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2005, volume 82, issue 4

Economic analysis of energy use in groundwater irrigation of dry areas: a case study in Syria pp. 285-299 Downloads
Aykut Gül, Fadil Rida, Aw-Hassan, Aden and Orhan Büyükalaca
Performance optimization of a two-stage semiconductor thermoelectric-generator pp. 300-312 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Jun Li, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Effect of electricity tariff on the optimum insulation-thickness in building walls as determined by a dynamic heat-transfer model pp. 313-330 Downloads
Al-Sanea, Sami A., M.F. Zedan and Al-Ajlan, Saleh A.
Underground water-source loop heat-pump air-conditioning system applied in a residential building in Beijing pp. 331-344 Downloads
Chao Chen, Feng-ling Sun, Lei Feng and Ming Liu
Effect of relative humidity on solar potential pp. 345-367 Downloads
Adnan Sözen and Erol Arcakliog[caron]lu

2005, volume 82, issue 3

Sensor-fault detection, diagnosis and estimation for centrifugal chiller systems using principal-component analysis method pp. 197-213 Downloads
Shengwei Wang and Jingtan Cui
Implementation strategy for small CHP-plants in a competitive market: the case of Lithuania pp. 214-227 Downloads
H. Lund, G. Siupsinskas and V. Martinaitis
Optimisation models for decision support in the development of biomass-based industrial district-heating networks in Italy pp. 228-254 Downloads
Damiana Chinese and Antonella Meneghetti
Maintenance schemes and their implementation for the Afam Thermal-Power Station pp. 255-265 Downloads
M.C. Eti, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Photovoltaic power interface circuit incorporated with a buck-boost converter and a full-bridge inverter pp. 266-283 Downloads
Feel-soon Kang, Sung-Jun Park, Su Eog Cho and Jang-Mok Kim

2005, volume 82, issue 2

Thermodynamic performance of a double-effect absorption heat-transformer using TFE/E181 as the working fluid pp. 107-116 Downloads
Zongchang Zhao, Xiaodong Zhang and Xuehu Ma
Hybrid pneumatic-power system which recycles exhaust gas of an internal-combustion engine pp. 117-132 Downloads
K. David Huang, Sheng-Chung Tzeng, Wei-Ping Ma and Wei-Chuan Chang
Integration mechanism for a parallel hybrid vehicle system pp. 133-147 Downloads
K. David Huang, Sheng-Chung Tzeng, Tzer-Ming Jeng and Chia-Chang Chen
Ethanol production from energy crops and wastes for use as a transport fuel in Ireland pp. 148-166 Downloads
J.D. Murphy and K. McCarthy
Sustainable cities - modelling urban energy supply and demand pp. 167-180 Downloads
R.A. Brownsword, P.D. Fleming, J.C. Powell and N. Pearsall
Power optimization of an endoreversible closed intercooled regenerated Brayton-cycle coupled to variable-temperature heat-reservoirs pp. 181-195 Downloads
Wenhua Wang, Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu

2005, volume 82, issue 1

Numerical analysis of evaporator frosting in automotive air-conditioning system with a variable-displacement compressor pp. 1-22 Downloads
Changqing Tian, Xianting Li and Xinjiang Yang
Performance analysis and optimization of an irreversible dual-cycle based on an ecological coefficient of performance criterion pp. 23-39 Downloads
Yasin Ust, Bahri Sahin and Oguz Salim Sogut
An efficient linear programming model and optimization algorithm for trigeneration pp. 40-63 Downloads
Aiying Rong and Risto Lahdelma
Financial viabilities of husk-fueled steam engines as an energy-saving technology in Thai rice mills pp. 64-80 Downloads
Chanoknun Sookkumnerd, Nobutaka Ito and Koji Kito
Gas-turbine fault diagnostics: a fuzzy-logic approach pp. 81-89 Downloads
S.O.T. Ogaji, L. Marinai, S. Sampath, R. Singh and S.D. Prober
Optimum design parameters of a heat exchanger pp. 90-106 Downloads
Bayram Sahin, Kenan Yakut, Isak Kotcioglu and Cafer Celik

2005, volume 81, issue 4

Beta-type Stirling engine operating at atmospheric pressure pp. 351-357 Downloads
Can Cinar, Serdar Yucesu, Tolga Topgul and Melih Okur
Thermoelectric-generator with linear phenomenological heat-transfer law pp. 358-364 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Frequency-dependent performance of an endoreversible Carnot engine with a linear phenomenological heat-transfer law pp. 365-375 Downloads
Xiaoyong Qin, Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Optimal performance of a generalized irreversible Carnot-engine pp. 376-387 Downloads
Shengbing Zhou, Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Thermo-economics for endoreversible heat-engines pp. 388-396 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Reciprocating heat-engine cycles pp. 397-408 Downloads
Yanlin Ge, Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Optimized efficiency axial-flow compressor pp. 409-419 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Jun Luo, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Thermo-economic optimization of an endoreversible four-heat-reservoir absorption-refrigerator pp. 420-433 Downloads
Xiaoyong Qin, Lingen Chen, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Optimization between heating load and entropy-production rate for endoreversible absorption heat-transformers pp. 434-448 Downloads
Fengrui Sun, Xiaoyong Qin, Lingen Chen and Chih Wu
Bond-graph-based fault-diagnosis for a marine condensate-booster-feedwater system pp. 449-458 Downloads
Mengquan Tan, Lingen Chen, Jiashan Jin, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu

2005, volume 81, issue 3

Regenerative steam-injection gas-turbine systems pp. 231-246 Downloads
Kousuke Nishida, Toshimi Takagi and Shinichi Kinoshita
Performance maps of a diesel engine pp. 247-259 Downloads
Veli Çelik and Erol Arcaklioglu
Improvement of a chain-hardening furnace by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation pp. 260-276 Downloads
J.M. Sala, L.M. López González, J.L. Míguez, J.J. Eguía, J.E. Vicuña, M.C. Juárez and J. Doménech
Inverse analyses of diffusion processes in type 13X zeolite particles pp. 277-290 Downloads
Asami Goubaru, Sinichi Abe, Ermalina and Kouichi Kamiuto
Performance improvement by using dual heaters in a storage-type domestic electric water-heater pp. 291-305 Downloads
I. Sezai, L.B.Y. Aldabbagh, U. Atikol and H. Hacisevki
A simple theoretical model for condensed-phase equilibria based on a hard-sphere equation-of-state and its applications pp. 306-321 Downloads
A. Yokozeki
Solid-liquid phase equilibria of binary indole mixtures with some aromatic compounds using a solid-liquid-vapor equation-of-state pp. 322-333 Downloads
A. Yokozeki
Phase equilibria of benzene-cyclohexane binary mixtures using a solid-liquid-vapor equation-of-state pp. 334-349 Downloads
A. Yokozeki

2005, volume 81, issue 2

Reducing industrial energy costs through energy-efficiency measures in a liberalized European electricity market: case study of a Swedish iron foundry pp. 115-126 Downloads
Patrik Thollander, Magnus Karlsson, Mats Söderström and Dan Creutz
Modeling, numerical optimization, and irreversibility reduction of a dual-pressure reheat combined-cycle pp. 127-151 Downloads
A.M. Bassily
Long-term optimization of cogeneration systems in a competitive market environment pp. 152-169 Downloads
Eva Thorin, Heike Brand and Christoph Weber
Study of models for predicting the diffuse irradiance on inclined surfaces pp. 170-186 Downloads
Danny H.W. Li and Gary H.W. Cheung
Artificial neural-network based modeling of variable valve-timing in a spark-ignition engine pp. 187-197 Downloads
Mustafa Gölcü, Yakup Sekmen, Perihan ErduranlI and M. Sahir Salman
Closed-ended oscillating heat-pipe (CEOHP) air-preheater for energy thrift in a dryer pp. 198-208 Downloads
S. Rittidech, W. Dangeton and S. Soponronnarit
Turkey's net energy consumption pp. 209-221 Downloads
Adnan Sözen, Erol Arcaklioglu and Mehmet Özkaymak
Evolution strategy for gas-turbine fault-diagnoses pp. 222-230 Downloads
S.O.T. Ogaji, S. Sampath, L. Marinai, R. Singh and S.D. Probert

2005, volume 81, issue 1

Energy-saving hybrid vehicle using a pneumatic-power system pp. 1-18 Downloads
K. David Huang, Sheng-Chung Tzeng and Wei-Chuan Chang
Mixed convective heat-transfers in a porous channel with sintered copper beads pp. 19-31 Downloads
Sheng-Chung Tzeng, Wen-Yuh Jywe, Chu-Wei Lin and Yen-Chan Wang
Thermal performance of a shallow solar-pond integrated with a baffle plate pp. 33-53 Downloads
El-Sebaii, A.A.
Irreversible absorption heat-pump and its optimal performance pp. 55-71 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Xiaoyong Qin, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Finite-time heat-transfer analysis and ecological optimization of an endoreversible and regenerative gas-turbine power-cycle pp. 73-84 Downloads
Abdul Khaliq and Rajesh Kumar
Microwave technology for energy-efficient processing of waste pp. 85-113 Downloads
T.J. Appleton, R.I. Colder, S.W. Kingman, I.S. Lowndes and A.G. Read
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