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2017, volume 194, issue C

Dynamic power supply by hydrogen bound to a liquid organic hydrogen carrier pp. 1-8 Downloads
André Fikrt, Richard Brehmer, Vito-Oronzo Milella, Karsten Müller, Andreas Bösmann, Patrick Preuster, Nicolas Alt, Eberhard Schlücker, Peter Wasserscheid and Wolfgang Arlt
CO2 capture with the absorbent of a mixed ionic liquid and amine solution considering the effects of SO2 and O2 pp. 9-18 Downloads
Jie Yang, Xinhai Yu, Lin An, Shan-Tung Tu and Jinyue Yan
Ag-based nanofluidic system to enhance heat transfer fluids for concentrating solar power: Nano-level insights pp. 19-29 Downloads
Gómez-Villarejo, Roberto, Elisa I. Martín, Javier Navas, Sánchez-Coronilla, Antonio, Teresa Aguilar, Juan Jesús Gallardo, Rodrigo Alcántara, Desiré De los Santos, Carrillo-Berdugo, Iván and Fernández-Lorenzo, Concha
Design and control of hybrid power and propulsion systems for smart ships: A review of developments pp. 30-54 Downloads
R.D. Geertsma, R.R. Negenborn, K. Visser and J.J. Hopman
Development of a real-time two-stroke marine diesel engine model with in-cylinder pressure prediction capability pp. 55-70 Downloads
Yuanyuan Tang, Jundong Zhang, Huibing Gan, Baozhu Jia and Yu Xia
Flat enzyme-based lactate biofuel cell integrated with power management system: Towards long term in situ power supply for wearable sensors pp. 71-80 Downloads
Zhiheng Xu, Yucheng Liu, Isaiah Williams, Yan Li, Fengyu Qian, Lei Wang, Yu Lei and Baikun Li
Comparative study on the annual performance of three types of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) Trombe wall system pp. 81-93 Downloads
Zhongting Hu, Wei He, Jie Ji, Dengyun Hu, Song Lv, Hongbing Chen and Zhihe Shen
Building integration of semitransparent perovskite-based solar cells: Energy performance and visual comfort assessment pp. 94-107 Downloads
Alessandro Cannavale, Maximilian Hörantner, Giles E. Eperon, Henry J. Snaith, Francesco Fiorito, Ubaldo Ayr and Francesco Martellotta
Cost analysis of solar thermal power generators based on parabolic dish and micro gas turbine: Manufacturing, transportation and installation pp. 108-122 Downloads
Giacomo Gavagnin, David Sánchez, Gonzalo S. Martínez, José M. Rodríguez and Antonio Muñoz
Evaluation of injection and ignition schemes for the ultra-lean combustion direct-injection LPG engine to control particulate emissions pp. 123-135 Downloads
Keunsoo Kim, Junghwan Kim, Seungmook Oh, Changup Kim and Yonggyu Lee
Synthesis and characterization of geopolymer oxygen carriers for chemical looping combustion pp. 136-147 Downloads
Francesco Miccio, Annalisa Natali Murri and Elena Landi
Comparison of energy performance between PV double skin facades and PV insulating glass units pp. 148-160 Downloads
Meng Wang, Jinqing Peng, Nianping Li, Hongxing Yang, Chunlei Wang, Xue Li and Tao Lu
Realizing low life cycle energy use and GHG emissions in coal based polygeneration with CO2 capture pp. 161-171 Downloads
Sheng Li, Lin Gao and Hongguang Jin
The impact of wind power growth and hydrological uncertainty on financial losses from oversupply events in hydropower-dominated systems pp. 172-183 Downloads
Yufei Su, Jordan D. Kern and Gregory W. Characklis
Formalizing best practice for energy system optimization modelling pp. 184-198 Downloads
Joseph DeCarolis, Hannah Daly, Paul Dodds, Ilkka Keppo, Francis Li, Will McDowall, Steve Pye, Neil Strachan, Evelina Trutnevyte, Will Usher, Matthew Winning, Sonia Yeh and Marianne Zeyringer
Modeling the influence of potassium content and heating rate on biomass pyrolysis pp. 199-211 Downloads
Anna Trubetskaya, Gerrit Surup, Alexander Shapiro and Richard B. Bates
Harvesting ambient wind energy with an inverted piezoelectric flag pp. 212-222 Downloads
Santiago Orrego, Kourosh Shoele, Andre Ruas, Kyle Doran, Brett Caggiano, Rajat Mittal and Sung Hoon Kang
Smart energy systems for a sustainable future pp. 225-235 Downloads
Ibrahim Dincer and Canan Acar
Operation characteristics of a novel dual source multi-functional heat pump system under various working modes pp. 236-246 Downloads
Jingyong Cai, Jie Ji, Yunyun Wang and Wenzhu Huang
Thermal regulation impact of green walls: An experimental and numerical investigation pp. 247-254 Downloads
Erdem Cuce
Solar to hydrogen: Compact and cost effective CPV field for rooftop operation and hydrogen production pp. 255-266 Downloads
Muhammad Burhan, Seung Jin Oh, Kian Jon Ernest Chua and Kim Choon Ng
Semiclathrate hydrate process for pre-combustion capture of CO2 at near ambient temperatures pp. 267-278 Downloads
Junjie Zheng, Peng Zhang and Praveen Linga
The influences of the gas fluidization velocity on the properties of bio-oils from fluidized bed pyrolyzer with in-line distillation pp. 279-286 Downloads
Hsiu-Po Kuo, Bo-Ren Hou and An-Ni Huang
Three-stage anaerobic digester for food waste pp. 287-295 Downloads
Jingxin Zhang, Kai-Chee Loh, Wangliang Li, Jun Wei Lim, Yanjun Dai and Yen Wah Tong
Design and performance evaluation of a novel 1kW-class hydrogen production/power generation system pp. 296-303 Downloads
Bokkyu Choi, Dhruba Panthi, Masateru Nakoji, Kaduo Tsutsumi and Atsushi Tsutsumi
New solar-biomass power generation system integrated a two-stage gasifier pp. 310-319 Downloads
Zhang Bai, Qibin Liu, Jing Lei, Hui Hong and Hongguang Jin
Development of a method for estimating the rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) potential by analyzing the available rooftop area using Hillshade analysis pp. 320-332 Downloads
Taehoon Hong, Minhyun Lee, Choongwan Koo, Kwangbok Jeong and Jimin Kim
k-means based load estimation of domestic smart meter measurements pp. 333-342 Downloads
Al-Wakeel, Ali, Jianzhong Wu and Nick Jenkins
Optimized hierarchical power oscillations control for distributed generation under unbalanced conditions pp. 343-352 Downloads
Peng Jin, Yang Li, Guoqing Li, Zhe Chen and Xiaojuan Zhai
Challenges on primary frequency control and potential solution from EVs in the future GB electricity system pp. 353-362 Downloads
Fei Teng, Yunfei Mu, Hongjie Jia, Jianzhong Wu, Pingliang Zeng and Goran Strbac
Study on energy management strategy and dynamic modeling for auxiliary power units in range-extended electric vehicles pp. 363-375 Downloads
Junqiu Li, Yihe Wang, Jianwen Chen and Xiaopeng Zhang
Benefits of using virtual energy storage system for power system frequency response pp. 376-385 Downloads
Meng Cheng, Saif Sabah Sami and Jianzhong Wu
Dynamic economic dispatch of a hybrid energy microgrid considering building based virtual energy storage system pp. 386-398 Downloads
Xiaolong Jin, Yunfei Mu, Hongjie Jia, Jianzhong Wu, Tao Jiang and Xiaodan Yu
Study on an internally-cooled liquid desiccant dehumidifier with CFD model pp. 399-409 Downloads
Yimo Luo, Yi Chen, Hongxing Yang and Yuanhao Wang
Thermal performance of buildings integrated with phase change materials to reduce heat stress risks during extreme heatwave events pp. 410-421 Downloads
Sayanthan Ramakrishnan, Xiaoming Wang, Jay Sanjayan and John Wilson
Developing a meta-model for sensitivity analyses and prediction of building performance for passively designed high-rise residential buildings pp. 422-439 Downloads
Xi Chen, Hongxing Yang and Ke Sun
Parameter sensitivity analysis and configuration optimization of indirect evaporative cooler (IEC) considering condensation pp. 440-453 Downloads
Yi Chen, Hongxing Yang and Yimo Luo
Effects of load following operational strategy on CCHP system with an auxiliary ground source heat pump considering carbon tax and electricity feed in tariff pp. 454-466 Downloads
Ligai Kang, Junhong Yang, Qingsong An, Shuai Deng, Jun Zhao, Hui Wang and Zelin Li
Nonlinearity analysis of the shading effect on the technical–economic performance of the building-integrated photovoltaic blind pp. 467-480 Downloads
Taehoon Hong, Choongwan Koo, Jeongyoon Oh and Kwangbok Jeong
Techno-economic assessment of mobilized thermal energy storage for distributed users: A case study in China pp. 481-486 Downloads
Shaopeng Guo, Jun Zhao, Weilong Wang, Jinyue Yan, Guang Jin and Xiaotong Wang
An optimization method applied to active solar energy systems for buildings in cold plateau areas – The case of Lhasa pp. 487-498 Downloads
Pengfei Si, Ya Feng, Yuexia Lv, Xiangyang Rong, Yungang Pan, Xichen Liu and Jinyue Yan
Experimental investigation and economic analysis of gravity heat pipe exchanger applied in communication base station pp. 499-507 Downloads
L.Y. Zhang, Y.Y. Liu, X. Guo, X.Z. Meng, L.W. Jin, Q.L. Zhang and Wuyang Hu
The role of porous metal foam on the unidirectional solidification of saturating fluid for cold storage pp. 508-521 Downloads
Xiaohu Yang, Shangsheng Feng, Qunli Zhang, Yue Chai, Liwen Jin and Tian Jian Lu
Liquid air energy storage: Potential and challenges of hybrid power plants pp. 522-529 Downloads
Marco Antonelli, Stefano Barsali, Umberto Desideri, Romano Giglioli, Fabrizio Paganucci and Gianluca Pasini
A microscopic investigation of ion and electron transport in lithium-ion battery porous electrodes using the lattice Boltzmann method pp. 530-539 Downloads
Z.Y. Jiang, Z.G. Qu, L. Zhou and W.Q. Tao
Improvement in capacity retention of cathode material for high power density lithium ion batteries: The route of surface coating pp. 540-548 Downloads
Xi Ke, Zhuozhuo Zhao, Jun Liu, Zhicong Shi, Yunyong Li, Lingyu Zhang, Haiyan Zhang, Ying Chen, Zaiping Guo, Qihui Wu and Liying Liu
A high performance dual electrolyte microfluidic reactor for the utilization of CO2 pp. 549-559 Downloads
Xu Lu, Dennis Y.C. Leung, Huizhi Wang and Jin Xuan
Multi-model probabilities based state fusion estimation method of lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles: State-of-energy pp. 560-568 Downloads
Cheng Lin, Hao Mu, Rui Xiong and Jiayi Cao
Charging optimization in lithium-ion batteries based on temperature rise and charge time pp. 569-577 Downloads
Caiping Zhang, Jiuchun Jiang, Yang Gao, Weige Zhang, Qiujiang Liu and Xiaosong Hu
Battery SOC constraint comparison for predictive energy management of plug-in hybrid electric bus pp. 578-587 Downloads
Gaopeng Li, Jieli Zhang and Hongwen He
A pseudospectral method for solving optimal control problem of a hybrid tracked vehicle pp. 588-595 Downloads
Shouyang Wei, Yuan Zou, Fengchun Sun and Onder Christopher
Adaptive mode switch strategy based on simulated annealing optimization of a multi-mode hybrid energy storage system for electric vehicles pp. 596-608 Downloads
Bin Wang, Jun Xu, Binggang Cao and Bo Ning
A novel H∞ and EKF joint estimation method for determining the center of gravity position of electric vehicles pp. 609-616 Downloads
Cheng Lin, Xinle Gong, Rui Xiong and Xingqun Cheng
Design of closed-loop control system for a bidirectional full bridge DC/DC converter pp. 617-625 Downloads
Wang Zhifu, Wang Yupu and Rong Yinan
Comprehensive comparison between silicon carbide MOSFETs and silicon IGBTs based traction systems for electric vehicles pp. 626-634 Downloads
Xiaofeng Ding, Min Du, Tong Zhou, Hong Guo and Chengming Zhang
Investigating carbon tax pilot in YRD urban agglomerations—Analysis of a novel ESER system with carbon tax constraints and its application pp. 635-647 Downloads
Guochang Fang, Lixin Tian, Min Fu, Mei Sun, Ruijin Du and Menghe Liu
Global energy investment structure from the energy stock market perspective based on a Heterogeneous Complex Network Model pp. 648-657 Downloads
Huajiao Li, Haizhong An, Wei Fang, Yue Wang, Weiqiong Zhong and Lili Yan
Identifying regime shifts in the US electricity market based on price fluctuations pp. 658-666 Downloads
Mei Sun, Juan Li, Cuixia Gao and Dun Han
The multiscale impact of exchange rates on the oil-stock nexus: Evidence from China and Russia pp. 667-678 Downloads
Shupei Huang, Haizhong An, Xiangyun Gao, Shaobo Wen and Xiaoqing Hao
Whole process decomposition of energy-related SO2 in Jiangsu Province, China pp. 679-687 Downloads
Qunwei Wang, Yizhong Wang, Peng Zhou and Hongye Wei
On-line remaining energy prediction: A case study in embedded battery management system pp. 688-695 Downloads
Yujie Wang, Zonghai Chen and Chenbin Zhang
Security-constrained bi-level economic dispatch model for integrated natural gas and electricity systems considering wind power and power-to-gas process pp. 696-704 Downloads
Guoqing Li, Rufeng Zhang, Tao Jiang, Houhe Chen, Linquan Bai and Xiaojing Li
HEV power management control strategy for urban driving pp. 705-714 Downloads
Zhen Wei, John Xu and Dunant Halim
District heating cost fluctuation caused by price model shift pp. 715-724 Downloads
Jingjing Song, Fredrik Wallin and Hailong Li
Energy–water nexus of international energy trade of China pp. 725-734 Downloads
Cuncun Duan and Bin Chen
Balancing development of major coal bases with available water resources in China through 2020 pp. 735-750 Downloads
Yizi Shang, Shibao Lu, Xiaofei Li, Pengfei Hei, Xiaohui Lei, Jiaguo Gong, Jiahong Liu, Jiaqi Zhai and Hao Wang
Optimization of a residential district with special consideration on energy and water reliability pp. 751-764 Downloads
Pietro Elia Campana, Steven Jige Quan, Federico Ignacio Robbio, Anders Lundblad, Yang Zhang, Tao Ma, Björn Karlsson and Jinyue Yan
Potential assessment of optimizing energy structure in the city of carbon intensity target pp. 765-773 Downloads
Shibao Lu, Jianhua Wang, Yizi Shang, Haijun Bao and Huixiong Chen
Coupling of carbon and energy flows in cities: A meta-analysis and nexus modelling pp. 774-783 Downloads
Shaoqing Chen and Bin Chen
Eco-driving for transit: An effective strategy to conserve fuel and emissions pp. 784-797 Downloads
Yanzhi Xu, Hanyan Li, Haobing Liu, Michael O. Rodgers and Randall L. Guensler
Multi-objective optimization study of energy management strategy and economic analysis for a range-extended electric bus pp. 798-807 Downloads
Junqiu Li, Xin Jin and Rui Xiong
Technology assessment of the two most relevant aspects for improving urban energy efficiency identified in six mid-sized European cities from case studies in Sweden pp. 808-818 Downloads
Iana Vassileva, Javier Campillo and Sebastian Schwede
Sustainability accounting of a household biogas project based on emergy pp. 819-831 Downloads
Binyue Zhang and Bin Chen
Exergy Life Cycle Assessment of electricity production from Waste-to-Energy technology: A Hybrid Input-Output approach pp. 832-844 Downloads
Matteo V. Rocco, Alberto Di Lucchio and Emanuela Colombo
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