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2012, volume 97, issue C

Feasibility study of small Hydro/PV/Wind hybrid system for off-grid rural electrification in Ethiopia pp. 5-15 Downloads
Getachew Bekele and Getnet Tadesse
Influence of household biogas digester use on household energy consumption in a semi-arid rural region of northwest China pp. 16-23 Downloads
Wenguang Ding, Hewen Niu, Jinsong Chen, Jun Du and Yang Wu
Temperature control in energy grass pellet production – Effects on process stability and pellet quality pp. 24-29 Downloads
Sylvia H. Larsson and Magnus Rudolfsson
Simulation and energy optimization of a pulp and paper mill – Evaporation plant and digester pp. 30-37 Downloads
Xiaoyan Ji, Joakim Lundgren, Chuan Wang, Jan Dahl and Carl-Erik Grip
Introduction of a wind powered pumped storage system in the isolated insular power system of Karpathos–Kasos pp. 38-48 Downloads
Dimitris Al. Katsaprakakis, Dimitris G. Christakis, Kosmas Pavlopoylos, Sofia Stamataki, Irene Dimitrelou, Ioannis Stefanakis and Petros Spanos
Synthetic gas production from dry black liquor gasification process using direct causticization with CO2 capture pp. 49-55 Downloads
Muhammad Naqvi, Jinyue Yan and Erik Dahlquist
Liquid product from hydrothermal treatment of cellulose by direct GC/MS analysis pp. 56-60 Downloads
Ze Wang, Weigang Lin and Wenli Song
Optimum PV-diesel hybrid systems for remote consumers of the Greek territory pp. 61-67 Downloads
John Kaldellis, Dimitrios Zafirakis, Kosmas Kavadias and Emilia Kondili
Presentation of a stochastic model estimating the wind energy contribution in remote island electrical networks pp. 68-76 Downloads
J.K. Kaldellis, M. Kapsali and D. Tiligadas
A knowledge representation model for the optimisation of electricity generation mixes pp. 77-83 Downloads
Aidid Chee Tahir and Bañares-Alcántara, René
Modelling and analysis of oil import tariff and stockpile policies for coping with supply disruptions pp. 84-90 Downloads
Y. Bai, D.Q. Zhou and P. Zhou
Targets and results of the Brazilian Biodiesel Incentive Program – Has it reached the Promised Land? pp. 91-100 Downloads
Régis Rathmann, Alexandre Szklo and Roberto Schaeffer
A case study for energy issues of public buildings and utilities in a small municipality: Investigation of possible improvements and integration with renewables pp. 101-114 Downloads
Daniele Fiaschi, Romeo Bandinelli and Silvia Conti
Regional total factor energy efficiency: An empirical analysis of industrial sector in China pp. 115-123 Downloads
Zhao-Hua Wang, Hua-Lin Zeng, Yi-Ming Wei and Yi-Xiang Zhang
Power plant investments in the Turkish electricity sector: A real options approach taking into account market liberalization pp. 124-134 Downloads
Reinhard Madlener and Simon Stoverink
Measuring social welfare, energy and inequality in Germany pp. 135-142 Downloads
Holger Schlör, Wolfgang Fischer and Jürgen-Friedrich Hake
Energy security level assessment technology pp. 143-149 Downloads
Juozas Augutis, Ricardas Krikstolaitis, Linas Martisauskas and Sigita Peciulyte
The determinants of aggregated electricity intensity in China pp. 150-156 Downloads
DongLan Zha, DeQun Zhou and Ning Ding
Climate protection and China’s energy security: Win–win or tradeoff pp. 157-163 Downloads
Gang Wu, Lancui Liu, Zhi-Yong Han and Yi-Ming Wei
Carbon capture with low energy penalty: Supplementary fired natural gas combined cycles pp. 164-169 Downloads
Hailong Li, Mario Ditaranto and Jinyue Yan
Economic evaluation of IGCC plants with hot gas cleaning pp. 170-184 Downloads
Tobias Melchior and Reinhard Madlener
A feasible process for simultaneous removal of CO2, SO2 and NOx in the cement industry by NH3 scrubbing pp. 185-191 Downloads
Ruifeng Dong, Hongfang Lu, Yunsong Yu and Zaoxiao Zhang
The meaning of energy systems for the genesis of the concept of sustainable development pp. 192-200 Downloads
Holger Schlör, Wolfgang Fischer and Jürgen-Friedrich Hake
Hydrodynamic viability of chemical looping processes by means of cold flow model investigation pp. 201-216 Downloads
Aldo Bischi, Øyvind Langørgen, Jean-Xavier Morin, Jørn Bakken, Masoud Ghorbaniyan, Marie Bysveen and Olav Bolland
“DOSSA”, highway to energy self-sustainability pp. 217-224 Downloads
Noe Abejon Aparicio, Cynthia Lai and Chan-Halbrendt, Catherine
Assessing the co-benefits of CO2 mitigation on air pollutants emissions from road vehicles pp. 225-237 Downloads
Takayuki Takeshita
Integrated assessment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the German power sector and comparison with the deployment of renewable energies pp. 238-248 Downloads
Peter Viebahn, Vallentin Daniel and Höller Samuel
Renewable energy investment: Policy and market impacts pp. 249-254 Downloads
Wolf Heinrich Reuter, Jana Szolgayová, Sabine Fuss and Michael Obersteiner
Effects of flue gas recycle on oxy-coal power generation systems pp. 255-263 Downloads
Yukun Hu, Jinyue Yan and Hailong Li
Pyrolysis and combustion characteristics of coals in oxyfuel combustion pp. 264-273 Downloads
Wang, Chang’an, Xiaoming Zhang, Yinhe Liu and Defu Che
Impact of climate change on building energy use in different climate zones and mitigation and adaptation implications pp. 274-282 Downloads
Kevin K.W. Wan, Danny H.W. Li, Wenyan Pan and Joseph C. Lam
Experimental studies on simultaneous removal of CO2 and SO2 in a polypropylene hollow fiber membrane contactor pp. 283-288 Downloads
Yuexia Lv, Xinhai Yu, Shan-Tung Tu, Jinyue Yan and Erik Dahlquist
Colloidal processing and CO2 capture performance of sacrificially templated zeolite monoliths pp. 289-296 Downloads
Farid Akhtar, Linnéa Andersson, Neda Keshavarzi and Lennart Bergström
Experimental study of a thermochemical compressor for an absorption/compression hybrid cycle pp. 297-304 Downloads
R. Ventas, C. Vereda, A. Lecuona and M. Venegas
Study of an ejector-absorption refrigeration cycle with an adaptable ejector nozzle for different working conditions pp. 305-312 Downloads
C. Vereda, R. Ventas, A. Lecuona and M. Venegas
The effects of external wall insulation thickness on annual cooling and heating energy uses under different climates pp. 313-318 Downloads
Dongmei Pan, Mingyin Chan, Shiming Deng and Zhongping Lin
The EU CONCERTO project Class 1 – Demonstrating cost-effective low-energy buildings – Recent results with special focus on comparison of calculated and measured energy performance of Danish buildings pp. 319-326 Downloads
Ove Mørck, Kirsten Engelund Thomsen and Jørgen Rose
An experimental investigation on reverse-cycle defrosting performance for an air source heat pump using an electronic expansion valve pp. 327-333 Downloads
Minglu Qu, Liang Xia, Shiming Deng and Yiqiang Jiang
Application of zeolitic materials prepared from fly ash to water vapor adsorption for solar cooling pp. 334-339 Downloads
D. Karamanis and E. Vardoulakis
Experimental characterisation of an indirect evaporative cooling prototype in two operating modes pp. 340-346 Downloads
Eloy Velasco Gómez, Ana Tejero González and Francisco Javier Rey Martínez
Use of rubber crumbs as drainage layer in green roofs as potential energy improvement material pp. 347-354 Downloads
Gabriel Pérez, Anna Vila, Lídia Rincón, Cristian Solé and Luisa F. Cabeza
Predicted vs. actual energy performance of non-domestic buildings: Using post-occupancy evaluation data to reduce the performance gap pp. 355-364 Downloads
Anna Carolina Menezes, Andrew Cripps, Dino Bouchlaghem and Richard Buswell
A quantitative methodology to evaluate thermal bridges in buildings pp. 365-373 Downloads
Francesco Asdrubali, Giorgio Baldinelli and Francesco Bianchi
Suitability of coupling a solar powered ejection cycle with a vapour compression refrigerating machine pp. 374-383 Downloads
Andrea Chesi, Giovanni Ferrara, Lorenzo Ferrari and Fabio Tarani
European project Educa-RUE: An example of energy efficiency paths in educational buildings pp. 384-395 Downloads
Umberto Desideri, Daniela Leonardi, Livia Arcioni and Paolo Sdringola
Streamlined life cycle assessment of transparent silica aerogel made by supercritical drying pp. 396-404 Downloads
Mark Dowson, Michael Grogan, Tim Birks, David Harrison and Salmaan Craig
Different methods for the modelling of thermal bridges into energy simulation programs: Comparisons of accuracy for flat heterogeneous roofs in Italian climates pp. 405-418 Downloads
Fabrizio Ascione, Nicola Bianco, Rossi, Filippo de’, Gianluca Turni and Giuseppe Peter Vanoli
A method for assessing buildings’ energy efficiency by dynamic simulation and experimental activity pp. 419-429 Downloads
Anna Laura Pisello, Michele Goretti and Franco Cotana
Experimental performance evaluation of aerogel glazing systems pp. 430-437 Downloads
C. Buratti and E. Moretti
Biomass steam gasification for production of SNG – Process design and sensitivity analysis pp. 451-461 Downloads
Thomas Gröbl, Heimo Walter and Markus Haider
Optimization of Solid State Anaerobic Digestion by inoculum recirculation: The case of an existing Mechanical Biological Treatment plant pp. 462-469 Downloads
Francesco Di Maria, Alessio Sordi and Caterina Micale
Combustion of peanut shells in a cone-shaped bubbling fluidized-bed combustor using alumina as the bed material pp. 470-482 Downloads
Porametr Arromdee and Vladimir I. Kuprianov
Dynamic soft sensors for NOx emissions in a circulating fluidized bed boiler pp. 483-490 Downloads
Mika Liukkonen, Eero Hälikkä, Teri Hiltunen and Yrjö Hiltunen
Thermogravimetric analysis and kinetic study of poplar wood pyrolysis pp. 491-497 Downloads
Katarzyna Slopiecka, Pietro Bartocci and Francesco Fantozzi
Effects of mechanical pre-treatment on the biogas yield from ley crop silage pp. 498-502 Downloads
Johan Lindmark, Niklas Leksell, Anna Schnürer and Eva Thorin
Performance optimization of the Växtkraft biogas production plant pp. 503-508 Downloads
Eva Thorin, Johan Lindmark, Eva Nordlander, Monica Odlare, Erik Dahlquist, Jan Kastensson, Niklas Leksell and Carl-Magnus Pettersson
Aqueous phase reforming of sorbitol to bio-gasoline over Ni/HZSM-5 catalysts pp. 509-513 Downloads
Qing Zhang, Tiejun Wang, Bing Li, Ting Jiang, Longlong Ma, Xinghua Zhang and Qiying Liu
Numerical investigation Greek lignite/cardoon co-firing in a tangentially fired furnace pp. 514-524 Downloads
E. Karampinis, N. Nikolopoulos, A. Nikolopoulos, P. Grammelis and E. Kakaras
Fixed bed gasification of dairy biomass with enriched air mixture pp. 525-531 Downloads
Siva Sankar Thanapal, Kalyan Annamalai, John M. Sweeten and Gerardo Gordillo
Experimental–numerical design of a biomass bubbling fluidized bed gasifier for paper sludge energy recovery pp. 532-542 Downloads
S. Cordiner, G. De Simone and V. Mulone
Effect of iron promoter on structure and performance of CuMnZnO catalyst for higher alcohols synthesis pp. 543-547 Downloads
Mingyue Ding, Minghuang Qiu, Tiejun Wang, Longlong Ma, Chuangzhi Wu and Jianguo Liu
A non-conventional interpretation of thermal regeneration in steam cycles pp. 548-557 Downloads
Stefano Bracco and Lorenzo Damiani
Thermodynamic diagnosis of diesel and biodiesel combustion processes during load-increase transient sequences pp. 558-568 Downloads
Octavio Armas, Rosario Ballesteros and María Dolores Cardenas
Steam injection experiments in a microturbine – A thermodynamic performance analysis pp. 569-576 Downloads
Ward De Paepe, Frank Delattin, Svend Bram and Jacques De Ruyck
Low temperature co-fired ceramic vaporizing liquid microthruster for microspacecraft applications pp. 577-583 Downloads
K. Karthikeyan, S.K. Chou, L.E. Khoong, Y.M. Tan, C.W. Lu and W.M. Yang
Performance of a hybrid hydrogen–gasoline engine under various operating conditions pp. 584-589 Downloads
Changwei Ji, Shuofeng Wang and Bo Zhang
Integrated management of cogeneration plants and district heating networks pp. 590-600 Downloads
Alessandro Pini Prato, Fabrizio Strobino, Marco Broccardo and Luigi Parodi Giusino
Thermo-fluid dynamics preliminary design of turbo-expanders for ORC cycles pp. 601-608 Downloads
Daniele Fiaschi, Giampaolo Manfrida and Francesco Maraschiello
Thermodynamic analysis of two micro CHP systems operating with geothermal and solar energy pp. 609-617 Downloads
Duccio Tempesti, Giampaolo Manfrida and Daniele Fiaschi
Experimental evaluation of strategies to increase the operating range of a biogas-fueled HCCI engine for power generation pp. 618-629 Downloads
Iván D. Bedoya, Samveg Saxena, Francisco J. Cadavid, Robert W. Dibble and Martin Wissink
Simulation of the parabolic trough solar energy generation system with Organic Rankine Cycle pp. 630-641 Downloads
Ya-Ling He, Dan-Hua Mei, Wen-Quan Tao, Wei-Wei Yang and Huai-Liang Liu
A study on the rotary steam engine for distributed generation in small size power plants pp. 642-647 Downloads
Marco Antonelli and Luigi Martorano
Parametric sensitivity analysis of a SOLRGT system with the indirect upgrading of low/mid-temperature solar heat pp. 648-655 Downloads
Yuan Yuan Li, Na Zhang and Rui Xian Cai
Numerical analysis of injector flow and spray characteristics from diesel injectors using fossil and biodiesel fuels pp. 656-666 Downloads
Michele Battistoni and Carlo Nazareno Grimaldi
Integrated thermoelectric and organic Rankine cycles for micro-CHP systems pp. 667-672 Downloads
K. Qiu and A.C.S. Hayden
Guidelines for residential micro-CHP systems design pp. 673-685 Downloads
Michele Bianchi, Andrea De Pascale and Pier Ruggero Spina
Design of the steam generator in an energy conversion system based on the aluminum combustion with water pp. 686-694 Downloads
Stefano Mercati, Massimo Milani, Luca Montorsi and Fabrizio Paltrinieri
Integration between a thermophotovoltaic generator and an Organic Rankine Cycle pp. 695-703 Downloads
Andrea De Pascale, Claudio Ferrari, Francesco Melino, Mirko Morini and Michele Pinelli
Feasibility study of a Thermo-Photo-Voltaic system for CHP application in residential buildings pp. 704-713 Downloads
Michele Bianchi, Claudio Ferrari, Francesco Melino and Antonio Peretto
Influence of the thermal energy storage on the profitability of micro-CHP systems for residential building applications pp. 714-722 Downloads
Enrico Saverio Barbieri, Francesco Melino and Mirko Morini
Analysis of innovative micro-CHP systems to meet household energy demands pp. 723-733 Downloads
Enrico Saverio Barbieri, Pier Ruggero Spina and Mauro Venturini
Integrated numerical and experimental study of a MCFC-plasma gasifier energy system pp. 734-742 Downloads
G. Falcucci, E. Jannelli, M. Minutillo, S. Ubertini, J. Han, S.P. Yoon and S.W. Nam
Single-piston alternative to Stirling engines pp. 743-748 Downloads
Maxim Glushenkov, Martin Sprenkeler, Alexander Kronberg and Valeriy Kirillov
An advanced micro modular combustor-radiator with heat recuperation for micro-TPV system application pp. 749-753 Downloads
Wenming Yang, Siawkiang Chou, Kianjon Chua, Hui An, Kumarasamy Karthikeyan and Xing Zhao
Numerical study on carbon deposition of SOFC with unsteady state variation of porosity pp. 754-762 Downloads
Min Yan, Min Zeng, Qiuyang Chen and Qiuwang Wang
An experimental investigation to improve the hydrogen production by water photoelectrolysis when cyanin-chloride is used as sensibilizer pp. 763-770 Downloads
Federico Rossi and Andrea Nicolini
Kinetic energy harvesting with bistable oscillators pp. 771-776 Downloads
Helios Vocca, Igor Neri, Flavio Travasso and Luca Gammaitoni
Optimization of a PEMFC/battery pack power system for a bus application pp. 777-784 Downloads
Linda Barelli, Gianni Bidini and Andrea Ottaviano
Combined hydrogen and ethanol production from sugars and lignocellulosic biomass by Thermoanaerobacterium AK54, isolated from hot spring pp. 785-791 Downloads
Margret Audur Sigurbjornsdottir and Johann Orlygsson
Energy efficiency analysis of Organic Rankine Cycles with scroll expanders for cogenerative applications pp. 792-801 Downloads
Stefano Clemente, Diego Micheli, Mauro Reini and Rodolfo Taccani
Microcogeneration system based on HTPEM fuel cell fueled with natural gas: Performance analysis pp. 802-808 Downloads
Nicola Zuliani and Rodolfo Taccani
Hybrid system test rig: Chemical composition emulation with steam injection pp. 809-815 Downloads
Mario L. Ferrari, Matteo Pascenti, Alberto N. Traverso and Aristide F. Massardo
Thermocline stability criterions in single-tanks of molten salt thermal energy storage pp. 816-821 Downloads
Frank G.F. Qin, Xiaoping Yang, Zhan Ding, Yuanzhi Zuo, Youyan Shao, Runhua Jiang and Xiaoxi Yang
Modelling liquefied-natural-gas processes using highly accurate property models pp. 822-827 Downloads
Florian Dauber and Roland Span
Results of experimental investigations on the heat conductivity of nanofluids based on diathermic oil for high temperature applications pp. 828-833 Downloads
Gianpiero Colangelo, Ernani Favale, Arturo de Risi and Domenico Laforgia
Experimental study of the water in oil emulsions features by differential scanning calorimetry analysis pp. 834-840 Downloads
Ernesto Mura, Christophe Josset, Khaled Loubar, Jérôme Bellettre and Patrizio Massoli
CFD optimization of an immersed particle heat exchanger pp. 841-848 Downloads
Fabio De Bellis and Luciano A. Catalano
Application of dynamic programming to the optimal management of a hybrid power plant with wind turbines, photovoltaic panels and compressed air energy storage pp. 849-859 Downloads
Vincenzo Marano, Gianfranco Rizzo and Francesco Antonio Tiano
Temperature control of a cabin in an automobile using thermal modeling and fuzzy controller pp. 860-868 Downloads
Sepehr Sanaye, Masoud Dehghandokht and Amir Fartaj
The occurrence of pinch point and its effects on the performance of high temperature heat pump pp. 869-875 Downloads
Zhaoyong Liu, Li Zhao, Xuezheng Zhao and Hailong Li
Experimental investigations of the viscosity of nanofluids at low temperatures pp. 876-880 Downloads
Bahadir Aladag, Salma Halelfadl, Nimeti Doner, Thierry Maré, Steven Duret and Patrice Estellé
Experimental study on condensation heat transfer characteristics of steam on horizontal twisted elliptical tubes pp. 881-887 Downloads
Li Zhang, Sheng Yang and Hong Xu
Performance analysis of a proposed solar assisted ground coupled heat pump system pp. 888-896 Downloads
Xi Chen and Hongxing Yang
Domestic hot water consumption vs. solar thermal energy storage: The optimum size of the storage tank pp. 897-906 Downloads
Rodríguez-Hidalgo, M.C., Rodríguez-Aumente, P.A., A. Lecuona, M. Legrand and R. Ventas
Investigations on thermo-hydraulic performance due to flow-attack-angle in V-down rib with gap in a rectangular duct of solar air heater pp. 907-912 Downloads
Sukhmeet Singh, Subhash Chander and J.S. Saini
In situ operation performance test of ground coupled heat pump system for cooling and heating provision in temperate zone pp. 913-920 Downloads
Yi Man, Hongxing Yang, Jinggang Wang and Zhaohong Fang
Feasibility analysis of a Darrieus vertical-axis wind turbine installation in the rooftop of a building pp. 921-929 Downloads
Francesco Balduzzi, Alessandro Bianchini, Ennio Antonio Carnevale, Lorenzo Ferrari and Sandro Magnani
Life Cycle Assessment of a ground-mounted 1778kWp photovoltaic plant and comparison with traditional energy production systems pp. 930-943 Downloads
Umberto Desideri, Stefania Proietti, Francesco Zepparelli, Paolo Sdringola and Silvia Bini
Innovative tidal turbine with central deflector for the exploitation of river and sea currents in on-shore installations pp. 944-955 Downloads
Mario Amelio, Silvio Barbarelli, Gaetano Florio, Nino Michele Scornaienchi, Giovanni Minniti, Antonino Cutrupi and Sánchez-Blanco, Manuel
A radial basis function neural network based approach for the electrical characteristics estimation of a photovoltaic module pp. 956-961 Downloads
F. Bonanno, G. Capizzi, G. Graditi, C. Napoli and G.M. Tina
Examination of thermal interaction of multiple vertical ground heat exchangers pp. 962-969 Downloads
Koohi-Fayegh, Seama and Marc A. Rosen
A stochastic simulation model for reliable PV system sizing providing for solar radiation fluctuations pp. 970-981 Downloads
E. Kaplani and S. Kaplanis
Experimental and computational investigation of a new solar integrated collector storage system pp. 982-989 Downloads
Domenico Borello, Alessandro Corsini, Giovanni Delibra, Sara Evangelisti and Andrea Micangeli
Experimental validation of a probabilistic model for estimating the double axis PV tracking energy production pp. 990-998 Downloads
Giuseppe Marco Tina, Salvina Gagliano, Giorgio Graditi and Angelo Merola
How global warming and building envelope will change buildings energy use in central Europe pp. 999-1004 Downloads
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