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Volume 205, issue C, 2017

Three-dimensional transient numerical study on latent heat thermal storage for waste heat recovery from a low temperature gas flow pp. 1-12 Downloads
Chenzhen Ji, Zhen Qin, Swapnil Dubey, Fook Hoong Choo and Fei Duan
Balancing energy and daylighting performances for envelope design: A new index and proposition of a case study in Hong Kong pp. 13-22 Downloads
Jing Chao Xie, Peng Xue, Cheuk Ming Mak and Jia Ping Liu
Solvent regeneration by novel direct non-aqueous gas stripping process for post-combustion CO2 capture pp. 23-32 Downloads
Tao Wang, Wei Yu, Yann Le Moullec, Fei Liu, Yili Xiong, Hui He, Jiahui Lu, Emily Hsu, Mengxiang Fang and Zhongyang Luo
A method for assessing infrastructure for CO2 utilization: A case study of Finland pp. 33-43 Downloads
Hannu Karjunen, Tero Tynjälä and Timo Hyppänen
Heat recovery potential and electrical performances in-field investigation on a hybrid PVT module pp. 44-56 Downloads
Diego Vittorini, Nicola Castellucci and Roberto Cipollone
Global transition to low-carbon electricity: A bibliometric analysis pp. 57-68 Downloads
Lu Wang, Yi-Ming Wei and Marilyn A. Brown
Low complexity energy management strategy for grid profile smoothing of a residential grid-connected microgrid using generation and demand forecasting pp. 69-84 Downloads
Diego Arcos-Aviles, Julio Pascual, Francesc Guinjoan, Luis Marroyo, Pablo Sanchis and Martin P. Marietta
Techno-economic analysis of energy efficiency improvement in electric motor driven systems in Swiss industry pp. 85-104 Downloads
M. Jibran S. Zuberi, Anton Tijdink and Martin K. Patel
Business cases for isolated and grid connected microgrids: Methodology and applications pp. 105-115 Downloads
Mike Quashie, François Bouffard and Géza Joós
Comparative analysis of data-driven methods online and offline trained to the forecasting of grid-connected photovoltaic plant production pp. 116-129 Downloads
S. Ferlito, G. Adinolfi and G. Graditi
Numerical investigation of the energy performance of an Opaque Ventilated Façade system employing a smart modular heat recovery unit and a latent heat thermal energy system pp. 130-152 Downloads
Thierno M.O. Diallo, Xudong Zhao, Antoine Dugue, Paul Bonnamy, Francisco Javier Miguel, Asier Martinez, Theodoros Theodosiou, Jing-Sheng Liu and Nathan Brown
A numerical investigation on methane combustion and emissions from a natural gas-diesel dual fuel engine using CFD model pp. 153-162 Downloads
Yu Li, Hailin Li, Hongsheng Guo, Yongzhi Li and Mingfa Yao
Effect of an alternative operating strategy for gas turbine on a combined cooling heating and power system pp. 163-172 Downloads
Zefeng Wang, Wei Han, Na Zhang, Meng Liu and Hongguang Jin
Residential CCHP microgrid with load aggregator: Operation mode, pricing strategy, and optimal dispatch pp. 173-186 Downloads
Wei Gu, Shuai Lu, Zhi Wu, Xuesong Zhang, Jinhui Zhou, Bo Zhao and Jun Wang
A mean-line model to predict the design efficiency of radial inflow turbines in organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systems pp. 187-209 Downloads
Luca Da Lio, Giovanni Manente and Andrea Lazzaretto
Model-based investigation of residual load smoothing through dynamic electricity purchase: The case of wastewater treatment plants in Germany pp. 210-224 Downloads
Maximilian Seier and Liselotte Schebek
A numerical model for the prediction of the fluid dynamic and mechanical losses of a Wankel-type expansion device pp. 225-235 Downloads
Marco Francesconi and Marco Antonelli
Dynamic pricing for responsive demand to increase distribution network efficiency pp. 236-243 Downloads
Chenghong Gu, Xiaohe Yan, Zhang Yan and Furong Li
Stability enhancement of the motor drive DC input voltage of an electric vehicle using on-board hybrid energy storage systems pp. 244-259 Downloads
João P. Trovão, Mário A. Silva, Carlos Henggeler Antunes and Maxime R. Dubois
Transient dynamic modeling and validation of an organic Rankine cycle waste heat recovery system for heavy duty diesel engine applications pp. 260-279 Downloads
Bin Xu, Dhruvang Rathod, Shreyas Kulkarni, Adamu Yebi, Zoran Filipi, Simona Onori and Mark Hoffman
Analysis of an integrated packed bed thermal energy storage system for heat recovery in compressed air energy storage technology pp. 280-293 Downloads
Iñigo Ortega-Fernández, Simone A. Zavattoni, Javier Rodríguez-Aseguinolaza, D'Aguanno, Bruno and Maurizio C. Barbato
Optimal bidding strategy for microgrids in joint energy and ancillary service markets considering flexible ramping products pp. 294-303 Downloads
Jianxiao Wang, Haiwang Zhong, Wenyuan Tang, Ram Rajagopal, Qing Xia, Chongqing Kang and Yi Wang
H2-optimal transactive control of electric power regulation from fast-acting demand response in the presence of high renewables pp. 304-315 Downloads
David P. Chassin, Sahand Behboodi, Yang Shi and Ned Djilali
Sorption-enhanced water gas shift reaction for high-purity hydrogen production: Application of a Na-Mg double salt-based sorbent and the divided section packing concept pp. 316-322 Downloads
Chan Hyun Lee and Ki Bong Lee
Automatic generation and simulation of urban building energy models based on city datasets for city-scale building retrofit analysis pp. 323-335 Downloads
Yixing Chen, Tianzhen Hong and Mary Ann Piette
How does investor attention affect international crude oil prices? pp. 336-344 Downloads
Ting Yao, Yue-Jun Zhang and Chao-Qun Ma
Developing a multicriteria decision support framework for CHP based combined district heating systems pp. 345-368 Downloads
Haichao Wang, Lin Duanmu, Risto Lahdelma and Xiangli Li
Experimental and numerical investigations on the hydrodynamic performance of a floating–moored oscillating water column wave energy converter pp. 369-390 Downloads
Ahmed Elhanafi, Gregor Macfarlane, Alan Fleming and Zhi Leong
Spatio-temporal evolution of diesel sprays at the early start of injection pp. 391-398 Downloads
Radboud Pos, Robert Wardle, Roger Cracknell and Lionel Ganippa
Multi-objective optimization of the aiming strategy for the solar power tower with a cavity receiver by using the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm pp. 399-416 Downloads
Kun Wang, Ya-Ling He, Xiao-Dai Xue and Bao-Cun Du
Annual measured and simulated thermal performance analysis of a hybrid solar district heating plant with flat plate collectors and parabolic trough collectors in series pp. 417-427 Downloads
Zhiyong Tian, Bengt Perers, Simon Furbo and Jianhua Fan
Evaluation of the ocean ecosystem: Climate change modelling with backstop technologies pp. 428-439 Downloads
Tetsuya Tamaki, Wataru Nozawa and Shunsuke Managi
An Epistemic-Deontic-Axiologic (EDA) agent-based energy management system in office buildings pp. 440-452 Downloads
Lai Jiang, Runming Yao, Kecheng Liu and Rachel McCrindle
The International Database of Efficient Appliances (IDEA): A new tool to support appliance energy-efficiency deployment pp. 453-464 Downloads
Brian F. Gerke, Michael A. McNeil and Thomas Tu
Energy and environment efficiency analysis based on an improved environment DEA cross-model: Case study of complex chemical processes pp. 465-476 Downloads
ZhiQiang Geng, JunGen Dong, YongMing Han and QunXiong Zhu
Bioenergy production on marginal land in Canada: Potential, economic feasibility, and greenhouse gas emissions impacts pp. 477-485 Downloads
Tingting Liu, Ted Huffman, Suren(dra) Kulshreshtha, Brian McConkey, Yuneng Du, Melodie Green, Jiangui Liu, Jiali Shang and Xiaoyuan Geng
Can the household sector reduce global warming mitigation costs? sensitivity to key parameters in a TIMES techno-economic energy model pp. 486-498 Downloads
Miguel F. Astudillo, Kathleen Vaillancourt, Pierre-Olivier Pineau and Mourad Amor
Simulation-driven design of a passive liquid cooling system for a thermoelectric generator pp. 499-510 Downloads
M.J. Deasy, N. Baudin, O'Shaughnessy, S.M. and A.J. Robinson
Predictive temperature modeling and experimental investigation of ultrasonic vibration-assisted pelleting of wheat straw pp. 511-528 Downloads
Qi Zhang, Zhenzhen Shi, Pengfei Zhang, Zhichao Li and Majid Jaberi-Douraki
A novel methodological approach for achieving £/MWh cost reduction of CO2 capture and storage (CCS) processes pp. 529-539 Downloads
Renato P. Cabral and Niall Mac Dowell
Multi-criteria evaluation of parabolic trough collector with internally finned absorbers pp. 540-561 Downloads
Evangelos Bellos, Christos Tzivanidis and Dimitrios Tsimpoukis
Application of a novel microwave-assisted plasma ignition system in a direct injection gasoline engine pp. 562-576 Downloads
Joonsik Hwang, Wooyeong Kim, Choongsik Bae, Wonho Choe, Jeonghwa Cha and Soohyung Woo
Comparative analysis of optimal operation strategies for district heating and cooling system based on design and actual load pp. 577-588 Downloads
Na Deng, Guansong He, Yuan Gao, Bin Yang, Jun Zhao, Shunming He and Xue Tian
Water-energy nexus for urban water systems: A comparative review on energy intensity and environmental impacts in relation to global water risks pp. 589-601 Downloads
Mengshan Lee, Arturo A. Keller, Pen-Chi Chiang, Walter Den, Hongtao Wang, Chia-Hung Hou, Jiang Wu, Xin Wang and Jinyue Yan
Subcooled compressed air energy storage system for coproduction of heat, cooling and electricity pp. 602-614 Downloads
A. Arabkoohsar, M. Dremark-Larsen, R. Lorentzen and G.B. Andresen
Feasibility assessment of heavy-oil recovery by CO2 injection after cold production with sands: Lab-to-field scale modeling considering non-equilibrium foamy oil behavior pp. 615-625 Downloads
A. Rangriz Shokri and T. Babadagli
Conceptual development of a building-integrated photovoltaic–radiative cooling system and preliminary performance analysis in Eastern China pp. 626-634 Downloads
Bin Zhao, Mingke Hu, Xianze Ao and Gang Pei
Quantitative evaluation of the impact of building load characteristics on energy performance of district cooling systems pp. 635-643 Downloads
Chengchu Yan, Wenjie Gang, Xiaofeng Niu, Xujian Peng and Shengwei Wang
Analyses of CO2 mitigation roadmap in China’s power industry: Using a Backcasting Model pp. 644-653 Downloads
Zong-guo Wen, Jing-han Di, Xue-wei Yu and Xuan Zhang
Short-term residential load forecasting: Impact of calendar effects and forecast granularity pp. 654-669 Downloads
Peter Lusis, Kaveh Rajab Khalilpour, Lachlan Andrew and Ariel Liebman
Application of computational fluid dynamics to the analysis of geometrical features in PEM fuel cells flow fields with the aid of impedance spectroscopy pp. 670-682 Downloads
Andrea Baricci, Riccardo Mereu, Mirko Messaggi, Matteo Zago, Fabio Inzoli and Andrea Casalegno
Investigation on performance of a hydrogen-gasoline rotary engine at part load and lean conditions pp. 683-691 Downloads
Teng Su, Changwei Ji, Shuofeng Wang, Lei Shi, Jinxin Yang and Xiaoyu Cong
Steam generation with stoichiometric combustion of H2/O2 as a way to simultaneously provide primary control reserve and energy storage pp. 692-702 Downloads
P. Stathopoulos, T. Sleem and C.O. Paschereit
Evaluation and comparison of erythritol-based composites with addition of expanded graphite and carbon nanotubes pp. 703-709 Downloads
Shaopeng Guo, Qibin Liu, Jun Zhao, Guang Jin, Xiaotong Wang, Zhongmin Lang, Wenxiu He and Zhijun Gong
Wearable thermoelectric generator for harvesting heat on the curved human wrist pp. 710-719 Downloads
Yancheng Wang, Yaoguang Shi, Deqing Mei and Zichen Chen
Typical solar radiation year construction using k-means clustering and discrete-time Markov chain pp. 720-731 Downloads
Shuai Li, Hongjie Ma and Weiyi Li
Impact of different LEED versions for green building certification and energy efficiency rating system: A Multifamily Midrise case study pp. 732-740 Downloads
Ankush Rastogi, Jun-Ki Choi, Taehoon Hong and Minhyun Lee
Highly compact and robust hollow fiber solid oxide cells for flexible power generation and gas production pp. 741-748 Downloads
Xiuxia Meng, Yongna Liu, Naitao Yang, Xiaoyao Tan, Jian Liu, João C. Diniz da Costa and Shaomin Liu
Modeling phase equilibrium with a modified Wong-Sandler mixing rule for natural gas hydrates: Experimental validation pp. 749-760 Downloads
Niraj Thakre and Amiya K. Jana
Effects of ejector geometries on performance of ejector-expansion R410A air conditioner considering cooling seasonal performance factor pp. 761-768 Downloads
Yongseok Jeon, Jongho Jung, Dongwoo Kim, Sunjae Kim and Yongchan Kim
A dynamic forward-citation full path model for technology monitoring: An empirical study from shale gas industry pp. 769-780 Downloads
Yi-Ming Wei, Jia-Ning Kang, Bi-Ying Yu, Hua Liao and Yun-Fei Du
Determination of rated wind speed for maximum annual energy production of variable speed wind turbines pp. 781-789 Downloads
Ahmad Sedaghat, Arash Hassanzadeh, Jamaloddin Jamali, Ali Mostafaeipour and Wei-Hsin Chen
Short-term electricity demand forecasting using autoregressive based time varying model incorporating representative data adjustment pp. 790-801 Downloads
D.H. Vu, K.M. Muttaqi, A.P. Agalgaonkar and A. Bouzerdoum
Improvement of tar removal performance of oil scrubber by producing syngas microbubbles pp. 802-812 Downloads
Siriwat Unyaphan, Thanyawan Tarnpradab, Fumitake Takahashi and Kunio Yoshikawa
Experimental research and theoretical analysis of flow instability in supercritical carbon dioxide natural circulation loop pp. 813-821 Downloads
Guangxu Liu, Yanping Huang, Junfeng Wang, Fa Lv and Shenghui Liu
Development of a highly efficient solid oxide fuel cell system pp. 822-833 Downloads
Kanghun Lee, Sanggyu Kang and Kook-Young Ahn
Improving energy and visual performance in offices using building integrated perovskite-based solar cells: A case study in Southern Italy pp. 834-846 Downloads
Alessandro Cannavale, Laura Ierardi, Maximilian Hörantner, Giles E. Eperon, Henry J. Snaith, Ubaldo Ayr and Francesco Martellotta
The power target of a fluid machinery network in a circulating water system pp. 847-854 Downloads
Wei Gao and Xiao Feng
The influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on diverse renewable generation in Scotland pp. 855-867 Downloads
Andrew N. Commin, Andrew S. French, Matteo Marasco, Jennifer Loxton, Stuart W. Gibb and John McClatchey
Heat transfer enhancement of a modularised thermoelectric power generator for passenger vehicles pp. 868-879 Downloads
Bo Li, Kuo Huang, Yuying Yan, Yong Li, Ssennoga Twaha and Jie Zhu
A new strategy of efficiency enhancement for traction systems in electric vehicles pp. 880-891 Downloads
Xiaofeng Ding, Hong Guo, Rui Xiong, Feida Chen, Donghuai Zhang and Chris Gerada
A study on the impact of open circuit voltage tests on state of charge estimation for lithium-ion batteries pp. 892-902 Downloads
Cheng Lin, Quanqing Yu, Rui Xiong and Le Yi Wang
A computational analysis of the impact of bore-to-stroke ratio on emissions and efficiency of a HSDI engine pp. 903-910 Downloads
J. Benajes, R. Novella, J.M. Pastor, A. Hernández-López and T. Duverger
Performance and emissions characteristics in the combustion of co-fuel diesel-hydrogen in a heavy duty engine pp. 911-925 Downloads
S. Mohammad Hosseini and Rouhollah Ahmadi
Fault detection and operation optimization in district heating substations based on data mining techniques pp. 926-940 Downloads
Puning Xue, Zhigang Zhou, Xiumu Fang, Xin Chen, Lin Liu, Yaowen Liu and Jing Liu
Energy harvesting from asphalt pavement using thermoelectric technology pp. 941-950 Downloads
Wei Jiang, Dongdong Yuan, Shudong Xu, Huitao Hu, Jingjing Xiao, Aimin Sha and Yue Huang
Development of a comprehensive method to analyse glazing systems with Parallel Slat Transparent Insulation material (PS-TIM) pp. 951-963 Downloads
Yanyi Sun, Runqi Liang, Yupeng Wu, Robin Wilson and Peter Rutherford
Characterization of the urea-water spray impingement in diesel selective catalytic reduction systems pp. 964-975 Downloads
Yujun Liao, Panayotis Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler, Daniel Rentsch, Francesco Curto and Konstantinos Boulouchos
Development of a new dynamic test procedure for the laboratory characterization of a whole heating and cooling system pp. 976-990 Downloads
Diego Menegon, Anton Soppelsa and Roberto Fedrizzi
Industrial excess heat for district heating in Denmark pp. 991-1001 Downloads
Fabian Bühler, Stefan Petrović, Kenneth Karlsson and Brian Elmegaard
Analysis of the reduction of energy cost by using MEA-MDEA-PZ solvent for post-combustion carbon dioxide capture (PCC) pp. 1002-1011 Downloads
Rui Zhang, Xiaowen Zhang, Qi Yang, Hai Yu, Zhiwu Liang and Xiao Luo
Long-term operation of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell without external humidification pp. 1012-1020 Downloads
S. Martin, P.L. Garcia-Ybarra and J.L. Castillo
Energy efficiency in U.S. residential rental housing: Adoption rates and impact on rent pp. 1021-1033 Downloads
Jongho Im, Youngme Seo, Kristen S. Cetin and Jasmeet Singh
A self-learning algorithm for coordinated control of rooftop units in small- and medium-sized commercial buildings pp. 1034-1049 Downloads
Xiangyu Zhang, Manisa Pipattanasomporn and Saifur Rahman
Direct synthesis of Pt-free catalyst on gas diffusion layer of fuel cell and usage of high boiling point fuels for efficient utilization of waste heat pp. 1050-1058 Downloads
Ravi Nandan, Gopal Krishna Goswami and Karuna Kar Nanda
Performance characteristics of an R600a household refrigeration cycle with a modified two-phase ejector for various ejector geometries and operating conditions pp. 1059-1067 Downloads
Yongseok Jeon, Sunjae Kim, Dongwoo Kim, Hyun Joon Chung and Yongchan Kim
Non-intrusive load monitoring under residential solar power influx pp. 1068-1080 Downloads
Chinthaka Dinesh, Shirantha Welikala, Yasitha Liyanage, Mervyn Parakrama B. Ekanayake, Roshan Indika Godaliyadda and Janaka Ekanayake
A new management strategy based on the reallocation of ads-/desorption times: Experimental operation of a full-scale 3 beds adsorption chiller pp. 1081-1090 Downloads
Alessio Sapienza, Valeria Palomba, Giuseppe Gullì, Andrea Frazzica and Salvatore Vasta
Refractory failure in entrained-flow gasifier: Vision-based macrostructure investigation in a bench-scale OMB gasifier pp. 1091-1099 Downloads
Yan Gong, Qing Zhang, Huiwen Zhu, Qinghua Guo and Guangsuo Yu
Thermoeconomic multi-objective optimization of a dual loop organic Rankine cycle (ORC) for CNG engine waste heat recovery pp. 1100-1118 Downloads
Fubin Yang, Heejin Cho, Hongguang Zhang and Jian Zhang
Unexpected water impacts of energy-saving measures in the iron and steel sector: Tradeoffs or synergies? pp. 1119-1127 Downloads
Can Wang, Xinzhu Zheng, Wenjia Cai, Xue Gao and Peter Berrill
The effect of high levels of solar generation on congestion in the European electricity transmission grid pp. 1128-1140 Downloads
Joel Goop, Mikael Odenberger and Filip Johnsson
Evaluation of empirical heat transfer models for HCCI combustion in a CFR engine pp. 1141-1150 Downloads
Stijn Broekaert, Thomas De Cuyper, Michel De Paepe and Sebastian Verhelst
Comparative life cycle assessment of real pilot reactors for microalgae cultivation in different seasons pp. 1151-1164 Downloads
Paula Pérez-López, Jeroen H. de Vree, Gumersindo Feijoo, Rouke Bosma, Maria J. Barbosa, María Teresa Moreira, René H. Wijffels, Anton J.B. van Boxtel and Dorinde M.M. Kleinegris
A Review on efficient thermal management of air- and liquid-cooled data centers: From chip to the cooling system pp. 1165-1188 Downloads
Ali Habibi Khalaj and Saman K. Halgamuge
High-efficiency negative-carbon emission power generation from integrated solid-oxide fuel cell and calciner pp. 1189-1201 Downloads
Dawid P. Hanak, Barrie G. Jenkins, Tim Kruger and Vasilije Manovic
Value of pumped hydro storage in a hybrid energy generation and allocation system pp. 1202-1215 Downloads
Ayse Selin Kocaman and Vijay Modi
Comparing the capability of low- and high-resolution LiDAR data with application to solar resource assessment, roof type classification and shading analysis pp. 1216-1230 Downloads
D. Lingfors, J.M. Bright, N.A. Engerer, J. Ahlberg, S. Killinger and J. Widén
Application of DEA and statistical inference to model the determinants of biomethane production efficiency: A case study in south China pp. 1231-1243 Downloads
Djavan De Clercq, Zongguo Wen, Luis Caicedo, Xin Cao, Fei Fan and Ruifei Xu
Sizing of a stand-alone microgrid considering electric power, cooling/heating, hydrogen loads and hydrogen storage degradation pp. 1244-1259 Downloads
Bei Li, Robin Roche, Damien Paire and Abdellatif Miraoui
Development of a single-phase thermosiphon for cold collection and storage of radiative cooling pp. 1260-1269 Downloads
Dongliang Zhao, Christine Elizabeth Martini, Siyu Jiang, Yaoguang Ma, Yao Zhai, Gang Tan, Xiaobo Yin and Ronggui Yang
Transport phenomena in direct borohydride fuel cells pp. 1270-1282 Downloads
L. An and C.Y. Jung
Design optimization of offshore wind farms with multiple types of wind turbines pp. 1283-1297 Downloads
Ju Feng and Wen Zhong Shen
Online short-term forecast of greenhouse heat load using a weather forecast service pp. 1298-1310 Downloads
Vogler–Finck, P.J.C., P. Bacher and H. Madsen
Impact of service sector loads on renewable resource integration pp. 1311-1326 Downloads
Nina Voulis, Martijn Warnier and Frances M.T. Brazier
Modelling electro-thermal response of lithium-ion batteries from normal to abuse conditions pp. 1327-1344 Downloads
Ping Ping, Qingsong Wang, Youngmann Chung and Jennifer Wen
Aging based optimal scheduling framework for power plants using equivalent operating hour approach pp. 1345-1363 Downloads
Tarannom Parhizkar, Ali Mosleh and Ramin Roshandel
A stochastic MILP energy planning model incorporating power market dynamics pp. 1364-1383 Downloads
Nikolaos E. Koltsaklis and Konstantinos Nazos
Distributed energy storage system scheduling considering tariff structure, energy arbitrage and solar PV penetration pp. 1384-1393 Downloads
Oytun Babacan, Elizabeth L. Ratnam, Vahid R. Disfani and Jan Kleissl
Aiming strategy optimization for uniform flux distribution in the receiver of a linear Fresnel solar reflector using a multi-objective genetic algorithm pp. 1394-1407 Downloads
Yu Qiu, Ming-Jia Li, Kun Wang, Zhan-Bin Liu and Xiao-Dai Xue
Evaluating penalized logistic regression models to predict Heat-Related Electric grid stress days pp. 1408-1418 Downloads
L.M. Bramer, J. Rounds, C.D. Burleyson, D. Fortin, J. Hathaway, J. Rice and I. Kraucunas
Towards the Power Synergy Hub (PSHub): Coordinating the energy dispatch of super grid by modified Benders decomposition pp. 1419-1434 Downloads
Zhao Yuan, Sonja Wogrin and Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh
CO2 separation from offshore natural gas in quiescent and flowing states using 13X zeolite pp. 1435-1446 Downloads
S.J. Chen, Z.C. Tao, Y. Fu, M. Zhu, W.L. Li and X.D. Li
Critical phenomena and their effect on thermal energy storage in supercritical fluids pp. 1447-1458 Downloads
Gustavo M. Hobold and Alexandre K. da Silva
More than half reduction in price per watt of thermoelectric device without increasing the thermoelectric figure of merit of materials pp. 1459-1466 Downloads
Junphil Hwang, Hoon Kim, Dimuthu Wijethunge, Nagaraj Nandihalli, Yoomin Eom, Hwanjoo Park, Jungwon Kim and Woochul Kim
Effects of increased spark discharge energy and enhanced in-cylinder turbulence level on lean limits and cycle-to-cycle variations of combustion for SI engine operation pp. 1467-1477 Downloads
Dongwon Jung, Kosaku Sasaki and Norimasa Iida
Hybrid PEMFC-supercapacitor system: Modeling and energy management in energetic macroscopic representation pp. 1478-1494 Downloads
Guadalupe Lopez Lopez, Ricardo Schacht Rodriguez, Victor M. Alvarado, J.F. Gomez-Aguilar, Juan E. Mota and Cinda Sandoval
A multi-scale framework for simultaneous optimization of the design and operating strategy of residential CHP systems pp. 1495-1511 Downloads
Abigail Ondeck, Thomas F. Edgar and Michael Baldea
The impact of Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) and the choice of coverage industry in ETS: A case study in China pp. 1512-1527 Downloads
Boqiang Lin and Zhijie Jia
Stochastic modelling of the economic viability of on-farm co-digestion of pig manure and food waste in Ireland pp. 1528-1537 Downloads
C. Dennehy, P.G. Lawlor, G.E. Gardiner, Y. Jiang, L. Shalloo and X. Zhan
Operational optimization of a grid-connected factory with onsite photovoltaic and battery storage systems pp. 1538-1547 Downloads
Hao Zhang, Jie Cai, Kan Fang, Fu Zhao and John W. Sutherland
Evaluation of energy efficient hybrid hollow plaster panel using phase change material/xGnP composites pp. 1548-1559 Downloads
Seunghwan Wi, Su-Gwang Jeong, Seong Jin Chang, Jongki Lee and Sumin Kim
Self-consumption with PV+Battery systems: A market diffusion model considering individual consumer behaviour and preferences pp. 1560-1570 Downloads
Anna-Lena Klingler
Economic and energetic analysis of biofuel supply chains pp. 1571-1582 Downloads
Rex T.L. Ng and Christos T. Maravelias
Foresee: A user-centric home energy management system for energy efficiency and demand response pp. 1583-1595 Downloads
Xin Jin, Kyri Baker, Dane Christensen and Steven Isley
Ammonia escape mass transfer and heat transfer characteristics of CO2 absorption in packed absorbing column pp. 1596-1604 Downloads
Fengming Chu, Yifang Liu, Lijun Yang, Xiaoze Du and Yongping Yang
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