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Volume 215, issue C, 2018

Role of hydrogen tanks in the life cycle assessment of fuel cell-based auxiliary power units pp. 1-12 Downloads
Alessandro Agostini, Nadia Belmonte, Alessio Masala, Jianjiang Hu, Paola Rizzi, Maximilian Fichtner, Pietro Moretto, Carlo Luetto, Mauro Sgroi and Marcello Baricco
Fuel sensitivity of biomass cookstove performance pp. 13-20 Downloads
Lei Deng, Dorisel Torres-Rojas, Michael Burford, Thomas H. Whitlow, Johannes Lehmann and Elizabeth M. Fisher
Catalytic aromatization of ethylene in syngas from biomass to enhance economic sustainability of gas production pp. 21-30 Downloads
Yen-Ting Kuo, G. Aranda Almansa and B.J. Vreugdenhil
Evaluating approaches for district-wide energy model calibration considering the Urban Heat Island effect pp. 31-40 Downloads
Luis Guilherme Resende Santos, Afshin Afshari, Leslie K. Norford and Jiachen Mao
Improving the prediction performance of the finite element model for estimating the technical performance of the distributed generation of solar power system in a building façade pp. 41-53 Downloads
Choongwan Koo, Taehoon Hong, Jeongyoon Oh and Jun-Ki Choi
Decoupling energy use and economic growth: Counter evidence from structural effects and embodied energy in trade pp. 54-62 Downloads
Vincent Moreau and François Vuille
Stability map and shape of premixed CH4/O2/CO2 flames in a model gas-turbine combustor pp. 63-74 Downloads
Ahmed Abdelhafez, Sherif S. Rashwan, Medhat A. Nemitallah and Mohamed A. Habib
The membrane-assisted chemical looping reforming concept for efficient H2 production with inherent CO2 capture: Experimental demonstration and model validation pp. 75-86 Downloads
J.A. Medrano, I. Potdar, J. Melendez, V. Spallina, D.A. Pacheco-Tanaka, M. van Sint Annaland and F. Gallucci
How do oil prices, macroeconomic factors and policies affect the market for renewable energy? pp. 87-97 Downloads
Imran Hussain Shah, Charlie Hiles and Bruce Morley
An aqueous alkaline battery consisting of inexpensive all-iron redox chemistries for large-scale energy storage pp. 98-105 Downloads
L. Wei, M.C. Wu, T.S. Zhao, Y.K. Zeng and Y.X. Ren
Effect of minerals and binders on particulate matter emission from biomass pellets combustion pp. 106-115 Downloads
Wei Yang, Youjian Zhu, Wei Cheng, Huiying Sang, Hanshen Xu, Haiping Yang and Hanping Chen
The influence of CO2 gas concentration on the char temperature and conversion during oxy-fuel combustion in a fluidized bed pp. 116-130 Downloads
J. Salinero, A. Gómez-Barea, D. Fuentes-Cano and B. Leckner
A hybrid model based on synchronous optimisation for multi-step short-term wind speed forecasting pp. 131-144 Downloads
Chaoshun Li, Zhengguang Xiao, Xin Xia, Wen Zou and Chu Zhang
Integrated energy performance optimization of a passively designed high-rise residential building in different climatic zones of China pp. 145-158 Downloads
Xi Chen and Hongxing Yang
In-depth investigation of thermochemical performance in a heat battery: Cyclic analysis of K2CO3, MgCl2 and Na2S pp. 159-173 Downloads
L.C. Sögütoglu, P.A.J. Donkers, H.R. Fischer, H.P. Huinink and O.C.G. Adan
Life-cycle assessment of a low-concentration PV module for building south wall integration in China pp. 174-185 Downloads
Guiqiang Li, Qingdong Xuan, Gang Pei, Yuehong Su, Yashun Lu and Jie Ji
A unified multi-functional on-board EV charger for power-quality control in household networks pp. 186-201 Downloads
Seyedfoad Taghizadeh, M.J. Hossain, Junwei Lu and Wayne Water
Fully printed and integrated electrolyzer cells with additive manufacturing for high-efficiency water splitting pp. 202-210 Downloads
Gaoqiang Yang, Jingke Mo, Zhenye Kang, Yeshi Dohrmann, Frederick A. List, Johney B. Green, Sudarsanam S. Babu and Feng-Yuan Zhang
A model to compare convective and radiant heating systems for intermittent space heating pp. 211-226 Downloads
Zhe Wang, Maohui Luo, Yang Geng, Borong Lin and Yingxin Zhu
Effects of different alternative control methods for gas turbine on the off-design performance of a trigeneration system pp. 227-236 Downloads
Zefeng Wang, Wei Han, Na Zhang, Bosheng Su, Zhongxue Gan and Hongguang Jin
Progress in solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine hybrid power systems: System design and analysis, transient operation, controls and optimization pp. 237-289 Downloads
Mohammad Ali Azizi and Jacob Brouwer
Method to control an air conditioner by directly measuring the relative humidity of indoor air to improve the comfort and energy efficiency pp. 290-299 Downloads
Dae Kyu Lim, Byoung Ha Ahn and Ji Hwan Jeong
Portable thermoelectric power generation based on catalytic combustor for low power electronic equipment pp. 300-308 Downloads
C. Fanciulli, H. Abedi, L. Merotto, R. Dondè, S. De Iuliis and F. Passaretti
Techno-economic analysis of a co-electrolysis-based synthesis process for the production of hydrocarbons pp. 309-320 Downloads
Gregor Herz, Erik Reichelt and Matthias Jahn
A review of piezoelectric fans for low energy cooling of power electronics pp. 321-337 Downloads
Alastair Hales and Xi Jiang
Improved methods to measure hydrogen crossover current in proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 338-347 Downloads
Pucheng Pei, Ziyao Wu, Yuehua Li, Xiaoning Jia, Dongfang Chen and Shangwei Huang
Coupling coal pyrolysis with char gasification in a multi-stage fluidized bed to co-produce high-quality tar and syngas pp. 348-355 Downloads
Zhaohui Chen, Yunjia Li, Dengguo Lai, Sulong Geng, Qi Zhou, Shiqiu Gao and Guangwen Xu
Projecting battery adoption in the prosumer era pp. 356-370 Downloads
Edward Barbour and Marta C. González
Exergy analysis of an integrated solid oxide electrolysis cell-methanation reactor for renewable energy storage pp. 371-383 Downloads
Yu Luo, Xiao-yu Wu, Yixiang Shi, Ahmed F. Ghoniem and Ningsheng Cai
Validation of a new concept of a solar air heating system with a long-term granite storage bed for a single-family house pp. 384-395 Downloads
Magdalena Nemś, Jacek Kasperski, Artur Nemś and Anna Bać
Carbon emission imbalances and the structural paths of Chinese regions pp. 396-404 Downloads
Ling Shao, Yuan Li, Kuishuang Feng, Jing Meng, Yuli Shan and Dabo Guan
Study on the relations between controlling mechanisms and dissociation front of gas hydrate reservoirs pp. 405-415 Downloads
Ruyi Zheng, Shuxia Li, Qingping Li and Xiaoli Li
Techno-economic assessment of a microbial power-to-gas plant – Case study in Belgium pp. 416-425 Downloads
Miet Van Dael, Sabine Kreps, Ana Virag, Kris Kessels, Koen Remans, Denis Thomas and Fabian De Wilde
Technical and Economic approach of bioethanol production from nanofiltration of biomass chemical hydrolysis solutions pp. 426-436 Downloads
Yen-Ting Kuo, Ju-Shiou Chen, Tzu-Yueh Yang and Hou-Peng Wan
High-solids ethanol fermentation with single-stage methane anaerobic digestion for maximizing bioenergy conversion from a C4 grass (Pennisetum purpereum) pp. 437-443 Downloads
Jiliang Du, Le Chen, Jianan Li, Ranan Zuo, Xiushan Yang, Hongzhang Chen, Xinshu Zhuang and Shen Tian
Modelling of a power-to-gas system to predict the levelised cost of energy of an advanced renewable gaseous transport fuel pp. 444-456 Downloads
Shane McDonagh, O'Shea, Richard, David M. Wall, J.P. Deane and Jerry D. Murphy
Exploration of ammonia resorption cycle for power generation by using novel composite sorbent pp. 457-467 Downloads
L. Jiang, Y.J. Lu, A.P. Roskilly, R.Z. Wang, L.W. Wang and K. Tang
Microencapsulated phase change materials with composite titania-polyurea (TiO2-PUA) shell pp. 468-478 Downloads
Aiqin Zhao, Jinliang An, Jinglei Yang and En-Hua Yang
The impact of increased decentralised generation on the reliability of an existing electricity network pp. 479-502 Downloads
Anton Johannes Veldhuis, Matthew Leach and Aidong Yang
Anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge with incineration bottom ash: Enhanced methane production and CO2 sequestration pp. 503-511 Downloads
Changkai Yin, Yanwen Shen, Nanwen Zhu, Qiujie Huang, Ziyang Lou and Haiping Yuan
Enhancing the volumetric heat storage capacity of Mg(OH)2 by the addition of a cationic surfactant during its synthesis pp. 512-522 Downloads
Elpida Piperopoulos, Emanuela Mastronardo, Marianna Fazio, Maurizio Lanza, Signorino Galvagno and Candida Milone
Characteristics of alkali species release from a burning coal/biomass blend pp. 523-531 Downloads
Yingzu Liu, Yong He, Zhihua Wang, Jun Xia, Kaidi Wan, Ronald Whiddon and Kefa Cen
Process analysis for the carbon dioxide chemical absorption–regeneration system pp. 532-542 Downloads
Claudio Madeddu, Massimiliano Errico and Roberto Baratti
Experimental study of a small scale organic Rankine cycle waste heat recovery system for a heavy duty diesel engine with focus on the radial inflow turbine expander performance pp. 543-555 Downloads
Fuhaid Alshammari, Apostolos Pesyridis, Apostolos Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, Ben Franchetti and Yagos Pesmazoglou
Fuel cell powered octocopter for inspection of mobile cranes: Design, cost analysis and environmental impacts pp. 556-565 Downloads
N. Belmonte, S. Staulo, S. Fiorot, C. Luetto, P. Rizzi and M. Baricco
Thermal performance analysis and optimization of a cascaded packed bed cool thermal energy storage unit using multiple phase change materials pp. 566-576 Downloads
Xiwen Cheng and Xiaoqiang Zhai
Economic viability of UK shale gas and potential impacts on the energy market up to 2030 pp. 577-590 Downloads
Jasmin Cooper, Laurence Stamford and Adisa Azapagic
An improved model of ion selective adsorption in membrane and its application in vanadium redox flow batteries pp. 591-601 Downloads
Y. Lei, B.W. Zhang, Z.H. Zhang, B.F. Bai and T.S. Zhao
Three-dimensional modelling and analysis of solar radiation absorption in porous volumetric receivers pp. 602-614 Downloads
Germilly Barreto, Paulo Canhoto and Manuel Collares-Pereira
Integrating a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle with vehicle-to-grid technology, photovoltaic power and a residential building pp. 615-629 Downloads
Carla B. Robledo, Vincent Oldenbroek, Francesca Abbruzzese and Ad J.M. van Wijk
Financial risk network architecture of energy firms pp. 630-642 Downloads
Natalia Restrepo, Jorge Uribe and Diego Manotas
A novel combined model based on advanced optimization algorithm for short-term wind speed forecasting pp. 643-658 Downloads
Jingjing Song, Jianzhou Wang and Haiyan Lu
High temperature PEM fuel cell integrated with a cellular membrane methanol steam reformer: Experimental and modelling pp. 659-669 Downloads
P. Ribeirinha, M. Abdollahzadeh, A. Pereira, F. Relvas, M. Boaventura and A. Mendes
Development of an automated method for modelling of bio-crudes originating from biofuel production processes based on thermochemical conversion pp. 670-678 Downloads
Boris Brigljević, Petar Žuvela, J. Jay Liu, Hee-Chul Woo and Jae Hyung Choi
The effect of a stepped lip piston design on performance and emissions from a high-speed diesel engine pp. 679-689 Downloads
Felix Leach, Riyaz Ismail, Martin Davy, Adam Weall and Brian Cooper
Wearable thermoelectric generator to harvest body heat for powering a miniaturized accelerometer pp. 690-698 Downloads
Yancheng Wang, Yaoguang Shi, Deqing Mei and Zichen Chen
Performance study on a novel hybrid solar gradient utilization system for combined photocatalytic oxidation technology and photovoltaic/thermal technology pp. 699-716 Downloads
Bendong Yu, Qingyang Jiang, Wei He, Shanshan Liu, Fan Zhou, Jie Ji, Gang Xu and Hongbing Chen
Impacts of building geometry modeling methods on the simulation results of urban building energy models pp. 717-735 Downloads
Yixing Chen and Tianzhen Hong
Conceptual design of cogeneration plants under a resilient design perspective: Resilience metrics and case study pp. 736-750 Downloads
José Alexandre Matelli and Kai Goebel
Assessment of a novel heat-driven cycle to produce shaft power and refrigeration pp. 751-764 Downloads
Sami M. Alelyani, Jonathan A. Sherbeck, Nicholas W. Fette, Yuqian Wang and Patrick E. Phelan
A model for an economic evaluation of energy systems using TRNSYS pp. 765-777 Downloads
Manuel Villa-Arrieta and Andreas Sumper
Techno-economic analysis of a hybrid CO2 capture system for natural gas combined cycles with selective exhaust gas recirculation pp. 778-791 Downloads
Maria Elena Diego, Jean-Michel Bellas and Mohamed Pourkashanian
Interprovincial transfer of embodied primary energy in China: A complex network approach pp. 792-807 Downloads
Cuixia Gao, Bin Su, Mei Sun, Xiaoling Zhang and Zhonghua Zhang
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