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2015, volume 156, issue C

The optimal thermo-optical properties and energy saving potential of adaptive glazing technologies pp. 1-15 Downloads
Fabio Favoino, Mauro Overend and Qian Jin
Environmental externality of coal use in China: Welfare effect and tax regulation pp. 16-31 Downloads
Zhan-Ming Chen, Yu Liu, Ping Qin, Bo Zhang, Leo Lester, Guanghua Chen, Yumei Guo and Xinye Zheng
Hybrid solid oxide fuel cells–gas turbine systems for combined heat and power: A review pp. 32-85 Downloads
Annamaria Buonomano, Francesco Calise, d’Accadia, Massimo Dentice, Adolfo Palombo and Maria Vicidomini
Upgrading existing coal-fired power plants through heavy-duty and aeroderivative gas turbines pp. 86-98 Downloads
Roberto Carapellucci and Lorena Giordano
Diesel autothermal reforming with hydrogen peroxide for low-oxygen environments pp. 99-106 Downloads
Gwangwoo Han, Sangho Lee and Joongmyeon Bae
Operational flexibility and economics of power plants in future low-carbon power systems pp. 107-128 Downloads
Anne Sjoerd Brouwer, Machteld van den Broek, Ad Seebregts and André Faaij
Design considerations for an engine-integral reciprocating natural gas compressor pp. 129-137 Downloads
Mohammad Malakoutirad, Thomas H. Bradley and Chris Hagen
In-nozzle flow and spray characteristics for mineral diesel, Karanja, and Jatropha biodiesels pp. 138-148 Downloads
Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Sibendu Som, Pravesh Chandra Shukla, Harsh Goyal and Douglas Longman
Combustion-response mapping procedure for internal-combustion engine emissions pp. 149-158 Downloads
T. Korakianitis, S. Imran, N. Chung, Hassan Ali, D.R. Emberson and R.J. Crookes
Well-to-wheel life cycle assessment of transportation fuels derived from different North American conventional crudes pp. 159-173 Downloads
Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Christina Canter and Amit Kumar
Hydrogen production from glycerol by Escherichia coli and other bacteria: An overview and perspectives pp. 174-184 Downloads
Karen Trchounian and Armen Trchounian
Power system impacts of electric vehicles in Germany: Charging with coal or renewables? pp. 185-196 Downloads
Wolf-Peter Schill and Clemens Gerbaulet
Development of sodium/lithium/fly ash sorbents for high temperature post-combustion CO2 capture pp. 197-206 Downloads
Aimaro Sanna, Ili Ramli and Mercedes Maroto-Valer, M.
The preparation of the hydrotalcite-based composite phase change material pp. 207-212 Downloads
Min Li and Qiangang Guo
A low cost seasonal solar soil heat storage system for greenhouse heating: Design and pilot study pp. 213-222 Downloads
Liang Zhang, Peng Xu, Jiachen Mao, Xu Tang, Zhengwei Li and Jianguo Shi
A novel photo-thermochemical cycle for the dissociation of CO2 using solar energy pp. 223-229 Downloads
Yanwei Zhang, Chenyu Xu, Jingche Chen, Xuhan Zhang, Zhihua Wang, Junhu Zhou and Kefa Cen
How will greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles be constrained in China around 2030? pp. 230-240 Downloads
Bo Zheng, Qiang Zhang, Borken-Kleefeld, Jens, Hong Huo, Dabo Guan, Zbigniew Klimont, Glen Peters and Kebin He
Impact of internal entrainment on high intensity distributed combustion pp. 241-250 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
A decomposition–ensemble model with data-characteristic-driven reconstruction for crude oil price forecasting pp. 251-267 Downloads
Lean Yu, Zishu Wang and Ling Tang
Off-design performance comparison of an organic Rankine cycle under different control strategies pp. 268-279 Downloads
Dongshuai Hu, Ya Zheng, Yi Wu, Saili Li and Yiping Dai
Performance analysis of a dual-loop organic Rankine cycle (ORC) system with wet steam expansion for engine waste heat recovery pp. 280-289 Downloads
Jian Song and Chun-wei Gu
Exergoeconomic assessment of CHP-integrated biomass upgrading pp. 290-305 Downloads
Thomas Kohl, Moises Teles, Kristian Melin, Timo Laukkanen, Mika Järvinen, Song Won Park and Reinaldo Guidici
Design and thermal properties of a novel ternary chloride eutectics for high-temperature solar energy storage pp. 306-310 Downloads
Xiaolan Wei, Ming Song, Weilong Wang, Jing Ding and Jianping Yang
High efficiency novel window air conditioner pp. 311-320 Downloads
Pradeep Bansal
Short-term wind speed prediction based on robust Kalman filtering: An experimental comparison pp. 321-330 Downloads
Carlos D. Zuluaga, Mauricio A. Álvarez and Eduardo Giraldo
Improving the stability of synthetic CaO-based CO2 sorbents by structural promoters pp. 331-343 Downloads
Andy Antzara, Eleni Heracleous and Angeliki A. Lemonidou
Energetic/economic penalty of CO2 emissions and application to coal-to-olefins projects in China pp. 344-353 Downloads
Huairong Zhou, Yu Qian and Siyu Yang
Lipid content in microalgae determines the quality of biocrude and Energy Return On Investment of hydrothermal liquefaction pp. 354-361 Downloads
Gursong Yoo, Min S. Park, Ji-Won Yang and Minkee Choi
Investigation of offshore wind energy potential in Hong Kong based on Weibull distribution function pp. 362-373 Downloads
Z.R. Shu, Q.S. Li and P.W. Chan
Heat recovery using heat pumps in non-energy intensive industry: Are Energy Saving Certificates a solution for the food and drink industry in France? pp. 374-389 Downloads
Gondia Sokhna Seck, Gilles Guerassimoff and Nadia Maïzi
Experiment on superadiabatic radiant burner with augmented preheating pp. 390-397 Downloads
H. Wu, Y.J. Kim, V. Vandadi, C. Park, M. Kaviany and O.C. Kwon
Thermodynamic optimisation of the performance of a parabolic trough receiver using synthetic oil–Al2O3 nanofluid pp. 398-412 Downloads
Aggrey Mwesigye, Zhongjie Huan and Josua P. Meyer
Characterization of photovoltaic devices for indoor light harvesting and customization of flexible dye solar cells to deliver superior efficiency under artificial lighting pp. 413-422 Downloads
Francesca De Rossi, Tadeo Pontecorvo and Thomas M. Brown
An analysis of the investment risk related to the integration of a supercritical coal-fired combined heat and power plant with an absorption installation for CO2 separation pp. 423-435 Downloads
Łukasz Bartela, Skorek-Osikowska, Anna and Janusz Kotowicz
Long-term chronological load modeling in power system studies with energy storage systems pp. 436-448 Downloads
Abbas Marini, Mohammad Amin Latify, Mohammad Sadegh Ghazizadeh and Ahmad Salemnia
Simulation of environmental impact scores within the life cycle of mixed wood chips from alternative short rotation coppice systems in Flanders (Belgium) pp. 449-464 Downloads
Benedetto Rugani, Katarzyna Golkowska, Vázquez-Rowe, Ian, Daniel Koster, Enrico Benetto and Pieter Verdonckt
Enhancement of energy efficiency in a paint curing oven via CFD approach: Case study in an air-conditioning plant pp. 465-477 Downloads
Sathit Niamsuwan, Paisan Kittisupakorn and Ajaree Suwatthikul
Effect of surface active agent on thermal properties of carbonate salt/carbon nanomaterial composite phase change material pp. 478-489 Downloads
Y.B. Tao, C.H. Lin and Y.L. He
CO2-abatement cost of residential heat pumps with active demand response: demand- and supply-side effects pp. 490-501 Downloads
Dieter Patteeuw, Glenn Reynders, Kenneth Bruninx, Christina Protopapadaki, Erik Delarue, D’haeseleer, William, Dirk Saelens and Lieve Helsen
Multivariate statistical and similarity measure based semiparametric modeling of the probability distribution: A novel approach to the case study of mid-long term electricity consumption forecasting in China pp. 502-518 Downloads
Zhen Shao, Fei Gao, Qiang Zhang and Shan-Lin Yang
Experimental investigation on the energy and exergy performance of a coiled tube solar receiver pp. 519-527 Downloads
Jianqin Zhu, Kai Wang, Hongwei Wu, Dunjin Wang, Juan Du and A.G. Olabi
Comparison of numerical weather prediction based deterministic and probabilistic wind resource assessment methods pp. 528-541 Downloads
Jie Zhang, Caroline Draxl, Thomas Hopson, Luca Delle Monache, Emilie Vanvyve and Bri-Mathias Hodge
Features and evolution of international fossil energy trade relationships: A weighted multilayer network analysis pp. 542-554 Downloads
Cuixia Gao, Mei Sun and Bo Shen
Optimal exergy control of building HVAC system pp. 555-565 Downloads
M. Razmara, M. Maasoumy, M. Shahbakhti and R.D. Robinett
Performance analysis of a prototype small scale electricity-producing biomass cooking stove pp. 566-576 Downloads
O’Shaughnessy, S.M., M.J. Deasy, J.V. Doyle and A.J. Robinson
Reinforcement learning for optimal control of low exergy buildings pp. 577-586 Downloads
Lei Yang, Zoltan Nagy, Philippe Goffin and Arno Schlueter
Printed flexible thermoelectric generators for use on low levels of waste heat pp. 587-592 Downloads
Deepa Madan, Zuoqian Wang, Paul K. Wright and James W. Evans
Optimal operation of a residential district-level combined photovoltaic/natural gas power and cooling system pp. 593-606 Downloads
Abigail D. Ondeck, Thomas F. Edgar and Michael Baldea
PACPIM: New decision-support model of optimized portfolio analysis for community-based photovoltaic investment pp. 607-617 Downloads
Mahmoud Shakouri, Hyun Woo Lee and Kunhee Choi
Syngas-based annex concepts for chemical energy storage and improving flexibility of pulverized coal combustion power plants pp. 618-627 Downloads
Christian Wolfersdorf, Kristin Boblenz, Robert Pardemann and Bernd Meyer
Simulation study on boil-off gas minimization and recovery strategies at LNG exporting terminals pp. 628-641 Downloads
Yogesh M. Kurle, Sujing Wang and Qiang Xu
Demand side management in a day-ahead wholesale market: A comparison of industrial & social welfare approaches pp. 642-654 Downloads
Bo Jiang, Amro M. Farid and Youcef-Toumi, Kamal
Optimal dynamic expansion planning of distribution systems considering non-renewable distributed generation using a new heuristic double-stage optimization solution approach pp. 655-665 Downloads
Masoud Ahmadigorji and Nima Amjady
The economic competitiveness and emissions of battery electric vehicles in China pp. 666-675 Downloads
Xin Zhao, Otto C. Doering and Wallace Tyner
Reactive absorption of CO2 into enzyme accelerated solvents: From laboratory to pilot scale pp. 676-685 Downloads
Anna-Katharina Kunze, Greg Dojchinov, Victoria S. Haritos and Philip Lutze
Energy consumption and CO2 analysis of different types of chippers used in wood biomass plantations pp. 686-692 Downloads
Marco Manzone
Adjusting the CO2 cap to subsidised RES generation: Can CO2 prices be decoupled from renewable policy? pp. 693-702 Downloads
Jörn C. Richstein, Émile J.L. Chappin and Laurens J. de Vries
Multi-objective geometric optimization of a PCM based matrix type composite heat sink pp. 703-714 Downloads
R. Srikanth, Pavan Nemani and C. Balaji
A novel small dynamic solar thermal desalination plant with a fluid piston converter pp. 715-726 Downloads
Khamid Mahkamov, Eugene Orda, Basim Belgasim and Irina Makhkamova
A general framework to select working fluid and configuration of ORCs for low-to-medium temperature heat sources pp. 727-746 Downloads
Jacopo Vivian, Giovanni Manente and Andrea Lazzaretto
Characterization of biomass combustion at high temperatures based on an upgraded single particle model pp. 749-755 Downloads
Jun Li, Manosh C. Paul, Paul L. Younger, Ian Watson, Mamdud Hossain and Stephen Welch
Catalytic oxidation characteristics of CH4–air mixtures over metal foam monoliths pp. 756-761 Downloads
Yanxia Li, Chaoming Luo, Zhongliang Liu and Lixia Sang
Application and research on Regenerative High Temperature Air Combustion technology on low-rank coal pyrolysis pp. 762-766 Downloads
Pei Pei, Qicheng Wang and Daohong Wu
Influences of activation agent impregnated sewage sludge pyrolysis on emission characteristics of volatile combustion and De-NOx performance of activated char pp. 767-775 Downloads
Hui Chen, Dezhen Chen and Liu Hong
Numerical simulation study on correlation between ion current signal and NOX emissions in controlled auto-ignition engine pp. 776-782 Downloads
Yintong Liu, Liguang Li, Junyu Ye, Zhijun Wu and Jun Deng
The effect of ethanol blending on mixture formation, combustion and soot emission studied in an optical DISI engine pp. 783-792 Downloads
Michael Storch, Florian Hinrichsen, Michael Wensing, Stefan Will and Lars Zigan
Numerical optimisation for model evaluation in combustion kinetics pp. 793-803 Downloads
M. Fischer and X. Jiang
Turbulent combustion modelling of a confined premixed jet flame including heat loss effects using tabulated chemistry pp. 804-815 Downloads
S. Gövert, D. Mira, J.B.W. Kok, M. Vázquez and G. Houzeaux
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