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2013, volume 105, issue C

Dilute acid pretreatment and fermentation of sugar beet pulp to ethanol pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yi Zheng, Christopher Lee, Chaowei Yu, Yu-Shen Cheng, Ruihong Zhang, Bryan M. Jenkins and Jean S. VanderGheynst
Experimental and numerical investigation on the jet characteristics of spark ignition direct injection gaseous injector pp. 8-16 Downloads
Iman Chitsaz, Mohammad Hassan Saidi, Ali Asghar Mozafari and Alireza Hajialimohammadi
Comparative evaluation of emission and fuel economy of an automotive spark ignition vehicle fuelled with methane enriched biogas and CNG using chassis dynamometer pp. 17-29 Downloads
K.A. Subramanian, Vinaya C. Mathad, V.K. Vijay and P.M.V. Subbarao
Multi-decadal variability in a centennial reconstruction of daily wind pp. 30-46 Downloads
Kirchner-Bossi, N., L. Prieto, García-Herrera, R., Carro-Calvo, L. and Salcedo-Sanz, S.
Numerical investigations of flow field designs for vanadium redox flow batteries pp. 47-56 Downloads
Q. Xu, T.S. Zhao and P.K. Leung
Thermogravimetric analysis and kinetics of co-pyrolysis of raw/torrefied wood and coal blends pp. 57-65 Downloads
Ke-Miao Lu, Wen-Jhy Lee, Wei-Hsin Chen and Ta-Chang Lin
Fuel moisture soft-sensor and its validation for the industrial BioPower 5 CHP plant pp. 66-74 Downloads
J. Kortela and Jämsä-Jounela, S-L.
Analytical strategies for renewable distributed generation integration considering energy loss minimization pp. 75-85 Downloads
Duong Quoc Hung, N. Mithulananthan and R.C. Bansal
Experimental study on the performance of hydrogen production from miniature methanol–steam reformer integrated with Swiss-roll type combustor for PEMFC pp. 86-98 Downloads
Rei-Yu Chein, Yen-Cho Chen, Che-Ming Chang and J.N. Chung
Effects of exhaust gas recycle in a downsized gasoline engine pp. 99-107 Downloads
E. Galloni, G. Fontana and R. Palmaccio
Innovative combined heat and power system based on a double shaft intercooled externally fired gas cycle pp. 108-115 Downloads
P. Iora and P. Silva
Experimental study of an automotive Diesel engine efficiency when running under stoichiometric conditions pp. 116-124 Downloads
Xavier Tauzia and Alain Maiboom
Performance evaluation of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell system for powering portable freezer pp. 125-137 Downloads
Hun Sik Han, Changhwan Cho, Seo Young Kim and Jae Min Hyun
Modeling of financial incentives for investments in energy storage systems that promote the large-scale integration of wind energy pp. 138-154 Downloads
Dimitrios Zafirakis, Konstantinos J. Chalvatzis, Giovanni Baiocchi and George Daskalakis
Experimental investigation of temperature distribution over a planar solid oxide fuel cell pp. 155-160 Downloads
Omid Razbani, Ivar Wærnhus and Mohsen Assadi
Use of metamodeling optimal approach promotes the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) pp. 161-169 Downloads
Shan-Jen Cheng, -Ming Miao and Sheng-Ju Wu
Optimal sizing for UPS systems based on batteries and/or fuel cell pp. 170-181 Downloads
Manuel Jesús Vasallo, José Manuel Bravo and José Manuel Andújar
Feasibility evaluation of solar photovoltaic pumping irrigation system based on analysis of dynamic variation of groundwater table pp. 182-193 Downloads
Xuerui Gao, Jiahong Liu, Jun Zhang, Jinyue Yan, Shujun Bao, He Xu and Tao Qin
High strength wastewater treatment accompanied by power generation using air cathode microbial fuel cell pp. 194-206 Downloads
Surajbhan Sevda, Dominguez-Benetton, Xochitl, Karolien Vanbroekhoven, Heleen De Wever, T.R. Sreekrishnan and Deepak Pant
Utilization of wood biomass char in a direct carbon fuel cell (DCFC) system pp. 207-216 Downloads
Seong Yool Ahn, Seong Yong Eom, Young Hoon Rhie, Yon Mo Sung, Cheor Eon Moon, Gyung Min Choi and Duck Jool Kim
Harmonizing biodiesel fuel standards in East Asia: Motivations, progress and challenges pp. 217-222 Downloads
Xunpeng Shi and Shinichi Goto
Diesel diffusion flame simulation using reduced n-heptane oxidation mechanism pp. 223-228 Downloads
Kesong Zhang, Zheng Liang, Jianxin Wang and Zhiming Wang
Paraffin/diatomite composite phase change material incorporated cement-based composite for thermal energy storage pp. 229-237 Downloads
Biwan Xu and Zongjin Li
Analysis of environmental and economic benefits of integrated Exhaust Energy Recovery (EER) for vehicles pp. 238-243 Downloads
Zhijun Peng, Tianyou Wang, Yongling He, Xiaoyi Yang and Lipeng Lu
Utilization and performance evaluation of a surplus air heat pump system for greenhouse cooling and heating pp. 244-251 Downloads
Seung-Hwan Yang and Joong Yong Rhee
Gaseous and particulate matter emissions of biofuel blends in dual-injection compared to direct-injection and port injection pp. 252-261 Downloads
Ritchie Daniel, Hongming Xu, Chongming Wang, Dave Richardson and Shijin Shuai
Constant pressure hydraulic energy storage through a variable area piston hydraulic accumulator pp. 262-270 Downloads
James D. Van de Ven
A two-stage combustion system for burning lean gasoline mixtures in a stationary spark ignited engine pp. 271-281 Downloads
Stanislaw Szwaja, Arkadiusz Jamrozik and Wojciech Tutak
Offering model for a virtual power plant based on stochastic programming pp. 282-292 Downloads
Hrvoje Pandžić, Juan M. Morales, Antonio J. Conejo and Igor Kuzle
Dynamic heat exchanger model for performance prediction and control system design of automotive waste heat recovery systems pp. 293-303 Downloads
Tilmann Abbe Horst, Hermann-Sebastian Rottengruber, Marco Seifert and Jürgen Ringler
A multi-level energy management system for multi-source electric vehicles – An integrated rule-based meta-heuristic approach pp. 304-318 Downloads
João P. Trovão, Paulo G. Pereirinha, Humberto M. Jorge and Carlos Henggeler Antunes
Fuel properties, engine performance and environmental benefits of biodiesel produced by a green process pp. 319-326 Downloads
Soham Chattopadhyay and Ramkrishna Sen
Novel mixing for ultra-high thermal intensity distributed combustion pp. 327-334 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil, Vaibhav K. Arghode and Ashwani K. Gupta
Fuel economy optimization of an Atkinson cycle engine using genetic algorithm pp. 335-348 Downloads
Jinxing Zhao and Min Xu
The valorization of glycerol: Economic assessment of an innovative process for the bioconversion of crude glycerol into ethanol and hydrogen pp. 349-357 Downloads
C. Varrone, R. Liberatore, T. Crescenzi, G. Izzo and A. Wang
Block Configuration Modeling: A novel simulation model to emulate building occupant peer networks and their impact on building energy consumption pp. 358-368 Downloads
Jiayu Chen, Rishee K. Jain and John E. Taylor
Cathode–anode side interaction in SOFC hybrid systems pp. 369-379 Downloads
Mario L. Ferrari and Aristide F. Massardo
Ultrasound-assisted transesterification of crude Jatropha oil using alumina-supported heteropolyacid catalyst pp. 380-388 Downloads
Ali Sabri Badday, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah and Keat-Teong Lee
Ethanol production by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation in rotary drum reactor using thermotolerant Kluveromyces marxianus pp. 389-394 Downloads
Yu-Sheng Lin, Wen-Chien Lee, Kow-Jen Duan and Yen-Han Lin
Scenario analysis of large scale algae production in tubular photobioreactors pp. 395-406 Downloads
P.M. Slegers, P.J.M. van Beveren, R.H. Wijffels, G. van Straten and A.J.B. van Boxtel
The effects of spark timing, unburned gas temperature, and negative valve overlap on the rates of stoichiometric spark assisted compression ignition combustion pp. 407-417 Downloads
Laura Manofsky Olesky, Jason B. Martz, George A. Lavoie, Jiri Vavra, Dennis N. Assanis and Aristotelis Babajimopoulos
Stochastic unit commitment with sub-hourly dispatch constraints pp. 418-422 Downloads
Jiadong Wang, Jianhui Wang, Cong Liu and Juan P. Ruiz
What moves wind energy development in China? Show me the money! pp. 423-429 Downloads
J.C.K. Lam, Chi-Keung Woo, F. Kahrl and W.K. Yu
Thermophotovoltaics on the move to applications pp. 430-438 Downloads
Bernd Bitnar, Wilhelm Durisch and Reto Holzner

2013, volume 104, issue C

A methodology for the low-cost optimisation of small wind turbine performance pp. 1-9 Downloads
A. Arroyo, M. Manana, C. Gomez, I. Fernandez, F. Delgado and Ahmed F. Zobaa
Bioenergy production and forest multifunctionality: A trade-off analysis using multiscale GIS model in a case study in Italy pp. 10-20 Downloads
Sandro Sacchelli, Isabella De Meo and Alessandro Paletto
Numerical simulations of carbon monoxide poisoning in high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells with various flow channel designs pp. 21-41 Downloads
Kui Jiao, Yibo Zhou, Qing Du, Yan Yin, Shuhai Yu and Xianguo Li
Continuous wind speed models based on stochastic differential equations pp. 42-49 Downloads
Zárate-Miñano, Rafael, Marian Anghel and Federico Milano
A new shape design method of salt cavern used as underground gas storage pp. 50-61 Downloads
Tongtao Wang, Xiangzhen Yan, Henglin Yang, Xiujuan Yang, Tingting Jiang and Shuai Zhao
A comparison of different pre-treatments to increase methane production from two agricultural substrates pp. 62-70 Downloads
C. Sambusiti, F. Monlau, E. Ficara, H. Carrère and F. Malpei
Hydrogen addition effects on high intensity distributed combustion pp. 71-78 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
Comparison of pinned and finned tubes in a phase change thermal energy storage system using CFD pp. 79-86 Downloads
N.H.S. Tay, F. Bruno and M. Belusko
Achieving better energy-efficient air conditioning – A review of technologies and strategies pp. 87-104 Downloads
K.J. Chua, S.K. Chou, W.M. Yang and J. Yan
Energy and emissions efficiency patterns of Chinese regions: A multi-directional efficiency analysis pp. 105-116 Downloads
Ke Wang, Yi-Ming Wei and Xian Zhang
HVAC systems testing and check: A simplified model to predict thermal comfort conditions in moderate environments pp. 117-127 Downloads
C. Buratti, P. Ricciardi and M. Vergoni
Analysis of potential energy, economic and environmental savings in residential buildings: Solar collectors combined with microturbines pp. 128-136 Downloads
I. Suárez, M.M. Prieto and Javier Fernandez-Macho
Experimental investigation of dynamic melting in a tube-in-tank PCM system pp. 137-148 Downloads
N.H.S. Tay, F. Bruno and M. Belusko
Sensitivity of combustion noise and NOx and soot emissions to pilot injection in PCCI Diesel engines pp. 149-157 Downloads
A.J. Torregrosa, A. Broatch, A. García and L.F. Mónico
Associations of individual, household and environmental characteristics with carbon dioxide emissions from motorised passenger travel pp. 158-169 Downloads
Christian Brand, Anna Goodman, Harry Rutter, Yena Song and David Ogilvie
Assessment of the resource associated with biomethane from food waste pp. 170-177 Downloads
James D. Browne and Jerry D. Murphy
Economic assessment of the mobilized thermal energy storage (M-TES) system for distributed heat supply pp. 178-186 Downloads
Hailong Li, Weilong Wang, Jinyue Yan and Erik Dahlquist
The selection of volume ratio of two-stage rotary compressor and its effects on air-to-water heat pump with flash tank cycle pp. 187-196 Downloads
Younghwan Ko, Sangkyoung Park, Simon Jin, Byungsoon Kim and Ji Hwan Jeong
Low severity dilute-acid hydrolysis of sweet sorghum bagasse pp. 197-206 Downloads
Aditi Banerji, M. Balakrishnan and V.V.N. Kishore
Potential of air-side economizers for data center cooling: A case study for key Australian cities pp. 207-219 Downloads
Jayantha Siriwardana, Saliya Jayasekara and Saman K. Halgamuge
Investigating the price discovery and risk transfer functions in the crude oil and gasoline futures markets: Some empirical evidence pp. 220-228 Downloads
Yue-Jun Zhang and Zi-Yi Wang
Hierarchical market integration of responsive loads as spinning reserve pp. 229-238 Downloads
D. Wang, S. Parkinson, W. Miao, H. Jia, C. Crawford and N. Djilali
Economic and environmental impact of lead-acid batteries in grid-connected domestic PV systems pp. 239-249 Downloads
Eoghan McKenna, Marcelle McManus, Sam Cooper and Murray Thomson
Optimal operation scheduling of a pumping station with multiple pumps pp. 250-257 Downloads
Xiangtao Zhuan and Xiaohua Xia
An empirical analysis of the role of China’s exports on CO2 emissions pp. 258-267 Downloads
Nyakundi Michieka, Jerald Fletcher and James Burnett
Effect of rotational speed on the performances of a desiccant wheel pp. 268-275 Downloads
Giovanni Angrisani, Carlo Roselli and Maurizio Sasso
Exploring drivers for energy efficiency within small- and medium-sized enterprises: First evidences from Italian manufacturing enterprises pp. 276-285 Downloads
Enrico Cagno and Andrea Trianni
Performance of a pellet boiler fired with agricultural fuels pp. 286-296 Downloads
Lara Carvalho, Elisabeth Wopienka, Christian Pointner, Joakim Lundgren, Vijay Kumar Verma, Walter Haslinger and Christoph Schmidl
Exploring the nexus of electricity consumption, economic growth, energy prices and technology innovation in Malaysia pp. 297-305 Downloads
Chor Foon Tang and Eu Chye Tan
Catalytic activity of Ni3S2 and effects of reactor wall in hydrogen production from water with hydrogen sulphide as a reducer under hydrothermal conditions pp. 306-309 Downloads
Yuanqing Wang, Fangming Jin, Xu Zeng, Cuixiang Ma, Fengwen Wang, Guodong Yao and Zhenzi Jing
The dynamic links between CO2 emissions, economic growth and coal consumption in China and India pp. 310-318 Downloads
Chandran VGR Govindaraju and Chor Foon Tang
Energy market integration and equitable growth across countries pp. 319-325 Downloads
Yu Sheng and Xunpeng Shi
Energy harvesting from the FC stack that operates using the MPP tracking based on modified extremum seeking control pp. 326-336 Downloads
Nicu Bizon
A case study on energy consumption and overheating for a UK industrial building with rooflights pp. 337-344 Downloads
Xiaoxin Wang, Christopher Kendrick, Raymond Ogden, Nicholas Walliman and Bousmaha Baiche
Biomass production of Scenedesmus obliquus from mixtures of urban and olive-oil mill wastewaters used as culture medium pp. 345-352 Downloads
Gassan Hodaifa, Sebastián Sánchez, Mª. Eugenia Martínez and Rafael Órpez
A mixed integer non-linear programming model for tactical value chain optimization of a wood biomass power plant pp. 353-361 Downloads
Nazanin Shabani and Taraneh Sowlati
Using Taguchi method on combustion performance of a diesel engine with diesel/biodiesel blend and port-inducting H2 pp. 362-370 Downloads
Horng-Wen Wu and Zhan-Yi Wu
Are fluctuations in energy variables permanent or transitory? A survey of the literature on the integration properties of energy consumption and production pp. 371-378 Downloads
Russell Smyth
Development of polynomial regression models for composite dynamic envelopes’ thermal performance forecasting pp. 379-391 Downloads
Lazaros Elias Mavromatidis, Anna Bykalyuk and Hervé Lequay
Analytical models for the computation and optimization of single and double glazing flat plate solar collectors with normal and small air gap spacing pp. 392-399 Downloads
Alison Subiantoro and Kim Tiow Ooi
Air-breathing membraneless laminar flow-based fuel cells: Do they breathe enough oxygen? pp. 400-407 Downloads
Jin Xuan, D.Y.C. Leung, Huizhi Wang, Michael K.H. Leung, Bin Wang and Meng Ni
Impact of finite-rate kinetics on carbon conversion in a high-pressure, single-stage entrained flow gasifier with coal–CO2 slurry feed pp. 408-417 Downloads
Cristina Botero, Randall P. Field, Howard J. Herzog and Ahmed F. Ghoniem
Adsorbents for the post-combustion capture of CO2 using rapid temperature swing or vacuum swing adsorption pp. 418-433 Downloads
Niklas Hedin, Linnéa Andersson, Lennart Bergström and Jinyue Yan
Thermal and water management of low temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell in fork-lift truck power system pp. 434-444 Downloads
Elham Hosseinzadeh, Masoud Rokni, Abid Rabbani and Henrik Hilleke Mortensen
Electric vehicles and large-scale integration of wind power – The case of Inner Mongolia in China pp. 445-456 Downloads
Wen Liu, Weihao Hu, Henrik Lund and Zhe Chen
Energy conservation in China: Key provincial sectors at two-digit level pp. 457-465 Downloads
Hua Liao, Jian Du and Yi-Ming Wei
Impact assessment of global and national biofuels developments on agriculture in Pakistan pp. 466-474 Downloads
Tariq Ali, Jikun Huang and Jun Yang
Macroeconomic effects of oil price shocks in Brazil and in the United States pp. 475-486 Downloads
Tiago Cavalcanti and Joao Jalles
Strategic perspectives on energy management: A case study in the process industry pp. 487-496 Downloads
Martin Rudberg, Martin Waldemarsson and Helene Lidestam
Consistent ocean wave energy harvesting using electroactive polymer (dielectric elastomer) artificial muscle generators pp. 497-502 Downloads
S. Chiba, M. Waki, T. Wada, Y. Hirakawa, K. Masuda and T. Ikoma
Recoverable and reusable hydrochloric acid used as a homogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production pp. 503-509 Downloads
Chia-Hung Su
Analytical model for short-time responses of ground heat exchangers with U-shaped tubes: Model development and validation pp. 510-516 Downloads
Min Li and Alvin C.K. Lai
Integration of bioethanol as an in-process material in biorefineries using mass pinch analysis pp. 517-526 Downloads
Martinez-Hernandez, Elias, Jhuma Sadhukhan and Grant M. Campbell
Predicting the behavior of a grid-connected photovoltaic system from measurements of solar radiation and ambient temperature pp. 527-537 Downloads
J. Hernandez, G. Gordillo and W. Vallejo
A review of solar collectors and thermal energy storage in solar thermal applications pp. 538-553 Downloads
Y. Tian and C.Y. Zhao
An overview of developments in adsorption refrigeration systems towards a sustainable way of cooling pp. 554-567 Downloads
Biplab Choudhury, Bidyut Baran Saha, Pradip K. Chatterjee and Jyoti Prakas Sarkar
A spectroscopy study of gasoline partially premixed compression ignition spark assisted combustion pp. 568-575 Downloads
J.V. Pastor, García-Oliver, J.M., A. García, C. Micó and R. Durrett
Trends in global warming and human health impacts related to Brazilian sugarcane ethanol production considering black carbon emissions pp. 576-582 Downloads
Marcelo Galdos, Otávio Cavalett, Joaquim E.A. Seabra, Luiz Augusto Horta Nogueira and Antonio Bonomi
Flexibility of a combined heat and power system with thermal energy storage for district heating pp. 583-591 Downloads
Thomas Nuytten, Bert Claessens, Kristof Paredis, Johan Van Bael and Daan Six
A novel hybrid process of reverse electrodialysis and reverse osmosis for low energy seawater desalination and brine management pp. 592-602 Downloads
Weiyi Li, William B. Krantz, Emile R. Cornelissen, Jan W. Post, Arne R.D. Verliefde and Chuyang Y. Tang
Simulation of thermal performance of horizontal slinky-loop heat exchangers for ground source heat pumps pp. 603-610 Downloads
Chiew Shan Anthony Chong, Guohui Gan, Anne Verhoef, Raquel Gonzalez Garcia and Pier Luigi Vidale
A techno-economic evaluation of a biomass energy conversion park pp. 611-622 Downloads
Miet Van Dael, Steven Van Passel, Luc Pelkmans, Ruben Guisson, Patrick Reumermann, Nathalie Marquez Luzardo, Nele Witters and Jan Broeze
Integrated biomass-based production of district heat, electricity, motor fuels and pellets of different scales pp. 623-632 Downloads
Nguyen Le Truong and Leif Gustavsson
Environmental performance of crop residues as an energy source for electricity production: The case of wheat straw in Denmark pp. 633-641 Downloads
Thu Lan T. Nguyen, John E. Hermansen and Lisbeth Mogensen
The role of grid extensions in a cost-efficient transformation of the European electricity system until 2050 pp. 642-652 Downloads
Michaela Fürsch, Simeon Hagspiel, Cosima Jägemann, Stephan Nagl, Dietmar Lindenberger and Eckehard Tröster
CFD modeling of oxy-coal combustion: Prediction of burnout, volatile and NO precursors release pp. 653-665 Downloads
L. Álvarez, M. Gharebaghi, J.M. Jones, M. Pourkashanian, A. Williams, J. Riaza, C. Pevida, J.J. Pis and F. Rubiera
Integration of intermittent renewable power supply using grid-connected vehicles – A 2030 case study for California and Germany pp. 666-682 Downloads
David Dallinger, Schubert Gerda and Martin Wietschel
A review on novel processes of biodiesel production from waste cooking oil pp. 683-710 Downloads
Talebian-Kiakalaieh, Amin, Nor Aishah Saidina Amin and Hossein Mazaheri
Electric storage in California’s commercial buildings pp. 711-722 Downloads
M. Stadler, M. Kloess, M. Groissböck, G. Cardoso, R. Sharma, M.C. Bozchalui and C. Marnay
Development of an Environment and energy Geographical Information System (E-GIS) construction model to support environmentally friendly urban planning pp. 723-739 Downloads
In-Ae Yeo, Seong-Hwan Yoon and Jurng-Jae Yee
Off-grid photovoltaic vehicle charge using second life lithium batteries: An experimental and numerical investigation pp. 740-750 Downloads
Shi Jie Tong, Adam Same, Mark A. Kootstra and Jae Wan Park
Evaluation of self-water-removal in a dead-ended proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 751-757 Downloads
Zhongmin Wan, Jing Liu, Zhiping Luo, Zhengkai Tu, Zhichun Liu and Wei Liu
Methodology to design a bottoming Rankine cycle, as a waste energy recovering system in vehicles. Study in a HDD engine pp. 758-771 Downloads
V. Macián, J.R. Serrano, V. Dolz and J. Sánchez
Effect of reaction parameters on the quality of captured sulfur in Claus process pp. 772-776 Downloads
H. Selim, A.K. Gupta and A. Al Shoaibi
Direct conversion of liquid natural gas (LNG) to syngas and ethylene using non-equilibrium pulsed discharge pp. 777-782 Downloads
Mingyue Ding, Taichi Hayakawa, Chunyang Zeng, Yuzhou Jin, Qi Zhang, Tiejun Wang, Longlong Ma, Yoshiharu Yoneyama and Noritatsu Tsubaki
A novel graphical approach to target CO2 emissions for energy resource planning and utility system optimization pp. 783-790 Downloads
Al-Mayyahi, Mohmmad A., Andrew F.A. Hoadley and G.P. Rangaiah
Modeling of TABS-based thermally manageable buildings in Simulink pp. 791-800 Downloads
Peizheng Ma, Lin-Shu Wang and Nianhua Guo
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of lignocellulosic biomass using infrared techniques: A mini-review pp. 801-809 Downloads
Feng Xu, Jianming Yu, Tesfaye Tesso, Floyd Dowell and Donghai Wang
A hybrid multi-effect distillation and adsorption cycle pp. 810-821 Downloads
Kyaw Thu, Young-Deuk Kim, Gary Amy, Won Gee Chun and Kim Choon Ng
Reliability assessment of photovoltaic power systems: Review of current status and future perspectives pp. 822-833 Downloads
Peng Zhang, Wenyuan Li, Sherwin Li, Yang Wang and Weidong Xiao
An overview of data for wake model evaluation in the Virtual Wakes Laboratory pp. 834-844 Downloads
R.J. Barthelmie and S.C. Pryor
Green roofs in European climates. Are effective solutions for the energy savings in air-conditioning? pp. 845-859 Downloads
Fabrizio Ascione, Nicola Bianco, Filippo de’ Rossi,, Gianluca Turni and Giuseppe Peter Vanoli
Producing liquid transportation fuels from heterotrophic microalgae pp. 860-868 Downloads
Yanna Liang
IGCC–EPI: Decentralized concept of a highly load-flexible IGCC power plant for excess power integration pp. 869-879 Downloads
Alexander Buttler, Christian Kunze and Hartmut Spliethoff
The sclerosis of regional electricity intensities in Italy: An aggregate and sectoral analysis pp. 880-889 Downloads
Andrea Vaona
Gelled graphite/gelatin composites for latent heat cold storage pp. 890-897 Downloads
Nuno Vitorino, João C.C. Abrantes and Jorge Ribeiro Frade
Surface roughness effect on the metallic bipolar plates of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 898-904 Downloads
Chien-Hung Lin
Improved yield of solvent free enzymatic methanolysis of palm and jatropha oils blended with castor oil pp. 905-909 Downloads
Esmat Maleki, Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua and Nik Meriam Nik Sulaiman
Optimization criteria for cogeneration systems: Multi-objective approach and application in an hospital facility pp. 910-923 Downloads
Alfredo Gimelli and Massimiliano Muccillo
Sustainable urban energy planning: The case study of a tropical city pp. 924-935 Downloads
Henrique César Sampaio, Rubens Alves Dias and José Antônio Perrella Balestieri
Profit and policy implications of producing biodiesel–ethanol–diesel fuel blends to specification pp. 936-944 Downloads
Jiefeng Lin, Gabrielle Gaustad and Thomas A. Trabold
Robust control of the PEM fuel cell air-feed system via sub-optimal second order sliding mode pp. 945-957 Downloads
Imad Matraji, Salah Laghrouche, Samir Jemei and Maxime Wack
Nonlinear heat transfer processes in a two-phase thermofluidic oscillator pp. 958-977 Downloads
Christos N. Markides, Adebayo Osuolale, Roochi Solanki and Guy-Bart V. Stan
A new bladeless hydraulic turbine pp. 978-983 Downloads
V. Beran, M. Sedláček and F. Marˇs´ık
Optimizing solid oxide fuel cell cathode processing route for intermediate temperature operation pp. 984-991 Downloads
Ortiz-Vitoriano, N., Bernuy-López, C., I. Ruiz de Larramendi, R. Knibbe, K. Thydén, A. Hauch, P. Holtappels and T. Rojo
Study on the effect of engine operation parameters on cyclic combustion variations and correlation coefficient between the pressure-related parameters of a CNG engine pp. 992-1002 Downloads
H.G. Zhang, X.J. Han, B.F. Yao and G.X. Li
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