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2015, volume 160, issue C

Modeling on heat storage performance of compressed air in a packed bed system pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hao Peng, Rui Li, Xiang Ling and Huihua Dong
Experimental investigation on two-phase thermosyphon loop with partially liquid-filled downcomer pp. 10-17 Downloads
Penglei Zhang, Baolong Wang, Wenxing Shi and Xianting Li
Electricity generation and recovery of iron hydroxides using a single chamber fuel cell with iron anode and air-cathode for electrocoagulation pp. 18-27 Downloads
Jung Hwan Kim, I Seul Park and Joo Yang Park
An efficient two stage stochastic optimal energy and reserve management in a microgrid pp. 28-38 Downloads
Vivek Mohan, Jai Govind Singh and Weerakorn Ongsakul
A physicochemical method for increasing methane production from rice straw: Extrusion combined with alkali pretreatment pp. 39-48 Downloads
Yalei Zhang, Xiaohua Chen, Yu Gu and Xuefei Zhou
Investigation on the ignition and burnout temperatures of bamboo and sugarcane bagasse by thermogravimetric analysis pp. 49-57 Downloads
Jau-Jang Lu and Wei-Hsin Chen
Waste ostrich- and chicken-eggshells as heterogeneous base catalyst for biodiesel production from used cooking oil: Catalyst characterization and biodiesel yield performance pp. 58-70 Downloads
Yie Hua Tan, Mohammad Omar Abdullah, Nolasco-Hipolito, Cirilo and Taufiq-Yap, Yun Hin
A data-driven approach to identify households with plug-in electrical vehicles (PEVs) pp. 71-79 Downloads
Anoop Verma, Ali Asadi, Kai Yang and Satish Tyagi
Jetting pre-oxidation fluidized bed gasification process for caking coal: Fundamentals and pilot test pp. 80-87 Downloads
Fang Wang, Xi Zeng, Yanlin Sun, Juwei Zhang, Zhigang Zhao, Yonggang Wang and Guangwen Xu
Cellulolytic and electrogenic activity of Enterobacter cloacae in mediatorless microbial fuel cell pp. 88-93 Downloads
Toczyłowska-Mamińska, Renata, Karolina Szymona, Hubert Madej, Wan Zhen Wong, Agnieszka Bala, Wojciech Brutkowski, Krzysztof Krajewski, H’ng, Paik San and Mariusz Mamiński
East to west – The optimal tilt angle and orientation of photovoltaic panels from an electricity system perspective pp. 94-107 Downloads
Michael Hartner, Andre Ortner, Albert Hiesl and Reinhard Haas
Compositional characteristics and energy potential of Chinese animal manure by type and as a whole pp. 108-119 Downloads
Xiuli Shen, Guangqun Huang, Zengling Yang and Lujia Han
Economic and environmental assessment of n-butanol production in an integrated first and second generation sugarcane biorefinery: Fermentative versus catalytic routes pp. 120-131 Downloads
L.G. Pereira, M.O.S. Dias, A.P. Mariano, R. Maciel Filho and A. Bonomi
Optimal energy management of a hybrid electric powertrain system using improved particle swarm optimization pp. 132-145 Downloads
Syuan-Yi Chen, Yi-Hsuan Hung, Chien-Hsun Wu and Siang-Ting Huang
Performance evaluation of an air-breathing high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 146-152 Downloads
Qixing Wu, Haiyang Li, Wenxiang Yuan, Zhongkuan Luo, Fang Wang, Hongyuan Sun, Xuxin Zhao and Huide Fu
Comparison of integrated clustering methods for accurate and stable prediction of building energy consumption data pp. 153-163 Downloads
David Hsu
The energy price equivalence of carbon taxes and emissions trading—Theory and evidence pp. 164-171 Downloads
Fan-Ping Chiu, Hsiao-I. Kuo, Chi-Chung Chen and Chia-Sheng Hsu
Maximising the recovery of low grade heat: An integrated heat integration framework incorporating heat pump intervention for simple and complex factories pp. 172-184 Downloads
J.H. Miah, A. Griffiths, R. McNeill, I. Poonaji, R. Martin, A. Leiser, S. Morse, A. Yang and J. Sadhukhan
A new utilization approach of the waste heat with mid-low temperature in the combined heating and power system integrating heat pump pp. 185-193 Downloads
Shushuo Kang, Hongqiang Li, Jing Lei, Lifang Liu, Bo Cai and Guoqiang Zhang
Advanced building energy management based on a two-stage receding horizon optimization pp. 194-205 Downloads
J.K. Gruber, F. Huerta, P. Matatagui and M. Prodanović
Influence of heat dumping on the operation of residential micro-CHP systems pp. 206-220 Downloads
Luigi Mongibello, Nicola Bianco, Martina Caliano and Giorgio Graditi
Feasibility analysis of an exhaust gas waste heat driven jet-ejector cooling system for charge air cooling of turbocharged gasoline engines pp. 221-230 Downloads
M.T. Zegenhagen and F. Ziegler
Hierarchical management for integrated community energy systems pp. 231-243 Downloads
Xiandong Xu, Xiaolong Jin, Hongjie Jia, Xiaodan Yu and Kang Li
Investigation to charge cooling effect and combustion characteristics of ethanol direct injection in a gasoline port injection engine pp. 244-254 Downloads
Yuhan Huang, Guang Hong and Ronghua Huang
Comparative performance investigation of mono- and poly-crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules for use in grid-connected photovoltaic systems in dry climates pp. 255-265 Downloads
Saeed Edalati, Mehran Ameri and Masoud Iranmanesh
Dryout avoidance control for multi-evaporator vapor compression cycle cooling pp. 266-285 Downloads
Daniel T. Pollock, Zehao Yang and John T. Wen
Application of phase change materials for thermal energy storage in concentrated solar thermal power plants: A review to recent developments pp. 286-307 Downloads
Ben Xu, Peiwen Li and Cholik Chan
Transient analysis of a photovoltaic thermal heat input process with thermal storage pp. 308-320 Downloads
J.P. Fine, J. Friedman and S.B. Dworkin
On the construct validity of measures of willingness to pay for green electricity: Evidence from a South African case pp. 321-328 Downloads
Kai-Ying Chan, Leon A.G. Oerlemans and Jako Volschenk
Liquid fuel production by aqueous phase catalytic transformation of biomass for aviation pp. 329-335 Downloads
Tiejun Wang, Songbai Qiu, Yujing Weng, Lungang Chen, Qiying Liu, Jinxing Long, Jin Tan, Qing Zhang, Qi Zhang and Longlong Ma
Roof ponds as passive heating and cooling systems: A systematic review pp. 336-357 Downloads
Ayyoob Sharifi and Yoshiki Yamagata
Paraffin/expanded vermiculite composite phase change material as aggregate for developing lightweight thermal energy storage cement-based composites pp. 358-367 Downloads
Biwan Xu, Hongyan Ma, Zeyu Lu and Zongjin Li
Direct combustion of recyclable metal fuels for zero-carbon heat and power pp. 368-382 Downloads
J.M. Bergthorson, S. Goroshin, M.J. Soo, P. Julien, J. Palecka, D.L. Frost and D.J. Jarvis
An empirical case study about the reform of tiered pricing for household electricity in China pp. 383-389 Downloads
Chuanwang Sun
Survey of modern pellet boilers in Austria and Germany – System design and customer satisfaction of residential installations pp. 390-403 Downloads
Daniel Büchner, Christian Schraube, Elisa Carlon, Justus von Sonntag, Markus Schwarz, Vijay Kumar Verma and Andreas Ortwein
Experimental set-up and procedures to test and validate battery fuel gauge algorithms pp. 404-418 Downloads
G.V. Avvari, B. Pattipati, B. Balasingam, K.R. Pattipati and Bar-Shalom, Y.
UK public perceptions of shale gas hydraulic fracturing: The role of audience, message and contextual factors on risk perceptions and policy support pp. 419-430 Downloads
Lorraine Whitmarsh, Nick Nash, Paul Upham, Alyson Lloyd, James P. Verdon and J.-Michael Kendall
The Solar Response Factor to calculate the cooling load induced by solar gains pp. 431-441 Downloads
G. Evola and L. Marletta
Impact of intake hydrogen enrichment on morphology, structure and oxidation reactivity of diesel particulate pp. 442-455 Downloads
J.H. Zhou, C.S. Cheung, W.Z. Zhao, Z. Ning and C.W. Leung
Environmental and energy system analysis of bio-methane production pathways: A comparison between feedstocks and process optimizations pp. 456-466 Downloads
F. Pierie, C.E.J. van Someren, R.M.J. Benders, J. Bekkering, W.J.Th. van Gemert and H.C. Moll
Internal entrainment effects on high intensity distributed combustion using non-intrusive diagnostics pp. 467-476 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
Thermal field investigation under distributed combustion conditions pp. 477-488 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
Three-dimensional full-loop simulation of a dual fluidized-bed biomass gasifier pp. 489-501 Downloads
Hui Liu, Robert J. Cattolica, Reinhard Seiser and Chang-hsien Liao
Effect of choked outlet on transient energy growth analysis of a thermoacoustic system pp. 502-510 Downloads
Dan Zhao and Lei Li
Climate effect of an integrated wheat production and bioenergy system with Low Temperature Circulating Fluidized Bed gasifier pp. 511-520 Downloads
Hafthor Ægir Sigurjonsson, Brian Elmegaard, Lasse Røngaard Clausen and Jesper Ahrenfeldt
Energy-water optimization model incorporating rooftop water harvesting for lawn irrigation pp. 521-531 Downloads
Evan M. Wanjiru and Xiaohua Xia
Effect of load type on standalone micro grid fault performance pp. 532-540 Downloads
Rashad M. Kamel and Ken Nagasaka
Cascading of fluctuations in interdependent energy infrastructures: Gas-grid coupling pp. 541-551 Downloads
Michael Chertkov, Scott Backhaus and Vladimir Lebedev
Transient reacting flow simulation of spouted fluidized bed for coal-direct chemical looping combustion with different Fe-based oxygen carriers pp. 552-560 Downloads
Subhodeep Banerjee and Ramesh Agarwal
Ozone applied to the homogeneous charge compression ignition engine to control alcohol fuels combustion pp. 566-580 Downloads
J.-B. Masurier, F. Foucher, G. Dayma and P. Dagaut
Effects of pilot injection strategies on the flame temperature and soot distributions in an optical CI engine fueled with biodiesel and conventional diesel pp. 581-591 Downloads
Joonho Jeon and Sungwook Park
Impact of intermediate ethanol blends on particulate matter emission from a spark ignition direct injection (SIDI) engine pp. 592-602 Downloads
Jaeho Cho, Woosung Si, Wonwook Jang, Dongyoung Jin, Cha-Lee Myung and Simsoo Park
Sustainability assessment of sugarcane biorefinery and molasses ethanol production in Thailand using eco-efficiency indicator pp. 603-609 Downloads
Thapat Silalertruksa, Shabbir H. Gheewala and Patcharaporn Pongpat
Utilisation of wheat bran as a substrate for bioethanol production using recombinant cellulases and amylolytic yeast pp. 610-617 Downloads
Rosemary Cripwell, Lorenzo Favaro, Shaunita H. Rose, Marina Basaglia, Lorenzo Cagnin, Sergio Casella and Willem van Zyl
Potential of the ‘Renewable Energy Exodus’ (a mass rural remigration) for massive GHG reduction in Japan pp. 623-632 Downloads
Masayuki Horio, Sawako Shigeto, , Ryota, Yukihiro Shimatani and Masato Hidaka
Investigation on the esterification by using supercritical ethanol for bio-oil upgrading pp. 633-640 Downloads
Qing Zhang, Ying Xu, Yuping Li, Tiejun Wang, Qi Zhang, Longlong Ma, Minghong He and Kai Li
Impact of lignin removal on the enzymatic hydrolysis of fermented sweet sorghum bagasse pp. 641-647 Downloads
Zhipei Yan, Jihong Li, Shizhong Li, Sandra Chang, Ting Cui, Yan Jiang, Guangtao Cong, Menghui Yu and Lei Zhang
Energy-efficient extraction of fuel from Chlorella vulgaris by ionic liquid combined with CO2 capture pp. 648-655 Downloads
Xinhai Yu, Jie Yang, Haitao Lu, Shan-Tung Tu and Jinyue Yan
Biochar and renewable energy generation from poultry litter waste: A technical and economic analysis based on computational simulations pp. 656-663 Downloads
Y. Huang, M. Anderson, McIlveen-Wright, D., G.A. Lyons, W.C. McRoberts, Y.D. Wang, A.P. Roskilly and N.J. Hewitt
Thermodynamic performance of a hybrid power generation system using biomass gasification and concentrated solar thermal processes pp. 664-672 Downloads
Yasuto Tanaka, Sennai Mesfun, Kentaro Umeki, Andrea Toffolo, Yutaka Tamaura and Kunio Yoshikawa
Impacts of solar multiples on the performance of integrated solar combined cycle systems with two direct steam generation fields pp. 673-680 Downloads
Yuanyuan Li and Yongping Yang
Simultaneous enhancement of photocurrent and open circuit voltage in a ZnO based organic solar cell by mixed self-assembled monolayers pp. 681-686 Downloads
Jian-Ming Chiu, Chih-Chien Chu, Desalegn Manayeh Zena and Yian Tai
Performance analysis of two 3.5kWp CPV systems under real operating conditions pp. 687-696 Downloads
M. Renzi, L. Egidi and G. Comodi
When will wind energy achieve grid parity in China? – Connecting technological learning and climate finance pp. 697-704 Downloads
Xilong Yao, Yang Liu and Shiyou Qu
Numerical and analytical analysis of groundwater influence on the pile geothermal heat exchanger with cast-in spiral coils pp. 705-714 Downloads
Deqi Wang, Lin Lu, Wenke Zhang and Ping Cui
Transients analysis of a tidal currents self-balancing kinetic turbine with floating stabilizer pp. 715-727 Downloads
S. Barbarelli, G. Florio, M. Amelio, N.M. Scornaienchi, A. Cutrupi and G. Lo Zupone
Optimal design of an autonomous solar–wind-pumped storage power supply system pp. 728-736 Downloads
Tao Ma, Hongxing Yang, Lin Lu and Jinqing Peng
Numerical investigation on the effects of injection rate shaping on combustion and emission characteristics of biodiesel fueled CI engine pp. 737-745 Downloads
Balaji Mohan, Wenming Yang, Wenbin Yu, Kun Lin Tay and Siaw Kiang Chou
A study of operating parameters on the linear spark ignition engine pp. 746-760 Downloads
Ocktaeck Lim, Nguyen Ba Hung, Seokyoung Oh, Gangchul Kim, Hanho Song and Norimasa Iida
Combustion characteristics analysis of hydraulic free piston diesel engine pp. 761-768 Downloads
Shuanlu Zhang, Changlu Zhao, Zhenfeng Zhao and Fukang Ma
Combustion and emission characteristics of Multiple Premixed Compression Ignition (MPCI) mode fuelled with different low octane gasolines pp. 769-776 Downloads
Buyu Wang, Zhi Wang, Shijin Shuai and Hongming Xu
Modeling on blend gasoline/diesel fuel combustion in a direct injection diesel engine pp. 777-783 Downloads
J. Li, W.M. Yang, H. An and S.K. Chou
Impact of methane addition on the performance of biodiesel fueled diesel engine pp. 784-792 Downloads
W.M. Yang, H. An, J. Li and L. Duan
Performance analysis of internal-combustion-engine primed trigeneration systems for use in high-rise office buildings in Hong Kong pp. 793-801 Downloads
K.F. Fong and C.K. Lee
Hydrogen/oxygen premixed combustion characteristics in micro porous media combustor pp. 802-807 Downloads
J.F. Pan, D. Wu, Y.X. Liu, H.F. Zhang, A.K. Tang and H. Xue
In situ catalytic conversion of tar using rice husk char/ash supported nickel–iron catalysts for biomass pyrolytic gasification combined with the mixing-simulation in fluidized-bed gasifier pp. 808-819 Downloads
Yafei Shen, Peitao Zhao, Qinfu Shao, Fumitake Takahashi and Kunio Yoshikawa
Reactivity and kinetics for steam gasification of petroleum coke blended with black liquor in a micro fluidized bed pp. 820-828 Downloads
Yuming Zhang, Meiqin Yao, Shiqiu Gao, Guogang Sun and Guangwen Xu
Characterization of solid and liquid products from bamboo torrefaction pp. 829-835 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Shih-Hsien Liu, Tarng-Tzuen Juang, Chi-Ming Tsai and Yi-Qing Zhuang
Self-heat recuperative heat circulation processing with thermoelectric device pp. 836-842 Downloads
Renaldo Rasfuldi, Yui Kotani, Yasuki Kansha, Masanori Ishizuka and Atsushi Tsutsumi
A novel thermoelectric generation system with thermal switch pp. 843-852 Downloads
Xiaolong Gou, Huifeng Ping, Qiang Ou, Heng Xiao and Shaowei Qing
Operating characteristics and performance improvements of a 500W traveling-wave thermoacoustic electric generator pp. 853-862 Downloads
Kai Wang, Daming Sun, Jie Zhang, Ya Xu, Jiang Zou, Ke Wu, Limin Qiu and Zhiyi Huang
Optimum superheat utilization of extraction steam in double reheat ultra-supercritical power plants pp. 863-872 Downloads
Gang Xu, Luyao Zhou, Shifei Zhao, Feifei Liang, Cheng Xu and Yongping Yang
Performance of a solar aided power plant in fuel saving mode pp. 873-881 Downloads
Hongjuan Hou, Junjie Wu, Yongping Yang, Eric Hu and Si Chen
An improved configuration of lignite pre-drying using a supplementary steam cycle in a lignite fired supercritical power plant pp. 882-891 Downloads
Cheng Xu, Gang Xu, Shifei Zhao, Luyao Zhou, Yongping Yang and Dongke Zhang
Analysis of an optimal resorption cogeneration using mass and heat recovery processes pp. 892-901 Downloads
Yiji Lu, Yaodong Wang, Huashan Bao, Ye Yuan, Liwei Wang and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Repowering existing under-utilized WTE power plant with gas turbines pp. 902-911 Downloads
Michele Bianchi, Lisa Branchini, Simone Cesari, Andrea De Pascale and Francesco Melino
Theoretical analysis of a combined power and ejector refrigeration cycle using zeotropic mixture pp. 912-919 Downloads
Xingyang Yang, Li Zhao, Hailong Li and Zhixin Yu
Experimental and numerical study of a micro-cogeneration Stirling unit under diverse conditions of the working fluid pp. 920-929 Downloads
G. Valenti, P. Silva, N. Fergnani, S. Campanari, A. Ravidà, G. Di Marcoberardino and E. Macchi
Counter-flow formic acid microfluidic fuel cell with high fuel utilization exceeding 90% pp. 930-936 Downloads
Hong Xu, Hao Zhang, Huizhi Wang, Dennis Y.C. Leung, Li Zhang, Jun Cao, Kui Jiao and Jin Xuan
A numerical study on the effects of temperature and mass transfer in high temperature PEM fuel cells with ab-PBI membrane pp. 937-944 Downloads
Hong Sun, Chen Xie, Hao Chen and Saif Almheiri
Compact PEM fuel cell system combined with all-in-one hydrogen generator using chemical hydride as a hydrogen source pp. 945-953 Downloads
Jincheol Kim and Taegyu Kim
Mass transfer enhancement of a spiral-like interconnector for planar solid oxide fuel cells pp. 954-964 Downloads
Min Yan, Pei Fu, Xiang Li, Min Zeng and Qiuwang Wang
Polyelectrolyte microparticles for enhancing anode performance in an air–cathode μ-Liter microbial fuel cell pp. 965-972 Downloads
Yan-Yu Chen and Hsiang-Yu Wang
Design optimisation of CO2 gas cooler/condenser in a refrigeration system pp. 973-981 Downloads
Y.T. Ge, S.A. Tassou, I. Dewa Santosa and K. Tsamos
Study on reduction and carburization behaviors of iron phases for iron-based Fischer–Tropsch synthesis catalyst pp. 982-989 Downloads
Mingyue Ding, Yong Yang, Baoshan Wu, Yongwang Li, Tiejun Wang and Longlong Ma
Hydrogenation and hydrodeoxygenation of difurfurylidene acetone to liquid alkanes over Raney Ni and the supported Pt catalysts pp. 990-998 Downloads
Yuping Li, Xiaoming Huang, Qian Zhang, Lungang Chen, Xinghua Zhang, Tiejun Wang and Longlong Ma
Accelerated hydrolysis of solid-state NaBH4 by injecting NaHCO3 solution for hydrogen generation pp. 999-1006 Downloads
Ju-hyeong Sim and Taegyu Kim
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