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Volume 190, issue C, 2017

Assessing thermal comfort and energy efficiency in buildings by statistical quality control for autocorrelated data pp. 1-17 Downloads
Inés Barbeito, Sonia Zaragoza, Javier Tarrío-Saavedra and Salvador Naya
Identification of key energy efficiency drivers through global city benchmarking: A data driven approach pp. 18-28 Downloads
Xin Wang, Zhengwei Li, Haixing Meng and Jiang Wu
Performance characteristics of thin-multilayer activated alumina bed pp. 29-42 Downloads
H. Abou-Ziyan, D. Abd El-Raheim, O. Mahmoud and M. Fatouh
Anatomy of the cooled EGR effects on soot emission reduction in boosted spark-ignited direct-injection engines pp. 43-56 Downloads
Tie Li, Tao Yin and Bin Wang
Cool colored coating and phase change materials as complementary cooling strategies for building cooling load reduction in tropics pp. 57-63 Downloads
Jiawei Lei, Karthikeyan Kumarasamy, Kishor T. Zingre, Jinglei Yang, Man Pun Wan and En-Hua Yang
Analysis and implementation of high step-up DC-DC converter for PV based grid application pp. 64-72 Downloads
S. Saravanan and N. Ramesh Babu
Adaptive control for robust air flow management in an automotive fuel cell system pp. 73-83 Downloads
Jaeyoung Han, Sangseok Yu and Sun Yi
Liquid air energy storage (LAES) with packed bed cold thermal storage – From component to system level performance through dynamic modelling pp. 84-98 Downloads
A. Sciacovelli, A. Vecchi and Y. Ding
Nodal modelling for advanced thermal-management of internal combustion engine pp. 99-113 Downloads
David Chalet, Matisse Lesage, Mickaël Cormerais and Thierry Marimbordes
Greenhouse gas emission of biogas production out of silage maize and sugar beet – An assessment along the entire production chain pp. 114-121 Downloads
Anna Jacobs, Sebastian Auburger, Enno Bahrs, Wiebke Brauer-Siebrecht, Olaf Christen, Philipp Götze, Heinz-Josef Koch, Jan Rücknagel and Bernward Märländer
CFD simulation of CO2 sorption on K2CO3 solid sorbent in novel high flux circulating-turbulent fluidized bed riser: Parametric statistical experimental design study pp. 122-134 Downloads
Theeranan Thummakul, Dimitri Gidaspow, Pornpote Piumsomboon and Benjapon Chalermsinsuwan
Underground pumped storage hydropower plants using open pit mines: How do groundwater exchanges influence the efficiency? pp. 135-146 Downloads
Estanislao Pujades, Philippe Orban, Sarah Bodeux, Pierre Archambeau, Sébastien Erpicum and Alain Dassargues
A multi-scale optimization framework for electricity market participation pp. 147-164 Downloads
Alexander W. Dowling, Ranjeet Kumar and Victor M. Zavala
Synthesis of flexible electrodes based on electrospun carbon nanofibers with Mn3O4 nanoparticles for vanadium redox flow battery application pp. 165-171 Downloads
A. Di Blasi, C. Busaccaa, O. Di Blasia, N. Briguglioa, G. Squadritoa and V. Antonuccia
A disaggregated analysis of the environmental Kuznets curve for industrial CO2 emissions in China pp. 172-180 Downloads
Yuan Wang, Chen Zhang, Aitong Lu, Li Li, Yanmin He, Junji ToJo and Xiaodong Zhu
Efficacy of options to address balancing challenges: Integrated gas and electricity perspectives pp. 181-190 Downloads
Meysam Qadrdan, Hossein Ameli, Goran Strbac and Nicholas Jenkins
Levelized cost of electricity for solar photovoltaic and electrical energy storage pp. 191-203 Downloads
Chun Sing Lai and Malcolm D. McCulloch
The economic and social performance of integrated photovoltaic and agricultural greenhouses systems: Case study in China pp. 204-212 Downloads
Changsheng Li, Haiyu Wang, Hong Miao and Bin Ye
Effects of PCM on power consumption and temperature control performance of a thermal control system subject to periodic ambient conditions pp. 213-221 Downloads
Hong Ye, Zijun Wang and Liwei Wang
Analysis of energy and control efficiencies of fuzzy logic and artificial neural network technologies in the heating energy supply system responding to the changes of user demands pp. 222-231 Downloads
Jonghoon Ahn, Soolyeon Cho and Dae Hun Chung
Electrical hubs: An effective way to integrate non-dispatchable renewable energy sources with minimum impact to the grid pp. 232-248 Downloads
A.T.D. Perera, Vahid M. Nik, Dasaraden Mauree and Jean-Louis Scartezzini
Study on dissociation characteristics of CO2 hydrate with THF for cooling application pp. 249-256 Downloads
Qibei Sun, Shol Kim and Yong Tae Kang
High density Mongolian anthracite based porous carbon monoliths for methane storage by adsorption pp. 257-265 Downloads
Narandalai Byamba-Ochir, Wang Geun Shim, M.S. Balathanigaimani and Hee Moon
An innovative method for the design of high energy performance building envelopes pp. 266-277 Downloads
Julien Berger and Nathan Mendes
CO2 volatility impact on energy portfolio choice: A fully stochastic LCOE theory analysis pp. 278-290 Downloads
Carlo Lucheroni and Carlo Mari
Electricity price forecasting by a hybrid model, combining wavelet transform, ARMA and kernel-based extreme learning machine methods pp. 291-305 Downloads
Zhang Yang, Li Ce and Li Lian
Dependence changes between the carbon price and its fundamentals: A quantile regression approach pp. 306-325 Downloads
Xue-Ping Tan and Xin-Yu Wang
Life Cycle Assessment of Power-to-Gas: Approaches, system variations and their environmental implications pp. 326-338 Downloads
Xiaojin Zhang, Christian Bauer, Christopher L. Mutel and Kathrin Volkart
Optimal capacitance selection for a wind-driven self-excited reluctance generator under varying wind speed and load conditions pp. 339-353 Downloads
T.R. Ayodele, A.S.O. Ogunjuyigbe and B.B. Adetokun
Assessment of solar and wind resource synergy in Australia pp. 354-367 Downloads
Abhnil A. Prasad, Robert A. Taylor and Merlinde Kay
A frequency and bandwidth tunable piezoelectric vibration energy harvester using multiple nonlinear techniques pp. 368-375 Downloads
Xiang Wang, Changsong Chen, Na Wang, Haisheng San, Yuxi Yu, Einar Halvorsen and Xuyuan Chen
Performance analysis of organic Rankine cycles using R600/R601a mixtures with liquid-separated condensation pp. 376-389 Downloads
Jian Li, Qiang Liu, Yuanyuan Duan and Zhen Yang
Multi-step ahead electricity price forecasting using a hybrid model based on two-layer decomposition technique and BP neural network optimized by firefly algorithm pp. 390-407 Downloads
Deyun Wang, Hongyuan Luo, Olivier Grunder, Yanbing Lin and Haixiang Guo
CPFD simulations of an industrial-sized dual fluidized bed steam gasification system of biomass with 8MW fuel input pp. 408-420 Downloads
Stephan Kraft, Friedrich Kirnbauer and Hermann Hofbauer
Optimization of ground heat exchangers for space heating and cooling applications using Taguchi method and utility concept pp. 421-438 Downloads
Navdeep Pandey, K. Murugesan and H.R. Thomas
Techno-economic assessment of solar assisted heat pump system retrofit in the Canadian housing stock pp. 439-452 Downloads
S. Rasoul Asaee, V. Ismet Ugursal and Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Multiple community energy storage planning in distribution networks using a cost-benefit analysis pp. 453-463 Downloads
Junainah Sardi, N. Mithulananthan, M. Gallagher and Duong Quoc Hung
Energy consumption-based accounts: A comparison of results using different energy extension vectors pp. 464-473 Downloads
Anne Owen, Paul Brockway, Lina Brand-Correa, Lukas Bunse, Marco Sakai and John Barrett
A functional form-stable phase change composite with high efficiency electro-to-thermal energy conversion pp. 474-480 Downloads
Wenhao Wu, Xinyu Huang, Kai Li, Ruimin Yao, Renjie Chen and Ruqiang Zou
Screening and techno-economic assessment of biomass-based power generation with CCS technologies to meet 2050 CO2 targets pp. 481-489 Downloads
Amit Bhave, Richard H.S. Taylor, Paul Fennell, William R. Livingston, Nilay Shah, Niall Mac Dowell, John Dennis, Markus Kraft, Mohammed Pourkashanian, Mathieu Insa, Jenny Jones, Nigel Burdett, Ausilio Bauen, Corinne Beal, Andrew Smallbone and Jethro Akroyd
Manipulating modern diesel engine particulate emission characteristics through butanol fuel blending and fuel injection strategies for efficient diesel oxidation catalysts pp. 490-500 Downloads
M.A. Fayad, A. Tsolakis, D. Fernández-Rodríguez, J.M. Herreros, F.J. Martos and M. Lapuerta
Hydrogen-rich syngas production and tar removal from biomass gasification using sacrificial tyre pyrolysis char pp. 501-509 Downloads
Amal S. Al-Rahbi and Paul T. Williams
Design and performance of a multistage fluidised bed heat exchanger for particle-receiver solar power plants with storage pp. 510-523 Downloads
Fabrisio Gomez-Garcia, Daniel Gauthier and Gilles Flamant
Experimental and numerical investigation of a tube-in-tank latent thermal energy storage unit using composite PCM pp. 524-539 Downloads
Z.N. Meng and P. Zhang
Geometry optimization of two-stage thermoelectric generators using simplified conjugate-gradient method pp. 540-552 Downloads
Zhichun Liu, Shiping Zhu, Ya Ge, Feng Shan, Lingping Zeng and Wei Liu
The characteristics of recycled NO reduction over char during oxy-fuel fluidized bed combustion pp. 553-562 Downloads
Mingxin Xu, Shiyuan Li, Yinghai Wu, Lufei Jia and Qinggang Lu
Framework to investigate energy conservation motivation and actions of building occupants: The case of a green campus in Abu Dhabi, UAE pp. 563-573 Downloads
Elie Azar and Hamad Al Ansari
A regenerative supercritical-subcritical dual-loop organic Rankine cycle system for energy recovery from the waste heat of internal combustion engines pp. 574-590 Downloads
Enhua Wang, Zhibin Yu, Hongguang Zhang and Fubin Yang
An optimal dispatching strategy for V2G aggregator participating in supplementary frequency regulation considering EV driving demand and aggregator’s benefits pp. 591-599 Downloads
Chao Peng, Jianxiao Zou, Lian Lian and Liying Li
Dynamic simulation of an integrated solar-driven ejector based air conditioning system with PCM cold storage pp. 600-611 Downloads
Yosr Allouche, Szabolcs Varga, Chiheb Bouden and Armando C. Oliveira
Thermal and morphological studies on novel PCM microcapsules containing n-hexadecane as the core in a flexible shell pp. 612-622 Downloads
Somayeh Lashgari, Hassan Arabi, Ali Reza Mahdavian and Veronica Ambrogi
Multi-plume sprays interacting with subsonic compressible gas jets pp. 623-633 Downloads
Abbas Ghasemi, Aaron Pereira, Xianguo Li and Yi Ren
Multiobjective optimisation of energy systems and building envelope retrofit in a residential community pp. 634-649 Downloads
Raphael Wu, Georgios Mavromatidis, Kristina Orehounig and Jan Carmeliet
Oscillation characteristic study of wind speed, global solar radiation and air temperature using wavelet analysis pp. 650-657 Downloads
Tian-Pau Chang, Feng-Jiao Liu, Hong-Hsi Ko and Ming-Chao Huang
Effect of fuel injection parameters on combustion stability and emissions of a mineral diesel fueled partially premixed charge compression ignition (PCCI) engine pp. 658-669 Downloads
Ayush Jain, Akhilendra Pratap Singh and Avinash Kumar Agarwal
Wind estimation with a non-standard extended Kalman filter and its application on maximum power extraction for variable speed wind turbines pp. 670-685 Downloads
Dongran Song, Jian Yang, Zili Cai, Mi Dong, Mei Su and Yinghua Wang
Thermo-economic optimization of hybrid solar Maisotsenko bottoming cycles using heliostat field collector: Comparative analysis pp. 686-702 Downloads
Mohammad Saghafifar and Mohamed Gadalla
Highly stable gasified straw slag as a novel solid base catalyst for the effective synthesis of biodiesel: Characteristics and performance pp. 703-712 Downloads
Jiayan Wang, Shiyou Xing, Yanqin Huang, Pei Fan, Junying Fu, Gaixiu Yang, Lingmei Yang and Pengmei Lv
Novel approach to determine cathode two-phase-flow pressure drop of proton exchange membrane fuel cell and its application on water management pp. 713-724 Downloads
Yuehua Li, Pucheng Pei, Ziyao Wu, Huachi Xu, Dongfang Chen and Shangwei Huang
A reduced fidelity model for the rotary chemical looping combustion reactor pp. 725-739 Downloads
Chukwunwike O. Iloeje, Zhenlong Zhao and Ahmed F. Ghoniem
A model-based adaptive state of charge estimator for a lithium-ion battery using an improved adaptive particle filter pp. 740-748 Downloads
Min Ye, Hui Guo and Binggang Cao
Spatial clustering for district heating integration in urban energy systems: Application to geothermal energy pp. 749-763 Downloads
Jérémy Unternährer, Stefano Moret, Stéphane Joost and François Maréchal
A temperature-variant method for performance modeling and economic analysis of thermoelectric generators: Linking material properties to real-world conditions pp. 764-771 Downloads
Naman S. Benday, Daniel M. Dryden, Kurt Kornbluth and Pieter Stroeve
Decomposition of energy-related CO2 emissions in China: An empirical analysis based on provincial panel data of three sectors pp. 772-787 Downloads
Miao Wang and Chao Feng
Thermo-electro-chemical storage (TECS) of solar energy pp. 788-799 Downloads
Erez Wenger, Michael Epstein and Abraham Kribus
Flexibility of electric vehicles and space heating in net zero energy houses: an optimal control model with thermal dynamics and battery degradation pp. 800-812 Downloads
Jyri Salpakari, Topi Rasku, Juuso Lindgren and Peter D. Lund
A novel gas separation integrated membrane bioreactor to evaluate the impact of self-generated biogas recycling on continuous hydrogen fermentation pp. 813-823 Downloads
Péter Bakonyi, Germán Buitrón, Idania Valdez-Vazquez, Nándor Nemestóthy and Katalin Bélafi-Bakó
Detailed kinetic modelling of H2S oxidation with presence of CO2 under rich condition pp. 824-834 Downloads
Yang Li, Xinlei Yu, Hongjun Li, Qinghua Guo, Zhenghua Dai, Guangsuo Yu and Fuchen Wang
New tool for improved control of sub-process interactions in rotating ring die pelletizing of torrefied biomass pp. 835-840 Downloads
Magnus Rudolfsson, Sylvia H. Larsson and Torbjörn A. Lestander
Energy Resources Intelligent Management using on line real-time simulation: A decision support tool for sustainable manufacturing pp. 841-851 Downloads
Lucia Cassettari, Ilaria Bendato, Marco Mosca and Roberto Mosca
Technical challenges in operating an SOFC in fuel flexible gas turbine hybrid systems: Coupling effects of cathode air mass flow pp. 852-867 Downloads
Nor Farida Harun, David Tucker and Thomas A. Adams
Preparation and characterization of nano-sized phase change emulsions as thermal energy storage and transport media pp. 868-879 Downloads
J. Chen and P. Zhang
Gas turbine combined cycle start-up and stress evaluation: A simplified dynamic approach pp. 880-890 Downloads
Iacopo Rossi, Alessandro Sorce and Alberto Traverso
Prospective analysis of energy security: A practical life-cycle approach focused on renewable power generation and oriented towards policy-makers pp. 891-901 Downloads
Diego García-Gusano, Diego Iribarren and Daniel Garraín
Output power variation of different PV array configurations during irradiance transitions caused by moving clouds pp. 902-910 Downloads
Kari Lappalainen and Seppo Valkealahti
Evaluation of different heat pump systems for sanitary hot water production using natural refrigerants pp. 911-919 Downloads
Miquel Pitarch, Emilio Navarro-Peris, José Gonzálvez-Maciá and José M. Corberán
Sorption heat storage for long-term low-temperature applications: A review on the advancements at material and prototype scale pp. 920-948 Downloads
Luca Scapino, Herbert A. Zondag, Johan Van Bael, Jan Diriken and Camilo C.M. Rindt
Distributed real-time demand response based on Lagrangian multiplier optimal selection approach pp. 949-959 Downloads
Jianxiao Wang, Haiwang Zhong, Xiaowen Lai, Qing Xia, Chang Shu and Chongqing Kang
Performance study of heat-pipe solar photovoltaic/thermal heat pump system pp. 960-980 Downloads
Hongbing Chen, Lei Zhang, Pengfei Jie, Yaxuan Xiong, Peng Xu and Huixing Zhai
Modelling and parametric analysis of small-scale axial and radial-outflow turbines for Organic Rankine Cycle applications pp. 981-996 Downloads
Ayad M. Al Jubori, Raya K. Al-Dadah, Saad Mahmoud and Ahmed Daabo
Building energy model calibration with schedules derived from electricity use data pp. 997-1007 Downloads
Yang-Seon Kim, Mohammad Heidarinejad, Matthew Dahlhausen and Jelena Srebric
Provision of regulating- and reserve power by electric vehicle owners in the Dutch market pp. 1008-1019 Downloads
T.W. Hoogvliet, G.B.M.A. Litjens and W.G.J.H.M. van Sark
Experimental and modelling analysis of an office building HVAC system based in a ground-coupled heat pump and radiant floor pp. 1020-1028 Downloads
José Ignacio Villarino, Alberto Villarino and Francisco Ángel Fernández
Investigation on performance of multi-salt composite sorbents for multilevel sorption thermal energy storage pp. 1029-1038 Downloads
Long Jiang, Jiao Gao, Liwei Wang, Ruzhu Wang, Yiji Lu and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Parameter sensitivity analysis of duplex Stirling coolers pp. 1039-1046 Downloads
J.Y. Hu, E.C. Luo, W. Dai and L.M. Zhang
Modeling sustainable long-term electricity supply-demand in Africa pp. 1047-1067 Downloads
Nadia S. Ouedraogo
Mass transfer and energy consumption for CO2 absorption by ammonia solution in bubble column pp. 1068-1080 Downloads
Fengming Chu, Lijun Yang, Xiaoze Du and Yongping Yang
Energy biased technology change: Focused on Chinese energy-intensive industries pp. 1081-1089 Downloads
Donglan Zha, Anil Savio Kavuri and Songjian Si
A general model for energy hub economic dispatch pp. 1090-1111 Downloads
Soheil Derafshi Beigvand, Hamdi Abdi and Massimo La Scala
In-situ investigation of hydrogen evolution behavior in vanadium redox flow batteries pp. 1112-1118 Downloads
L. Wei, T.S. Zhao, Q. Xu, X.L. Zhou and Z.H. Zhang
The search of proper oxygen carriers for chemical looping partial oxidation of carbon pp. 1119-1125 Downloads
Jinzhi Zhang, Tao He, Zhiqi Wang, Min Zhu, Ke Zhang, Bin Li and Jinhu Wu
Day-ahead stochastic economic dispatch of wind integrated power system considering demand response of residential hybrid energy system pp. 1126-1137 Downloads
Yibo Jiang, Jian Xu, Yuanzhang Sun, Congying Wei, Jing Wang, Deping Ke, Xiong Li, Jun Yang, Xiaotao Peng and Bowen Tang
Statistical analysis for the characterization of solar energy utilization and inter-comparison of solar radiation at two sites in Cyprus pp. 1138-1158 Downloads
S. Pashiardis, S.A. Kalogirou and A. Pelengaris
Design and analysis of a medium-temperature, concentrated solar thermal collector for air-conditioning applications pp. 1159-1173 Downloads
Qiyuan Li, Cheng Zheng, Ali Shirazi, Osama Bany Mousa, Fabio Moscia, Jason A. Scott and Robert A. Taylor
Experience of more than 1000h of operation with oxygen carriers and solid biomass at large scale pp. 1174-1183 Downloads
Teresa Berdugo Vilches, Fredrik Lind, Magnus Rydén and Henrik Thunman
A new composite sorbent based on SrBr2 and silica gel for solar energy storage application with high energy storage density and stability pp. 1184-1194 Downloads
Emilie Courbon, D'Ans, Pierre, Anastasia Permyakova, Oleksandr Skrylnyk, Nathalie Steunou, Marc Degrez and Marc Frère
Evaluation of CO2 injection in shale gas reservoirs with multi-component transport and geomechanical effects pp. 1195-1206 Downloads
Tae Hong Kim, Jinhyung Cho and Kun Sang Lee
Securing highly penetrated wind energy systems using linearized transmission switching mechanism pp. 1207-1220 Downloads
Ahmad Nikoobakht, Jamshid Aghaei and Mohammad Mardaneh
Molybdenum sulphides on carbon supports as electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution in acidic industrial wastewater pp. 1221-1233 Downloads
M. Kokko, F. Bayerköhler, J. Erben, R. Zengerle, Ph. Kurz and S. Kerzenmacher
A multiphysics fully coupled modeling tool for the design and operation analysis of planar solid oxide fuel cell stacks pp. 1234-1244 Downloads
Ang Li, Ce Song and Zijing Lin
A data-driven multi-model methodology with deep feature selection for short-term wind forecasting pp. 1245-1257 Downloads
Cong Feng, Mingjian Cui, Bri-Mathias Hodge and Jie Zhang
The redox reaction kinetics of Sinai ore for chemical looping combustion applications pp. 1258-1274 Downloads
Ewelina Ksepko, Piotr Babiński and Lori Nalbandian
Generation expansion planning with high share of renewables of variable output pp. 1275-1288 Downloads
Sérgio Pereira, Paula Ferreira and A.I.F. Vaz
Optimal operation of stationary and mobile batteries in distribution grids pp. 1289-1301 Downloads
Yubo Wang, Wenbo Shi, Bin Wang, Chi-Cheng Chu and Rajit Gadh
A customized modelling approach for multi-functional buildings – Application to an Italian Reference Hotel pp. 1302-1315 Downloads
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