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2015, volume 157, issue C

Application of best practice for setting minimum energy efficiency standards in technically disadvantaged countries: Case study of Air Conditioners in Brunei Darussalam pp. 1-12 Downloads
Xunpeng Shi
High temperature thermochemical processing of biomass and methane for high conversion and selectivity to H2-enriched syngas pp. 13-24 Downloads
Aaron W. Palumbo, Jeni C. Sorli and Alan W. Weimer
Biomethane as transport fuel – A comparison with other biogas utilization pathways in northern Italy pp. 25-34 Downloads
P. Patrizio, S. Leduc, D. Chinese, E. Dotzauer and F. Kraxner
Techno-economic viability assessments of greener propulsion technology under potential environmental regulatory policy scenarios pp. 35-50 Downloads
D.K. Nalianda, K.G. Kyprianidis, V. Sethi and R. Singh
Fault detection in district heating substations pp. 51-59 Downloads
Henrik Gadd and Sven Werner
Value of flexible electric vehicles in providing spinning reserve services pp. 60-74 Downloads
Ivan Pavić, Tomislav Capuder and Igor Kuzle
Energy and environmental impact of battery electric vehicle range in China pp. 75-84 Downloads
Xinmei Yuan, Lili Li, Huadong Gou and Tingting Dong
A novel paraffin/expanded perlite composite phase change material for prevention of PCM leakage in cementitious composites pp. 85-94 Downloads
Sayanthan Ramakrishnan, Jay Sanjayan, Xiaoming Wang, Morshed Alam and John Wilson
An analog ensemble for short-term probabilistic solar power forecast pp. 95-110 Downloads
S. Alessandrini, L. Delle Monache, S. Sperati and G. Cervone
The optimization of DC fast charging deployment in California pp. 111-122 Downloads
Li Zhang, Brendan Shaffer, Tim Brown and G. Scott Samuelsen
Annual performance of a solar aided coal-fired power generation system (SACPG) with various solar field areas and thermal energy storage capacity pp. 123-133 Downloads
Junjie Wu, Hongjuan Hou, Yongping Yang and Eric Hu
Evaluation on toxic reduction and fuel economy of a gasoline direct injection- (GDI-) powered passenger car fueled with methanol–gasoline blends with various substitution ratios pp. 134-143 Downloads
Xin Wang, Yunshan Ge, Linlin Liu, Zihang Peng, Lijun Hao, Hang Yin, Yan Ding and Junfang Wang
Life cycle assessment of transport of electricity via different voltage levels: A case study for Nord-Trøndelag county in Norway pp. 144-151 Downloads
Anders Arvesen, Ingrid Bjerke Hauan, Bernhard Mikal Bolsøy and Edgar G. Hertwich
Compressed air energy storage with liquid air capacity extension pp. 152-164 Downloads
Bharath Kantharaj, Seamus Garvey and Andrew Pimm
Electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 to formate using particulate Sn electrodes: Effect of metal loading and particle size pp. 165-173 Downloads
A. Del Castillo, Alvarez-Guerra, M., Solla-Gullón, J., A. Sáez, V. Montiel and A. Irabien
Analysis of hematite re-oxidation in the chemical looping process pp. 174-182 Downloads
Ronald W. Breault, Esmail R. Monazam and Jared T. Carpenter
Wind speed forecasting approach using secondary decomposition algorithm and Elman neural networks pp. 183-194 Downloads
Hui Liu, Hong-qi Tian, Xi-feng Liang and Yan-fei Li
Overview of the off-grid photovoltaic diesel batteries systems with AC loads pp. 195-216 Downloads
V. Salas, W. Suponthana and R.A. Salas
Combustion process and emissions of a heavy-duty engine fueled with directly injected natural gas and pilot diesel pp. 217-228 Downloads
Qiang Zhang, Menghan Li and Sidong Shao
Prospects of carbon capture and storage (CCS) in China’s power sector – An integrated assessment pp. 229-244 Downloads
Peter Viebahn, Daniel Vallentin and Samuel Höller
Photofermentive hydrogen production by Rhodobacter sphaeroides S10 using mixed organic carbon: Effects of the mixture composition pp. 245-254 Downloads
Walailak Pattanamanee, Yusuf Chisti and Wanna Choorit
Rewarding of extra-avoided GHG emissions in thermochemical biorefineries incorporating Bio-CCS pp. 255-266 Downloads
Pedro Haro, Cristina Aracil, Vidal-Barrero, Fernando and Pedro Ollero
Experimental investigation of molten salt droplet quenching and solidification processes of heat recovery in thermochemical hydrogen production pp. 267-275 Downloads
S. Ghandehariun, Z. Wang, G.F. Naterer and M.A. Rosen
Residential electricity consumption after the reform of tiered pricing for household electricity in China pp. 276-283 Downloads
Gang Du, Wei Lin, Chuanwang Sun and Dingzhong Zhang
Chemical looping combustion of hard coal in a 1MWth pilot plant using ilmenite as oxygen carrier pp. 288-294 Downloads
Jochen Ströhle, Matthias Orth and Bernd Epple
Design and operation of a 50kWth Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC) unit for solid fuels pp. 295-303 Downloads
Alberto Abad, Pérez-Vega, Raúl, Luis F. de Diego, García-Labiano, Francisco, Pilar Gayán and Juan Adánez
Chemical looping combustion of coal in a 5kWth interconnected fluidized bed reactor using hematite as oxygen carrier pp. 304-313 Downloads
Jinchen Ma, Haibo Zhao, Xin Tian, Yijie Wei, Sharmen Rajendran, Yongliang Zhang, Sankar Bhattacharya and Chuguang Zheng
Cement/CaO-modified iron ore as oxygen carrier for chemical looping combustion of coal pp. 314-322 Downloads
Haiming Gu, Laihong Shen, Zhaoping Zhong, Xin Niu, Weidong Liu, Huijun Ge, Shouxi Jiang and Lulu Wang
The different demands of oxygen carriers on the reactor system of a CLC plant – Results of oxygen carrier testing in a 120kWth pilot plant pp. 323-329 Downloads
Karl Mayer, Stefan Penthor, Tobias Pröll and Hermann Hofbauer
Chemical-looping combustion using combined iron/manganese/silicon oxygen carriers pp. 330-337 Downloads
Malin Källén, Magnus Rydén, Anders Lyngfelt and Tobias Mattisson
Iron oxide looping for natural gas conversion in a countercurrent moving bed reactor pp. 338-347 Downloads
Liang Zeng, Andrew Tong, Mandar Kathe, Samuel Bayham and Liang-Shih Fan
Fluidized bed testing of commercially prepared MgO-promoted hematite and CuO–Fe2O3 mixed metal oxide oxygen carriers for methane and coal chemical looping combustion pp. 348-357 Downloads
Ranjani Siriwardane, Hanjing Tian, Duane Miller and George Richards
Ca1−xAxMnO3 (A=Sr and Ba) perovskite based oxygen carriers for chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling (CLOU) pp. 358-367 Downloads
Nathan Galinsky, Amit Mishra, Jia Zhang and Fanxing Li
Characterization of ilmenite used as oxygen carrier in a 100kW chemical-looping combustor for solid fuels pp. 368-373 Downloads
Pavleta Knutsson and Carl Linderholm
Thermal and mechanical behaviour of oxygen carrier materials for chemical looping combustion in a packed bed reactor pp. 374-381 Downloads
M. Jacobs, J. Van Noyen, Y. Larring, M. Mccann, M. Pishahang, S. Amini, M. Ortiz, F. Galluci, Sint-Annaland, M.V., D. Tournigant, E. Louradour and F. Snijkers
High-stability, high-capacity oxygen carriers: Iron oxide-perovskite composite materials for hydrogen production by chemical looping pp. 382-390 Downloads
Cristina Dueso, Claire Thompson and Ian Metcalfe
Effect of core and shell compositions on MeOx@LaySr1−yFeO3 core–shell redox catalysts for chemical looping reforming of methane pp. 391-398 Downloads
Luke Neal, Arya Shafiefarhood and Fanxing Li
Pressurized hydrogen production by fixed-bed chemical looping pp. 399-407 Downloads
Gernot Voitic, Stephan Nestl, Michael Lammer, Julian Wagner and Viktor Hacker
Chemical-looping auto-thermal reforming of biomass using Cu-based oxygen carrier pp. 408-415 Downloads
Haibo Zhao, Lei Guo and Xixian Zou
Impact of size and temperature on the hydrodynamics of chemical looping combustion pp. 416-421 Downloads
Mahdi Yazdanpanah, Ann Forret and Thierry Gauthier
Boosting the IGCLC process efficiency by optimizing the desulfurization step pp. 422-432 Downloads
H.P. Hamers, M.C. Romano, V. Spallina, P. Chiesa, F. Gallucci and M. van Sint Annaland
Development of a process model for coal chemical looping combustion and validation against 100kWth tests pp. 433-448 Downloads
Peter Ohlemüller, Falah Alobaid, Adrian Gunnarsson, Jochen Ströhle and Bernd Epple
Mathematical modeling of a two-stage fuel reactor for chemical looping combustion with oxygen uncoupling of solid fuels pp. 449-461 Downloads
Antonio Coppola, Roberto Solimene, Piero Bareschino and Piero Salatino
Conceptual design of a 100MWth CLC unit for solid fuel combustion pp. 462-474 Downloads
Alberto Abad, Juan Adánez, Pilar Gayán, Luis F. de Diego, García-Labiano, Francisco and Gerald Sprachmann
Sawdust as an effective binder for making torrefied pellets pp. 491-498 Downloads
Jianghong Peng, Xiaotao T. Bi, C. Jim Lim, Hanchao Peng, Chang Soo Kim, Dening Jia and Haibin Zuo
Exergetic evaluation of renewable light olefins production from biomass via synthetic methanol pp. 499-507 Downloads
Yangyang Xiang, Jingsong Zhou, Bowen Lin, Xiaoao Xue, Xingtao Tian and Zhongyang Luo
Effects of binders on the properties of bio-char pellets pp. 508-516 Downloads
Qiang Hu, Jingai Shao, Haiping Yang, Dingding Yao, Xianhua Wang and Hanping Chen
Consolidated bioprocess for bioethanol production with alkali-pretreated sugarcane bagasse pp. 517-522 Downloads
Yunyun Liu, Yu Zhang, Jingliang Xu, Yongming Sun, Zhenhong Yuan and Jun Xie
Optimization of a biomass briquette fuel system based on grey relational analysis and analytic hierarchy process: A study using cornstalks in China pp. 523-532 Downloads
Zhiwei Wang, Tingzhou Lei, Xia Chang, Xinguang Shi, Ju Xiao, Zaifeng Li, Xiaofeng He, Jinling Zhu and Shuhua Yang
CO2 gasification of bio-char derived from conventional and microwave pyrolysis pp. 533-539 Downloads
Chunfei Wu, Vitaliy L. Budarin, Meihong Wang, Vida Sharifi, Mark J. Gronnow, Yajue Wu, Jim Swithenbank, James H. Clark and Paul T. Williams
Efficient valorization of lignin depolymerization products in the present of NixMg1−xO pp. 540-545 Downloads
Jinxing Long, Riyang Shu, Zhengqiu Yuan, Tiejun Wang, Ying Xu, Xinghua Zhang, Qi Zhang and Longlong Ma
Thermodynamic analysis and thermogravimetric investigation on chemical looping gasification of biomass char under different atmospheres with Fe2O3 oxygen carrier pp. 546-553 Downloads
Zhen Huang, Fang He, Huangqing Zhu, Dezhen Chen, Kun Zhao, Guoqiang Wei, Yipeng Feng, Anqing Zheng, Zengli Zhao and Haibin Li
On gas and particle radiation in pulverized fuel combustion furnaces pp. 554-561 Downloads
Chungen Yin
An integrated optimisation approach to airport ground operations to foster sustainability in the aviation sector pp. 567-582 Downloads
Michal Weiszer, Jun Chen and Giorgio Locatelli
Development of a new hybrid bus for urban public transportation pp. 583-594 Downloads
Federico Millo, Luciano Rolando, Rocco Fuso and Jianning Zhao
Performance analysis of a novel coaxial power-split hybrid powertrain using a CNG engine and supercapacitors pp. 595-606 Downloads
Minggao Ouyang, Weilin Zhang, Enhua Wang, Fuyuan Yang, Jianqiu Li, Zhongyan Li, Ping Yu and Xiao Ye
Application of flywheel energy storage for heavy haul locomotives pp. 607-618 Downloads
Maksym Spiryagin, Peter Wolfs, Frank Szanto, Yan Quan Sun, Colin Cole and Dwayne Nielsen
Energy storage technologies and hybrid architectures for specific diesel-driven rail duty cycles: Design and system integration aspects pp. 619-629 Downloads
M. Meinert, P. Prenleloup, S. Schmid and R. Palacin
Value of the energy storage system in an electric bus fast charging station pp. 630-639 Downloads
Huajie Ding, Zechun Hu and Yonghua Song
Theory and practice of flow field designs for fuel cell scaling-up: A critical review pp. 640-663 Downloads
Junye Wang
Multi-objective component sizing based on optimal energy management strategy of fuel cell electric vehicles pp. 664-674 Downloads
Liangfei Xu, Clemens David Mueller, Jianqiu Li, Minggao Ouyang and Zunyan Hu
Evaluation of emissions of CO2 and air pollutants from electric vehicles in Italian cities pp. 675-687 Downloads
T. Donateo, F. Licci, D’Elia, A., G. Colangelo, D. Laforgia and F. Ciancarelli
A probabilistic approach to combining smart meter and electric vehicle charging data to investigate distribution network impacts pp. 688-698 Downloads
Myriam Neaimeh, Robin Wardle, Andrew M. Jenkins, Jialiang Yi, Graeme Hill, Padraig F. Lyons, Yvonne Hübner, Phil T. Blythe and Phil C. Taylor
Long term individual load forecast under different electrical vehicles uptake scenarios pp. 699-709 Downloads
Anush Poghosyan, Danica Vukadinović Greetham, Stephen Haben and Tamsin Lee
Energy consumption of electric vehicles based on real-world driving patterns: A case study of Beijing pp. 710-719 Downloads
Hewu Wang, Xiaobin Zhang and Minggao Ouyang
Charging ahead on the transition to electric vehicles with standard 120V wall outlets pp. 720-728 Downloads
Samveg Saxena, Jason MacDonald and Scott Moura
Design methodology for radial turbo expanders in mobile organic Rankine cycle applications pp. 729-743 Downloads
A.W. Costall, A. Gonzalez Hernandez, P.J. Newton and Martinez-Botas, R.F.
A novel split cycle internal combustion engine with integral waste heat recovery pp. 744-753 Downloads
Guangyu Dong, Robert Morgan and Morgan Heikal
Analysis of powertrain design on effective waste heat recovery from conventional and hybrid electric vehicles pp. 754-761 Downloads
A. Shabashevich, N. Richards, J. Hwang and P.A. Erickson
Drive cycle simulation of high efficiency combustions on fuel economy and exhaust properties in light-duty vehicles pp. 762-776 Downloads
Zhiming Gao, Scott J. Curran, James E. Parks, David E. Smith, Robert M. Wagner, C. Stuart Daw, K. Dean Edwards and John F. Thomas
Development of a semi-empirical convective heat transfer correlation based on thermodynamic and optical measurements in a spark ignition engine pp. 777-788 Downloads
Adrian Irimescu, Simona Silvia Merola, Cinzia Tornatore and Gerardo Valentino
Genetic algorithm optimization applied to the fuel supply parameters of diesel engines working at plateau pp. 789-797 Downloads
Zhenxia Zhu, Fujun Zhang, Changjiang Li, Taotao Wu, Kai Han, Jianguo Lv, Yunlong Li and Xuelian Xiao
An experimental investigation into the starting process of free-piston engine generator pp. 798-804 Downloads
Boru Jia, Guohong Tian, Huihua Feng, Zhengxing Zuo and A.P. Roskilly
Stability analysis of hydraulic free piston engine pp. 805-813 Downloads
Shuanlu Zhang, Changlu Zhao and Zhenfeng Zhao
Application of a multi-zone combustion model to investigate the NOx reduction potential of two-stroke marine diesel engines using EGR pp. 814-823 Downloads
Spiridon I. Raptotasios, Nikolaos F. Sakellaridis, Roussos G. Papagiannakis and Dimitrios T. Hountalas
Experimental and numerical assessment of impingement and mixing of urea–water sprays for nitric oxide reduction in diesel exhaust pp. 824-837 Downloads
Achinta Varna, Alexander C. Spiteri, Yuri M. Wright, Panayotis Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler and Konstantinos Boulouchos
Ethanol-fueled low temperature combustion: A pathway to clean and efficient diesel engine cycles pp. 838-850 Downloads
Usman Asad, Raj Kumar, Ming Zheng and Jimi Tjong
Coproduction of transportation fuels in advanced IGCCs via coal and biomass mixtures pp. 851-860 Downloads
Qin Chen, Ashok Rao and Scott Samuelsen
A study of the effect of post injection on combustion and emissions with premixing enhanced fueling strategies pp. 861-870 Downloads
Marko Jeftić and Ming Zheng
The environmental performance of current and future passenger vehicles: Life cycle assessment based on a novel scenario analysis framework pp. 871-883 Downloads
Christian Bauer, Johannes Hofer, Hans-Jörg Althaus, Andrea Del Duce and Andrew Simons
A life-cycle perspective on automotive fuel cells pp. 884-896 Downloads
Andrew Simons and Christian Bauer
Benefits of hybridisation of diesel driven rail vehicles: Energy management strategies and life-cycle costs appraisal pp. 897-904 Downloads
M. Meinert, M. Melzer, C. Kamburow, R. Palacin, M. Leska and H. Aschemann
Reducing China’s road transport sector CO2 emissions to 2050: Technologies, costs and decomposition analysis pp. 905-917 Downloads
Ajay Gambhir, Lawrence K.C. Tse, Danlu Tong and Martinez-Botas, Ricardo
Quantifying efficiency technology improvements in U.S. cars from 1975–2009 pp. 918-928 Downloads
Don MacKenzie and John B. Heywood
Can UK passenger vehicles be designed to meet 2020 emissions targets? A novel methodology to forecast fuel consumption with uncertainty analysis pp. 929-939 Downloads
Niall P.D. Martin, Justin D.K. Bishop, Ruchi Choudhary and Adam M. Boies
A benefit-cost assessment of new vehicle technologies and fuel economy in the U.S. market pp. 940-952 Downloads
Richard A. Simmons, Gregory M. Shaver, Wallace Tyner and Suresh V. Garimella
Urban transportation energy and carbon dioxide emission reduction strategies pp. 953-973 Downloads
Yung-Hsiang Cheng, Yu-Hern Chang and I.J. Lu
Effects of resistive loads and tire inflation pressure on tire power losses and CO2 emissions in real-world conditions pp. 974-983 Downloads
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