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2016, volume 165, issue C

Comparative energetic assessment of methanol production from CO2: Chemical versus electrochemical process pp. 1-13 Downloads
Al-Kalbani, Haitham, Jin Xuan, Susana García and Huizhi Wang
Natural dolomite modified with carbon coating for cyclic high-temperature CO2 capture pp. 14-21 Downloads
Ke Wang, Xiumeng Hu, Pengfei Zhao and Zeguang Yin
Retrofit of heat exchanger networks with heat transfer enhancement based on an area ratio approach pp. 22-35 Downloads
Mary O. Akpomiemie and Robin Smith
Benefits analysis of Soft Open Points for electrical distribution network operation pp. 36-47 Downloads
Wanyu Cao, Jianzhong Wu, Nick Jenkins, Chengshan Wang and Timothy Green
A dynamic capacity degradation model and its applications considering varying load for a large format Li-ion battery pp. 48-59 Downloads
Minggao Ouyang, Xuning Feng, Xuebing Han, Languang Lu, Zhe Li and Xiangming He
Energy consumption control automation using Artificial Neural Networks and adaptive algorithms: Proposal of a new methodology and case study pp. 60-71 Downloads
Miriam Benedetti, Vittorio Cesarotti, Vito Introna and Jacopo Serranti
Performance and post-test characterization of an OTM system in an experimental coal gasifier pp. 72-80 Downloads
Sapna Gupta, Joseph J. Adams, Jamie R. Wilson, Eric G. Eddings, Manoj K. Mahapatra and Prabhakar Singh
A review of recent development: Transport and performance modeling of PEM fuel cells pp. 81-106 Downloads
Horng-Wen Wu
Estimating the carbon abatement potential of economic sectors in China pp. 107-118 Downloads
Shiwei Yu, Lawrence Agbemabiese and Junjie Zhang
A comparative study energy consumption and costs of battery electric vehicle transmissions pp. 119-134 Downloads
Jiageng Ruan, Paul Walker and Nong Zhang
Modeling and analysis of fuel injection parameters for combustion and performance of an RCCI engine pp. 135-150 Downloads
M. Nazemi and M. Shahbakhti
A data-driven, cooperative wind farm control to maximize the total power production pp. 151-165 Downloads
Jinkyoo Park and Kincho H. Law
Experimental analysis of ethanol dual-fuel combustion in a heavy-duty diesel engine: An optimisation at low load pp. 166-182 Downloads
Vinícius B. Pedrozo, Ian May, Macklini Dalla Nora, Alasdair Cairns and Hua Zhao
Hydrogen production from natural gas using an iron-based chemical looping technology: Thermodynamic simulations and process system analysis pp. 183-201 Downloads
Mandar V. Kathe, Abbey Empfield, Jing Na, Elena Blair and Liang-Shih Fan
The impact of location and type on the performance of low-voltage network connected battery energy storage systems pp. 202-213 Downloads
Timur Yunusov, Damien Frame, William Holderbaum and Ben Potter
A pattern-based automated approach to building energy model calibration pp. 214-224 Downloads
Kaiyu Sun, Tianzhen Hong, Taylor-Lange, Sarah C. and Mary Ann Piette
Nitrate salts doped with CuO nanoparticles for thermal energy storage with improved heat transfer pp. 225-233 Downloads
Philip D. Myers, Tanvir E. Alam, Rajeev Kamal, D.Y. Goswami and E. Stefanakos
Integrating building and transportation energy use to design a comprehensive greenhouse gas mitigation strategy pp. 234-243 Downloads
Ebrahim Karan, Atefeh Mohammadpour and Somayeh Asadi
A novel layout of air-cooled condensers to improve thermo-flow performances pp. 244-259 Downloads
Lei Chen, Lijun Yang, Xiaoze Du and Yongping Yang
Experimental investigation of the energy performance of a novel Micro-encapsulated Phase Change Material (MPCM) slurry based PV/T system pp. 260-271 Downloads
Zhongzhu Qiu, Xiaoli Ma, Xudong Zhao, Peng Li and Samira Ali
Quantification of workmanship insulation defects and their impact on the thermal performance of building facades pp. 272-284 Downloads
A. Aïssani, A. Chateauneuf, J.-P. Fontaine and Ph. Audebert
Thermodynamically consistent modeling of redox-stable perovskite oxides for thermochemical energy conversion and storage pp. 285-296 Downloads
Kevin J. Albrecht, Gregory S. Jackson and Robert J. Braun
Power and mass optimization of the hybrid solar panel and thermoelectric generators pp. 297-307 Downloads
Trevor Hocksun Kwan and Xiaofeng Wu
Solar thermal–photovoltaic powered potato cold storage – Conceptual design and performance analyses pp. 308-317 Downloads
Dipankar N. Basu and A. Ganguly
Computer simulations of the influence of geometry in the performance of conventional and unconventional lithium-ion batteries pp. 318-328 Downloads
D. Miranda, C.M. Costa, A.M. Almeida and Lanceros-Méndez, S.
Effects of energy price fluctuations on industries with energy inputs: An application to China pp. 329-334 Downloads
Pu-yan Nie and Yong-cong Yang
Ultra-high speed imaging study of the diesel spray close to the injector tip at the initial opening stage with single injection pp. 335-344 Downloads
Ziman Wang, Haichun Ding, Xiao Ma, Hongming Xu and Miroslaw L. Wyszynski
Numerical investigation of the energy saving potential of a semi-transparent photovoltaic double-skin facade in a cool-summer Mediterranean climate pp. 345-356 Downloads
Jinqing Peng, Dragan C. Curcija, Lin Lu, Stephen E. Selkowitz, Hongxing Yang and Weilong Zhang
A MPC approach for optimal generation scheduling in CSP plants pp. 357-370 Downloads
Manuel Jesús Vasallo and José Manuel Bravo
An experimental study on defrosting performance for an air source heat pump unit with a horizontally installed multi-circuit outdoor coil pp. 371-382 Downloads
Mengjie Song, Shiming Deng, Ning Mao and Xianming Ye
Colocation opportunities for large solar infrastructures and agriculture in drylands pp. 383-392 Downloads
Sujith Ravi, Jordan Macknick, David Lobell, Christopher Field, Karthik Ganesan, Rishabh Jain, Michael Elchinger and Blaise Stoltenberg
A distributed decision framework for building clusters with different heterogeneity settings pp. 393-404 Downloads
Jafari-Marandi, Ruholla, Mengqi Hu and OluFemi A. Omitaomu
Advanced exergy analysis of an oil shale retorting process pp. 405-415 Downloads
Qingchun Yang, Yu Qian, Andrzej Kraslawski, Huairong Zhou and Siyu Yang
Intelligent analysis of energy consumption in school buildings pp. 416-429 Downloads
Mika Raatikainen, Jukka-Pekka Skön, Kauko Leiviskä and Mikko Kolehmainen
The improvement of a simulation model for a distributed CCHP system and its influence on optimal operation cost and strategy pp. 430-444 Downloads
Zhe Tian, Jide Niu, Yakai Lu, Shunming He and Xue Tian
High-resolution stochastic integrated thermal–electrical domestic demand model pp. 445-461 Downloads
Eoghan McKenna and Murray Thomson
A new multi-objective solution approach to solve transmission congestion management problem of energy markets pp. 462-471 Downloads
Seyyed Ahmad Hosseini, Nima Amjady, Shafie-khah, Miadreza and João P.S. Catalão
A review of the composite phase change materials: Fabrication, characterization, mathematical modeling and application to performance enhancement pp. 472-510 Downloads
P. Zhang, X. Xiao and Z.W. Ma
Achieving annual and monthly net-zero energy of existing building in hot climate pp. 511-521 Downloads
Ali AlAjmi, Abou-Ziyan, Hosny and Adel Ghoneim
Numerical model simulations for optimisation of tidal lagoon schemes pp. 522-536 Downloads
Athanasios Angeloudis, Reza Ahmadian, Roger A. Falconer and Bockelmann-Evans, Bettina
Theoretical and experimental investigation on internal reflectors in a single-slope solar still pp. 537-547 Downloads
M.R. Karimi Estahbanati, Amimul Ahsan, Mehrzad Feilizadeh, Khosrow Jafarpur, Seyedeh-Saba Ashrafmansouri and Mansoor Feilizadeh
An analysis of the power market in Saudi Arabia: Retrospective cost and environmental optimization pp. 548-558 Downloads
Markus Groissböck and Matthias J. Pickl
Finding cost-effective nutrient solutions and evaluating environmental conditions for biogasifying bituminous coal to methane ex situ pp. 559-568 Downloads
Ji Zhang, Stephen Y. Park, Yanna Liang and Satya Harpalani
High-rate thermophilic bio-methanation of the fine sieved fraction from Dutch municipal raw sewage: Cost-effective potentials for on-site energy recovery pp. 569-582 Downloads
Dara S.M. Ghasimi, Merle de Kreuk, Sung Kyu Maeng, Marcel H. Zandvoort and Jules B. van Lier
Harmonic analysis in integrated energy system based on compressed sensing pp. 583-591 Downloads
Ting Yang, Haibo Pen, Dan Wang and Zhaoxia Wang
True real time pricing and combined power scheduling of electric appliances in residential energy management system pp. 592-600 Downloads
Amir Anees and Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen
Optimization of a biomass-based photovoltaic power plant for an off-grid application subject to loss of power supply probability concept pp. 601-611 Downloads
Ali Heydari and Alireza Askarzadeh
Experimental investigation of butanol isomer combustion in Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engines pp. 612-626 Downloads
J. Hunter Mack, Daniel Schuler, Ryan H. Butt and Robert W. Dibble
Analysis of a novel solar electricity generation system using cascade Rankine cycle and steam screw expander pp. 627-638 Downloads
Jing Li, Pengcheng Li, Gang Pei, Jahan Zeb Alvi and Jie Ji
In-plane nonuniform temperature effects on the performance of a large-format lithium-ion pouch cell pp. 639-647 Downloads
M. Klein, S. Tong and J.W. Park
Systematic study of aqueous monoethanolamine (MEA)-based CO2 capture process: Techno-economic assessment of the MEA process and its improvements pp. 648-659 Downloads
Kangkang Li, Wardhaugh Leigh, Paul Feron, Hai Yu and Moses Tade
Energy consumption, energy efficiency, and consumer perceptions: A case study for the Southeast United States pp. 660-669 Downloads
Christopher A. Craig
Periodic polarity reversal for stabilizing the pH in two-chamber microbial electrolysis cells pp. 670-675 Downloads
Yong Jiang, Peng Liang, Changyong Zhang, Yanhong Bian, Xueliang Sun, Helan Zhang, Xufei Yang, Feng Zhao and Xia Huang
A comparative study of biodiesel engine performance optimization using enhanced hybrid PSO–GA and basic GA pp. 676-684 Downloads
Qiang Zhang, Ryan M. Ogren and Song-Charng Kong
Hydrogen production via chemical looping steam methane reforming process: Effect of cerium and calcium promoters on the performance of Fe2O3/Al2O3 oxygen carrier pp. 685-694 Downloads
A. Hafizi, M.R. Rahimpour and Sh. Hassanajili
Transfer function development for SOFC/GT hybrid systems control using cold air bypass pp. 695-706 Downloads
V. Zaccaria, D. Tucker and A. Traverso
The application of air layers in building envelopes: A review pp. 707-734 Downloads
Tiantian Zhang, Yufei Tan, Hongxing Yang and Xuedan Zhang
Exploiting sparsity of interconnections in spatio-temporal wind speed forecasting using Wavelet Transform pp. 735-747 Downloads
Akin Tascikaraoglu, Borhan M. Sanandaji, Kameshwar Poolla and Pravin Varaiya
A signal-based method for fast PEMFC diagnosis pp. 748-758 Downloads
E. Pahon, N. Yousfi Steiner, S. Jemei, D. Hissel and P. Moçoteguy
Apparatus and method for calibrating a Coriolis mass flow meter for carbon dioxide at pressure and temperature conditions represented to CCS pipeline operations pp. 759-764 Downloads
Chih-Wei Lin, Mahmoud Nazeri, Ayan Bhattacharji, George Spicer and Maroto-Valer, M. Mercedes
An experimental and simulation study of novel channel designs for open-cathode high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells pp. 765-776 Downloads
Sobi Thomas, Alex Bates, Sam Park, A.K. Sahu, Sang C. Lee, Byung Rak Son, Joo Gon Kim and Dong-Ha Lee
Performance assessment of tall building-integrated wind turbines for power generation pp. 777-788 Downloads
Q.S. Li, Z.R. Shu and F.B. Chen
Multi-objective three stage design optimization for island microgrids pp. 789-800 Downloads
Julia Sachs and Oliver Sawodny
Effect of dilution strategies and direct injection ratios on stratified flame ignition (SFI) hybrid combustion in a PFI/DI gasoline engine pp. 801-814 Downloads
Xinyan Wang, Hua Zhao and Hui Xie
A combined method for surface selection and layer pattern optimization of a multistream plate-fin heat exchanger pp. 815-827 Downloads
Zhe Wang and Yanzhong Li
Analysis of the economic feasibility and reduction of a building’s energy consumption and emissions when integrating hybrid solar thermal/PV/micro-CHP systems pp. 828-838 Downloads
Laura Romero Rodríguez, José Manuel Salmerón Lissén, José Sánchez Ramos, Enrique Ángel Rodríguez Jara and Servando Álvarez Domínguez
Hybrid EGR and turbocharging systems control for low NOX and fuel consumption in an automotive diesel engine pp. 839-848 Downloads
Giorgio Zamboni, Simone Moggia and Massimo Capobianco
Diesel demand in the road freight sector in the UK: Estimates for different vehicle types pp. 849-857 Downloads
Zia Wadud
A systematic method of evaluation of the Chinese natural gas supply security pp. 858-867 Downloads
Weiwei Lu, Meirong Su, Brian D. Fath, Mingqi Zhang and Yan Hao
Features and evolution of international fossil fuel trade network based on value of emergy pp. 868-877 Downloads
Weiqiong Zhong, Haizhong An, Wei Fang, Xiangyun Gao and Di Dong
Transient performance evaluation of waste heat recovery rankine cycle based system for heavy duty trucks pp. 878-892 Downloads
Vincent Grelet, Thomas Reiche, Vincent Lemort, Madiha Nadri and Pascal Dufour
Optimizing distributed generation parameters through economic feasibility assessment pp. 893-903 Downloads
K.M. Muttaqi, An D.T. Le, J. Aghaei, Mahboubi-Moghaddam, E., M. Negnevitsky and G. Ledwich
Recent advances in catalytic oxidation and reformation of jet fuels pp. 904-918 Downloads
Teresa A. Wierzbicki, Ivan C. Lee and Ashwani K. Gupta
Numerical heat transfer comparison study of hybrid and non-hybrid ground source heat pump systems pp. 919-929 Downloads
Nikola Kuzmic, Ying Lam E. Law and Seth B. Dworkin
Energy savings from temperature setpoints and deadband: Quantifying the influence of building and system properties on savings pp. 930-942 Downloads
Ali Ghahramani, Kenan Zhang, Kanu Dutta, Zheng Yang and Becerik-Gerber, Burcin
Temperature effect on hydrothermal liquefaction of Nannochloropsis gaditana and Chlorella sp pp. 943-951 Downloads
Harvind Kumar Reddy, Tapaswy Muppaneni, Sundaravadivelnathan Ponnusamy, Nilusha Sudasinghe, Ambica Pegallapati, Thinesh Selvaratnam, Mark Seger, Barry Dungan, Nagamany Nirmalakhandan, Tanner Schaub, F. Omar Holguin, Peter Lammers, Wayne Voorhies and Shuguang Deng
Chemical looping coal gasification with calcium ferrite and barium ferrite via solid–solid reactions pp. 952-966 Downloads
Ranjani Siriwardane, Jarrett Riley, Hanjing Tian and George Richards
Improving energy efficiency of dedicated cooling system and its contribution towards meeting an energy-optimized data center pp. 967-982 Downloads
Jinkyun Cho and Yundeok Kim
Biomass carbon fueled tubular solid oxide fuel cells with molten antimony anode pp. 983-989 Downloads
Nan-Qi Duan, Yuan Tan, Dong Yan, Lichao Jia, Bo Chi, Jian Pu and Jian Li
Bioenergy and the city – What can urban forests contribute? pp. 990-1003 Downloads
F. Kraxner, K. Aoki, G. Kindermann, S. Leduc, F. Albrecht, John Liu and Y. Yamagata
Pilot-scale solar reactor operation and characterization for fuel production via the Zn/ZnO thermochemical cycle pp. 1004-1023 Downloads
E. Koepf, W. Villasmil and A. Meier
Analysis of interconnecting energy systems over a synchronized life cycle pp. 1024-1036 Downloads
Victor Nian
Data reconciliation for the overall thermal system of a steam turbine power plant pp. 1037-1051 Downloads
Sisi Guo, Pei Liu and Zheng Li
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