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2013, volume 110, issue C

Pyrolysis kinetics of biomass from product information pp. 1-8 Downloads
Y.F. Huang, P.T. Chiueh, W.H. Kuan and S.L. Lo
Continuous heating of an air-source heat pump during defrosting and improvement of energy efficiency pp. 9-16 Downloads
Ji Young Jang, Heung Hee Bae, Seung Jun Lee and Man Yeong Ha
The impacts of carbon tax on energy intensity and economic growth – A dynamic evolution analysis on the case of China pp. 17-28 Downloads
Guochang Fang, Lixin Tian, Min Fu and Mei Sun
Effects of individual climatic parameters on the infrared thermography of buildings pp. 29-43 Downloads
B. Lehmann, K. Ghazi Wakili, Th. Frank, B. Vera Collado and Ch. Tanner
Amine-based post-combustion CO2 capture in air-blown IGCC systems with cold and hot gas clean-up pp. 44-54 Downloads
A. Giuffrida, D. Bonalumi and G. Lozza
Extended Exergy Accounting (EEA) analysis of municipal wastewater treatment – Determination of environmental remediation cost for municipal wastewater pp. 55-64 Downloads
Candeniz Seckin and Ahmet R. Bayulken
Analysis of deposits collected under staged conditions in a pulverized coal reactor for eight US coals pp. 65-72 Downloads
Curtis K. Stimpson, David R. Brunner, Todd A. Reeder and Dale R. Tree
Effects of gaseous and super-critical carbon dioxide saturation on the mechanical properties of bituminous coal from the Southern Sydney Basin pp. 73-81 Downloads
M.S.A. Perera, P.G. Ranjith and D.R. Viete
Productivity trends of Chinese regions: A perspective from energy saving and environmental regulations pp. 82-89 Downloads
Fuxia Yang, Mian Yang and Hualin Nie
Experimental investigation into methane hydrate production during three-dimensional thermal stimulation with five-spot well system pp. 90-97 Downloads
Yi Wang, Xiao-Sen Li, Gang Li, Yu Zhang, Bo Li and Zhao-Yang Chen
Optimizing multi-variables of microbial fuel cell for electricity generation with an integrated modeling and experimental approach pp. 98-103 Downloads
Fang Fang, Guo-Long Zang, Min Sun and Han-Qing Yu
Strategic use of the underground in an energy mix plan: Synergies among CO2, CH4 geological storage and geothermal energy. Latium Region case study (Central Italy) pp. 104-131 Downloads
M. Procesi, B. Cantucci, M. Buttinelli, G. Armezzani, F. Quattrocchi and E. Boschi
Experimental investigation of a thermally powered central heating circulator: Pumping characteristics pp. 132-146 Downloads
Christos N. Markides and Ajay Gupta
Long term forecasting of hourly electricity consumption in local areas in Denmark pp. 147-162 Downloads
F.M. Andersen, H.V. Larsen and R.B. Gaardestrup
Effects of various carbon nanofillers on the thermal conductivity and energy storage properties of paraffin-based nanocomposite phase change materials pp. 163-172 Downloads
Li-Wu Fan, Xin Fang, Xiao Wang, Yi Zeng, Yu-Qi Xiao, Zi-Tao Yu, Xu Xu, Ya-Cai Hu and Ke-Fa Cen
Part load operation of a SOFC/GT hybrid system: Dynamic analysis pp. 173-189 Downloads
L. Barelli, G. Bidini and A. Ottaviano
Combustion mode switching control in a HCCI diesel engine pp. 190-200 Downloads
Cheng Fang, Fuyuan Yang, Minggao Ouyang, Guojing Gao and Lin Chen
Effects of pilot fuel quantity on the emissions characteristics of a CNG/diesel dual fuel engine with optimized pilot injection timing pp. 201-206 Downloads
Jie Liu, Fuyuan Yang, Hewu Wang, Minggao Ouyang and Shougang Hao
Energy management of flywheel-based energy storage device for wind power smoothing pp. 207-219 Downloads
Díaz-González, Francisco, Andreas Sumper, Gomis-Bellmunt, Oriol and Fernando D. Bianchi
Lagooning microbial fuel cells: A first approach by coupling electricity-producing microorganisms and algae pp. 220-226 Downloads
Justo Lobato, Araceli González del Campo, Francisco J. Fernández, Pablo Cañizares and Manuel A. Rodrigo
Holographic lenses for building integrated concentrating photovoltaics pp. 227-235 Downloads
Daniel Chemisana, Ma Victoria Collados, Manuel Quintanilla and Jesús Atencia
Thermodynamic control-oriented modeling of cycle-to-cycle exhaust gas temperature in an HCCI engine pp. 236-243 Downloads
M. Dehghani Firoozabadi, M. Shahbakhti, C.R. Koch and S.A. Jazayeri
Modeling of power generation from the mixing of simulated saline and freshwater with a reverse electrodialysis system: The effect of monovalent and multivalent ions pp. 244-251 Downloads
Jin Gi Hong, Wen Zhang, Jian Luo and Yongsheng Chen
Lithium availability and future production outlooks pp. 252-266 Downloads
Hanna Vikström, Simon Davidsson and Mikael Höök
Performance of a new solar air heater with packed-bed latent storage energy for nocturnal use pp. 267-275 Downloads
Salwa Bouadila, Sami Kooli, Mariem Lazaar, Safa Skouri and Abdelhamid Farhat
Pilot study on jetting pre-oxidation fluidized bed gasification adapting to caking coal pp. 276-284 Downloads
Juwei Zhang, Zhigang Zhao, Guangyi Zhang, Zeng Xi, Feixiang Zhao, Li Dong and Guangwen Xu
Incorporating multiple correlations among wind speeds, photovoltaic powers and bus loads in composite system reliability evaluation pp. 285-294 Downloads
Zhilong Qin, Wenyuan Li and Xiaofu Xiong
A conceptual model of a high-efficiency, stand-alone power unit based on a fuel cell stack with an integrated auto-thermal ethanol reformer pp. 295-303 Downloads
Vikas Jaggi and S. Jayanti
Development of an urban energy demand forecasting system to support environmentally friendly urban planning pp. 304-317 Downloads
In-Ae Yeo, Seong-Hwan Yoon and Jurng-Jae Yee

2013, volume 109, issue C

Optimization of thermoelectric topping combined steam turbine cycles for energy economy pp. 1-9 Downloads
Kazuaki Yazawa, Yee Rui Koh and Ali Shakouri
Is the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) informationally efficient? Evidence from momentum-based trading strategies pp. 10-23 Downloads
Jarrod Crossland, Bin Li and Eduardo Roca
Environmental impact of decentralized power generation in Santa Clara City, Cuba: An integrated assessment based on technological and human health risk indicators pp. 24-35 Downloads
I. Herrera, J. De Ruyck, V.S. Ocaña, M. Rubio, R.M. Martínez and V. Núñez
H2 rich gas production via pressurized fluidized bed gasification of sawdust with in situ CO2 capture pp. 36-43 Downloads
Long Han, Qinhui Wang, Zhongyang Luo, Nai Rong and Guangyi Deng
Performance of coal fly-ash based oxygen carrier for the chemical looping combustion of synthesis gas pp. 44-50 Downloads
L. Aisyah, P.J. Ashman and C.W. Kwong
Efficient, low-cost solar thermoelectric cogenerators comprising evacuated tubular solar collectors and thermoelectric modules pp. 51-59 Downloads
Ming Zhang, Lei Miao, Yi Pu Kang, Sakae Tanemura, Craig A.J. Fisher, Gang Xu, Chun Xin Li and Guang Zhu Fan
A portable system powered with hydrogen and one single air-breathing PEM fuel cell pp. 60-66 Downloads
Fernández-Moreno, J., G. Guelbenzu, A.J. Martín, M.A. Folgado, Ferreira-Aparicio, P. and A.M. Chaparro
Agar chemical hydrogel electrode binder for fuel-electrolyte-fed fuel cells pp. 67-71 Downloads
L. An, T.S. Zhao and L. Zeng
Biorefineries for the production of first and second generation ethanol and electricity from sugarcane pp. 72-78 Downloads
Marina O.S. Dias, Tassia L. Junqueira, Otávio Cavalett, Lucas G. Pavanello, Marcelo P. Cunha, Charles D.F. Jesus, Rubens Maciel Filho and Antonio Bonomi
Progress in catalytic naphtha reforming process: A review pp. 79-93 Downloads
Mohammad Reza Rahimpour, Mitra Jafari and Davood Iranshahi
Thermal modelling of large scale exploitation of ground source energy in urban aquifers as a resource management tool pp. 94-103 Downloads
Alan Herbert, Simon Arthur and Grace Chillingworth
Enhanced methane productivity from manure fibers by aqueous ammonia soaking pretreatment pp. 104-111 Downloads
Esperanza Jurado, Ioannis V. Skiadas and Hariklia N. Gavala
Development of amino acid and amino acid-complex based solid sorbents for CO2 capture pp. 112-118 Downloads
Bingbing Jiang, Xianfeng Wang, McMahan L. Gray, Yuhua Duan, David Luebke and Bingyun Li
Effect of oxygen enrichment on acid gas combustion in hydrogen/air flames under claus conditions pp. 119-124 Downloads
H. Selim, S. Ibrahim, A. Al Shoaibi and A.K. Gupta
Numerical prediction of CO2 capture process by a single droplet in alkaline spray pp. 125-134 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Ming-Hang Tsai and Chen-I Hung
Biodiesel from waste cooking oils via direct sonication pp. 135-144 Downloads
Veera Gnaneswar Gude and Georgene Elizabeth Grant
A lead for transvaluation of global nuclear energy research and funded projects in Japan pp. 145-153 Downloads
Eriko Kiriyama, Yuya Kajikawa, Katsuhide Fujita and Shuichi Iwata
Monitoring the performance of single and triple junction amorphous silicon modules in two building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) installations pp. 154-162 Downloads
Rustu Eke and Ali Senturk
Enhanced high energy efficient steam drying of algae pp. 163-170 Downloads
Muhammad Aziz, Takuya Oda and Takao Kashiwagi
Localization of multiple acoustic sources in a room environment pp. 171-181 Downloads
A.V. Singh, M. Yu, A.K. Gupta and K.M. Bryden
Green energy: Water-containing acetone–butanol–ethanol diesel blends fueled in diesel engines pp. 182-191 Downloads
Yu-Cheng Chang, Wen-Jhy Lee, Sheng-Lun Lin and Lin-Chi Wang
Comparison of high-temperature and low-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell systems with glycerol reforming process for stationary applications pp. 192-201 Downloads
Suthida Authayanun, Mohamed Mamlouk, Keith Scott and Amornchai Arpornwichanop
Experimental investigation of the effects of diesel injection strategy on gasoline/diesel dual-fuel combustion pp. 202-212 Downloads
Shuaiying Ma, Zunqing Zheng, Haifeng Liu, Quanchang Zhang and Mingfa Yao
Hydrogen supersaturation in extreme-thermophilic (70°C) mixed culture fermentation pp. 213-219 Downloads
Yan Zhang, Fang Zhang, Man Chen, Pei-Na Chu, Jing Ding and Raymond J. Zeng
Investigation of the intrinsic CO2 gasification kinetics of biomass char at medium to high temperatures pp. 220-228 Downloads
Leteng Lin and Michael Strand
The logistics of supplying single vs. multi-crop cellulosic feedstocks to a biorefinery in southeast North Dakota pp. 229-238 Downloads
Thein Maung, Cole Gustafson, David M. Saxowsky, John Nowatzki, Tatjana Miljkovic and David Ripplinger
Intelligent optimized wind resource assessment and wind turbines selection in Huitengxile of Inner Mongolia, China pp. 239-253 Downloads
Yao Dong, Jianzhou Wang, He Jiang and Xiaomeng Shi
Techno-economic assessment of biomass-to-ethanol by indirect fluidized bed gasification: Impact of reforming technologies and comparison with entrained flow gasification pp. 254-266 Downloads
C. Reyes Valle, A.L. Villanueva Perales, Vidal-Barrero, F. and Gómez-Barea, A.
Fuel flexible distributed combustion for efficient and clean gas turbine engines pp. 267-274 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
Prediction of the theoretical capacity of non-aqueous lithium-air batteries pp. 275-282 Downloads
Peng Tan, Zhaohuan Wei, W. Shyy and T.S. Zhao
From waste to energy: Microalgae production in wastewater and glycerol pp. 283-290 Downloads
Iago Teles Dominguez Cabanelas, Zouhayr Arbib, Fábio A. Chinalia, Carolina Oliveira Souza, José A. Perales, Paulo Fernando Almeida, Janice Izabel Druzian and Iracema Andrade Nascimento
Simulation of thermal response tests in a layered subsurface pp. 293-301 Downloads
J. Raymond and L. Lamarche
Error analysis of thermal response tests pp. 302-311 Downloads
Henk J.L. Witte
Distributed thermal response tests on pipe-in-pipe borehole heat exchangers pp. 312-320 Downloads
José Acuña and Björn Palm
Efficient cooling energy supply with aquifer thermal energy storages pp. 321-327 Downloads
Stefan Kranz and Stephanie Frick
Experimental and modeling analysis of a ground source heat pump system pp. 328-336 Downloads
Carla Montagud, José Miguel Corberán and Ruiz-Calvo, Félix
Thermal energy storage strategies for effective closed greenhouse design pp. 337-343 Downloads
Amir Vadiee and Viktoria Martin
Strategies for enhancing electrochemical activity of carbon-based electrodes for all-vanadium redox flow batteries pp. 344-351 Downloads
Cristina Flox, Marcel Skoumal, Rubio-Garcia, Javier, Teresa Andreu and Juan Ramón Morante
New highly efficient regeneration process for thermochemical energy storage pp. 352-359 Downloads
Barbara Mette, Henner Kerskes, Harald Drück and Müller-Steinhagen, Hans
Prototype thermochemical heat storage with open reactor system pp. 360-365 Downloads
Herbert Zondag, Benjamin Kikkert, Simon Smeding, Robert de Boer and Marco Bakker
Charge and discharge strategies for a multi-tank thermal energy storage pp. 366-373 Downloads
Ryan M. Dickinson, Cynthia A. Cruickshank and Stephen J. Harrison
Impact of control schemes of a monovalent inverter-driven water-to-water heat pump with a desuperheater in continental and subtropical climates through simulation pp. 374-386 Downloads
David L. Blanco, Katsunori Nagano and Masahiro Morimoto
Compatibility of a post-industrial ceramic with nitrate molten salts for use as filler material in a thermocline storage system pp. 387-393 Downloads
Nicolas Calvet, Judith C. Gomez, Abdessamad Faik, Vladimir V. Roddatis, Antoine Meffre, Greg C. Glatzmaier, Stefania Doppiu and Xavier Py
Pebble bed regenerator and storage system for high temperature use pp. 394-401 Downloads
Robert Daschner, Samir Binder and Mario Mocker
Modular object-oriented methodology for the resolution of molten salt storage tanks for CSP plants pp. 402-414 Downloads
I. Rodríguez, Pérez-Segarra, C.D., O. Lehmkuhl and A. Oliva
Intercomparative tests on phase change materials characterisation with differential scanning calorimeter pp. 415-420 Downloads
Ana Lazaro, Conchita Peñalosa, Aran Solé, Gonzalo Diarce, Thomas Haussmann, Magali Fois, Belén Zalba, Stefan Gshwander and Luisa F. Cabeza
Comparison of three different devices available in Spain to test thermal properties of building materials including phase change materials pp. 421-427 Downloads
Camila Barreneche, Alvaro de Gracia, Susana Serrano, M. Elena Navarro, Ana María Borreguero, A. Inés Fernández, Manuel Carmona, Juan Francisco Rodriguez and Luisa F. Cabeza
Improvement of the thermal inertia of building materials incorporating PCM. Evaluation in the macroscale pp. 428-432 Downloads
Camila Barreneche, M. Elena Navarro, A. Inés Fernández and Luisa F. Cabeza
Improved measurement technique for the characterization of organic and inorganic phase change materials using the T-history method pp. 433-440 Downloads
Stanislava B. Stanković and Panayiotis A. Kyriacou
Physico-chemical and mechanical properties of microencapsulated phase change material pp. 441-448 Downloads
Giro-Paloma, Jessica, Gerard Oncins, Camila Barreneche, Mònica Martínez, A. Inés Fernández and Luisa F. Cabeza
Corrosion of metal and polymer containers for use in PCM cold storage pp. 449-453 Downloads
Eduard Oró, Laia Miró, Camila Barreneche, Ingrid Martorell, Mohammed M. Farid and Luisa F. Cabeza
Melting with convection and radiation in a participating phase change material pp. 454-461 Downloads
Johann Miranda Fuentes, Kévyn Johannes, Frédéric Kuznik, Matthieu Cosnier and Joseph Virgone
High temperature latent heat storage with a screw heat exchanger: Design of prototype pp. 462-469 Downloads
Verena Zipf, Anton Neuhäuser, Daniel Willert, Peter Nitz, Stefan Gschwander and Werner Platzer
Optimization of solar DHW system including PCM media pp. 470-475 Downloads
Didier Haillot, Erwin Franquet, Stéphane Gibout and Jean-Pierre Bédécarrats
Stratification analysis in packed bed thermal energy storage systems pp. 476-487 Downloads
Eduard Oró, Albert Castell, Justin Chiu, Viktoria Martin and Luisa F. Cabeza
The use of phase change materials in fish farms: A general analysis pp. 488-496 Downloads
Gabriel Zsembinszki, Cristian Solé, Albert Castell, Gabriel Pérez and Luisa F. Cabeza
Development of high temperature phase-change-material storages pp. 497-504 Downloads
Doerte Laing, Thomas Bauer, Nils Breidenbach, Bernd Hachmann and Maike Johnson
Circulating fluidized bed heat recovery/storage and its potential to use coated phase-change-material (PCM) particles pp. 505-513 Downloads
F. Pitié, C.Y. Zhao, J. Baeyens, J. Degrève and H.L. Zhang
Building integration of PCM for natural cooling of buildings pp. 514-522 Downloads
Servando Álvarez, Luisa F. Cabeza, Ruiz-Pardo, Alvaro, Albert Castell and José Antonio Tenorio
Active free cooling optimization with thermal energy storage in Stockholm pp. 523-529 Downloads
Justin N.W. Chiu, Pauline Gravoille and Viktoria Martin
Ventilated active façades with PCM pp. 530-537 Downloads
Gonzalo Diarce, Aitor Urresti, García-Romero, Ana, Alejandra Delgado, Aitor Erkoreka, Cesar Escudero and Campos-Celador, Álvaro
Pilot application of phase change slurry in a 5m3 storage pp. 538-543 Downloads
Laura Vorbeck, Stefan Gschwander, Peter Thiel, Bruno Lüdemann and Peter Schossig
Evaluation of the environmental impact of experimental buildings with different constructive systems using Material Flow Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment pp. 544-552 Downloads
Lídia Rincón, Albert Castell, Gabriel Pérez, Cristian Solé, Dieter Boer and Luisa F. Cabeza
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