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2018, volume 232, issue C

On the staking of miniaturized air-breathing microbial fuel cells pp. 1-8 Downloads
S. Mateo, A. Cantone, P. Cañizares, Fernández-Morales, F.J., O. Scialdone and M.A. Rodrigo
A data driven multi-state model for distribution system flexible planning utilizing hierarchical parallel computing pp. 9-25 Downloads
Chengjin Ye, Yi Ding, Yonghua Song, Zhenzhi Lin and Lei Wang
An evaluation method of gas distribution quality in dynamic process of proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 26-35 Downloads
Huicui Chen, Xin Zhao, Bingwang Qu, Tong Zhang, Pucheng Pei and Congxin Li
Parameter extraction of photovoltaic models from measured I-V characteristics curves using a hybrid trust-region reflective algorithm pp. 36-53 Downloads
Lijun Wu, Zhicong Chen, Chao Long, Shuying Cheng, Peijie Lin, Yixiang Chen and Huihuang Chen
Optimal scheduling of isolated microgrid with an electric vehicle battery swapping station in multi-stakeholder scenarios: A bi-level programming approach via real-time pricing pp. 54-68 Downloads
Yang Li, Zhen Yang, Guoqing Li, Yunfei Mu, Dongbo Zhao, Chen Chen and Bo Shen
Environmentally-extended input-output simulation for analyzing production-based and consumption-based industrial greenhouse gas mitigation policies pp. 69-78 Downloads
Lirong Liu, Guohe Huang, Brian Baetz and Kaiqiang Zhang
Methanol partial oxidation accompanied by heat recirculation in a Swiss-roll reactor pp. 79-88 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Yu-Zhi Guo and Chih-Chun Chen
Development of a data driven approach to explore the energy flexibility potential of building clusters pp. 89-100 Downloads
Andong Wang, Rongling Li and Shi You
Performance investigation and economic benefits of new control strategies for heat pump-gas fired water heater hybrid system pp. 101-118 Downloads
Gang Li and Yuqing Du
Optimal design of a distributed energy resource system that economically reduces carbon emissions pp. 119-138 Downloads
Robert J. Flores and Jacob Brouwer
Design of centrifugal compressors for heat pump systems pp. 139-156 Downloads
Andrea Meroni, Benjamin Zühlsdorf, Brian Elmegaard and Fredrik Haglind
Energy-efficient and -economic technologies for air conditioning with vapor compression refrigeration: A comprehensive review pp. 157-186 Downloads
Xiaohui She, Lin Cong, Binjian Nie, Guanghui Leng, Hao Peng, Yi Chen, Xiaosong Zhang, Tao Wen, Hongxing Yang and Yimo Luo
Optimising the engine-propeller matching for a liquefied natural gas carrier under rough weather pp. 187-196 Downloads
C.H. Marques, C.R.P. Belchior and J.-D. Caprace
Random forest regression for online capacity estimation of lithium-ion batteries pp. 197-210 Downloads
Yi Li, Changfu Zou, Maitane Berecibar, Nanini-Maury, Elise, Jonathan C.-W. Chan, Peter van den Bossche, Joeri Van Mierlo and Noshin Omar
Optimal placement of distributed energy storage systems in distribution networks using artificial bee colony algorithm pp. 212-228 Downloads
Choton K. Das, Octavian Bass, Ganesh Kothapalli, Thair S. Mahmoud and Daryoush Habibi
A data-driven strategy for short-term electric load forecasting using dynamic mode decomposition model pp. 229-244 Downloads
Neethu Mohan, K.P. Soman and S. Sachin Kumar
Game-theoretic approach to demand-side energy management for a smart neighbourhood in Sydney incorporating renewable resources pp. 245-257 Downloads
Edstan Fernandez, M.J. Hossain and M.S.H. Nizami
Power-to-gas in electricity markets dominated by renewables pp. 258-272 Downloads
Charlotte van Leeuwen and Machiel Mulder
A systematic approach for the thermodynamic modelling of CO2-amine absorption process using molecular-based models pp. 273-291 Downloads
Luís M.C. Pereira and Lourdes F. Vega
Estimating the optimum size of a tidal array at a multi-inlet system considering environmental and performance constraints pp. 292-311 Downloads
González-Gorbeña, Eduardo, André Pacheco, Theocharis A. Plomaritis, Óscar Ferreira and Cláudia Sequeira
Energy harvesting and strain sensing in smart tire for next generation autonomous vehicles pp. 312-322 Downloads
Deepam Maurya, Prashant Kumar, Seyedmeysam Khaleghian, Rammohan Sriramdas, Min Gyu Kang, Ravi Anant Kishore, Vireshwar Kumar, Hyun-Cheol Song, Park, Jung-Min (Jerry), Saied Taheri and Shashank Priya
Potential of Power-to-Methane in the EU energy transition to a low carbon system using cost optimization pp. 323-340 Downloads
Herib Blanco, Wouter Nijs, Johannes Ruf and André Faaij
A machine learning based stochastic optimization framework for a wind and storage power plant participating in energy pool market pp. 341-357 Downloads
Crespo-Vazquez, Jose L., C. Carrillo, Diaz-Dorado, E., Martinez-Lorenzo, Jose A. and Noor-E-Alam, Md.
Design and rapid prototyping of a closed-loop control strategy of the injected mass for the reduction of CO2, combustion noise and pollutant emissions in diesel engines pp. 358-367 Downloads
A. Ferrari, C. Novara, E. Paolucci, O. Vento, M. Violante and T. Zhang
Optimization of hydrogen yield of a high-temperature electrolysis system with coordinated temperature and feed factors at various loading conditions: A model-based study pp. 368-385 Downloads
Xuetao Xing, Jin Lin, Yonghua Song, Qiang Hu, You Zhou and Shujun Mu
Optical features of linear Fresnel collectors with different secondary reflector technologies pp. 386-397 Downloads
R. Abbas, A. Sebastián, M.J. Montes and M. Valdés
An indoor power line based magnetic field energy harvester for self-powered wireless sensors in smart home applications pp. 398-408 Downloads
Pukar Maharjan, Md Salauddin, Hyunok Cho and Jae Yeong Park
Effects of key factors on the heat insulation performance of a hollow block ventilated wall pp. 409-423 Downloads
Junchao Huang, Jinghua Yu and Hongxing Yang
Uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis of the domestic hot water usage in hotels pp. 424-442 Downloads
Zhihong Pang and Zheng O'Neill
Two-phase flow in the mixed-wettability gas diffusion layer of proton exchange membrane fuel cells pp. 443-450 Downloads
Zhiqiang Niu, Zhiming Bao, Jingtian Wu, Yun Wang and Kui Jiao
Evaluation of wall heat flux calculation methods for CFD simulations of an internal combustion engine under both motored and HCCI operation pp. 451-461 Downloads
Gilles Decan, Stijn Broekaert, Tommaso Lucchini, D’Errico, Gianluca, Jan Vierendeels and Sebastian Verhelst
Technicalizing non-technical participatory social impact assessment of prospective cellulosic biorefineries: Psychometric quantification and implications pp. 462-472 Downloads
Stanley T. Asah and Nabin Baral
Transient reversible solid oxide cell reactor operation – Experimentally validated modeling and analysis pp. 473-488 Downloads
S. Srikanth, M.P. Heddrich, S. Gupta and K.A. Friedrich
Network-constrained unit commitment under significant wind penetration: A multistage robust approach with non-fixed recourse pp. 489-503 Downloads
Noemi G. Cobos, José M. Arroyo, Natalia Alguacil and Alexandre Street
Optimum fin spacing of finned tube adsorber bed heat exchangers in an exhaust gas-driven adsorption cooling system pp. 504-516 Downloads
Behzad Golparvar, Hamid Niazmand, Amir Sharafian and Amirjavad Ahmadian Hosseini
Investigation on the daylight and overall energy performance of semi-transparent photovoltaic facades in cold climatic regions of China pp. 517-526 Downloads
Yuanda Cheng, Min Gao, Jiankai Dong, Jie Jia, Xudong Zhao and Guiqiang Li
Scale-up challenges and opportunities for carbon capture by oxy-fuel circulating fluidized beds pp. 527-542 Downloads
Sadegh Seddighi, Peter T. Clough, Edward J. Anthony, Robin W. Hughes and Ping Lu
Anaerobic thermophilic trickle bed reactor as a promising technology for flexible and demand-oriented H2/CO2 biomethanation pp. 543-554 Downloads
Dietmar Strübing, Andreas B. Moeller, Bettina Mößnang, Michael Lebuhn, Jörg E. Drewes and Konrad Koch
Investigating influential techno-economic factors for combined heat and power production using optimization and metamodeling pp. 555-571 Downloads
Gottfried Weinberger and Bahram Moshfegh
Anode recirculation and purge strategies for PEM fuel cell operation with diluted hydrogen feed gas pp. 572-582 Downloads
Michael Steinberger, Johannes Geiling, Richard Oechsner and Lothar Frey
Modelling road transport technologies in future scenarios: Theoretical comparison and application of Well-to-Wheels and Input-Output analyses pp. 583-597 Downloads
Matteo V. Rocco, Andrea Casalegno and Emanuela Colombo
Numerical analysis of operating range and SOFC-off-gas combustor requirements of a biogas powered SOFC-MGT hybrid power plant pp. 598-606 Downloads
T. Krummrein, M. Henke, P. Kutne and M. Aigner
Bi-level optimization model for integrated energy system considering the thermal comfort of heat customers pp. 607-616 Downloads
Chenyu Wu, Wei Gu, Yinliang Xu, Ping Jiang, Shuai Lu and Bo Zhao
Potential for hydrogen and Power-to-Liquid in a low-carbon EU energy system using cost optimization pp. 617-639 Downloads
Herib Blanco, Wouter Nijs, Johannes Ruf and André Faaij
A bottom-up approach for estimating the economic potential of the rooftop solar photovoltaic system considering the spatial and temporal diversity pp. 640-656 Downloads
Minhyun Lee, Taehoon Hong, Kwangbok Jeong and Jimin Kim
Negative CO2 emissions through the use of biofuels in chemical looping technology: A review pp. 657-684 Downloads
T. Mendiara, García-Labiano, F., A. Abad, P. Gayán, L.F. de Diego, M.T. Izquierdo and J. Adánez
Possible design with equity and responsibility in China’s renewable portfolio standards pp. 685-694 Downloads
Bing Wang, Yi-Ming Wei and Xiao-Chen Yuan
Performance optimization of single and two-stage micro/nano-scaled heat pumps with internal and external irreversibilities pp. 695-703 Downloads
Wenjie Nie, Ke Lü, Aixi Chen, Jizhou He and Yueheng Lan
Failure probability estimation of the gas supply using a data-driven model in an integrated energy system pp. 704-714 Downloads
Xueqian Fu, Gengyin Li, Xiurong Zhang and Zheng Qiao
Numerical simulation and experimental validation of the solar photovoltaic/thermal system with phase change material pp. 715-727 Downloads
Weiqi Yuan, Jie Ji, Mawufemo Modjinou, Fan Zhou, Zhaomeng Li, Zhiying Song, Shengjuan Huang and Xudong Zhao
Interesterification optimization of waste cooking oil and ethyl acetate over homogeneous catalyst for biofuel production with engine validation pp. 728-739 Downloads
Sathaporn Chuepeng and Cholada Komintarachat
Modelling transport modal shift in TIMES models through elasticities of substitution pp. 740-751 Downloads
Raffaele Salvucci, Jacopo Tattini, Maurizio Gargiulo, Antti Lehtilä and Kenneth Karlsson
A critical review of heat and mass transfer in vegetative roof models used in building energy and urban enviroment simulation tools pp. 752-764 Downloads
Sergio Vera, Camilo Pinto, Tabares-Velasco, Paulo Cesar and Waldo Bustamante
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