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2017, volume 193, issue C

A hybrid PV/T collector using spectrally selective absorbing nanofluids pp. 1-14 Downloads
Felipe Crisostomo, Natasha Hjerrild, Sara Mesgari, Qiyuan Li and Robert A. Taylor
Full scale experimental study of a small natural draft dry cooling tower for concentrating solar thermal power plant pp. 15-27 Downloads
Xiaoxiao Li, Sam Duniam, Hal Gurgenci, Zhiqiang Guan and Anand Veeraragavan
Flameless combustion with liquid fuel: A review focusing on fundamentals and gas turbine application pp. 28-51 Downloads
Fei Xing, Arvind Kumar, Yue Huang, Shining Chan, Can Ruan, Sai Gu and Xiaolei Fan
A Modelica library for the agent-based control of building energy systems pp. 52-59 Downloads
Felix Bünning, Roozbeh Sangi and Dirk Müller
Modelling of temporal and spatial evolution of sulphur oxides and sulphuric acid under large, two-stroke marine engine-like conditions using integrated CFD-chemical kinetics pp. 60-73 Downloads
Kar Mun Pang, Nikolas Karvounis, Jens Honore Walther, Jesper Schramm, Peter Glarborg and Stefan Mayer
Application of lithium orthosilicate for high-temperature thermochemical energy storage pp. 74-83 Downloads
Hiroki Takasu, Junichi Ryu and Yukitaka Kato
Evaluation and optimization of melting performance for a latent heat thermal energy storage unit partially filled with porous media pp. 84-95 Downloads
Yang Xu, Qinlong Ren, Zhang-Jing Zheng and Ya-Ling He
The behaviour of multiple reaction fronts during iron (III) oxide reduction in a non-steady state packed bed for chemical looping water splitting pp. 96-111 Downloads
Xiuning Hua, Yiran Fan, Yidi Wang, Tiantian Fu, G.D. Fowler, Dongmei Zhao and Wei Wang
Improvements of the operational rating system for existing residential buildings pp. 112-124 Downloads
Jaewook Jeong, Taehoon Hong, Changyoon Ji, Jimin Kim, Minhyun Lee, Kwangbok Jeong and Choongwan Koo
Acoustic and heat release signatures for swirl assisted distributed combustion pp. 125-138 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
Stochastic model of wind-fuel cell for a semi-dispatchable power generation pp. 139-148 Downloads
Alvarez-Mendoza, Fernanda, Peder Bacher, Henrik Madsen and Angeles-Camacho, César
A feasibility study for CO2 recycle assistance with coke oven gas to synthetic natural gas pp. 149-161 Downloads
Qun Yi, Guo-sheng Wu, Min-hui Gong, Yi Huang, Jie Feng, Yan-hong Hao and Wen-ying Li
Study of the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and the economic growth of Russia based on the Environmental Kuznets Curve pp. 162-173 Downloads
Xuechun Yang, Feng Lou, Mingxing Sun, Renqing Wang and Yutao Wang
A heat-recirculating combustor with multiple injectors for thermophotovoltaic power conversion pp. 174-181 Downloads
Tae Young Kim, Hee Kyung Kim, Jae Won Ku and Oh Chae Kwon
A numerical study of the effects of using hydrogen, reformer gas and nitrogen on combustion, emissions and load limits of a heavy duty natural gas/diesel RCCI engine pp. 182-198 Downloads
Pourya Rahnama, Amin Paykani and Rolf D. Reitz
Experimental characterization of closely coupled split isooctane sprays under flash boiling conditions pp. 199-209 Downloads
Ziman Wang, Tawfik Badawy, Bo Wang, Yizhou Jiang and Hongming Xu
Biofuel production from birch wood by combining high solid loading simultaneous saccharification and fermentation and anaerobic digestion pp. 210-219 Downloads
Dayanand Chandrahas Kalyani, Mirzaman Zamanzadeh, Gerdt Müller and Svein J. Horn
The values of market-based demand response on improving power system reliability under extreme circumstances pp. 220-231 Downloads
Fei Wang, Hanchen Xu, Ti Xu, Kangping Li, Shafie-khah, Miadreza and João. P.S. Catalão
Analysis of transmission expansion planning considering consumption-based carbon emission accounting pp. 232-242 Downloads
Yanlong Sun, Chongqing Kang, Qing Xia, Qixin Chen, Ning Zhang and Yaohua Cheng
Energy demand profile generation with detailed time resolution at an urban district scale: A reference building approach and case study pp. 243-262 Downloads
Georgios Kazas, Enrico Fabrizio and Marco Perino
Exploring the mid-load potential of ethanol-diesel dual-fuel combustion with and without EGR pp. 263-275 Downloads
Vinícius B. Pedrozo, Ian May and Hua Zhao
Estimating natural ventilation potential for high-rise buildings considering boundary layer meteorology pp. 276-286 Downloads
Zheming Tong, Yujiao Chen and Ali Malkawi
Forecasting electricity demand for Turkey: Modeling periodic variations and demand segregation pp. 287-296 Downloads
Ergun Yukseltan, Ahmet Yucekaya and Ayse Humeyra Bilge
Analysis of CO2 emissions and techno-economic feasibility of an electric commercial vehicle pp. 297-307 Downloads
Eduardo Aparecido Moreira Falcão, Ana Carolina Rodrigues Teixeira and José Ricardo Sodré
Optimal use of thermal energy storage resources in commercial buildings through price-based demand response considering distribution network operation pp. 308-324 Downloads
Youngjin Kim and Leslie K. Norford
Experimental and numerical investigations on the thermal performance of building plane containing CaCl2·6H2O/expanded graphite composite phase change material pp. 325-335 Downloads
Rongda Ye, Wenzhu Lin, Kunjie Yuan, Xiaoming Fang and Zhengguo Zhang
Complex networks for the integration of distributed energy systems in urban areas pp. 336-345 Downloads
Alberto Fichera, Mattia Frasca and Rosaria Volpe
Electric train energy consumption modeling pp. 346-355 Downloads
Jinghui Wang and Hesham A. Rakha
Improving the semi-empirical modelling of a single-screw expander for small organic Rankine cycles pp. 356-368 Downloads
Antonio Giuffrida
Multiscale stochastic prediction of electricity demand in smart grids using Bayesian networks pp. 369-380 Downloads
Nastaran Bassamzadeh and Roger Ghanem
A cost-effective approach to reducing carbon deposition and resulting deactivation of oxygen carriers for improvement of energy efficiency and CO2 capture during methane chemical-looping combustion pp. 381-392 Downloads
Xin Huang, Xingjun Wang, Maohong Fan, Yonggang Wang, Hertanto Adidharma, Khaled A.M. Gasem and Maciej Radosz
Optimal thermal and thermodynamic performance of a solar parabolic trough receiver with different nanofluids and at different concentration ratios pp. 393-413 Downloads
Aggrey Mwesigye and Josua P. Meyer
Emission trading and carbon market performance in Shenzhen, China pp. 414-425 Downloads
Ren Cong and Alex Y. Lo
Techno-economic comparison between different technologies for CO2-free power generation from coal pp. 426-439 Downloads
Alberto Pettinau, Francesca Ferrara, Vittorio Tola and Giorgio Cau
An integrated techno-economic and life cycle environmental assessment of power-to-gas systems pp. 440-454 Downloads
David Parra, Xiaojin Zhang, Christian Bauer and Martin K. Patel
Using ensemble weather predictions in district heating operation and load forecasting pp. 455-465 Downloads
Magnus Dahl, Adam Brun and Gorm B. Andresen
Optimization method for multiple heat source operation including ground source heat pump considering dynamic variation in ground temperature pp. 466-478 Downloads
Shintaro Ikeda, Wonjun Choi and Ryozo Ooka
An integrated gas and electricity model of the EU energy system to examine supply interruptions pp. 479-490 Downloads
J.P. Deane, M. Ó Ciaráin and B.P. Ó Gallachóir
Is the cold the only reason why we heat our homes? Empirical evidence from spatial series data pp. 491-506 Downloads
Sergio Copiello and Carlo Grillenzoni
Dynamic modeling of a microbial fuel cell considering anodic electron flow and electrical charge storage pp. 507-514 Downloads
Jae-Do Park, Timberley M. Roane, Zhiyong Jason Ren and Muhannad Alaraj
Impact of injection settings operating with the gasoline Partially Premixed Combustion concept in a 2-stroke HSDI compression ignition engine pp. 515-530 Downloads
J. Benajes, R. Novella, D. De Lima and K. Thein
An experimental investigation of internal heat transfer in an automotive turbocharger compressor pp. 531-539 Downloads
Giovanni Tanda, Silvia Marelli, Giulio Marmorato and Massimo Capobianco
Electricity production scheduling under uncertainty: Max social welfare vs. min emission vs. max renewable production pp. 540-549 Downloads
Zhaowei Geng, Antonio J. Conejo, Qixin Chen, Qing Xia and Chongqing Kang

2017, volume 192, issue C

Potential contributions of wind power to a stable and highly renewable Swiss power supply pp. 1-11 Downloads
Bert Kruyt, Michael Lehning and Annelen Kahl
Vehicle-to-grid feasibility: A techno-economic analysis of EV-based energy storage pp. 12-23 Downloads
Rebecca Gough, Charles Dickerson, Paul Rowley and Chris Walsh
TiO2−X based thermoelectric generators enabled by additive and layered manufacturing pp. 24-32 Downloads
Hwasoo Lee, Ramachandran Chidambaram Seshadri, Su Jung Han and Sanjay Sampath
ExRET-Opt: An automated exergy/exergoeconomic simulation framework for building energy retrofit analysis and design optimisation pp. 33-58 Downloads
Iván García Kerdan, Rokia Raslan, Paul Ruyssevelt and David Morillón Gálvez
Experimental and numerical studies on three gasoline surrogates applied in gasoline compression ignition (GCI) mode pp. 59-70 Downloads
Guorui Jia, Hu Wang, Laihui Tong, Xiaofeng Wang, Zunqing Zheng and Mingfa Yao
Capacity value estimation of a load-shifting resource using a coupled building and power system model pp. 71-82 Downloads
Sheila Nolan, Olivier Neu and O’Malley, Mark
Life cycle environmental impacts of cornstalk briquette fuel in China pp. 83-94 Downloads
Zhiwei Wang, Tingzhou Lei, Miao Yang, Zaifeng Li, Tian Qi, Xiaofei Xin, Xiaofeng He, Atta Ajayebi and Xiaoyu Yan
A comparative energy analysis of three electrochromic glazing technologies in commercial and residential buildings pp. 95-109 Downloads
Nicholas DeForest, Arman Shehabi, Stephen Selkowitz and Delia J. Milliron
In-building waste water heat recovery: An urban-scale method for the characterisation of water streams and the assessment of energy savings and costs pp. 110-125 Downloads
Alexandre Bertrand, Riad Aggoune and François Maréchal
Microwave swing regeneration of aqueous monoethanolamine for post-combustion CO2 capture pp. 126-133 Downloads
Stephen J. McGurk, Claudia F. Martín, Stefano Brandani, Martin B. Sweatman and Xianfeng Fan
Investigation of energy conversion and flame stability in a curved micro-combustor for thermo-photovoltaic (TPV) applications pp. 134-145 Downloads
Saad Akhtar, Mohammed N. Khan, Jundika C. Kurnia and Tariq Shamim
Evaluation of a small-scale waste heat recovery organic Rankine cycle pp. 146-158 Downloads
Antti Uusitalo, Juha Honkatukia and Turunen-Saaresti, Teemu
Thermal analysis and simulation of a Li-ion battery pack for a lightweight commercial EV pp. 159-177 Downloads
Paolo Cicconi, Daniele Landi and Michele Germani
Numerical simulation of cooling effect of vegetation enhancement in a subtropical urban park pp. 178-200 Downloads
An-Shik Yang, Yu-Hsuan Juan, Chih-Yung Wen and Chao-Jui Chang
Detecting method for crude oil price fluctuation mechanism under different periodic time series pp. 201-212 Downloads
Xiangyun Gao, Wei Fang, Feng An and Yue Wang
A numerical study on influences of building envelope heat gain on operating performances of a bed-based task/ambient air conditioning (TAC) system in energy saving and thermal comfort pp. 213-221 Downloads
Ning Mao, Dongmei Pan, Zhao Li, Yingjie Xu, Mengjie Song and Shiming Deng
A mathematical representation of an energy management strategy for hybrid energy storage system in electric vehicle and real time optimization using a genetic algorithm pp. 222-233 Downloads
Maciej Wieczorek and Mirosław Lewandowski
Long-term impacts of a coal phase-out in Germany as part of a greenhouse gas mitigation strategy pp. 234-246 Downloads
Heidi Ursula Heinrichs and Peter Markewitz
Optimizing the bioenergy industry infrastructure: Transportation networks and bioenergy plant locations pp. 247-261 Downloads
Kesheng Shu, Uwe Schneider and Jürgen Scheffran
Heat pump and PV impact on residential low-voltage distribution grids as a function of building and district properties pp. 268-281 Downloads
Christina Protopapadaki and Dirk Saelens
Techno-economic and Life Cycle Assessment of methane production via biogas upgrading and power to gas technology pp. 282-295 Downloads
Pierre Collet, Eglantine Flottes, Alain Favre, Ludovic Raynal, Hélène Pierre, Sandra Capela and Carlos Peregrina
Fuel cell cars in a microgrid for synergies between hydrogen and electricity networks pp. 296-304 Downloads
Farid Alavi, Esther Park Lee, Nathan van de Wouw, Bart De Schutter and Zofia Lukszo
Identification of microturbine model for long-term dynamic analysis of distribution networks pp. 305-314 Downloads
Xiandong Xu, Kang Li, Fengyu Qi, Hongjie Jia and Jing Deng
A multi vector energy analysis for interconnected power and gas systems pp. 315-328 Downloads
Joseph Devlin, Kang Li, Paraic Higgins and Aoife Foley
Multiple energy complementation based on distributed energy systems – Case study of Chongming county, China pp. 329-336 Downloads
Liuchen Liu, Tong Zhu, Yu Pan and Hai Wang
Optimization of a flexible multi-generation system based on wood chip gasification and methanol production pp. 337-359 Downloads
Lythcke-Jørgensen, Christoffer, Lasse Røngaard Clausen, Loui Algren, Anders Bavnhøj Hansen, Marie Münster, Rasmus Østergaard Gadsbøll and Fredrik Haglind
Benefits of demand-side response in combined gas and electricity networks pp. 360-369 Downloads
Meysam Qadrdan, Meng Cheng, Jianzhong Wu and Nick Jenkins
Coordinated scheduling strategy to optimize conflicting benefits for daily operation of integrated electricity and gas networks pp. 370-381 Downloads
J.H. Zheng, Q.H. Wu and Z.X. Jing
Probabilistic wind power forecasting and its application in the scheduling of gas-fired generators pp. 382-394 Downloads
Erotokritos Xydas, Meysam Qadrdan, Charalampos Marmaras, Liana Cipcigan, Nick Jenkins and Hossein Ameli
Feasible region method based integrated heat and electricity dispatch considering building thermal inertia pp. 395-407 Downloads
Zhaoguang Pan, Qinglai Guo and Hongbin Sun
Optimal dispatch strategy for integrated energy systems with CCHP and wind power pp. 408-419 Downloads
Guoqing Li, Rufeng Zhang, Tao Jiang, Houhe Chen, Linquan Bai, Hantao Cui and Xiaojing Li
Experimental study to distinguish the effects of methanol slip and water vapour on a high temperature PEM fuel cell at different operating conditions pp. 422-436 Downloads
Sobi Thomas, Jakob Rabjerg Vang, Samuel Simon Araya and Søren Knudsen Kær
Operating strategies to minimize degradation in fuel cell gas turbine hybrids pp. 437-445 Downloads
V. Zaccaria, D. Tucker and A. Traverso
Design methodology for a PEM fuel cell power system in a more electrical aircraft pp. 446-456 Downloads
D. Guida and M. Minutillo
Investigation of different configurations of microbial fuel cells for the treatment of oilfield produced water pp. 457-465 Downloads
P. Roustazadeh Sheikhyousefi, M. Nasr Esfahany, A. Colombo, A. Franzetti, S.P. Trasatti and P. Cristiani
Coupling Solid Oxide Electrolyser (SOE) and ammonia production plant pp. 466-476 Downloads
Giovanni Cinti, Domenico Frattini, Elio Jannelli, Umberto Desideri and Gianni Bidini
Enhanced performance and durability of low catalyst loading PEM water electrolyser based on a short-side chain perfluorosulfonic ionomer pp. 477-489 Downloads
Stefania Siracusano, Vincenzo Baglio, Nicholas Van Dijk, Luca Merlo and Antonino Salvatore Aricò
Evaluation of long-term performance of sediment microbial fuel cells and the role of natural resources pp. 490-497 Downloads
Timothy Ewing, Phuc Thi Ha and Haluk Beyenal
SOFC stack coupled with dry reforming pp. 498-507 Downloads
L. Barelli, G. Bidini, G. Cinti, F. Gallorini and M. Pöniz
Fuel cell based Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for off-grid telecom stations: Data analysis from on field demonstration tests pp. 508-518 Downloads
S. Cordiner, V. Mulone, A. Giordani, M. Savino, G. Tomarchio, T. Malkow, G. Tsotridis, A. Pilenga, M.L. Karlsen and J. Jensen
Predictive modelling and adaptive long-term performance optimization of an HT-PEM fuel cell based micro combined heat and power (CHP) plant pp. 519-529 Downloads
Alireza Haghighat Mamaghani, Behzad Najafi, Andrea Casalegno and Fabio Rinaldi
Polygeneration system based on PEMFC, CPVT and electrolyzer: Dynamic simulation and energetic and economic analysis pp. 530-542 Downloads
Francesco Calise, Rafal Damian Figaj, Nicola Massarotti, Alessandro Mauro and Laura Vanoli
Low pH, high salinity: Too much for microbial fuel cells? pp. 543-550 Downloads
Nicole Jannelli, Rosa Anna Nastro, Viviana Cigolotti, Mariagiovanna Minutillo and Giacomo Falcucci
Early power to gas applications: Reducing wind farm forecast errors and providing secondary control reserve pp. 551-562 Downloads
Fabian Grueger, Fabian Möhrke, Martin Robinius and Detlef Stolten
Technical and economic assessment of a SOFC-based energy system for combined cooling, heating and power pp. 563-574 Downloads
Andrea L. Facci, Viviana Cigolotti, Elio Jannelli and Stefano Ubertini
Urine transduction to usable energy: A modular MFC approach for smartphone and remote system charging pp. 575-581 Downloads
Xavier Alexis Walter, Andrew Stinchcombe, John Greenman and Ioannis Ieropoulos
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