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2013, volume 111, issue C

1D simulation of a turbocharged Diesel engine with comparison of short and long EGR route solutions pp. 1-15 Downloads
L. Cornolti, A. Onorati, T. Cerri, G. Montenegro and F. Piscaglia
The use of variable speed drives for cost-effective energy savings in South African mine cooling systems pp. 16-27 Downloads
Gideon Edgar Du Plessis, Leon Liebenberg and Edward Henry Mathews
Multiphase modeling of settling and suspension in anaerobic digester pp. 28-39 Downloads
Liang Yu, Jingwei Ma, Craig Frear, Quanbao Zhao, Robert Dillon, Xiujin Li and Shulin Chen
Experimental studies on the viscosity of TiO2 and Al2O3 nanoparticles suspended in a mixture of ethylene glycol and water for high temperature applications pp. 40-45 Downloads
Thaklaew Yiamsawas, Omid Mahian, Ahmet Selim Dalkilic, Suthep Kaewnai and Somchai Wongwises
Evaluation of multifunctional fuel cell systems in aviation using a multistep process analysis methodology pp. 46-63 Downloads
R. Peters and R.C. Samsun
The effect of temperature, metabolic rate and dynamic localized airflow on thermal comfort pp. 64-73 Downloads
Ahmet Uğursal and Charles H. Culp
Methanation of hydrogen and carbon dioxide pp. 74-79 Downloads
Marko Burkhardt and Günter Busch
A new solution for reduced sedimentation flat panel solar thermal collector using nanofluids pp. 80-93 Downloads
Gianpiero Colangelo, Ernani Favale, Arturo de Risi and Domenico Laforgia
Investigation of deactivation mechanisms of a solid acid catalyst during esterification of the bio-oils from mallee biomass pp. 94-103 Downloads
Xun Hu, Caroline Lievens, Daniel Mourant, Yi Wang, Liping Wu, Richard Gunawan, Yao Song and Chun-Zhu Li
Reliability risk mitigation of free air cooling through prognostics and health management pp. 104-112 Downloads
Jun Dai, Diganta Das, Michael Ohadi and Michael Pecht
A study of small-scale energy networks of the Japanese Syowa Base in Antarctica by distributed engine generators pp. 113-128 Downloads
Obara, Shin’ya, Yuta Morizane and Jorge Morel
Modelling of tar formation and evolution for biomass gasification: A review pp. 129-141 Downloads
Carolina Font Palma
Rate based modeling of absorption and regeneration for CO2 capture by aqueous ammonia solution pp. 142-152 Downloads
Minkai Zhang and Yincheng Guo
Gaussian process regression based optimal design of combustion systems using flame images pp. 153-160 Downloads
Junghui Chen, Lester Lik Teck Chan and Yi-Cheng Cheng
Design of a horizontal axis tidal current turbine pp. 161-174 Downloads
Jai N. Goundar and M. Rafiuddin Ahmed
Potential for solar-assisted post-combustion carbon capture in Australia pp. 175-185 Downloads
Abdul Qadir, Marwan Mokhtar, Rajab Khalilpour, Dia Milani, Anthony Vassallo, Matteo Chiesa and Ali Abbas
A competitive Markov decision process model for the energy–water–climate change nexus pp. 186-198 Downloads
Vishnu Nanduri and Saavedra-Antolínez, Ivan
Effect of the hydrothermal pretreatment for the reduction of NO emission from sewage sludge combustion pp. 199-205 Downloads
Peitao Zhao, Hongfang Chen, Shifu Ge and Kunio Yoshikawa
Evaluating the impact of V2G services on the degradation of batteries in PHEV and EV pp. 206-218 Downloads
Justin D.K. Bishop, Colin J. Axon, David Bonilla, Martino Tran, David Banister and Malcolm D. McCulloch
Modeling primary energy substitution in the Asia Pacific pp. 219-224 Downloads
Roberto F. Aguilera and Ronald D. Ripple
Damping performance of the large scale Queensland transmission network with significant wind penetration pp. 225-233 Downloads
Nilesh Modi, Tapan K. Saha and Tom Anderson
Yield and characteristics of shale oil from the retorting of oil shale and fine oil-shale ash mixtures pp. 234-239 Downloads
Mengting Niu, Sha Wang, Xiangxin Han and Xiumin Jiang
Experimental evaluation of a 20kW oxygen enhanced self-regenerative burner operated in flameless combustion mode pp. 240-246 Downloads
Mario Sánchez, Francisco Cadavid and Andrés Amell
Mathematical description for the measurement and verification of energy efficiency improvement pp. 247-256 Downloads
Xiaohua Xia and Jiangfeng Zhang
Conversion of sewage sludge to clean solid fuel using hydrothermal carbonization: Hydrochar fuel characteristics and combustion behavior pp. 257-266 Downloads
Chao He, Apostolos Giannis and Jing-Yuan Wang
CO-hydrogenation over silica supported iron based catalysts: Influence of potassium loading pp. 267-276 Downloads
Satyen Kumar Das, Pravakar Mohanty, Sachchit Majhi and Kamal Kishore Pant
The problems and solutions of predicting participation in energy efficiency programs pp. 277-287 Downloads
Alexander L. Davis and Tamar Krishnamurti
Performance analysis of a mirror symmetrical dielectric totally internally reflecting concentrator for building integrated photovoltaic systems pp. 288-299 Downloads
Muhammad-Sukki, Firdaus, Abu-Bakar, Siti Hawa, Ramirez-Iniguez, Roberto, Scott G. McMeekin, Brian G. Stewart, Abu Bakar Munir, Siti Hajar Mohd Yasin and Ruzairi Abdul Rahim
Analysis of the transient response and durability characteristics of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with different micro-porous layer penetration thicknesses pp. 300-309 Downloads
Junhyun Cho, Jaeman Park, Hwanyeong Oh, Kyoungdoug Min, Eunsook Lee and Jy-Young Jyoung
Experimental investigation of cyclic variations in HCCI combustion parameters for gasoline like fuels using statistical methods pp. 310-323 Downloads
Rakesh Kumar Maurya and Avinash Kumar Agarwal
Thermal and hydraulic analysis of multilayered asphalt pavements as active solar collectors pp. 324-332 Downloads
Pascual-Muñoz, P., Castro-Fresno, D., Serrano-Bravo, P. and Alonso-Estébanez, A.
A fresh look at weather impact on peak electricity demand and energy use of buildings using 30-year actual weather data pp. 333-350 Downloads
Tianzhen Hong, Wen-Kuei Chang and Hung-Wen Lin
Kinetics of faecal biomass hydrothermal carbonisation for hydrochar production pp. 351-357 Downloads
Danso-Boateng, E., R.G. Holdich, G. Shama, A.D. Wheatley, M. Sohail and S.J. Martin
Study on method of electricity and heat storage planning based on energy demand and tidal flow velocity forecasts for a tidal microgrid pp. 358-373 Downloads
Obara, Shin’ya, Yuta Morizane and Jorge Morel
An experimental analysis of illumination intensity and temperature dependency of photovoltaic cell parameters pp. 374-382 Downloads
Erdem Cuce, Pinar Mert Cuce and Tulin Bali
Hydrocarbon profiles and phylogenetic analyses of diversified cyanobacterial species pp. 383-393 Downloads
Aiqiu Liu, Tao Zhu, Xuefeng Lu and Lirong Song
Towards ideal NOx control technology for bio-oils and a gas multi-fuel boiler system using a plasma-chemical hybrid process pp. 394-400 Downloads
Hidekatsu Fujishima, Kenichi Takekoshi, Tomoyuki Kuroki, Atsushi Tanaka, Keiichi Otsuka and Masaaki Okubo
Experimental and numerical investigations of an atmospheric diffusion oxy-combustion flame in a gas turbine model combustor pp. 401-415 Downloads
Medhat A. Nemitallah and Mohamed A. Habib
Adaptive estimation of the electromotive force of the lithium-ion battery after current interruption for an accurate state-of-charge and capacity determination pp. 416-427 Downloads
Wladislaw Waag and Dirk Uwe Sauer
Techno-economic assessment of hydrogen production from underground coal gasification (UCG) in Western Canada with carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) for upgrading bitumen from oil sands pp. 428-440 Downloads
Babatunde Olateju and Amit Kumar
Effects of cathode channel size and operating conditions on the performance of air-blowing PEMFCs pp. 441-448 Downloads
Bosung Kim, Yongtaek Lee, Ahyoung Woo and Yongchan Kim
A hybrid dehumidifier model for real-time performance monitoring, control and optimization in liquid desiccant dehumidification system pp. 449-455 Downloads
Xinli Wang, Wenjian Cai, Jiangang Lu, Youxian Sun and Xudong Ding
Integrating rooftop solar into a multi-source energy planning optimization model pp. 456-467 Downloads
Andrew N. Arnette
Low-temperature cold-start gaseous emissions of late technology passenger cars pp. 468-478 Downloads
Christos Dardiotis, Giorgio Martini, Alessandro Marotta and Urbano Manfredi
Life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions and energy balances of a biodiesel production from palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD) pp. 479-488 Downloads
Hyun Jun Cho, Jin-Kuk Kim, Faisal Ahmed and Yeong-Koo Yeo
Heat recovery with heat pumps in non-energy intensive industry: A detailed bottom-up model analysis in the French food & drink industry pp. 489-504 Downloads
Gondia Sokhna Seck, Gilles Guerassimoff and Nadia Maïzi
Life Cycle Assessment of a Building Integrated Concentrated Photovoltaic scheme pp. 505-514 Downloads
Karim Menoufi, Daniel Chemisana and Joan I. Rosell
On variations of space-heating energy use in office buildings pp. 515-528 Downloads
Hung-Wen Lin and Tianzhen Hong
Thermal modelling of the cathode in air-breathing PEM fuel cells pp. 529-537 Downloads
M.S. Ismail, D.B. Ingham, K.J. Hughes, L. Ma and M. Pourkashanian
Enhancement of CO2 capture at Ca-looping conditions by high-intensity acoustic fields pp. 538-549 Downloads
J.M. Valverde, F. Raganati, M.A.S. Quintanilla, J.M.P. Ebri, P. Ammendola and R. Chirone
Estimating power plant start costs in cyclic operation pp. 550-557 Downloads
P. Keatley, A. Shibli and N.J. Hewitt
The influence of biodiesel fuel on injection characteristics, diesel engine performance, and emission formation pp. 558-570 Downloads
Luka Lešnik, Blaž Vajda, Zoran Žunič, Leopold Škerget and Breda Kegl
Cell state-of-charge inconsistency estimation for LiFePO4 battery pack in hybrid electric vehicles using mean-difference model pp. 571-580 Downloads
Yuejiu Zheng, Minggao Ouyang, Languang Lu, Jianqiu Li, Xuebing Han, Liangfei Xu, Hongbin Ma, Thomas A. Dollmeyer and Vincent Freyermuth
Heat transfer analysis and numerical simulation of a parabolic trough solar collector pp. 581-592 Downloads
A.A. Hachicha, I. Rodríguez, R. Capdevila and A. Oliva
EXPANSE methodology for evaluating the economic potential of renewable energy from an energy mix perspective pp. 593-601 Downloads
Evelina Trutnevyte
An evaluation of robust controls for passive building thermal mass and mechanical thermal energy storage under uncertainty pp. 602-623 Downloads
Sean Hay Kim
Rotationally sampled spectrum approach for simulation of wind speed turbulence in large wind turbines pp. 624-635 Downloads
A. Burlibaşa and E. Ceangă
Beyond barriers – A case study on driving forces for improved energy efficiency in the foundry industries in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Sweden pp. 636-643 Downloads
Patrik Thollander, Sandra Backlund, Andrea Trianni and Enrico Cagno
Impact of emerging clean vehicle system on water stress pp. 644-651 Downloads
Hua Cai, Xiaojun Hu and Ming Xu
Complete regeneration characteristics of diesel particulate filter using ozone injection pp. 652-656 Downloads
T. Kuwahara, S. Nishii, T. Kuroki and M. Okubo
Techno-economic analysis of corn stover fungal fermentation to ethanol pp. 657-668 Downloads
Pimphan A. Meyer, Iva J. Tews, Jon K. Magnuson, Sue A. Karagiosis and Susanne B. Jones
Performance analysis of a rotary active magnetic refrigerator pp. 669-680 Downloads
J.A. Lozano, K. Engelbrecht, C.R.H. Bahl, K.K. Nielsen, D. Eriksen, U.L. Olsen, J.R. Barbosa, A. Smith, A.T. Prata and N. Pryds
Integrated modeling for the cyclic behavior of high power Li-ion batteries under extended operating conditions pp. 681-689 Downloads
Á.G. Miranda and C.W. Hong
Design and analysis of heat exchanger networks for integrated Ca-looping systems pp. 690-700 Downloads
Yolanda Lara, Pilar Lisbona, Ana Martínez and Luis M. Romeo
EU ETS market interactions: The case for multiple hypothesis testing approaches pp. 701-709 Downloads
Mark Cummins
A review of efficiency penalty in a coal-fired power plant with post-combustion CO2 capture pp. 710-720 Downloads
Kazuya Goto, Katsunori Yogo and Takayuki Higashii
Effects of pilot injection timing on the combustion and emissions characteristics in a diesel engine using biodiesel–CNG dual fuel pp. 721-730 Downloads
Kyunghyun Ryu
Carbon dioxide capture by single droplet using Selexol, Rectisol and water as absorbents: A theoretical approach pp. 731-741 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Shu-Mi Chen and Chen-I Hung
Process modeling and thermodynamic analysis of Lurgi fixed-bed coal gasifier in an SNG plant pp. 742-757 Downloads
Chang He, Xiao Feng and Khim Hoong Chu
An advanced combustion model coupled with detailed chemical reaction mechanism for D.I diesel engine simulation pp. 758-770 Downloads
Amin Maghbouli, Wenming Yang, Hui An, Jing Li, Siaw Kiang Chou and Kian Jon Chua
Performance and specific emissions contours of a diesel and RME fueled compression-ignition engine throughout its operating speed and power range pp. 771-777 Downloads
S. Imran, D.R. Emberson, D.S. Wen, A. Diez, R.J. Crookes and T. Korakianitis
Weighted error functions in artificial neural networks for improved wind energy potential estimation pp. 778-790 Downloads
Sungmoon Jung and Soon-Duck Kwon
Improving energy efficiency of sawmill industrial sites by integration with pellet and CHP plants pp. 791-800 Downloads
Jan-Olof Anderson and Andrea Toffolo
Multi-strategy ensemble biogeography-based optimization for economic dispatch problems pp. 801-811 Downloads
Guojiang Xiong, Dongyuan Shi and Xianzhong Duan
Evaluation of a rapid LMP-based approach for calculating marginal unit emissions pp. 812-820 Downloads
Michelle M. Rogers, Yang Wang, Caisheng Wang, Shawn P. McElmurry and Carol J. Miller
Synthetic indicator on the severity of torrefaction of oil palm biomass residues through mass loss measurement pp. 821-826 Downloads
Khalik M. Sabil, Muafah A. Aziz, Bhajan Lal and Yoshimitsu Uemura
Computational study of biodiesel–diesel fuel blends on emission characteristics for a light-duty diesel engine using OpenFOAM pp. 827-841 Downloads
Harun Mohamed Ismail, Hoon Kiat Ng, Suyin Gan and Tommaso Lucchini
Balancing gas supply and demand with a sustainable gas supply chain – A study based on field data pp. 842-852 Downloads
J. Bekkering, A.A. Broekhuis, W.J.T. van Gemert and E.J. Hengeveld
Higher-capacity lithium ion battery chemistries for improved residential energy storage with micro-cogeneration pp. 853-861 Downloads
K. Darcovich, E.R. Henquin, B. Kenney, I.J. Davidson, N. Saldanha and Beausoleil-Morrison, I.
Energy and climate benefits of bioelectricity from low-input short rotation woody crops on agricultural land over a two-year rotation pp. 862-870 Downloads
S. Njakou Djomo, O. El Kasmioui, T. De Groote, L.S. Broeckx, M.S. Verlinden, G. Berhongaray, R. Fichot, D. Zona, S.Y. Dillen, J.S. King, I.A. Janssens and R. Ceulemans
Part load based thermo-economic optimization of the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) applied to a combined heat and power (CHP) system pp. 871-881 Downloads
S. Lecompte, H. Huisseune, M. van den Broek, S. De Schampheleire and M. De Paepe
Impact of palm biodiesel blend on injector deposit formation pp. 882-893 Downloads
A.M. Liaquat, H.H. Masjuki, M.A. Kalam, M.A. Fazal, Abdul Faheem Khan, H. Fayaz and M. Varman
An efficient analytical approach for obtaining a five parameters model of photovoltaic modules using only reference data pp. 894-903 Downloads
Valerio Lo Brano and Giuseppina Ciulla
Establishing conditions for the economic viability of fuel cell-based, combined heat and power distributed generation systems pp. 904-920 Downloads
Kristopher A. Pruitt, Robert J. Braun and Alexandra M. Newman
Assessment of heavy-duty vehicle activities, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in port areas pp. 921-929 Downloads
Giorgio Zamboni, Stefano Malfettani, Michel André, Chiara Carraro, Silvia Marelli and Massimo Capobianco
Role of thermal intensity on operational characteristics of ultra-low emission colorless distributed combustion pp. 930-956 Downloads
Vaibhav K. Arghode and Ashwani K. Gupta
Supercritical CO2 Brayton cycles for solar-thermal energy pp. 957-970 Downloads
Brian D. Iverson, Thomas M. Conboy, James J. Pasch and Alan M. Kruizenga
Intelligent battery energy management and control for vehicle-to-grid via cloud computing network pp. 971-981 Downloads
Hamid Khayyam, Jemal Abawajy, Bahman Javadi, Andrzej Goscinski, Alex Stojcevski and Bab-Hadiashar, Alireza
Use of multi-parameter distributions for offshore wind speed modeling: The Johnson SB distribution pp. 982-1000 Downloads
Takvor Soukissian
Energy efficiency analysis of a series plug-in hybrid electric bus with different energy management strategies and battery sizes pp. 1001-1009 Downloads
Xiaosong Hu, Nikolce Murgovski, Lars Johannesson and Bo Egardt
Measurement and estimation of photosynthetically active radiation from 1961 to 2011 in Central China pp. 1010-1017 Downloads
Lunche Wang, Wei Gong, Chen Li, Aiwen Lin, Bo Hu and Yingying Ma
Knowledge based decision making method for the selection of mixed refrigerant systems for energy efficient LNG processes pp. 1018-1031 Downloads
Mohd Shariq Khan, Sanggyu Lee, G.P. Rangaiah and Moonyong Lee
Model-based predictive control of an ice storage device in a building cooling system pp. 1032-1045 Downloads
J.A. Candanedo, V.R. Dehkordi and M. Stylianou
Influence of engine load and fuel droplet size on performance of a CI engine fueled with cottonseed oil and its blends with diesel fuel pp. 1046-1053 Downloads
Tizane Daho, Gilles Vaitilingom, Salifou K. Ouiminga, Bruno Piriou, Augustin S. Zongo, Samuel Ouoba and Jean Koulidiati
CO2 transport strategy and its cost estimation for the offshore CCS in Korea pp. 1054-1060 Downloads
Jung-Yeul Jung, Cheol Huh, Seong-Gil Kang, Youngkyun Seo and Daejun Chang
Effect of nitrogen crossover on purging strategy in PEM fuel cell systems pp. 1061-1070 Downloads
Abid Rabbani and Masoud Rokni
Efficient stationary solar thermal collector systems operating at a medium-temperature range pp. 1071-1079 Downloads
Yong Sin Kim, Kevin Balkoski, Lun Jiang and Roland Winston
A low-cost pyrogas cleaning system for power generation: Scaling up from lab to pilot pp. 1080-1088 Downloads
A. Paethanom, P. Bartocci, D’ Alessandro, B., D’ Amico, M., F. Testarmata, N. Moriconi, K. Slopiecka, K. Yoshikawa and F. Fantozzi
Comparative analysis of environmental impact of S2P (Sunshine to Petrol) system for transportation fuel production pp. 1089-1098 Downloads
Jiyong Kim, James E. Miller, Christos T. Maravelias and Ellen B. Stechel
Numerical modelling of tube bundle thermal energy storage for free-cooling of buildings pp. 1099-1106 Downloads
Fabien Rouault, Denis Bruneau, Patrick Sebastian and Jérôme Lopez
Thermal behaviour of d-mannitol when used as PCM: Comparison of results obtained by DSC and in a thermal energy storage unit at pilot plant scale pp. 1107-1113 Downloads
Antoni Gil, Camila Barreneche, Pere Moreno, Cristian Solé, A. Inés Fernández and Luisa F. Cabeza
Material aspects of Solar Salt for sensible heat storage pp. 1114-1119 Downloads
Thomas Bauer, Nicole Pfleger, Nils Breidenbach, Markus Eck, Doerte Laing and Stefanie Kaesche
A thermo-mechanical model of packed-bed storage and experimental validation pp. 1120-1125 Downloads
Volker Dreißigacker, Stefan Zunft and Müller-Steinhagen, Hans
The dimensioning of PV-battery systems depending on the incentive and selling price conditions pp. 1126-1135 Downloads
Grietus Mulder, Daan Six, Bert Claessens, Thijs Broes, Noshin Omar and Joeri Van Mierlo
Solar cooker of the portable parabolic type incorporating heat storage based on PCM pp. 1136-1146 Downloads
Antonio Lecuona, José-Ignacio Nogueira, Rubén Ventas, Rodríguez-Hidalgo, María-del-Carmen and Mathieu Legrand
Study on energy conversion characteristics of a high frequency standing-wave thermoacoustic heat engine pp. 1147-1151 Downloads
Guoyao Yu, Xiaotao Wang, Wei Dai and Ercang Luo
Data Reconciliation for power systems monitoring: Application to a microturbine-based test rig pp. 1152-1161 Downloads
A. Martini, A. Sorce, A. Traverso and A. Massardo
Combustion efficiency and engine out emissions of a S.I. engine fueled with alcohol/gasoline blends pp. 1162-1171 Downloads
M.A. Costagliola, L. De Simio, S. Iannaccone and M.V. Prati
Bioethanol production from various waste papers: Economic feasibility and sensitivity analysis pp. 1172-1182 Downloads
Lei Wang, Mahdi Sharifzadeh, Richard Templer and Richard J. Murphy
Benchmark experiments for simulations of a vertical axis wind turbine pp. 1183-1194 Downloads
S.A. Rolland, M. Thatcher, W. Newton, A.J. Williams, T.N. Croft, D.T. Gethin and M. Cross
Simulations technique for the design of a vertical axis wind turbine device with experimental validation pp. 1195-1203 Downloads
S. Rolland, W. Newton, A.J. Williams, T.N. Croft, D.T. Gethin and M. Cross
A comprehensive tool for efficient design and operation of polygeneration-based energy μgrids serving a cluster of buildings. Part I: Description of the method pp. 1204-1221 Downloads
Antonio Piacentino, Chiara Barbaro, Fabio Cardona, Roberto Gallea and Ennio Cardona
A comprehensive tool for efficient design and operation of polygeneration-based energy μgrids serving a cluster of buildings. Part II: Analysis of the applicative potential pp. 1222-1238 Downloads
Antonio Piacentino and Chiara Barbaro
A simulation model for the design and analysis of wood pellet supply chains pp. 1239-1249 Downloads
Mahdi Mobini, Taraneh Sowlati and Shahab Sokhansanj
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