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2013, volume 112, issue C

Buffering intermittent renewable power with hydroelectric generation: A case study in California pp. 1-11 Downloads
Martin K. Chang, Joshua D. Eichman, Fabian Mueller and Scott Samuelsen
Stochastic optimization approach to water management in cooling-constrained power plants pp. 12-22 Downloads
Juan M. Salazar, Urmila Diwekar, Emil Constantinescu and Victor M. Zavala
A comprehensive assessment of the life cycle energy demand of passive houses pp. 23-34 Downloads
André Stephan, Robert H. Crawford and Kristel de Myttenaere
Integrated analysis of high-penetration PV and PHEV with energy storage and demand response pp. 35-51 Downloads
Jiayun Zhao, Sadik Kucuksari, Esfandyar Mazhari and Young-Jun Son
Hydrogen production and purification from the water–gas shift reaction on CuO/CeO2–TiO2 catalysts pp. 52-59 Downloads
Cristhiane Guimarães Maciel, Tatiana de Freitas Silva, Elisabete Moreira Assaf and José Mansur Assaf
Role of toluene in hydrogen sulfide combustion under Claus condition pp. 60-66 Downloads
S. Ibrahim, A. Al Shoaibi and A.K. Gupta
Calcium-based sorbent doped with attapulgite for CO2 capture pp. 67-74 Downloads
Huichao Chen, Changsui Zhao and Weiwei Yu
Longitudinal fluid flow and heat transfer between an elliptical hollow fiber membrane tube bank used for air humidification pp. 75-82 Downloads
Si-Min Huang and Minlin Yang
A three-dimensional study on methane hydrate decomposition with different methods using five-spot well pp. 83-92 Downloads
Yi Wang, Xiao-Sen Li, Gang Li, Yu Zhang, Bo Li and Jing-Chun Feng
Investigation on wetted area and film thickness for falling film liquid desiccant regeneration system pp. 93-101 Downloads
Ronghui Qi, Lin Lu, Hongxing Yang and Fei Qin
Potential of the Miller cycle on a HSDI diesel automotive engine pp. 102-119 Downloads
Carlo Alberto Rinaldini, Enrico Mattarelli and Valeri I. Golovitchev
Quantifying uncertainties of neural network-based electricity price forecasts pp. 120-129 Downloads
Abbas Khosravi, Saeid Nahavandi and Doug Creighton
Dynamic behavior of Rankine cycle system for waste heat recovery of heavy duty diesel engines under driving cycle pp. 130-141 Downloads
Hui Xie and Can Yang
Simulating home cooling load reductions for a novel opaque roof solar chimney configuration pp. 142-151 Downloads
Justin DeBlois, Melissa Bilec and Laura Schaefer
Generation of a typical meteorological year for north–east, Nigeria pp. 152-159 Downloads
Olayinka S. Ohunakin, Muyiwa S. Adaramola, Olanrewaju M. Oyewola and Richard O. Fagbenle
Thermodynamic model of a thermal storage air conditioning system with dynamic behavior pp. 160-169 Downloads
Evan Fleming, Shaoyi Wen, Li Shi and Alexandre K. da Silva
NOx and N2O precursors (NH3 and HCN) from biomass pyrolysis: interaction between amino acid and mineral matter pp. 170-174 Downloads
Qiangqiang Ren and Changsui Zhao
Experimental and numerical study of annular PCM storage in the presence of natural convection pp. 175-184 Downloads
Martin Longeon, Adèle Soupart, Jean-François Fourmigué, Arnaud Bruch and Philippe Marty
Parameter estimation of solar cells and modules using an improved adaptive differential evolution algorithm pp. 185-193 Downloads
Lian Lian Jiang, Douglas L. Maskell and Jagdish C. Patra
Re-envisioning the renewable fuel standard to minimize unintended consequences: A comparison of microalgal diesel with other biodiesels pp. 194-204 Downloads
Kullapa Soratana, Vikas Khanna and Amy E. Landis
Optimal allocation of thermal, electric and cooling loads among generation technologies in household applications pp. 205-214 Downloads
Mirko Morini, Michele Pinelli, Pier Ruggero Spina and Mauro Venturini
High-resolution modeling framework for planning electricity systems with high penetration of renewables pp. 215-223 Downloads
André Pina, Carlos A. Silva and Paulo Ferrão
Parametric behavior of a CO2 capture process: CFD simulation of solid-sorbent CO2 absorption in a riser reactor pp. 224-234 Downloads
Ronald W. Breault and E. David Huckaby
Configuring wall layers for improved insulation performance pp. 235-245 Downloads
Danielle E.M. Bond, William W. Clark and Mark Kimber
Effects of n-butanol, 2-butanol, and methyl octynoate addition to diesel fuel on combustion and emissions over a wide range of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) rates pp. 246-256 Downloads
Haifeng Liu, Shanju Li, Zunqing Zheng, Jia Xu and Mingfa Yao
A systematic review of bioenergy life cycle assessments pp. 257-273 Downloads
Stefan Muench and Edeltraud Guenther
Evaluation of the potential of central receiver solar power plants: Configuration, optimization and trends pp. 274-288 Downloads
Avila-Marin, Antonio L., Fernandez-Reche, Jesus and Felix M. Tellez
Carbon dioxide conversion to fuels and chemicals using a hybrid green process pp. 289-299 Downloads
Karthikeyan D. Ramachandriya, Dimple K. Kundiyana, Mark R. Wilkins, Jennine B. Terrill, Hasan K. Atiyeh and Raymond L. Huhnke
Electrical, thermal and structural performance of a cooled PV module: Transient analysis using a multiphysics model pp. 300-312 Downloads
M.U. Siddiqui and A.F.M. Arif
Investigation of noise radiation from a swirl stabilized diffusion flame with an array of microphones pp. 313-324 Downloads
A.V. Singh, M. Yu, A.K. Gupta and K.M. Bryden
The influence of concrete density and conductivity on walls’ thermal inertia parameters under a variety of masonry and insulation placements pp. 325-337 Downloads
K.J. Kontoleon, Th.G. Theodosiou and K.G. Tsikaloudaki
Summer comfort in a low-inertia building with a new free-cooling system pp. 338-349 Downloads
A. Brun, E. Wurtz, P. Hollmuller and D. Quenard
The effect of CO addition on the flame behavior of a non-premixed oxy-methane jet in a lab-scale furnace pp. 350-357 Downloads
Jeongseog Oh, Dongsoon Noh and Eungyeong Lee
Analysis of short helical and double U-tube borehole heat exchangers: A simulation-based comparison pp. 358-370 Downloads
Angelo Zarrella, Antonio Capozza and Michele De Carli
Quantifying the domestic electricity consumption for air-conditioning due to urban heat islands in hot arid regions pp. 371-380 Downloads
Hassan Radhi and Stephen Sharples
Effect of K2CO3·1.5H2O on the regeneration energy consumption of potassium-based sorbents for CO2 capture pp. 381-387 Downloads
Wenying Zhao, Gerald Sprachmann, Zhenshan Li, Ningsheng Cai and Xiaohui Zhang
Mechanistic investigation into water tolerance of non-catalytic biodiesel conversion pp. 388-392 Downloads
Eilhann E. Kwon, Haakrho Yi and Young Jae Jeon
A technical and economic analysis of three large scale biomass combustion plants in the UK pp. 396-404 Downloads
McIlveen-Wright, David R., Ye Huang, Sina Rezvani, David Redpath, Mark Anderson, Ashok Dave and Neil J. Hewitt
A thermodynamic analysis of solid waste gasification in the Plasma Gasification Melting process pp. 405-413 Downloads
Qinglin Zhang, Yueshi Wu, Liran Dor, Weihong Yang and Wlodzimierz Blasiak
Air-blown gasification of woody biomass in a bubbling fluidized bed gasifier pp. 414-420 Downloads
Young Doo Kim, Chang Won Yang, Beom Jong Kim, Kwang Su Kim, Jeung Woo Lee, Ji Hong Moon, Won Yang, Tae U Yu and Uen Do Lee
A comparison of gasification phenomena among raw biomass, torrefied biomass and coal in an entrained-flow reactor pp. 421-430 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Chih-Jung Chen, Chen-I Hung, Cheng-Hsien Shen and Heng-Wen Hsu
Methanol production from steel-work off-gases and biomass based synthesis gas pp. 431-439 Downloads
J. Lundgren, T. Ekbom, C. Hulteberg, M. Larsson, C.-E. Grip, L. Nilsson and P. Tunå
Bio-methane via fast pyrolysis of biomass pp. 440-447 Downloads
Martin Görling, Mårten Larsson and Per Alvfors
Auto-thermal reforming of biomass raw fuel gas to syngas in a novel reformer: Promotion of hot-electron pp. 448-453 Downloads
Tiejun Wang, Yong Yang, Mingyue Ding, Qiying Liu and Longlong Ma
Pulverised wood combustion in a vertical furnace: Experimental and computational analyses pp. 454-464 Downloads
A. Elfasakhany, L. Tao, B. Espenas, J. Larfeldt and X.S. Bai
Different mixing modes for biogas plants using energy crops pp. 465-472 Downloads
Alexandra Kowalczyk, Eva Harnisch, Sebastian Schwede, Mandy Gerber and Roland Span
Bioavailability of cobalt and nickel during anaerobic digestion of sulfur-rich stillage for biogas formation pp. 473-477 Downloads
Jenny Gustavsson, Sepehr Shakeri Yekta, Carina Sundberg, Anna Karlsson, Jörgen Ejlertsson, Ulf Skyllberg and Bo H. Svensson
Microalgal biomethane production integrated with an existing biogas plant: A case study in Sweden pp. 478-484 Downloads
Xiaoqiang Wang, Eva Nordlander, Eva Thorin and Jinyue Yan
Thermodynamic modeling of algal cell–solid substrate interactions pp. 485-492 Downloads
Yan Cui and Wenqiao Yuan
Performance, combustion and emission characteristics of biodiesel derived from waste cooking oils pp. 493-499 Downloads
H. An, W.M. Yang, A. Maghbouli, J. Li, S.K. Chou and K.J. Chua
Load characteristics of a spark-ignited ethanol engine with DME enrichment pp. 500-506 Downloads
Chen Liang, Changwei Ji and Binbin Gao
Methane potentials of the Swedish pulp and paper industry – A screening of wastewater effluents pp. 507-517 Downloads
Eva-Maria Ekstrand, Madeleine Larsson, Xu-Bin Truong, Lina Cardell, Ylva Borgström, Annika Björn, Jörgen Ejlertsson, Bo H. Svensson, Fredrik Nilsson and Anna Karlsson
Comparative techno-economic analysis of biomass fuelled combined heat and power for commercial buildings pp. 518-525 Downloads
Y. Huang, McIlveen-Wright, D.R., S. Rezvani, M.J. Huang, Y.D. Wang, A.P. Roskilly and N.J. Hewitt
Activated carbons prepared from hydrothermally carbonized waste biomass used as adsorbents for CO2 pp. 526-532 Downloads
Wenming Hao, Eva Björkman, Malte Lilliestråle and Niklas Hedin
Production of cyclohexane from lignin degradation compounds over Ni/ZrO2–SiO2 catalysts pp. 533-538 Downloads
Xinghua Zhang, Tiejun Wang, Longlong Ma, Qi Zhang, Xiaoming Huang and Yuxiao Yu
Stump torrefaction for bioenergy application pp. 539-546 Downloads
Khanh-Quang Tran, Xun Luo, Gulaim Seisenbaeva and Raida Jirjis
Carbon and environmental footprinting of global biofuel production pp. 547-559 Downloads
Geoffrey P. Hammond and Shashank M. Seth
Life cycle GHG analysis of rice straw bio-DME production and application in Thailand pp. 560-567 Downloads
Thapat Silalertruksa, Shabbir H. Gheewala, Masayuki Sagisaka and Katsunobu Yamaguchi
Early development of an energy recovery wind turbine generator for exhaust air system pp. 568-575 Downloads
W.T. Chong, S.C. Poh, A. Fazlizan, S.Y. Yip, C.K. Chang and W.P. Hew
CFD analysis of a heat transfer device integrated wind tower system for hot and dry climate pp. 576-591 Downloads
John Kaiser Calautit, Ben Richard Hughes, Hassam Nasarullah Chaudhry and Saud Abdul Ghani
On the way to harness high-altitude wind power: Defining the operational asset for an airship wind generator pp. 592-600 Downloads
Francesco Castellani and Alberto Garinei
The design, simulation and testing of an urban vertical axis wind turbine with the omni-direction-guide-vane pp. 601-609 Downloads
W.T. Chong, A. Fazlizan, S.C. Poh, K.C. Pan, W.P. Hew and F.B. Hsiao
Multilayer perceptron applied to the estimation of the influence of the solar spectral distribution on thin-film photovoltaic modules pp. 610-617 Downloads
Michel Piliougine, David Elizondo, Mora-López, Llanos and Sidrach- de-Cardona, Mariano
Outdoor performance of a low-concentrated photovoltaic–thermal hybrid system with crystalline silicon solar cells pp. 618-625 Downloads
Chengdong Kong, Zilin Xu and Qiang Yao
Comparative analysis of energy produced by photovoltaic modules with anti-soiling coated surface in arid climates pp. 626-634 Downloads
M. Piliougine, C. Cañete, R. Moreno, J. Carretero, J. Hirose, S. Ogawa and Sidrach- de-Cardona, M.
Dynamic modelling of a PV pumping system with special consideration on water demand pp. 635-645 Downloads
Pietro Elia Campana, Hailong Li and Jinyue Yan
Investigation on the annual thermal performance of a photovoltaic wall mounted on a multi-layer façade pp. 646-656 Downloads
Jinqing Peng, Lin Lu, Hongxing Yang and Jun Han
Preparation of lead-free nanoglass frit powder for crystalline silicon solar cells pp. 657-662 Downloads
Quande Che, Hongxing Yang, Lin Lu and Yuanhao Wang
Performance evaluation of a stand-alone photovoltaic system on an isolated island in Hong Kong pp. 663-672 Downloads
Tao Ma, Hongxing Yang and Lin Lu
Full chain energy performance for a combined cooling, heating and power system running with methanol and solar energy pp. 673-681 Downloads
Sheng Li, Jun Sui, Hongguang Jin and Jianjiao Zheng
Design of new molten salt thermal energy storage material for solar thermal power plant pp. 682-689 Downloads
Qiang Peng, Xiaoxi Yang, Jing Ding, Xiaolan Wei and Jianping Yang
Study on combined heat loss of a dish receiver with quartz glass cover pp. 690-696 Downloads
Fuqing Cui, Yaling He, Zedong Cheng and Yinshi Li
Feasibility analysis of solar irrigation system for pastures conservation in a demonstration area in Inner Mongolia pp. 697-702 Downloads
He Xu, Jiahong Liu, Dayong Qin, Xuerui Gao and Jinyue Yan
Radiative heat transfer analysis in pure scattering layers to be used in vacuum insulation panels pp. 703-709 Downloads
Choonghyo Jang, Haeyong Jung, Jaehyug Lee and Tae-Ho Song
Performance evaluation of solar aided feedwater heating of coal-fired power generation (SAFHCPG) system under different operating conditions pp. 710-718 Downloads
Hong-juan, Hou, Zhen-yue, Yu, Yong-ping, Yang, Chen Si, Luo Na and Wu Junjie
Experimental study of the performance for a novel kind of MHPA-FPC solar water heater pp. 719-726 Downloads
Yuechao Deng, Wei Wang, Yaohua Zhao, Liang Yao and Xinyue Wang
Performance analysis of a near zero CO2 emission solar hybrid power generation system pp. 727-736 Downloads
Yuanyuan Li, Na Zhang, Ruixian Cai and Yongping Yang
Evaluation of geothermal energy in desalination by vacuum membrane distillation pp. 737-746 Downloads
Rosalam Sarbatly and Chel-Ken Chiam
Peak and off-peak operations of the air separation unit in oxy-coal combustion power generation systems pp. 747-754 Downloads
Yukun Hu, Xun Li, Hailong Li and Jinyue Yan
Effects of SO2 on CO2 capture using a hollow fiber membrane contactor pp. 755-764 Downloads
Jie Yang, Xinhai Yu, Jinyue Yan, Shan-Tung Tu and Erik Dahlquist
Production of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) from steelmaking slag for fixation of CO2 pp. 765-771 Downloads
Arshe Said, Hannu-Petteri Mattila, Mika Järvinen and Ron Zevenhoven
Using MCFC for high efficiency CO2 capture from natural gas combined cycles: Comparison of internal and external reforming pp. 772-783 Downloads
Stefano Campanari, Giampaolo Manzolini and Paolo Chiesa
Modelling and monitoring of geological carbon storage: A perspective on cross-validation pp. 784-792 Downloads
Xi Jiang, Wasim A. Akber Hassan and Jon Gluyas
The improved ChinaCCS decision support system: A case study for Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei Region of China pp. 793-799 Downloads
Liang Sun and Wenying Chen
Thermodynamic analysis of chemical-looping hydrogen generation pp. 800-807 Downloads
Xiaosong Zhang and Hongguang Jin
A computationally efficient particle submodel for CFD-simulations of fixed-bed conversion pp. 808-817 Downloads
Henrik Ström and Henrik Thunman
Reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of energy intensive industries through decision support systems – An example of application to the steel industry pp. 818-833 Downloads
Giacomo Filippo Porzio, Barbara Fornai, Alessandro Amato, Nicola Matarese, Marco Vannucci, Lisa Chiappelli and Valentina Colla
Life cycle primary energy use and carbon footprint of wood-frame conventional and passive houses with biomass-based energy supply pp. 834-842 Downloads
Ambrose Dodoo and Leif Gustavsson
Carbon footprint of a reflective foil and comparison with other solutions for thermal insulation in building envelope pp. 843-855 Downloads
Stefania Proietti, Umberto Desideri, Paolo Sdringola and Francesco Zepparelli
Midway toward the 2 degree target: Adequacy and fairness of the Cancún pledges pp. 856-865 Downloads
Yuejiao Ha and Fei Teng
What’s the most cost-effective policy of CO2 targeted reduction: An application of aggregated economic technological model with CCS? pp. 866-875 Downloads
Hong-Bo Duan, Ying Fan and Lei Zhu
Hydraulic performance of a new district heating systems with distributed variable speed pumps pp. 876-885 Downloads
Aibin Yan, Jun Zhao, Qingsong An, Yulong Zhao, Hailong Li and Yrjö Jun Huang
A power and cooling cogeneration system using mid/low-temperature heat source pp. 886-897 Downloads
Liuli Sun, Wei Han, Xuye Jing, Danxing Zheng and Hongguang Jin
Prediction and analysis of the seasonal performance of tri-generation and CO2 refrigeration systems in supermarkets pp. 898-906 Downloads
Y.T. Ge, S.A. Tassou and I.N. Suamir
Techno-economic analysis and optimization of the heat recovery of utility boiler flue gas pp. 907-917 Downloads
Gang Xu, Shengwei Huang, Yongping Yang, Ying Wu, Kai Zhang and Cheng Xu
Optimisation of the energy efficiency of bread-baking ovens using a combined experimental and computational approach pp. 918-927 Downloads
Zinedine Khatir, Joe Paton, Harvey Thompson, Nik Kapur and Vassili Toropov
Performance analysis of an integrated CHP system with thermal and Electric Energy Storage for residential application pp. 928-938 Downloads
M. Bianchi, A. De Pascale and F. Melino
Modelling and control approaches for energy reduction in continuous frying systems pp. 939-948 Downloads
H. Wu, S.A. Tassou and T.G. Karayiannis
Numerical investigations on the performance of a single-stage auto-cascade refrigerator operating with two vapor–liquid separators and environmentally benign binary refrigerants pp. 949-955 Downloads
Q. Wang, D.H. Li, J.P. Wang, T.F. Sun, X.H. Han and G.M. Chen
A review of waste heat recovery technologies towards molten slag in steel industry pp. 956-966 Downloads
Hui Zhang, Hong Wang, Xun Zhu, Yong-Jun Qiu, Kai Li, Rong Chen and Qiang Liao
Ideal thermal conductivity of a passive building wall: Determination method and understanding pp. 967-974 Downloads
Yu Zhang, Yinping Zhang, Xin Wang and Qun Chen
Low-energy buildings and seasonal thermal energy storages from a behavioral economics perspective pp. 975-980 Downloads
Johannes Persson and Mats Westermark
Measures for improving the adoption of higher efficiency appliances in Indonesian households: An analysis of lifetime use and decision-making in the purchase of electrical appliances pp. 981-987 Downloads
Muhammad Ery Wijaya and Tetsuo Tezuka
A new method to determine thermophysical properties of PCM-concrete brick pp. 988-998 Downloads
Rui Cheng, Michal Pomianowski, Xin Wang, Per Heiselberg and Yinping Zhang
Desiccant wheel thermal performance modeling for indoor humidity optimal control pp. 999-1005 Downloads
Nan Wang, Jiangfeng Zhang and Xiaohua Xia
Optimal sampling plan for clean development mechanism energy efficiency lighting projects pp. 1006-1015 Downloads
Xianming Ye, Xiaohua Xia and Jiangfeng Zhang
Analysis and prediction of daylighting and energy performance in atrium spaces using daylight-linked lighting controls pp. 1016-1024 Downloads
Stanley K.H. Chow, Danny H.W. Li, Eric W.M. Lee and Joseph C. Lam
Investigation of Ethanol/metal organic frameworks for low temperature adsorption cooling applications pp. 1025-1031 Downloads
Ahmed Rezk, AL-Dadah, Raya, Saad Mahmoud and Ahmed Elsayed
Wavelet study of dynamic variations in steel and ironmaking rest gases. Potential effect on external use pp. 1032-1040 Downloads
Niklas Grip, Carl-Erik Grip and Leif Nilsson
Pattern recognition-based chillers fault detection method using Support Vector Data Description (SVDD) pp. 1041-1048 Downloads
Yang Zhao, Shengwei Wang and Fu Xiao
Bootstrap-DEA analysis of BRICS’ energy efficiency based on small sample data pp. 1049-1055 Downloads
Ma-Lin Song, Lin-Ling Zhang, Wei Liu and Ron Fisher
Including energy in supply chain planning at a pulp company pp. 1056-1065 Downloads
Martin Waldemarsson, Helene Lidestam and Martin Rudberg
A study of energy efficiency of transport sector in China from 2003 to 2009 pp. 1066-1077 Downloads
William Chung, Guanghui Zhou and Iris M.H. Yeung
Measures to improve the performance of China’s thermal power industry in view of cost efficiency pp. 1078-1086 Downloads
Yi-Shu Wang, Bai-Chen Xie, Li-Feng Shang and Wen-Hua Li
Comprehensive exergy-based evaluation and parametric study of a coal-fired ultra-supercritical power plant pp. 1087-1099 Downloads
Yongping Yang, Ligang Wang, Changqing Dong, Gang Xu, Tatiana Morosuk and George Tsatsaronis
Geometric optimization of a 10-cell modular planar solid oxide fuel cell stack manifold pp. 1100-1107 Downloads
Daifen Chen, Qice Zeng, Shichuan Su, Wuxi Bi and Zhiqiang Ren
Proton conductive composite electrolytes in the KH2PO4–H3PW12O40 system for H2/O2 fuel cell operation pp. 1108-1114 Downloads
Song-yul Oh, Takuya Kikuchi, Go Kawamura, Hiroyuki Muto and Atsunori Matsuda
Numerical investigation of the coupled water and thermal management in PEM fuel cell pp. 1115-1125 Downloads
Tao-Feng Cao, Hong Lin, Li Chen, Ya-Ling He and Wen-Quan Tao
Smart coating process of proton-exchange membrane for polymer electrolyte fuel cell pp. 1126-1130 Downloads
Hoang-Jyh Leu, Kuo-Feng Chiu and Chiu-Yue Lin
Enabling high-concentrated fuel operation of fuel cells with microfluidic principles: A feasibility study pp. 1131-1137 Downloads
Hao Zhang, Jin Xuan, Hong Xu, Michael K.H. Leung, Dennis Y.C. Leung, Li Zhang, Huizhi Wang and Lei Wang
Performances of air source heat pump system for a kind of mal-defrost phenomenon appearing in moderate climate conditions pp. 1138-1145 Downloads
W. Wang, Y.C. Feng, J.H. Zhu, L.T. Li, Q.C. Guo and W.P. Lu
Predictive ANN models of ground heat exchanger for the control of hybrid ground source heat pump systems pp. 1146-1153 Downloads
Wenjie Gang and Jinbo Wang
Experimental study on the thermal performance of vertical closed-loop oscillating heat pipes and correlation modeling pp. 1154-1160 Downloads
Jian Qu and Qian Wang
A flameless catalytic combustion-based thermoelectric generator for powering electronic instruments on gas pipelines pp. 1161-1165 Downloads
Heng Xiao, Kuanrong Qiu, Xiaolong Gou and Qiang Ou
A double-acting thermoacoustic cryocooler for high temperature superconducting electric power grids pp. 1166-1170 Downloads
J.Y. Hu, E.C. Luo, L.M. Zhang, X.T. Wang and W. Dai
Theoretical analysis of a thermoelectric generator using exhaust gas of vehicles as heat source pp. 1171-1180 Downloads
Yuchao Wang, Chuanshan Dai and Shixue Wang
Simulation studies on heat and mass transfer in high-temperature magnesium hydride reactors pp. 1181-1189 Downloads
Zewei Bao, Fusheng Yang, Zhen Wu, Xinxin Cao and Zaoxiao Zhang
Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of boron and fluorine codoped TiO2 nanosheets with reactive facets pp. 1190-1197 Downloads
Bin Wang, Michael K.H. Leung, Xiao-Ying Lu and Si-Ying Chen
Cost-effective nanoporous SiO2–TiO2 coatings on glass substrates with antireflective and self-cleaning properties pp. 1198-1205 Downloads
Lei Miao, Li Fen Su, Sakae Tanemura, Craig A.J. Fisher, Li Li Zhao, Qing Liang and Gang Xu
Impact of emulsion fuel with nano-organic additives on the performance of diesel engine pp. 1206-1212 Downloads
W.M. Yang, H. An, S.K. Chou, K.J. Chua, B. Mohan, V. Sivasankaralingam, V. Raman, A. Maghbouli and J. Li
An orthogonal experimental study on solid fuel production from sewage sludge by employing steam explosion pp. 1213-1221 Downloads
Peitao Zhao, Shifu Ge and Kunio Yoshikawa
Numerical modeling for solid–liquid phase change phenomena in porous media: Shell-and-tube type latent heat thermal energy storage pp. 1222-1232 Downloads
Zhenyu Liu, Yuanpeng Yao and Huiying Wu
Experimental study on gas production from methane hydrate in porous media by SAGD method pp. 1233-1240 Downloads
Xiao-Sen Li, Bo Yang, Li-Ping Duan, Gang Li, Ning-Sheng Huang and Yu Zhang
Impact of H2/CO ratios on phase and performance of Mn-modified Fe-based Fischer Tropsch synthesis catalyst pp. 1241-1246 Downloads
Mingyue Ding, Yong Yang, Yongwang Li, Tiejun Wang, Longlong Ma and Chuangzhi Wu
Operational planning optimization of steam power plants considering equipment failure in petrochemical complex pp. 1247-1264 Downloads
Xianglong Luo, Bingjian Zhang, Ying Chen and Songping Mo
Experimental verification of a rolling-piston expander that applied for low-temperature Organic Rankine Cycle pp. 1265-1274 Downloads
N. Zheng, L. Zhao, X.D. Wang and Y.T. Tan
System analysis of dry black liquor gasification based synthetic gas production comparing oxygen and air blown gasification systems pp. 1275-1282 Downloads
Muhammad Naqvi, Jinyue Yan and Erik Dahlquist
Stratified two-phase flow pattern modulation in a horizontal tube by the mesh pore cylinder surface pp. 1283-1290 Downloads
Hongxia Chen, Jinliang Xu, Zijin Li, Feng Xing and Jian Xie
Water injection in a micro gas turbine – Assessment of the performance using a black box method pp. 1291-1302 Downloads
Ward De Paepe, Frank Delattin, Svend Bram and Jacques De Ruyck
The use of dual horizontal wells in gas production from hydrate accumulations pp. 1303-1310 Downloads
Gang Li, Xiao-Sen Li, Bo Yang, Li-Ping Duan, Ning-Sheng Huang, Yu Zhang and Liang-Guang Tang
Energy management strategy research on a hybrid power system by hardware-in-loop experiments pp. 1311-1317 Downloads
Hongwen He, Rui Xiong, Kai Zhao and Zhentong Liu
Fundamental study of cracking gasification process for comprehensive utilization of vacuum residue pp. 1318-1325 Downloads
Yuming Zhang, Deping Yu, Wangliang Li, Shiqiu Gao, Guangwen Xu, Huaqun Zhou and Jing Chen
Adsorption kinetics for CO2 on highly selective zeolites NaKA and nano-NaKA pp. 1326-1336 Downloads
Ocean Cheung, Zoltán Bacsik, Qingling Liu, Amber Mace and Niklas Hedin
Electricity production from a bio-electrochemical cell for silver recovery in alkaline media pp. 1337-1341 Downloads
Yun-Hai Wang, Bai-Shi Wang, Bin Pan, Qing-Yun Chen and Wei Yan
Concepts for dynamic modelling of energy-related flows in manufacturing pp. 1342-1348 Downloads
A.J. Wright, M.R. Oates and R. Greenough
Experimental investigation of inserts configurations and PCM type on the thermal performance of PCM based heat sinks pp. 1349-1356 Downloads
Saad Mahmoud, Aaron Tang, Chin Toh, AL-Dadah, Raya and Sein Leung Soo
Preparation and thermal characterization of paraffin/metal foam composite phase change material pp. 1357-1366 Downloads
X. Xiao, P. Zhang and M. Li
Study on flow and heat transfer characteristics of composite porous material and its performance analysis by FSP and EDEP pp. 1367-1375 Downloads
Zhi-Qiang Yu, Yong-Liang Feng, Wen-Jing Zhou, Yu Jin, Ming-Jie Li, Zeng-Yao Li and Wen-Quan Tao
Characterization and experimental investigation of phase change materials for chilled food refrigerated cabinet applications pp. 1376-1382 Downloads
W. Lu and S.A. Tassou
Micro distributed energy system driven with preheated Croton megalocarpus oil – A performance and particulate emission study pp. 1383-1392 Downloads
Dawei Wu, Hongdong Yu, Adam Harvey and Anthony P. Roskilly
A comparative study of different methods for the generation of tetra-n-butyl ammonium bromide clathrate hydrate slurry in a cold storage air-conditioning system pp. 1393-1402 Downloads
X.J. Shi and P. Zhang
China’s regional energy and environmental efficiency: A Range-Adjusted Measure based analysis pp. 1403-1415 Downloads
Ke Wang, Bin Lu and Yi-Ming Wei
Numerical simulation study on optimizing charging process of the direct contact mobilized thermal energy storage pp. 1416-1423 Downloads
Shaopeng Guo, Hailong Li, Jun Zhao, Xun Li and Jinyue Yan
An integrated model for long-term power generation planning toward future smart electricity systems pp. 1424-1437 Downloads
Qi Zhang, Benjamin C. Mclellan, Tetsuo Tezuka and Keiichi N. Ishihara
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