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2014, volume 118, issue C

A bankable method of assessing the performance of a CPV plant pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jonathan Leloux, Eduardo Lorenzo, García-Domingo, Beatriz, Jorge Aguilera and Christian A. Gueymard
Chemical-photo-electricity diagrams by Ohm’s law – A case study of Ni-doped TiO2 solutions in dye-sensitized solar cells pp. 12-21 Downloads
Chuen-Shii Chou, Yan-Hao Huang, Ping Wu and Yi-Ting Kuo
Spark-ignited engine NOx emissions in a low-nitrogen oxycombustion environment pp. 22-31 Downloads
Andrew Van Blarigan, Darko Kozarac, Reinhard Seiser, J.Y. Chen, Robert Cattolica and Robert Dibble
Biotemplated synthesis of highly stable calcium-based sorbents for CO2 capture via a precipitation method pp. 32-40 Downloads
Thongthai Witoon, Thumrongrut Mungcharoen and Jumras Limtrakul
Performance of synthetic jet fuels in a meso-scale heat recirculating combustor pp. 41-47 Downloads
Teresa A. Wierzbicki, Ivan C. Lee and Ashwani K. Gupta
Large scale hydrogen production from wind energy for the upgrading of bitumen from oil sands pp. 48-56 Downloads
Babatunde Olateju, Joshua Monds and Amit Kumar
Effects of heat and electricity saving measures in district-heated multistory residential buildings pp. 57-67 Downloads
Nguyen Le Truong, Ambrose Dodoo and Leif Gustavsson
Life cycle analysis on carbon emissions from power generation – The nuclear energy example pp. 68-82 Downloads
Victor Nian, S.K. Chou, Bin Su and John Bauly
The compatibility of potential bioderived fuels with Jet A-1 aviation kerosene pp. 83-91 Downloads
Christopher J. Chuck and Joseph Donnelly
Nanosilica supported CaO: A regenerable and mechanically hard CO2 sorbent at Ca-looping conditions pp. 92-99 Downloads
Sanchez-Jimenez, P.E., Perez-Maqueda, L.A. and J.M. Valverde
Experimental study of the relationship between injection rate shape and Diesel ignition using a novel piezo-actuated direct-acting injector pp. 100-113 Downloads
Vicente Macian, Raul Payri, Santiago Ruiz, Michele Bardi and Alejandro H. Plazas
A naive Bayes model for robust remaining useful life prediction of lithium-ion battery pp. 114-123 Downloads
Selina S.Y. Ng, Yinjiao Xing and Kwok L. Tsui
Optimum sizing and tracking of combined cooling heating and power systems for bulk energy consumers pp. 124-134 Downloads
Saliya Jayasekara, Saman K. Halgamuge, Rahula A. Attalage and Rohitha Rajarathne
Performance and emission characteristics of butanol/Jet A blends in a gas turbine engine pp. 135-140 Downloads
C.J. Mendez, R.N. Parthasarathy and S.R. Gollahalli
Wind power bidding in electricity markets with high wind penetration pp. 141-155 Downloads
Michael Vilim and Audun Botterud
Design and optimization of air bottoming cycles for waste heat recovery in off-shore platforms pp. 156-165 Downloads
Leonardo Pierobon and Fredrik Haglind
Accurate simulation of thermoelectric power generating systems pp. 166-172 Downloads
Andrea Montecucco and Andrew R. Knox
Emergy analysis of a biogas-linked agricultural system in rural China – A case study in Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County pp. 173-182 Downloads
Jin Yang and Bin Chen
Polymer electrolyte membrane with high selectivity ratio for direct methanol fuel cells: A preliminary study based on blends of partially sulfonated polymers polyaniline and PVdF-co-HFP pp. 183-191 Downloads
Kingshuk Dutta, Suparna Das, Piyush Kumar and Patit Paban Kundu
Constrained control framework for a stand-alone hybrid (Stirling engine)/supercapacitor power generation system pp. 192-206 Downloads
M. Alamir, M.A. Rahmani and D. Gualino
A framework to characterize energy efficiency measures pp. 207-220 Downloads
Andrea Trianni, Enrico Cagno and Alessio De Donatis
China’s solar photovoltaic industry development: The status quo, problems and approaches pp. 221-230 Downloads
Honghang Sun, Qiang Zhi, Yibo Wang, Qiang Yao and Jun Su
Solar energy conversion and storage: Fast Green FCF-Fructose photogalvanic cell pp. 231-237 Downloads
Pooran Koli
Evaluation of working fluids for geothermal power generation from abandoned oil wells pp. 238-245 Downloads
Wen-Long Cheng, Tong-Tong Li, Yong-Le Nian and Kun Xie
H2 coproduction in IGCC with CCS via coal and biomass mixture using advanced technologies pp. 258-270 Downloads
Qin Chen, Ashok Rao and Scott Samuelsen
Evaluation of power investment decisions under uncertain carbon policy: A case study for converting coal fired steam turbine to combined cycle gas turbine plants in Australia pp. 271-279 Downloads
Mahdi Shahnazari, Adam McHugh, Bryan Maybee and Jonathan Whale
Renewable energy projects to electrify rural communities in Cape Verde pp. 280-291 Downloads
Matteo Ranaboldo, Bruno Domenech Lega, David Vilar Ferrenbach, Ferrer-Martí, Laia, Rafael Pastor Moreno and García-Villoria, Alberto
Thermodynamic equipartition for increased second law efficiency pp. 292-299 Downloads
Gregory P. Thiel, Ronan K. McGovern, Syed M. Zubair and John H. Lienhard V
Conversion of metallurgical coke and coal using a Coal Direct Chemical Looping (CDCL) moving bed reactor pp. 300-308 Downloads
Siwei Luo, Samuel Bayham, Liang Zeng, Omar McGiveron, Elena Chung, Ankita Majumder and Liang-Shih Fan
Operational experience with a system of coupled fluidized beds for chemical looping combustion of solid fuels using ilmenite as oxygen carrier pp. 309-317 Downloads
Andreas Thon, Marvin Kramp, Ernst-Ulrich Hartge, Stefan Heinrich and Joachim Werther

2014, volume 117, issue C

Understanding the expected performance of large-scale solar ponds from laboratory-scale observations and numerical modeling pp. 1-10 Downloads
Francisco Suárez, Jeffrey A. Ruskowitz, Amy E. Childress and Scott W. Tyler
Systematic optimization of subcritical and transcritical organic Rankine cycles (ORCs) constrained by technical parameters in multiple applications pp. 11-29 Downloads
Daniel Maraver, Javier Royo, Vincent Lemort and Sylvain Quoilin
Experimental evaluation and ANN modeling of a recuperative micro gas turbine burning mixtures of natural gas and biogas pp. 30-41 Downloads
H. Nikpey, M. Assadi, P. Breuhaus and P.T. Mørkved
Feasibility analysis of offshore renewables penetrating local energy systems in remote oceanic areas – A case study of emissions from an electricity system with tidal power in Southern Alaska pp. 42-53 Downloads
Ye Li and Lindsay Willman
Energy analysis of thermal energy storages with grid configurations pp. 54-61 Downloads
Behnaz Rezaie, Bale V. Reddy and Marc A. Rosen
Prospects of carbon capture and storage (CCS) in India’s power sector – An integrated assessment pp. 62-75 Downloads
Peter Viebahn, Daniel Vallentin and Samuel Höller
Novel combined cycle configurations for propane pre-cooled mixed refrigerant (APCI) natural gas liquefaction cycle pp. 76-86 Downloads
Amir Mortazavi, Abdullah Alabdulkarem, Yunho Hwang and Reinhard Radermacher
Thermophilic anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge with grease waste: Effect of long chain fatty acids in the methane yield and its dewatering properties pp. 87-94 Downloads
G. Silvestre, J. Illa, B. Fernández and A. Bonmatí
A study on the use of phase change materials (PCMs) in combination with a natural cold source for space cooling in telecommunications base stations (TBSs) in China pp. 95-103 Downloads
Xiaoqin Sun, Quan Zhang, Mario A. Medina, Yingjun Liu and Shuguang Liao
Low temperature spray combustion of acetone–butanol–ethanol (ABE) and diesel blends pp. 104-115 Downloads
Nan Zhou, Ming Huo, Han Wu, Karthik Nithyanandan, Chia-fon F. Lee and Qingnian Wang
WRF wind simulation and wind energy production estimates forced by different reanalyses: Comparison with observed data for Portugal pp. 116-126 Downloads
D. Carvalho, A. Rocha, Gómez-Gesteira, M. and C. Silva Santos
Dynamic study of methanol adsorption on activated carbon ACM-35.4 for enhancing the specific cooling power of adsorptive chillers pp. 127-133 Downloads
Larisa Gordeeva and Yuri Aristov
An assessment of regulated emissions and CO2 emissions from a European light-duty CNG-fueled vehicle in the context of Euro 6 emissions regulations pp. 134-141 Downloads
Piotr Bielaczyc, Joseph Woodburn and Andrzej Szczotka
Bioconversion of different sizes of microcrystalline cellulose pretreated by microwave irradiation with/without NaOH pp. 142-148 Downloads
Huadong Peng, Hongzhang Chen, Yongshui Qu, Hongqiang Li and Jian Xu
Interaction between urban microclimate and electric air-conditioning energy consumption during high temperature season pp. 149-156 Downloads
Canbing Li, Jinju Zhou, Yijia Cao, Jin Zhong, Yu Liu, Chongqing Kang and Yi Tan
A new approach for real time voltage control using demand response in an automated distribution system pp. 157-166 Downloads
Alireza Zakariazadeh, Omid Homaee, Shahram Jadid and Pierluigi Siano
Optimum insulation thickness for external walls on different orientations considering the speed and direction of the wind pp. 167-175 Downloads
Ioannis Axaopoulos, Petros Axaopoulos and John Gelegenis

2014, volume 116, issue C

Forest biomass supply chains in Ireland: A life cycle assessment of GHG emissions and primary energy balances pp. 1-8 Downloads
Fionnuala Murphy, Ger Devlin and Kevin McDonnell
Energy performance enhancement in multistory residential buildings pp. 9-19 Downloads
Caroline Hachem, Andreas Athienitis and Paul Fazio
Transforming duck tallow into biodiesel via noncatalytic transesterification pp. 20-25 Downloads
Eilhann E. Kwon, Eui-Chan Jeon, Haakrho Yi and Sungpyo Kim
Hydrate-based technology for CO2 capture from fossil fuel power plants pp. 26-40 Downloads
Mingjun Yang, Yongchen Song, Lanlan Jiang, Yuechao Zhao, Xuke Ruan, Yi Zhang and Shanrong Wang
Methods to achieve HCCI/CAI combustion at idle operation in a 4VVAS gasoline engine pp. 41-51 Downloads
Tao Chen, Hui Xie, Le Li, Lianfang Zhang, Xinyan Wang and Hua Zhao
Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) for rapid determination of biochemical methane potential of plant biomass pp. 52-57 Downloads
Jin M. Triolo, Alastair J. Ward, Lene Pedersen, Mette M. Løkke, Haiyan Qu and Sven G. Sommer
Blending lignin-derived oxygenate in enhanced multi-component diesel fuel for improved emissions pp. 58-65 Downloads
J.M. Herreros, A. Jones, E. Sukjit and A. Tsolakis
Solar energy captured by a curved collector designed for architectural integration pp. 66-75 Downloads
Rodríguez-Sánchez, D., J.F. Belmonte, Izquierdo-Barrientos, M.A., A.E. Molina, G. Rosengarten and Almendros-Ibáñez, J.A.
Optimization of operating parameters of ground source heat pump system for space heating and cooling by Taguchi method and utility concept pp. 76-85 Downloads
T. Sivasakthivel, K. Murugesan and H.R. Thomas
Light intensity affects the performance of photo microbial fuel cells with Desmodesmus sp. A8 as cathodic microorganism pp. 86-90 Downloads
Yi-cheng Wu, Ze-jie Wang, Yue Zheng, Yong Xiao, Zhao-hui Yang and Feng Zhao
Conceptual design of offshore platform supply vessel based on hybrid diesel generator-fuel cell power plant pp. 91-100 Downloads
Díaz- de-Baldasano, Maria C., Francisco J. Mateos, Núñez-Rivas, Luis R. and Teresa J. Leo
Combination of CO2 geological storage with deep saline water recovery in western China: Insights from numerical analyses pp. 101-110 Downloads
Qi Li, Ya-Ni Wei, Guizhen Liu and Qing Lin
A numerical investigation into the influence of unsteady wind on the performance and aerodynamics of a vertical axis wind turbine pp. 111-124 Downloads
Louis Angelo Danao, Jonathan Edwards, Okeoghene Eboibi and Robert Howell
Techno-economic study of NMMO pretreatment and biogas production from forest residues pp. 125-133 Downloads
Anna Teghammar, Gergely Forgács, Ilona Sárvári Horváth and Mohammad J. Taherzadeh
Annual evaluation of energy, environmental and economic performances of a membrane liquid desiccant air conditioning system with/without ERV pp. 134-148 Downloads
Abdel-Salam, Ahmed H. and Carey J. Simonson
Individual decisions and system development – Integrating modelling approaches for the heating market pp. 149-158 Downloads
Klaas Bauermann, Stephan Spiecker and Christoph Weber
Influence of the receiver’s back surface radiative characteristics on the performance of a heat-pipe evacuated-tube solar collector pp. 159-166 Downloads
Hongfei Zheng, Jianying Xiong, Yuehong Su and Haiyin Zhang
Tidal stream energy impact on the transient and residual flow in an estuary: A 3D analysis pp. 167-177 Downloads
M. Sánchez, R. Carballo, V. Ramos and G. Iglesias
Review of fuel oil quality and combustion of fast pyrolysis bio-oils from lignocellulosic biomass pp. 178-190 Downloads
Jani Lehto, Anja Oasmaa, Yrjö Solantausta, Matti Kytö and David Chiaramonti
Biodiesel production via esterification of oleic acid catalyzed by chlorosulfonic acid modified zirconia pp. 191-198 Downloads
Yue Zhang, Wing-Tak Wong and Ka-Fu Yung
Production of renewable diesel via catalytic deoxygenation of natural triglycerides: Comprehensive understanding of reaction intermediates and hydrocarbons pp. 199-205 Downloads
Seok Ki Kim, Jae Young Han, Hong-shik Lee, Taewoo Yum, Yunje Kim and Jaehoon Kim
Effects of gaseous ammonia direct injection on performance characteristics of a spark-ignition engine pp. 206-215 Downloads
Kyunghyun Ryu, Zacharakis-Jutz, George E. and Song-Charng Kong
Nanomodification of the electrodes in microbial fuel cell: Impact of nanoparticle density on electricity production and microbial community pp. 216-222 Downloads
Alatraktchi, Fatima AlZahra’a, Yifeng Zhang and Irini Angelidaki
Two-stage medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) production from municipal solid waste and ethanol pp. 223-229 Downloads
T.I.M. Grootscholten, D.P.B.T.B. Strik, K.J.J. Steinbusch, C.J.N. Buisman and H.V.M. Hamelers
A probability constrained multi-objective optimization model for CCHP system operation decision support pp. 230-242 Downloads
Mengqi Hu and Heejin Cho
The melting process of storage materials with relatively high phase change temperatures in partially filled spherical shells pp. 243-252 Downloads
Antonio Ramos Archibold, Gonzalez-Aguilar, José, Muhammad M. Rahman, D. Yogi Goswami, Manuel Romero and Elias K. Stefanakos
Internalizing land use impacts for life cycle cost analysis of energy systems: A case of California’s photovoltaic implementation pp. 253-259 Downloads
Raksha Lakhani, Ganesh Doluweera and Joule Bergerson
Optimum design of a radial heat sink with a fin-height profile for high-power LED lighting applications pp. 260-268 Downloads
Daeseok Jang, Se-Jin Yook and Kwan-Soo Lee
Optimal operating conditions for wet ethanol in a HCCI engine using exhaust gas heat recovery pp. 269-277 Downloads
Samveg Saxena, David Vuilleumier, Darko Kozarac, Martin Krieck, Robert Dibble and Salvador Aceves
Latent heat augmentation of thermocline energy storage for concentrating solar power – A system-level assessment pp. 278-287 Downloads
Scott M. Flueckiger and Suresh V. Garimella
Effect of inlet and outlet configurations on blow-off and flashback with premixed combustion for methane and a high hydrogen content fuel in a generic swirl burner pp. 288-296 Downloads
N. Syred, A. Giles, J. Lewis, M. Abdulsada, A. Valera Medina, R. Marsh, P.J. Bowen and A.J. Griffiths
An interactive building power demand management strategy for facilitating smart grid optimization pp. 297-310 Downloads
Xue Xue, Shengwei Wang, Yongjun Sun and Fu Xiao
The effect of weather forecast uncertainty on a predictive control concept for building systems operation pp. 311-321 Downloads
Steffen Petersen and Katrine Wieck Bundgaard
A new method for controlling the ignition state of a regenerative combustor using a heat storage device pp. 322-332 Downloads
Pablo Marín, Fernando V. Díez and Salvador Ordóñez
Impacts of intermittent sources on the quality of power supply: The key role of reliability indicators pp. 333-343 Downloads
Mathilde Drouineau, Nadia Maïzi and Vincent Mazauric
Introducing carbon taxes in South Africa pp. 344-354 Downloads
Theresa Alton, Channing Arndt, Rob Davies, Faaiqa Hartley, Konstantin Makrelov, James Thurlow and Dumebi Ubogu
Vacuum insulation panel products: A state-of-the-art review and future research pathways pp. 355-375 Downloads
Simen Edsjø Kalnæs and Bjørn Petter Jelle
How does individual low-carbon consumption behavior occur? – An analysis based on attitude process pp. 376-386 Downloads
Hong Chen, Ruyin Long, Wenjing Niu, Qun Feng and Ranran Yang
Heat recovery opportunities in UK industry pp. 387-397 Downloads
G.P. Hammond and J.B. Norman
Employing two novel mechanical fault ride through controllers for keeping stability of fixed speed wind generation systems hosted by standalone micro-grid pp. 398-408 Downloads
Rashad M. Kamel
The pressure effects on two-phase anaerobic digestion pp. 409-415 Downloads
Yuling Chen, Benjamin Rößler, Simon Zielonka, Andreas Lemmer, Anna-Maria Wonneberger and Thomas Jungbluth
Measurement and modeling of decomposition kinetics for copper oxide-based chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling pp. 416-423 Downloads
Christopher K. Clayton and Kevin J. Whitty
Research and application of active hollow core slabs in building systems for utilizing low energy sources pp. 424-435 Downloads
Xinhua Xu, Jinghua Yu, Shengwei Wang and Jinbo Wang
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