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2018, volume 226, issue C

The recovery mechanism of proton exchange membrane fuel cell in micro-current operation pp. 1-9 Downloads
Pucheng Pei, Xiaoning Jia, Huachi Xu, Pengcheng Li, Ziyao Wu, Yuehua Li, Peng Ren, Dongfang Chen and Shangwei Huang
Natural gas hydrate exploitation by CO2/H2 continuous Injection-Production mode pp. 10-21 Downloads
Yi-Fei Sun, Jin-Rong Zhong, Rui Li, Tao Zhu, Xin-Yi Cao, Guang-Jin Chen, Xiao-Hui Wang, Lan-Ying Yang and Chang-Yu Sun
A novel catalytic alkylation process of syngas with benzene over the cerium modified platinum supported on HZSM-5 zeolite pp. 22-30 Downloads
Fan Yang, Jie Zhong, Xiaohui Liu and Xuedong Zhu
Highly energy-efficient combination of dehydrogenation of methylcyclohexane and hydrogen-based power generation pp. 31-38 Downloads
Firman Bagja Juangsa, Lukman Adi Prananto, Zahrul Mufrodi, Arief Budiman, Takuya Oda and Muhammad Aziz
Two-stage energy management for networked microgrids with high renewable penetration pp. 39-48 Downloads
Dongxiao Wang, Jing Qiu, Luke Reedman, Ke Meng and Loi Lei Lai
Assessing future water resource constraints on thermally based renewable energy resources in California pp. 49-60 Downloads
Brian Tarroja, Felicia Chiang, Amir AghaKouchak and Scott Samuelsen
“They are grinding us into the ground” – The lived experience of (in)energy justice amongst low-income older households pp. 61-70 Downloads
Nicola Willand and Ralph Horne
Intermediating energy justice? The role of intermediaries in the civic energy sector in a time of austerity pp. 71-81 Downloads
Lacey-Barnacle, M. and C.M. Bird
Experimental results of a small-scale organic Rankine cycle: Steady state identification and application to off-design model validation pp. 82-106 Downloads
Steven Lecompte, Sergei Gusev, Bruno Vanslambrouck and Michel De Paepe
High-temperature stability of nitrate/nitrite molten salt mixtures under different atmospheres pp. 107-115 Downloads
Carolina Villada, Alexander Bonk, Thomas Bauer and Francisco Bolívar
Gasification process integration with existing combined heat and power plants for polygeneration of dimethyl ether or methanol: A detailed profitability analysis pp. 116-128 Downloads
Chaudhary Awais Salman, Muhammad Naqvi, Eva Thorin and Jinyue Yan
Optimal design of a district energy system including supply for fuel cell electric vehicles pp. 129-144 Downloads
Christoph Wilke, Astrid Bensmann, Stefan Martin, Annika Utz and Hanke-Rauschenbach, Richard
An integrated diesel fuel processing system with thermal start-up for fuel cells pp. 145-159 Downloads
Remzi Can Samsun, Matthias Prawitz, Andreas Tschauder, Joachim Pasel, Peter Pfeifer, Ralf Peters and Detlef Stolten
Enhancement of the cooling capability of a high concentration photovoltaic system using microchannels with forward triangular ribs on sidewalls pp. 160-180 Downloads
Mario Di Capua H, Rodrigo Escobar, A.J. Diaz and Amador M. Guzmán
Flexible operation of active distribution network using integrated smart buildings with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems pp. 181-196 Downloads
Tao Jiang, Zening Li, Xiaolong Jin, Houhe Chen, Xue Li and Yunfei Mu
Assessing the potential of a hybrid battery system to reduce battery aging in an electric vehicle by studying the cycle life of a graphite∣NCA high energy and a LTO∣metal oxide high power battery cell considering realistic test profiles pp. 197-212 Downloads
Raphael Wegmann, Volker Döge and Dirk Uwe Sauer
Appliance labeling and consumer heterogeneity: A discrete choice experiment in India pp. 213-224 Downloads
Manisha Jain, Anand B. Rao and Anand Patwardhan
System-level performance optimization of molten-salt packed-bed thermal energy storage for concentrating solar power pp. 225-239 Downloads
Bing-chen Zhao, Mao-song Cheng, Chang Liu and Zhi-min Dai
Distribution patterns of energy consumed in classified public buildings through the data mining process pp. 240-251 Downloads
Yibo Chen and Jianzhong Wu
Categorising virtual water transfers through China’s electric power sector pp. 252-260 Downloads
Xiawei Liao, Xu Zhao, Jim W. Hall and Dabo Guan
Peer-to-peer energy sharing through a two-stage aggregated battery control in a community Microgrid pp. 261-276 Downloads
Chao Long, Jianzhong Wu, Yue Zhou and Nick Jenkins
Cost-effective supply chain for electric vehicle battery remanufacturing pp. 277-286 Downloads
Lin Li, Fadwa Dababneh and Jing Zhao
Assessment of energy efficiency and solvent retention inside steam chamber of steam- and solvent-assisted gravity drainage process pp. 287-299 Downloads
Hao Liu, Linsong Cheng, Keliu Wu, Shijun Huang and Brij B. Maini
Design and optimization of a Tesla turbine for ORC applications pp. 300-319 Downloads
L. Talluri, D. Fiaschi, G. Neri and L. Ciappi
Optimal design method for concentrating photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid system pp. 320-329 Downloads
Ershuai Yin, Qiang Li and Yimin Xuan
Experimental validation of additively manufactured optimized shapes for passive cooling pp. 330-339 Downloads
Boyan S. Lazarov, Ole Sigmund, Knud E. Meyer and Joe Alexandersen
Engine-out emissions from a modern high speed diesel engine – The importance of Nozzle Tip Protrusion pp. 340-352 Downloads
Felix Leach, Riyaz Ismail and Martin Davy
The role of community acceptance in planning outcomes for onshore wind and solar farms: An energy justice analysis pp. 353-364 Downloads
Philippa Roddis, Stephen Carver, Martin Dallimer, Paul Norman and Guy Ziv
Study on a high-performance photocatalytic-Trombe wall system for space heating and air purification pp. 365-380 Downloads
Bendong Yu, Jingxin Hou, Wei He, Shanshan Liu, Zhongting Hu, Jie Ji, Hongbing Chen and Gang Xu
Cylindrical thermoelectric generator with water heating system for high solar energy conversion efficiency pp. 381-388 Downloads
Hirofumi Hazama, Yumi Masuoka, Akitoshi Suzumura, Masato Matsubara, Shin Tajima and Ryoji Asahi
A thermoacoustic Stirling electrical generator for cold exergy recovery of liquefied nature gas pp. 389-396 Downloads
Mingyu Hou, Zhanghua Wu, Guoyao Yu, Jianying Hu and Ercang Luo
Effects of water content on evaporation and combustion characteristics of water emulsified diesel spray pp. 397-407 Downloads
Zhaowen Wang, Shuguo Shi, Sheng Huang, Jie Tang, Tao Du, Xiaobei Cheng, Ronghua Huang and Jyh-Yuan Chen
Multiple learning backtracking search algorithm for estimating parameters of photovoltaic models pp. 408-422 Downloads
Kunjie Yu, J.J. Liang, B.Y. Qu, Zhiping Cheng and Heshan Wang
Optimal design of a hybrid electric propulsive system for an anchor handling tug supply vessel pp. 423-436 Downloads
Jianyun Zhu, Li Chen, Bin Wang and Lijuan Xia
Cost-optimal electricity systems with increasing renewable energy penetration for islands across the globe pp. 437-449 Downloads
Dean Marcus Gioutsos, Kornelis Blok, Leonore van Velzen and Sjoerd Moorman
Development of a vision-based soft sensor for estimating equivalence ratio and major species concentration in entrained flow biomass gasification reactors pp. 450-460 Downloads
Yngve Ögren, Pál Tóth, Attila Garami, Alexey Sepman and Henrik Wiinikka
Effect of water content on [Bmim][HSO4] assisted in-situ transesterification of wet Nannochloropsis oceanica pp. 461-468 Downloads
Yingqiang Sun, Chunyan Xu, Thomas Igou, Peilu Liu, Zixuan Hu, Steven W. Van Ginkel and Yongsheng Chen
Bargaining-based cooperative energy trading for distribution company and demand response pp. 469-482 Downloads
Songli Fan, Qian Ai and Longjian Piao
Study on an innovative three-dimensional wind turbine wake model pp. 483-493 Downloads
Haiying Sun and Hongxing Yang
Rapid growth of petroleum coke consumption and its related emissions in China pp. 494-502 Downloads
Yuli Shan, Dabo Guan, Jing Meng, Zhu Liu, Heike Schroeder, Jianghua Liu and Zhifu Mi
Development of robust suboptimal real-time power sharing strategy for modern fuel cell based hybrid tramways considering operational uncertainties and performance degradation pp. 503-521 Downloads
Fei Peng, Yuanzhe Zhao, Ting Chen, Xuexia Zhang, Weirong Chen, Donghua Zhou and Qi Li
Modeling and experimental investigation of a free-piston Stirling engine-based micro-combined heat and power system pp. 522-533 Downloads
Shunmin Zhu, Guoyao Yu, Jongmin O, Tao Xu, Zhanghua Wu, Wei Dai and Ercang Luo
Highly efficient conversion of methane using microsecond and nanosecond pulsed spark discharges pp. 534-545 Downloads
Yuan Gao, Shuai Zhang, Hao Sun, Ruixue Wang, Xin Tu and Tao Shao
A systems approach for management of microgrids considering multiple energy carriers, stochastic loads, forecasting and demand side response pp. 546-559 Downloads
Damian Giaouris, Athanasios I. Papadopoulos, Charalampos Patsios, Sara Walker, Chrysovalantou Ziogou, Phil Taylor, Spyros Voutetakis, Simira Papadopoulou and Panos Seferlis
Zero dimensional dynamic model of vanadium redox flow battery cell incorporating all modes of vanadium ions crossover pp. 560-569 Downloads
M. Pugach, M. Kondratenko, S. Briola and A. Bischi
Numerical stiffness study of multi-physical solid oxide fuel cell model for real-time simulation applications pp. 570-581 Downloads
Rui Ma, Chen Liu, Elena Breaz, Pascal Briois and Fei Gao
Real-time renewable energy incentive system for electric vehicles using prioritization and cryptocurrency pp. 582-594 Downloads
Tianyang Zhang, Himanshu Pota, Chi-Cheng Chu and Rajit Gadh
Dynamic modeling of a particle/supercritical CO2 heat exchanger for transient analysis and control pp. 595-606 Downloads
Fernández-Torrijos, M., K.J. Albrecht and C.K. Ho
Drastic bandwidth enhancement of bistable energy harvesters: Study of subharmonic behaviors and their stability robustness pp. 607-617 Downloads
Thomas Huguet, Adrien Badel, Olivier Druet and Mickaël Lallart
A new approach to electricity market clearing with uniform purchase price and curtailable block orders pp. 618-630 Downloads
Iacopo Savelli, Bertrand Cornélusse, Antonio Giannitrapani, Simone Paoletti and Antonio Vicino
Risk-averse stochastic model predictive control-based real-time operation method for a wind energy generation system supported by a pumped hydro storage unit pp. 631-643 Downloads
Uğur Yıldıran and İsmail Kayahan
Balancing marine ecosystem impact and freshwater consumption with water-use fees in California’s power markets: An evaluation of possibilities and trade-offs pp. 644-654 Downloads
Jose Bolorinos, Yang Yu, Newsha K. Ajami and Ram Rajagopal
A high-fidelity wave-to-wire simulation platform for wave energy converters: Coupled numerical wave tank and power take-off models pp. 655-669 Downloads
Markel Penalba, Josh Davidson, Christian Windt and John V. Ringwood
Modelling household spatial energy intensity consumption patterns for building envelopes, heating systems and temperature controls in cities pp. 670-681 Downloads
Javier Urquizo, Carlos Calderón and Philip James
Experimental investigation on the efficiency of circular cylinder-based wind energy harvester with different rod-shaped attachments pp. 682-689 Downloads
Gang Hu, K.T. Tse, Minghai Wei, R. Naseer, A. Abdelkefi and K.C.S. Kwok
Thermal analysis of a thermoelectric generator for light-duty diesel engines pp. 690-702 Downloads
Fernández-Yañez, Pablo, Octavio Armas, Azael Capetillo and Martínez-Martínez, Simón
Optimal scheduling of a microgrid in a volatile electricity market environment: Portfolio optimization approach pp. 703-712 Downloads
Y. Chen and M. Trifkovic
A Review of Transparent Insulation Material (TIM) for building energy saving and daylight comfort pp. 713-729 Downloads
Yanyi Sun, Robin Wilson and Yupeng Wu
Effects of hydrolysis and oxidative hydrolysis pretreatments on upgrading of the water-soluble fraction of bio-oil via decarboxylation pp. 730-742 Downloads
Yuan Zhang, Yong Wang, Hongyou Cui, Pingping Zhao, Feng Song, Xiuyu Sun, Yujiao Xie, Weiming Yi and Lihong Wang
Multi-objective distributed generation planning in distribution network considering correlations among uncertainties pp. 743-755 Downloads
Shenxi Zhang, Haozhong Cheng, Ke Li, Nengling Tai, Dan Wang and Furong Li
A hybrid system for short-term wind speed forecasting pp. 756-771 Downloads
Qingqing He, Jianzhou Wang and Haiyan Lu
Design and characterization of hybrid III–V concentrator photovoltaic–thermoelectric receivers under primary and secondary optical elements pp. 772-783 Downloads
T.K.N. Sweet, M.H. Rolley, W. Li, M.C. Paul, A. Johnson, J.I. Davies, R. Tuley, K. Simpson, F.M. Almonacid, E.F. Fernández and A.R. Knox
The development and validation of a vehicle simulator for the introduction of Worldwide Harmonized test protocol in the European light duty vehicle CO2 certification process pp. 784-796 Downloads
Georgios Fontaras, Víctor Valverde, Vincenzo Arcidiacono, Stefanos Tsiakmakis, Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos, Dimitrios Komnos, Jelica Pavlovic and Biagio Ciuffo
A solar methane reforming reactor design with enhanced efficiency pp. 797-807 Downloads
Jian Jin, Xin Wei, Mingkai Liu, Yuhang Yu, Wenjia Li, Hui Kong and Yong Hao
A new hybrid photovoltaic/thermal and liquid desiccant system for trigeneration application pp. 808-818 Downloads
Bosheng Su, Wei Han, Wanjun Qu, Changchun Liu and Hongguang Jin
The impact from the direct injection and multi-port fuel injection technologies for gasoline vehicles on solid particle number and black carbon emissions pp. 819-826 Downloads
Liqiang He, Jingnan Hu, Shaojun Zhang, Ye Wu, Rencheng Zhu, Lei Zu, Xiaofeng Bao, Yitu Lai and Sheng Su
High catalytic performance of Fe-Ni/Palygorskite in the steam reforming of toluene for hydrogen production pp. 827-837 Downloads
Xuehua Zou, Tianhu Chen, Ping Zhang, Dong Chen, Junkai He, Yanliu Dang, Zhiyuan Ma, Ye Chen, Panteha Toloueinia, Chengzhu Zhu, Jingjing Xie, Haibo Liu and Steven L. Suib
Microbial community adaptability to altered temperature conditions determines the potential for process optimisation in biogas production pp. 838-848 Downloads
M. Westerholm, S. Isaksson, O. Karlsson Lindsjö and A. Schnürer
Influence of geometrical parameters on the flow characteristics of multi-pipe earth-to-air heat exchangers – experimental and CFD investigations pp. 849-861 Downloads
Łukasz Amanowicz
Potential of energy savings and CO2 emission reduction in China’s iron and steel industry pp. 862-880 Downloads
Runying An, Biying Yu, Ru Li and Yi-Ming Wei
A feasible way to handle the heat management of direct carbon solid oxide fuel cells pp. 881-890 Downloads
Haoran Xu, Bin Chen, Peng Tan, Weizi Cai, Yiyang Wu, Houcheng Zhang and Meng Ni
Trade-offs between economic and environmental performance of an autonomous hybrid energy system using micro hydro pp. 891-904 Downloads
W. Apichonnabutr and A. Tiwary
Cooperative game theory and last addition method in the allocation of firm energy rights pp. 905-915 Downloads
Victor. A.D. Faria, Anderson Rodrigo de Queiroz, Luana M.M. Lima and José W.M. Lima
Methane hydrate decomposition and sediment deformation in unconfined sediment with different types of concentrated hydrate accumulations by innovative experimental system pp. 916-923 Downloads
Yi Wang, Jing-Chun Feng, Xiao-Sen Li, Yu Zhang and Han Han
Multi-time period optimized configuration and scheduling of gas storage in gas-fired power plants pp. 924-934 Downloads
Zheng Qiao, Qinglai Guo, Hongbin Sun and Tongtian Sheng
System-level energy consumption modeling and optimization for cellulosic biofuel production pp. 935-946 Downloads
Yuntian Ge and Lin Li
Experimental and analytical study on capture spray liquid penetration and combustion characteristics simultaneously with Hydrogenated Catalytic Biodiesel/Diesel blended fuel pp. 947-956 Downloads
Weiwei Shang, Zhixia He, Qian Wang, Jiawei Cao, Bei Li, Xianyin Leng, P. Tamilselvan and Da Li
Optimal placement, sizing, and daily charge/discharge of battery energy storage in low voltage distribution network with high photovoltaic penetration pp. 957-966 Downloads
Mohammad Rasol Jannesar, Alireza Sedighi, Mehdi Savaghebi and Josep M. Guerrero
Risk constrained stochastic economic dispatch considering dependence of multiple wind farms using pair-copula pp. 967-978 Downloads
M.S. Li, Z.J. Lin, T.Y. Ji and Q.H. Wu
Optimal design and operation of integrated solar combined cycles under emissions intensity constraints pp. 979-990 Downloads
Philip G. Brodrick, Adam R. Brandt and Louis J. Durlofsky
Intertemporal optimization of synthesis, design and operation of integrated energy systems of ships: General method and application on a system with Diesel main engines pp. 991-1008 Downloads
George N. Sakalis and Christos A. Frangopoulos
Novel performance curves to determine optimal operation of CCHP systems pp. 1009-1036 Downloads
Sayyed Faridoddin Afzali and Vladimir Mahalec
A numerical and experimental comparison of a single reversible molten carbonate cell operating in fuel cell mode and electrolysis mode pp. 1037-1055 Downloads
Perez-Trujillo, Juan Pedro, Elizalde-Blancas, Francisco, Massimiliano Della Pietra and Stephen J. McPhail
A Generalized Droop Strategy for Interlinking Converter in a Standalone Hybrid Microgrid pp. 1056-1063 Downloads
Sarmad Majeed Malik, Yingyun Sun, Wen Huang, Xin Ai and Zhikang Shuai
Techno-economic analysis of high-efficiency natural-gas generators for residential combined heat and power pp. 1064-1075 Downloads
Gokul Vishwanathan, Julian P. Sculley, Adam Fischer and Ji-Cheng Zhao
Carbon emissions and their drivers for a typical urban economy from multiple perspectives: A case analysis for Beijing city pp. 1076-1086 Downloads
Jia Shuo Li, H.W. Zhou, Jing Meng, Q. Yang, B. Chen and Y.Y. Zhang
Optimal planning of electric vehicle charging stations comprising multi-types of charging facilities pp. 1087-1099 Downloads
Lizi Luo, Wei Gu, Suyang Zhou, He Huang, Song Gao, Jun Han, Zhi Wu and Xiaobo Dou
Thermodynamic evaluation of bi-directional solid oxide cell systems including year-round cumulative exergy analysis pp. 1100-1118 Downloads
G. Botta, R. Mor, H. Patel and P.V. Aravind
A thermo-economic analysis and comparison of pumped-thermal and liquid-air electricity storage systems pp. 1119-1133 Downloads
Solomos Georgiou, Nilay Shah and Christos N. Markides
A physical supply-use table framework for energy analysis on the energy conversion chain pp. 1134-1162 Downloads
Matthew Kuperus Heun, Anne Owen and Paul E. Brockway
Effects of injection pressure on ignition and combustion characteristics of impinging diesel spray pp. 1163-1168 Downloads
Wei Du, Qiankun Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Juejue Lou and Wenhua Bao
Using ducted fuel injection to attenuate or prevent soot formation in mixing-controlled combustion strategies for engine applications pp. 1169-1186 Downloads
R.K. Gehmlich, C.J. Mueller, D.J. Ruth, C.W. Nilsen, S.A. Skeen and J. Manin
Review and evaluation of wake loss models for wind energy applications pp. 1187-1207 Downloads
Cristina L. Archer, Vasel-Be-Hagh, Ahmadreza, Chi Yan, Sicheng Wu, Yang Pan, Joseph F. Brodie and A. Eoghan Maguire
Towards a comprehensive model for characterising and assessing thermoelectric modules by impedance spectroscopy pp. 1208-1218 Downloads
Ramy Mesalam, Hugo R. Williams, Richard M. Ambrosi, García-Cañadas, Jorge and Keith Stephenson
Methane production through anaerobic digestion: Participation and digestion characteristics of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin pp. 1219-1228 Downloads
Wanwu Li, Habiba Khalid, Zhe Zhu, Ruihong Zhang, Guangqing Liu, Chang Chen and Eva Thorin
Thermodynamic optimisation of a high-electrical efficiency integrated internal combustion engine – Organic Rankine cycle combined heat and power system pp. 1229-1251 Downloads
Maria Anna Chatzopoulou and Christos N. Markides
Data-driven model predictive control using random forests for building energy optimization and climate control pp. 1252-1272 Downloads
Francesco Smarra, Achin Jain, Tullio de Rubeis, Dario Ambrosini, D’Innocenzo, Alessandro and Rahul Mangharam
Brick: Metadata schema for portable smart building applications pp. 1273-1292 Downloads
Bharathan Balaji, Arka Bhattacharya, Gabriel Fierro, Jingkun Gao, Joshua Gluck, Dezhi Hong, Aslak Johansen, Jason Koh, Joern Ploennigs, Yuvraj Agarwal, Mario Bergés, David Culler, Rajesh K. Gupta, Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard, Mani Srivastava and Kamin Whitehouse
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