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2018, volume 223, issue C

Policy simulation for promoting residential PV considering anecdotal information exchanges based on social network modelling pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ge Wang, Qi Zhang, Yan Li and Hailong Li
Performance enhancement of solar absorption cooling systems using thermal energy storage with phase change materials pp. 11-29 Downloads
R. Hirmiz, M.F. Lightstone and J.S. Cotton
Technological improvements in energetic efficiency and sustainability in existing combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plants pp. 30-51 Downloads
Colmenar-Santos, Antonio, Gómez-Camazón, David, Rosales-Asensio, Enrique and Blanes-Peiró, Jorge-Juan
Robust multi-objective optimization of a renewable based hybrid power system pp. 52-68 Downloads
Justo José Roberts, Agnelo Marotta Cassula, José Luz Silveira, Edson da Costa Bortoni and Andrés Z. Mendiburu
Photovoltaic systems coupled with batteries that are optimally sized for household self-consumption: Assessment of peak shaving potential pp. 69-81 Downloads
Wouter L. Schram, Ioannis Lampropoulos and Wilfried G.J.H.M. van Sark
Monitoring and evaluation of simulated underground coal gasification in an ex-situ experimental artificial coal seam system pp. 82-92 Downloads
Fa-qiang Su, Akihiro Hamanaka, Ken-ichi Itakura, Wenyan Zhang, Gota Deguchi, Kohki Sato, Kazuhiro Takahashi and Jun-ichi Kodama
Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from power generation in China’s provinces in 2020 pp. 93-102 Downloads
Xin Li, Konstantinos J. Chalvatzis and Dimitrios Pappas
State estimation of lithium-ion cells using a physicochemical model based extended Kalman filter pp. 103-123 Downloads
J. Sturm, H. Ennifar, S.V. Erhard, A. Rheinfeld, S. Kosch and A. Jossen
Untangling the drivers of energy reduction in the UK productive sectors: Efficiency or offshoring? pp. 124-133 Downloads
Lukas Hardt, Anne Owen, Paul Brockway, Matthew K. Heun, John Barrett, Peter G. Taylor and Timothy Foxon
Thermodynamic assessment of solar photon-enhanced thermionic conversion pp. 134-145 Downloads
Gang Xiao, Guanghua Zheng, Dong Ni, Qiang Li, Min Qiu and Mingjiang Ni
Novel thermal management system using mist cooling for lithium-ion battery packs pp. 146-158 Downloads
Lip Huat Saw, Hiew Mun Poon, Hui San Thiam, Zuansi Cai, Wen Tong Chong, Nugroho Agung Pambudi and Yeong Jin King
Estimating the influence of occupant behavior on building heating and cooling energy in one simulation run pp. 159-171 Downloads
Isabella Gaetani, Pieter-Jan Hoes and Jan L.M. Hensen
Economic benefits of combining self-consumption enhancement with frequency restoration reserves provision by photovoltaic-battery systems pp. 172-187 Downloads
G.B.M.A. Litjens, E. Worrell and W.G.J.H.M. van Sark
Development of a lightweight building simulation tool using simplified zone thermal coupling for fast parametric study pp. 188-214 Downloads
Pengyuan Shen, William Braham and Yunkyu Yi
An affine arithmetic-based multi-objective optimization method for energy storage systems operating in active distribution networks with uncertainties pp. 215-228 Downloads
Shouxiang Wang, Kai Wang, Fei Teng, Goran Strbac and Lei Wu
Economic assessment of photovoltaic battery systems based on household load profiles pp. 229-248 Downloads
S. Schopfer, V. Tiefenbeck and T. Staake
A review of automotive proton exchange membrane fuel cell degradation under start-stop operating condition pp. 249-262 Downloads
Tong Zhang, Peiqi Wang, Huicui Chen and Pucheng Pei
A new asymmetric twin-scroll turbine with two wastegates for energy improvements in diesel engines pp. 263-272 Downloads
Dengting Zhu and Xinqian Zheng
The development of a techno-economic model for the extraction, transportation, upgrading, and shipping of Canadian oil sands products to the Asia-Pacific region pp. 273-292 Downloads
Krishna Sapkota, Abayomi Olufemi Oni, Amit Kumar and Ma Linwei
Amine-impregnated silicic acid composite as an efficient adsorbent for CO2 capture pp. 293-301 Downloads
Qinghua Lai, Zhijun Diao, Lingli Kong, Hertanto Adidharma and Maohong Fan
Study of intercooling for rotating packed bed absorbers in intensified solvent-based CO2 capture process pp. 302-316 Downloads
Eni Oko, Colin Ramshaw and Meihong Wang
Optimizing hydrogen transportation system for mobility by minimizing the cost of transportation via compressed gas truck in North Rhine-Westphalia pp. 317-328 Downloads
Amin Lahnaoui, Christina Wulf, Heidi Heinrichs and Didier Dalmazzone
Hydrothermal model for small-scale linear Fresnel absorbers with non-uniform stepwise solar distribution pp. 329-346 Downloads
Marcos Hongn and Silvana Flores Larsen
Codensification of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver stem with pyrolysis oil and char for solid biofuel: An optimization and characterization study pp. 347-357 Downloads
Kang Kang, Mingqiang Zhu, Guotao Sun, Ling Qiu, Xiaohui Guo, Venkatesh Meda and Runcang Sun
Application of eccentric-swirl-secondary-air combustion technology for high-efficiency and low-NOx performance on a large-scale down-fired boiler with swirl burners pp. 358-368 Downloads
Qingxiang Wang, Zhichao Chen, Liang Wang, Lingyan Zeng and Zhengqi Li
The use of strontium ferrite in chemical looping systems pp. 369-382 Downloads
Ewa Marek, Wenting Hu, Michael Gaultois, Clare P. Grey and Stuart A. Scott
Review of applications and developments of ultra-thin micro heat pipes for electronic cooling pp. 383-400 Downloads
Heng Tang, Yong Tang, Zhenping Wan, Jie Li, Wei Yuan, Longsheng Lu, Yong Li and Kairui Tang
Economic optimisation of European supply chains for CO2 capture, transport and sequestration, including societal risk analysis and risk mitigation measures pp. 401-415 Downloads
Federico d'Amore, Paolo Mocellin, Chiara Vianello, Giuseppe Maschio and Fabrizio Bezzo
Magnetically recyclable acidic polymeric ionic liquids decorated with hydrophobic regulators as highly efficient and stable catalysts for biodiesel production pp. 416-429 Downloads
Heng Zhang, Hu Li, Hu Pan, Anping Wang, Sadra Souzanchi, Xu, Chunbao (Charles) and Song Yang
Energy flexibility from the consumer: Integrating local electricity and heat supplies in a building pp. 430-442 Downloads
Yang Zhang, Pietro Elia Campana, Ying Yang, Bengt Stridh, Anders Lundblad and Jinyue Yan
Energy governance in the context of energy service security: A qualitative assessment of the electricity system in Bangladesh pp. 443-456 Downloads
Rafia Zaman and Thomas Brudermann
Conceptual design and optimization of a small-scale dual power-desalination system based on the Stirling prime-mover pp. 457-471 Downloads
Hoseyn Sayyaadi and Ghadir Ghorbani

2018, volume 222, issue C

Thermodynamic analysis of a novel sodium hydroxide-water solution absorption refrigeration, heating and power system for low-temperature heat sources pp. 1-12 Downloads
Zhaoli Zhang, Sami M. Alelyani, Nan Zhang, Chao Zeng, Yanping Yuan and Patrick E. Phelan
A novel conceptual design of hydrate based desalination (HyDesal) process by utilizing LNG cold energy pp. 13-24 Downloads
Tianbiao He, Sajitha K. Nair, Ponnivalavan Babu, Praveen Linga and Iftekhar A. Karimi
Performance assessment of grid-interactive solar photovoltaic projects under India’s national solar mission pp. 25-41 Downloads
Ishan Purohit and Pallav Purohit
A method to assess the fuel economy of automotive thermoelectric generators pp. 42-58 Downloads
A. Massaguer, E. Massaguer, M. Comamala, T. Pujol, J.R. González, M.D. Cardenas, D. Carbonell and A.J. Bueno
Evaluation of business possibilities of energy storage at commercial and industrial consumers – A case study pp. 59-66 Downloads
Bálint Hartmann, Dániel Divényi and István Vokony
A survey and statistical analysis of smart grid co-simulations pp. 67-78 Downloads
Mike Vogt, Frank Marten and Martin Braun
Economic assessment of alternative heat decarbonisation strategies through coordinated operation with electricity system – UK case study pp. 79-91 Downloads
Xi Zhang, Goran Strbac, Fei Teng and Predrag Djapic
Pore-scale investigation of gravity effects on phase change heat transfer characteristics using lattice Boltzmann method pp. 92-103 Downloads
Xinyi Li, Ting Ma, Jun Liu, Hao Zhang and Qiuwang Wang
Short term electricity demand forecasting using partially linear additive quantile regression with an application to the unit commitment problem pp. 104-118 Downloads
Moshoko Emily Lebotsa, Caston Sigauke, Alphonce Bere, Robert Fildes and John E. Boylan
A novel chemical looping partial oxidation process for thermochemical conversion of biomass to syngas pp. 119-131 Downloads
Dikai Xu, Yitao Zhang, Tien-Lin Hsieh, Mengqing Guo, Lang Qin, Cheng Chung, Liang-Shih Fan and Andrew Tong
Economic co-optimization of oil recovery and CO2 sequestration pp. 132-147 Downloads
Xiao Wang, Klaas van ’t Veld,, Peter Marcy, Snehalata Huzurbazar and Vladimir Alvarado
Low carbon transition of global building sector under 2- and 1.5-degree targets pp. 148-157 Downloads
Huan Wang, Wenying Chen and Jingcheng Shi
Multiple agents and reinforcement learning for modelling charging loads of electric taxis pp. 158-168 Downloads
C.X. Jiang, Z.X. Jing, X.R. Cui, T.Y. Ji and Q.H. Wu
Integration of the calcium carbonate looping process into an existing pulverized coal-fired power plant for CO2 capture: Techno-economic and environmental evaluation pp. 169-179 Downloads
A. Rolfe, Y. Huang, M. Haaf, S. Rezvani, MclIveen-Wright, D. and N.J. Hewitt
Storing solar energy within Ag-Paraffin@Halloysite microspheres as a novel self-heating catalyst pp. 180-188 Downloads
Yafei Zhao, Weixiao Kong, Zunlong Jin, Ye Fu, Wencai Wang, Yatao Zhang, Jindun Liu and Bing Zhang
Assessment of a novel technology for a stratified hot water energy storage – The water snake pp. 189-198 Downloads
Al-Habaibeh, Amin, Bubaker Shakmak and Simon Fanshawe
Realization of variable Otto-Atkinson cycle using variable timing hydraulic actuated valve train for performance and efficiency improvements in unthrottled gasoline engines pp. 199-215 Downloads
Yangtao Li, Amir Khajepour and Cécile Devaud
Wind energy and carbon dioxide utilisation as an alternative business model for energy producers: A case study in Spain pp. 216-227 Downloads
González-Aparicio, I., Z. Kapetaki and E. Tzimas
Experimental performance of a two-stage (50X) parabolic trough collector tested to 650 °C using a suspended particulate (alumina) HTF pp. 228-243 Downloads
Bennett Widyolar, Lun Jiang, Jonathan Ferry and Roland Winston
Optimized response to electricity time-of-use tariff of a compressed natural gas fuelling station pp. 244-256 Downloads
Charles Kagiri, Evan M. Wanjiru, Lijun Zhang and Xiaohua Xia
Numerical and experimental demonstration of actively passive mitigating self-sustained thermoacoustic oscillations pp. 257-266 Downloads
Gang Wu, Zhengli Lu, Weichen Pan, Yiheng Guan and C.Z. Ji
Modeling China’s interprovincial coal transportation under low carbon transition pp. 267-279 Downloads
Nan Li and Wenying Chen
Impact of rooftop photovoltaics and centralized energy storage on the design and operation of a residential CHP system pp. 280-299 Downloads
Abigail D. Ondeck, Thomas F. Edgar and Michael Baldea
Geographic information system algorithms to locate prospective sites for pumped hydro energy storage pp. 300-312 Downloads
Bin Lu, Matthew Stocks, Andrew Blakers and Kirsten Anderson
Development and application of China provincial road transport energy demand and GHG emissions analysis model pp. 313-328 Downloads
Tianduo Peng, Xunmin Ou, Zhiyi Yuan, Xiaoyu Yan and Xiliang Zhang
A simplified power consumption model of information technology (IT) equipment in data centers for energy system real-time dynamic simulation pp. 329-342 Downloads
Howard Cheung, Shengwei Wang, Chaoqun Zhuang and Jiefan Gu
Influence of glazed roof containing phase change material on indoor thermal environment and energy consumption pp. 343-350 Downloads
Dong Li, Yangyang Wu, Guojun Zhang, Müslüm Arıcı, Changyu Liu and Fuqiang Wang
Impact of harmonised common balancing capacity procurement in selected Central European electricity balancing markets pp. 351-368 Downloads
Bettina Dallinger, Hans Auer and Georg Lettner
Early-stage performance evaluation of flowing microbial fuel cells using chemically treated carbon felt and yeast biocatalyst pp. 369-382 Downloads
Marcelinus Christwardana, Domenico Frattini, Grazia Accardo, Sung Pil Yoon and Yongchai Kwon
A cooperative game approach for coordinating multi-microgrid operation within distribution systems pp. 383-395 Downloads
Yan Du, Zhiwei Wang, Guangyi Liu, Xi Chen, Haoyu Yuan, Yanli Wei and Fangxing Li
Optimization and multi-time scale modeling of pilot solar driven polygeneration system based on organic Rankine cycle pp. 396-409 Downloads
Ying Zhang, Shuai Deng, Li Zhao, Shan Lin, Jiaxin Ni, Minglu Ma and Weicong Xu
Bidirectional operation of the thermoelectric device for active temperature control of fuel cells pp. 410-422 Downloads
Trevor Hocksun Kwan, Xiaofeng Wu and Qinghe Yao
Photocatalytic water splitting in a fluidized bed system: Computational modeling and experimental studies pp. 423-436 Downloads
Kevin Reilly, David P. Wilkinson and Fariborz Taghipour
Numerical investigation for optimizing segmented micro-channel heat sink by Taguchi-Grey method pp. 437-450 Downloads
Nor Haziq Naqiuddin, Lip Huat Saw, Ming Chian Yew, Farazila Yusof, Hiew Mun Poon, Zuansi Cai and Hui San Thiam
The relationship between justice and acceptance of energy transition costs in the UK pp. 451-459 Downloads
Darrick Evensen, Christina Demski, Sarah Becker and Nick Pidgeon
Price elasticities of retail energy demands in the United States: New evidence from a panel of monthly data for 2001–2016 pp. 460-474 Downloads
C.K. Woo, Y. Liu, Jay Zarnikau, A. Shiu, X. Luo and F. Kahrl
A review on pulsating heat pipes: From solar to cryogenic applications pp. 475-484 Downloads
Mohammad Alhuyi Nazari, Mohammad H. Ahmadi, Roghayeh Ghasempour, Mohammad Behshad Shafii, Omid Mahian, Soteris Kalogirou and Somchai Wongwises
Equivalent modeling of wind energy conversion considering overall effect of pitch angle controllers in wind farm pp. 485-496 Downloads
Yuqing Jin, Ping Ju, Christian Rehtanz, Feng Wu and Xueping Pan
Parametric analysis of a residential building with phase change material (PCM)-enhanced drywall, precooling, and variable electric rates in a hot and dry climate pp. 497-514 Downloads
Sajith Wijesuriya, Matthew Brandt and Tabares-Velasco, Paulo Cesar
Renewed sanitation technology: A highly efficient faecal-sludge gasification–solid oxide fuel cell power plant pp. 515-529 Downloads
Mayra Recalde, Theo Woudstra and P.V. Aravind
A novel cell design of vanadium redox flow batteries for enhancing energy and power performance pp. 530-539 Downloads
Al-Yasiri, Mohammed and Jonghyun Park
Measuring energy performance: A process based approach pp. 540-553 Downloads
Marcos G. Perroni, Sergio E. Gouvea da Costa, Edson Pinheiro de Lima, Wesley Vieira da Silva and Ubiratã Tortato
The economics of different generation technologies for frequency response provision pp. 554-563 Downloads
Wyman-Pain, Heather, Yuankai Bian, Cain Thomas and Furong Li
Thermodynamic analysis of hybrid Rankine cycles using multiple heat sources of different temperatures pp. 564-583 Downloads
Ting Yue and Noam Lior
How ethanol and gasoline formula changes evaporative emissions of the vehicles pp. 584-594 Downloads
Hanyang Man, Huan Liu, Qian Xiao, Fanyuan Deng, Qiao Yu, Kai Wang, Zhengjun Yang, Ye Wu, Kebin He and Jiming Hao
Production of high pressure pure H2 by pressure swing sorption enhanced steam reforming (PS-SESR) of byproducts in biorefinery pp. 595-607 Downloads
María V. Gil, Kumar R. Rout and De Chen
Model reduction strategy of doubly-fed induction generator-based wind farms for power system small-signal rotor angle stability analysis pp. 608-620 Downloads
S.W. Xia, S.Q. Bu, X. Zhang, Y. Xu, B. Zhou and J.B. Zhu
Making money from waste: The economic viability of producing biogas and biomethane in the Idaho dairy industry pp. 621-636 Downloads
Markus Lauer, Jason K. Hansen, Patrick Lamers and Daniela Thrän
A non-linear convex cost model for economic dispatch in microgrids pp. 637-648 Downloads
Vikram Bhattacharjee and Irfan Khan
Economic justification of concentrating solar power in high renewable energy penetrated power systems pp. 649-661 Downloads
Ershun Du, Ning Zhang, Bri-Mathias Hodge, Chongqing Kang, Benjamin Kroposki and Qing Xia
Comprehensive smart home energy management system using mixed-integer quadratic-programming pp. 662-672 Downloads
M. Killian, M. Zauner and M. Kozek
Magnitude and extent of building fabric thermal performance gap in UK low energy housing pp. 673-686 Downloads
Rajat Gupta and Alkis Kotopouleas
Thermodynamic characterisation of aqueous alkanolamine and amine solutions for acid gas processing by transferable molecular models pp. 687-703 Downloads
Luís M.C. Pereira, Fèlix Llovell and Lourdes F. Vega
Electric power control of a power generator using dissociation expansion of a gas hydrate pp. 704-716 Downloads
Shin'ya Obara and Daisuke Mikawa
Real-time latching control strategies for the solo Duck wave energy converter in irregular waves pp. 717-728 Downloads
Jinming Wu, Yingxue Yao, Liang Zhou and Malin Göteman
A review of thermal and optical characterisation of complex window systems and their building performance prediction pp. 729-747 Downloads
Yanyi Sun, Yupeng Wu and Robin Wilson
Towards a practical tool for online monitoring of solid oxide fuel cell operation: An experimental study and application of advanced data analysis approaches pp. 748-761 Downloads
Vanja Subotić, Bernhard Stoeckl, Vincent Lawlor, Johannes Strasser, Hartmuth Schroettner and Christoph Hochenauer
The effect of fuel injection equipment on the dispersed phase of water-in-diesel emulsions pp. 762-771 Downloads
Mhadi A. Ismael, Morgan R. Heikal, A. Rashid A. Aziz, Firman Syah, Ezrann Z. Zainal A. and Cyril Crua
Finance and justice in low-carbon energy transitions pp. 772-780 Downloads
Stephen Hall, Katy E. Roelich, Mark E. Davis and Lars Holstenkamp
A scalable, flexible and transparent GaN based heterojunction piezoelectric nanogenerator for bending, air-flow and vibration energy harvesting pp. 781-789 Downloads
Muhammad Ali Johar, Jin-Ho Kang, Mostafa Afifi Hassan and Sang-Wan Ryu
Study on the thermal performance of a novel cavity receiver for parabolic trough solar collectors pp. 790-798 Downloads
Hongbo Liang, Chunguang Zhu, Man Fan, Shijun You, Huan Zhang and Junbao Xia
Continuous reinforcement learning of energy management with deep Q network for a power split hybrid electric bus pp. 799-811 Downloads
Jingda Wu, Hongwen He, Jiankun Peng, Yuecheng Li and Zhanjiang Li
Incorporating ecosystem services into the design of future energy systems pp. 812-822 Downloads
Robert A. Holland, Nicola Beaumont, Tara Hooper, Melanie Austen, Robert J.K. Gross, Philip J. Heptonstall, Ioanna Ketsopoulou, Mark Winskel, Jim Watson and Gail Taylor
An innovative approach for storing low-grade thermal energy using liquid phase thermoreversible reaction pp. 823-829 Downloads
Abbas Mehrabadi, Engie Crotet and Mohammed Farid
Off-design performance of a liquefied natural gas plant with an axial turbine of novel endwall design pp. 830-839 Downloads
Hakim T. Kadhim and Aldo Rona
Venturi-type injection system as a potential H2 mass transfer technology for full-scale in situ biomethanation pp. 840-846 Downloads
Mads Bjørnkjær Jensen, Michael Vedel Wegener Kofoed, Keelan Fischer, Niels Vinther Voigt, Laura Mia Agneessens, Damien John Batstone and Lars Ditlev Mørck Ottosen
Quantifying the impact of urban climate by extending the boundaries of urban energy system modeling pp. 847-860 Downloads
A.T.D. Perera, Silvia Coccolo, Jean-Louis Scartezzini and Dasaraden Mauree
Study on the utilization of heat in the mechanically ventilated Trombe wall in a house with a central air conditioning and air circulation system pp. 861-871 Downloads
Qingsong Ma, Hiroatsu Fukuda, Myonghyang Lee, Takumi Kobatake, Yuko Kuma and Akihito Ozaki
The benefits of nuclear flexibility in power system operations with renewable energy pp. 872-884 Downloads
J.D. Jenkins, Z. Zhou, R. Ponciroli, R.B. Vilim, F. Ganda, F. de Sisternes and A. Botterud
Characterization of the droplet formation phase for the H2OLiBr absorber: An analytical and experimental analysis pp. 885-897 Downloads
Fabrizio Cola, Jonathan Hey and Alessandro Romagnoli
An integrated framework for operational flexibility assessment in multi-period power system planning with renewable energy production pp. 898-914 Downloads
Islam F. Abdin and Enrico Zio
Performance control of a spray passive down-draft evaporative cooling system pp. 915-931 Downloads
Daeho Kang and Richard K. Strand
Design of distributed energy systems under uncertainty: A two-stage stochastic programming approach pp. 932-950 Downloads
Georgios Mavromatidis, Kristina Orehounig and Jan Carmeliet
An MILP framework for optimizing demand response operation of air separation units pp. 951-966 Downloads
Morgan T. Kelley, Richard C. Pattison, Ross Baldick and Michael Baldea
Managing water on heat transfer surfaces: A critical review of techniques to modify surface wettability for applications with condensation or evaporation pp. 967-992 Downloads
M. Edalatpour, Lancui Liu, A.M. Jacobi, K.F. Eid and A.D. Sommers
Evaluation of peer-to-peer energy sharing mechanisms based on a multiagent simulation framework pp. 993-1022 Downloads
Yue Zhou, Jianzhong Wu and Chao Long
Exergy analysis of the focal-plane flux distribution of solar-thermal concentrators pp. 1023-1032 Downloads
Charles-Alexis Asselineau, Joe Coventry and John Pye
Microgrids energy management systems: A critical review on methods, solutions, and prospects pp. 1033-1055 Downloads
Muhammad Fahad Zia, Elhoussin Elbouchikhi and Mohamed Benbouzid
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