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2018, volume 210, issue C

Modelling of sorption-enhanced steam methane reforming in a fixed bed reactor network integrated with fuel cell pp. 1-15 Downloads
Giuseppe Diglio, Dawid P. Hanak, Piero Bareschino, Francesco Pepe, Fabio Montagnaro and Vasilije Manovic
Optimized design and characterization of motor-pump unit for energy-regenerative shock absorbers pp. 16-27 Downloads
Renato Galluzzi, Yijun Xu, Nicola Amati and Andrea Tonoli
Effect of organic type and moisture on CO2/CH4 competitive adsorption in kerogen with implications for CO2 sequestration and enhanced CH4 recovery pp. 28-43 Downloads
Liang Huang, Zhengfu Ning, Qing Wang, Wentong Zhang, Zhilin Cheng, Xiaojun Wu and Huibo Qin
Optimal integration and planning of renewable distributed generation in the power distribution networks: A review of analytical techniques pp. 44-59 Downloads
Ali Ehsan and Qiang Yang
A copula-based flexible-stochastic programming method for planning regional energy system under multiple uncertainties: A case study of the urban agglomeration of Beijing and Tianjin pp. 60-74 Downloads
L. Yu, Y.P. Li, G.H. Huang, Y.R. Fan and S. Nie
Impact of fuel selection on the environmental performance of post-combustion calcium looping applied to a cement plant pp. 75-87 Downloads
Wouter Schakel, Christine Roxanne Hung, Lars-Andre Tokheim, Anders Hammer Strømman, Ernst Worrell and Andrea Ramírez
A bat optimized neural network and wavelet transform approach for short-term price forecasting pp. 88-97 Downloads
P.M.R. Bento, J.A.N. Pombo, M.R.A. Calado and S.J.P.S. Mariano
Global energy flows embodied in international trade: A combination of environmentally extended input–output analysis and complex network analysis pp. 98-107 Downloads
B. Chen, J.S. Li, X.F. Wu, M.Y. Han, L. Zeng, Z. Li and G.Q. Chen
Low-cost Ca-based composites synthesized by biotemplate method for thermochemical energy storage of concentrated solar power pp. 108-116 Downloads
Benitez-Guerrero, Monica, Jose Manuel Valverde, Antonio Perejon, Sanchez-Jimenez, Pedro E. and Perez-Maqueda, Luis A.
From waste to high value utilization of spent bleaching clay in synthesizing high-performance calcium-based sorbent for CO2 capture pp. 117-126 Downloads
Chenglin Su, Lunbo Duan, Felix Donat and Edward John Anthony
Theoretical dimensioning and sizing limits of hybrid energy storage systems pp. 127-137 Downloads
Sebastian Günther, Astrid Bensmann and Hanke-Rauschenbach, Richard
Improvement in high load ethanol-diesel dual-fuel combustion by Miller cycle and charge air cooling pp. 138-151 Downloads
Vinícius B. Pedrozo and Hua Zhao
Modelling study of the impact of thermal comfort criteria on housing energy use in Australia pp. 152-166 Downloads
Zhengen Ren and Dong Chen
Review on electrospun ultrafine phase change fibers (PCFs) for thermal energy storage pp. 167-181 Downloads
Yang Wu, Changzhong Chen, Yifan Jia, Jie Wu, Yong Huang and Linge Wang
Power-to-Gas: Electrolyzers as an alternative to network expansion – An example from a distribution system operator pp. 182-197 Downloads
Martin Robinius, Tanmay Raje, Stefan Nykamp, Tobias Rott, Martin Müller, Thomas Grube, Burkhard Katzenbach, Stefan Küppers and Detlef Stolten
A novel isobaric adiabatic compressed air energy storage (IA-CAES) system on the base of volatile fluid pp. 198-210 Downloads
Long Xiang Chen, Mei Na Xie, Pan Pan Zhao, Feng Xiang Wang, Peng Hu and Dong Xiang Wang
Energy efficiency evaluation of a stationary lithium-ion battery container storage system via electro-thermal modeling and detailed component analysis pp. 211-229 Downloads
Michael Schimpe, Maik Naumann, Nam Truong, Holger C. Hesse, Shriram Santhanagopalan, Aron Saxon and Andreas Jossen
Influence of controlled handling of solid inorganic materials and design changes on the product gas quality in dual fluid bed gasification of woody biomass pp. 230-240 Downloads
Matthias Kuba, Stephan Kraft, Friedrich Kirnbauer, Frank Maierhans and Hermann Hofbauer
Investment optimization path of NG power generation in China based on carbon value realization and market linkage pp. 241-255 Downloads
Zaili Zhen, Liyun Lou, Lixin Tian and Qibing Gao
Employment impacts of renewable energy policies in China: A decomposition analysis based on a CGE modeling framework pp. 256-267 Downloads
Yaqian Mu, Wenjia Cai, Samuel Evans, Can Wang and Roland-Holst, David
Cost analysis of enzymatic biodiesel production in small-scaled packed-bed reactors pp. 268-278 Downloads
Sandra Budžaki, Goran Miljić, Smitha Sundaram, Marina Tišma and Volker Hessel
Effects of cold start control strategy on cold start performance of the diesel engine based on a comprehensive preheat diesel engine model pp. 279-287 Downloads
Yuanwang Deng, Huawei Liu, Xiaohuan Zhao, Jiaqiang E and Jianmei Chen
Evaluation of Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) autoignition development through chemiluminescence imaging and Proper Orthogonal Decomposition pp. 288-302 Downloads
A.G. Charalambides, S. Sahu, Y. Hardalupas, A.M.K.P. Taylor and Y. Urata
A novel tangent error maximum power point tracking algorithm for photovoltaic system under fast multi-changing solar irradiances pp. 303-316 Downloads
Lele Peng, Shubin Zheng, Xiaodong Chai and Liming Li
An efficient CO2 adsorptive storage using MOF-5 and MOF-177 pp. 317-326 Downloads
Naef A.A. Qasem, Ben-Mansour, Rached and Mohamed A. Habib
A dynamic model for thermoelectric generator applied to vehicle waste heat recovery pp. 327-338 Downloads
Song Lan, Zhijia Yang, Rui Chen and Richard Stobart
A power-flow emulator approach for resilience assessment of repairable power grids subject to weather-induced failures and data deficiency pp. 339-350 Downloads
Roberto Rocchetta, Enrico Zio and Edoardo Patelli
Numerical and experimental evaluation and optimization of ceramic foam as solar absorber – Single-layer vs multi-layer configurations pp. 351-375 Downloads
Fritz Zaversky, Leticia Aldaz, Marcelino Sánchez, Ávila-Marín, Antonio L., M. Isabel Roldán, Fernández-Reche, Jesús, Alexander Füssel, Wieland Beckert and Jörg Adler
The FEW-Nexus city index – Measuring urban resilience pp. 382-392 Downloads
Holger Schlör, Sandra Venghaus and Jürgen-Friedrich Hake
Water-energy nexus: A review of methods and tools for macro-assessment pp. 393-408 Downloads
Jiangyu Dai, Shiqiang Wu, Guoyi Han, Josh Weinberg, Xinghua Xie, Xiufeng Wu, Xingqiang Song, Benyou Jia, Wanyun Xue and Qianqian Yang
Role of financial mechanisms for accelerating the rate of water and energy efficiency retrofits in Australian public buildings: Hybrid Bayesian Network and System Dynamics modelling approach pp. 409-419 Downloads
Edoardo Bertone, Oz Sahin, Rodney A. Stewart, Patrick X.W. Zou, Morshed Alam, Keith Hampson and Evan Blair
Improving water quantity simulation & forecasting to solve the energy-water-food nexus issue by using heterogeneous computing accelerated global optimization method pp. 420-433 Downloads
Guangyuan Kan, Mengjie Zhang, Ke Liang, Hao Wang, Yunzhong Jiang, Jiren Li, Liuqian Ding, Xiaoyan He, Yang Hong, Depeng Zuo, Zhenxin Bao and Chaochao Li
Probabilistic assessment of aquatic species risk from thermoelectric power plant effluent: Incorporating biology into the energy-water nexus pp. 434-450 Downloads
Lauren H. Logan and Ashlynn S. Stillwell
Sensor technologies for the energy-water nexus – A review pp. 451-466 Downloads
Brook W. Abegaz, Tania Datta and Satish M. Mahajan
Flexible thermoelectric power generator with Y-type structure using electrochemical deposition process pp. 467-476 Downloads
Trung Nguyen Huu, Toan Nguyen Van and Ono Takahito
A multi-criteria model analysis framework for assessing integrated water-energy system transformation pathways pp. 477-486 Downloads
Simon C. Parkinson, Marek Makowski, Volker Krey, Khaled Sedraoui, Abdulrahman H. Almasoud and Ned Djilali
The potential impact of Brexit on the energy, water and food nexus in the UK: A fuzzy cognitive mapping approach pp. 487-498 Downloads
Guy Ziv, Elizabeth Watson, Dylan Young, David C. Howard, Shaun T. Larcom and Andrew J. Tanentzap
Spatial and temporal synchronization of water and energy systems: Towards a single integrated optimization model for long-term resource planning pp. 499-517 Downloads
Zarrar Khan, Pedro Linares, Martine Rutten, Simon Parkinson, Nils Johnson and García-González, Javier
Valuation of water and emissions in energy systems pp. 518-528 Downloads
Fuentes-Cortés, Luis Fabián, Yan Ma, Ponce-Ortega, Jose María, Ruiz-Mercado, Gerardo and Victor M. Zavala
Electricity & direct water consumption on Irish pasture based dairy farms: A statistical analysis pp. 529-537 Downloads
P. Shine, T. Scully, J. Upton, L. Shalloo and M.D. Murphy
Maintaining electric grid reliability under hydrologic drought and heat wave conditions pp. 538-549 Downloads
William Naggaga Lubega and Ashlynn S. Stillwell
The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in East Asia: A tele-connected value chain analysis using inter-regional input-output analysis pp. 550-567 Downloads
David J. White, Klaus Hubacek, Kuishuang Feng, Laixiang Sun and Bo Meng
Electrical power generation under policy constrained water-energy nexus pp. 568-579 Downloads
Blaže Gjorgiev and Giovanni Sansavini
Effect of land use change for bioenergy production on feedstock cost and water quality pp. 580-590 Downloads
Jia Zhong, Tun-hsiang Yu, Christopher Clark, Burton C. English, James A. Larson and Chu-Lin Cheng
Financial tradeoffs of energy and food uses of algal biomass under stochastic conditions pp. 591-603 Downloads
Michael J. Walsh, Léda Gerber Van Doren, Nilam Shete, Akshay Prakash and Usama Salim
Seasonal aspects of the energy-water nexus: The case of a run-of-the-river hydropower plant pp. 604-612 Downloads
Ludovic Gaudard, Francesco Avanzi and Carlo De Michele
The water consequences of a transitioning US power sector pp. 613-622 Downloads
Rebecca A.M. Peer and Kelly T. Sanders
Reducing CO2 emissions from drinking water treatment plants: A shadow price approach pp. 623-631 Downloads
Molinos-Senante, María and Catalina Guzmán
Identifying critical supply chains and final products: An input-output approach to exploring the energy-water-food nexus pp. 632-642 Downloads
Anne Owen, Kate Scott and John Barrett
China’s energy-water nexus: Assessing water conservation synergies of the total coal consumption cap strategy until 2050 pp. 643-660 Downloads
Yizi Shang, Pengfei Hei, Shibao Lu, Ling Shang, Xiaofei Li, Yongping Wei, Dongdong Jia, Dong Jiang, Yuntao Ye, Jiaguo Gong, Xiaohui Lei, Mengmeng Hao, Yaqin Qiu, Jiahong Liu and Hao Wang
Regional water consumption for hydro and thermal electricity generation in the United States pp. 661-672 Downloads
Uisung Lee, Jeongwoo Han, Amgad Elgowainy and Michael Wang
Water for electricity in India: A multi-model study of future challenges and linkages to climate change mitigation pp. 673-684 Downloads
Shweta Srinivasan, Nazar Kholod, Vaibhav Chaturvedi, Probal Pratap Ghosh, Ritu Mathur, Leon Clarke, Meredydd Evans, Mohamad Hejazi, Amit Kanudia, Poonam Nagar Koti, Bo Liu, Kirit S. Parikh, Mohammed Sahil Ali and Kabir Sharma
Active battery cell equalization based on residual available energy maximization pp. 690-698 Downloads
Weiping Diao, Nan Xue, Vikram Bhattacharjee, Jiuchun Jiang, Orkun Karabasoglu and Michael Pecht
A novel control approach for virtual synchronous generators to suppress frequency and voltage fluctuations in microgrids pp. 699-710 Downloads
Yuko Hirase, Kensho Abe, Kazushige Sugimoto, Kenichi Sakimoto, Hassan Bevrani and Toshifumi Ise
Robust sliding-mode control of wind energy conversion systems for optimal power extraction via nonlinear perturbation observers pp. 711-723 Downloads
Bo Yang, Tao Yu, Hongchun Shu, Jun Dong and Lin Jiang
New breed of solid-state transformer mainly combing hybrid cascaded multilevel converter with resonant DC-DC converters pp. 724-736 Downloads
Chuang Liu, Xuejiao Li, Yuemei Zhi and Guowei Cai
Transient stability mechanism of grid-connected inverter-interfaced distributed generators using droop control strategy pp. 737-747 Downloads
Moduo Yu, Wentao Huang, Nengling Tai, Xiaodong Zheng, Pan Wu and Weidong Chen
Simple electric utility platform: A hardware/software solution for operating emergent microgrids pp. 748-763 Downloads
Ashray Manur, Giri Venkataramanan and David Sehloff
Comparison between synthetic inertia and fast frequency containment control based on single phase EVs in a microgrid pp. 764-775 Downloads
Michel Rezkalla, Antonio Zecchino, Sergejus Martinenas, Alexander M. Prostejovsky and Mattia Marinelli
Deep learning hybrid method for islanding detection in distributed generation pp. 776-785 Downloads
Xiangrui Kong, Xiaoyuan Xu, Zheng Yan, Sijie Chen, Huoming Yang and Dong Han
Flat tie-line power scheduling control of grid-connected hybrid microgrids pp. 786-799 Downloads
Zhao-xia Xiao, Josep M. Guerrero, Jia Shuang, Dezso Sera, Erik Schaltz and Juan C. Vásquez
One rate does not fit all: An empirical analysis of electricity tariffs for residential microgrids pp. 800-814 Downloads
Gilbert Fridgen, Micha Kahlen, Wolfgang Ketter, Alexander Rieger and Markus Thimmel
Designing efficient distribution network charges in the context of active customers pp. 815-826 Downloads
Ibtihal Abdelmotteleb, Tomás Gómez, José Pablo Chaves Ávila and Javier Reneses
Economic and technical analysis of reactive power provision from distributed energy resources in microgrids pp. 827-841 Downloads
Oktoviano Gandhi, Rodríguez-Gallegos, Carlos D., Wenjie Zhang, Dipti Srinivasan and Thomas Reindl
Economic and environmental benefits of coordinating dispatch among distributed electricity storage pp. 842-855 Downloads
Menglian Zheng, Xinhao Wang, Christoph J. Meinrenken and Yi Ding
Assessing the implications of socioeconomic diversity for low carbon technology uptake in electrical distribution networks pp. 856-869 Downloads
R. McKenna, P. Djapic, J. Weinand, W. Fichtner and G. Strbac
Designing microgrid energy markets pp. 870-880 Downloads
Esther Mengelkamp, Johannes Gärttner, Kerstin Rock, Scott Kessler, Lawrence Orsini and Christof Weinhardt
Optimization problem for meeting distribution system operator requests in local flexibility markets with distributed energy resources pp. 881-895 Downloads
Olivella-Rosell, Pol, Bullich-Massagué, Eduard, Aragüés-Peñalba, Mònica, Andreas Sumper, Stig Ødegaard Ottesen, Vidal-Clos, Josep-Andreu and Villafáfila-Robles, Roberto
Techno-economic and business case assessment of multi-energy microgrids with co-optimization of energy, reserve and reliability services pp. 896-913 Downloads
Eduardo A. Martínez Ceseña, Nicholas Good, Angeliki L.A. Syrri and Pierluigi Mancarella
Stabilizing plug-and-play regulators and secondary coordinated control for AC islanded microgrids with bus-connected topology pp. 914-924 Downloads
Stefano Riverso, Michele Tucci, Juan C. Vasquez, Josep M. Guerrero and Ferrari-Trecate, Giancarlo
Distributed stabilizing modular control for stand-alone microgrids pp. 925-935 Downloads
Despoina I. Makrygiorgou and Antonio T. Alexandridis
Coordinated sectional droop charging control for EV aggregator enhancing frequency stability of microgrid with high penetration of renewable energy sources pp. 936-943 Downloads
Xianwen Zhu, Mingchao Xia and Hsiao-Dong Chiang
Optimization of unit commitment and economic dispatch in microgrids based on genetic algorithm and mixed integer linear programming pp. 944-963 Downloads
Mohsen Nemati, Martin Braun and Stefan Tenbohlen
A new combined control algorithm for PV-CHP hybrid systems pp. 964-973 Downloads
T.M. Kneiske, M. Braun and Hidalgo-Rodriguez, D.I.
Optimal coordinated energy dispatch of a multi-energy microgrid in grid-connected and islanded modes pp. 974-986 Downloads
Zhengmao Li and Yan Xu
Day ahead optimization of an electric vehicle fleet providing ancillary services in the Los Angeles Air Force Base vehicle-to-grid demonstration pp. 987-1001 Downloads
Nicholas DeForest, Jason S. MacDonald and Douglas R. Black
A novel design of architecture and control for multiple microgrids with hybrid AC/DC connection pp. 1002-1016 Downloads
Pan Wu, Wentao Huang, Nengling Tai and Shuo Liang
Receding horizon optimization-based approaches to managing supply voltages and power flows in a distribution grid with battery storage co-located with solar PV pp. 1017-1026 Downloads
Elizabeth L. Ratnam and Steven R. Weller
Optimal voltage regulation for distribution networks with multi-microgrids pp. 1027-1036 Downloads
Xiaoxue Wang, Chengshan Wang, Tao Xu, Lingxu Guo, Peng Li, Li Yu and He Meng
Modeling constraints to distributed generation solar photovoltaic capacity installation in the US Midwest pp. 1037-1050 Downloads
Tyson Cook, Lee Shaver and Paul Arbaje
Spatially resolved model for studying decarbonisation pathways for heat supply and infrastructure trade-offs pp. 1051-1072 Downloads
Jalil-Vega, F. and A.D. Hawkes
Optimal distributed generation planning in active distribution networks considering integration of energy storage pp. 1073-1081 Downloads
Yang Li, Bo Feng, Guoqing Li, Junjian Qi, Dongbo Zhao and Yunfei Mu
Distributed energy storage planning in soft open point based active distribution networks incorporating network reconfiguration and DG reactive power capability pp. 1082-1091 Downloads
Linquan Bai, Tao Jiang, Fangxing Li, Houhe Chen and Xue Li
Optimal siting and sizing of distributed generation in distribution systems with PV solar farm utilized as STATCOM (PV-STATCOM) pp. 1092-1100 Downloads
Lizi Luo, Wei Gu, Xiao-Ping Zhang, Ge Cao, Weijun Wang, Gang Zhu, Dingjun You and Zhi Wu
Topological properties of medium voltage electricity distribution networks pp. 1101-1112 Downloads
Sathsara Abeysinghe, Jianzhong Wu, Mahesh Sooriyabandara, Muditha Abeysekera, Tao Xu and Chengshan Wang
Energy storage capacity optimization for autonomy microgrid considering CHP and EV scheduling pp. 1113-1125 Downloads
Zifa Liu, Yixiao Chen, Ranqun Zhuo and Hongjie Jia
A MINLP multi-objective optimization model for operational planning of a case study CCHP system in urban China pp. 1126-1140 Downloads
Xuyue Zheng, Guoce Wu, Yuwei Qiu, Xiangyan Zhan, Nilay Shah, Ning Li and Yingru Zhao
Mixed-integer linear programming-based optimal configuration planning for energy hub: Starting from scratch pp. 1141-1150 Downloads
Yi Wang, Ning Zhang, Zhenyu Zhuo, Chongqing Kang and Daniel Kirschen
An integrated design for hybrid combined cooling, heating and power system with compressed air energy storage pp. 1151-1166 Downloads
Yi Yan, Chenghui Zhang, Ke Li and Zhen Wang
A simulation-based efficiency comparison of AC and DC power distribution networks in commercial buildings pp. 1167-1187 Downloads
Daniel L. Gerber, Vagelis Vossos, Wei Feng, Chris Marnay, Bruce Nordman and Richard Brown
Optimal operation of an energy management system for a grid-connected smart building considering photovoltaics’ uncertainty and stochastic electric vehicles’ driving schedule pp. 1188-1206 Downloads
Dimitrios Thomas, Olivier Deblecker and Christos S. Ioakimidis
On the use of probabilistic forecasts in scheduling of renewable energy sources coupled to storages pp. 1207-1218 Downloads
Riccardo Remo Appino, Jorge Ángel González Ordiano, Ralf Mikut, Timm Faulwasser and Veit Hagenmeyer
Stochastic low-carbon scheduling with carbon capture power plants and coupon-based demand response pp. 1219-1228 Downloads
Xue Li, Rufeng Zhang, Linquan Bai, Guoqing Li, Tao Jiang and Houhe Chen
Optimal planning of microgrid power and operating reserve capacity pp. 1229-1236 Downloads
Mike Quashie, Chris Marnay, François Bouffard and Géza Joós
A new reliability assessment approach for integrated energy systems: Using hierarchical decoupling optimization framework and impact-increment based state enumeration method pp. 1237-1250 Downloads
Yunkai Lei, Kai Hou, Yue Wang, Hongjie Jia, Pei Zhang, Yunfei Mu, Xiaolong Jin and Bingyan Sui
Enabling resilient distributed power sharing in networked microgrids through software defined networking pp. 1251-1265 Downloads
Lingyu Ren, Yanyuan Qin, Yan Li, Peng Zhang, Bing Wang, Peter B. Luh, Song Han, Taofeek Orekan and Tao Gong
Tri-level optimal hardening plan for a resilient distribution system considering reconfiguration and DG islanding pp. 1266-1279 Downloads
Yanling Lin and Zhaohong Bie
Optimal residential community demand response scheduling in smart grid pp. 1280-1289 Downloads
Sibo Nan, Ming Zhou and Gengyin Li
Large-scale demand response and its implications for spot prices, load and policies: Insights from the German-Austrian electricity market pp. 1290-1298 Downloads
Märkle-Huß, Joscha, Stefan Feuerriegel and Dirk Neumann
Optimizing sheddable and shiftable residential electricity consumption by incentivized peak and off-peak credit function approach pp. 1299-1309 Downloads
Benjamin Chris Ampimah, Mei Sun, Dun Han and Xueyin Wang
Transactive control of fast-acting demand response based on thermostatic loads in real-time retail electricity markets pp. 1310-1320 Downloads
Sahand Behboodi, David P. Chassin, Ned Djilali and Curran Crawford
Microgrid to enable optimal distributed energy retail and end-user demand response pp. 1321-1335 Downloads
Ming Jin, Wei Feng, Chris Marnay and Costas Spanos
Controllable load operation in microgrids using control scheme based on gossip algorithm pp. 1336-1346 Downloads
Aleksandra Krkoleva Mateska, Vesna Borozan, Petar Krstevski and Rubin Taleski
A hybrid control approach for regulating frequency through demand response pp. 1347-1362 Downloads
Anam Malik and Jayashri Ravishankar
Coordinated control for EV aggregators and power plants in frequency regulation considering time-varying delays pp. 1363-1376 Downloads
Hongjie Jia, Xiaomeng Li, Yunfei Mu, Chen Xu, Yilang Jiang, Xiaodan Yu, Jianzhong Wu and Chaoyu Dong
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