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1981, volume 8, issue 4

Variance of the ground temperature distribution pp. 245-254 Downloads
M. S. Sodha, N. K. Bansal and A. K. Seth
Thermal design of a roof as an inexpensive solar collector/storage system pp. 255-267 Downloads
A. Kumar, U. Singh, A. Srivastava and G. N. Tiwari
A high performance solar powered thermoelectric generator pp. 269-273 Downloads
D. M. Rowe
The coefficient of performance for a solar absorption dual cycle pp. 275-280 Downloads
Hamed M. Sofrata, Adel E. Nasser and Mohammed R. Megahed
Periodic heat transfer in sunlit moist ground: Evaluation of rates of moisture evaporation pp. 281-290 Downloads
M. S. Sodha, S. C. Bhardwaj and S. C. Kaushik
Re-inventing the wheel-barrow pp. 291-315 Downloads
S. D. Probert

1981, volume 8, issue 3

The 1981-1984 automobile fuel economy standards--Can they be achieved? pp. 143-173 Downloads
Larry R. Gsellman
Performance of trombe walls and roof pond systems pp. 175-191 Downloads
M. S. Sodha, S. C. Kaushik and J. K. Nayak
Water-vapour diffusion through fibrous thermal insulants pp. 193-204 Downloads
W. J. Batty, P. W. O'Callaghan, S. D. Probert and S. Gregory
Factors influencing solar energy collector efficiency pp. 205-213 Downloads
P. K. C. Pillai and R. C. Agarwal
Impact of energy on employment in manufacturing pp. 215-225 Downloads
Noel D. Uri
Exergy and economics pp. 227-243 Downloads
P. W. O'Callaghan and S. D. Probert

1981, volume 8, issue 2

Materials for energy conservation and storage pp. 89-142 Downloads
B.C. Tofield

1981, volume 8, issue 1

Natural and mechanical ventilation rates in a detached house: Measurements pp. 1-18 Downloads
D.W. Etheridge, L. Martin, R. Gale and M.A. Gell
Supply of appropriate nuclear technology for the developing world: Small power reactors for electricity generation pp. 19-49 Downloads
Heising-Goodman, C.D.
Stages in the transient cooling of a slab pp. 51-65 Downloads
M.G. Davies
Effect of using a reflecting sheet in an air gap on the thermal performance of hollow walls and roofs pp. 67-78 Downloads
M.S. Sodha, U. Singh, A. Kumar and G.N. Tiwari
Reducing consumption by cascading energy inputs according to temperature level pp. 79-85 Downloads
P.W. O'Callaghan and S.D. Probert

1980, volume 7, issue 4

Direct benefits and costs of regulating automobile gas mileage pp. 243-261 Downloads
Larry R. Gsellman
The relevance of energy analysis in product design pp. 263-279 Downloads
J. Braam
Efficient pumping of hot liquids through horizontal, internally insulated pipes pp. 281-297 Downloads
S.D. Probert and C.Y. Chu
Preparation and characterisation of a spectrally selective black chrome coating for solar energy applications pp. 299-303 Downloads
P.K.C. Pillai and R.C. Agarwal
Periodic theory of an open roof pond pp. 305-319 Downloads
M.S. Sodha, A. Kumar, U. Singh and G.N. Tiwari

1980, volume 7, issue 1-3

Solar system optimisation pp. 5-17 Downloads
G. Ambrosone, A. Andretta, F. Bloisi, B. Coluzzi, S. De Stefano, G. Formisano and L. Vicari
Heat storage and solar system performance pp. 19-29 Downloads
F. Bloisi, S. Catalanotti, V. Cuomo, S. De Stefano and L. Vicari
A regional evaluation of the annual cycle energy system pp. 31-44 Downloads
J.Ward MacArthur, Finn-Carlson, Dean W. and K.H. Nguyen
Solar electricity storage systems pp. 45-66 Downloads
J. Jensen and C. Perram
Prospects for solar energy for providing low temperature heat pp. 67-81 Downloads
J.S. van Wieringen
Optimisation of the performance of a spiral solar collector pp. 83-91 Downloads
P.K.C. Pillai and R.C. Agarwal
Check of a computer program for calculating long-term performance of solar flat-plate collectors pp. 93-108 Downloads
A. Andretta, G. Barone, P. Brunini, V. Cuomo, M. Francesca, P. Mattarelli and C. Serio
Loss coefficients from solar flat-plate collectors pp. 109-117 Downloads
H.P. Garg and U. Rani
Long-term performance of flat-plate solar collectors pp. 119-128 Downloads
G. Ambrosone, A. Andretta, F. Bloisi, S. Catalanotti, V. Cuomo, V. Silvestrini and L. Vicari
Free convection and shading due to gap spacing between an absorber plate and the cover glazing in solar energy flat-plate collectors pp. 129-145 Downloads
N.M. Nahar and H.P. Garg
Effects of dye on the performance of a solar still pp. 147-162 Downloads
M.S. Sodha, A. Kumar, G.N. Tiwari and G.C. Pandey
Thermo emf in saline water and its application in solar stills pp. 163-167 Downloads
G.C. Pandey
Partitioned solar pond collector/storage system pp. 169-190 Downloads
N.D. Kaushik, P.K. Bansal and M.S. Sodha
Performance of a two-stage solar concentrator pp. 191-199 Downloads
T.C. Kandpal, S.S. Mathur and R.N. Singh
Performance of a constant flow sand solar collector pp. 201-214 Downloads
M.S. Sodha, Alok Srivastava, G.N. Tiwari and S.C. Kaushik
Solar space heating using galvanised iron sheet roofs pp. 215-220 Downloads
S.S. Mathur and A.K. Seth
Use of solar energy for heating asphalt in storage tanks pp. 221-228 Downloads
J.B. Henderson, J.A. Wiebelt and J.D. Parker
Heating and cooling buildings by flow of water over the roof pp. 229-242 Downloads
M.S. Sodha, A. Srivastava, A. Kumar and G.N. Tiwari

1980, volume 6, issue 6

Thermal contact resistances for hard machined surfaces pressed against relatively soft optical-flats pp. 405-427 Downloads
M. J. Edmonds, A. M. Jones and S. D. Probert
Energy saving in building design pp. 429-446 Downloads
G. Ambrosone, A. Andretta, F. Bloisi, V. Cuomo, S. De Stefano, G. Formisano, V. Silvestrini, L. Vicari and F. Passaro
Response function for transient heat conduction in semi-infinite media pp. 447-453 Downloads
N. D. Kaushik and Alok Srivastava
Electron mobility in heavily doped, hot pressed silicon germanium alloys pp. 455-462 Downloads
D. M. Rowe
Reducing energy waste by improved communications pp. 463-475 Downloads
Douglas Probert, Edward MacAdam and Santanu Chakrabarti
Energy used by electric motors in a papermill pp. 477-482 Downloads
B. Abbott

1980, volume 6, issue 5

A solar power system (Prometheus) to provide 100 per cent of low-grade heat needs pp. 329-346 Downloads
Barrie W. Jones
Effect of grain size on the thermoelectric conversion efficiency of semiconductor alloys at high temperature pp. 347-351 Downloads
D. M. Rowe and C. M. Bhandari
The development of thermal energy storage systems exploiting solid-solid phase transitions pp. 353-362 Downloads
A. Addeo, L. Nicolais, V. Busico and C. Migliaresi
Pressure loss in a spiral solar energy collector pp. 363-369 Downloads
P. K. C. Pillai and R. C. Agarwal
Efficiencies of exergy transductions pp. 371-384 Downloads
Mohey Hussein, R. J. Wood, P. W. O'Callaghan and S. D. Probert
Materials for internally lining pipes pp. 385-393 Downloads
S. D. Probert and C. Y. Chu
A simulation model for wind turbines pp. 395-399 Downloads
Henry M. Power

1980, volume 6, issue 4

Methods of calculating engineering parameters for gas separations pp. 241-255 Downloads
D.D. Lawson
Models for estimating undiscovered oil resources pp. 257-264 Downloads
Noel D. Uri
Plastic solar collectors for [`]low energy' applications pp. 265-274 Downloads
A. Addeo, G. Campanile, L. Nicolais and G. Romeo
Interfuel substitution and energy consumption in the industrial sector pp. 275-288 Downloads
John Kraft and Arthur Kraft
Performance study of an OTEC system pp. 289-299 Downloads
E.N. Ganic and L. Moeller
Automobile fuel regulations: Direct benefit-cost analysis, 1981-1984 pp. 301-313 Downloads
Hyder Ali G. Lakhani
Concentration characteristics of composite parabolic concentrators pp. 315-321 Downloads
R.N. Singh, S.S. Mathur and T.C. Kandpal
Thermal insulation of a low capital cost solar-energy collector pp. 323-327 Downloads
B. Norton and S.D. Probert

1980, volume 6, issue 3

Feasibility study for a large thermal storage and heat pumping installation pp. 159-169 Downloads
M. R. Wilson
Surface temperature distributions along vertical recuperator pipes pp. 171-175 Downloads
K. Jambunathan and S. D. Probert
Thermodynamic analysis of process efficiency pp. 177-201 Downloads
J. M. Dealy and M. E. Weber
A performance index for thermostatic radiator valves pp. 203-215 Downloads
P. Weker and J. M. Mineur
Economics of roof design, construction and performance pp. 217-230 Downloads
S. D. Probert and T. J. Thirst
Policy implications of generalised distributed lags and the estimated demand for petroleum products pp. 231-239 Downloads
Anthony E. Bopp and Mark Rodekohr

1980, volume 6, issue 2

Design and performance of roofs pp. 79-97 Downloads
S.D. Probert and T.J. Thirst
A storage tank for vehicular storage of liquid hydrogen pp. 99-112 Downloads
Laurence O. Williams and Dale E. Spond
Periodic heat transfer through a hollow concrete slab: Optimum placement of the air gap pp. 113-123 Downloads
M.S. Sodha, A.K. Seth and S.C. Kaushik
Tubular solar collector pp. 125-132 Downloads
P.K.C. Pillai and R.C. Agarwal
Large energy storage systems for utilities pp. 133-142 Downloads
S.L. Ridgway, J.L. Dooley and R.Philip Hammond
A low capital and running cost dwelling built by unskilled labour pp. 143-149 Downloads
David Conn and Douglas Probert
A tricycle design for the future pp. 151-158 Downloads
S.D. Probert and P.C. Blowers

1980, volume 6, issue 1

Energy accounting of alternative energy sources pp. 1-20 Downloads
F. Roberts
Aggregation of the UK's energy conservation options pp. 21-48 Downloads
F. Roberts
Optimal internal lining of pipes to achieve energy conservation pp. 49-62 Downloads
S. D. Probert and C. Y. Chu
Application of centrifugal separation to the production of hydrogen from coal pp. 63-70 Downloads
Laurence O. Williams
Energy and materials conservation pp. 71-77 Downloads
P. W. O'Callaghan and S. D. Probert
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