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2014, volume 131, issue C

Emissions from cycling of thermal power plants in electricity systems with high penetration of wind power: Life cycle assessment for Ireland pp. 1-8 Downloads
R. Turconi, O’Dwyer, C., D. Flynn and T. Astrup
Forward and reverse combustion gasification of coal with production of high-quality syngas in a simulated pilot system for in situ gasification pp. 9-19 Downloads
Yong Cui, Jie Liang, Zhangqing Wang, Xiaochun Zhang, Chenzi Fan, Dongyu Liang and Xuan Wang
Regulation of hydrogen photoproduction in Rhodobacter sphaeroides batch culture by external oxidizers and reducers pp. 20-25 Downloads
Lilit Gabrielyan, Harutyun Sargsyan, Lilit Hakobyan and Armen Trchounian
Improving energy efficiency for local energy systems pp. 26-39 Downloads
Se-Young Oh, Michael Binns, Yeong-Koo Yeo and Jin-Kuk Kim
Synthesis of dry sorbents for carbon dioxide capture using coal fly ash and its performance pp. 40-47 Downloads
Jaehee Lee, Sang-Jun Han and Jung-Ho Wee
Degradation pattern prediction of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack with series reliability structure via durability data of single cells pp. 48-55 Downloads
Suk Joo Bae, Seong-Joon Kim, Jin-Hwa Lee, Inseob Song, Nam-In Kim, Yongho Seo, Ki Buem Kim, Naesung Lee and Jun-Young Park
Balancing envelope and heating system parameters for zero emissions retrofit using building sensor data pp. 56-66 Downloads
Zoltán Nagy, Dino Rossi, Christian Hersberger, Silvia Domingo Irigoyen, Clayton Miller and Arno Schlueter
A sequential approach to control gas for the extraction of multi-gassy coal seams from traditional gas well drainage to mining-induced stress relief pp. 67-78 Downloads
Shengli Kong, Yuanping Cheng, Ting Ren and Hongyong Liu
India’s CO2 emission pathways to 2050: What role can renewables play? pp. 79-86 Downloads
Gabrial Anandarajah and Ajay Gambhir
Heterogeneous tiny energy: An appealing opportunity to power wireless sensor motes in a corrosive environment pp. 87-96 Downloads
Guofu Qiao, Guodong Sun, Hui Li and Jinping Ou
Electro-thermal analysis and integration issues of lithium ion battery for electric vehicles pp. 97-107 Downloads
L.H. Saw, Y. Ye and A.A.O. Tay
Poly-generating closed cathode fuel cell with carbon capture pp. 108-116 Downloads
Dustin McLarty and Jack Brouwer
Industrial CO2 intensity, indigenous innovation and R&D spillovers in China’s provinces pp. 117-127 Downloads
Yuan Yang, Wenjia Cai and Can Wang
Cogeneration versus natural gas steam boiler: A techno-economic model pp. 128-138 Downloads
Matan Shnaiderman and Nir Keren
International and domestic uses of solid biofuels under different renewable energy support scenarios in the European Union pp. 139-157 Downloads
Ric Hoefnagels, Gustav Resch, Martin Junginger and André Faaij
Hybrid solar–geothermal power generation: Optimal retrofitting pp. 158-170 Downloads
Hadi Ghasemi, Elysia Sheu, Alessio Tizzanini, Marco Paci and Alexander Mitsos
Thermal and sanitary performance of domestic hot water cylinders: Conflicting requirements pp. 171-179 Downloads
Peter M. Armstrong, Meg Uapipatanakul, Ian Thompson, Duane Ager and Malcolm McCulloch
Characterization of biomasses in the southern Italy regions for their use in thermal processes pp. 180-188 Downloads
A. Molino, F. Nanna and A. Villone
Model predictive control utilizing fuel and moisture soft-sensors for the BioPower 5 combined heat and power (CHP) plant pp. 189-200 Downloads
J. Kortela and Jämsä-Jounela, S.-L.
Two non-tracking solar collectors: Design criteria and performance analysis pp. 201-210 Downloads
Wattana Ratismith, Anusorn Inthongkhum and John Briggs
A p(t)-linear average method to estimate the thermal parameters of the borehole heat exchangers for in situ thermal response test pp. 211-221 Downloads
Linfeng Zhang, Quan Zhang, Gongsheng Huang and Yaxing Du
Oil and gas platforms with steam bottoming cycles: System integration and thermoenvironomic evaluation pp. 222-237 Downloads
Tuong-Van Nguyen, Laurence Tock, Peter Breuhaus, François Maréchal and Brian Elmegaard
Optimal integration of a solid-oxide electrolyser cell into a direct steam generation solar tower plant for zero-emission hydrogen production pp. 238-247 Downloads
Sanz-Bermejo, Javier, Muñoz-Antón, Javier, Gonzalez-Aguilar, José and Manuel Romero
Thermal analysis of a stoneware panel covering radiators pp. 248-256 Downloads
Menéndez-Díaz, Agustín, Ordóñez-Galán, Celestino, Bouza-Rodríguez, José Benito and Fernández-Calleja, Javier Jesús
A sensor-less methanol concentration control system based on feedback from the stack temperature pp. 257-266 Downloads
Myung-Gi An, Asad Mehmood and Heung Yong Ha
Forecasting household consumer electricity load profiles with a combined physical and behavioral approach pp. 267-278 Downloads
C. Sandels, J. Widén and L. Nordström
Understanding mineral behaviors during anthracite fluidized-bed gasification based on slag characteristics pp. 279-287 Downloads
Fenghai Li, Zhenzhu Li, Jiejie Huang and Yitian Fang
A real option-based model to valuate CDM projects under uncertain energy policies for emission trading pp. 288-296 Downloads
Taeil Park, Changyoon Kim and Hyoungkwan Kim
Spatial effects of carbon dioxide emissions from residential energy consumption: A county-level study using enhanced nocturnal lighting pp. 297-306 Downloads
Heli Lu and Guifang Liu
Integrated design and optimization of technologies for utilizing low grade heat in process industries pp. 307-322 Downloads
Dong-Hun Kwak, Michael Binns and Jin-Kuk Kim
Advanced computational modelling for drying processes – A review pp. 323-344 Downloads
Thijs Defraeye
Clean solid biofuel production from high moisture content waste biomass employing hydrothermal treatment pp. 345-367 Downloads
Peitao Zhao, Yafei Shen, Shifu Ge, Zhenqian Chen and Kunio Yoshikawa
Empirical analysis of the solar incentive policy for Tennessee solar value chain pp. 368-376 Downloads
Rapinder Sawhney, Kaveri Thakur, Bharadwaj Venkatesan, Shuguang Ji, Girish Upreti and John Sanseverino
An effectiveness-NTU technique for characterising a finned tubes PCM system using a CFD model pp. 377-385 Downloads
N.H.S. Tay, M. Belusko, A. Castell, L.F. Cabeza and F. Bruno
Use of the microalga Monoraphidium sp. grown in wastewater as a feedstock for biodiesel: Cultivation and fuel characteristics pp. 386-393 Downloads
Gabriel P. Holbrook, Zachary Davidson, Robert A. Tatara, Norbert L. Ziemer, Kurt A. Rosentrater and W. Scott Grayburn
An insight into actual energy use and its drivers in high-performance buildings pp. 394-410 Downloads
Cheng Li, Tianzhen Hong and Da Yan
Development of a simplified dynamic model for a piezoelectric injector using multiple injection strategies with biodiesel/diesel-fuel blends pp. 411-424 Downloads
E. Plamondon and P. Seers
Dynamic modeling of Shell entrained flow gasifier in an integrated gasification combined cycle process pp. 425-440 Downloads
Hyeon-Hui Lee, Jae-Chul Lee, Yong-Jin Joo, Min Oh and Chang-Ha Lee
Comparative life cycle assessment of biomass co-firing plants with carbon capture and storage pp. 441-467 Downloads
Wouter Schakel, Hans Meerman, Alireza Talaei, Andrea Ramírez and André Faaij
Performance of gas tankless (instantaneous) water heaters under various international standards pp. 468-478 Downloads
Grant Bourke, Pradeep Bansal and Robert Raine
Comparing different support schemes for renewable electricity in the scope of an energy systems analysis pp. 479-489 Downloads
Birgit Fais, Markus Blesl, Ulrich Fahl and Alfred Voß
Pretreatment of recycled paper sludge with a novel high-velocity pilot cyclone: Effect of process parameters on convective drying efficiency pp. 490-498 Downloads
Mikko Mäkelä, Paul Geladi, Sylvia H. Larsson and Michael Finell
Carbonation performance of lime for cyclic CO2 capture following limestone calcination in steam/CO2 atmosphere pp. 499-507 Downloads
Masoud Kavosh, Kumar Patchigolla, Edward J. Anthony and John E. Oakey
Transitioning to zero freshwater withdrawal in the U.S. for thermoelectric generation pp. 508-516 Downloads
Vincent C. Tidwell, Jordan Macknick, Katie Zemlick, Jasmine Sanchez and Tibebe Woldeyesus
Combined experimental and numerical evaluation of a prototype nano-PCM enhanced wallboard pp. 517-529 Downloads
Kaushik Biswas, Jue Lu, Parviz Soroushian and Som Shrestha
Economic analysis of using excess renewable electricity to displace heating fuels pp. 530-543 Downloads
Alessandro Pensini, Claus N. Rasmussen and Willett Kempton

2014, volume 130, issue C

The effects of cornstalk addition on the product distribution and yields and reaction kinetics of lignite liquefaction pp. 1-6 Downloads
Fan Zhang, Deping Xu, Yonggang Wang, Xiangkun Guo, Long Xu and Maohong Fan
Solar-powered single-and double-effect directly air-cooled LiBr–H2O absorption prototype built as a single unit pp. 7-19 Downloads
M. Izquierdo, González-Gil, A. and E. Palacios
Energy saving potential of utilizing natural ventilation under warm conditions – A case study of Mexico pp. 20-32 Downloads
Oropeza-Perez, Ivan and Poul Alberg Østergaard
Effect of lubricant oil additive on size distribution, morphology, and nanostructure of diesel particulate matter pp. 33-40 Downloads
Yuesen Wang, Xingyu Liang, Gequn Shu, Xiangxiang Wang, Xiuxiu Sun and Changwen Liu
Towards a flexible energy system – A case study for Inland Norway pp. 41-50 Downloads
Dejene Assefa Hagos, Alemayehu Gebremedhin and Björn Zethraeus
Absorption heating technologies: A review and perspective pp. 51-71 Downloads
Wei Wu, Baolong Wang, Wenxing Shi and Xianting Li
Model calibration for building energy efficiency simulation pp. 72-85 Downloads
Giorgio Mustafaraj, Dashamir Marini, Andrea Costa and Marcus Keane
Life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of a novel process for converting food waste to ethanol and co-products pp. 86-93 Downloads
Jacqueline Ebner, Callie Babbitt, Martin Winer, Brian Hilton and Anahita Williamson
Diesel auto-thermal reforming for solid oxide fuel cell systems: Anode off-gas recycle simulation pp. 94-102 Downloads
Mark R. Walluk, Jiefeng Lin, Michael G. Waller, Daniel F. Smith and Thomas A. Trabold
Short-term wind speed forecasting with Markov-switching model pp. 103-112 Downloads
Zhe Song, Yu Jiang and Zijun Zhang
A mathematical model to study the performance of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell in a dead-ended anode mode pp. 113-121 Downloads
Chih-Wei Yang and Yong-Song Chen
Responsibility accounting in carbon allocation: A global perspective pp. 122-133 Downloads
Yi-Ming Wei, Lu Wang, Hua Liao, Ke Wang, Tad Murty and Jinyue Yan
A non-carbon cathode electrode for lithium–oxygen batteries pp. 134-138 Downloads
Z.H. Wei, P. Tan, L. An and T.S. Zhao
Effects of SOC-dependent electrolyte viscosity on performance of vanadium redox flow batteries pp. 139-147 Downloads
Q. Xu, T.S. Zhao and C. Zhang
Wave heave energy conversion using modular multistability pp. 148-156 Downloads
R.L. Harne, M.E. Schoemaker, B.E. Dussault and K.W. Wang
The effect of political cycles on power investment decisions: Expectations over the repeal and reinstatement of carbon policy mechanisms in Australia pp. 157-165 Downloads
Mahdi ShahNazari, Adam McHugh, Bryan Maybee and Jonathan Whale
On laminar flame speed correlations for H2/CO combustion in premixed spark ignition engines pp. 166-180 Downloads
Emanuele Fanelli, Annarita Viggiano, Giacobbe Braccio and Vinicio Magi
Comparative study between fluidized-bed and fixed-bed operation modes in pressurized chemical looping combustion of coal pp. 181-189 Downloads
Shuai Zhang, Rui Xiao and Wenguang Zheng
Comparison and parameter optimization of a two-stage thermoelectric generator using high temperature exhaust of internal combustion engine pp. 190-199 Downloads
Xingyu Liang, Xiuxiu Sun, Hua Tian, Gequn Shu, Yuesen Wang and Xu Wang
Wind speed effect on the flow field and heat transfer around a parabolic trough solar collector pp. 200-211 Downloads
A.A. Hachicha, I. Rodríguez and A. Oliva
Effect of fuel injection pressure and injection timing on spray characteristics and particulate size–number distribution in a biodiesel fuelled common rail direct injection diesel engine pp. 212-221 Downloads
Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Atul Dhar, Jai Gopal Gupta, Woong Il Kim, Chang Sik Lee and Sungwook Park
Potential and impacts of renewable energy production from agricultural biomass in Canada pp. 222-229 Downloads
Tingting Liu, Brian McConkey, Ted Huffman, Stephen Smith, Bob MacGregor, Denys Yemshanov and Suren(dra) Kulshreshtha
Uncertainty estimation improves energy measurement and verification procedures pp. 230-236 Downloads
Travis Walter, Phillip N. Price and Michael D. Sohn
Energy consumption analysis for CO2 separation from gas mixtures pp. 237-243 Downloads
Yingying Zhang, Xiaoyan Ji and Xiaohua Lu
Investigation of combustion, performance and emission characteristics of 2-stroke and 4-stroke spark ignition and CAI/HCCI operations in a DI gasoline pp. 244-255 Downloads
Y. Zhang and H. Zhao
Models for generating place and time dependent urban energy demand profiles pp. 256-264 Downloads
Jani Mikkola and Peter D. Lund
A control-oriented real-time semi-empirical model for the prediction of NOx emissions in diesel engines pp. 265-279 Downloads
d’Ambrosio, Stefano, Roberto Finesso, Lezhong Fu, Antonio Mittica and Ezio Spessa
Numerical assessment of the thermodynamic performance of thermoelectric cells via two-dimensional modelling pp. 280-288 Downloads
Klaudio S.M. Oliveira, Rodrigo P. Cardoso and Christian J.L. Hermes
A network design model for biomass to energy supply chains with anaerobic digestion systems pp. 289-304 Downloads
Şebnem Yılmaz Balaman and Hasan Selim
Using regression analysis to predict the future energy consumption of a supermarket in the UK pp. 305-313 Downloads
M.R. Braun, H. Altan and S.B.M. Beck
Combustion and emissions characteristics of dual-channel double-vortex combustion for gas turbine engines pp. 314-325 Downloads
R.C. Zhang, W.J. Fan, Q. Shi and W.L. Tan
Effects of frame shadow on the PV character of a photovoltaic/thermal system pp. 326-332 Downloads
Yunyun Wang, Gang Pei and Longcan Zhang
Artificial neural network based daily local forecasting for global solar radiation pp. 333-341 Downloads
Badia Amrouche and Xavier Le Pivert
Hydrogen production by enhanced-sorption chemical looping steam reforming of glycerol in moving-bed reactors pp. 342-349 Downloads
Binlin Dou, Yongchen Song, Chao Wang, Haisheng Chen, Mingjun Yang and Yujie Xu
Combustion of propane with Pt and Rh catalysts in a meso-scale heat recirculating combustor pp. 350-356 Downloads
Teresa A. Wierzbicki, Ivan C. Lee and Ashwani K. Gupta
Comparison study on the emission characteristics of diesel- and dimethyl ether-originated particulate matters pp. 357-369 Downloads
Yanju Wei, Kun Wang, Wenrui Wang, Shenghua Liu, Xiao Chen, Yajing Yang and Shanwen Bai
Computational investigation of a large containership propulsion engine operation at slow steaming conditions pp. 370-383 Downloads
Cong Guan, Gerasimos Theotokatos, Peilin Zhou and Hui Chen
Grid-price-dependent energy management in microgrids using a modified simulated annealing triple-optimizer pp. 384-395 Downloads
Rosemarie Velik and Pascal Nicolay
Detailed kinetic modeling of homogeneous H2SO4 decomposition in the sulfur–iodine cycle for hydrogen production pp. 396-402 Downloads
Yanwei Zhang, Hui Yang, Junhu Zhou, Zhihua Wang, Jianzhong Liu and Kefa Cen
Investigating the importance of motivations and barriers related to microgeneration uptake in the UK pp. 403-418 Downloads
Paul Balcombe, Dan Rigby and Adisa Azapagic
Cost and primary energy efficiency of small-scale district heating systems pp. 419-427 Downloads
Nguyen Le Truong and Leif Gustavsson
Community-scale residential air conditioning control for effective grid management pp. 428-436 Downloads
Wesley J. Cole, Joshua D. Rhodes, William Gorman, Krystian X. Perez, Michael E. Webber and Thomas F. Edgar
Potential for using a tire pyrolysis liquid-diesel fuel blend in a light duty engine under transient operation pp. 437-446 Downloads
Juan Daniel Martínez, Ángel Ramos, Octavio Armas, Ramón Murillo and Tomás García
Optimization of biodiesel fueled engine to meet emission standards through varying nozzle opening pressure and static injection timing pp. 450-457 Downloads
Balaji Mohan, Wenming Yang, Vallinayagam Raman, Vedharaj Sivasankaralingam and Siaw Kiang Chou
A numerical modeling on the emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled by diesel and biodiesel blend fuels pp. 458-465 Downloads
Hui An, Wenming Yang, Jing Li, Amin Maghbouli, Kian Jon Chua and Siaw Kiang Chou
Pine oil–biodiesel blends: A double biofuel strategy to completely eliminate the use of diesel in a diesel engine pp. 466-473 Downloads
R. Vallinayagam, S. Vedharaj, W.M. Yang, P.S. Lee, K.J.E. Chua and S.K. Chou
Simulation and optimization of a CHP biomass plant and district heating network pp. 474-483 Downloads
K. Sartor, S. Quoilin and P. Dewallef
Techno-economic analysis of ammonia production via integrated biomass gasification pp. 484-490 Downloads
Jim Andersson and Joakim Lundgren
Efficiency in the use of solar thermal energy of small membrane desalination systems for decentralized water production pp. 491-499 Downloads
G. Zaragoza, Ruiz-Aguirre, A. and Guillén-Burrieza, E.
Off-design thermodynamic performances on typical days of a 330MW solar aided coal-fired power plant in China pp. 500-509 Downloads
Shuo Peng, Hui Hong, Yanjuan Wang, Zhaoguo Wang and Hongguang Jin
Preliminary study for solar combisystem potential in Canadian houses pp. 510-518 Downloads
S. Rasoul Asaee, V. Ismet Ugursal, Beausoleil-Morrison, Ian and Ben-Abdallah, Noureddine
Study on offshore wind power potential and wind farm optimization in Hong Kong pp. 519-531 Downloads
Xiaoxia Gao, Hongxing Yang and Lin Lu
Economic evaluation of pre-combustion CO2-capture in IGCC power plants by porous ceramic membranes pp. 532-542 Downloads
Johannes Franz, Pascal Maas and Viktor Scherer
Numerical investigation of heat transfer characteristics in utility boilers of oxy-coal combustion pp. 543-551 Downloads
Yukun Hu, Hailong Li and Jinyue Yan
Exergy analysis and the energy saving mechanism for coal to synthetic/substitute natural gas and power cogeneration system without and with CO2 capture pp. 552-561 Downloads
Sheng Li, Hongguang Jin, Lin Gao and Xiaosong Zhang
Economic analysis of CO2 capture from natural gas combined cycles using Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells pp. 562-573 Downloads
S. Campanari, P. Chiesa, G. Manzolini and S. Bedogni
The leakage behavior of supercritical CO2 flow in an experimental pipeline system pp. 574-580 Downloads
Qiyuan Xie, Ran Tu, Xi Jiang, Kang Li and Xuejin Zhou
Numerical analyses of the solubility trapping of CO2 storage in geological formations pp. 581-591 Downloads
Qingliang Meng and Xi Jiang
CO2 emissions reduction potential in China’s cement industry compared to IEA’s Cement Technology Roadmap up to 2050 pp. 592-602 Downloads
Jin-Hua Xu, Tobias Fleiter, Ying Fan and Wolfgang Eichhammer
Cost of energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction in China’s iron and steel sector pp. 603-616 Downloads
Yuan Li and Lei Zhu
China’s regional industrial energy efficiency and carbon emissions abatement costs pp. 617-631 Downloads
Ke Wang and Yi-Ming Wei
Equitable Access to Sustainable Development: Based on the comparative study of carbon emission rights allocation schemes pp. 632-640 Downloads
Xunzhang Pan, Fei Teng, Yuejiao Ha and Gehua Wang
Albedo control as an effective strategy to tackle Global Warming: A case study pp. 641-647 Downloads
Franco Cotana, Federico Rossi, Mirko Filipponi, Valentina Coccia, Anna Laura Pisello, Emanuele Bonamente, Alessandro Petrozzi and Gianluca Cavalaglio
Wave propagation and thermodynamic losses in packed-bed thermal reservoirs for energy storage pp. 648-657 Downloads
Alexander White, Joshua McTigue and Christos Markides
Integrating multi-objective optimization with computational fluid dynamics to optimize boiler combustion process of a coal fired power plant pp. 658-669 Downloads
Xingrang Liu and R.C. Bansal
Real-time tool for management of smart polygeneration grids including thermal energy storage pp. 670-678 Downloads
Mario L. Ferrari, Matteo Pascenti, Alessandro Sorce, Alberto Traverso and Aristide F. Massardo
Experimental and numerical analysis of supersonic air ejector pp. 679-684 Downloads
Daotong Chong, Mengqi Hu, Weixiong Chen, Jinshi Wang, Jiping Liu and Junjie Yan
Investigation of the prospect of energy self-sufficiency and technical performance of an integrated PEMFC (proton exchange membrane fuel cell), dairy farm and biogas plant system pp. 685-691 Downloads
Tingting Guan, Per Alvfors and Göran Lindbergh
Effect of operating parameters on the transient performance of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack with a dead-end anode pp. 692-701 Downloads
Alberto Gomez, Abhishek Raj, Agus P. Sasmito and Tariq Shamim
Performance evaluation of a zeolite–water adsorption chiller with entropy analysis of thermodynamic insight pp. 702-711 Downloads
Ang Li, Azhar Bin Ismail, Kyaw Thu, Kim Choon Ng and Wai Soong Loh
Magnesium based metal hydride reactor incorporating helical coil heat exchanger: Simulation study and optimal design pp. 712-722 Downloads
Zhen Wu, Fusheng Yang, Zaoxiao Zhang and Zewei Bao
New concept of spray saturation tower for micro Humid Air Turbine applications pp. 723-737 Downloads
W. De Paepe, F. Contino, F. Delattin, S. Bram and J. De Ruyck
Organic Rankine Cycle recovering stage heat from MSF desalination distillate water pp. 738-747 Downloads
Al-Weshahi, Mohammed A., Alexander Anderson and Guohong Tian
Thermodynamic analysis of organic Rankine cycle using zeotropic mixtures pp. 748-756 Downloads
Li Zhao and Junjiang Bao
Improved energy efficiency in juice production through waste heat recycling pp. 757-763 Downloads
J.-O. Anderson, E. Elfgren and L. Westerlund
Combining waste-to-energy steam cycle with gas turbine units pp. 764-773 Downloads
Michele Bianchi, Lisa Branchini and Andrea De Pascale
Application of environmental performance assessment of CHP systems with local and global approaches pp. 774-782 Downloads
Michele Bianchi, Lisa Branchini, Andrea De Pascale and Antonio Peretto
Energy consumption, associated questions and some answers pp. 783-792 Downloads
V. Ismet Ugursal
The elasticity of substitution and the way of nesting CES production function with emphasis on energy input pp. 793-798 Downloads
Donglan Zha and Dequn Zhou
On estimating shadow prices of undesirable outputs with efficiency models: A literature review pp. 799-806 Downloads
P. Zhou, X. Zhou and L.W. Fan
Successful technology transfer: What does it take? pp. 807-813 Downloads
P. Klintenberg, F. Wallin and L.C. Azimoh
The role of regulatory reforms, market changes, and technology development to make demand response a viable resource in meeting energy challenges pp. 814-823 Downloads
Bo Shen, Girish Ghatikar, Zeng Lei, Jinkai Li, Greg Wikler and Phil Martin
Ultrahigh specific surface area of graphene for eliminating subcooling of water pp. 824-829 Downloads
Xing Li, Ying Chen, Zhengdong Cheng, Lisi Jia, Songping Mo and Zhuowei Liu
Study on oscillating flow of moderate kinetic Reynolds numbers using complex velocity model and phase Doppler anemometer pp. 830-837 Downloads
Gang Xiao, Tianxue Zhou, Mingjiang Ni, Conghui Chen, Zhongyang Luo and Kefa Cen
Effects of the thick walled pipes with convective boundaries on laminar flow heat transfer pp. 838-845 Downloads
Adekunle O. Adelaja, Jaco Dirker and Josua P. Meyer
Simultaneous production of hythane and carbon nanotubes via catalytic decomposition of methane with catalysts dispersed on porous supports pp. 846-852 Downloads
Xingxing Li, Gangli Zhu, Suitao Qi, Jun Huang and Bolun Yang
Investigation of a dual-stage high velocity oxygen fuel thermal spray system pp. 853-862 Downloads
Mohammed N. Khan and Tariq Shamim
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