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2015, volume 138, issue C

Effectiveness of pavement-solar energy system – An experimental study pp. 1-10 Downloads
Zhihua Zhou, Xiaojuan Wang, Xiaoyan Zhang, Guanyi Chen, Jian Zuo and Stephen Pullen
Theoretical and experimental investigation of the Miller cycle diesel engine in terms of performance and emission parameters pp. 11-20 Downloads
Guven Gonca, Bahri Sahin, Adnan Parlak, Yasin Ust, Vezir Ayhan, İdris Cesur and Barış Boru
A low-temperature partial-oxidation-methanol micro reformer with high fuel conversion rate and hydrogen production yield pp. 21-30 Downloads
Hsueh-Sheng Wang, Kuo-Yang Huang, Yuh-Jeen Huang, Yu-Chuan Su and Fan-Gang Tseng
Cr-methanol fuel cell for efficient Cr(VI) removal and high power production pp. 31-35 Downloads
Qing-Yun Chen, Rong Fu, Xiao-Wen Fang, Wen-Fang Cai, Yun-Hai Wang and Shao-An Cheng
Climate effects of bioenergy from forest residues in comparison to fossil energy pp. 36-50 Downloads
Leif Gustavsson, Sylvia Haus, Carina A. Ortiz, Roger Sathre and Nguyen Le Truong
An energy signal tool for decision support in building energy systems pp. 51-70 Downloads
Gregor P. Henze, Gregory S. Pavlak, Anthony R. Florita, Robert H. Dodier and Adam I. Hirsch
A pseudo-optimal inexact stochastic interval T2 fuzzy sets approach for energy and environmental systems planning under uncertainty: A case study for Xiamen City of China pp. 71-90 Downloads
L. Jin, G.H. Huang, Y.R. Fan, L. Wang and T. Wu
Emission reductions studies of a biodiesel engine using EGR and SCR for agriculture operations in developing countries pp. 91-98 Downloads
C. Solaimuthu, V. Ganesan, D. Senthilkumar and K.K. Ramasamy
Urban energy consumption: Different insights from energy flow analysis, input–output analysis and ecological network analysis pp. 99-107 Downloads
Shaoqing Chen and Bin Chen
The 20% house – An integrated assessment of options for reducing net carbon emissions from existing UK houses pp. 108-120 Downloads
J.G. Rogers, S.J.G. Cooper, O’Grady, Á., M.C. McManus, H.R. Howard and G.P. Hammond
Study of solar regenerated membrane desiccant system to control humidity and decrease energy consumption in office spaces pp. 121-132 Downloads
Khoudor Keniar, Kamel Ghali and Nesreen Ghaddar
Energy and environmental comparison of two-stage solutions for commercial refrigeration at low temperature: Fluids and systems pp. 133-142 Downloads
Rodrigo Llopis, Daniel Sánchez, Sanz-Kock, Carlos, Ramón Cabello and Enrique Torrella
The effects of air stoichiometry and air excess ratio on the transient response of a PEMFC under load change conditions pp. 143-149 Downloads
Bosung Kim, Dowon Cha and Yongchan Kim
Energy and complexity: New ways forward pp. 150-159 Downloads
Catherine S.E. Bale, Liz Varga and Timothy Foxon
Assessment of off-design performance of a small-scale combined cooling and power system using an alternative operating strategy for gas turbine pp. 160-168 Downloads
Wei Han, Qiang Chen, Ru-mou Lin and Hong-guang Jin
The energy efficiency ratio of heat storage in one shell-and-one tube phase change thermal energy storage unit pp. 169-182 Downloads
Wei-Wei Wang, Liang-Bi Wang and Ya-Ling He
Selective catalytic reduction of NO in a reverse-flow reactor: Modelling and experimental validation pp. 183-192 Downloads
Emilio Muñoz, Pablo Marín, Fernando V. Díez and Salvador Ordóñez
Non-isothermal crystallization of aqueous nanofluids with high aspect-ratio carbon nano-additives for cold thermal energy storage pp. 193-201 Downloads
Li-Wu Fan, Xiao-Li Yao, Xiao Wang, Yu-Yue Wu, Xue-Ling Liu, Xu Xu and Zi-Tao Yu
Ca-looping for postcombustion CO2 capture: A comparative analysis on the performances of dolomite and limestone pp. 202-215 Downloads
J.M. Valverde, Sanchez-Jimenez, P.E. and Perez-Maqueda, L.A.
Environmental impacts related to the commissioning and usage phase of an intelligent energy management system pp. 216-223 Downloads
Marta Gangolells, Miquel Casals, Núria Forcada, Marcel Macarulla and Alberto Giretti
Energy and economic analysis of geothermal–solar trigeneration systems: A case study for a hotel building in Ischia pp. 224-241 Downloads
Annamaria Buonomano, Francesco Calise, Adolfo Palombo and Maria Vicidomini
Numerical analysis of the optimum membrane/ionomer water content of PEMFCs: The interaction of Nafion® ionomer content and cathode relative humidity pp. 242-257 Downloads
Lei Xing, Prodip K. Das, Xueguan Song, Mohamed Mamlouk and Keith Scott
Energy saving potential of various air-side economizers in a modular data center pp. 258-275 Downloads
Sang-Woo Ham, Min-Hwi Kim, Byung-Nam Choi and Jae-Weon Jeong
Start-up modes of thermoelectric generator based on vehicle exhaust waste heat recovery pp. 276-290 Downloads
Shuhai Yu, Qing Du, Hai Diao, Gequn Shu and Kui Jiao
Experimental performance of evaporative cooling pad systems in greenhouses in humid subtropical climates pp. 291-301 Downloads
J. Xu, Y. Li, R.Z. Wang, W. Liu and P. Zhou
Multi-objective particle swarm optimization of binary geothermal power plants pp. 302-314 Downloads
Joshua Clarke and James T. McLeskey
Closed-loop control of HCCI combustion for DME using external EGR and rebreathed EGR to reduce pressure-rise rate with combustion-phasing retard pp. 315-330 Downloads
Dongwon Jung and Norimasa Iida
A crack-free and super-hydrophobic cathode micro-porous layer for direct methanol fuel cells pp. 331-336 Downloads
X.H. Yan, T.S. Zhao, L. An, G. Zhao and L. Zeng
An air-based corrugated cavity-receiver for solar parabolic trough concentrators pp. 337-345 Downloads
Roman Bader, Andrea Pedretti, Maurizio Barbato and Aldo Steinfeld
Alternative thermochemical routes for aviation biofuels via alcohols synthesis: Process modeling, techno-economic assessment and comparison pp. 346-366 Downloads
Konstantinos Atsonios, Michael-Alexander Kougioumtzis, Kyriakos D. Panopoulos and Emmanuel Kakaras
Comparative cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment of wood pellet production with torrefaction pp. 367-380 Downloads
P.W.R. Adams, J.E.J. Shirley and M.C. McManus
Numerical analysis of a shell-and-tube latent heat storage unit with fins for air-conditioning application pp. 381-392 Downloads
Dongliang Zhao and Gang Tan
Fleet view of electrified transportation reveals smaller potential to reduce GHG emissions pp. 393-403 Downloads
Christoph J. Meinrenken and Klaus S. Lackner
Decreasing energy use and influence to environment by radiant panel heating using different energy sources pp. 404-413 Downloads
Milorad Bojić, Dragan Cvetković and Ljubiša Bojić
Energy efficient hotspot-targeted embedded liquid cooling of electronics pp. 414-422 Downloads
Chander Shekhar Sharma, Manish K. Tiwari, Severin Zimmermann, Thomas Brunschwiler, Gerd Schlottig, Bruno Michel and Dimos Poulikakos
An MILP model for optimization of a small-scale LNG supply chain along a coastline pp. 423-431 Downloads
Raine Jokinen, Frank Pettersson and Henrik Saxén
Multi-objective efficiency enhancement using workload spreading in an operational data center pp. 432-444 Downloads
Ali Habibi Khalaj, Thomas Scherer, Jayantha Siriwardana and Saman K. Halgamuge
Impact of heat transfer on the performance of micro gas turbines pp. 445-449 Downloads
Dries Verstraete and Carlos Bowkett
Measuring energy efficiency: Is energy intensity a good evidence base? pp. 450-459 Downloads
Liliana Proskuryakova and A. Kovalev
Performance prediction of HCCI engines with oxygenated fuels using artificial neural networks pp. 460-473 Downloads
Javad Rezaei, Mahdi Shahbakhti, Bahram Bahri and Azhar Abdul Aziz
Externally fired gas turbine technology: A review pp. 474-487 Downloads
Al-attab, K.A. and Z.A. Zainal
Development of PN emission factors for the real world urban driving conditions of a hybrid city bus pp. 488-495 Downloads
Seref Soylu
An inverse method for calculation of thermal inertia and heat gain in air conditioning and refrigeration systems pp. 496-504 Downloads
M.A. Fayazbakhsh, F. Bagheri and M. Bahrami
Experimental validation of a thermodynamic boiler model under steady state and dynamic conditions pp. 505-516 Downloads
Elisa Carlon, Vijay Kumar Verma, Markus Schwarz, Laszlo Golicza, Alessandro Prada, Marco Baratieri, Walter Haslinger and Christoph Schmidl
Design and performance prediction of radial ORC turboexpanders pp. 517-532 Downloads
Daniele Fiaschi, Giampaolo Manfrida and Francesco Maraschiello
Experimental assessment of the energy performance of a hybrid desiccant cooling system and comparison with other air-conditioning technologies pp. 533-545 Downloads
Giovanni Angrisani, Carlo Roselli and Maurizio Sasso
Economic assessment of novel amine based CO2 capture technologies integrated in power plants based on European Benchmarking Task Force methodology pp. 546-558 Downloads
G. Manzolini, E. Sanchez Fernandez, S. Rezvani, E. Macchi, E.L.V. Goetheer and T.J.H. Vlugt
Indicative energy technology assessment of advanced rechargeable batteries pp. 559-571 Downloads
Geoffrey P. Hammond and Tom Hazeldine
Comparative study of the thermal and power performances of a semi-transparent photovoltaic façade under different ventilation modes pp. 572-583 Downloads
Jinqing Peng, Lin Lu, Hongxing Yang and Tao Ma
Impact of potassium promoter on Cu–Fe based mixed alcohols synthesis catalyst pp. 584-589 Downloads
Mingyue Ding, Junling Tu, Minghuang Qiu, Tiejun Wang, Longlong Ma and Yuping Li
Capability of smart appliances to provide reserve services pp. 590-597 Downloads
Silviu Nistor, Jianzhong Wu, Mahesh Sooriyabandara and Janaka Ekanayake
An experimental study on the negative effects of downwards flow of the melted frost over a multi-circuit outdoor coil in an air source heat pump during reverse cycle defrosting pp. 598-604 Downloads
Mengjie Song, Dongmei Pan, Ning Li and Shiming Deng
An assessment of solar-powered organic Rankine cycle systems for combined heating and power in UK domestic applications pp. 605-620 Downloads
James Freeman, Klaus Hellgardt and Christos N. Markides
Torrefied versus conventional pellet production – A comparative study on energy and emission balance based on pilot-plant data and EU sustainability criteria pp. 621-630 Downloads
D. Agar, J. Gil, D. Sanchez, I. Echeverria and M. Wihersaari
Effects of structural design on the performance of electrical double layer capacitors pp. 631-639 Downloads
Ali Ghorbani Kashkooli, Siamak Farhad, Victor Chabot, Aiping Yu and Zhongwei Chen
Innovative and precise MPP estimation using P–V curve geometry for photovoltaics pp. 640-647 Downloads
Gaurav Kumar, Milind B. Trivedi and Ashish K. Panchal
Thermal performance of a radiant floor heating system with different heat storage materials and heating pipes pp. 648-660 Downloads
Guobing Zhou and Jing He
Development of bifunctional microencapsulated phase change materials with crystalline titanium dioxide shell for latent-heat storage and photocatalytic effectiveness pp. 661-674 Downloads
Luxiao Chai, Xiaodong Wang and Dezhen Wu
The effects of radiative heat transfer during the melting process of a high temperature phase change material confined in a spherical shell pp. 675-684 Downloads
Antonio Ramos Archibold, Muhammad M. Rahman, D. Yogi Goswami and Elias K. Stefanakos
Options for residential building services design using fuel cell based micro-CHP and the potential for heat integration pp. 685-694 Downloads
Alexandros Adam, Eric S. Fraga and Dan J.L. Brett
Review of real-time electricity markets for integrating Distributed Energy Resources and Demand Response pp. 695-706 Downloads
Qi Wang, Chunyu Zhang, Yi Ding, George Xydis, Jianhui Wang and Jacob Østergaard
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