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2018, volume 230, issue C

Redox cycles with doped calcium manganites for thermochemical energy storage to 1000 °C pp. 1-18 Downloads
Luca Imponenti, Kevin J. Albrecht, Rounak Kharait, Michael D. Sanders and Gregory S. Jackson
Investigations on the effects of fuel stratification on auto-ignition and combustion process of an ethanol/diesel dual-fuel engine pp. 19-30 Downloads
Shijun Dong, Zhaowen Wang, Can Yang, Biao Ou, Hongguang Lu, Haocheng Xu and Xiaobei Cheng
Practicality of using solar energy for cassava irrigation in the Guangxi Autonomous Region, China pp. 31-41 Downloads
Yingdong Yu, Jiahong Liu, Ying Wang, Chenyao Xiang and Jinjun Zhou
Learning occupants’ workplace interactions from wearable and stationary ambient sensing systems pp. 42-51 Downloads
Ali Ghahramani, Jovan Pantelic, Casey Lindberg, Matthias Mehl, Karthik Srinivasan, Brian Gilligan and Edward Arens
A renewable low-frequency acoustic energy harvesting noise barrier for high-speed railways using a Helmholtz resonator and a PVDF film pp. 52-61 Downloads
Yuan Wang, Xin Zhu, Tingsheng Zhang, Shehar Bano, Hongye Pan, Lingfei Qi, Zutao Zhang and Yanping Yuan
Implementation and evaluation of real-time model predictive control for load fluctuations mitigation in all-electric ship propulsion systems pp. 62-77 Downloads
Jun Hou, Ziyou Song, Hyeongjun Park, Heath Hofmann and Jing Sun
In situ continuous current production from marine floating microbial fuel cells pp. 78-85 Downloads
Giulia Massaglia, Valentina Margaria, Adriano Sacco, Tonia Tommasi, Simona Pentassuglia, Daniyal Ahmed, Roberto Mo, Candido Fabrizio Pirri and Marzia Quaglio
Methane storage in water frameworks: Self-preservation of methane hydrate pellets formed from NaCl solutions pp. 86-93 Downloads
Satoshi Takeya, Hiroko Mimachi and Tetsuro Murayama
Impacts of energy consumption structure, energy intensity, economic growth, urbanization on PM2.5 concentrations in countries globally pp. 94-105 Downloads
Jing Chen, Chunshan Zhou, Shaojian Wang and Shijie Li
Nonlinear dynamic mechanism modeling of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell with dead-ended anode considering mass transport and actuator properties pp. 106-121 Downloads
Liangfei Xu, Chuan Fang, Jianqiu Li, Minggao Ouyang and Werner Lehnert
Identifying optimized conditions for concurrent electricity production and phosphorus recovery in a mediator-less dual chamber microbial fuel cell pp. 122-134 Downloads
A. Almatouq and A.O. Babatunde
Well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions of battery electric vehicles in countries dependent on the import of fuels through maritime transportation: A South Korean case study pp. 135-147 Downloads
Wonjae Choi and Han Ho Song
Glycerine emulsions of diesel-biodiesel blends and their performance and emissions in a diesel engine pp. 148-159 Downloads
Manpreet Singh Sidhu, Murari Mohon Roy and Wilson Wang
Effectiveness of supercritical-CO2 and N2 huff-and-puff methods of enhanced oil recovery in shale fracture networks using microfluidic experiments pp. 160-174 Downloads
Phong Nguyen, J. William Carey, Hari S. Viswanathan and Mark Porter
Impacts of a medium voltage direct current link on the performance of electrical distribution networks pp. 175-188 Downloads
Qi Qi, Chao Long, Jianzhong Wu and James Yu
The impact of electric vehicle penetration and charging patterns on the management of energy hub – A multi-agent system simulation pp. 189-206 Downloads
Haiyang Lin, Yiling Liu, Qie Sun, Rui Xiong, Hailong Li and Ronald Wennersten
The effects of flue-wall design modifications on combustion and flow characteristics of an aluminum anode baking furnace-CFD modeling pp. 207-219 Downloads
Abdul Raouf Tajik, Tariq Shamim, Mouna Zaidani and Abu Al-Rub, Rashid K.
Novel draw solution for forward osmosis based solar desalination pp. 220-231 Downloads
Muhammad Amjad, Jabbar Gardy, Ali Hassanpour and Dongsheng Wen
Regional impacts of launching national carbon emissions trading market: A case study of Shanghai pp. 232-240 Downloads
Zhiqing Liu, Yong Geng, Hancheng Dai, Jeffrey Wilson, Yang Xie, Rui Wu, Wei You and Zhongjue Yu
Feasibility of CaO/CuO/NiO sorption-enhanced steam methane reforming integrated with solid-oxide fuel cell for near-zero-CO2 emissions cogeneration system pp. 241-256 Downloads
Giuseppe Diglio, Piero Bareschino, Erasmo Mancusi, Francesco Pepe, Fabio Montagnaro, Dawid P. Hanak and Vasilije Manovic
A low-temperature internal heating strategy without lifetime reduction for large-size automotive lithium-ion battery pack pp. 257-266 Downloads
Jiuchun Jiang, Haijun Ruan, Bingxiang Sun, Leyi Wang, Wenzhong Gao and Weige Zhang
Efficiency evaluation of a coal-fired power plant integrated with chilled ammonia process using an absorption refrigerator pp. 267-276 Downloads
Fu Wang, Jun Zhao, Houcheng Zhang, He Miao, Jiapei Zhao, Jiatang Wang, Jinliang Yuan and Jinyue Yan
Investments in merchant energy storage: Trading-off between energy and reserve markets pp. 277-286 Downloads
H. Pandžić, Y. Dvorkin and M. Carrión
Experimental and modeling study of liquid fuel injection and combustion in diesel engines with a common rail injection system pp. 287-304 Downloads
Leilei Xu, Xue-Song Bai, Ming Jia, Yong Qian, Xinqi Qiao and Xingcai Lu
Operation optimization for combined cooling, heating, and power system with condensation heat recovery pp. 305-316 Downloads
Fan Li, Bo Sun, Chenghui Zhang and Lizhi Zhang
Sensitivity analysis for optimization of renewable-energy-based air-circulation-type temperature-control system pp. 317-329 Downloads
Haksung Lee and Akihito Ozaki
Financial viability of biofuel and biochar production from forest biomass in the face of market price volatility and uncertainty pp. 330-343 Downloads
Robert M. Campbell, Nathaniel M. Anderson, Daren E. Daugaard and Helen T. Naughton
Estimation of the energy demand of electric buses based on real-world data for large-scale public transport networks pp. 344-356 Downloads
Marc Gallet, Tobias Massier and Thomas Hamacher
Evaluation of a photovoltaic water-supply scheme for the surface water system in Xiamen, China pp. 357-373 Downloads
Weiwei Shao, Jiahong Liu, Mingming Zhu, Baisha Weng, Ning Wang, Hao Huang, Yingdong Yu, Dianyi Yan and Shan Jiang
System-level assessment of reliability and resilience provision from microgrids pp. 374-392 Downloads
Yutian Zhou, Mathaios Panteli, Rodrigo Moreno and Pierluigi Mancarella
A cost-effective approach to realization of the efficient methane chemical-looping combustion by using coal fly ash as a support for oxygen carrier pp. 393-402 Downloads
Xin Huang, Maohong Fan, Xingjun Wang, Yonggang Wang, Morris D. Argyle and Yufei Zhu
Analyzing and validating the economic efficiency of managing a cluster of energy hubs in multi-carrier energy systems pp. 403-416 Downloads
Yue Chen, Wei Wei, Feng Liu, Qiuwei Wu and Shengwei Mei
A bi-level planning approach for hybrid AC-DC distribution system considering N-1 security criterion pp. 417-428 Downloads
Zhi Wu, Pengxiang Liu, Wei Gu, He Huang and Jun Han
Multi-step ahead wind speed prediction based on optimal feature extraction, long short term memory neural network and error correction strategy pp. 429-443 Downloads
Jujie Wang and Yaning Li
Numerical analysis of experimental studies of methane hydrate dissociation induced by depressurization in a sandy porous medium pp. 444-459 Downloads
Zhenyuan Yin, George Moridis, Zheng Rong Chong, Hoon Kiang Tan and Praveen Linga
Simplification and adjustment of the energy consumption indices of office building envelopes in response to climate change pp. 460-470 Downloads
Ruey-Lung Hwang, Wen-Mei Shih, Tzu-Ping Lin and Kuo-Tsang Huang
Energy flexible building through smart demand-side management and latent heat storage pp. 471-485 Downloads
Jesus Lizana, Daniel Friedrich, Renaldi Renaldi and Ricardo Chacartegui
Flow and thermal field effects on cycle-to-cycle variation of combustion: scale-resolving simulation in a spark ignited simplified engine configuration pp. 486-505 Downloads
M. Ghaderi Masouleh, K. Keskinen, O. Kaario, H. Kahila, Y.M. Wright and V. Vuorinen
Demand side management in urban district heating networks pp. 506-518 Downloads
Hanmin Cai, Charalampos Ziras, Shi You, Rongling Li, Kristian Honoré and Henrik W. Bindner
Model for optimal malfunction management in extended district heating networks pp. 519-530 Downloads
Elisa Guelpa and Vittorio Verda
Modelling wind power spatial-temporal correlation in multi-interval optimal power flow: A sparse correlation matrix approach pp. 531-539 Downloads
Xin Fang, Bri-Mathias Hodge, Ershun Du, Ning Zhang and Fangxing Li
Strategic decision making of distribution network operators and investors in residential photovoltaic battery storage systems pp. 540-550 Downloads
J. von Appen and M. Braun
In-situ monitoring of temperature distribution in operating solid oxide fuel cell cathode using proprietary sensory techniques versus commercial thermocouples pp. 551-562 Downloads
Erdogan Guk, Jung-Sik Kim, Manoj Ranaweera, Vijay Venkatesan and Lisa Jackson
State-of-the-art generation expansion planning: A review pp. 563-589 Downloads
Nikolaos E. Koltsaklis and Athanasios S. Dagoumas
Thermal and mechanical analysis of a sodium-cooled solar receiver operating under a novel heliostat aiming point strategy pp. 590-614 Downloads
Tim Conroy, Maurice N. Collins, James Fisher and Ronan Grimes
Modelling the dynamic interactions between London’s water and energy systems from an end-use perspective pp. 615-626 Downloads
Simon De Stercke, Ana Mijic, Wouter Buytaert and Vaibhav Chaturvedi
Model predictive control for building loads connected with a residential distribution grid pp. 627-642 Downloads
Amin Mirakhorli and Bing Dong
Humidification strategy for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells – A review pp. 643-662 Downloads
Yafei Chang, Yanzhou Qin, Yan Yin, Junfeng Zhang and Xianguo Li
Techno-economic analysis of DC power distribution in commercial buildings pp. 663-678 Downloads
Vagelis Vossos, Daniel Gerber, Youness Bennani, Richard Brown and Chris Marnay
Cascade energy optimization for waste heat recovery in distributed energy systems pp. 679-695 Downloads
Xuan Wang, Ming Jin, Wei Feng, Gequn Shu, Hua Tian and Youcai Liang
Enhanced performance of chemical looping combustion of methane by combining oxygen carriers via optimizing the stacking sequences pp. 696-711 Downloads
Xianming Cheng, Kongzhai Li, Xing Zhu, Yonggang Wei, Zhouhang Li, Yanhui Long, Min Zheng, Dong Tian and Hua Wang
More than half of China’s CO2 emissions are from micro, small and medium-sized enterprises pp. 712-725 Downloads
Bo Meng, Yu Liu, Robbie Andrew, Meifang Zhou, Klaus Hubacek, Jinjun Xue, Glen Peters and Yuning Gao
Biphasic solvent for CO2 capture: Amine property-performance and heat duty relationship pp. 726-733 Downloads
Yao Shen, Chenkai Jiang, Shihan Zhang, Jun Chen, Lidong Wang and Jianmeng Chen
Current status and challenges of the ammonia escape inhibition technologies in ammonia-based CO2 capture process pp. 734-749 Downloads
Fu Wang, Jun Zhao, He Miao, Jiapei Zhao, Houcheng Zhang, Jinliang Yuan and Jinyue Yan
Process integration of thermal energy storage systems – Evaluation methodology and case studies pp. 750-760 Downloads
Duncan Gibb, Maike Johnson, Joaquim Romaní, Jaume Gasia, Luisa F. Cabeza and Antje Seitz
Lead sulfide colloidal quantum dot photovoltaic cell for energy harvesting from human body thermal radiation pp. 761-768 Downloads
Taher Ghomian, Orhan Kizilkaya and Jin-Woo Choi
High efficient solar parabolic trough receiver reactors combined with phase change material for thermochemical reactions pp. 769-783 Downloads
Zhao Ma, Wei-Wei Yang, Ming-Jia Li and Ya-Ling He
Geometrical parameters analysis of improved circulating inclined fluidized beds for general HVAC duct systems pp. 784-793 Downloads
Jyun-De Liang, Chien-Yeh Hsu, Tai-Chih Hung, Yuan-Ching Chiang and Sih-Li Chen
Impact of bio-alcohol fuels combustion on particulate matter morphology from efficient gasoline direct injection engines pp. 794-802 Downloads
C. Hergueta, A. Tsolakis, J.M. Herreros, M. Bogarra, E. Price, K. Simmance, A.P.E. York and D. Thompsett
Performances and modelling of a circular moving bed thermochemical reactor for seasonal storage pp. 803-815 Downloads
Joël Wyttenbach, Jacques Bougard, Gilbert Descy, Oleksandr Skrylnyk, Emilie Courbon, Marc Frère and Fabien Bruyat
A comprehensive study of the effect of chemical impurities on selection and sizing of centrifugal machines for supercritical carbon dioxide transport pipelines pp. 816-835 Downloads
Chima Okezue and Dmitriy Kuvshinov
Optimization of a biomass-integrated renewable energy microgrid with demand side management under uncertainty pp. 836-844 Downloads
Yingying Zheng, Bryan M. Jenkins, Kurt Kornbluth, Alissa Kendall and Chresten Træholt
On the inter-annual variability of wind energy generation – A case study from Germany pp. 845-854 Downloads
Christopher Jung and Dirk Schindler
Gas turbine size optimization in a hybrid system considering SOFC degradation pp. 855-864 Downloads
A. Cuneo, V. Zaccaria, D. Tucker and A. Sorce
Highly-flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators with silver nanowires and barium titanate embedded composite films for mechanical energy harvesting pp. 865-874 Downloads
Bhaskar Dudem, Dong Hyun Kim, L. Krishna Bharat and Jae Su Yu
Numerical analysis of an ion transport membrane system for oxy–fuel combustion pp. 875-888 Downloads
Donghwan Shin and Sanggyu Kang
Quantitative study on environment and energy information for land use planning scenarios in eco-city planning stage pp. 889-911 Downloads
In-Ae Yeo and Eunok Lee
Resource efficiency or economy of scale: Biorefinery supply chain configurations for co-gasification of black liquor and pyrolysis liquids pp. 912-924 Downloads
Jonas Zetterholm, Karin Pettersson, Sylvain Leduc, Sennai Mesfun, Joakim Lundgren and Elisabeth Wetterlund
Effect of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose addition on particulate matter emissions during biomass pellet combustion pp. 925-934 Downloads
Youjian Zhu, Wei Yang, Jiyuan Fan, Tao Kan, Wennan Zhang, Heng Liu, Wei Cheng, Haiping Yang, Xuehong Wu and Hanping Chen
Employment creation in EU related to renewables expansion pp. 935-945 Downloads
Panagiotis Fragkos and Leonidas Paroussos
Enhancing flame flashback resistance against Combustion Induced Vortex Breakdown and Boundary Layer Flashback in swirl burners pp. 946-959 Downloads
F.A. Hatem, A.S. Alsaegh, Al-Faham, M., Valera-Medina, A., C.T. Chong and S.M. Hassoni
Thermodynamic optimization of a vacuum multi-effect membrane distillation system for liquid desiccant regeneration pp. 960-973 Downloads
Q. Chen, M. Kum Ja, Y. Li and K.J. Chua
A comprehensive study of electrode compression effects in all vanadium redox flow batteries including locally resolved measurements pp. 974-982 Downloads
Purna C. Ghimire, Arjun Bhattarai, Rüdiger Schweiss, Günther G. Scherer, Nyunt Wai and Qingyu Yan
Innovative thermal storage strategies for Fresnel-based concentrating solar plants with East-West orientation pp. 983-995 Downloads
Andrés Sebastián, Rubén Abbas, Manuel Valdés and Jesús Casanova
Hierarchical modeling of solid oxide cells and stacks producing syngas via H2O/CO2 Co-electrolysis for industrial applications pp. 996-1013 Downloads
A. Banerjee, Y. Wang, J. Diercks and O. Deutschmann
A completive research on the feasibility and adaptation of shared transportation in mega-cities – A case study in Beijing pp. 1014-1033 Downloads
Lishan Sun, Shunchao Wang, Shuli Liu, Liya Yao, Wei Luo and Ashish Shukla
A review of urban energy systems at building cluster level incorporating renewable-energy-source (RES) envelope solutions pp. 1034-1056 Downloads
Xingxing Zhang, Marco Lovati, Ilaria Vigna, Joakim Widén, Mengjie Han, Csilla Gal and Tao Feng
Surge prevention for gas turbines connected with large volume size: Experimental demonstration with a microturbine pp. 1057-1064 Downloads
Mario L. Ferrari, Paolo Silvestri, Federico Reggio and Aristide F. Massardo
Multi-criteria decision-making for marine propulsion: Hybrid, diesel electric and diesel mechanical systems from cost-environment-risk perspectives pp. 1065-1081 Downloads
Byongug Jeong, Elif Oguz, Haibin Wang and Peilin Zhou
Improving production of volatile fatty acids and hydrogen from microalgae and rice residue: Effects of physicochemical characteristics and mix ratios pp. 1082-1092 Downloads
Chihe Sun, Ao Xia, Qiang Liao, Qian Fu, Yun Huang, Xun Zhu, Pengfei Wei, Richen Lin and Jerry D. Murphy
Adsorption breakthrough and cycling stability of carbon dioxide separation from CO2/N2/H2O mixture under ambient conditions using 13X and Mg-MOF-74 pp. 1093-1107 Downloads
Naef A.A. Qasem and Ben-Mansour, Rached
A combination forecasting approach applied in multistep wind speed forecasting based on a data processing strategy and an optimized artificial intelligence algorithm pp. 1108-1125 Downloads
Zhongshan Yang and Jian Wang
Effects of the operation regulation modes of district heating system on an integrated heat and power dispatch system for wind power integration pp. 1126-1139 Downloads
Jinfu Zheng, Zhigang Zhou, Jianing Zhao and Jinda Wang
Experimental and numerical analyses of a 5 kWe oil-free open-drive scroll expander for small-scale organic Rankine cycle (ORC) applications pp. 1140-1156 Downloads
Davide Ziviani, Nelson A. James, Felipe A. Accorsi, James E. Braun and Eckhard A. Groll
Understanding spatio-temporal electricity demand at different urban scales: A data-driven approach pp. 1157-1171 Downloads
Nina Voulis, Martijn Warnier and Frances M.T. Brazier
Microscopic study on diesel spray under cavitating conditions by injecting fuel into water pp. 1172-1181 Downloads
Fushui Liu, Zhishuang Li, Ziman Wang, Xiaoyu Dai, Xu He and Chia-Fon Lee
Development of an efficient thermal management system for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery under different charge-discharge conditions pp. 1182-1192 Downloads
Ankur Bhattacharjee and Hiranmay Saha
Performance and emissions of liquefied wood as fuel for a small scale gas turbine pp. 1193-1204 Downloads
Marco Buffi, Tine Seljak, Alessandro Cappelletti, Lorenzo Bettucci, Valera-Medina, Agustin, Tomaž Katrašnik and David Chiaramonti
Flame development analysis in a diesel optical engine converted to spark ignition natural gas operation pp. 1205-1217 Downloads
Jinlong Liu and Cosmin E. Dumitrescu
Experimental demonstration of a dispatchable latent heat storage system with aluminum-silicon as a phase change material pp. 1218-1229 Downloads
Jonathan E. Rea, Christopher J. Oshman, Abhishek Singh, Jeff Alleman, Philip A. Parilla, Corey L. Hardin, Michele L. Olsen, Nathan P. Siegel, David S. Ginley and Eric S. Toberer
Using stochastic programming and statistical extrapolation to mitigate long-term extreme loads in wind turbines pp. 1230-1241 Downloads
Yankai Cao, Victor M. Zavala and D’Amato, Fernando
Modeling and optimal operation of community integrated energy systems: A case study from China pp. 1242-1254 Downloads
Chengshan Wang, Chaoxian Lv, Peng Li, Guanyu Song, Shuquan Li, Xiandong Xu and Jianzhong Wu
Thermodynamic and kinetic study of CaCl2-CH3OH adducts for solid sorption refrigeration by TGA/DSC pp. 1255-1278 Downloads
Kathrin Korhammer, Karsten Neumann, Oliver Opel and Wolfgang K.L. Ruck
A systematic approach for the joint dispatch of energy and reserve incorporating demand response pp. 1279-1291 Downloads
Menglin Zhang, Xiaomeng Ai, Jiakun Fang, Wei Yao, Wenping Zuo, Zhe Chen and Jinyu Wen
Synchronous extraction circuit with self-adaptive peak-detection mechanical switches design for piezoelectric energy harvesting pp. 1292-1303 Downloads
Weiqun Liu, Gang Qin, Qiao Zhu and Guangdi Hu
Experimental study on the effect of methane hydrate decomposition on gas phase permeability of clayey sediments pp. 1304-1310 Downloads
Zhaoran Wu, Yanghui Li, Xiang Sun, Peng Wu and Jianan Zheng
Optimal decarbonization pathways for urban residential building energy services pp. 1311-1325 Downloads
Benjamin D. Leibowicz, Christopher M. Lanham, Max T. Brozynski, Vázquez-Canteli, José R., Nicolás Castillo Castejón and Zoltan Nagy
Management and storage of energy converted via a pyroelectric heat engine pp. 1326-1331 Downloads
Zeyu Zhang, Brendan Hanrahan, Chuan Shi and Alireza Khaligh
A new endogenous growth model for green low-carbon behavior and its comprehensive effects pp. 1332-1346 Downloads
Bingyue Wan, Lixin Tian, Naiping Zhu, Liqin Gu and Guangyong Zhang
Oxidation of bio-renewable glycerol to value-added chemicals through catalytic and electro-chemical processes pp. 1347-1379 Downloads
Talebian-Kiakalaieh, Amin, Nor Aishah Saidina Amin, Kourosh Rajaei and Sara Tarighi
Parametric study on the effect of using cold thermal storage energy of phase change material on the performance of air-conditioning unit pp. 1380-1402 Downloads
M.A. Said and Hamdy Hassan
Enhanced photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide in optical fiber monolith reactor with transparent glass balls pp. 1403-1413 Downloads
Huiyao Chen, Fengming Chu, Lijun Yang, Oluwafunmilola Ola, Xiaoze Du and Yongping Yang
Demand response scheduling in industrial asynchronous production lines constrained by available power and production rate pp. 1414-1424 Downloads
Alemayehu Addisu Desta, Hakim Badis and Laurent George
Developing vanadium redox flow technology on a 9-kW 26-kWh industrial scale test facility: Design review and early experiments pp. 1425-1434 Downloads
Massimo Guarnieri, Andrea Trovò, Angelo D'Anzi and Piergiorgio Alotto
A decentralized approach towards resolving transmission grid congestion in Germany using vehicle-to-grid technology pp. 1435-1446 Downloads
Philipp Staudt, Marc Schmidt, Johannes Gärttner and Christof Weinhardt
Modeling of ash formation and deposition processes in coal and biomass fired boilers: A comprehensive review pp. 1447-1544 Downloads
Yongtie Cai, Kunlin Tay, Zhimin Zheng, Wenming Yang, Hui Wang, Guang Zeng, Zhiwang Li, Siah Keng Boon and Prabakaran Subbaiah
Input-output and structural decomposition analysis of India’s carbon emissions and intensity, 2007/08 – 2013/14 pp. 1545-1556 Downloads
Bangzhu Zhu, Bin Su and Yingzhu Li
Are EU waste-to-energy technologies effective for exploiting the energy in bio-waste? pp. 1557-1572 Downloads
Francesco Di Maria, Federico Sisani and Stefano Contini
Numerical model of planar anode supported solid oxide fuel cell fed with fuel containing H2S operated in direct internal reforming mode (DIR-SOFC) pp. 1573-1584 Downloads
Jakub Kupecki, Davide Papurello, Andrea Lanzini, Yevgeniy Naumovich, Konrad Motylinski, Marcin Blesznowski and Massimo Santarelli
Low pressure direct injection strategies effect on a small SI natural gas two-stroke engine’s energy distribution and emissions pp. 1585-1602 Downloads
Mahdi Darzi, Derek Johnson, Chris Ulishney and Nigel Clark
Modeling the multiple benefits of electricity savings for emissions reduction on power grid level: A case study of China’s chemical industry pp. 1603-1632 Downloads
Hui Yue, Ernst Worrell and Crijns-Graus, Wina
Microbial fuel cell stack power to lithium battery stack: Pilot concept for scale up pp. 1633-1644 Downloads
Fabian Fischer, Marc Sugnaux, Cyrille Savy and Gérald Hugenin
The impact of climate change on a cost-optimal highly renewable European electricity network pp. 1645-1659 Downloads
Markus Schlott, Alexander Kies, Tom Brown, Stefan Schramm and Martin Greiner
250 kWth high pressure pilot demonstration of the syngas chemical looping system for high purity H2 production with CO2 capture pp. 1660-1672 Downloads
Tien-Lin Hsieh, Dikai Xu, Yitao Zhang, Sourabh Nadgouda, Dawei Wang, Cheng Chung, Yaswanth Pottimurphy, Mengqing Guo, Yu-Yen Chen, Mingyuan Xu, Pengfei He, Liang-Shih Fan and Andrew Tong
Energy storage sizing methodology for mass-transit direct-current wayside support: Application to French railway company case study pp. 1673-1684 Downloads
Andres Ovalle, Julien Pouget, Seddik Bacha, Laurent Gerbaud, Emmanuel Vinot and Benoît Sonier
Integration of optimal operational dispatch and controller determined dynamics for microgrid survivability pp. 1685-1696 Downloads
Alessandro Cattaneo, Sreenath Chalil Madathil and Scott Backhaus
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