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2015, volume 146, issue C

Channel geometry optimization of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell using genetic algorithm pp. 1-10 Downloads
Woo-Joo Yang, Hong-Yang Wang, Dae-Hyung Lee and Young-Bae Kim
Plug-in vs. wireless charging: Life cycle energy and greenhouse gas emissions for an electric bus system pp. 11-19 Downloads
Zicheng Bi, Lingjun Song, Robert De Kleine, Chunting Chris Mi and Gregory A. Keoleian
Effect of diesel fuel blend with n-butanol on the emission of a turbocharged common rail direct injection diesel engine pp. 20-28 Downloads
Byungchul Choi, Xiaolong Jiang, Young Kwon Kim, Gilsung Jung, Chunhwan Lee, Inchul Choi and Chi Sung Song
Performance characteristics of a dual-evaporator heat pump system for effective dehumidifying and heating of a cabin in electric vehicles pp. 29-37 Downloads
Jae Hwan Ahn, Hoon Kang, Ho Seong Lee and Yongchan Kim
Life cycle assessment (LCA) optimization of solar-assisted hybrid CCHP system pp. 38-52 Downloads
Jiangjiang Wang, Ying Yang, Tianzhi Mao, Jun Sui and Hongguang Jin
The implications of CO2 price for China’s power sector decarbonization pp. 53-64 Downloads
Ying Li, Zofia Lukszo and Margot Weijnen
Optimization of mine ventilation fan speeds according to ventilation on demand and time of use tariff pp. 65-73 Downloads
Arnab Chatterjee, Lijun Zhang and Xiaohua Xia
Computational and experimental investigations of an omni-flow wind turbine pp. 74-83 Downloads
P. Ying, Y.K. Chen, Y.G. Xu and Y. Tian
Maximum window-to-wall ratio of a thermally autonomous building as a function of envelope U-value and ambient temperature amplitude pp. 84-91 Downloads
Peizheng Ma, Lin-Shu Wang and Nianhua Guo
Benchmarking whole-building energy performance with multi-criteria technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution using a selective objective-weighting approach pp. 92-103 Downloads
Endong Wang
Experiments and thermodynamic simulations for continuous separation of CO2 from CH4+CO2 gas mixture utilizing hydrate formation pp. 104-110 Downloads
Shuhei Tomita, Satoru Akatsu and Ryo Ohmura
Fluidized-bed and fixed-bed reactor testing of methane chemical looping combustion with MgO-promoted hematite pp. 111-121 Downloads
Duane D. Miller, Ranjani Siriwardane and James Poston
Development of a three-phase battery energy storage scheduling and operation system for low voltage distribution networks pp. 122-134 Downloads
Christopher J. Bennett, Rodney A. Stewart and Jun Wei Lu
Production and characterization of biodiesel derived from Hodgsonia macrocarpa seed oil pp. 135-140 Downloads
Leichang Cao and Shicheng Zhang
Dynamic load-shifting program based on a cloud computing framework to support the integration of renewable energy sources pp. 141-149 Downloads
T. Rajeev and S. Ashok
Optimal scheduling for vehicle-to-grid operation with stochastic connection of plug-in electric vehicles to smart grid pp. 150-161 Downloads
Linni Jian, Yanchong Zheng, Xinping Xiao and C.C. Chan
Study on optical and thermal performance of a linear Fresnel solar reflector using molten salt as HTF with MCRT and FVM methods pp. 162-173 Downloads
Yu Qiu, Ya-Ling He, Ze-Dong Cheng and Kun Wang
An effort to enhance hydrogen energy share in a compression ignition engine under dual-fuel mode using low temperature combustion strategies pp. 174-183 Downloads
V. Chintala and K.A. Subramanian
Process analysis of a low emissions hydrogen and steam generation technology for oil sands operations pp. 184-195 Downloads
E.I. Nduagu and I.D. Gates
Biodiesel production from palm oil over monolithic KF/γ-Al2O3/honeycomb ceramic catalyst pp. 196-201 Downloads
Lijing Gao, Songcheng Wang, Wei Xu and Guomin Xiao
Dual uses of microalgal biomass: An integrative approach for biohydrogen and biodiesel production pp. 202-208 Downloads
Chitralekha Nag Dasgupta, M.R. Suseela, S.K. Mandotra, Pankaj Kumar, Manish K. Pandey, Kiran Toppo and J.A. Lone
Affordable solar-assisted biogas digesters for cold climates: Experiment, model, verification and analysis pp. 209-216 Downloads
Vergil C. Weatherford and (John) Zhai, Zhiqiang
A decision support system for evaluating effects of Feed-in Tariff mechanism: Dynamic modeling of Malaysia’s electricity generation mix pp. 217-229 Downloads
M. Sadegh Shahmohammadi, Rosnah Mohd. Yusuff, Sina Keyhanian and Hamed Shakouri G.
Evaluation on effects of using low biodiesel blends in a EURO 5 passenger vehicle equipped with a common-rail diesel engine pp. 230-238 Downloads
L. Serrano, M. Lopes, N. Pires, I. Ribeiro, P. Cascão, L. Tarelho, A. Monteiro, O. Nielsen, M. Gameiro da Silva and C. Borrego
Consumption management in the Nord Pool region: A stability analysis pp. 239-246 Downloads
Erik Lindström, Vicke Norén and Henrik Madsen
Towards exporting renewable energy from MENA region to Europe: An investigation into domestic energy use and householders’ energy behaviour in Libya pp. 247-262 Downloads
Ahmed M.A. Mohamed, Al-Habaibeh, Amin, Hafez Abdo and Sherifa Elabar
Determination method of defrosting start-time based on temperature measurements pp. 263-269 Downloads
Min-Hwan Kim and Kwan-Soo Lee
Influence of an iron-based fuel-borne catalyst on physicochemical and toxicological characteristics of particulate emissions from a diesel engine pp. 270-278 Downloads
Zhi-Hui Zhang and Rajasekhar Balasubramanian
Energy consumption and cost analysis of hybrid electric powertrain configurations for two wheelers pp. 279-287 Downloads
Paul D. Walker and Holger M. Roser
Demand response modeling: A comparison between tools pp. 288-297 Downloads
Diana Neves, André Pina and Carlos A. Silva
Coal gasification integration with solid oxide fuel cell and chemical looping combustion for high-efficiency power generation with inherent CO2 capture pp. 298-312 Downloads
Shiyi Chen, Noam Lior and Wenguo Xiang
A study on planning for interconnected renewable energy facilities in Hokkaido, Japan pp. 313-327 Downloads
Obara, Shin’ya, Yuta Utsugi, Yuzi Ito, Jorge Morel and Masaki Okada
Optimizing operation of a solar-aided coal-fired power system based on the solar contribution evaluation method pp. 328-334 Downloads
Rongrong Zhai, Miaomiao Zhao, Kaiyu Tan and Yongping Yang
Extending the environmental benefits of ethanol–diesel blends through DGE incorporation pp. 335-343 Downloads
J.M. Herreros, K. Schroer, E. Sukjit and A. Tsolakis
Potential of demand side integration to maximize use of renewable energy sources in Germany pp. 344-352 Downloads
Martin Stötzer, Ines Hauer, Marc Richter and Zbigniew A. Styczynski
Shifting Boundary for price-based residential demand response and applications pp. 353-370 Downloads
Fang Yuan Xu, Tao Zhang, Loi Lei Lai and Hao Zhou
Operational performance of a novel heat pump assisted solar façade loop-heat-pipe water heating system pp. 371-382 Downloads
Wei He, Xiaoqiang Hong, Xudong Zhao, Xingxing Zhang, Jinchun Shen and Jie Ji
Heat transfer fluids for concentrating solar power systems – A review pp. 383-396 Downloads
K. Vignarooban, Xinhai Xu, A. Arvay, K. Hsu and A.M. Kannan
Vanadium redox flow batteries to reach greenhouse gas emissions targets in an off-grid configuration pp. 397-408 Downloads
Maryam Arbabzadeh, Jeremiah X. Johnson, Robert De Kleine and Gregory A. Keoleian
Dynamic total factor carbon emissions performance changes in the Chinese transportation industry pp. 409-420 Downloads
Ning Zhang and Xiao Wei
Analytical simulation of groundwater flow and land surface effects on thermal plumes of borehole heat exchangers pp. 421-433 Downloads
Jaime A. Rivera, Philipp Blum and Peter Bayer
Energy behaviors at the office: An intervention study on the use of equipment pp. 434-441 Downloads
Andreas Nilsson, Kristin Andersson and Cecilia Jakobsson Bergstad
Analytical expressions for temperature dependent electrical efficiencies of thin film BIOPVT systems pp. 442-452 Downloads
Ankita Gaur and G.N. Tiwari
Optimization of a network of compressors in parallel: Operational and maintenance planning – The air separation plant case pp. 453-470 Downloads
Georgios M. Kopanos, Dionysios P. Xenos, Matteo Cicciotti, Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos and Nina F. Thornhill

2015, volume 145, issue C

Rh assisted catalytic oxidation of jet fuel surrogates in a meso-scale combustor pp. 1-7 Downloads
Teresa A. Wierzbicki, Ivan C. Lee and Ashwani K. Gupta
Retroreflective façades for urban heat island mitigation: Experimental investigation and energy evaluations pp. 8-20 Downloads
Federico Rossi, Beatrice Castellani, Andrea Presciutti, Elena Morini, Mirko Filipponi, Andrea Nicolini and Matheos Santamouris
Effect of benzene on product evolution in a H2S/O2 flame under Claus condition pp. 21-26 Downloads
S. Ibrahim, A. Al Shoaibi and A.K. Gupta
Experimental study on full-scale ZrCo and depleted uranium beds applied for fast recovery and delivery of hydrogen isotopes pp. 27-35 Downloads
Huaqin Kou, Zhiyong Huang, Wenhua Luo, Ge Sang, Daqiao Meng, Deli Luo, Guanghui Zhang, Hao Chen, Ying Zhou and Changwen Hu
A novel active equalization method for lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles pp. 36-42 Downloads
Yujie Wang, Chenbin Zhang, Zonghai Chen, Jing Xie and Xu Zhang
Control strategies for intelligent glazed façade and their influence on energy and comfort performance of office buildings in Denmark pp. 43-51 Downloads
Mingzhe Liu, Kim Bjarne Wittchen and Per Kvols Heiselberg
Investigation of the performance of a copper based oxygen carrier for chemical looping combustion in a 120kW pilot plant for gaseous fuels pp. 52-59 Downloads
Stefan Penthor, Florian Zerobin, Karl Mayer, Tobias Pröll and Hermann Hofbauer
CO2 capture performance of synthetic sorbent prepared from carbide slag and aluminum nitrate hydrate by combustion synthesis pp. 60-68 Downloads
Yingjie Li, Mengying Su, Xin Xie, Shuimu Wu and Changtian Liu
Effect of horizontal and vertical well patterns on methane hydrate dissociation behaviors in pilot-scale hydrate simulator pp. 69-79 Downloads
Jing-Chun Feng, Yi Wang, Xiao-Sen Li, Gang Li, Yu Zhang and Zhao-Yang Chen
Direct ethanol fuel cells for transport and stationary applications – A comprehensive review pp. 80-103 Downloads
S.P.S. Badwal, S. Giddey, A. Kulkarni, J. Goel and S. Basu
Effect of deflocculation on the efficiency of low-energy microwave pretreatment and anaerobic biodegradation of waste activated sludge pp. 104-110 Downloads
A. Vimala Ebenezer, P. Arulazhagan, S. Adish Kumar, Ick-Tae Yeom and J. Rajesh Banu
Thermal inertia and energy efficiency – Parametric simulation assessment on a calibrated case study pp. 111-123 Downloads
Niccolò Aste, Fabrizio Leonforte, Massimiliano Manfren and Manlio Mazzon
ANN based MPPT method for rapidly variable shading conditions pp. 124-132 Downloads
Santi Agatino Rizzo and Giacomo Scelba
A panel cointegration analysis of CO2 emissions, nuclear energy and income in major nuclear generating countries pp. 133-138 Downloads
Jungho Baek
Smart Energy Systems for coherent 100% renewable energy and transport solutions pp. 139-154 Downloads
B.V. Mathiesen, H. Lund, D. Connolly, H. Wenzel, P.A. Østergaard, B. Möller, Søren Nielsen, I. Ridjan, P. Karnøe, K. Sperling and F.K. Hvelplund
Extensive analyses of diesel–vegetable oil–n-butanol ternary blends in a diesel engine pp. 155-162 Downloads
Alpaslan Atmanli, Erol Ileri, Bedri Yuksel and Nadir Yilmaz
Experimental and computational investigation of multi U-tube boreholes pp. 163-171 Downloads
Murat Aydın and Altug Sisman
A novel energy management method for series plug-in hybrid electric vehicles pp. 172-179 Downloads
Zheng Chen, Bing Xia, Chenwen You and Chunting Chris Mi
Fixed bed reduction of hematite under alternating reduction and oxidation cycles pp. 180-190 Downloads
Ronald W. Breault and Esmail R. Monazam
Recursive wind speed forecasting based on Hammerstein Auto-Regressive model pp. 191-197 Downloads
Othman Ait Maatallah, Ajit Achuthan, Kerop Janoyan and Pier Marzocca
Geochemical impact of aquifer storage for impure CO2 containing O2 and N2: Tongliao field experiment pp. 198-210 Downloads
Ning Wei, Xiaochun Li, Yan Wang, Qianlin Zhu, Shengnan Liu, Naizhong Liu and Xuebing Su
Enhancing the efficiency of solar concentrators by controlled optical aberrations: Method and photovoltaic application pp. 211-222 Downloads
Alessandra Giannuzzi, Emiliano Diolaiti, Matteo Lombini, Adriano De Rosa, Bruno Marano, Giovanni Bregoli, Giuseppe Cosentino, Italo Foppiani and Laura Schreiber
Valuation of wind power distributed generation by using Longstaff–Schwartz option pricing method pp. 223-233 Downloads
Guzmán Díaz, Blanca Moreno, José Coto and Gómez-Aleixandre, Javier
Combination of equilibrium models and hybrid life cycle-input–output analysis to predict the environmental impacts of energy policy scenarios pp. 234-245 Downloads
Elorri Igos, Benedetto Rugani, Sameer Rege, Enrico Benetto, Laurent Drouet and Daniel S. Zachary
Experimental investigation of an organic Rankine cycle with multiple expanders used in parallel pp. 246-254 Downloads
Eunkoo Yun, Dokyun Kim, Sang Youl Yoon and Kyung Chun Kim
Application of CFD-chemical kinetics approach in detecting RCCI engine knocking fuelled with biodiesel/methanol pp. 255-264 Downloads
D.Z. Zhou, W.M. Yang, H. An and J. Li
Evaluation of gas production from methane hydrates using depressurization, thermal stimulation and combined methods pp. 265-277 Downloads
Yongchen Song, Chuanxiao Cheng, Jiafei Zhao, Zihao Zhu, Weiguo Liu, Mingjun Yang and Kaihua Xue
Unified modeling and feasibility study of novel green pathway of biomass to methanol/dimethylether pp. 278-294 Downloads
Ravaghi-Ardebili, Zohreh and Flavio Manenti
CO2 gasification of Powder River Basin coal catalyzed by a cost-effective and environmentally friendly iron catalyst pp. 295-305 Downloads
Fan Zhang, Deping Xu, Yonggang Wang, Morris D. Argyle and Maohong Fan
Effects of the electric field on ion crossover in vanadium redox flow batteries pp. 306-319 Downloads
Xiao-Guang Yang, Qiang Ye, Ping Cheng and Tim S. Zhao
The combined effects of high penetration of wind and PV on power system frequency response pp. 320-330 Downloads
Ruifeng Yan, Tapan Kumar Saha, Nilesh Modi, Nahid-Al Masood and Mehdi Mosadeghy
Irreversible processes and performance improvement of desiccant wheel dehumidification and cooling systems using exergy pp. 331-344 Downloads
Rang Tu, Xiao-Hua Liu and Yi Jiang
Experimental study on the self-humidification effect in proton exchange membrane fuel cells containing double gas diffusion backing layer pp. 345-353 Downloads
Im Mo Kong, Jong Won Choi, Sung Il Kim, Eun Sook Lee and Min Soo Kim
Parametric and dynamic studies of an iron-based 25-kWth coal direct chemical looping unit using sub-bituminous coal pp. 354-363 Downloads
Samuel Bayham, Omar McGiveron, Andrew Tong, Elena Chung, Mandar Kathe, Dawei Wang, Liang Zeng and Liang-Shih Fan
Advanced control approach for hybrid systems based on solid oxide fuel cells pp. 364-373 Downloads
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