloads
Justin N.W. Chiu and Viktoria Martin
Commercial-scale demonstration of pollutant emission reduction and energy saving for industrial boilers by employing water/oil emulsified fuel pp. 517-522 Downloads
Chelemuge,, Tomoaki Namioka, Kunio Yoshikawa, Masanori Takeshita and Koichi Fujiwara
Heat loss characteristics of trapezoidal cavity receiver for solar linear concentrating system pp. 523-531 Downloads
Sendhil Kumar Natarajan, K.S. Reddy and Tapas Kumar Mallick
Simulation investigation on solar powered desiccant coated heat exchanger cooling system pp. 532-540 Downloads
T.S. Ge, Y.J. Dai, Y. Li and R.Z. Wang
Simulation and analysis of different adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage plant configurations pp. 541-548 Downloads
Niklas Hartmann, O. Vöhringer, C. Kruck and L. Eltrop
Effectiveness–NTU correlation for low temperature PCM encapsulated in spheres pp. 549-555 Downloads
N.A.M. Amin, F. Bruno and M. Belusko
Reducing fuel consumption through modular vehicle architectures pp. 556-563 Downloads
Irene Carvalho, Thomas Baier, Ricardo Simoes and Arlindo Silva
Cumulative exergy analysis of ice thermal storage air conditioning system pp. 564-569 Downloads
Jing Pu, Guilian Liu and Xiao Feng
Solid state magnetic refrigerator pp. 570-574 Downloads
D.J. Silva, B.D. Bordalo, A.M. Pereira, J. Ventura and J.P. Araújo
The impact of consumers’ feedback preferences on domestic electricity consumption pp. 575-582 Downloads
Iana Vassileva, Monica Odlare, Fredrik Wallin and Erik Dahlquist
Evaluation of the suitability of empirically-based models for predicting energy performance of centrifugal water chillers with variable chilled water flow pp. 583-595 Downloads
Tzong-Shing Lee, Ke-Yang Liao and Wan-Chen Lu
Modelling carbon emissions of UK dwellings – The Tarbase Domestic Model pp. 596-605 Downloads
D.P. Jenkins, A.D. Peacock, P.F.G. Banfill, D. Kane, V. Ingram and R. Kilpatrick
Effects of biomass particle size during cofiring under air-fired and oxyfuel conditions pp. 606-613 Downloads
Melissa L. Holtmeyer, Benjamin M. Kumfer and Richard L. Axelbaum
Allocation of fuel costs and CO2-emissions to heat and power in an industrial CHP plant: Case integrated pulp and paper mill pp. 614-623 Downloads
Henrik Holmberg, Mari Tuomaala, Turo Haikonen and Pekka Ahtila
Trigeneration scheme for energy efficiency enhancement in a natural gas processing plant through turbine exhaust gas waste heat utilization pp. 624-636 Downloads
Sahil Popli, Peter Rodgers and Valerie Eveloy
Development and validation of a finite element model for water – CO2 coaxial gas-coolers pp. 637-647 Downloads
D. Sánchez, R. Cabello, R. Llopis and E. Torrella
Thermophilic anaerobic co-digestion of oil palm empty fruit bunches with palm oil mill effluent for efficient biogas production pp. 648-654 Downloads
O-Thong, Sompong, Kanokwan Boe and Irini Angelidaki
Leading-edge redesign of a turbomachinery blade and its effect on aerodynamic performance pp. 655-667 Downloads
Weihao Zhang, Zhengping Zou and Jian Ye
Stochastic modeling of the energy supply system with uncertain fuel price – A case of emerging technologies for distributed power generation pp. 668-674 Downloads
Sh. Mirkhani and Y. Saboohi
On the use of single-film models to describe the oxy-fuel combustion of pulverized coal char pp. 675-679 Downloads
M. Geier, C.R. Shaddix, K.A. Davis and H.-S. Shim
Pelletization of torrefied sawdust and properties of torrefied pellets pp. 680-685 Downloads
Hui Li, Xinhua Liu, Robert Legros, Xiaotao T. Bi, C. Jim Lim and Shahab Sokhansanj
Towards net zero energy design for low-rise residential buildings in subtropical Hong Kong pp. 686-694 Downloads
K.F. Fong and C.K. Lee
Experimental investigation of a Kaplan draft tube – Part I: Best efficiency point pp. 695-706 Downloads
B.G. Mulu, P.P. Jonsson and M.J. Cervantes
The investigation of active Ni/YSZ interlayer for Cu-based direct-methane solid oxide fuel cells pp. 707-721 Downloads
Vedat Sariboğa and Faruk Öksüzömer
Experimental investigation into gas production from methane hydrate in sediment by depressurization in a novel pilot-scale hydrate simulator pp. 722-732 Downloads
Xiao-Sen Li, Bo Yang, Yu Zhang, Gang Li, Li-Ping Duan, Yi Wang, Zhao-Yang Chen, Ning-Sheng Huang and Hui-Jie Wu
Investigations of the temperature distribution in proton exchange membrane fuel cells pp. 733-741 Downloads
Chi-Young Jung, Hyo-Sub Shim, Sang-Man Koo, Sang-Hwan Lee and Sung-Chul Yi
Fractal dimension of wind speed time series pp. 742-749 Downloads
Tian-Pau Chang, Hong-Hsi Ko, Feng-Jiao Liu, Pai-Hsun Chen, Ying-Pin Chang, Ying-Hsin Liang, Horng-Yuan Jang, Tsung-Chi Lin and Yi-Hwa Chen
Comments on “PVTxy properties of CO2 mixtures relevant for CO2 capture, transport and storage: Review of available experimental data and theoretical models” pp. 750-752 Downloads
Romain Privat and Jean-Noël Jaubert
Responses to ‘Comments on PVTxy properties of CO2 mixtures relevant for CO2 capture, transport and storage: Review of available experimental data and theoretical models’ pp. 753-754 Downloads
Hailong Li, Jana P. Jakobsen, Øivind Wilhelmsen and Jinyue Yan
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