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2018, volume 228, issue C

Combined dynamic programming and region-elimination technique algorithm for optimal sizing and management of lithium-ion batteries for photovoltaic plants pp. 1-11 Downloads
Alberto Berrueta, Michael Heck, Martin Jantsch, Alfredo Ursúa and Pablo Sanchis
Model-based optimization for a heat pump driven and hollow fiber membrane hybrid two-stage liquid desiccant air dehumidification system pp. 12-20 Downloads
Ning Zhang, Shao-You Yin and Min Li
Numerical investigation of flame structure and blowout limit for lean premixed turbulent methane-air flames under high pressure conditions pp. 21-32 Downloads
Saad Akhtar, Stefano Piffaretti and Tariq Shamim
Hybrid power plant for energy storage and peak shaving by liquefied oxygen and natural gas pp. 33-41 Downloads
Stefano Barsali, Alessio Ciambellotti, Romano Giglioli, Fabrizio Paganucci and Gianluca Pasini
Development of a new jet fuel surrogate and its associated reaction mechanism coupled with a multistep soot model for diesel engine combustion pp. 42-56 Downloads
Wenbin Yu, Kunlin Tay, Feiyang Zhao, Wenming Yang, Han Li and Hongpeng Xu
Opportunities of power-to-gas technology in different energy systems architectures pp. 57-67 Downloads
Lewandowska-Bernat, Anna and Umberto Desideri
Numerical modeling of oxy-methane combustion in a model gas turbine combustor pp. 68-81 Downloads
Mohammad Raghib Shakeel, Yinka S. Sanusi and Esmail M.A. Mokheimer
Hydrodynamic performance of single–chamber and dual–chamber offshore–stationary Oscillating Water Column devices using CFD pp. 82-96 Downloads
Ahmed Elhanafi, Gregor Macfarlane and Dezhi Ning
Effects of different block designs on the performance of inline cross-flow turbines in urban water mains pp. 97-107 Downloads
Jiyun Du, Zhicheng Shen and Hongxing Yang
Predicting heating demand and sizing a stratified thermal storage tank using deep learning algorithms pp. 108-121 Downloads
Aowabin Rahman and Amanda D. Smith
Analyzing storage for wind integration in a transmission-constrained power system pp. 122-129 Downloads
Jennie Jorgenson, Paul Denholm and Trieu Mai
A robust operation-based scheduling optimization for smart distribution networks with multi-microgrids pp. 130-140 Downloads
Yixin Liu, Li Guo and Chengshan Wang
Hourly electricity demand from an electric road system – A Swedish case study pp. 141-148 Downloads
D. Jelica, M. Taljegard, L. Thorson and F. Johnsson
The future of natural gas infrastructure development in the United states pp. 149-166 Downloads
Felipe Feijoo, Gokul C. Iyer, Charalampos Avraam, Sauleh A. Siddiqui, Leon E. Clarke, Sriram Sankaranarayanan, Matthew T. Binsted, Pralit L. Patel, Nathalia C. Prates, Torres-Alfaro, Evelyn and Marshall A. Wise
Anolyte in-situ functionalized carbon nanotubes electrons transport network as novel strategy for enhanced performance microbial fuel cells pp. 167-175 Downloads
Mohamed T. Amen, Nasser A.M. Barakat, Mohammad Abu Hena Mostafa Jamal, Seong-Tshool Hong, Ibrahim M.A. Mohamed and Ali Salama
Useful energy balance for the UK: An uncertainty analysis pp. 176-188 Downloads
Leonardo Paoli, Richard C. Lupton and Jonathan M. Cullen
Time-delay stability switching boundary determination for DC microgrid clusters with the distributed control framework pp. 189-204 Downloads
Chaoyu Dong, Qingbin Gao, Qian Xiao, Xiaodan Yu, Libor Pekař and Hongjie Jia
Multi-interval-uncertainty constrained robust dispatch for AC/DC hybrid microgrids with dynamic energy storage degradation pp. 205-214 Downloads
Haifeng Qiu, Wei Gu, Jing Pan, Bin Xu, Yinliang Xu, Miao Fan and Zhi Wu
A two-step optimization model for quantifying the flexibility potential of power-to-heat systems in dwellings pp. 215-228 Downloads
Gbemi Oluleye, John Allison, Graeme Hawker, Nick Kelly and Adam D. Hawkes
Structural transition induced by cage-dependent guest exchange in CH4 + C3H8 hydrates with CO2 injection for energy recovery and CO2 sequestration pp. 229-239 Downloads
Yohan Lee, Wonjung Choi, Young-ju Seo, Joo Yong Lee, Jaehyoung Lee and Yongwon Seo
Cyclic performance of cascaded and multi-layered solid-PCM shell-and-tube thermal energy storage systems: A case study of the 19.9 MWe Gemasolar CSP plant pp. 240-253 Downloads
S. Saeed Mostafavi Tehrani, Yashar Shoraka, Karthik Nithyanandam and Robert A. Taylor
A novel optimal energy-management strategy for a maritime hybrid energy system based on large-scale global optimization pp. 254-264 Downloads
Ruoli Tang, Xin Li and Jingang Lai
Weather forecasts for microgrid energy management: Review, discussion and recommendations pp. 265-278 Downloads
Agüera-Pérez, Agustín, Palomares-Salas, José Carlos, Juan José González de la Rosa and Florencias-Oliveros, Olivia
Networked microgrid stability through distributed formal analysis pp. 279-288 Downloads
Yan Li, Peng Zhang and Meng Yue
On the accuracy of CORDEX RCMs to project future winds over the Iberian Peninsula and surrounding ocean pp. 289-300 Downloads
F. Santos, Gómez-Gesteira, M., M. deCastro, J.A. Añel, D. Carvalho, Xurxo Costoya and J.M. Dias
Isothermal versus two-temperature solar thermochemical fuel synthesis: A comparative study pp. 301-308 Downloads
Hui Kong, Yong Hao and Hongguang Jin
Experimental investigation of different factors influencing the replacement efficiency of CO2 for methane hydrate pp. 309-316 Downloads
Ye Chen, Yonghai Gao, Yipeng Zhao, Litao Chen, Changyin Dong and Baojiang Sun
Energy justice and policy change: An historical political analysis of the German nuclear phase-out pp. 317-323 Downloads
Darren McCauley, Antje Brown, Robert Rehner, Raphael Heffron and Shashi van de Graaff
On establishing an analytical power capture limit for self-reacting point absorber wave energy converters based on dynamic response pp. 324-338 Downloads
K. Bubbar and B. Buckham
The role of organized publics in articulating the exnovation of fossil-fuel technologies for intra- and intergenerational energy justice in energy transitions pp. 339-350 Downloads
Martin David
Global advancement on experimental and thermal analysis of evacuated tube collector with and without heat pipe systems and possible applications pp. 351-389 Downloads
K. Chopra, V.V. Tyagi, A.K. Pandey and Ahmet Sari
Excess heat recovery: An invisible energy resource for the Swiss industry sector pp. 390-408 Downloads
M. Jibran S. Zuberi, Frédéric Bless, Jonathan Chambers, Cordin Arpagaus, Stefan S. Bertsch and Martin K. Patel
Consequences of selecting technology pathways on cumulative carbon dioxide emissions for the United Kingdom pp. 409-425 Downloads
Simon H. Roberts, Barney D. Foran, Colin J. Axon, Benjamin Warr and Nigel H. Goddard
Economical flexibility options for integrating fluctuating wind energy in power systems: The case of China pp. 426-436 Downloads
Yi Ding, Changzheng Shao, Jinyue Yan, Yonghua Song, Chi Zhang and Chuangxin Guo
Prospects & potential of biobutanol production integrated with organophilic pervaporation – A techno-economic assessment pp. 437-449 Downloads
Wouter Van Hecke, Joossen-Meyvis, Eva, Herman Beckers and Heleen De Wever
Application of an adaptive bistable power capture mechanism to a point absorber wave energy converter pp. 450-467 Downloads
Xiantao Zhang, Xinliang Tian, Longfei Xiao, Xin Li and Lifen Chen
Estimation of thermal impulse response of a multi-layer building wall through in-situ experimental measurements in a dynamic regime with applications pp. 468-486 Downloads
Zorana Petojević, Radovan Gospavić and Goran Todorović
Sustainability of integrated energy systems: A performance-based resilience assessment methodology pp. 487-498 Downloads
Salim Moslehi and T. Agami Reddy
Synergetic effects of firing gases/coal blends and adopting deep air staging on combustion characteristics pp. 499-511 Downloads
Zhanwei Liang, Hongwei Chen, Bin Zhao, Jiandong Jia and Kai Cheng
Opportunities for behavioral energy efficiency and flexible demand in data-limited low-carbon resource constrained environments pp. 512-523 Downloads
Diego Ponce de Leon Barido, Stephen Suffian, Daniel M. Kammen and Duncan Callaway
An experimental approach to thermochemical conversion of a fuel particle in a fluidized bed pp. 524-534 Downloads
A. Salmasi, M. Shams and V. Chernoray
Effect of biomass type, heating rate, and sample size on microwave-enhanced fast pyrolysis product yields and qualities pp. 535-545 Downloads
Jordan L. Klinger, Tyler L. Westover, Rachel M. Emerson, C. Luke Williams, Sergio Hernandez, Glen D. Monson and J. Chadron Ryan
A novel data-driven scenario generation framework for transmission expansion planning with high renewable energy penetration pp. 546-555 Downloads
Mingyang Sun, Jochen Cremer and Goran Strbac
Electrochemical characteristics and carbon tolerance of solid oxide fuel cells with direct internal dry reforming of methane pp. 556-567 Downloads
Zewei Lyu, Wangying Shi and Minfang Han
Performance of sulfolane/DETA hybrids for CO2 absorption: Phase splitting behavior, kinetics and thermodynamics pp. 568-576 Downloads
Lidong Wang, Songhua Yu, Qiangwei Li, Yifeng Zhang, Shanlong An and Shihan Zhang
Performance comparison of low temperature and chemical absorption carbon capture processes in response to dynamic electricity demand and price profiles pp. 577-592 Downloads
Seyed Mostafa Safdarnejad, John D. Hedengren and Kody M. Powell
A fixed-bed reactor for energy storage in chemicals (E2C): Proof of concept pp. 593-607 Downloads
Yi Ran Lu and Petr Nikrityuk
Thermal request optimization in district heating networks using a clustering approach pp. 608-617 Downloads
Elisa Guelpa, Stefania Deputato and Vittorio Verda
Multi objective unit commitment with voltage stability and PV uncertainty pp. 618-623 Downloads
Masahiro Furukakoi, Oludamilare Bode Adewuyi, Hidehito Matayoshi, Abdul Motin Howlader and Tomonobu Senjyu
Bridging socio-technical and justice aspects of sustainable energy transitions pp. 624-632 Downloads
Siddharth Sareen and Håvard Haarstad
Model-based thermal runaway prediction of lithium-ion batteries from kinetics analysis of cell components pp. 633-644 Downloads
Dongsheng Ren, Xiang Liu, Xuning Feng, Languang Lu, Minggao Ouyang, Jianqiu Li and Xiangming He
Energy justice and sustainability transitions in Mozambique pp. 645-655 Downloads
Vanesa Castán Broto, Idalina Baptista, Joshua Kirshner, Shaun Smith and Susana Neves Alves
Numerical simulation based design for an innovative PEMFC cooling flow field with metallic bipolar plates pp. 656-666 Downloads
Arash Mahdavi, Ali Akbar Ranjbar, Mofid Gorji and Rahimi-Esbo, Mazaher
A phase model approach for thermostatically controlled load demand response pp. 667-680 Downloads
Walter Bomela, Anatoly Zlotnik and -Shin Li
Thermal and energy performance assessment of a thermoelectric heat pump integrated in an adiabatic box pp. 681-688 Downloads
Ibáñez-Puy, Elia, Martín-Gómez, César, Bermejo-Busto, Javier and Zuazua-Ros, Amaia
Dynamic pricing for decentralized energy trading in micro-grids pp. 689-699 Downloads
Youbo Liu, Kunyu Zuo, Liu, Xueqin (Amy), Junyong Liu and Jason M. Kennedy
Prediction of short-term PV power output and uncertainty analysis pp. 700-711 Downloads
Luyao Liu, Yi Zhao, Dongliang Chang, Jiyang Xie, Zhanyu Ma, Qie Sun, Hongyi Yin and Ronald Wennersten
Optimisation of biogas generation from brown seaweed residues: Compositional and geographical parameters affecting the viability of a biorefinery concept pp. 712-723 Downloads
S. Tedesco and S. Daniels
Techno-economic analysis of a poly-generation solar-assisted chemical looping combustion power plant pp. 724-735 Downloads
Oghare Victor Ogidiama, Abu-Zahra, Mohammad R.M. and Tariq Shamim
Experimental and artificial neural network (ANN) study of hydrogen enriched compressed natural gas (HCNG) engine under various ignition timings and excess air ratios pp. 736-754 Downloads
Roopesh Kumar Mehra, Hao Duan, Sijie Luo, Anas Rao and Fanhua Ma
Optimisation of a high-efficiency solar-driven organic Rankine cycle for applications in the built environment pp. 755-765 Downloads
Alba Ramos, Maria Anna Chatzopoulou, James Freeman and Christos N. Markides
Towards smart thermal grids: Techno-economic feasibility of commercial heat-to-power technologies for district heating pp. 766-776 Downloads
Jay Hennessy, Hailong Li, Fredrik Wallin and Eva Thorin
Compact liquid cooling strategy with phase change materials for Li-ion batteries optimized using response surface methodology pp. 777-788 Downloads
Ziye Ling, Jiahao Cao, Wenbo Zhang, Zhengguo Zhang, Xiaoming Fang and Xuenong Gao
An innovative air saturator for humidification-dehumidification desalination application pp. 789-807 Downloads
Rasikh Tariq, Nadeem Ahmed Sheikh, J. Xamán and A. Bassam
An optimized gene expression programming model for forecasting the national CO2 emissions in 2030 using the metaheuristic algorithms pp. 808-820 Downloads
Taehoon Hong, Kwangbok Jeong and Choongwan Koo
A distributed energy management strategy for resilient shipboard power system pp. 821-832 Downloads
Kexing Lai and Mahesh S. Illindala
Real live demonstration of MPC for a power-to-gas plant pp. 833-842 Downloads
David Fischer, Florian Kaufmann, Raphael Hollinger and Christopher Voglstätter
Enabling strategies of electric vehicles for under frequency load shedding pp. 843-851 Downloads
Hui Liu, Bin Wang, Ni Wang, Qiuwei Wu, Yude Yang, Hua Wei and Canbing Li
Impact of urban microclimate on summertime building cooling demand: A parametric analysis for Antwerp, Belgium pp. 852-872 Downloads
Y. Toparlar, B. Blocken, B. Maiheu and G.J.F. van Heijst
Multi-parameter optimization design of thermoelectric harvester based on phase change material for space generation pp. 873-880 Downloads
Wei Zhu, Yubin Tu and Yuan Deng
A micro-electromechanical systems based vibration energy harvester with aluminum nitride piezoelectric thin film deposited by pulsed direct-current magnetron sputtering pp. 881-890 Downloads
Xianming He, Quan Wen, Zhuang Lu, Zhengguo Shang and Zhiyu Wen
Parametric study and flow rate optimization of all-vanadium redox flow batteries pp. 891-901 Downloads
Dong Kyu Kim, Sang Jun Yoon, Jaeho Lee and Sangwon Kim
Electricity self-sufficiency of single-family houses in Germany and the Czech Republic pp. 902-915 Downloads
Luis Ramirez Camargo, Felix Nitsch, Katharina Gruber and Wolfgang Dorner
Conditional convergence in per capita carbon emissions since 1900 pp. 916-927 Downloads
Sefa Awaworyi Churchill, John Inekwe and Kris Ivanovski
Low carbon electricity systems for Great Britain in 2050: An energy-land-water perspective pp. 928-941 Downloads
James Price, Marianne Zeyringer, Dennis Konadu, Zenaida Sobral Mourão, Andy Moore and Ed Sharp
Influence of single injection and two-stagnation injection strategy on thermodynamic process and performance of a turbocharged direct-injection spark-ignition engine fuelled with ethanol and gasoline blend pp. 942-953 Downloads
Xiongbo Duan, Jingping Liu, Yonghao Tan, Baojun Luo, Genmiao Guo, Zhenkuo Wu, Weiqiang Liu and Yangyang Li
Ignition of ultra-lean premixed hydrogen/air by an impinging hot jet pp. 954-964 Downloads
Sayan Biswas and Li Qiao
Assessing the benefits of demand-side flexibility in residential and transport sectors from an integrated energy systems perspective pp. 965-979 Downloads
Pei-Hao Li and Steve Pye
Wind turbine selection method based on the statistical analysis of nominal specifications for estimating the cost of energy pp. 980-998 Downloads
Arias-Rosales, Andrés and Osorio-Gómez, Gilberto
The energy-mineral-society nexus – A social LCA model pp. 999-1008 Downloads
H. Schlör, S. Venghaus, P. Zapp, J. Marx, A. Schreiber and J.-Fr. Hake
Energy use, greenhouse gases emission and cost effectiveness of an integrated high– and low–temperature Fisher–Tropsch synthesis plant from a lifecycle viewpoint pp. 1009-1019 Downloads
Yi Huang, Qun Yi, Guo-qiang Wei, Jing-xian Kang, Wen-ying Li, Jie Feng and Ke-chang Xie
Response-surface-model-based system sizing for Nearly/Net zero energy buildings under uncertainty pp. 1020-1031 Downloads
Sheng Zhang, Yongjun Sun, Yong Cheng, Pei Huang, Majeed Olaide Oladokun and Zhang Lin
Decision-making methodology for managing photovoltaic surplus electricity through Power to Gas: Combined heat and power in urban buildings pp. 1032-1045 Downloads
Manuel Bailera, Begoña Peña, Pilar Lisbona and Luis M. Romeo
Can power to methane systems be sustainable and can they improve the carbon intensity of renewable methane when used to upgrade biogas produced from grass and slurry? pp. 1046-1056 Downloads
Truc T.Q. Vo, Karthik Rajendran and Jerry D. Murphy
Analysis of flow field design on vanadium redox flow battery performance: Development of 3D computational fluid dynamic model and experimental validation pp. 1057-1070 Downloads
M. Messaggi, P. Canzi, R. Mereu, A. Baricci, F. Inzoli, A. Casalegno and M. Zago
An integrated model for estimating the techno-economic performance of the distributed solar generation system on building façades: Focused on energy demand and supply pp. 1071-1090 Downloads
Jeongyoon Oh, Choongwan Koo, Taehoon Hong and Seung Hyun Cha
Forecasting day-ahead high-resolution natural-gas demand and supply in Germany pp. 1091-1110 Downloads
Ying Chen, Wee Song Chua and Thorsten Koch
Wind power field reconstruction from a reduced set of representative measuring points pp. 1111-1121 Downloads
Salcedo-Sanz, S., García-Herrera, R., Camacho-Gómez, C., Aybar-Ruíz, A. and E. Alexandre
Bi-level allocation of carbon emission permits based on clustering analysis and weighted voting: A case study in China pp. 1122-1135 Downloads
Zhiying Feng, Wenhu Tang, Zhewen Niu and Qinghua Wu
On the temporal modelling of solar photovoltaic soiling: Energy and economic impacts in seven cities pp. 1136-1146 Downloads
Siming You, Yu Jie Lim, Yanjun Dai and Chi-Hwa Wang
Mathematical modelling and sensitivity analysis of solar photovoltaic panel integrated with phase change material pp. 1147-1158 Downloads
Tao Ma, Jiaxin Zhao and Zhenpeng Li
Development and thermal performance verification of composite insulation boards containing foam-encapsulated vacuum insulation panels pp. 1159-1172 Downloads
Kaushik Biswas, Andre Desjarlais, Douglas Smith, John Letts, Jennifer Yao and Timothy Jiang
Experimental investigations on a new high intensity dual microcombustor based thermoelectric micropower generator pp. 1173-1181 Downloads
B. Aravind, Bhupendra Khandelwal and Sudarshan Kumar
Benefits of transmission switching and energy storage in power systems with high renewable energy penetration pp. 1182-1197 Downloads
Meltem Peker, Ayse Selin Kocaman and Bahar Y. Kara
Feasibility study of a simulation software tool development for dynamic modelling and transient control of adiabatic compressed air energy storage with its electrical power system applications pp. 1198-1219 Downloads
Xing Luo, Mark Dooner, Wei He, Jihong Wang, Yaowang Li, Decai Li and Oleh Kiselychnyk
A multi-objective optimization problem for using poultry litter in electricity production pp. 1220-1242 Downloads
Qiuzhuo Ma, Krishna P. Paudel and Luqi Cui
The effect of the energy convergence and energy dissipation on the formation of severe knock pp. 1243-1254 Downloads
Han Xu, Jian Gao, Anren Yao and Chunde Yao
Siting and sizing of fast charging stations in highway network with budget constraint pp. 1255-1271 Downloads
Yue Wang, Jianmai Shi, Rui Wang, Zhong Liu and Ling Wang
An analysis of the in-cylinder pressure resonance excitation in internal combustion engines pp. 1272-1279 Downloads
C. Guardiola, B. Pla, P. Bares and A. Barbier
Sensitivity analysis of design parameters and optimal design for zero/low energy buildings in subtropical regions pp. 1280-1291 Downloads
Hangxin Li, Shengwei Wang and Howard Cheung
The value(s) of flexible heat pumps – Assessment of technical and economic conditions pp. 1292-1319 Downloads
Björn Felten and Christoph Weber
Reconciling power, relations, and processes: The role of recognition in the achievement of energy justice for Aboriginal people pp. 1320-1327 Downloads
Margot Hurlbert and Jeremy Rayner
Stochastic wind speed modelling for estimation of expected wind power output pp. 1328-1340 Downloads
Angeliki Loukatou, Sydney Howell, Paul Johnson and Peter Duck
Robust hydroelectric unit commitment considering integration of large-scale photovoltaic power: A case study in China pp. 1341-1352 Downloads
Bo Ming, Pan Liu, Shenglian Guo, Lei Cheng, Yanlai Zhou, Shida Gao and He Li
Hydrogen effects on the combustion stability, performance and emissions of a turbo gasoline direct injection engine in various air/fuel ratios pp. 1353-1361 Downloads
Joonsuk Kim, Kwang Min Chun, Soonho Song, Hong-Kil Baek and Seung Woo Lee
A novel concentrating photovoltaic/daylighting control system: Optical simulation and preliminary experimental analysis pp. 1362-1372 Downloads
Guiqiang Li, Qingdong Xuan, Xudong Zhao, Gang Pei, Jie Ji and Yuehong Su
Switching sliding-mode control strategy based on multi-type restrictive condition for voltage control of buck converter in auxiliary energy source pp. 1373-1384 Downloads
Bin Wang, Guangliang Ma, Dan Xu, Le Zhang and Jiahui Zhou
Energy Demand Side Management within micro-grid networks enhanced by blockchain pp. 1385-1398 Downloads
Sana Noor, Wentao Yang, Miao Guo, Koen H. van Dam and Xiaonan Wang
A model-based optimal control strategy for ground source heat pump systems with integrated solar photovoltaic thermal collectors pp. 1399-1412 Downloads
Lei Xia, Zhenjun Ma, Georgios Kokogiannakis, Shugang Wang and Xuemei Gong
A mathematical approach to minimizing the cost of energy for large utility wind turbines pp. 1413-1422 Downloads
Jincheng Chen, Feng Wang and Kim A. Stelson
An adsorption-precipitation model for the formation of injector external deposits in internal combustion engines pp. 1423-1438 Downloads
Radomir I. Slavchov, Sebastian Mosbach, Markus Kraft, Richard Pearson and Sorin V. Filip
Component-based machine learning for performance prediction in building design pp. 1439-1453 Downloads
Philipp Geyer and Sundaravelpandian Singaravel
A photovoltaic window with sun-tracking shading elements towards maximum power generation and non-glare daylighting pp. 1454-1472 Downloads
Yuan Gao, Jianfei Dong, Olindo Isabella, Rudi Santbergen, Hairen Tan, Miro Zeman and Guoqi Zhang
Bayesian inference of structural error in inverse models of thermal response tests pp. 1473-1485 Downloads
Wonjun Choi, Kathrin Menberg, Hideki Kikumoto, Yeonsook Heo, Ruchi Choudhary and Ryozo Ooka
Feasibility study about using a stand-alone wind power driven heat pump for space heating pp. 1486-1498 Downloads
Hailong Li, Pietro Elia Campana, Yuting Tan and Jinyue Yan
Relating groundwater heat-potential to city-scale heat-demand: A theoretical consideration for urban groundwater resource management pp. 1499-1505 Downloads
Jannis Epting, Matthias H. Müller, Dieter Genske and Peter Huggenberger
Properties and reactivity of LaCuxNi1−xO3 perovskites in chemical-looping combustion for mid-temperature solar-thermal energy storage pp. 1506-1514 Downloads
Qiongqiong Jiang, Hao Zhang, Ya'nan Deng, Qilan Kang, Hui Hong and Hongguang Jin
Experimental and kinetic analysis for particle scale modeling of a CuO-Fe2O3-Al2O3 oxygen carrier during reduction with H2 in chemical looping combustion applications pp. 1515-1530 Downloads
Jarrett Riley, Ranjani Siriwardane, Hanjing Tian, William Benincosa and James Poston
Experimental evaluation of a prototype hybrid CPV/T system utilizing a nanoparticle fluid absorber at elevated temperatures pp. 1531-1539 Downloads
Todd Otanicar, John Dale, Matthew Orosz, Nick Brekke, Drew DeJarnette, Ebrima Tunkara, Kenneth Roberts and Parameswar Harikumar
Carsharing with fuel cell vehicles: Sizing hydrogen refueling stations based on refueling behavior pp. 1540-1549 Downloads
Fabian Grüger, Lucy Dylewski, Martin Robinius and Detlef Stolten
A multi-resolution and multivariate analysis of the dynamic relationships between crude oil and petroleum-product prices pp. 1550-1560 Downloads
Josué M. Polanco Martínez, Luis M. Abadie and Fernández-Macho, J.
An analysis of urban environmental Kuznets curve of CO2 emissions: Empirical analysis of 276 global metropolitan areas pp. 1561-1568 Downloads
Hidemichi Fujii, Kazuyuki Iwata, Andrew Chapman, Shigemi Kagawa and Shunsuke Managi
Wind turbine reliability: A comprehensive review towards effective condition monitoring development pp. 1569-1583 Downloads
Estefania Artigao, Martín-Martínez, Sergio, Honrubia-Escribano, Andrés and Gómez-Lázaro, Emilio
Differential analysis of SOFC current-voltage characteristics pp. 1584-1590 Downloads
Zdravko Stoynov, Daria Vladikova, Blagoy Burdin, Jerome Laurencin, Dario Montinaro, Gergana Raikova, Günter Schiller and Patric Szabo
Investigation of thermal and electrical performances of a combined semi-transparent PV-vacuum glazing pp. 1591-1600 Downloads
Aritra Ghosh, Senthilarasu Sundaram and Tapas K. Mallick
A test-validated prediction model of thermal contact resistance for Ti-6Al-4V alloy pp. 1601-1617 Downloads
Yan-Jun Dai, Jian-Jun Gou, Xing-Jie Ren, Fan Bai, Wen-Zhen Fang and Wen-Quan Tao
Hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass model components for product yield prediction and reaction pathways exploration pp. 1618-1628 Downloads
Jie Yang, He, Quan (Sophia), Haibo Niu, Kenneth Corscadden and Tess Astatkie
Estimating battery lifetimes in Solar Home System design using a practical modelling methodology pp. 1629-1639 Downloads
Nishant Narayan, Thekla Papakosta, Vega-Garita, Victor, Zian Qin, Popovic-Gerber, Jelena, Pavol Bauer and Miroslav Zeman
Reduced-form models for power market risk analysis pp. 1640-1655 Downloads
David C. Rode and Paul S. Fischbeck
A review of microgrid development in the United States – A decade of progress on policies, demonstrations, controls, and software tools pp. 1656-1668 Downloads
Wei Feng, Ming Jin, Xu Liu, Yi Bao, Chris Marnay, Cheng Yao and Jiancheng Yu
Energy and exergy analysis of concentrated solar supercritical water gasification of algal biomass pp. 1669-1682 Downloads
Alireza Rahbari, Mahesh B. Venkataraman and John Pye
Emissions and low-carbon development in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area cities and their surroundings pp. 1683-1692 Downloads
Ya Zhou, Yuli Shan, Guosheng Liu and Dabo Guan
The effects of urbanization on CO2 emissions in the Pearl River Delta: A comprehensive assessment and panel data analysis pp. 1693-1706 Downloads
Shaojian Wang, Jingyuan Zeng, Yongyuan Huang, Chenyi Shi and Peiyu Zhan
Integrated task performance score for the building occupants based on the CO2 concentration and indoor climate factors changes pp. 1707-1713 Downloads
Taehoon Hong, Jimin Kim and Myeonghwi Lee
Stagnating CO2 emissions with in-depth socioeconomic transition in Beijing pp. 1714-1725 Downloads
Jie Wang, Yiling Xiong, Xin Tian, Shangwei Liu, Jiashuo Li and Hiroki Tanikawa
Boosting hydropower output of mega cascade reservoirs using an evolutionary algorithm with successive approximation pp. 1726-1739 Downloads
Yanlai Zhou, Shenglian Guo, Fi-John Chang and Chong-Yu Xu
Novel dynamic forecasting model for building cooling loads combining an artificial neural network and an ensemble approach pp. 1740-1753 Downloads
Lan Wang, Eric W.M. Lee and Richard K.K. Yuen
An investigation on the potential of dedicated exhaust gas recirculation for improving thermal efficiency of stoichiometric and lean spark ignition engine operation pp. 1754-1766 Downloads
Dongwon Jung and Sejun Lee
Sustainable yarn type-piezoelectric energy harvester as an eco-friendly, cost-effective battery-free breath sensor pp. 1767-1776 Downloads
Nirmal Prashanth Maria Joseph Raj, Nagamalleswara Rao Alluri, Venkateswaran Vivekananthan, Arunkumar Chandrasekhar, Gaurav Khandelwal and Sang-Jae Kim
Ignition processes and modes excited by laser-induced plasma in a cavity-based supersonic combustor pp. 1777-1782 Downloads
Zun Cai, Jiajian Zhu, Mingbo Sun, Zhenguo Wang and Xue-Song Bai
A novel ensemble model of different mother wavelets for wind speed multi-step forecasting pp. 1783-1800 Downloads
Hui Liu, Zhu Duan, Yanfei Li and Haibo Lu
Palmitic acid/polyvinyl butyral/expanded graphite composites as form-stable phase change materials for solar thermal energy storage pp. 1801-1809 Downloads
Yaxue Lin, Chuqiao Zhu, Guruprasad Alva and Guiyin Fang
Liquid Air Energy Storage performance enhancement by means of Organic Rankine Cycle and Absorption Chiller pp. 1810-1821 Downloads
Alessio Tafone, Emiliano Borri, Gabriele Comodi, Martijn van den Broek and Alessandro Romagnoli
A survey of artificial neural network in wind energy systems pp. 1822-1836 Downloads
Alberto Pliego Marugán, Fausto Pedro García Márquez, Jesus María Pinar Perez and Ruiz-Hernández, Diego
Hybridizing a geothermal power plant with concentrating solar power and thermal storage to increase power generation and dispatchability pp. 1837-1852 Downloads
Joshua D. McTigue, Jose Castro, Greg Mungas, Nick Kramer, John King, Craig Turchi and Guangdong Zhu
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