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2014, volume 121, issue C

Understanding the chemical and structural transformations of lignin macromolecule during torrefaction pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jia-Long Wen, Shao-Long Sun, Tong-Qi Yuan, Feng Xu and Run-Cang Sun
Index decomposition analysis of residential energy consumption in China: 2002–2010 pp. 10-19 Downloads
Hongguang Nie and Rene Kemp
A new neural network model for the state-of-charge estimation in the battery degradation process pp. 20-27 Downloads
LiuWang Kang, Xuan Zhao and Jian Ma
Comparison of the influence of biomass, solar–thermal and small hydraulic power on the Spanish electricity prices by means of artificial intelligence techniques pp. 28-37 Downloads
D. Azofra, E. Martínez, E. Jiménez, J. Blanco and Saenz-Díez, J.C.
Transient model of a vertical freezer with door openings and defrost effects pp. 38-50 Downloads
R. Mastrullo, A.W. Mauro, L. Menna, A. Palma and G.P. Vanoli
Characterization of the power and efficiency of Stirling engine subsystems pp. 51-63 Downloads
D. García, M.A. González, J.I. Prieto, S. Herrero, S. López, I. Mesonero and C. Villasante
Bioenergy, material, and nutrients recovery from household waste: Advanced material, substance, energy, and cost flow analysis of a waste refinery process pp. 64-78 Downloads
Davide Tonini, Gianluca Dorini and Thomas Fruergaard Astrup
Advances and challenges in ORC systems modeling for low grade thermal energy recovery pp. 79-95 Downloads
Davide Ziviani, Asfaw Beyene and Mauro Venturini
Performance characteristics of R1234yf ejector-expansion refrigeration cycle pp. 96-103 Downloads
Huashan Li, Fei Cao, Xianbiao Bu, Lingbao Wang and Xianlong Wang
Experimental and numerical investigation of the application of phase change materials in a simulative power batteries thermal management system pp. 104-113 Downloads
Ziye Ling, Jiajie Chen, Xiaoming Fang, Zhengguo Zhang, Tao Xu, Xuenong Gao and Shuangfeng Wang
Performance of novel thermal energy storage engineered cementitious composites incorporating a paraffin/diatomite composite phase change material pp. 114-122 Downloads
Biwan Xu and Zongjin Li
A discrete Fourier transform-based fuel concentration and permeation sensing scheme for low temperature fuel cells pp. 123-131 Downloads
Yu-Jen Chiu and T. Leon Yu
Towards distributed combustion for ultra low emission using swirling and non-swirling flowfields pp. 132-139 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
A unified model for the deployment of carbon capture and storage pp. 140-148 Downloads
Jui-Yuan Lee, Raymond R. Tan and Cheng-Liang Chen
A feasibility study of a stand-alone hybrid solar–wind–battery system for a remote island pp. 149-158 Downloads
Tao Ma, Hongxing Yang and Lin Lu
Evaluating the approach to reduce the overrun cost of grid connected PV systems for the Spanish electricity sector: Performance analysis of the period 2010–2012 pp. 159-173 Downloads
Jordi de la Hoz, Helena Martín, Jordi Ballart and Lluis Monjo
Economic and environmental based operation strategies of a hybrid photovoltaic–microgas turbine trigeneration system pp. 174-183 Downloads
Firdaus Basrawi, Takanobu Yamada and Obara, Shin’ya
Dynamic thermal performance analysis of a molten-salt packed-bed thermal energy storage system using PCM capsules pp. 184-195 Downloads
Ming Wu, Chao Xu and Ya-Ling He
Performance and emissions of a small scale generator powered by a spark ignition engine with adaptive fuel injection control pp. 196-206 Downloads
Adrian Irimescu, Gabriel Vasiu and Gavrilă Trif Tordai
Innovative steam generation system for the secondary loop of “ALFRED” lead-cooled fast reactor demonstrator pp. 207-218 Downloads
Lorenzo Damiani, Alessandro Pini Prato and Roberto Revetria
A multi-criteria approach for the optimal selection of working fluid and design parameters in Organic Rankine Cycle systems pp. 219-232 Downloads
Andrea Toffolo, Andrea Lazzaretto, Giovanni Manente and Marco Paci
Uncertainty and global sensitivity analysis in the design of parabolic-trough direct steam generation plants for process heat applications pp. 233-244 Downloads
R. Silva, M. Pérez, M. Berenguel, L. Valenzuela and E. Zarza
A new ejector heat exchanger based on an ejector heat pump and a water-to-water heat exchanger pp. 245-251 Downloads
Fangtian Sun, Lin Fu, Jian Sun and Shigang Zhang
Improvement of powertrain efficiency through energy breakdown analysis pp. 252-263 Downloads
Lorenzo Damiani, Matteo Repetto and Alessandro Pini Prato

2014, volume 120, issue C

Photovoltaic and photocatalytic performance study of SOLWAT system for the degradation of Methylene Blue, Acid Red 26 and 4-Chlorophenol pp. 1-10 Downloads
Zhen Wang, Yiping Wang, Marta Vivar, Manuel Fuentes, Li Zhu and Lianwei Qin
Alternative approach to estimate the hydrolysis rate constant of particulate material from batch data pp. 11-15 Downloads
Konrad Koch and Jörg E. Drewes
Performance optimization analyses and parametric design criteria of a dye-sensitized solar cell thermoelectric hybrid device pp. 16-22 Downloads
Shanhe Su, Tie Liu, Yuan Wang, Xiaohang Chen, Jintong Wang and Jincan Chen
Enhancement of energy production efficiency from mixed biomass of Chlorella pyrenoidosa and cassava starch through combined hydrogen fermentation and methanogenesis pp. 23-30 Downloads
Ao Xia, Jun Cheng, Lingkan Ding, Richen Lin, Wenlu Song, Junhu Zhou and Kefa Cen
A study aimed at assessing the potential impact of vehicle electrification on grid infrastructure and road-traffic green house emissions pp. 31-40 Downloads
Marco Sorrentino, Gianfranco Rizzo and Luca Sorrentino
Strengthening the case for recycling photovoltaics: An energy payback analysis pp. 41-48 Downloads
Michele Goe and Gabrielle Gaustad
Technical and operational feasibility of psychrophilic anaerobic digestion biotechnology for processing ammonia-rich waste pp. 49-55 Downloads
Daniel I. Massé, Rajinikanth Rajagopal and Gursharan Singh
Direct carbon fuel cell operation on brown coal pp. 56-64 Downloads
Adam C. Rady, Sarbjit Giddey, Aniruddha Kulkarni, Sukhvinder P.S. Badwal, Sankar Bhattacharya and Bradley P. Ladewig
Heat flux and temperature prediction on a volumetric receiver installed in a solar furnace pp. 65-74 Downloads
M.I. Roldán and R. Monterreal
Semi-analytical modelling of a hydraulic free-piston engine pp. 75-84 Downloads
Wei Wu, Jibin Hu and Shihua Yuan
Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide at low overpotential on a polyaniline/Cu2O nanocomposite based electrode pp. 85-94 Downloads
Andrews Nirmala Grace, Song Yi Choi, Mari Vinoba, Margandan Bhagiyalakshmi, Dae Hyun Chu, Yeoil Yoon, Sung Chan Nam and Soon Kwan Jeong
U.S. natural gas exports and their global impacts pp. 95-103 Downloads
Vipin Arora and Yiyong Cai
RO-PRO desalination: An integrated low-energy approach to seawater desalination pp. 104-114 Downloads
Jeri L. Prante, Jeffrey A. Ruskowitz, Amy E. Childress and Andrea Achilli
Optimizing limited solar roof access by exergy analysis of solar thermal, photovoltaic, and hybrid photovoltaic thermal systems pp. 115-124 Downloads
M.J.M. Pathak, P.G. Sanders and Joshua Pearce
An original tool for checking energy performance and certification of buildings by means of Artificial Neural Networks pp. 125-132 Downloads
C. Buratti, M. Barbanera and D. Palladino
Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by energy efficiency measures and international trading: A bottom-up modeling for the U.S. iron and steel sector pp. 133-146 Downloads
Nihan Karali, Tengfang Xu and Jayant Sathaye
Performance of a 5kWe Organic Rankine Cycle at part-load operation pp. 147-158 Downloads
Mercedes Ibarra, Antonio Rovira, Alarcón-Padilla, Diego-César and Julián Blanco
Feedback on electricity usage for home energy management: A social experiment in a local village of cold region pp. 159-168 Downloads
Kanae Matsui, Hideya Ochiai and Yoshiki Yamagata
Does controlled electric vehicle charging substitute cross-border transmission capacity? pp. 169-180 Downloads
Remco Verzijlbergh, Brancucci Martínez-Anido, Carlo, Zofia Lukszo and Laurens de Vries

2014, volume 119, issue C

Heating performance characteristics of a dual source heat pump using air and waste heat in electric vehicles pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jae Hwan Ahn, Hoon Kang, Ho Seong Lee, Hae Won Jung, Changhyun Baek and Yongchan Kim
Potential competition for biomass between biopower and biofuel under RPS and RFS2 pp. 10-20 Downloads
Mohammad Rahdar, Lizhi Wang and Guiping Hu
A perturbation strategy for fuel consumption minimization in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: Analysis, Design and FPGA implementation pp. 21-32 Downloads
Ramos-Paja, Carlos Andrés, Giovanni Spagnuolo, Giovanni Petrone and Emilio Mamarelis
Parametric analysis of influencing factors in Phase Change Material Wallboard (PCMW) pp. 33-42 Downloads
D. Zhou, G.S.F. Shire and Y. Tian
Fluid flow and mass transfer characteristics of enhanced CO2 capture in a minichannel reactor pp. 43-56 Downloads
H. Ganapathy, A. Shooshtari, S. Dessiatoun, M. Alshehhi and M. Ohadi
Cost-benefit analysis of sustainable energy development using life-cycle co-benefits assessment and the system dynamics approach pp. 57-66 Downloads
Yi-Hsuan Shih and Chao-Heng Tseng
Industry-level total-factor energy efficiency in developed countries: A Japan-centered analysis pp. 67-78 Downloads
Satoshi Honma and Jin-Li Hu
Effect of pelletizing conditions on combustion behaviour of single wood pellet pp. 79-84 Downloads
Amit Kumar Biswas, Magnus Rudolfsson, Markus Broström and Kentaro Umeki
The carbon payback of micro-generation: An integrated hybrid input–output approach pp. 85-98 Downloads
Ruth Bush, David A. Jacques, Kate Scott and John Barrett
A proposal for a site location planning model of environmentally friendly urban energy supply plants using an environment and energy geographical information system (E-GIS) database (DB) and an artificial neural network (ANN) pp. 99-117 Downloads
In-Ae Yeo and Jurng-Jae Yee
A Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for PV system using Cuckoo Search with partial shading capability pp. 118-130 Downloads
Jubaer Ahmed and Zainal Salam
Development of new molten salts with LiNO3 and Ca(NO3)2 for energy storage in CSP plants pp. 131-140 Downloads
A.G. Fernández, S. Ushak, H. Galleguillos and F.J. Pérez
Locational marginal emissions: Analysis of pollutant emission reduction through spatial management of load distribution pp. 141-150 Downloads
Y. Wang, C. Wang, C.J. Miller, S.P. McElmurry, S.S. Miller and M.M. Rogers
Performance characterization of a PCM storage tank pp. 151-162 Downloads
López-Navarro, A., Biosca-Taronger, J., J.M. Corberán, C. Peñalosa, A. Lázaro, P. Dolado and J. Payá
CLC in packed beds using syngas and CuO/Al2O3: Model description and experimental validation pp. 163-172 Downloads
H.P. Hamers, F. Gallucci, P.D. Cobden, E. Kimball and M. van Sint Annaland
Influence of staircase ventilation state on the airflow and heat transfer of the heated room on the middle floor of high rise building pp. 173-180 Downloads
W.X. Shi, J. Ji, J.H. Sun, S.M. Lo, L.J. Li and X.Y. Yuan
Experimental study on the direct/indirect contact energy storage container in mobilized thermal energy system (M-TES) pp. 181-189 Downloads
Weilong Wang, Shaopeng Guo, Hailong Li, Jinyue Yan, Jun Zhao, Xun Li and Jing Ding
Influence of exhaust gas heating and L/D ratios on the discharge efficiencies for an activated carbon natural gas storage system pp. 190-203 Downloads
P.K. Sahoo, B.P. Prajwal, Siva Kalyan Dasetty, M. John, B.L. Newalkar, N.V. Choudary and K.G. Ayappa
Alkanes as working fluids for high-temperature exhaust heat recovery of diesel engine using organic Rankine cycle pp. 204-217 Downloads
Gequn Shu, Xiaoning Li, Hua Tian, Xingyu Liang, Haiqiao Wei and Xu Wang
State-of-charge estimation and uncertainty for lithium-ion battery strings pp. 218-227 Downloads
Cyril Truchot, Matthieu Dubarry and Bor Yann Liaw
The performance of perturb and observe and incremental conductance maximum power point tracking method under dynamic weather conditions pp. 228-236 Downloads
Kashif Ishaque, Zainal Salam and George Lauss
Geometrical prediction of maximum power point for photovoltaics pp. 237-245 Downloads
Gaurav Kumar and Ashish K. Panchal
Photovoltaic-green roofs: An experimental evaluation of system performance pp. 246-256 Downloads
D. Chemisana and Chr. Lamnatou
Upscale potential and financial feasibility of a reverse electrodialysis power plant pp. 257-265 Downloads
Alexandros Daniilidis, Rien Herber and David A. Vermaas
Impact of unpredictable renewables on gas-balancing design in Europe pp. 266-277 Downloads
Nico Keyaerts, Erik Delarue, Yannick Rombauts and D’haeseleer, William
Electricity portfolio planning model incorporating renewable energy characteristics pp. 278-287 Downloads
Jung-Hua Wu and Yun-Hsun Huang
Development of tortuosity factor for assessment of lignocellulosic biomass delivery cost to a biorefinery pp. 288-295 Downloads
Arifa Sultana and Amit Kumar
MPEC strategies for efficient and stable scheduling of hydrogen pipeline network operation pp. 296-305 Downloads
Li Zhou, Zuwei Liao, Jingdai Wang, Binbo Jiang and Yongrong Yang
Improving energy efficiency of cyclone circuits in coal beneficiation plants by pump-storage systems pp. 306-313 Downloads
Lijun Zhang, Xiaohua Xia and Jiangfeng Zhang
Current hybrid-electric powertrain architectures: Applying empirical design data to life cycle assessment and whole-life cost analysis pp. 314-329 Downloads
Tim Hutchinson, Stuart Burgess and Guido Herrmann
Performance and exhaust emissions prediction of a CRDI assisted single cylinder diesel engine coupled with EGR using artificial neural network pp. 330-340 Downloads
Sumit Roy, Rahul Banerjee and Probir Kumar Bose
A game theoretic framework for a next-generation retail electricity market with high penetration of distributed residential electricity suppliers pp. 341-350 Downloads
Wencong Su and Alex Q. Huang
Modelling of a chemisorption refrigeration and power cogeneration system pp. 351-362 Downloads
Huashan Bao, Yaodong Wang and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Energy efficiency and capital-energy substitutability: Evidence from four OPEC countries pp. 363-370 Downloads
Morakinyo O. Adetutu
Design of Pareto optimal CO2 cap-and-trade policies for deregulated electricity networks pp. 371-383 Downloads
Felipe Feijoo and Tapas K. Das
Extraction of solar cell parameters from a single current–voltage characteristic using teaching learning based optimization algorithm pp. 384-393 Downloads
Sanjaykumar J. Patel, Ashish K. Panchal and Vipul Kheraj
Ethanol effect as premixed fuel in dual-fuel CI engines: Experimental and numerical investigations pp. 394-404 Downloads
Valentina Fraioli, Ezio Mancaruso, Marianna Migliaccio and Bianca Maria Vaglieco
Development of a control-oriented model to optimise fuel consumption and NOX emissions in a DI Diesel engine pp. 405-416 Downloads
S. Molina, C. Guardiola, J. Martín and García-Sarmiento, D.
Operation of a fully renewable electric energy system with CSP plants pp. 417-430 Downloads
R. Domínguez, A.J. Conejo and M. Carrión
How to transform an asphalt concrete pavement into a solar turbine pp. 431-437 Downloads
Alvaro García and Manfred N. Partl
Direct transesterification of wet Cryptococcus curvatus cells to biodiesel through use of microwave irradiation pp. 438-444 Downloads
Yi Cui and Yanna Liang
An adaptive load dispatching and forecasting strategy for a virtual power plant including renewable energy conversion units pp. 445-453 Downloads
A. Tascikaraoglu, O. Erdinc, M. Uzunoglu and A. Karakas
Effect of air–fuel mixing quality on characteristics of conventional and low temperature diesel combustion pp. 454-466 Downloads
Sangwook Han, Jaeheun Kim and Choongsik Bae
Theoretical analysis of a novel, portable, CPC-based solar thermal collector for methanol reforming pp. 467-475 Downloads
Xiaoguang Gu, Robert A. Taylor, Graham Morrison and Gary Rosengarten
Air–soil heat exchangers for heating and cooling of buildings: Design guidelines, potentials and constraints, system integration and global energy balance pp. 476-487 Downloads
Pierre Hollmuller and Bernard Lachal
Optimal deployment of thermal energy storage under diverse economic and climate conditions pp. 488-496 Downloads
Nicholas DeForest, Gonçalo Mendes, Michael Stadler, Wei Feng, Judy Lai and Chris Marnay
Enzymatic biodiesel: Challenges and opportunities pp. 497-520 Downloads
Lew P. Christopher, Hemanathan Kumar, and Vasudeo P. Zambare
Experimental results and modeling of energy storage and recovery in a packed bed of alumina particles pp. 521-529 Downloads
Ryan Anderson, Samira Shiri, Hitesh Bindra and Jeffrey F. Morris
Influence of butanol addition to diesel–biodiesel blend on engine performance and particulate emissions of a stationary diesel engine pp. 530-536 Downloads
Zhi-Hui Zhang and Rajasekhar Balasubramanian
Automated metamodel generation for Design Space Exploration and decision-making – A novel method supporting performance-oriented building design and retrofitting pp. 537-556 Downloads
Philipp Geyer and Arno Schlüter
Structure–property relationship of co-precipitated Cu-rich, Al2O3- or MgAl2O4-stabilized oxygen carriers for chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling (CLOU) pp. 557-565 Downloads
Qasim Imtiaz, Marcin Broda and Christoph R. Müller
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