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2018, volume 217, issue C

A novel real-time scheduling strategy with near-linear complexity for integrating large-scale electric vehicles into smart grid pp. 1-13 Downloads
Yanchong Zheng, Yitong Shang, Ziyun Shao and Linni Jian
Local utilization of wind electricity in isolated power systems by employing coordinated control scheme of industrial energy-intensive load pp. 14-24 Downloads
Siyang Liao, Jian Xu, Yuanzhang Sun and Yi Bao
Multi-level configuration and optimization of a thermal energy storage system using a metal hydride pair pp. 25-36 Downloads
Penghui Feng, Zhen Wu, Yang Zhang, Fusheng Yang, Yuqi Wang and Zaoxiao Zhang
Combining the Heatpipe Reformer technology with hydrogen-intensified methanation for production of synthetic natural gas pp. 37-46 Downloads
Jonas M. Leimert, Michael Neubert, Peter Treiber, Marius Dillig and Jürgen Karl
Experimental evaluation of two low temperature energy storage prototypes based on innovative cementitious material pp. 47-55 Downloads
Khadim Ndiaye, Stéphane Ginestet and Martin Cyr
Investigation on the mid-temperature solar thermochemical power generation system with methanol decomposition pp. 56-65 Downloads
Zhang Bai, Qibin Liu, Jing Lei and Hongguang Jin
An electromagnetic rotational energy harvester using sprung eccentric rotor, driven by pseudo-walking motion pp. 66-74 Downloads
M.A. Halim, R. Rantz, Q. Zhang, L. Gu, K. Yang and S. Roundy
Thermodynamic analysis of CO2 separation from biogas with conventional ionic liquids pp. 75-87 Downloads
Yingying Zhang, Xiaoyan Ji, Yujiao Xie and Xiaohua Lu
Housing stock in cold-climate countries: Conversion challenges for net zero emission buildings pp. 88-100 Downloads
S. Rasoul Asaee, Amir Sharafian, Omar E. Herrera, Paul Blomerus and Walter Mérida
Bypassing renewable variability with a reversible solid oxide cell plant pp. 101-112 Downloads
Matthias Frank, Robert Deja, Roland Peters, Ludger Blum and Detlef Stolten
Biogas partial oxidation in a heat recirculation reactor for syngas production and CO2 utilization pp. 113-125 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen and Shih-Cheng Lin
On the fundamental heat and mass transfer analysis of the counter-flow dew point evaporative cooler pp. 126-142 Downloads
Jie Lin, Duc Thuan Bui, Ruzhu Wang and Kian Jon Chua
Performance modeling and techno-economic analysis of a modular concentrated solar power tower with latent heat storage pp. 143-152 Downloads
Jonathan E. Rea, Christopher J. Oshman, Michele L. Olsen, Corey L. Hardin, Greg C. Glatzmaier, Nathan P. Siegel, Philip A. Parilla, David S. Ginley and Eric S. Toberer
Battery and ultracapacitor in-the-loop approach to validate a real-time power management method for an all-climate electric vehicle pp. 153-165 Downloads
Rui Xiong, Yanzhou Duan, Jiayi Cao and Quanqing Yu
An algorithm for optimal management of aggregated HVAC power demand using smart thermostats pp. 166-177 Downloads
Rajendra Adhikari, M. Pipattanasomporn and S. Rahman
Decomposing driving factors for wind curtailment under economic new normal in China pp. 178-188 Downloads
Changgui Dong, Ye Qi, Wenjuan Dong, Xi Lu, Tianle Liu and Shuai Qian
Large-scale rooftop solar photovoltaic technical potential estimation using Random Forests pp. 189-211 Downloads
Dan Assouline, Nahid Mohajeri and Jean-Louis Scartezzini
Micro encapsulated & form-stable phase change materials for high temperature thermal energy storage pp. 212-220 Downloads
Guanghui Leng, Geng Qiao, Zhu Jiang, Guizhi Xu, Yue Qin, Chun Chang and Yulong Ding
Experimental evaluation and thermodynamic system modeling of thermoelectric heat pump clothes dryer pp. 221-232 Downloads
Viral K. Patel, Kyle R. Gluesenkamp, Dakota Goodman and Anthony Gehl
Co-upgrading of raw bio-oil with kitchen waste oil through fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) pp. 233-240 Downloads
Wenchao Ma, Bin Liu, Ruixue Zhang, Tianbao Gu, Xiang Ji, Lei Zhong, Guanyi Chen, Longlong Ma, Zhanjun Cheng and Xiangping Li
A counter-flow-based dual-electrolyte protocol for multiple electrochemical applications pp. 241-248 Downloads
Xu Lu, Yifei Wang, Dennis Y.C. Leung, Jin Xuan and Huizhi Wang
Investigation on model compound of biomass gasification tar cracking in microwave furnace: Comparative research pp. 249-257 Downloads
Guanyi Chen, Jian Li, Zhanjun Cheng, Beibei Yan, Wenchao Ma and Jingang Yao
Graphene-carbon nanotube composite aerogel with Ru@Pt nanoparticle as a porous electrode for direct methanol microfluidic fuel cell pp. 258-265 Downloads
Y.H. Kwok, Y.F. Wang, Alpha C.H. Tsang and Dennis Y.C. Leung
Inter-sectorial benchmarking of compressed air generation energy performance: Methodology based on real data gathering in large and energy-intensive industrial firms pp. 266-280 Downloads
Simone Salvatori, Miriam Benedetti, Francesca Bonfà, Vito Introna and Stefano Ubertini
Reversible thermochromic microencapsulated phase change materials for thermal energy storage application in thermal protective clothing pp. 281-294 Downloads
Xiaoye Geng, Wei Li, Yu Wang, Jiangwei Lu, Jianping Wang, Ning Wang, Jianjie Li and Xingxiang Zhang
The impact of short side chain ionomer on polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell performance and durability pp. 295-302 Downloads
Samaneh Shahgaldi, Ibrahim Alaefour and Xianguo Li
Co-producing electricity and solar syngas by transmitting photovoltaics and solar thermochemical process pp. 303-313 Downloads
Wanjun Qu, Hui Hong, Qiang Li and Yimin Xuan
Multi-objective genetic optimization of the thermoelectric system for thermal management of proton exchange membrane fuel cells pp. 314-327 Downloads
Trevor Hocksun Kwan, Xiaofeng Wu and Qinghe Yao
Small scale bio-LNG plant: Comparison of different biogas upgrading techniques pp. 328-335 Downloads
A. Baccioli, M. Antonelli, S. Frigo, U. Desideri and G. Pasini
Impact of government subsidies on economic feasibility of offshore wind system: Implications for Taiwan energy policies pp. 336-345 Downloads
Thi Anh Tuyet Nguyen and Shuo-Yan Chou
Robust optimization for energy transactions in multi-microgrids under uncertainty pp. 346-360 Downloads
Bingying Zhang, Qiqiang Li, Luhao Wang and Wei Feng
CO2 gasification of biomass: The effect of lime concentration in a fluidised bed pp. 361-368 Downloads
M. Jeremiáš, M. Pohořelý, K. Svoboda, S. Skoblia, Z. Beňo and M. Šyc
Core-sheath structural carbon materials for integrated enhancement of thermal conductivity and capacity pp. 369-376 Downloads
Ang Li, Jingjing Wang, Cheng Dong, Wenjun Dong, Dimberu G. Atinafu, Xiao Chen, Hongyi Gao and Ge Wang
Semiclathrate based CO2 capture from fuel gas mixture at ambient temperature: Effect of concentrations of tetra-n-butylammonium fluoride (TBAF) and kinetic additives pp. 377-389 Downloads
Junjie Zheng, Krittika Bhatnagar, Maninder Khurana, Peng Zhang, Bao-Yong Zhang and Praveen Linga
Thermal behavior of a translucent superinsulated latent heat energy storage wall in summertime pp. 390-408 Downloads
Farah Souayfane, Pascal Henry Biwole and Farouk Fardoun
Parametric optimization and thermodynamic performance comparison of single-pressure and dual-pressure evaporation organic Rankine cycles pp. 409-421 Downloads
Jian Li, Zhong Ge, Yuanyuan Duan, Zhen Yang and Qiang Liu
Two-phase particle swarm optimized-support vector regression hybrid model integrated with improved empirical mode decomposition with adaptive noise for multiple-horizon electricity demand forecasting pp. 422-439 Downloads
AL-Musaylh, Mohanad S., Ravinesh C. Deo, Yan Li and Jan F. Adamowski
Simulating the impact of investment preference on low-carbon transition in power sector pp. 440-455 Downloads
Huadong Chen, Can Wang, Wenjia Cai and Jianhui Wang
Analysis of demand response and photovoltaic distributed generation as resources for power utility planning pp. 456-466 Downloads
Matheus Sabino Viana, Giovanni Manassero and Miguel E.M. Udaeta
Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of hydrogen fuel production from chlor-alkali processes in the United States pp. 467-479 Downloads
Dong-Yeon Lee, Amgad Elgowainy and Qiang Dai
Thermodynamic analysis of a novel dual expansion coal-fueled direct-fired supercritical carbon dioxide power cycle pp. 480-495 Downloads
Yongming Zhao, Lifeng Zhao, Bo Wang, Shijie Zhang, Jinling Chi and Yunhan Xiao
A conceptual study on air jet-induced swirling plume for performance improvement of natural draft cooling towers pp. 496-508 Downloads
Yuanshen Lu, Alexander Klimenko, Hugh Russell, Yuchen Dai, John Warner and Kamel Hooman
Dynamic 3D volume element model of a parabolic trough solar collector for simulation and optimization pp. 509-526 Downloads
S. Yang, T.S. Sensoy and J.C. Ordonez
Effect of pressure on methane recovery from natural gas hydrates by methane-carbon dioxide replacement pp. 527-536 Downloads
Chun-Gang Xu, Jing Cai, Yi-Song Yu, Ke-Feng Yan and Xiao-Sen Li
Integration of new evolutionary approach with artificial neural network for solving short term load forecast problem pp. 537-549 Downloads
Priyanka Singh and Pragya Dwivedi

2018, volume 216, issue C

Effect of naphthalene addition to ethanol in distributed combustion pp. 1-7 Downloads
Joseph S. Feser, Ghada Bassioni and Ashwani K. Gupta
Scavenging energy from ultra-low frequency mechanical excitations through a bi-directional hybrid energy harvester pp. 8-20 Downloads
Kangqi Fan, Shaohua Liu, Haiyan Liu, Yingmin Zhu, Weidong Wang and Daxing Zhang
Real time adaptive efficient cold start strategy for proton exchange membrane fuel cells pp. 21-30 Downloads
A. Amamou, M. Kandidayeni, L. Boulon and S. Kelouwani
Crank angle-resolved exergy analysis of exhaust flows in a diesel engine from the perspective of exhaust waste energy recovery pp. 31-44 Downloads
Hamidreza Mahabadipour, Kalyan Kumar Srinivasan, Sundar Rajan Krishnan and Swami Nathan Subramanian
Analysis of component operation in power-to-gas-to-power installations pp. 45-59 Downloads
Janusz Kotowicz, Daniel Węcel and Michał Jurczyk
Analysis of a fuel cell combined heat and power plant under realistic smart management scenarios pp. 60-72 Downloads
Andrea L. Facci and Stefano Ubertini
Environmental and economic assessment of borehole thermal energy storage in district heating systems pp. 73-90 Downloads
Bastian Welsch, Göllner-Völker, Laura, Daniel O. Schulte, Kristian Bär, Ingo Sass and Liselotte Schebek
Impact of intake valve strategies on fuel consumption and knock tendency of a spark ignition engine pp. 91-104 Downloads
Luigi Teodosio, Dino Pirrello, Fabio Berni, Vincenzo De Bellis, Rosario Lanzafame and Alessandro D'Adamo
Optimal sizing of a nonutility-scale solar power system and its battery storage pp. 105-115 Downloads
Jairo Cervantes and Fred Choobineh
Integrated framework for designing spatially explicit biofuel supply chains pp. 116-131 Downloads
Rex T.L. Ng, Daniel Kurniawan, Hua Wang, Brian Mariska, Wenzhao Wu and Christos T. Maravelias
Usefulness of economic and energy data at different frequencies for carbon price forecasting in the EU ETS pp. 132-141 Downloads
Xin Zhao, Meng Han, Lili Ding and Wanglin Kang
Numerical study on the effects of fins and nanoparticles in a shell and tube phase change thermal energy storage unit pp. 142-156 Downloads
Mohammad Parsazadeh and Xili Duan
Incorporating performance-based global sensitivity and uncertainty analysis into LCOE calculations for emerging renewable energy technologies pp. 157-171 Downloads
Thomas T.D. Tran and Amanda D. Smith
Quantitative synergy assessment of regional wind-solar energy resources based on MERRA reanalysis data pp. 172-182 Downloads
Hengxu Zhang, Yongji Cao, Yi Zhang and Vladimir Terzija
A method for determining the optimal delivered hydrogen pressure for fuel cell electric vehicles pp. 183-194 Downloads
Zhenhong Lin, Shiqi Ou, Amgad Elgowainy, Krishna Reddi, Mike Veenstra and Laura Verduzco
Analysis of the performance of an alkali metal thermoelectric converter (AMTEC) based on a lumped thermal-electrochemical model pp. 195-211 Downloads
Qinggong Wang, Wei Yao, Hui Zhang and Xiaochen Lu
Peak shaving operational optimization of supercritical coal-fired power plants by revising control strategy for water-fuel ratio pp. 212-223 Downloads
Chaoyang Wang, Yongliang Zhao, Ming Liu, Yongqiang Qiao, Daotong Chong and Junjie Yan
Economic viability of pumped-storage power plants participating in the secondary regulation service pp. 224-233 Downloads
Manuel Chazarra, Pérez-Díaz, Juan I., García-González, Javier and Roland Praus
Use of partial load operating conditions for latent thermal energy storage management pp. 234-242 Downloads
Jaume Gasia, Alvaro de Gracia, Gerard Peiró, Simone Arena, Giorgio Cau and Luisa F. Cabeza
Optimizing the porosity configuration of porous copper fiber sintered felt for methanol steam reforming micro-reactor based on flow distribution pp. 243-261 Downloads
Qing-Hui Wang, Song Yang, Wei Zhou, Jing-Rong Li, Zhi-Jia Xu, Yu-Zhi Ke, Wei Yu and Guang-Hua Hu
A review of solidified natural gas (SNG) technology for gas storage via clathrate hydrates pp. 262-285 Downloads
Hari Prakash Veluswamy, Asheesh Kumar, Yutaek Seo, Ju Dong Lee and Praveen Linga
Performance enhancement of a trapped-vortex combustor for gas turbine engines using a novel hybrid-atomizer pp. 286-295 Downloads
Mingyu Li, Xiaomin He, Yuling Zhao, Yi Jin, Kanghong Yao and Zhenghao Ge
Probabilistic characterization of electricity consumer responsiveness to economic incentives pp. 296-310 Downloads
Mercedes Vallés, Antonio Bello, Javier Reneses and Pablo Frías
Process integration and design for maximizing energy efficiency of a coal-fired power plant integrated with amine-based CO2 capture process pp. 311-322 Downloads
Se-Young Oh, Seokwon Yun and Jin-Kuk Kim
Solution for the future smart energy system: A polygeneration plant based on reversible solid oxide cells and biomass gasification producing either electrofuel or power pp. 323-337 Downloads
Hafthor Ægir Sigurjonsson and Lasse R. Clausen
Operating reserve capacity evaluation of aggregated heterogeneous TCLs with price signals pp. 338-347 Downloads
Dunjian Xie, Hongxun Hui, Yi Ding and Zhenzhi Lin
Techno-economic feasibility of integrating energy storage systems in refrigerated warehouses pp. 348-357 Downloads
Kai Zhu, Xueqiang Li, Pietro Elia Campana, Hailong Li and Jinyue Yan
The effect of different particle residence time distributions on the chemical looping combustion process pp. 358-366 Downloads
Matthias A. Schnellmann, Felix Donat, Stuart A. Scott, Gareth Williams and John S. Dennis
Multi-objective short-term scheduling of a renewable-based microgrid in the presence of tidal resources and storage devices pp. 367-381 Downloads
Mahshid Javidsharifi, Taher Niknam, Jamshid Aghaei and Geev Mokryani
Stimulated electron transfer inside electroactive biofilm by magnetite for increased performance microbial fuel cell pp. 382-388 Downloads
Panpan Liu, Peng Liang, Yong Jiang, Wen Hao, Bo Miao, Donglin Wang and Xia Huang
A scalable method for estimating rooftop solar irradiation potential over large regions pp. 389-401 Downloads
René Buffat, Stefano Grassi and Martin Raubal
Characterization of desert sand to be used as a high-temperature thermal energy storage medium in particle solar receiver technology pp. 402-413 Downloads
Miguel Diago, Alberto Crespo Iniesta, Soum-Glaude, Audrey and Nicolas Calvet
Transformation of nitrogen functional forms and the accompanying chemical-structural properties emanating from pyrolysis of bituminous coals pp. 414-427 Downloads
Zebron Phiri, Raymond C. Everson, Hein W.J.P. Neomagus and Barry J. Wood
A two-stage multi-objective scheduling method for integrated community energy system pp. 428-441 Downloads
Wei Lin, Xiaolong Jin, Yunfei Mu, Hongjie Jia, Xiandong Xu, Xiaodan Yu and Bo Zhao
A novel method for lithium-ion battery state of energy and state of power estimation based on multi-time-scale filter pp. 442-451 Downloads
Xu Zhang, Yujie Wang, Ji Wu and Zonghai Chen
Exploiting waste heat potential by long distance heat transmission: Design considerations and techno-economic assessment pp. 452-465 Downloads
Konstantinos C. Kavvadias and Sylvain Quoilin
Feasibility study of the use of by-product iron oxide and industrial off-gas for application to chemical looping hydrogen production pp. 466-481 Downloads
Won Chul Cho, Doyeon Lee, Chang Hee Kim, Hyun Suk Cho and Sang Done Kim
Estimating environmental co-benefits of U.S. low-carbon pathways using an integrated assessment model with state-level resolution pp. 482-493 Downloads
Yang Ou, Wenjing Shi, Steven J. Smith, Catherine M. Ledna, J. Jason West, Christopher G. Nolte and Daniel H. Loughlin
Higher power generation from torsion-dominant mode in a zigzag shaped two-dimensional energy harvester pp. 494-503 Downloads
Hyeon Lee, Nathan Sharpes, Hichem Abdelmoula, Abdessattar Abdelkefi and Shashank Priya
Simulation of demand growth scenarios in the Colombian electricity market: An integration of system dynamics and dynamic systems pp. 504-520 Downloads
José D. Morcillo, Carlos J. Franco and Fabiola Angulo
Non-tracking East-West XCPC solar thermal collector for 200 celsius applications pp. 521-533 Downloads
Bennett Widyolar, Lun Jiang, Jonathan Ferry and Roland Winston
Methods for planning of ATES systems pp. 534-557 Downloads
Martin Bloemendal, Jaxa-Rozen, Marc and Theo Olsthoorn
The development of an integrated model for the assessment of water and GHG footprints for the power generation sector pp. 558-575 Downloads
Nikhil Agrawal, Md Ahiduzzaman and Amit Kumar
Experimental investigation on the air excess and air displacement influence on early stage and complete combustion gaseous emissions of a small scale fixed bed biomass boiler pp. 576-587 Downloads
Gianluca Caposciutti, Federica Barontini, Marco Antonelli, Leonardo Tognotti and Umberto Desideri
Performance and operational effectiveness of evacuated flat plate solar collectors compared with conventional thermal, PVT and PV panels pp. 588-601 Downloads
R.W. Moss, P. Henshall, F. Arya, G.S.F. Shire, T. Hyde and P.C. Eames
Thermal performance of an active-passive ventilation wall with phase change material in solar greenhouses pp. 602-612 Downloads
Chao Chen, Haoshu Ling, Zhai, Zhiqiang (John), Yin Li, Fengguang Yang, Fengtao Han and Shen Wei
Highly thermal integrated heat pipe-solid oxide fuel cell pp. 613-619 Downloads
Hongyu Zeng, Yuqing Wang, Yixiang Shi, Ningsheng Cai and Dazhong Yuan
Experimental and numerical analysis of a SOFC-CHP system with adsorption and hybrid chillers for telecommunication applications pp. 620-633 Downloads
Valeria Palomba, Marco Ferraro, Andrea Frazzica, Salvatore Vasta, Francesco Sergi and Vincenzo Antonucci
Optimal design of microtube recuperators for an indirect supercritical carbon dioxide recompression closed Brayton cycle pp. 634-648 Downloads
Yuan Jiang, Eric Liese, Stephen E. Zitney and Debangsu Bhattacharyya
The role of electricity storage and hydrogen technologies in enabling global low-carbon energy transitions pp. 649-661 Downloads
Madeleine McPherson, Nils Johnson and Manfred Strubegger
Development of a decision support tool for optimizing the short-term logistics of forest-based biomass pp. 662-677 Downloads
Krishna Teja Malladi, Quirion-Blais, Olivier and Taraneh Sowlati
The long haul towards decarbonising road freight – A global assessment to 2050 pp. 678-693 Downloads
Eamonn Mulholland, Jacob Teter, Pierpaolo Cazzola, Zane McDonald and Brian P. Ó Gallachóir
Constrained multi-objective optimization of thermocline packed-bed thermal-energy storage pp. 694-708 Downloads
Jan Marti, Lukas Geissbühler, Viola Becattini, Andreas Haselbacher and Aldo Steinfeld
GIS-based approach for assessing the energy potential and the financial feasibility of run-off-river hydro-power in Alpine valleys pp. 709-723 Downloads
Giulia Garegnani, Sandro Sacchelli, Jessica Balest and Pietro Zambelli
Analysis and comparison of dynamic behavior of heat exchangers for direct evaporation in ORC waste heat recovery applications from fluctuating sources pp. 724-740 Downloads
Jiménez-Arreola, Manuel, Roberto Pili, Christoph Wieland and Alessandro Romagnoli
Piezoelectric polymer-based roadway energy harvesting via displacement amplification module pp. 741-750 Downloads
Youn-Hwan Shin, Inki Jung, Myoung-Sub Noh, Jeong Hun Kim, Ji-Young Choi, Sangtae Kim and Chong-Yun Kang
Kinetics, multivariate statistical modelling, and physiology of CO2-based biological methane production pp. 751-760 Downloads
Simon K.-M.R. Rittmann, Arne H. Seifert and Sébastien Bernacchi
Modeling and design guidelines for direct steam generation solar receivers pp. 761-776 Downloads
Meng Lin, Jan Reinhold, Nathalie Monnerie and Sophia Haussener
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