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2014, volume 113, issue C

A Geographical Information System (GIS) based methodology for determination of potential biomasses and sites for biogas plants in southern Finland pp. 1-10 Downloads
J. Höhn, E. Lehtonen, S. Rasi and J. Rintala
Demand side management of industrial electricity consumption: Promoting the use of renewable energy through real-time pricing pp. 11-21 Downloads
Paddy Finn and Colin Fitzpatrick
Particle number emissions from a light-duty diesel engine with biodiesel fuels under transient-state operating conditions pp. 22-31 Downloads
Pi-qiang Tan, Shuai-shuai Ruan, Zhi-yuan Hu, Di-ming Lou and Hu Li
Mirror symmetrical dielectric totally internally reflecting concentrator for building integrated photovoltaic systems pp. 32-40 Downloads
Muhammad-Sukki, Firdaus, Abu-Bakar, Siti Hawa, Ramirez-Iniguez, Roberto, Scott G. McMeekin, Brian G. Stewart, Nabin Sarmah, Tapas Kumar Mallick, Abu Bakar Munir, Siti Hajar Mohd Yasin and Ruzairi Abdul Rahim
Polarization phenomena of hydrogen-rich gas in high-permeance Pd and Pd–Cu membrane tubes pp. 41-50 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Ming-Hsien Hsia, Yen-Hsun Chi, Yu-Li Lin and Chang-Chung Yang
Improved production of short-chain fatty acids from waste activated sludge driven by carbohydrate addition in continuous-flow reactors: Influence of SRT and temperature pp. 51-58 Downloads
Jingyang Luo, Leiyu Feng, Wei Zhang, Xiang Li, Hong Chen, Dongbo Wang and Yinguang Chen
Organic, cross-linking, and shape-stabilized solar thermal energy storage materials: A reversible phase transition driven by broadband visible light pp. 59-66 Downloads
Yunming Wang, Bingtao Tang and Shufen Zhang
Emissions tradeoffs associated with cofiring forest biomass with coal: A case study in Colorado, USA pp. 67-77 Downloads
Dan Loeffler and Nathaniel Anderson
Effect of gasoline composition on oxidative desulfurization using a phosphotungstic acid/activated carbon catalyst with hydrogen peroxide pp. 78-85 Downloads
Jing Xiao, Luoming Wu, Ying Wu, Bing Liu, Lu Dai, Zhong Li, Qibin Xia and Hongxia Xi
System-level simulation of a solar power tower plant with thermocline thermal energy storage pp. 86-96 Downloads
Scott M. Flueckiger, Brian D. Iverson, Suresh V. Garimella and James E. Pacheco
Eco-friendly dry chemo-mechanical pretreatments of lignocellulosic biomass: Impact on energy and yield of the enzymatic hydrolysis pp. 97-105 Downloads
Abdellatif Barakat, Santi Chuetor, Florian Monlau, Abderrahim Solhy and Xavier Rouau
State of charge estimation of lithium-ion batteries using the open-circuit voltage at various ambient temperatures pp. 106-115 Downloads
Yinjiao Xing, Wei He, Michael Pecht and Kwok Leung Tsui
Effective removal and transport of water in a PEM fuel cell flow channel having a hydrophilic plate pp. 116-126 Downloads
Yanzhou Qin, Xianguo Li, Kui Jiao, Qing Du and Yan Yin
Passive energy recovery from natural ventilation air streams pp. 127-140 Downloads
Ben Richard Hughes, Hassam Nasarullah Chaudhry and John Kaiser Calautit
First and second law multidimensional analysis of a triple absorption heat transformer (TAHT) pp. 141-151 Downloads
Philip Donnellan, Edmond Byrne, Jorge Oliveira and Kevin Cronin
The impact of sub-hourly modelling in power systems with significant levels of renewable generation pp. 152-158 Downloads
J.P. Deane, G. Drayton and B.P. Ó Gallachóir
On multi-criteria sustainability assessment: Spider-gram surface and dependence biases pp. 159-163 Downloads
Luis Dias and Ana Rita Domingues
Hydrogen production in a light-driven photoelectrochemical cell pp. 164-168 Downloads
Yan-Rong He, Fang-Fang Yan, Han-Qing Yu, Shi-Jie Yuan, Zhong-Hua Tong and Guo-Ping Sheng
Partial sulfonation of PVdF-co-HFP: A preliminary study and characterization for application in direct methanol fuel cell pp. 169-177 Downloads
Suparna Das, Piyush Kumar, Kingshuk Dutta and Patit Paban Kundu
Simulation and experimental study on a spiral solid particle solar receiver pp. 178-188 Downloads
Gang Xiao, Kaikai Guo, Zhongyang Luo, Mingjiang Ni, Yanmei Zhang and Cheng Wang
A dynamic model-based estimate of the value of a vanadium redox flow battery for frequency regulation in Texas pp. 189-198 Downloads
Robert L. Fares, Jeremy P. Meyers and Michael E. Webber
Modeling framework and validation of a smart grid and demand response system for wind power integration pp. 199-207 Downloads
Torsten Broeer, Jason Fuller, Francis Tuffner, David Chassin and Ned Djilali
Swirling flowfield for colorless distributed combustion pp. 208-218 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
Control of PEMFC system air group using differential flatness approach: Validation by a dynamic fuel cell system model pp. 219-229 Downloads
R. da Fonseca, E. Bideaux, M. Gerard, B. Jeanneret, Desbois-Renaudin, M. and A. Sari
Matching analysis for on-site hybrid renewable energy systems of office buildings with extended indices pp. 230-247 Downloads
Sunliang Cao, Ala Hasan and Kai Sirén
A comparative study on various turbocharging approaches based on IC engine exhaust gas energy recovery pp. 248-257 Downloads
Jianqin Fu, Jingping Liu, Yong Wang, Banglin Deng, Yanping Yang, Renhua Feng and Jing Yang
Pressure drop prediction of a gasifier bed with cylindrical biomass pellets pp. 258-266 Downloads
Duleeka Sandamali Gunarathne, Jan Karol Chmielewski and Weihong Yang
Kinetics of carbonation reaction of basic oxygen furnace slags in a rotating packed bed using the surface coverage model: Maximization of carbonation conversion pp. 267-276 Downloads
Shu-Yuan Pan, Pen-Chi Chiang, Yi-Hung Chen, Chung-Sung Tan and E.-E. Chang
Enzymatic hydrolysis at high-solids loadings for the conversion of agave bagasse to fuel ethanol pp. 277-286 Downloads
Luis Caspeta, Caro-Bermúdez, Mario A., Ponce-Noyola, Teresa and Alfredo Martinez
A method to determine primary energy savings of CHP plants considering plant-side and demand-side characteristics pp. 287-293 Downloads
Elmar Pohl and David Diarra
Visualizations of combustion and fuel/air mixture formation processes in a single cylinder engine fueled with DME pp. 294-301 Downloads
Joonho Jeon, Sang Il Kwon, Yong Hee Park, Yunjung Oh and Sungwook Park
Analysis of the dependence of the spectral factor of some PV technologies on the solar spectrum distribution pp. 302-309 Downloads
G. Nofuentes, García-Domingo, B., J.V. Muñoz and F. Chenlo
Identification of management strategies for CO2 capture and sequestration under uncertainty through inexact modeling pp. 310-317 Downloads
Xiaodong Zhang, Ian J. Duncan, Gordon Huang and Gongchen Li
Development of a novel 2-stage entrained flow coal dry powder gasifier pp. 318-323 Downloads
Shisen Xu, Yongqiang Ren, Baomin Wang, Yue Xu, Liang Chen, Xiaolong Wang and Tiancun Xiao
Parametric study and simulation of a heat-driven adsorber for air conditioning system employing activated carbon–methanol working pair pp. 324-333 Downloads
Harunal Rejan Ramji, Sing Lim Leo and Mohammad Omar Abdullah
Development of a new clay supported polyethylenimine composite for CO2 capture pp. 334-341 Downloads
Weilong Wang, Jing Xiao, Xiaolan Wei, Jing Ding, Xiaoxing Wang and Chunshan Song
Analysing residential energy consumption using index decomposition analysis pp. 342-351 Downloads
X.Y. Xu and B.W. Ang
A “carbonshed” assessment of small- vs. large-scale CCS deployment in the continental US pp. 352-361 Downloads
Jordan K. Eccles and Lincoln Pratson
Propulsive power contribution of a kite and a Flettner rotor on selected shipping routes pp. 362-372 Downloads
Michael Traut, Paul Gilbert, Conor Walsh, Alice Bows, Antonio Filippone, Peter Stansby and Ruth Wood
Injection parameter optimization by DoE of a light-duty diesel engine fed by Bio-ethanol/RME/diesel blend pp. 373-384 Downloads
Carlo Beatrice, Pierpaolo Napolitano and Chiara Guido
Pilot-scale biodegradation of swine manure via Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius) for biodiesel production pp. 385-391 Downloads
Sen Yang and Ziduo Liu
Scenario analysis of nonresidential natural gas consumption in Italy pp. 392-403 Downloads
Vincenzo Bianco, Federico Scarpa and Luca A. Tagliafico
Electricity and substitute natural gas generation from the conversion of wastewater treatment plant sludge pp. 404-413 Downloads
Christian Bidart, Magnus Fröhling and Frank Schultmann
A two-steps algorithm improving the P&O steady state MPPT efficiency pp. 414-421 Downloads
Emilio Mamarelis, Giovanni Petrone and Giovanni Spagnuolo
Analysis and comparison between a concentrating solar and a photovoltaic power plant pp. 422-433 Downloads
Umberto Desideri and Pietro Elia Campana
Sensitivity of Joule–Thomson cooling to impure CO2 injection in depleted gas reservoirs pp. 434-451 Downloads
Ziabakhsh-Ganji, Zaman and Henk Kooi
Estimation of performance variation of future generation IGCC with coal quality and gasification process – Simulation results of EU H2-IGCC project pp. 452-462 Downloads
Mohammad Mansouri Majoumerd, Han Raas, Sudipta De and Mohsen Assadi
A data-driven multi-scale extended Kalman filtering based parameter and state estimation approach of lithium-ion olymer battery in electric vehicles pp. 463-476 Downloads
Rui Xiong, Fengchun Sun, Zheng Chen and Hongwen He
Targeting for carbon sequestration retrofit planning in the power generation sector for multi-period problems pp. 477-487 Downloads
Raymond E.H. Ooi, Dominic C.Y. Foo and Raymond R. Tan
Performance characteristics of compression-ignition engine using high concentration of ammonia mixed with dimethyl ether pp. 488-499 Downloads
Kyunghyun Ryu, Zacharakis-Jutz, George E. and Song-Charng Kong
Planning of regional energy systems: An inexact mixed-integer fractional programming model pp. 500-514 Downloads
H. Zhu, W.W. Huang and G.H. Huang
Mineral carbonation from metal wastes: Effect of solid to liquid ratio on the efficiency and characterization of carbonated products pp. 515-523 Downloads
Marco Dri, Aimaro Sanna and Maroto-Valer, M. Mercedes
Hot water generation for oil sands processing from enhanced geothermal systems: Process simulation for different hydraulic fracturing scenarios pp. 524-547 Downloads
Hannes Hofmann, Tayfun Babadagli and Günter Zimmermann
Numerical modelling and experimental studies of thermal behaviour of building integrated thermal energy storage unit in a form of a ceiling panel pp. 548-557 Downloads
Maciej Jaworski, Piotr Łapka and Piotr Furmański
A method for the estimation of the battery pack state of charge based on in-pack cells uniformity analysis pp. 558-564 Downloads
Liang Zhong, Chenbin Zhang, Yao He and Zonghai Chen
Simulation and environmental evaluation of process design: Distillation vs. hybrid distillation–pervaporation for methanol/tetrahydrofuran separation pp. 565-575 Downloads
P. Luis, A. Amelio, S. Vreysen, V. Calabro and B. Van der Bruggen
Diesel engine NOx emissions control: An advanced method for the O2 evaluation in the intake flow pp. 576-588 Downloads
Fabio Mariani, C.N. Grimaldi and M. Battistoni
Hydraulic and thermal performances of a novel configuration of high temperature ceramic plate-fin heat exchanger pp. 589-602 Downloads
Vijaisri Nagarajan, Yitung Chen, Qiuwang Wang and Ting Ma
Thermo-economic design optimization of parabolic trough solar plants for industrial process heat applications with memetic algorithms pp. 603-614 Downloads
R. Silva, M. Berenguel, M. Pérez and Fernández-Garcia, A.
Hedging electricity price volatility using nuclear power pp. 615-621 Downloads
Carlo Mari
Energy, environmental and economic analysis of the ventilation system of enclosed parking garages: Discrepancies with the current regulations pp. 622-630 Downloads
Gil-Lopez, Tomas, Sanchez-Sanchez, Agustin and Gimenez-Molina, Carmen
Effects of waste cooking oil-based biodiesel on the toxic organic pollutant emissions from a diesel engine pp. 631-638 Downloads
Yu-Cheng Chang, Wen-Jhy Lee, Lin-Chi Wang, Hsi-Hsien Yang, Man-Ting Cheng, Jau-Huai Lu, Ying I. Tsai and Li-Hao Young
Techno-economic analysis of the coal-to-olefins process in comparison with the oil-to-olefins process pp. 639-647 Downloads
Dong Xiang, Yu Qian, Yi Man and Siyu Yang
Fast computation of the maximum wind penetration based on frequency response in small isolated power systems pp. 648-659 Downloads
H.Y. Yu, R.C. Bansal and Z.Y. Dong
Experimental analysis of di-functional magnetic oxide catalyst and its performance in the hemp plant biodiesel production pp. 660-669 Downloads
Kifayat Ullah, Mushtaq Ahmad, Shazia Sultana, Lee Keat Teong, Vinod Kumar Sharma, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah, Muhammad Zafar and Zahid Ullah
CO2–steam mixture for direct and indirect gasification of rice straw in a downdraft gasifier: Laboratory-scale experiments and performance prediction pp. 670-679 Downloads
Bayu Prabowo, Kentaro Umeki, Mi Yan, Masato R. Nakamura, Marco J. Castaldi and Kunio Yoshikawa
Improved heat storage rate for an automobile coolant waste heat recovery system using phase-change material in a fin–tube heat exchanger pp. 680-689 Downloads
Jungwook Shon, Hyungik Kim and Kihyung Lee
Short-term wind speed prediction using an unscented Kalman filter based state-space support vector regression approach pp. 690-705 Downloads
Kuilin Chen and Jie Yu
CO2 capture with amine-loaded carbon nanotubes via a dual-column temperature/vacuum swing adsorption pp. 706-712 Downloads
Fengsheng Su, Chungsying Lu, Ai-Ju Chung and Chien-Hsiang Liao
Solid-supported microorganism of Burkholderia cenocepacia cultured via solid state fermentation for biodiesel production: Optimization and kinetics pp. 713-721 Downloads
Yun Liu, Chong Li, Shihui Wang and Weiyi Chen
Experimental and numerical study on different dual-fuel combustion modes fuelled with gasoline and diesel pp. 722-733 Downloads
Binbin Yang, Mingfa Yao, Wai K. Cheng, Yu Li, Zunqing Zheng and Shanju Li
Study of adsorption characteristics in silica gel–water adsorption refrigeration pp. 734-741 Downloads
Dechang Wang, Jipeng Zhang, Qirong Yang, Na Li and K. Sumathy
Operating maps of a rotary engine used as an expander for micro-generation with various working fluids pp. 742-750 Downloads
M. Antonelli, A. Baccioli, M. Francesconi, U. Desideri and L. Martorano
Effect of a homogeneous combustion catalyst on the characteristics of diesel soot emitted from a compression ignition engine pp. 751-757 Downloads
Yu Ma, Mingming Zhu and Dongke Zhang
Role of renewable energy policies in energy dependency in Finland: System dynamics approach pp. 758-765 Downloads
Alireza Aslani, Petri Helo and Marja Naaranoja
Applied kinetics for modeling of reactive hot gas filters pp. 766-780 Downloads
Urs Rhyner, Philip Edinger, Tilman J. Schildhauer and Serge M.A. Biollaz
Mitigation potential of carbon dioxide emissions in the Chinese textile industry pp. 781-787 Downloads
Boqiang Lin and Mohamed Moubarak
Building energy performance analysis by an in-house developed dynamic simulation code: An investigation for different case studies pp. 788-807 Downloads
Annamaria Buonomano and Adolfo Palombo
The differences of carbon intensity reduction rate across 89 countries in recent three decades pp. 808-815 Downloads
Zhi-Shuang Zhu, Hua Liao, Huai-Shu Cao, Lu Wang, Yi-Ming Wei and Jinyue Yan
Energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. A comparative study pp. 816-824 Downloads
J.L. Torres, R. Gonzalez, A. Gimenez and J. Lopez
Anaerobic digestion of vinasse from sugarcane biorefineries in Brazil from energy, environmental, and economic perspectives: Profit or expense? pp. 825-835 Downloads
Bruna S. Moraes, Tassia L. Junqueira, Lucas G. Pavanello, Otávio Cavalett, Paulo E. Mantelatto, Antonio Bonomi and Marcelo Zaiat
Benefit-based expansion cost allocation for large scale remote renewable power integration into the Australian grid pp. 836-847 Downloads
Kazi Nazmul Hasan, Tapan Kumar Saha, Deb Chattopadhyay and Mehdi Eghbal
Dynamic Adaptive Chemistry applied to homogeneous and partially stratified charge CI ethanol engines pp. 848-863 Downloads
Annarita Viggiano and Vinicio Magi
Clathrate-hydrate formation from a hydrocarbon gas mixture: Compositional evolution of formed hydrate during an isobaric semi-batch hydrate-forming operation pp. 864-871 Downloads
Wataru Kondo, Kaoru Ohtsuka, Ryo Ohmura, Satoshi Takeya and Yasuhiko H. Mori
Solution-side effectiveness for a liquid-to-air membrane energy exchanger used as a dehumidifier/regenerator pp. 872-882 Downloads
Davood Ghadiri Moghaddam, Robert W. Besant and Carey J. Simonson
Performance investigation on a multi-unit heat pump for simultaneous temperature and humidity control pp. 883-890 Downloads
Hongming Fan, Shuangquan Shao and Changqing Tian
Improved energy efficiency in sawmill drying system pp. 891-901 Downloads
Jan-Olof Anderson and Lars Westerlund
Three-dimensional numerical study of heat transfer characteristics of parabolic trough receiver pp. 902-911 Downloads
Zhiyong Wu, Shidong Li, Guofeng Yuan, Dongqiang Lei and Zhifeng Wang
Temperature control of the four-zone split inverter air conditioners using LMI expression based on LQR for mixed H2/H∞ pp. 912-923 Downloads
YauBin Yang, Min-Der Wu and Yu-Choung Chang
Experimental and theoretical analysis of cell module output performance for a thermophotovoltaic system pp. 924-931 Downloads
Xiaojie Xu, Hong Ye, Yexin Xu, Mingrong Shen, Xiaojing Zhang and Xi Wu
Method for online measurement of the CHON composition of raw gas from biomass gasifier pp. 932-945 Downloads
Daniel Neves, Henrik Thunman, Luís Tarelho, Anton Larsson, Martin Seemann and Arlindo Matos
High power direct methanol fuel cell with a porous carbon nanofiber anode layer pp. 946-954 Downloads
A.M. Zainoodin, S.K. Kamarudin, M.S. Masdar, W.R.W. Daud, A.B. Mohamad and J. Sahari
Review of the energy and economic parameters involved in the effectiveness of grid-connected PV systems installed in multi-storey buildings pp. 955-969 Downloads
Aldo Orioli and Alessandra Di Gangi
Assessment of pinch point characteristics in heat exchangers and condensers of ammonia–water based power cycles pp. 970-981 Downloads
Kyoung Hoon Kim, Hyung Jong Ko and Kyoungjin Kim
An optimization method for gas refrigeration cycle based on the combination of both thermodynamics and entransy theory pp. 982-989 Downloads
Qun Chen, Yun-Chao Xu and Jun-Hong Hao
Energy refurbishment of existing buildings through the use of phase change materials: Energy savings and indoor comfort in the cooling season pp. 990-1007 Downloads
Fabrizio Ascione, Nicola Bianco, Rosa Francesca De Masi, Filippo de’ Rossi, and Giuseppe Peter Vanoli
Performance of mixed LED light wavelengths on biogas upgrade and biogas fluid removal by microalga Chlorella sp pp. 1008-1014 Downloads
Cheng Yan and Zheng Zheng
Assessment of energy supply and continuity of service in distribution network with renewable distributed generation pp. 1015-1026 Downloads
M.A. Abdullah, A.P. Agalgaonkar and K.M. Muttaqi
Comparative evaluation of various methodologies to account for the effect of load variation during cylinder pressure measurement of large scale two-stroke diesel engines pp. 1027-1042 Downloads
D.T. Hountalas, R.G. Papagiannakis, G. Zovanos and A. Antonopoulos
A review on simulation-based optimization methods applied to building performance analysis pp. 1043-1058 Downloads
Anh-Tuan Nguyen, Sigrid Reiter and Philippe Rigo
A novel modeling based real option approach for CCS investment evaluation under multiple uncertainties pp. 1059-1067 Downloads
Xian Zhang, Xingwei Wang, Jiajun Chen, Xi Xie, Ke Wang and Yi-Ming Wei
Experimental study of the performance and emission characteristics of an adapted commercial four-cylinder spark ignition engine running on hydrogen–methane mixtures pp. 1068-1076 Downloads
P.M. Diéguez, J.C. Urroz, Marcelino-Sádaba, S., Pérez-Ezcurdia, A., Benito-Amurrio, M., D. Sáinz and L.M. Gandía
Modeling the effect of climate change on U.S. state-level buildings energy demands in an integrated assessment framework pp. 1077-1088 Downloads
Yuyu Zhou, Leon Clarke, Jiyong Eom, Page Kyle, Pralit Patel, Son H. Kim, James Dirks, Erik Jensen, Ying Liu, Jennie Rice, Laurel Schmidt and Timothy Seiple
Optimal operation and forecasting policy for pump storage plants in day-ahead markets pp. 1089-1099 Downloads
Thomas Muche
A practical battery wear model for electric vehicle charging applications pp. 1100-1108 Downloads
Sekyung Han, Soohee Han and Hirohisa Aki
Small-medium scale polygeneration systems: Methanol and power production pp. 1109-1117 Downloads
A. Narvaez, D. Chadwick and L. Kershenbaum
The performance evaluation of shape-stabilized phase change materials in building applications using energy saving index pp. 1118-1126 Downloads
Hong Ye, Linshuang Long, Haitao Zhang and Ruqiang Zou
Understanding the fuel savings potential from deploying hybrid cars in China pp. 1127-1133 Downloads
Samveg Saxena, Amol Phadke and Anand Gopal
Investigation of sulfur chemistry with acid gas addition in hydrogen/air flames pp. 1134-1140 Downloads
H. Selim, S. Ibrahim, A. Al Shoaibi and A.K. Gupta
Deposition of SiO2 nanoparticles in heat exchanger during combustion of biogas pp. 1141-1148 Downloads
A.A. Turkin, M. Dutka, D. Vainchtein, S. Gersen, V.M. van Essen, P. Visser, A.V. Mokhov, H.B. Levinsky and J.Th.M. De Hosson
Maximizing the temperature span of a solid state active magnetic regenerative refrigerator pp. 1149-1154 Downloads
D.J. Silva, J. Ventura, J.P. Araújo and A.M. Pereira
Outdoor and diurnal performance of large conformal flexible metal/plastic dye solar cells pp. 1155-1161 Downloads
V. Zardetto, G. Mincuzzi, F. De Rossi, F. Di Giacomo, A. Reale, A. Di Carlo and T.M. Brown
Integration of PV and BES units in commercial distribution systems considering energy loss and voltage stability pp. 1162-1170 Downloads
Duong Quoc Hung, N. Mithulananthan and R.C. Bansal
Combined gas and electricity network expansion planning pp. 1171-1187 Downloads
Modassar Chaudry, Nick Jenkins, Meysam Qadrdan and Jianzhong Wu
Parametric and working fluid analysis of a dual-loop organic Rankine cycle (DORC) used in engine waste heat recovery pp. 1188-1198 Downloads
Gequn Shu, Lina Liu, Hua Tian, Haiqiao Wei and Guopeng Yu
Simulation of CO and NO emissions in a SI engine using a 0D coherent flame model coupled with a tabulated chemistry approach pp. 1199-1215 Downloads
S. Bougrine, S. Richard, J.-B. Michel and D. Veynante
Efficiency of clouds on shortwave radiation using experimental data pp. 1216-1219 Downloads
D. Mateos, M. Antón, A. Valenzuela, A. Cazorla, F.J. Olmo and Alados-Arboledas, L.
Carbon constrained design of energy infrastructure for new build schemes pp. 1220-1234 Downloads
M.T. Rees, J. Wu, N. Jenkins and M. Abeysekera
Economic evaluation of a novel fuel-saver hybrid combining a solar receiver with a combustor for a solar power tower pp. 1235-1243 Downloads
G.J. Nathan, D.L. Battye and P.J. Ashman
Dynamic study of adsorbers by a new gravimetric version of the Large Temperature Jump method pp. 1244-1251 Downloads
Alessio Sapienza, Salvatore Santamaria, Andrea Frazzica, Angelo Freni and Yuri I. Aristov
Optimal placement of distributed generations considering voltage stability and power losses with observing voltage-related constraints pp. 1252-1260 Downloads
Masoud Esmaili, Esmail Chaktan Firozjaee and Heidar Ali Shayanfar
Experimental characterization of a solid industrial by-product as material for high temperature sensible thermal energy storage (TES) pp. 1261-1268 Downloads
Laia Miró, M. Elena Navarro, Priyamvadha Suresh, Antoni Gil, A. Inés Fernández and Luisa F. Cabeza
CO2 adsorption on fine activated carbon in a sound assisted fluidized bed: Effect of sound intensity and frequency, CO2 partial pressure and fluidization velocity pp. 1269-1282 Downloads
F. Raganati, P. Ammendola and R. Chirone
Health external costs associated to the integration of solid oxide fuel cell in a sugar–ethanol factory pp. 1283-1292 Downloads
Casas-Ledon, Yannay, Arteaga-Perez, Luis E., Jo Dewulf, Mayra C. Morales, Elena Rosa, Peralta-Suáreza, Luis M. and Herman Van Langenhove
Structure optimization and performance experiments of a solar-powered finned-tube adsorption refrigeration system pp. 1293-1300 Downloads
Xu Ji, Ming Li, Jieqing Fan, Peng Zhang, Bin Luo and Liuling Wang
Thermodynamic and economic analysis of polygeneration system integrating atmospheric pressure coal pyrolysis technology with circulating fluidized bed power plant pp. 1301-1314 Downloads
Zhihang Guo, Qinhui Wang, Mengxiang Fang, Zhongyang Luo and Kefa Cen
Preparation and characterization of fuel pellets from woody biomass, agro-residues and their corresponding hydrochars pp. 1315-1322 Downloads
Zhengang Liu, Augustine Quek and R. Balasubramanian
Analysis of corporate average fuel economy regulation compliance scenarios inclusive of plug in hybrid vehicles pp. 1323-1337 Downloads
Al-Alawi, Baha M. and Thomas H. Bradley
Modeling direct steam generation in solar collectors with multiphase CFD pp. 1338-1348 Downloads
David H. Lobón, Emilio Baglietto, Loreto Valenzuela and Eduardo Zarza
Design and optimization of a solar air heater with offset strip fin absorber plate pp. 1349-1362 Downloads
Ming Yang, Xudong Yang, Xing Li, Zhifeng Wang and Pengsu Wang
The impact of concrete structure on the thermal performance of the dual-media thermocline thermal storage tank using concrete as the solid medium pp. 1363-1371 Downloads
Ming Wu, Mingjia Li, Chao Xu, Yaling He and Wenquan Tao
Application of fault tree approach for technical assessment of small-sized biogas systems in Nepal pp. 1372-1381 Downloads
Shikun Cheng, Zifu Li, Heinz-Peter Mang, Kalidas Neupane, Marc Wauthelet and Elisabeth-Maria Huba
Benchmarking energy consumption for dump trucks in mines pp. 1382-1396 Downloads
Lalit Kumar Sahoo, Santanu Bandyopadhyay and Rangan Banerjee
Upgrading and extraction of bitumen from Nigerian tar sand by supercritical carbon dioxide pp. 1397-1404 Downloads
Svetlana Rudyk and Pavel Spirov
Advances in exergy analysis: a novel assessment of the Extended Exergy Accounting method pp. 1405-1420 Downloads
M.V. Rocco, E. Colombo and E. Sciubba
A data-driven based adaptive state of charge estimator of lithium-ion polymer battery used in electric vehicles pp. 1421-1433 Downloads
Rui Xiong, Fengchun Sun, Xianzhi Gong and Chenchen Gao
Adding value with CLEWS – Modelling the energy system and its interdependencies for Mauritius pp. 1434-1445 Downloads
M. Welsch, S. Hermann, M. Howells, H.H. Rogner, Chester Young, I. Ramma, M. Bazilian, G. Fischer, T. Alfstad, D. Gielen, D. Le Blanc, A. Röhrl, P. Steduto and A. Müller
Analysis of a latent thermocline storage system with encapsulated phase change materials for concentrating solar power pp. 1446-1460 Downloads
K. Nithyanandam, R. Pitchumani and A. Mathur
Power generation plants with carbon capture and storage: A techno-economic comparison between coal combustion and gasification technologies pp. 1461-1474 Downloads
Vittorio Tola and Alberto Pettinau
Optimal scheduling for enhanced coal bed methane production through CO2 injection pp. 1475-1483 Downloads
Yuping Huang, Qipeng P. Zheng, Neng Fan and Kashy Aminian
Effect of LED lighting on the cooling and heating loads in office buildings pp. 1484-1489 Downloads
Byung-Lip Ahn, Cheol-Yong Jang, Seung-Bok Leigh, Seunghwan Yoo and Hakgeun Jeong
Design and operation of a 1MWth chemical looping plant pp. 1490-1495 Downloads
Jochen Ströhle, Matthias Orth and Bernd Epple
Spectral characterisation and long-term performance analysis of various commercial Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF) as Direct-Absorption Filters for CPV-T beam-splitting applications pp. 1496-1511 Downloads
R. Looser, M. Vivar and V. Everett
Supercooling suppression of microencapsulated phase change materials by optimizing shell composition and structure pp. 1512-1518 Downloads
Fangyu Cao and Bao Yang
Implementation and evaluation for anode purging of a fuel cell based on nitrogen concentration pp. 1519-1524 Downloads
Yong-Song Chen, Chih-Wei Yang and Jiunn-Yih Lee
A review of phase change materials for vehicle component thermal buffering pp. 1525-1561 Downloads
Nicholas R. Jankowski and F. Patrick McCluskey
Performance analysis of a two-stage desiccant cooling system pp. 1562-1574 Downloads
Rang Tu, Xiao-Hua Liu and Yi Jiang
Lithium iron phosphate based battery – Assessment of the aging parameters and development of cycle life model pp. 1575-1585 Downloads
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Max Sorgenfrei and George Tsatsaronis
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