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2016, volume 168, issue C

Exergy analysis of methane cracking thermally coupled with chemical looping combustion for hydrogen production pp. 1-12 Downloads
Zhe Wang, Weiyu Fan, Guangqing Zhang and Shuang Dong
A source–grid–load coordinated power planning model considering the integration of wind power generation pp. 13-24 Downloads
Ning Zhang, Zhaoguang Hu, Bo Shen, Shuping Dang, Jian Zhang and Yuhui Zhou
Simulation of microwave stimulation for the production of gas from methane hydrate sediment pp. 25-37 Downloads
Jiafei Zhao, Zhen Fan, Bin Wang, Hongsheng Dong, Yu Liu and Yongchen Song
Influence of multiple air staging and reburning on NOx emissions during co-firing of low rank brown coal with woody biomass and natural gas pp. 38-47 Downloads
Nihad Hodžić, Anes Kazagić and Izet Smajević
Characteristic study of a novel compact Solar Thermal Facade (STF) with internally extruded pin–fin flow channel for building integration pp. 48-64 Downloads
Jingchun Shen, Xingxing Zhang, Tong Yang, Llewellyn Tang, Ali Cheshmehzangi, Yupeng Wu, Guiqin Huang, Dan Zhong, Peng Xu and Shengchun Liu
New thinking on modeling of thermoelectric devices pp. 65-74 Downloads
T. Zhang
The potential for brake energy regeneration under Swedish conditions pp. 75-84 Downloads
Lars-Henrik Björnsson and Sten Karlsson
Fabrication and CO2 capture performance of magnesia-stabilized carbide slag by by-product of biodiesel during calcium looping process pp. 85-95 Downloads
Xiaotong Ma, Yingjie Li, Lei Shi, Zirui He and Zeyan Wang
Techno-economic comparison between CSP plants presenting two different heat transfer fluids pp. 96-109 Downloads
S. Sau, N. Corsaro, T. Crescenzi, D’Ottavi, C., R. Liberatore, S. Licoccia, V. Russo, P. Tarquini and A.C. Tizzoni
Ecological network analysis of the virtual water network within China’s electric power system during 2007–2012 pp. 110-121 Downloads
Ruipeng Guo, Xiaojie Zhu, Bin Chen and Yunli Yue
Characteristics of hydrogen produced by pulsed discharge in ethanol solution pp. 122-129 Downloads
Yanbin Xin, Bing Sun, Xiaomei Zhu, Zhiyu Yan, Yongjun Liu and Hui Liu
Investigating the impact of wind–solar complementarities on energy storage requirement and the corresponding supply reliability criteria pp. 130-145 Downloads
A.A. Solomon, Daniel M. Kammen and D. Callaway
Light-duty electric vehicles to improve the integrity of the electricity grid through Vehicle-to-Grid technology: Analysis of regional net revenue and emissions savings pp. 146-158 Downloads
Mehdi Noori, Yang Zhao, Nuri C. Onat, Stephanie Gardner and Omer Tatari
Demand-response in building heating systems: A Model Predictive Control approach pp. 159-170 Downloads
Gianni Bianchini, Marco Casini, Antonio Vicino and Donato Zarrilli
Optimization of self-consumption and techno-economic analysis of PV-battery systems in commercial applications pp. 171-178 Downloads
Ghada Merei, Janina Moshövel, Dirk Magnor and Dirk Uwe Sauer
A bi-layer optimization based temporal and spatial scheduling for large-scale electric vehicles pp. 179-192 Downloads
Lifu He, Jun Yang, Jun Yan, Yufei Tang and Haibo He
Perovskite-type oxides LaFe1−xCoxO3 for chemical looping steam methane reforming to syngas and hydrogen co-production pp. 193-203 Downloads
Kun Zhao, Fang He, Zhen Huang, Guoqiang Wei, Anqing Zheng, Haibin Li and Zengli Zhao
Amelioration of the cooling load based chiller sequencing control pp. 204-215 Downloads
Sen Huang, Wangda Zuo and Michael D. Sohn
Acetone pretreatment for improvement of acetone, butanol, and ethanol production from sweet sorghum bagasse pp. 216-225 Downloads
Yadollah Jafari, Hamid Amiri and Keikhosro Karimi
Large-scale optimal control of interconnected natural gas and electrical transmission systems pp. 226-235 Downloads
Nai-Yuan Chiang and Victor M. Zavala
Lanthana-doped ceria as active support for oxygen carriers in chemical looping combustion pp. 236-247 Downloads
Saurabh Bhavsar, Natalie Isenberg, Amey More and Götz Veser
An optimization method for multi-area combined heat and power production with power transmission network pp. 248-256 Downloads
Elnaz Abdollahi, Haichao Wang and Risto Lahdelma
Power-based electric vehicle energy consumption model: Model development and validation pp. 257-268 Downloads
Chiara Fiori, Kyoungho Ahn and Hesham A. Rakha
Numerical simulation and experimental validation of a high concentration photovoltaic/thermal module based on point-focus Fresnel lens pp. 269-281 Downloads
Ning Xu, Jie Ji, Wei Sun, Wenzhu Huang, Jing Li and Zhuling Jin
Adsorption and regeneration study of polyethylenimine-impregnated millimeter-sized mesoporous carbon spheres for post-combustion CO2 capture pp. 282-290 Downloads
Mei Wang, Liwen Yao, Jitong Wang, Zixiao Zhang, Wenming Qiao, Donghui Long and Licheng Ling
Effect of housing relocation subsidy policy on energy consumption: A simulation case study pp. 291-302 Downloads
Yanhong Yin, Kohei Aikawa and Shoshi Mizokami
Performance testing of a spectral beam splitting hybrid PVT solar receiver for linear concentrators pp. 303-313 Downloads
Cameron Stanley, Ahmad Mojiri, Mirza Rahat, Andrew Blakers and Gary Rosengarten
A review of computational fluid dynamics for forced-air cooling process pp. 314-331 Downloads
Chun-Jiang Zhao, Jia-Wei Han, Xin-Ting Yang, Jian-Ping Qian and Bei-Lei Fan
Bio-inspired effective and regenerable building cooling using tough hydrogels pp. 332-339 Downloads
Shuang Cui, Chihyung Ahn, Matthew C. Wingert, David Leung, Shengqiang Cai and Renkun Chen
Continuous biodiesel conversion via enzymatic transesterification catalyzed by immobilized Burkholderia lipase in a packed-bed bioreactor pp. 340-350 Downloads
Dang-Thuan Tran, Ching-Lung Chen and Jo-Shu Chang
Impact of energy conservation policies on the green productivity in China’s manufacturing sector: Evidence from a three-stage DEA model pp. 351-363 Downloads
Ke Li and Boqiang Lin
Efficient algal lipid extraction via photocatalysis and its conversion to biofuel pp. 364-374 Downloads
R. Shwetharani and R. Geetha Balakrishna
Does urbanization lead to more carbon emission? Evidence from a panel of BRICS countries pp. 375-380 Downloads
Yuan Wang, Li Li, Jumpei Kubota, Rong Han, Xiaodong Zhu and Genfa Lu
Experimental model validation and thermodynamic assessment on high percentage (up to 70%) biomass co-gasification at the 253MWe integrated gasification combined cycle power plant in Buggenum, The Netherlands pp. 381-393 Downloads
A. Thallam Thattai, V. Oldenbroek, L. Schoenmakers, T. Woudstra and P.V. Aravind
Parametric study on the regeneration heat requirement of an amine-based solid adsorbent process for post-combustion carbon capture pp. 394-405 Downloads
Wenbin Zhang, Hao Liu, Yuan Sun, Janis Cakstins, Chenggong Sun and Colin E. Snape
A model-based analysis on the impact of explicit penalty schemes in capacity mechanisms pp. 406-417 Downloads
Paolo Mastropietro, Ignacio Herrero, Pablo Rodilla and Carlos Batlle
Medium-term energy hub management subject to electricity price and wind uncertainty pp. 418-433 Downloads
Arsalan Najafi, Hamid Falaghi, Javier Contreras and Maryam Ramezani
System design for a solar powered electric vehicle charging station for workplaces pp. 434-443 Downloads
G.R. Chandra Mouli, P. Bauer and M. Zeman
Emissions impacts of using energy storage for power system reserves pp. 444-456 Downloads
Yashen Lin, Jeremiah X. Johnson and Johanna L. Mathieu
Stable, low-cost phase change material for building applications: The eutectic mixture of decanoic acid and tetradecanoic acid pp. 457-464 Downloads
Samer Kahwaji, Michel B. Johnson, Ali C. Kheirabadi, Dominic Groulx and Mary Anne White
On-board state of health estimation of LiFePO4 battery pack through differential voltage analysis pp. 465-472 Downloads
Limei Wang, Chaofeng Pan, Liang Liu, Yong Cheng and Xiuliang Zhao
Interactions of rooftop PV deployment with the capacity expansion of the bulk power system pp. 473-481 Downloads
Wesley Cole, Haley Lewis, Ben Sigrin and Robert Margolis
Generalized model-based predictive weather control for the control of free cooling by enhanced night-time ventilation pp. 482-492 Downloads
Boris Vidrih, Ciril Arkar and Sašo Medved
Window design in architecture: Analysis of energy savings for lighting and visual comfort in residential spaces pp. 493-506 Downloads
Ignacio Acosta, Miguel Ángel Campano and Juan Francisco Molina
Evolutionary synthesis of optimum light ends recovery unit with exergy analysis application pp. 507-522 Downloads
Khalili-Garakani, Amirhossein, Javad Ivakpour and Norollah Kasiri
Modeling spatiotemporal CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission dynamics in China from DMSP-OLS nighttime stable light data using panel data analysis pp. 523-533 Downloads
Kaifang Shi, Yun Chen, Bailang Yu, Tingbao Xu, Zuoqi Chen, Rui Liu, Linyi Li and Jianping Wu
Micro-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell: A multi-fuel approach for portable applications pp. 534-543 Downloads
Tarkeshwar C. Patil and Siddhartha P. Duttagupta
Efficient H2 production in a microbial photoelectrochemical cell with a composite Cu2O/NiOx photocathode under visible light pp. 544-549 Downloads
Dawei Liang, Guodong Han, Yongjia Zhang, Siyuan Rao, Shanfu Lu, Haining Wang and Yan Xiang
A generalized model for wind turbine anomaly identification based on SCADA data pp. 550-567 Downloads
Peng Sun, Jian Li, Caisheng Wang and Xiao Lei
A wavelet-coupled support vector machine model for forecasting global incident solar radiation using limited meteorological dataset pp. 568-593 Downloads
Ravinesh C. Deo, Xiaohu Wen and Feng Qi
How will auctioning impact on the carbon emission abatement cost of electric power generation sector in China? pp. 594-609 Downloads
Liwei Liu, Xiaoru Sun, Chuxiang Chen and Erdong Zhao
Pareto-efficient double auction power transactions for economic reactive power dispatch pp. 610-627 Downloads
Biswas (Raha), Syamasree, Kamal Krishna Mandal and Niladri Chakraborty
Cyclic variations and prior-cycle effects of ion current sensing in an HCCI engine: A time-series analysis pp. 628-635 Downloads
Yulin Chen, Guangyu Dong, J. Hunter Mack, Ryan H. Butt, Jyh-Yuan Chen and Robert W. Dibble
An experimental investigation of hydrodynamics of a fixed OWC Wave Energy Converter pp. 636-648 Downloads
De-Zhi Ning, Rong-Quan Wang, Qing-Ping Zou and Bin Teng
Assessment of methane gas production from Indian gas hydrate petroleum systems pp. 649-660 Downloads
N. Vedachalam, S. Ramesh, S. Srinivasalu, G. Rajendran, G.A. Ramadass and M.A. Atmanand
Experimental demonstration of an active latent heat storage concept pp. 661-671 Downloads
Harald Pointner and Wolf-Dieter Steinmann
Identifying the determinants of energy intensity in China: A Bayesian averaging approach pp. 672-682 Downloads
Dayong Zhang, Hong Cao and Yi-Ming Wei
Comparison of power-split and parallel hybrid powertrain architectures with a single electric machine: Dynamic programming approach pp. 683-690 Downloads
Yalian Yang, Xiaosong Hu, Huanxin Pei and Zhiyuan Peng
Genetic algorithm for building envelope calibration pp. 691-705 Downloads
Germán Ramos Ruiz, Carlos Fernández Bandera, Gómez-Acebo Temes, Tomás and Sánchez-Ostiz Gutierrez, Ana
Recent advances in the use of different substrates in microbial fuel cells toward wastewater treatment and simultaneous energy recovery pp. 706-723 Downloads
Prashant Pandey, Vikas N. Shinde, Rajendra L. Deopurkar, Sharad P. Kale, Sunil A. Patil and Deepak Pant
Low carbon technologies as providers of operational flexibility in future power systems pp. 724-738 Downloads
Ivan Pavić, Tomislav Capuder and Igor Kuzle
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