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2017, volume 189, issue C

Scaling and air compressibility effects on a three-dimensional offshore stationary OWC wave energy converter pp. 1-20 Downloads
Ahmed Elhanafi, Gregor Macfarlane, Alan Fleming and Zhi Leong
Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from vinasse through anaerobic digestion pp. 21-30 Downloads
Bruna S. Moraes, Søren O. Petersen, Marcelo Zaiat, Sven G. Sommer and Jin Mi Triolo
A thermophysical battery for storage-based climate control pp. 31-43 Downloads
Shankar Narayanan, Hyunho Kim, Ari Umans, Sungwoo Yang, Xiansen Li, Scott N. Schiffres, Sameer R. Rao, Ian S. McKay, Carlos A. Rios Perez, Carlos H. Hidrovo and Evelyn N. Wang
Balanced charging strategies for electric vehicles on power systems pp. 44-54 Downloads
Sang-Keun Moon and Jin-O Kim
Parametric study and performance evaluation of an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) system using low-grade heat at temperatures below 80°C pp. 55-65 Downloads
Dong Kyu Kim, Ji Sung Lee, Jinwoo Kim, Mo Se Kim and Min Soo Kim
Experimental evaluation of a pilot-scale thermochemical storage system for a concentrated solar power plant pp. 66-75 Downloads
S. Tescari, A. Singh, C. Agrafiotis, L. de Oliveira, S. Breuer, Schlögl-Knothe, B., M. Roeb and C. Sattler
Willingness to participate in direct load control: The role of consumer distrust pp. 76-88 Downloads
Karen Stenner, Elisha R. Frederiks, Elizabeth V. Hobman and Stephanie Cook
Investment appraisal of cost-optimal and near-optimal pathways for the UK electricity sector transition to 2050 pp. 89-109 Downloads
Francis G.N. Li and Evelina Trutnevyte
Cost minimization of generation, storage, and new loads, comparing costs with and without externalities pp. 110-121 Downloads
Lance Noel, Joseph F. Brodie, Willett Kempton, Cristina L. Archer and Cory Budischak
Thermally Stratified Compression Ignition: A new advanced low temperature combustion mode with load flexibility pp. 122-132 Downloads
Benjamin Lawler, Derek Splitter, James Szybist and Brian Kaul
Anthracite combustion characteristics and NOx formation of a 300MWe down-fired boiler with swirl burners at different loads after the implementation of a new combustion system pp. 133-141 Downloads
Zhichao Chen, Qingxiang Wang, Bingnan Wang, Lingyan Zeng, Miaomiao Che, Xin Zhang and Zhengqi Li
Monitoring of coal fracturing in underground coal gasification by acoustic emission techniques pp. 142-156 Downloads
Fa-qiang Su, Ken-ichi Itakura, Gota Deguchi and Koutarou Ohga
Equilibrium-inspired multiagent optimizer with extreme transfer learning for decentralized optimal carbon-energy combined-flow of large-scale power systems pp. 157-176 Downloads
Xiaoshun Zhang, Yixuan Chen, Tao Yu, Bo Yang, Kaiping Qu and Senmao Mao
Stability maps of non-premixed methane flames in different oxidizing environments of a gas turbine model combustor pp. 177-186 Downloads
Mohamed A. Habib, Sherif S. Rashwan, Medhat A. Nemitallah and Ahmed Abdelhafez
Experimental and modelling investigations of the diesel surrogate fuels in direct injection compression ignition combustion pp. 187-200 Downloads
Xinlei Liu, Hu Wang, Xiaofeng Wang, Zunqing Zheng and Mingfa Yao
Modeling of power generation with thermolytic reverse electrodialysis for low-grade waste heat recovery pp. 201-210 Downloads
Deok Han Kim, Byung Ho Park, Kilsung Kwon, Longnan Li and Daejoong Kim
Experimental and numerical investigation of discharging process of direct contact thermal energy storage for use in conventional air-conditioning systems pp. 211-220 Downloads
Xiao-Yan Li, Dong-Qi Qu, Liu Yang and Kai-Di Li
Steady-state optimisation of a multiple cryogenic air separation unit and compressor plant pp. 221-232 Downloads
Richard Adamson, Martin Hobbs, Andy Silcock and Mark J. Willis
Greening cement in China: A cost-effective roadmap pp. 233-244 Downloads
Xuewei Liu, Zengwei Yuan, Yuan Xu and Songyan Jiang
A climate rationale for research and development on photovoltaics manufacture pp. 245-256 Downloads
Dwarakanath Ravikumar, Ben Wender, Thomas P. Seager, Matthew P. Fraser and Meng Tao
Development of a prediction model for the cost saving potentials in implementing the building energy efficiency rating certification pp. 257-270 Downloads
Jaewook Jeong, Taehoon Hong, Changyoon Ji, Jimin Kim, Minhyun Lee, Kwangbok Jeong and Choongwan Koo
Combined optimization for offshore wind turbine micro siting pp. 271-282 Downloads
Peng Hou, Weihao Hu, Mohsen Soltani, Cong Chen and Zhe Chen
Assessment of pathways to reduce CO2 emissions from passenger car fleets: Case study in Ireland pp. 283-300 Downloads
Md. Saniul Alam, Bernard Hyde, Paul Duffy and Aonghus McNabola
Optimal siting and sizing of soft open points in active electrical distribution networks pp. 301-309 Downloads
Chengshan Wang, Guanyu Song, Peng Li, Haoran Ji, Jinli Zhao and Jianzhong Wu
Coupling energy systems with lightweight structures for a net plus energy building pp. 310-326 Downloads
G.P. Lydon, J. Hofer, B. Svetozarevic, Z. Nagy and A. Schlueter
A multi-objective optimization model for energy-efficiency building envelope retrofitting plan with rooftop PV system installation and maintenance pp. 327-335 Downloads
Yuling Fan and Xiaohua Xia
Interconnection-wide hour-ahead scheduling in the presence of intermittent renewables and demand response: A surplus maximizing approach pp. 336-351 Downloads
Sahand Behboodi, David P. Chassin, Ned Djilali and Curran Crawford
Equivalent full-load hours for assessing climate change impact on building cooling and heating energy consumption in large Asian cities pp. 352-368 Downloads
Constantinos Spandagos and Tze Ling Ng
Experimental and numerical study of thin ring and annular fin effects on improving the ice formation in ice-on-coil thermal storage systems pp. 369-384 Downloads
Hamid Jannesari and Naeim Abdollahi
A study of a turbulent jet ignition system fueled with iso-octane: Pressure trace analysis and combustion visualization pp. 385-394 Downloads
Gerald Gentz, Masumeh Gholamisheeri and Elisa Toulson
Demand side management of an urban water supply using wholesale electricity price pp. 395-402 Downloads
R. Kernan, X. Liu, S. McLoone and B. Fox
Economic assessment of smart grid initiatives for island power systems pp. 403-415 Downloads
L. Sigrist, E. Lobato, L. Rouco, M. Gazzino and M. Cantu
Optimizing the performance of small-scale organic Rankine cycle that utilizes a single-screw expander pp. 416-432 Downloads
D. Ziviani, S. Gusev, S. Lecompte, E.A. Groll, J.E. Braun, W.T. Horton, M. van den Broek and M. De Paepe
Techno-economic analysis of direct coal-biomass to liquids (CBTL) plants with shale gas utilization and CO2 capture and storage (CCS) pp. 433-448 Downloads
Yuan Jiang and Debangsu Bhattacharyya
Prediction of air-fuel and oxy-fuel combustion through a generic gas radiation property model pp. 449-459 Downloads
Chungen Yin
System integration, durability and reliability of fuel cells: Challenges and solutions pp. 460-479 Downloads
Junye Wang
Thermophilic two-phase anaerobic digestion using an innovative fixed-bed reactor for enhanced organic matter removal and bioenergy recovery from sugarcane vinasse pp. 480-491 Downloads
Lucas Tadeu Fuess, Luma Sayuri Mazine Kiyuna, Antônio Djalma Nunes Ferraz, Gabriela Felix Persinoti, Fabio Marcio Squina, Marcelo Loureiro Garcia and Marcelo Zaiat
Investigation of natural gas energy fraction and injection timing on the performance and emissions of a dual-fuel engine with pre-combustion chamber under low engine load pp. 492-505 Downloads
Amin Yousefi and Madjid Birouk
Experimental characterization and simulation of a hybrid sensible-latent heat storage pp. 506-519 Downloads
Christoph Zauner, Florian Hengstberger, Benjamin Mörzinger, Rene Hofmann and Heimo Walter
Parametric analysis of a hybrid solar concentrating photovoltaic/concentrating solar power (CPV/CSP) system pp. 520-533 Downloads
Xue Han, Guankun Zhao, Chao Xu, Xing Ju, Xiaoze Du and Yongping Yang
Risk-aware short term hydro-wind-thermal scheduling using a probability interval optimization model pp. 534-554 Downloads
J.J. Chen, Y.B. Zhuang, Y.Z. Li, P. Wang, Y.L. Zhao and C.S. Zhang
Artificial neural network applied forecast on a parametric study of Calophyllum inophyllum methyl ester-diesel engine out responses pp. 555-567 Downloads
Charudatta M. Kshirsagar and Ramanathan Anand
Cell formation effects on the burning speeds and flame front area of synthetic gas at high pressures and temperatures pp. 568-577 Downloads
Omid Askari, Mimmo Elia, Matthew Ferrari and Hameed Metghalchi
Magnesium/air combustion at pilot scale and subsequent PM and NOx emissions pp. 578-587 Downloads
Patxi Garra, Gontrand Leyssens, Olivier Allgaier, Cornelius Schönnenbeck, Valérie Tschamber, Jean-François Brilhac, Toni Tahtouh, Olivier Guézet and Sylvain Allano
Intelligent sizing of a series hybrid electric power-train system based on Chaos-enhanced accelerated particle swarm optimization pp. 588-601 Downloads
Quan Zhou, Wei Zhang, Scott Cash, Oluremi Olatunbosun, Hongming Xu and Guoxiang Lu
Study on a Pi-type mean flow acoustic engine capable of wind energy harvesting using a CFD model pp. 602-612 Downloads
Yan S.W. Yu, Daming Sun, Jie Zhang, Ya Xu and Yun Qi
Two-phase anaerobic digestion of municipal solid wastes enhanced by hydrothermal pretreatment: Viability, performance and microbial community evaluation pp. 613-622 Downloads
Wei Li, Jianbin Guo, Huicai Cheng, Wei Wang and Renjie Dong
Longitudinal analysis of normative energy use feedback on dormitory occupants pp. 623-639 Downloads
Kyle Anderson, Kwonsik Song, SangHyun Lee, Erin Krupka, Hyunsoo Lee and Moonseo Park
Energy management of a dual-mode power-split hybrid electric vehicle based on velocity prediction and nonlinear model predictive control pp. 640-653 Downloads
Changle Xiang, Feng Ding, Weida Wang and Wei He
A dynamic mathematical model of an ultra-supercritical coal fired once-through boiler-turbine unit pp. 654-666 Downloads
He Fan, Yu-fei Zhang, Zhi-gang Su and Ben Wang
Smart real-time scheduling of generating units in an electricity market considering environmental aspects and physical constraints of generators pp. 667-696 Downloads
Arman Goudarzi, Andrew G. Swanson, John Van Coller and Pierluigi Siano
Off-design performance of concentrated solar heat and coal double-source boiler power generation with thermocline energy storage pp. 697-710 Downloads
Maolong Zhang, Chao Xu, Xiaoze Du, Muhammad Amjad and Dongsheng Wen
Impact of outdoor PM2.5 on natural ventilation usability in California’s nondomestic buildings pp. 711-724 Downloads
Nuno R. Martins and Guilherme Carrilho da Graça
Design under uncertainty of carbon capture and storage infrastructure considering cost, environmental impact, and preference on risk pp. 725-738 Downloads
Suh-Young Lee, Jae-Uk Lee, In-Beum Lee and Jeehoon Han
A new model for environmental and economic evaluation of renewable energy systems: The case of wind turbines pp. 739-752 Downloads
Matteo M. Savino, Riccardo Manzini, Vincenzo Della Selva and Riccardo Accorsi
How crude oil prices shape the global division of labor pp. 753-761 Downloads
Francesco Picciolo, Andreas Papandreou, Klaus Hubacek and Franco Ruzzenenti
Assessment of impacts of Hubei Pilot emission trading schemes in China – A CGE-analysis using TermCO2 model pp. 762-769 Downloads
Yu Liu, Xiu-Jie Tan, Yang Yu and Shao-Zhou Qi
Linkage analysis for the water–energy nexus of city pp. 770-779 Downloads
Delin Fang and Bin Chen
Household carbon footprints in the Baltic States: A global multi-regional input–output analysis from 1995 to 2011 pp. 780-788 Downloads
Janis Brizga, Kuishuang Feng and Klaus Hubacek
Application of eco-efficiency in a coal-burning power plant benefitting both the environment and citizens: Design of a ‘city water heating’ system pp. 789-799 Downloads
R. Rodríguez, V.G. Bello and Díaz-Aguado, M.B.
Energy autonomy in residential buildings: A techno-economic model-based analysis of the scale effects pp. 800-815 Downloads
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