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2018, volume 212, issue C

Injection strategies for reducing smoke and improving the performance of a butanol-diesel common rail dual fuel engine pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jaykumar Yadav and A. Ramesh
Comprehensive study of key operating parameters on combustion characteristics of butanol-gasoline blends in a high speed SI engine pp. 13-32 Downloads
Kaimin Liu, Yangtao Li, Jing Yang, Banglin Deng, Renhua Feng and Yanjun Huang
Assessing compressibility effects on the performance of large horizontal-axis wind turbines pp. 33-45 Downloads
Chi Yan and Cristina L. Archer
A study of the relationships between coal structures and combustion characteristics: The insights from micro-Raman spectroscopy based on 32 kinds of Chinese coals pp. 46-56 Downloads
Jun Xu, Hao Tang, Sheng Su, Jiawei Liu, Kai Xu, Kun Qian, Yi Wang, Yingbiao Zhou, Song Hu, Anchao Zhang and Jun Xiang
Large-scale liquid hydrogen production methods and approaches: A review pp. 57-83 Downloads
Majid Aasadnia and Mehdi Mehrpooya
Techno-economic role of PV tracking technology in a hybrid PV-hydroelectric standalone power system pp. 84-108 Downloads
Masoume Shabani and Javad Mahmoudimehr
A systematic comparison of different S-CO2 Brayton cycle layouts based on multi-objective optimization for applications in solar power tower plants pp. 109-121 Downloads
Kun Wang, Ming-Jia Li, Jia-Qi Guo, Peiwen Li and Zhan-Bin Liu
Optimization of V-Trough photovoltaic concentrators through genetic algorithms with heuristics based on Weibull distributions pp. 122-140 Downloads
Arias-Rosales, Andrés and Mejía-Gutiérrez, Ricardo
The cost of electric power outages in the residential sector: A willingness to pay approach pp. 141-150 Downloads
Karyn Morrissey, Andrew Plater and Mary Dean
Influence of PCM design parameters on thermal and optical performance of multi-layer glazed roof pp. 151-161 Downloads
Changyu Liu, Yangyang Wu, Ji Bian, Dong Li and Xiaoyan Liu
Density of carbon dioxide with impurities by Coriolis flow meter, oscillation-type densitometer and equations of state pp. 162-174 Downloads
Mahmoud Nazeri, Maroto-Valer, M. Mercedes and Edward Jukes
The effects of internal leakage on the performance of a micro gas turbine pp. 175-184 Downloads
Min Jae Kim, Jeong Ho Kim and Tong Seop Kim
Coordination and payment mechanisms for electric vehicle aggregators pp. 185-195 Downloads
Perez-Diaz, Alvaro, Enrico Gerding and Frank McGroarty
Optimal operation of fuel cell/wind turbine hybrid power system under turbulent wind and variable load pp. 196-209 Downloads
Nicu Bizon
An investigation on utilization of biogas and syngas produced from biomass waste in premixed spark ignition engine pp. 210-222 Downloads
Xiang Kan, Dezhi Zhou, Wenming Yang, Xiaoqiang Zhai and Chi-Hwa Wang
A generic framework for power system flexibility analysis using cooperative game theory pp. 223-232 Downloads
Martin Kristiansen, Magnus Korpås and Harald G. Svendsen
An impact-based broadband aeroelastic energy harvester for concurrent wind and base vibration energy harvesting pp. 233-243 Downloads
Liya Zhao and Yaowen Yang
Anticipating electricity prices for future needs – Implications for liberalised retail markets pp. 244-264 Downloads
Tian Sheng Allan Loi and Jia Le Ng
Improving the representation of modal choice into bottom-up optimization energy system models – The MoCho-TIMES model pp. 265-282 Downloads
Jacopo Tattini, Kalai Ramea, Maurizio Gargiulo, Christopher Yang, Eamonn Mulholland, Sonia Yeh and Kenneth Karlsson
Network pricing for customer-operated energy storage in distribution networks pp. 283-292 Downloads
Xiaohe Yan, Chenghong Gu, Furong Li and Yue Xiang
Transient response of a thermoelectric generator to load steps under constant heat flux pp. 293-303 Downloads
Marcos Compadre Torrecilla, Andrea Montecucco, Jonathan Siviter, Andrew Strain and Andrew R. Knox
CFD analysis of energy harvesting from flow induced vibration of a circular cylinder with an attached free-to-rotate pentagram impeller pp. 304-321 Downloads
Hongjun Zhu, Ying Zhao and Tongming Zhou
An investigation of multiple spark discharge using multi-coil ignition system for improving thermal efficiency of lean SI engine operation pp. 322-332 Downloads
Dongwon Jung and Norimasa Iida
Metallic bipolar plate with a multi-hole structure in the rib regions for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells pp. 333-339 Downloads
Kyung Don Baik and Il Sung Seo
Microgrid clustering architectures pp. 340-361 Downloads
Bullich-Massagué, Eduard, Díaz-González, Francisco, Aragüés-Peñalba, Mònica, Girbau-Llistuella, Francesc, Olivella-Rosell, Pol and Andreas Sumper
Micro electrostatic energy harvester with both broad bandwidth and high normalized power density pp. 362-371 Downloads
Yulong Zhang, Tianyang Wang, Anxin Luo, Yushen Hu, Xinxin Li and Fei Wang
Predicting electricity consumption for commercial and residential buildings using deep recurrent neural networks pp. 372-385 Downloads
Aowabin Rahman, Vivek Srikumar and Amanda D. Smith
The future role of Power-to-Gas in the energy transition: Regional and local techno-economic analyses in Baden-Württemberg pp. 386-400 Downloads
R.C. McKenna, Q. Bchini, J.M. Weinand, J. Michaelis, S. König, W. Köppel and W. Fichtner
Mathematical modeling and performance evaluation of a desiccant coated fin-tube heat exchanger pp. 401-415 Downloads
Mrinal Jagirdar and Poh Seng Lee
Performance-based validation of climatic zoning for building energy efficiency applications pp. 416-427 Downloads
Angélica Walsh, Daniel Cóstola and Lucila Chebel Labaki
A methodology for performance robustness assessment of low-energy buildings using scenario analysis pp. 428-442 Downloads
Rajesh Kotireddy, Pieter-Jan Hoes and Jan L.M. Hensen
Security of supply in a carbon-free electric power system: The case of Iceland pp. 443-454 Downloads
Pablo Duenas, Andres Ramos, Tapia-Ahumada, Karen, Luis Olmos, Michel Rivier and Pérez-Arriaga, Jose-Ignacio
Composite phase change materials with good reversible thermochromic ability in delignified wood substrate for thermal energy storage pp. 455-464 Downloads
Haiyue Yang, Yazhou Wang, Qianqian Yu, Guoliang Cao, Rue Yang, Jiaona Ke, Xin Di, Feng Liu, Wenbo Zhang and Chengyu Wang
Study on the configuration of bottom cycle in natural gas combined cycle power plants integrated with oxy-fuel combustion pp. 465-477 Downloads
Yanlei Xiang, Lei Cai, Yanwen Guan, Wenbin Liu, Yixiao Han and Ying Liang
Exploration of the material property space for chemical looping air separation applied to carbon capture and storage pp. 478-488 Downloads
R.H. Görke, Wuyang Hu, M.T. Dunstan, J.S. Dennis and S.A. Scott
Community energy storage: A smart choice for the smart grid? pp. 489-497 Downloads
Edward Barbour, David Parra, Zeyad Awwad and Marta C. González
Optimal sizing of flexible nuclear hybrid energy system components considering wind volatility pp. 498-508 Downloads
T.E. Baker, A.S. Epiney, C. Rabiti and E. Shittu
Microbial electrolysis treatment of post-hydrothermal liquefaction wastewater with hydrogen generation pp. 509-515 Downloads
Ruixia Shen, Yong Jiang, Zheng Ge, Jianwen Lu, Yuanhui Zhang, Zhidan Liu and Zhiyong Jason Ren
Experimental investigation and thermodynamic modeling of an innovative molten salt for thermal energy storage (TES) pp. 516-526 Downloads
Xiang Li, Shuang Wu, Yang Wang and Leidong Xie
A strategic analysis of tidal current energy conversion systems in the European Union pp. 527-551 Downloads
E. Segura, R. Morales and J.A. Somolinos
Thermal performance of co-electrospun fatty acid nanofiber composites in the presence of nanoparticles pp. 552-564 Downloads
Seyyed Iman Golestaneh, Gholamreza Karimi, Aziz Babapoor and Farshid Torabi
Building-group-level performance evaluations of net zero energy buildings with non-collaborative controls pp. 565-576 Downloads
Yongjun Sun, Gongsheng Huang, Xinhua Xu and Alvin Chi-Keung Lai
Selecting HVAC systems to achieve comfortable and cost-effective residential net-zero energy buildings pp. 577-591 Downloads
Wei Wu, Harrison M. Skye and Piotr A. Domanski
Thermodynamic modeling of solarized microturbine for combined heat and power applications pp. 592-606 Downloads
James Nelson, Nathan G. Johnson, Pinchas Doron and Ellen B. Stechel
First time real time incentive demand response program in smart grid with “i-Energy” management system with different resources pp. 607-621 Downloads
M.M. Eissa
Energy economic evaluation of process heat supply by solar tower and high temperature reactor based on the ammonia production process pp. 622-639 Downloads
Sarah Schröders and Hans-Josef Allelein
Sizing of hybrid energy storage system for a PV based microgrid through design space approach pp. 640-653 Downloads
Ammu Susanna Jacob, Rangan Banerjee and Prakash C. Ghosh
Iterative multi-task learning for time-series modeling of solar panel PV outputs pp. 654-662 Downloads
Tahasin Shireen, Chenhui Shao, Hui Wang, Jingjing Li, Xi Zhang and Mingyang Li
Resource implications of alternative strategies for achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions from light-duty vehicles by 2060 pp. 663-679 Downloads
L.D. Danny Harvey
Optimising tidal range power plant operation pp. 680-690 Downloads
Athanasios Angeloudis, Stephan C. Kramer, Alexandros Avdis and Matthew D. Piggott
Does climate influence energy demand? A regional analysis pp. 691-703 Downloads
Saleem Shaik and Osei-Agyeman Yeboah
Sustainable silicon photovoltaics manufacturing in a global market: A techno-economic, tariff and transportation framework pp. 704-719 Downloads
Sergio Castellanos, Santibañez-Aguilar, José E., Benjamin B. Shapiro, Douglas M. Powell, Ian M. Peters, Tonio Buonassisi, Daniel M. Kammen and Flores-Tlacuahuac, Antonio
Corrigendum to “Optimal design of multi-energy systems with seasonal storage” [Appl. Energy (2017)] pp. 720-720 Downloads
Paolo Gabrielli, Matteo Gazzani, Emanuele Martelli and Marco Mazzotti
A heuristic multi-objective multi-criteria demand response planning in a system with high penetration of wind power generators pp. 721-732 Downloads
Neda Hajibandeh, Shafie-khah, Miadreza, Gerardo J. Osório, Jamshid Aghaei and João P.S. Catalão
Development of a fiber daylighting system based on a small scale linear Fresnel reflector: Theoretical elements pp. 733-745 Downloads
A. Barbón, Sánchez-Rodríguez, J.A., L. Bayón and N. Barbón
Use of weather forecast for increasing the self-consumption rate of home solar systems: An Italian case study pp. 746-758 Downloads
Mario Petrollese, Giorgio Cau and Daniele Cocco
Production of syngas from H2O/CO2 by high-pressure coelectrolysis in tubular solid oxide cells pp. 759-770 Downloads
Muhammad Taqi Mehran, Seong-Bin Yu, Dong-Young Lee, Jong-Eun Hong, Seung-Bok Lee, Seok-Joo Park, Rak-Hyun Song and Tak-Hyoung Lim
A conditional model of wind power forecast errors and its application in scenario generation pp. 771-785 Downloads
Zhiwen Wang, Chen Shen and Feng Liu
Co-combustion thermal conversion characteristics of textile dyeing sludge and pomelo peel using TGA and artificial neural networks pp. 786-795 Downloads
Candie Xie, Jingyong Liu, Xiaochun Zhang, Wuming Xie, Jian Sun, Kenlin Chang, Jiahong Kuo, Wenhao Xie, Chao Liu, Shuiyu Sun, Musa Buyukada and Fatih Evrendilek
Internal resistance and polarization dynamics of lithium-ion batteries upon internal shorting pp. 796-808 Downloads
Daniel J. Noelle, Meng Wang, Anh V. Le, Yang Shi and Yu Qiao
Enhanced solar thermal conversion and thermal conduction of MWCNT-SiO2/Ag binary nanofluids pp. 809-819 Downloads
Jia Zeng and Yimin Xuan
Cooperation in manure-based biogas production networks: An agent-based modeling approach pp. 820-833 Downloads
Devrim Murat Yazan, Luca Fraccascia, Martijn Mes and Henk Zijm
Planning regional-scale electric power systems under uncertainty: A case study of Jing-Jin-Ji region, China pp. 834-849 Downloads
L. Yu, Y.P. Li, G.H. Huang, Y.R. Fan and S. Yin
An extended energy hub approach for load flow analysis of highly coupled district energy networks: Illustration with electricity and heating pp. 850-867 Downloads
Getnet Tadesse Ayele, Pierrick Haurant, Björn Laumert and Bruno Lacarrière
Melting performance enhancement of phase change material by a limited amount of metal foam: Configurational optimization and economic assessment pp. 868-880 Downloads
Yang Xu, Ming-Jia Li, Zhang-Jing Zheng and Xiao-Dai Xue
A social cost benefit analysis of grid-scale electrical energy storage projects: A case study pp. 881-894 Downloads
Arjan S. Sidhu, Michael Pollitt and Karim Anaya
Integrated photovoltaic and battery energy storage (PV-BES) systems: An analysis of existing financial incentive policies in the US pp. 895-908 Downloads
Jian Zhang, Heejin Cho, Rogelio Luck and Pedro J. Mago
A numerical study on the chemical kinetics process during auto-ignition of n-heptane in a direct injection compression ignition engine pp. 909-918 Downloads
Yu Li, Hailin Li, Hongsheng Guo, Hu Wang and Mingfa Yao
Control development and performance evaluation for battery/flywheel hybrid energy storage solutions to mitigate load fluctuations in all-electric ship propulsion systems pp. 919-930 Downloads
Jun Hou, Jing Sun and Heath Hofmann
Improvement of H2-rich gas production with tar abatement from pine wood conversion over bi-functional Ca2Fe2O5 catalyst: Investigation of inner-looping redox reaction and promoting mechanisms pp. 931-943 Downloads
Zhao Sun, Shiyi Chen, Christopher K. Russell, Jun Hu, Asif H. Rony, Gang Tan, Aimin Chen, Lunbo Duan, John Boman, Jinke Tang, TeYu Chien, Maohong Fan and Wenguo Xiang
The high efficient synthesis of natural gas from a joint-feedstock of coke-oven gas and pulverized coke via a chemical looping combustion scheme pp. 944-954 Downloads
Dong Xiang, Tong Jin, Xinru Lei, Shuai Liu, Yong Jiang, Zhongbing Dong, Quanbao Tao and Yan Cao
Synthesis gas production from microalgae gasification in the presence of Fe2O3 oxygen carrier and CaO additive pp. 955-965 Downloads
Guicai Liu, Yanfen Liao, Yuting Wu and Xiaoqian Ma
Design, simulation and experiment of a novel high efficiency energy harvesting paver pp. 966-975 Downloads
Mingyi Liu, Rui Lin, Shengxi Zhou, Yilun Yu, Aki Ishida, Margarita McGrath, Brook Kennedy, Muhammad Hajj and Lei Zuo
Energy efficiency of PCM integrated in fresh air cooling systems in different climatic conditions pp. 976-996 Downloads
Octavian G. Pop, Lucian Fechete Tutunaru, Florin Bode, Ancuţa C. Abrudan and Mugur C. Balan
Robust ensemble learning framework for day-ahead forecasting of household based energy consumption pp. 997-1012 Downloads
Mohammad H. Alobaidi, Fateh Chebana and Mohamed A. Meguid
The environmental and cost performance of current and future motorcycles pp. 1013-1024 Downloads
Brian L. Cox and Christopher L. Mutel
Effects of porous media insert on the efficiency and power density of a high pressure (210 bar) liquid piston air compressor/expander – An experimental study pp. 1025-1037 Downloads
Jacob Wieberdink, Perry Y. Li, Terrence W. Simon and James D. Van de Ven
Techno-economic evaluation of various RO+PRO and RO+FO integrated processes pp. 1038-1050 Downloads
Chun Feng Wan and Tai-Shung Chung
Transient thermo-mechanical analysis of steam generators for solar tower plants pp. 1051-1068 Downloads
González-Gómez, P.A., Gómez-Hernández, J., J.V. Briongos and D. Santana
Hidden factors and handling strategies on virtual in-situ sensor calibration in building energy systems: Prior information and cancellation effect pp. 1069-1082 Downloads
Sungmin Yoon and Yuebin Yu
Energy harvesting technologies in roadway and bridge for different applications – A comprehensive review pp. 1083-1094 Downloads
Hao Wang, Abbas Jasim and Xiaodan Chen
Performance comparison of latent heat storage systems comprising plate fins with different shell and tube configurations pp. 1095-1106 Downloads
Soheila Riahi, Wasim Y. Saman, Frank Bruno, Martin Belusko and N.H.S. Tay
Optimization of blade pitch in H-rotor vertical axis wind turbines through computational fluid dynamics simulations pp. 1107-1125 Downloads
Chao Li, Yiqing Xiao, You-lin Xu, Yi-xin Peng, Gang Hu and Songye Zhu
Association of direct normal irradiance with El Niño Southern Oscillation and its consequence on concentrated solar power production in the US Southwest pp. 1126-1137 Downloads
Kasra Mohammadi and Navid Goudarzi
Hydraulic damping mechanism of low frequency oscillations in power systems: Quantitative analysis using a nonlinear model of hydropower plants pp. 1138-1152 Downloads
Weijia Yang, Per Norrlund, Johan Bladh, Jiandong Yang and Urban Lundin
A temperature threshold evaluation for thermocline energy storage in concentrated solar power plants pp. 1153-1164 Downloads
T. Fasquelle, Q. Falcoz, P. Neveu and J.-F. Hoffmann
Characterization of microencapsulated and impregnated porous host materials based on calcium chloride for thermochemical energy storage pp. 1165-1177 Downloads
M. Gaeini, A.L. Rouws, J.W.O. Salari, H.A. Zondag and C.C.M. Rindt
A single particle model with chemical/mechanical degradation physics for lithium ion battery State of Health (SOH) estimation pp. 1178-1190 Downloads
J. Li, K. Adewuyi, N. Lotfi, R.G. Landers and J. Park
Techno-economic analysis of biogas upgrading via amine scrubber, carbon capture and ex-situ methanation pp. 1191-1202 Downloads
Truc T.Q. Vo, David M. Wall, Denis Ring, Karthik Rajendran and Jerry D. Murphy
Generic superstructure synthesis of organic Rankine cycles for waste heat recovery in industrial processes pp. 1203-1225 Downloads
Maziar Kermani, Anna S. Wallerand, Ivan D. Kantor and François Maréchal
Roadway to self-healing highways with integrated wireless electric vehicle charging and sustainable energy harvesting technologies pp. 1226-1239 Downloads
Prasanth Venugopal, Aditya Shekhar, Erwin Visser, Natalia Scheele, Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli, Pavol Bauer and Sacha Silvester
Thermal energy storage for CSP hybrid gas turbine systems: Dynamic modelling and experimental validation pp. 1240-1251 Downloads
Mariam Mahmood, Alberto Traverso, Alberto Nicola Traverso, Aristide F. Massardo, Davide Marsano and Carlo Cravero
External load resistance effect on the free piston expander-linear generator for organic Rankine cycle waste heat recovery system pp. 1252-1261 Downloads
Xiaochen Hou, Hongguang Zhang, Yonghong Xu, Fei Yu, Tenglong Zhao, Yaming Tian, Yuxin Yang and Rui Zhao
Charge-sensitive modelling of organic Rankine cycle power systems for off-design performance simulation pp. 1262-1281 Downloads
Rémi Dickes, Olivier Dumont, Ludovic Guillaume, Sylvain Quoilin and Vincent Lemort
Modeling of quality of life in terms of energy and electricity consumption pp. 1282-1294 Downloads
Reza Nadimi and Koji Tokimatsu
Improving operational flexibility by regulating extraction steam of high-pressure heaters on a 660 MW supercritical coal-fired power plant: A dynamic simulation pp. 1295-1309 Downloads
Yongliang Zhao, Chaoyang Wang, Ming Liu, Daotong Chong and Junjie Yan
Design and demonstration of a high temperature solar-heated rotary tube reactor for continuous particles calcination pp. 1310-1320 Downloads
Stéphane Abanades and Laurie André
Comprehensive analysis of galvanostatic charge method for fuel cell degradation diagnosis pp. 1321-1332 Downloads
Zunyan Hu, Liangfei Xu, Yiyuan Huang, Jianqiu Li, Minggao Ouyang, Xiaoli Du and Hongliang Jiang
Quantitative modelling of why and how homeowners decide to renovate energy efficiently pp. 1333-1344 Downloads
C. Wilson, H. Pettifor and G. Chryssochoidis
Model-based performance diagnostics of heavy-duty gas turbines using compressor map adaptation pp. 1345-1359 Downloads
Do Won Kang and Tong Seop Kim
Resource adequacy risks to the bulk power system in North America pp. 1360-1376 Downloads
Sinnott Murphy, Jay Apt, John Moura and Fallaw Sowell
Assessing the 2014 retroactive regulatory framework applied to the concentrating solar power systems in Spain pp. 1377-1399 Downloads
Jordi de la Hoz, Helena Martín, Montserrat Montalà, José Matas and Ramon Guzman
Combustion characteristics of straw stored with CaCO3 in bubbling fluidized bed using quartz and olivine as bed materials pp. 1400-1408 Downloads
Marjan Bozaghian, Anders Rebbling, Sylvia H. Larsson, Mikael Thyrel, Shaojun Xiong and Nils Skoglund
A new heat transfer model of phase change material based on energy asymmetry pp. 1409-1416 Downloads
Xing Jin, Huoyan Hu, Xing Shi, Xin Zhou, Liu Yang, Yonggao Yin and Xiaosong Zhang
Storage system for distributed-energy generation using liquid air combined with liquefied natural gas pp. 1417-1432 Downloads
Juwon Kim, Yeelyong Noh and Daejun Chang
Synergy potential for oil and geothermal energy exploitation pp. 1433-1447 Downloads
Ziabakhsh-Ganji, Zaman, Hamidreza M. Nick, Marinus E. Donselaar and David F. Bruhn
Multifunctional smart concretes with novel phase change materials: Mechanical and thermo-energy investigation pp. 1448-1461 Downloads
Antonella D'Alessandro, Anna Laura Pisello, Claudia Fabiani, Filippo Ubertini, Luisa F. Cabeza and Franco Cotana
Interactive game vector: A stochastic operation-based pricing mechanism for smart energy systems with coupled-microgrids pp. 1462-1475 Downloads
Tianguang Lu, Qian Ai and Zhaoyu Wang
Investigation of a gas-fuelled water heater based on combined power and heat pump cycles pp. 1476-1488 Downloads
Youcai Liang, Al-Tameemi, Mohammed and Zhibin Yu
Characterization and reactivity of soot from fast pyrolysis of lignocellulosic compounds and monolignols pp. 1489-1500 Downloads
Anna Trubetskaya, Avery Brown, Geoffrey A. Tompsett, Michael T. Timko, Jens Kling, Markus Broström, Mogens Larsen Andersen and Kentaro Umeki
Demonstration of thermal borehole enlargement to facilitate controlled reservoir engineering for deep geothermal, oil or gas systems pp. 1501-1509 Downloads
Michael A. Kant, Edoardo Rossi, Jonas Duss, Florian Amann, Martin O. Saar and Philipp Rudolf von Rohr
Integrated life cycle assessment and thermodynamic simulation of a public building’s envelope renovation: Conventional vs. Passivhaus proposal pp. 1510-1521 Downloads
Sierra-Pérez, Jorge, Rodríguez-Soria, Beatriz, Boschmonart-Rives, Jesús and Xavier Gabarrell
A comparative study of model-based capacity estimation algorithms in dual estimation frameworks for lithium-ion batteries under an accelerated aging test pp. 1522-1536 Downloads
Shi Li, Stefan Pischinger, Chaoyi He, Liliuyuan Liang and Michael Stapelbroek
Renewable process heat from solar thermal and photovoltaics: The development and application of a universal methodology to determine the more economical technology pp. 1537-1552 Downloads
Steven Meyers, Bastian Schmitt and Klaus Vajen
Driving forces of CO2 emissions and mitigation strategies of China’s National low carbon pilot industrial parks pp. 1553-1562 Downloads
Xiang Yu, Hongbo Chen, Bo Wang, Ran Wang and Yuli Shan
Productivity and energy efficiency assessment of existing industrial gases facilities via data envelopment analysis and the Malmquist index pp. 1563-1577 Downloads
David Fernández, Carlos Pozo, Rubén Folgado, Laureano Jiménez and Guillén-Gosálbez, Gonzalo
Teaching–learning–based artificial bee colony for solar photovoltaic parameter estimation pp. 1578-1588 Downloads
Xu Chen, Bin Xu, Congli Mei, Yuhan Ding and Kangji Li
Online state-of-health estimation for lithium-ion batteries using constant-voltage charging current analysis pp. 1589-1600 Downloads
Jufeng Yang, Bing Xia, Wenxin Huang, Yuhong Fu and Chris Mi
Optimization and performance of bifacial solar modules: A global perspective pp. 1601-1610 Downloads
Xingshu Sun, Mohammad Ryyan Khan, Chris Deline and Muhammad Ashraful Alam
Power-to-heat for renewable energy integration: A review of technologies, modeling approaches, and flexibility potentials pp. 1611-1626 Downloads
Andreas Bloess, Wolf-Peter Schill and Alexander Zerrahn
Simultaneous optimization of topology, control and size for multi-mode hybrid tracked vehicles pp. 1627-1641 Downloads
Zhaobo Qin, Yugong Luo, Weichao Zhuang, Ziheng Pan, Keqiang Li and Huei Peng
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