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Volume 103, issue C, 2013

Transient effect of soil thermal conductivity and duration of operation on performance of Earth Air Tunnel Heat Exchanger pp. 1-11 Downloads
Vikas Bansal, Rohit Misra, Ghanshyam Das Agarwal and Jyotirmay Mathur
Evaluation of thermal response and performance of PHC energy pile: Field experiments and numerical simulation pp. 12-24 Downloads
Hyunku Park, Seung-Rae Lee, Seok Yoon and Jung-Chan Choi
Feasibility of utilizing renewable energy systems for a small hotel in Ajloun city, Jordan pp. 25-31 Downloads
Yaser Aagreh and Audai Al-Ghzawi
Feasibility of rice straw as alternate substrate for biobutanol production pp. 32-38 Downloads
Amrita Ranjan, Swati Khanna and V.S. Moholkar
Intelligent demand side energy management system for autonomous polygeneration microgrids pp. 39-51 Downloads
George Kyriakarakos, Dimitrios D. Piromalis, Anastasios I. Dounis, Konstantinos G. Arvanitis and George Papadakis
Assessing the state of knowledge of utility-scale wind energy development and operation on non-volant terrestrial and marine wildlife pp. 52-60 Downloads
Jeffrey E. Lovich and Joshua R. Ennen
Anaerobic treatment of apple waste with swine manure for biogas production: Batch and continuous operation pp. 61-72 Downloads
Gopi Krishna Kafle and Sang Hun Kim
Thermal analysis of solar receiver pipes with superheated steam pp. 73-84 Downloads
M.I. Roldán, L. Valenzuela and E. Zarza
Experimental analysis of an on demand external domestic hot water production system using four control strategies pp. 85-96 Downloads
José Fernández-Seara, Francisco J. Uhía, Ángel Á. Pardiñas and Santiago Bastos
Study on performance of energy-efficient retrofitting measures on commercial building external walls in cooling-dominant cities pp. 97-108 Downloads
Yu Huang, Jian-lei Niu and Tse-ming Chung
Effect of water and air flow on concentric tubular solar water desalting system pp. 109-115 Downloads
T. Arunkumar, R. Jayaprakash, Amimul Ahsan, D. Denkenberger and M.S. Okundamiya
Characterization of a radial turbocharger turbine in pulsating flow by means of CFD and its application to engine modeling pp. 116-127 Downloads
J. Galindo, P. Fajardo, R. Navarro and L.M. García-Cuevas
Evaluation and comparison of algal cell disruption methods: Microwave, waterbath, blender, ultrasonic and laser treatment pp. 128-134 Downloads
Jonathan R. McMillan, Ian A. Watson, Mehmood Ali and Weaam Jaafar
A two-stage stochastic programming model for the optimal design of distributed energy systems pp. 135-144 Downloads
Zhe Zhou, Jianyun Zhang, Pei Liu, Zheng Li, Michael C. Georgiadis and Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos
Economic analysis and optimal energy management models for microgrid systems: A case study in Taiwan pp. 145-154 Downloads
Yen-Haw Chen, Su-Ying Lu, Yung-Ruei Chang, Ta-Tung Lee and Ming-Che Hu
Optimum capacity determination of stand-alone hybrid generation system considering cost and reliability pp. 155-164 Downloads
Hung-Cheng Chen
Compressed air energy storage (CAES) with compressors distributed at heat loads to enable waste heat utilization pp. 165-179 Downloads
Hossein Safaei, David W. Keith and Ronald J. Hugo
Experimental investigation of frost and defrost performance of microchannel heat exchangers for heat pump systems pp. 180-188 Downloads
Bo Xu, Qing Han, Jiangping Chen, Feng Li, Nianjie Wang, Dong Li and Xiaoyong Pan
Stochastic production planning for a biofuel supply chain under demand and price uncertainties pp. 189-196 Downloads
Iddrisu Awudu and Jun Zhang
Investigation on potential applicability of subsurface cooling in Singapore pp. 197-206 Downloads
Y. Liu, X.S. Qin and Y.M. Chiew
Increasing the rate capability of batteries with electrolyte flow pp. 207-211 Downloads
Sun Ung Kim and Charles W. Monroe
An overview on non-platinum cathode catalysts for direct methanol fuel cell pp. 212-220 Downloads
N.A. Karim and S.K. Kamarudin
A fast and accurate physics-based model for the NOx emissions of Diesel engines pp. 221-233 Downloads
Jonas Asprion, Oscar Chinellato and Lino Guzzella
Using geographic information systems to assess potential biofuel crop production on urban marginal lands pp. 234-242 Downloads
Briana Niblick, Jason D. Monnell, Xi Zhao and Amy E. Landis
Benefits of hydraulic layout over driving system in piezo-injectors and proposal of a new-concept CR injector with an integrated Minirail pp. 243-255 Downloads
A. Ferrari, A. Mittica and E. Spessa
Cyclic operation of molten-salt thermal energy storage in thermoclines for solar power plants pp. 256-265 Downloads
Zhen Yang and Suresh V. Garimella
CFD analysis based parametric study of derating factor for Earth Air Tunnel Heat Exchanger pp. 266-277 Downloads
Rohit Misra, Vikas Bansal, Ghanshyam Das Agrawal, Jyotirmay Mathur and Tarun K. Aseri
Simulation of photovoltaic centrals with dynamic shading pp. 278-289 Downloads
Carlos R. Sánchez Reinoso, Diego H. Milone and Román H. Buitrago
Intensified thermal integration in batch reactive distillation pp. 290-297 Downloads
Debadrita Maiti, Amiya K. Jana and Amar Nath Samanta
Heliostat-field gain-scheduling control applied to a two-step solar hydrogen production plant pp. 298-305 Downloads
Lidia Roca, Alberto de la Calle and Luis J. Yebra
Analysis of the energy and environmental effects of green car deployment by an integrating energy system model with a forecasting model pp. 306-316 Downloads
Duk Hee Lee, Sang Yong Park, Jong Chul Hong, Sang Jin Choi and Jong Wook Kim
Effects of reaction chamber geometry on the performance and heat/mass transport phenomenon for a cylindrical methanol steam reformer pp. 317-327 Downloads
Shiang-Wuu Perng, Rong-Fang Horng and Hui-Wen Ku
Kernel ridge regression with active learning for wind speed prediction pp. 328-340 Downloads
Fouzi Douak, Farid Melgani and Nabil Benoudjit
A process for biodiesel production involving the heterotrophic fermentation of Chlorella protothecoides with glycerol as the carbon source pp. 341-349 Downloads
M.C. Cerón-García, M.D. Macías-Sánchez, A. Sánchez-Mirón, F. García-Camacho and E. Molina-Grima
Operating condition optimization of corncob hydrothermal conversion for bio-oil production pp. 350-357 Downloads
Jing Gan and Wenqiao Yuan
Optimization of thermoacoustic refrigerators using second law analysis pp. 358-367 Downloads
A. Piccolo
Swarm intelligence and gravitational search algorithm for multi-objective optimization of synthesis gas production pp. 368-374 Downloads
T. Ganesan, I. Elamvazuthi, Ku Zilati Ku Shaari and P. Vasant
Extinction, discharge, and thrust characteristics of methanol fueled meso-scale thrust chamber pp. 375-392 Downloads
V. Shirsat and A.K. Gupta
Heat storage properties of the cement mortar incorporated with composite phase change material pp. 393-399 Downloads
Min Li, Zhishen Wu and Jinmiao Tan
Computational studies on a latent thermal energy storage system with integral heat pipes for concentrating solar power pp. 400-415 Downloads
K. Nithyanandam and R. Pitchumani
A coupled numerical approach on museum air conditioning: Energy and fluid-dynamic analysis pp. 416-427 Downloads
Fabrizio Ascione, Laura Bellia and Alfonso Capozzoli
Alkali production from bipolar membrane electrodialysis powered by microbial fuel cell and application for biogas upgrading pp. 428-434 Downloads
Man Chen, Fang Zhang, Yan Zhang and Raymond J. Zeng
A frequency domain approach to characterize and analyze wind speed patterns pp. 435-443 Downloads
Jaesung Jung and Kwa-Sur Tam
Biodiesel from microalgae: A critical evaluation from laboratory to large scale production pp. 444-467 Downloads
I. Rawat, R. Ranjith Kumar, T. Mutanda and F. Bux
Process consideration of fry-drying combined with steam compression for efficient fuel production from sewage sludge pp. 468-476 Downloads
Sungpyo Hong, Changkook Ryu, Han Seo Ko, Tae-In Ohm and Jong-Seong Chae
Optimal sizing of plug-in fuel cell electric vehicles using models of vehicle performance and system cost pp. 477-487 Downloads
Liangfei Xu, Minggao Ouyang, Jianqiu Li, Fuyuan Yang, Languang Lu and Jianfeng Hua
Total cost of ownership, payback, and consumer preference modeling of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles pp. 488-506 Downloads
Baha M. Al-Alawi and Thomas H. Bradley
Ti4O7 supported Ru@Pt core–shell catalyst for CO-tolerance in PEM fuel cell hydrogen oxidation reaction pp. 507-513 Downloads
Lei Zhang, Jenny Kim, Jiujun Zhang, Feihong Nan, Nicolas Gauquelin, Gianluigi A. Botton, Ping He, Rajesh Bashyam and Shanna Knights
Steam treatment of four softwood species and bark to produce torrefied wood pp. 514-521 Downloads
Zahra Tooyserkani, Shahab Sokhansanj, Xiaotao Bi, Jim Lim, Anthony Lau, Jack Saddler, Linoj Kumar, Pak Sui Lam and Staffan Melin
Analysis of the control structure of wind energy generation systems based on a permanent magnet synchronous generator pp. 522-538 Downloads
O. Carranza, E. Figueres, G. Garcerá and R. Gonzalez-Medina
Framework for the implementation of a new renewable energy system in an educational facility pp. 539-551 Downloads
Taehoon Hong, Choongwan Koo and Taehyun Kwak
Exergy analysis of a high-temperature-steam-driven, varied-pressure, humidification–dehumidification system coupled with reverse osmosis pp. 552-561 Downloads
Fahad A. Al-Sulaiman, G. Prakash Narayan and John H. Lienhard
Reflective coatings for interior and exterior of buildings and improving thermal performance pp. 562-570 Downloads
Ali Joudi, Harald Svedung, Mathias Cehlin and Mats Rönnelid
Experimental study on the effects of the operation conditions on the performance of a chemisorption air conditioner powered by low grade heat pp. 571-580 Downloads
J.K. Kiplagat, R.Z. Wang, R.G. Oliveira, T.X. Li and M. Liang
Experimental study on the hydrogen charge and discharge rates of metal hydride tanks using heat pipes to enhance heat transfer pp. 581-587 Downloads
C.A. Chung, Su-Wen Yang, Chien-Yuh Yang, Che-Weu Hsu and Pai-Yuh Chiu
Solar heating and cooling systems by CPVT and ET solar collectors: A novel transient simulation model pp. 588-606 Downloads
A. Buonomano, F. Calise and A. Palombo
Incorporating available micro gas turbines and fuel cell: Matching considerations and performance evaluation pp. 607-617 Downloads
Diamantis P. Bakalis and Anastassios G. Stamatis
Design guidelines for thermo-photo-voltaic generator: The critical role of the emitter size pp. 618-626 Downloads
G. Attolini, M. Bosi, C. Ferrari and F. Melino
Calibration and uncertainty analysis for computer models – A meta-model based approach for integrated building energy simulation pp. 627-641 Downloads
Massimiliano Manfren, Niccolò Aste and Reza Moshksar
A review on solar stills for brine desalination pp. 642-652 Downloads
Gang Xiao, Xihui Wang, Mingjiang Ni, Fei Wang, Weijun Zhu, Zhongyang Luo and Kefa Cen
An aggregated energy security performance indicator pp. 653-670 Downloads
Jutamanee Martchamadol and S. Kumar
A hybrid solar and chemical looping combustion system for solar thermal energy storage pp. 671-678 Downloads
Mehdi Jafarian, Maziar Arjomandi and Graham J. Nathan
Grass pellet Quality Index: A tool to evaluate suitability of grass pellets for small scale combustion systems pp. 679-684 Downloads
Jerome H. Cherney and Vijay Kumar Verma
Energy efficiency of elevated water supply tanks for high-rise buildings pp. 685-691 Downloads
C.T. Cheung, K.W. Mui and L.T. Wong
Fixed bed downdraft gasification of paper industry wastes pp. 692-699 Downloads
M. Ouadi, J.G. Brammer, M. Kay and A. Hornung
Exergoeconomic comparison of double effect and combined ejector-double effect absorption refrigeration systems pp. 700-711 Downloads
L. Garousi Farshi, S.M.S. Mahmoudi and M.A. Rosen
Process intensification for biodiesel production from Jatropha curcas L. seeds: Supercritical reactive extraction process parameters study pp. 712-720 Downloads
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