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2018, volume 224, issue C

A waste-free, microbial oil centered cyclic bio-refinery approach based on flexible macroalgae biomass pp. 1-12 Downloads
Mahmoud A. Masri, Wojciech Jurkowski, Pariya Shaigani, Martina Haack, Norbert Mehlmer and Thomas Brück
Short term load forecasting based on phase space reconstruction algorithm and bi-square kernel regression model pp. 13-33 Downloads
Guo-Feng Fan, Li-Ling Peng and Wei-Chiang Hong
Numerical investigation on the mixture formation and combustion processes of a gasoline rotary engine with direct injected hydrogen enrichment pp. 34-41 Downloads
Jinxin Yang, Changwei Ji, Shuofeng Wang, Du Wang, Zedong Ma and Boya Zhang
Approaches to avoid flooding in association with pressure drop in proton exchange membrane fuel cells pp. 42-51 Downloads
Yuehua Li, Pucheng Pei, Ziyao Wu, Peng Ren, Xiaoning Jia, Dongfang Chen and Shangwei Huang
Cost estimation and sensitivity analysis of a latent thermal energy storage system for supplementary cooling of air cooled condensers pp. 52-68 Downloads
Chunjian Pan, Natasha Vermaak, Carlos Romero, Sudhakar Neti, Sean Hoenig, Chien-Hua Chen and Richard Bonner
Evaluation of transient characteristics of medium temperature solar thermal systems utilizing thermal stratification pp. 69-85 Downloads
Rudrodip Majumdar, Sandip K. Saha and Suneet Singh
Investigation of a star flow insert in a parabolic trough solar collector pp. 86-102 Downloads
Evangelos Bellos and Christos Tzivanidis
Full-spectrum volumetric solar thermal conversion via graphene/silver hybrid plasmonic nanofluids pp. 103-115 Downloads
Mohammad Mehrali, Murali Krishna Ghatkesar and Rene Pecnik
Discovering gradual patterns in building operations for improving building energy efficiency pp. 116-123 Downloads
Cheng Fan, Yongjun Sun, Kui Shan, Fu Xiao and Jiayuan Wang
Power plant fuel consumption rate during load cycling pp. 124-135 Downloads
Dmitri Neshumayev, Leo Rummel, Alar Konist, Arvo Ots and Teet Parve
A comparative thermodynamic evaluation of bioethanol processing from wheat straw pp. 136-146 Downloads
Geoffrey P. Hammond and Ross V.M. Mansell
Multi-objective optimization of microclimate in museums for concurrent reduction of energy needs, visitors’ discomfort and artwork preservation risks pp. 147-159 Downloads
Eva Schito, Paolo Conti and Daniele Testi
Energy technology roadmap for ethylene industry in China pp. 160-174 Downloads
Jing-Ming Chen, Biying Yu and Yi-Ming Wei
Energy-efficient storage of methane in the formed hydrates with metal nanoparticles-grafted carbon nanotubes as promoter pp. 175-183 Downloads
Yuan-Mei Song, Fei Wang, Gang Guo, Sheng-Jun Luo and Rong-Bo Guo
Techno-economic analysis of the thermal liquefaction of sugarcane bagasse in ethanol to produce liquid fuels pp. 184-193 Downloads
Jerome A. Ramirez, Richard Brown and Thomas J. Rainey
Ammonia as an efficient COX-free hydrogen carrier: Fundamentals and feasibility analyses for fuel cell applications pp. 194-204 Downloads
Junyoung Cha, Young Suk Jo, Hyangsoo Jeong, Jonghee Han, Suk Woo Nam, Kwang Ho Song and Chang Won Yoon
Wave energy resource variation off the west coast of Ireland and its impact on realistic wave energy converters’ power absorption pp. 205-219 Downloads
Markel Penalba, Alain Ulazia, Ibarra-Berastegui, Gabriel, John Ringwood and Jon Sáenz
Influence of design on performance of a latent heat storage system at high temperatures pp. 220-229 Downloads
Tolga Pirasaci, Chatura Wickramaratne, Francesca Moloney, D. Yogi Goswami and Elias Stefanakos
Optimization of water-energy nexus: A network representation-based graphical approach pp. 230-250 Downloads
Spyridon D. Tsolas, M. Nazmul Karim and M.M. Faruque Hasan
Investigation of the deformation mechanisms of lithium-ion battery components using in-situ micro tests pp. 251-266 Downloads
Juner Zhu, Xiaowei Zhang, Hailing Luo and Elham Sahraei
Power extraction efficiency optimization of horizontal-axis wind turbines through optimizing control parameters of yaw control systems using an intelligent method pp. 267-279 Downloads
Dongran Song, Xinyu Fan, Jian Yang, Anfeng Liu, Sifan Chen and Young Hoon Joo
Thermodynamic and experimental assessment of proton conducting solid oxide fuel cells with internal methane steam reforming pp. 280-288 Downloads
Libin Lei, Jayson M. Keels, Zetian Tao, Jihao Zhang and Fanglin Chen
A review of durability test protocols of the proton exchange membrane fuel cells for vehicle pp. 289-299 Downloads
Huicui Chen, Zhen Song, Xin Zhao, Tong Zhang, Pucheng Pei and Chen Liang
Effects of water content and diluent pressure on the ignition of aqueous ammonia/ammonium nitrate and urea/ammonium nitrate fuels pp. 300-308 Downloads
Bar Mosevitzky, Rotem Azoulay, Lilach Naamat, Gennady E. Shter and Gideon S. Grader
A systematic decision support tool for robust hydropower site selection in poorly gauged basins pp. 309-321 Downloads
Abdul Moiz, Akiyuki Kawasaki, Toshio Koike and Maheswor Shrestha
Adaptive power consumption improves the reliability of solar-powered devices for internet of things pp. 322-329 Downloads
Nasim Sahraei, Erin E. Looney, Sterling M. Watson, Ian Marius Peters and Tonio Buonassisi
Effects of charging battery electric vehicles on local grid regarding standardized load profile in administration sector pp. 330-339 Downloads
Erik Blasius and Zhenqi Wang
A comprehensive study of battery-supercapacitor hybrid energy storage system for standalone PV power system in rural electrification pp. 340-356 Downloads
Wenlong Jing, Chean Hung Lai, Wallace S.H. Wong and M.L. Dennis Wong
Low-carbon economic dispatch for electricity and natural gas systems considering carbon capture systems and power-to-gas pp. 357-370 Downloads
Liangce He, Zhigang Lu, Jiangfeng Zhang, Lijun Geng, Hao Zhao and Xueping Li
Energy saving and economic analysis of a new hybrid radiative cooling system for single-family houses in the USA pp. 371-381 Downloads
Kai Zhang, Dongliang Zhao, Xiaobo Yin, Ronggui Yang and Gang Tan
Performance investigation of an internally cooled desiccant wheel pp. 382-397 Downloads
Xingchao Zhou, Mark Goldsworthy and Alistair Sproul
Examining new geographies of coal: Dissenting energyscapes in Colombia and Turkey pp. 398-408 Downloads
Andrea Cardoso and Ethemcan Turhan
Castor oil enhanced effect on fuel ethanol-diesel fuel blend properties pp. 409-416 Downloads
S. Pinzi, I. López, Leiva-Candia, D.E., Redel-Macías, M.D., J.M. Herreros, Cubero-Atienza, A. and M.P. Dorado
Experimental study of the effect of enhanced mass transfer on the performance improvement of a solar-driven adsorption refrigeration system pp. 417-425 Downloads
Yunfeng Wang, Ming Li, Xu Ji, Qiongfen Yu, Guoliang Li and Xun Ma
Experimental demonstration of the hybrid solar receiver combustor pp. 426-437 Downloads
A. Chinnici, G.J. Nathan and B.B. Dally
Laboratory testing and numerical simulation of piezoelectric energy harvester for roadway applications pp. 438-447 Downloads
Abbas Jasim, Greg Yesner, Hao Wang, Ahmad Safari, Ali Maher and B. Basily
Synthesis and dual-objective optimization of industrial combined heat and power plants compromising the water–energy nexus pp. 448-468 Downloads
Xiaojian Huang, Xianglong Luo, Jianyong Chen, Zhi Yang, Ying Chen, María Ponce-Ortega, José and El-Halwagi, Mahmoud M.
Life cycle water use of a biomass-based pyrolysis polygeneration system in China pp. 469-480 Downloads
Qing Yang, Ji Liang, Jiashuo Li, Haiping Yang and Hanping Chen
A concentrating photovoltaic/Kalina cycle coupled with absorption chiller pp. 481-493 Downloads
Wanjun Qu, Hui Hong, Bosheng Su, Sanli Tang and Hongguang Jin
Harmonized algal biofuel life cycle assessment studies enable direct process train comparison pp. 494-509 Downloads
Qingshi Tu, Matthew Eckelman and Julie Beth Zimmerman
Energy analysis and experimental verification of a solar freshwater self-produced ecological film floating on the sea pp. 510-526 Downloads
Qiushi Wang, Ziye Zhu, Gang Wu, Xiang Zhang and Hongfei Zheng
A framework for producing gbXML building geometry from Point Clouds for accurate and efficient Building Energy Modelling pp. 527-537 Downloads
Tom Lloyd Garwood, Ben Richard Hughes, Dominic O'Connor, John K. Calautit, Michael R. Oates and Thomas Hodgson
A daily baseline model based on transfer functions for the verification of energy saving. A case study of the administration room at the Palacio de la Madraza, Granada pp. 538-549 Downloads
Julián Arco Díaz, José Sánchez Ramos, M. Carmen Guerrero Delgado, David Hidalgo García, Francisco Gil Montoya and Servando Álvarez Domínguez
Time-series prediction of wind speed using machine learning algorithms: A case study Osorio wind farm, Brazil pp. 550-566 Downloads
A. Khosravi, L. Machado and R.O. Nunes
Optimal synthesis of work and heat exchangers networks considering unclassified process streams at sub and above-ambient conditions pp. 567-581 Downloads
Viviani C. Onishi, Natalia Quirante, Mauro A.S.S. Ravagnani and José A. Caballero
Integration of distributed generation technologies on sustainable buildings pp. 582-601 Downloads
Fuentes-Cortés, Luis Fabián and Flores-Tlacuahuac, Antonio
Multi-objective optimisation of bio-based thermal insulation materials in building envelopes considering condensation risk pp. 602-614 Downloads
Torres-Rivas, Alba, Mariana Palumbo, Assed Haddad, Luisa F. Cabeza, Laureano Jiménez and Dieter Boer
Opportunities for application of BECCS in the Australian power sector pp. 615-635 Downloads
Nasim Pour, Paul A. Webley and Peter J. Cook
Polygeneration system integrated with small non-wood pulp mills for substitute natural gas production pp. 636-646 Downloads
M. Naqvi, E. Dahlquist, J. Yan, S.R. Naqvi, A.S. Nizami, C.A. Salman, M. Danish, U. Farooq, M. Rehan, Z. Khan and A.S. Qureshi
Sensorless control strategy for light-duty EVs and efficiency loss evaluation of high frequency injection under standardized urban driving cycles pp. 647-658 Downloads
E. Trancho, E. Ibarra, A. Arias, I. Kortabarria, P. Prieto, I. Martínez de Alegría, J. Andreu and I. López
A bi-level scheduling model for virtual power plants with aggregated thermostatically controlled loads and renewable energy pp. 659-670 Downloads
Congying Wei, Jian Xu, Siyang Liao, Yuanzhang Sun, Yibo Jiang, Deping Ke, Zhen Zhang and Jing Wang
Automatic air temperature control in a container with an optic-variable wall pp. 671-681 Downloads
C. Wang, Y. Zhu, J. Qu and H.D. Hu
Novel optical efficiency formulas for parabolic trough solar collectors: Computing method and applications pp. 682-697 Downloads
Ze-Dong Cheng, Xue-Ru Zhao and Ya-Ling He
100% renewable energy system in Japan: Smoothening and ancillary services pp. 698-707 Downloads
Miguel Esteban, Portugal-Pereira, Joana, Benjamin C. Mclellan, Jeremy Bricker, Hooman Farzaneh, Nigora Djalilova, Keiichi N. Ishihara, Hiroshi Takagi and Volker Roeber
CaFe2O4 oxygen carrier characterization during the partial oxidation of coal in the chemical looping gasification application pp. 708-716 Downloads
Duane D. Miller and Ranjani Siriwardane
Preliminary performance assessment of a novel on-shore system recovering energy from tidal currents pp. 717-730 Downloads
S. Barbarelli, G. Florio, M. Amelio and N.M. Scornaienchi
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