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Volume 133, issue C, 2014

A simulation-based fuzzy possibilistic programming model for coal blending management with consideration of human health risk under uncertainty pp. 1-13 Downloads
C. Dai, X.H. Cai, Y.P. Cai and G.H. Huang
Thermal comfort and energy saving in a vehicle compartment using a localized air-conditioning system pp. 14-21 Downloads
Myoung Su Oh, Jae Hwan Ahn, Dong Woo Kim, Dong Soo Jang and Yongchan Kim
China’s Promoting Energy-Efficient Products for the Benefit of the People Program in 2012: Results and analysis of the consumer impact study pp. 22-32 Downloads
Lei Zeng, Yang Yu and Jiayang Li
Broadband tristable energy harvester: Modeling and experiment verification pp. 33-39 Downloads
Shengxi Zhou, Junyi Cao, Daniel J. Inman, Jing Lin, Shengsheng Liu and Zezhou Wang
Evaluating the energy performance of buildings within a value at risk framework with demonstration on UK offices pp. 40-55 Downloads
Aidan Parkinson and Peter Guthrie
Optimization for design and operation of natural gas transmission networks pp. 56-69 Downloads
Halit Üster and Şebnem Dilaveroğlu
Plasma reforming of bio-ethanol for hydrogen rich gas production pp. 70-79 Downloads
ChangMing Du, JianMin Mo, Jun Tang, DongWei Huang, ZhiXing Mo, QingKun Wang, ShiZhe Ma and ZhongJie Chen
Theoretical limits of thermoelectric power generation from exhaust gases pp. 80-88 Downloads
Robert J. Stevens, Steven J. Weinstein and Karuna S. Koppula
Solar radiation distribution inside a greenhouse with south-oriented photovoltaic roofs and effects on crop productivity pp. 89-100 Downloads
Marco Cossu, Lelia Murgia, Luigi Ledda, Paola A. Deligios, Antonella Sirigu, Francesco Chessa and Antonio Pazzona
A novel defrosting method using heat energy dissipated by the compressor of an air source heat pump pp. 101-111 Downloads
Zhang Long, Dong Jiankai, Jiang Yiqiang and Yao Yang
Sustainable resource planning in energy markets pp. 112-120 Downloads
Saeed Kamalinia, Mohammad Shahidehpour and Lei Wu
Key parameters governing biological hydrogen production from benzoate by Rhodopseudomonas capsulata pp. 121-126 Downloads
Xian-Yang Shi, Wen-Wei Li and Han-Qing Yu
Experimental and theoretical research of a fin-tube type internally-cooled liquid desiccant dehumidifier pp. 127-134 Downloads
Yimo Luo, Shuangquan Shao, Hongbo Xu, Changqing Tian and Hongxing Yang
Setting effective mandatory energy efficiency standards and labelling regulations: A review of best practices in the Asia Pacific region pp. 135-143 Downloads
Xunpeng Shi
The role of steam in silica vaporization and ultrafine particulate matter formation during wet oxy-coal combustion pp. 144-151 Downloads
Yishu Xu, Xiaowei Liu, Zijian Zhou, Lei Sheng, Chao Wang and Minghou Xu
Wind energy harvesting from transport systems: A resource estimation assessment pp. 152-168 Downloads
T. Morbiato, C. Borri and R. Vitaliani
Integrating hydroprocessors in refinery hydrogen network optimisation pp. 169-182 Downloads
Blessing Umana, Abeer Shoaib, Nan Zhang and Robin Smith
Two-phase plate-fin heat exchanger modeling for waste heat recovery systems in diesel engines pp. 183-196 Downloads
Emanuel Feru, Bram de Jager, Frank Willems and Maarten Steinbuch
Conceptual design of coke-oven gas assisted coal to olefins process for high energy efficiency and low CO2 emission pp. 197-205 Downloads
Yi Man, Siyu Yang, Jun Zhang and Yu Qian
Development of flat plate collector with plastic transparent insulation and low-cost overheating protection system pp. 206-223 Downloads
Hamdi Kessentini, Jesus Castro, Roser Capdevila and Assensi Oliva
Human-based energy retrofits in residential buildings: A cost-effective alternative to traditional physical strategies pp. 224-235 Downloads
Anna Laura Pisello and Francesco Asdrubali
A novel off-grid hybrid power system comprised of solar photovoltaic, wind, and hydro energy sources pp. 236-242 Downloads
Binayak Bhandari, Kyung-Tae Lee, Caroline Sunyong Lee, Chul-Ki Song, Ramesh K. Maskey and Sung-Hoon Ahn
Empirical investigation on energy dependence-consumption nexus: Evidence from Turkish natural gas market pp. 243-251 Downloads
Tamer Cetin and Fati̇h Yüksel
Toward electricity retail competition: Survey and case study on technical infrastructure for advanced electricity market system pp. 252-273 Downloads
Mungyu Bae, Hwantae Kim, Eugene Kim, Albert Yongjoon Chung, Hwangnam Kim and Jae Hyung Roh
An empirical study of direct rebound effect for road freight transport in China pp. 274-281 Downloads
Zhao-Hua Wang and Milin Lu
Promoting effect of various biomass ashes on the steam gasification of low-rank coal pp. 282-288 Downloads
Jenny Rizkiana, Guoqing Guan, Wahyu Bambang Widayatno, Xiaogang Hao, Xiumin Li, Wei Huang and Abuliti Abudula
New approach to brown coal pricing using internal rate of return methodology pp. 289-297 Downloads
Jan Bejbl, Julius Bemš, Tomáš Králík, Oldřich Starý and Jaromír Vastl
Predicting winning and losing businesses when changing electricity tariffs pp. 298-307 Downloads
Ramon Granell, Colin J. Axon and David C.H. Wallom
Experimental study on the effects of high/low pressure EGR proportion in a passenger car diesel engine pp. 308-316 Downloads
Youngsoo Park and Choongsik Bae
A multi-period mixed-integer linear optimisation of future electricity supply considering life cycle costs and environmental impacts pp. 317-334 Downloads
Christian Barteczko-Hibbert, Ioannis Bonis, Michael Binns, Constantinos Theodoropoulos and Adisa Azapagic
Thermodynamic analysis and comparison of combined ejector–absorption and single effect absorption refrigeration systems pp. 335-346 Downloads
L. Garousi Farshi, A.H. Mosaffa, C.A. Infante Ferreira and M.A. Rosen
Modelling demand response aggregator behavior in wind power offering strategies pp. 347-355 Downloads
Nadali Mahmoudi, Tapan K. Saha and Mehdi Eghbal
Intensity dependency of photovoltaic cell parameters under high illumination conditions: An analysis pp. 356-362 Downloads
Firoz Khan, Seong-Ho Baek and Jae Hyun Kim
The effect of an SPR on the oil price in China: A system dynamics approach pp. 363-373 Downloads
Jian-Ling Jiao, Kuang-Yi Han, Gang Wu, Lan-Lan Li and Yi-Ming Wei
Nanoparticle technology for heavy oil in-situ upgrading and recovery enhancement: Opportunities and challenges pp. 374-387 Downloads
Rohallah Hashemi, Nashaat N. Nassar and Pedro Pereira Almao
Self-adaptable hierarchical clustering analysis and differential evolution for optimal integration of renewable distributed generation pp. 388-402 Downloads
Rodrigo Mena, Martin Hennebel, Yan-Fu Li and Enrico Zio

Volume 132, issue C, 2014

Dynamic classification system in large-scale supervision of energy efficiency in buildings pp. 1-14 Downloads
S. Kiluk
Integration of renewable energy in microgrids coordinated with demand response resources: Economic evaluation of a biomass gasification plant by Homer Simulator pp. 15-22 Downloads
Lina Montuori, Manuel Alcázar-Ortega, Carlos Álvarez-Bel and Alex Domijan
A dynamic analysis on global natural gas trade network pp. 23-33 Downloads
Jiang-Bo Geng, Qiang Ji and Ying Fan
Interactions between electricity generation sources and economic activity in Greece: A VECM approach pp. 34-46 Downloads
António Marques, José Fuinhas and Angeliki N. Menegaki
Forecasting residential air conditioning loads pp. 47-55 Downloads
Shira Horowitz, Brandon Mauch and Fallaw Sowell
A Canadian 2050 energy outlook: Analysis with the multi-regional model TIMES-Canada pp. 56-65 Downloads
Kathleen Vaillancourt, Yuri Alcocer, Olivier Bahn, Camille Fertel, Erik Frenette, Hichem Garbouj, Amit Kanudia, Maryse Labriet, Richard Loulou, Mathilde Marcy, Yosra Neji and Jean-Philippe Waaub
Environmental impacts of future low-carbon electricity systems: Detailed life cycle assessment of a Danish case study pp. 66-73 Downloads
Roberto Turconi, Davide Tonini, Christian F.B. Nielsen, Christian G. Simonsen and Thomas Astrup
The energetic performance of a novel hybrid solar thermal & chemical looping combustion plant pp. 74-85 Downloads
Mehdi Jafarian, Maziar Arjomandi and Graham J. Nathan
Climate impact and energy efficiency from electricity generation through anaerobic digestion or direct combustion of short rotation coppice willow pp. 86-98 Downloads
Niclas Ericsson, Åke Nordberg, Cecilia Sundberg, Serina Ahlgren and Per-Anders Hansson
Heat pump control method based on direct measurement of evaporation pressure to improve energy efficiency and indoor air temperature stability at a low cooling load condition pp. 99-107 Downloads
Young Sung Park, Ji Hwan Jeong and Byoung Ha Ahn
Fermentative hydrogen and methane production from microalgal biomass (Chlorella vulgaris) in a two-stage combined process pp. 108-117 Downloads
Nils Wieczorek, Mehmet Ali Kucuker and Kerstin Kuchta
Can Euro V heavy-duty diesel engines, diesel hybrid and alternative fuel technologies mitigate NOX emissions? New evidence from on-road tests of buses in China pp. 118-126 Downloads
Shaojun Zhang, Ye Wu, Jingnan Hu, Ruikun Huang, Yu Zhou, Xiaofeng Bao, Lixin Fu and Jiming Hao
Oxy-fired fluidized bed combustors with a flexible power output using circulating solids for thermal energy storage pp. 127-136 Downloads
B. Arias, Y.A. Criado, A. Sanchez-Biezma and J.C. Abanades
Energy efficiency in the European Union: What can be learned from the joint application of directional distance functions and slacks-based measures? pp. 137-154 Downloads
Roberto Gomez-Calvet, David Conesa, Ana Rosa Gómez-Calvet and Emili Tortosa-Ausina
Analysis of process related factors to increase volumetric productivity and quality of biomethane with Methanothermobacter marburgensis pp. 155-162 Downloads
A.H. Seifert, S. Rittmann and C. Herwig
Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer: A bio-based cold flow improver for waste cooking oil derived biodiesel blends pp. 163-167 Downloads
Leichang Cao, Jieni Wang, Cheng Liu, Yanwei Chen, Kuojin Liu and Sheng Han
Disaggregated energy demand by fuel type and economic growth in Malaysia pp. 168-177 Downloads
Hooi Hooi Lean and Russell Smyth
Impact of fuel and injection system on particle emissions from a GDI engine pp. 178-191 Downloads
Chongming Wang, Hongming Xu, Jose Martin Herreros, Jianxin Wang and Roger Cracknell
Energy saving technique for cooling dominated academic building: Techno-economic analysis of its application pp. 192-199 Downloads
Syed Ihtsham ul Haq Gilani, Mohd Shiraz Aris and Petrus Tri Bhaskoro
Improving thermal performance of automatically generated floor plans using a geometric variable sequential optimization procedure pp. 200-215 Downloads
Eugénio Rodrigues, Adélio Rodrigues Gaspar and Álvaro Gomes
A dynamic model for air-based photovoltaic thermal systems working under real operating conditions pp. 216-225 Downloads
M. Imroz Sohel, Zhenjun Ma, Paul Cooper, Jamie Adams and Robert Scott
Computer simulation with TRNSYS for a mobile refrigeration system incorporating a phase change thermal storage unit pp. 226-235 Downloads
Ming Liu, Wasim Saman and Frank Bruno
Mixture of glycerol ethers as diesel bio-derivable oxy-fuel: Impact on combustion and emissions of an automotive engine combustion system pp. 236-247 Downloads
Carlo Beatrice, Gabriele Di Blasio, Chiara Guido, Catia Cannilla, Giuseppe Bonura and Francesco Frusteri
Theoretical and numerical analysis on pressure recovery of supersonic separators for natural gas dehydration pp. 248-253 Downloads
Yan Yang, Chuang Wen, Shuli Wang and Yuqing Feng
Development and perspective in vanadium flow battery modeling pp. 254-266 Downloads
Qiong Zheng, Xianfeng Li, Yuanhui Cheng, Guiling Ning, Feng Xing and Huamin Zhang
The design and analysis of two exhaust heat recovery systems for public shower facilities pp. 267-275 Downloads
Lanbin Liu, Lin Fu and Shigang Zhang
Cuckoo search algorithm for short-term hydrothermal scheduling pp. 276-287 Downloads
Thang Trung Nguyen, Dieu Ngoc Vo and Anh Viet Truong
Numerical investigation of thermal behaviors in lithium-ion battery stack discharge pp. 288-297 Downloads
Rui Liu, Jixin Chen, Jingzhi Xun, Kui Jiao and Qing Du
Changes of energy-related GHG emissions in China: An empirical analysis from sectoral perspective pp. 298-307 Downloads
Xianshuo Xu, Tao Zhao, Nan Liu and Jidong Kang
Affordability for sustainable energy development products pp. 308-316 Downloads
Paul H. Riley
Experimental investigation on the combustion and emissions characteristics of 2-methylfuran gasoline blend fuel in spark-ignition engine pp. 317-324 Downloads
Haiqiao Wei, Dengquan Feng, Gequn Shu, Mingzhang Pan, Yubin Guo, Dongzhi Gao and Wei Li
A Multi-Approach Evaluation System (MA-ES) of Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) used in waste heat utilization pp. 325-338 Downloads
Gequn Shu, Guopeng Yu, Hua Tian, Haiqiao Wei and Xingyu Liang
Inter-annual and inter-seasonal variability of the Orkney wave power resource pp. 339-348 Downloads
Simon P. Neill, Matt J. Lewis, M. Reza Hashemi, Emma Slater, John Lawrence and Steven A. Spall
Effect of H2O on the combustion characteristics of pulverized coal in O2/CO2 atmosphere pp. 349-357 Downloads
Baojun Yi, Liqi Zhang, Fang Huang, Zhihui Mao and Chuguang Zheng
Integrating housing stock and energy system models as a strategy to improve heat decarbonisation assessments pp. 358-369 Downloads
Paul E. Dodds
Thermal 3D model for Direct Solar Steam Generation under superheated conditions pp. 370-382 Downloads
J.J. Serrano-Aguilera, L. Valenzuela and L. Parras
Conceptual demonstration of novel closed-loop pressure retarded osmosis process for sustainable osmotic energy generation pp. 383-393 Downloads
Gang Han, Qingchun Ge and Tai-Shung Chung
PEI detoxification of pretreated spruce for high solids ethanol fermentation pp. 394-403 Downloads
David Cannella, Per Viktor Sveding and Henning Jørgensen
Assessing the optimal location for a shoreline wave energy converter pp. 404-411 Downloads
M. Veigas, M. López and G. Iglesias
Development and validation of a quasi-dimensional model for methanol and ethanol fueled SI engines pp. 412-425 Downloads
J. Vancoillie, L. Sileghem and S. Verhelst
Preliminary study on co-gasification behavior of deoiled asphalt with coal and biomass pp. 426-434 Downloads
Qian Zhang, Qingfeng Li, Linxian Zhang, Zhiqing Wang, Xuliang Jing, Zhongliang Yu, Shuangshuang Song and Yitian Fang
A new perspective in grid connection of electric vehicles: Different operating modes for elimination of energy quality problems pp. 435-451 Downloads
A.R. Boynuegri, M. Uzunoglu, O. Erdinc and E. Gokalp
Heat integration in processes with diverse production lines: A comprehensive framework and an application in food industry pp. 452-464 Downloads
J.H. Miah, A. Griffiths, R. McNeill, I. Poonaji, R. Martin, A. Yang and S. Morse
A thermo- and toxin-tolerant kefir yeast for biorefinery and biofuel production pp. 465-474 Downloads
Jui-Jen Chang, Cheng-Yu Ho, Chi-Tang Mao, Nathan Barham, Yu-Rong Huang, Feng-Ju Ho, Yueh-Chin Wu, Yu-Han Hou, Ming-Che Shih, Wen-Hsiung Li and Chieh-Chen Huang
Characterization of oil-extracted residue biomass of Botryococcus braunii as a biofuel feedstock and its pyrolytic behavior pp. 475-484 Downloads
Hideo Watanabe, Dalin Li, Yoshinao Nakagawa, Keiichi Tomishige, Kunimitsu Kaya and Makoto M. Watanabe
Energy considerations in spraying process of a spill-return pressure-swirl atomizer pp. 485-495 Downloads
Jan Jedelsky and Miroslav Jicha
Thermal property prediction and measurement of organic phase change materials in the liquid phase near the melting point pp. 496-506 Downloads
O’Connor, William E., Ronald Warzoha, Rebecca Weigand, Amy S. Fleischer and Aaron P. Wemhoff
Analysis of fluid-dynamic guidelines in diesel particulate filter sizing for fuel consumption reduction in post-turbo and pre-turbo placement pp. 507-523 Downloads
J.R. Serrano, H. Climent, P. Piqueras and E. Angiolini
Experimental and numerical investigation of a dew-point cooling system for thermal comfort in buildings pp. 524-535 Downloads
M. Jradi and S. Riffat
A new degassing membrane coupled upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor to achieve in-situ biogas upgrading and recovery of dissolved CH4 from the anaerobic effluent pp. 536-542 Downloads
Gang Luo, Wen Wang and Irini Angelidaki
Optimization of filler distribution for organic phase change material composites: Numerical investigation and entropy analysis pp. 543-550 Downloads
Yejun Zhu, Baoling Huang and Jingshen Wu
Ultrasonic synthesis and characterization of polystyrene/n-dotriacontane composite nanoencapsulated phase change material for thermal energy storage pp. 551-556 Downloads
Yutang Fang, Xin Liu, Xianghui Liang, Hong Liu, Xuenong Gao and Zhengguo Zhang
Optimizing Distributed Energy Resources and building retrofits with the strategic DER-CAModel pp. 557-567 Downloads
Manfred Stadler, M. Groissböck, G. Cardoso and C. Marnay
Fe-shell/Cu-core encapsulated metallic phase change materials prepared by aerodynamic levitation method pp. 568-574 Downloads
Bingqian Ma, Jianqiang Li, Zhe Xu and Zhijian Peng
The impact of spray quality on the combustion of a viscous biofuel in a micro gas turbine pp. 575-585 Downloads
J.L.H.P. Sallevelt, J.E.P. Gudde, A.K. Pozarlik and G. Brem
A scenario analysis of future energy systems based on an energy flow model represented as functionals of technology options pp. 586-601 Downloads
Yasunori Kikuchi, Seiichiro Kimura, Yoshitaka Okamoto and Michihisa Koyama
Short-term load forecasting using a kernel-based support vector regression combination model pp. 602-609 Downloads
JinXing Che and JianZhou Wang
Simulation-based techno-economic evaluation for optimal design of CO2 transport pipeline network pp. 610-620 Downloads
Xiaobo Luo, Meihong Wang, Eni Oko and Chima Okezue
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